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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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four days until the biggest sporting event of the year. top federal officials have declared levi's stadium safe. >> the fbi is unaware of any significant credible threat specifically targeting super bowl 50. >> i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. sunday's super bowl is drawing
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so far the focus is just about shift down to levi's stadium. azenith smith is in santa clara where street closures are already in place. so how close can you get before you are turned away from levi's stadium? >> reporter: not too close. as you can see here, there's a perimeter around levi's stadium. the drive is closed in front of the stadium. officers are working overtime to ensure no one gets inside. come sunday, all eyes will be on levi's stadium in santa clara. massive vip tents are in the parking lot complete with signage, big screens and a super bowl 50 sign at the entrance of great america. helen line is visiting from australia and says she has never been -- never seen anything like this before. >> it's really different to what we have. it is really grant, big scale. >> it's awesome. good exposure. >> reporter: a software engineer
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>> mostly traffic closures, this whole week driving to work, the normal route is closed. so traffic detours, lots of loud noise and helicopters overhead. >> reporter: from the air and on the ground, you can see military helicopters flying overhead, bomb squad's and humvees standing guard. >> we have intelligence teams at a variety of venues. looking for suspicious activity and are prepared to act if necessary. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say there's no threats against the super bowl. in case any problems arise, thousands of officers, federal agents and private security staff are on hand to keep a watchful eye. >> the vast majority of these resources will not be visible to the public, but the public should know they are here and they are ready to act if necessary. >> reporter: those who live and work in the area appear to be taking it in stride. bob parker inconvenience because the creek trail is
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that there is beefed up security for this iconic event. >> i think it is secure. yeah. i'm not worried about it. don't want to worry about that stuff. just enjoy it. >> reporter: right now towson drive is the only street closed. more closures are coming on game day. as you can imagine, it will only get more intense as sunday approaches. >> i can't imagine. you've been down there for several days now. are you seeing more and more security day? >> reporter: yes. it's increasing each day as the visitor and for traffic increases. in fact a lot of people are just here to look at the stadium and it is only wednesday. >> azenith smith in santa clara, thank you. if you saw this fight -- the fighter jets or helicopters flying above the south bay today, don't be alarmed. it was part of a super bowl security training exercise. ken wayne is a member of the civil air patrol and flew out
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us what it was all about. >> reporter: it's not often you go looking for a confrontation with an f-15 fighter jet but that's exactly what we set out to do at the oakland airport. during the super bowl, a temporary flight restriction will be in place to prevent planes from flying years -- near levi's stadium. it's part of stepped up security to keep out unauthorized aircraft. >> what we're going to do today is simulate a general aviation aircraft violating that restricted airspace. >> the exercise called for us to climb to 10,500 feet and then turn this aircraft towards levi's stadium and the no-fly zone. then we are going to get some company. >> reporter: within minutes, a jet appears behind us and is closing in. it's from the department of homeland security and the pies a ask the pilot tells us we're approaching the no-fly zone and to turn away. >> our exercise was to ignore
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along and seeing a business jet. disappears. then comes the heavy hitter. an f-15 eagle fighter jet from the california air -- air national guard base in fresno. >> much different seeing an air force fighter. we paid attention to that. >> reporter: fighter jets fly at supersonic speeds and are designed for combat. we were crawling along at about 100 miles an hour. what we did today is basically replicate a target, slow-moving target with our cessna 182. it's the kind of plane that occasionally strays into no-fly zones. the most always it's because of pilot making a mistake and unknowingly wandered into restricted airspace. but there's always concern of something more sinister. >> the air force has a number of options. obviously we don't want to consider the fact they may have to take drastic measures. >> reporter: during another exercise, a blackhawk
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intercepted another civil air patrol cessna. the civil air patrol and the air force deemed the drill a success. with the hope the skills sharpened here won't have to be put in play on super bowl sunday. in oakland, can wait, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the no-fly zone over levi's stadium is also a note drone zone. bring your team spirit but leave your drone at home. the faa is using a public service announcement on social media to remind people. as for planes, drones are prohibited -- prohibited anywhere within 30 miles of the stadium between 2:00 p.m. on game day and midnight. violations by individuals could result in a $1000 fine and for businesses, it is $27,000. bay area mass transit is also getting special attention at the super bowl. bart riders have probably noticed that it enforcement.
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dispatched teams from several different agencies to help local law enforcement. this includes tsa, federal air marshals, and specialists in behavior detection who look for people acting suspiciously. we're told these officers are experienced in working high- profile events. k-9 units are also on duty from the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives. the atf showed off a k-9 capability in san francisco today inspecting cars and delivery vehicles. an agent told us the dogs are being used at checkpoints near moscone center during the nfl experience. just outside the gates, homeless advocates gathered tonight for a protest on the embarcadero. they say the city is pushing the homeless aside and subsidizing the wealthy instead of the needy. ktvu's debora villalon live near the ferry building with the march and the message. deborah? >> reporter: it was in your face. city leaders have been trying to hide the homeless problem,
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vengeance. mad at mayor ed lee and a lack of housing solutions, a few hundred people set off from san francisco ferry building and marched the perimeter of super bowl city. a large police escort kept the group contained. the same officers that prevented the protesters from getting close to the entry gate were pitching their tents like they hope to. >> we want justice for the homeless people. how dare mayor lee keep the homeless people out of san francisco! >> reporter: public works crews and police have been sweeping the streets of homeless encampments especially in high visibility areas near the venues. they are being told over and over again they need to move for the super bowl. leaders say citations have been flying for infractions such as sitting on sidewalks, citations the poor can't pay but may disqualify them from shelters. >> the major freeway arteries, encampments rounding them have been displaced.
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ticketed, they've been getting arrested, having property confiscated. >> reporter: this that was cited five times recently. >> anytime of the day, they will move you on. because they don't want other people, people with no money, quote unquote, to see this. >> homeless people are under attack! >> reporter: the drumbeat was probably not heard by those mingling in super bowl city. >> we don't know what's going on. >> reporter: out-of-towners noticed all the cops outside and then learned homelessness was the issue. >> i've lived all over the country. new york city and other places. so not anything i have excessively noticed. >> it's an indication of failed policy. >> reporter: locals were more open it in. >> try to support these people on one hand, while simultaneously ripping down the shred of housing that they do have. especially while it's been raining. >> reporter: other people we talked to felt the visible protests might be shocked they've chalked up as another
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the march did snarled traffic near the trans-a terminal so eastbound commuter buses were delayed for a time but not for long. >> several more days until we see super bowl sunday. are they planning any or protests later this week? >> reporter: i think they are not likely to tip their hand about what they're planning because when it goes out on social media and law enforcement is able to find out exactly where the meetup is and what the plan is, they put a tent encampment here today which did not happen because hurricanes were put up and police were ready. so there may very well be more protests in the days ahead and we'll have to wait and see. >> debora villalon, thank you. amount of leftovers from san francisco's super bowl week is being used to feed the hungry and homeless. the group food runners arranges to pick up extra food from restaurants and other businesses in the city and then most. organizers say the group
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every week in san francisco. the food runners service is available to any home or business in the city including bakeries, farmers markets, and corporate cafeterias. another home -- the -- charles woodson is rocking the red carpet. give us your best pose. i'll take you inside the sneakers event next. dialing in your thursday
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chance for a special. caltrans says a stretch of broken and bumpy freeways set for major retrofit, unfortunately not soon enough for drivers. we found out commuters on that stretch of 580 say it's one of the worst roadways in the entire bay area. >> reporter: starts with a
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and another. joe williams says it all adds up to an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous drive. >> i'm surprised somebody hasn't been killed yet. >> williams is worried about this 5.5 mile stretch of interstate 580. near the ultimate pass. riddled with potholes. >> in the mornings, you can't see the holes. people will slam on their brakes or swerve. or move in and out of the lane. to avoid a pothole. >> reporter: the highway patrol says a number of accidents jumped between 2014 and 2015. with one deadly accident in 2014 and four failed crashes last year. chp says it can't directly titles accidents to potholes. for most, the cause is listed as unsafe speed or conditions. but everyone agrees the road is getting rougher. >> there's times where you hit it so hard, hugo oh, god cope -- hope i didn't blow a tire. >> david pabst says this section of 580 is as bad as it gets.
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called out and you have 20 cars out there on the side of the freeway with flat tires from the potholes. >> reporter: so what if anything is caltrans doing to fix it? >> i'd like to see them repair it. they need to get in here and do a total repave job. >> reporter: caltrans says that's what they plan a drink but a fix is 78 months away. >> bob hazen says plans to repair this section of road have been in the works since 2012. the agency had to conduct environmental tests, budget for the project and put it out to bid. >> we should have workers out on the road starting in late august, early september. >> i think that's too long. i think they need to start now. it's not safe. this is an safe at all. >> reporter: caltrans says for an effective repair, it's a matter of waiting for favorable weather. >> you have to have consistent dry, warm weather to do that especially at night if order issued in order for the asphalt to go to the surface.
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and in warm, dry weather. >> reporter: with el nio here and more rain in the forecast, caltrans says it's likely the stretch of road is going to get worse before it gets better. >> this is pothole season. you're going to be having problems. >> reporter: caltrans says it is patching the road as frequently as crews can manage using a hot asphalt to temporarily fill potholes, a fix caltrans says will have to hold until fall. >> we'll do daily fix is on that. but again, this is something that goes beyond that, day in, day out mandate kind of repairs. >> reporter: we asked why this stretch of road has gotten so bad. all sides agree it has to do with the truck traffic, trucks making their way back and forth on this section of 580 day and night. 580 is the most efficient path between the port and central valley so this particular stretch takes a serious beating
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in livermore, ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you see potholes or highway troubles or issues with your streets, we'd like to hear from you. go to facebook page and tell us what you found. chp officer who was stabbed in the neck yesterday remains hospitalized tonight. the highway patrol tells us he is in stable condition. police said the officer was attacked by a homeless man near the essex street on-ramp to the bay bridge. in san francisco, the officer underwent surgery and is expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days. the homeless man identified as noel corpuz was charged with attempted murder. set to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. in the south bay, we now know the name of the man who died when a tree fell over in a san jose park on monday. the coroner identified him as 69-year-old man. he was pinned underneath a tree. the man reportedly visited the park often.
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arrested the vice principle of james lick high school, accused of molesting a 17-year-old student. officers arrested 35-year-old josi gonzalez yesterday. they say a teenage girl told investigators she had a quote, inappropriate relationship with gonzales last summer at his home in san jose. gonzales was booked into the county jail on charges of annoying or molesting a child under 18 years of age. health officials are trying to stop further spread of meningitis among students at santa clara university. health officials confirmed today two students have meningococcal infections and are receiving treatment. both live in the same campus dorms, and are associated with the same fraternity. the county public health director says the bacteria is spread by close contact. >> certainly a cluster of meningococcal infections is a public health concern. that's why we have been working
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last 72 hours to put protections in place. >> the university is providing antibiotics and urging other students now to get vaccinated. it is planning a free vaccination clinic tomorrow afternoon through friday evening. in alameda, argosy university says it had a case of meningitis and this one was fatal. it says an employee died on january 25, and tested positive for bacterial meningitis. the private university says the health department has been checking individuals -- recreational marijuana has received an endorsement now from the california medical association. cma is comprised of 40,000 physicians, the group says it does not condone smoking in any form, but it does say that controlling, tracking and studying marijuana will better protect public health than what
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supporters of the adult use of marijuana act have until june 5 to collect the roughly 366,000 signatures they need to qualify the measure for the november ballot. tracking the light showers through the area today, this afternoon and this evening, i bodega bay. everyone else, trace amounts or nothing. just dripping on the windows as that system slipped through. now as we going to the next couple days, the system is going to ride up over the top of our area. as it does, it's going to bring some clouds into the region and those clouds are going to set us up with a mostly to partly cloudy day tomorrow, and that means temperatures mostly in the upper 50s and low 60s. as we head into your bay area thursday, temperatures warm a little bit but we go beyond that, going to start up as high pressure building. so look forward to tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover in
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day, highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. a warming trend around the corner. kicking off the super bowl party at 10:30, we'll take you to a red carpet fundraiser tonight, featuring top athletes and fashion models all for a good cause. steph curry, boy did he have a hot hand in dc tonight,
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wizards. news today about former oakland raiders -- oakland raiders quarterback ken stabler, he passed away from colon cancer last year. a medical researcher examined stabler's brain and says he suffered from a disease
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they say he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy which is caused by head trauma and concussions. stabler's longtime partner says he was often disoriented and forgetful in his later years. he had trouble sleeping and suffered headaches. we got some perspective today from a former baltimore ravens head coach who is in town for the super bowl. >> the risks are obvious. the players know that when you visit with the players. they recognize what the risks are. many will tell you, i don't care. this is my choice. until like many of us later in life going, maybe i shouldn't have done that. >> stabler, affectionately known as the snake, played 10 of his 15 seasons with the raiders. he is the first prominent quarterback diagnosed with cte. now to super bowl city in san francisco where our crews
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town visitors starting to arrive here in the bay area. amber lee is there tonight after speaking with businesses, fans about their experience. amber? >> reporter: super bowl city is certainly attracting a lot of attention, a lot of people, security is tight. very tight. there was a live concert tonight featuring local talent. singer-songwriter matt nathanson is based in san francisco. he says he is one of two local artists set to perform on the stage. the headliner for this nights concert said he's not a big football fan but a big fan of san francisco. his adopted city. >> i joke that the super bowl is like san francisco is throwing a big dinner party and the world is coming. i feel like i'm at the front door. >> reporter: at the hotel, its proximity to super bowl city is a big attraction. the gm tells me a special $10,000 package for three nights and two tickets to saturday's rolling stone
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a handful of rooms starting at $1200 are still available. >> we have had a lot of early arrivals and a lot of -- and they're all dressed up for the event, going right over here to super bowl city. so we are excited to make them have a fabulous day while they are in our hotel. >> this family book their trip to san francisco when they thought their beloved team, the patriots, were going to make it to the super bowl. >> reporter: tommy says this is his 15th. >> we went last year also, we had a great time in arizona. >> reporter: security is highly visible. police in swat gear, some officers with bomb-sniffing dogs and officers not so visible in plain clothes. san francisco police joined by state and federal law enforcement. at boulevard restaurant, owner says super bowl city is all the surrounding street closures, nancy oak says her regular
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says she has booked -- she's booked friday and saturday but won't recoup her losses. >> this is the worst business we've done since 9/11. >> reporter: outside the restaurant, these fans tell us their daughter is engaged to linebacker a.j. klein. >> have you gone to super bowl city, the nfl experience? >> yes. we did it this morning. >> probably the first ones here this morning. >> reporter: there is live entertainment here every day through sunday. here at super bowl city, the highly anticipated concert featuring alicia keys saturday at 7:00 p.m. live at super bowl city, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. take a look, the official game ball of super bowl 50 and if you've ever wondered what thick-skinned, we're going to give you an inside look coming up.
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a super for many visitors, for pretty much every visitor, super bowl week is a time to party with a full slate of big celebrity events between now and sunday's game. >> ktvu heather holmes is our correspondent on the party circuit tonight starting with a celebrity studded event called suits and sneakers. heather? >> reporter: how did i get so lucky with this assignment? this event combines two of my favorite things, football and of course fashion. and some current and former nfl stars are right up there on the second floor for tonight's big bash. the main event if you will, gets started in about 30, 40 minutes. that's when there's going to be a fashion show and some of these players will trade in
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nice suits made by a california company called elevate. a few minutes ago we were upstairs on the red carpet, had a chance to talk with some of the stars including oakland raiders charles woodson. we had to ask him to strike a pose, but it couldn't be any pose, it had to be the i'm now retired pose. this was his response. >> what do you do next? >> [ laughter ] >> a great week representing the nfl. super bowl week, two teams have a chance to make history. so i'm over here to help -- to celebrate and be a part of the festivities. tonight, basically a black jacket i got, some nice jays and a pair of jeans to go with it. >> what do you think about this suits and sneakers event? >> it's awesome. i heard it's to raise suits for
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whenever i can use my blessing and be a blessing to others, i'm down for the cause. >> reporter: you heard taiwan jones talking about suits for sneakers and what it does. some of the proceeds from tonight will go to a group called merging vets and players, mvp. it was started by jay glazer of fox sports. it does in fact help combat veterans to forge new paths. so really, a super party with dwight a supervision, like i said, the fun just getting started, that fashion show starts in just about 30 minutes or so. but as you can see, charles woodson and many other players enjoying this opportunity to get dressed up, they really don some pretty impressive shoes. i asked charles if he wore those for me. he shook his head no, but i think secretly he did. f >> all right. heather holmes in san francisco tonight. when the broncos and
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they will be playing with 120 official game balls. each handcrafted for the big game. ktvu's christina rendon live now at the nfl experience in san francisco to show west the work that goes into creating the perfect pigskin. christina? >> reporter: julie, fans can come and see an up close and personal look at the wilson workshop here inside the nfl experience for themselves. it starts with pieces of leather like this, and it takes only about eight minutes to go from cut out to custom-made. making an official logo football for the super bowl is all in the details. just knowing you are making a super bowl ball, it's a different feeling. >> reporter: cheryl starts by sewing the leather inside out. >> this is very tough. does that hurt your hands? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: west gilroy turns the ball right side out. >> pulling through. >> reporter: then he irons out
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doing for 40 years. >> it's hard for me to estimate, but they say over 4 million balls. >> then pam laces up the ball in about a minute. >> reporter: this machine applies 120 pounds of air pressure to get the ball its shape. >> then decide if it's a game ball or not. >> reporter: official game ball. a final scrub brings out the color. then it is tossed in the bin. >> 120, 108 on the field for regular play, 12 our special for the kickers. the reason they do that is because they want to authenticate the balls after the game so they can give them away and use them as charity so the value of the footballs is very high during the super bowl. >> reporter: each football, a handcrafted product of teamwork. >> we are all proud. it's the best job in the world. >> reporter: you know, these
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these are the machines the ball go inside. they can laser your favorite logo or your name, of course it's going to cost you extra so to give you an idea, these right here on the display, a price range, anything from $10 a price range, anything from $10-$230. but if you are an extreme football fan, it is a good memory piece, memorabilia item for super bowl 50. >> such a cool story. we've never seen that actually done before, really handmade right before your eyes. >> reporter: yeah. it is really cool. you can also smell the leather. these people have been doing it for 20, 30, 40 years. i don't know if you saw, but on their fingers, they wear tape because the leather strips the oils from their fingers so they do that to protect themselves so the figures don't try out. very interesting. >> christina, thank you. the 49ers had a public relations nightmare today. team management canceled the
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1000 girl scouts, but because they rebooked the stadium for a concert, the girl scouts were disappointed, their parents were furious but today the team announced the scouts are welcome on may 21 and that the 49ers will pick up the tab for the event and the team is guaranteed that date will not be moved again. late work of a three-alarm fire bring -- burning right now in the south bay. plus a quilt with a purpose, how candles from all over the country are being stitched together for a common goal.
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country. the republican field of presidential hopefuls lost two more today. rand paul and rick santorum pulled the plug on their campaigns after disappointing results in iowa. paul learned just 4.5% of the vote and santorum only 1%. there are now nine candidates still in the race. president obama paid a visit to a mosque in baltimore today, his first visit to a mosque in the us as president. he urged the crowd to reject bigotry and called tolerance a
10:34 pm
life. >> we're one american family. when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second class, or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation. >> the president said it's wrong to demonize all muslims for the acts of a few. the mosque visit came a day before the annual national prayer breath -- prayer breakfast. there is healthy news from san jose, house fire on ellis avenue in the willow glen neighborhood. the fire was reported just after 8:00 and within minutes firefighters called a second and then a third alarm. the house was under construction at the time and it was fully engulfed. the homes on either side of that house were also burned. the fire was declared under control a few minutes before 10:00. investigators have been called now to determine the cause of the fire, fortunately no injuries were reported. an open will be to get a -- hoping to get a new conversation about gun violence held a worth -- held a
10:35 pm
kathy deforest is asking people to make panels for the vision club. each panel has a message about the need for preventing gun violence. she was inspired by the aids quilt and began this project in ashland, oregon last year. so far she has collected more than 100 large panels from people all across the country. the quilt is displayed on the vision quilt website.
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change before super bo the ameranic pple eon'cat afford twao itor i fasde ttha sod ungo on odpepar,ut b willne vemar ke it in the alre wldor. the angrdmher oto whhas tooochse betwe penaygin for medici anenday ping rent cat wan'.it
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a udstenwitht m aouaintn of de cbtan wai'tt. cweanake malre pgrroess righ tw fonoper op alend familsie o newh iedt. i' him lly arclinton d ian apovpre this msaesge. tracking leftover showers. they are gone for the most part. through the bay area, next system to the northwest, i'll put it in motion, showers go back up again, look at the showers right there, almost nothing, 0.1 in parts of the north bay, most of us got nothing. or below trace amounts or just
10:38 pm
so maybe a sprinkle or to leftover tonight, a few snow flurries at the higher elevations around lake tahoe. none of this is going to be an issue in terms of traveling. tomorrow morning, fog in the central valley, a little chilly overnight, moisture, this is foggy, down low, there's going to be fog up in these areas, valley fog, however that impacts your commute, most of the folks coming in from the inland valleys will bump into a little bit of that tomorrow. then tomorrow night, thursday at 6:00, clear. so we're going into it drying and warming period, right into this bay area weekend which is going to be pretty impressive for february. tomorrow, super bowl city, out there, cuba and mike, getting weather that's not going to be too bad, clouds clearing to sun in the afternoon, highs in san francisco tomorrow in the upper 50s, maybe low 60s. overnight lows tonight, maybe a sprinkle left over but for the
10:39 pm
then as you look at the live either. winds have died down there. the model lays out like this, tonight at 2:00 a.m., here we are midnight, or pardon me, lunchtime, here we are tomorrow basically tomorrow is about clearing. as we push forward, into your bay area friday, more clearing and warmer by friday, mid 60s and as we head into saturday and sunday, not only mid 60s, upper 60s, low 70s. by monday, mid 70s. forecast highs tomorrow, warmer , 60 in vallejo, 58 in antioch, you see the run of numbers, we haven't seen a five day like this in a while, since october where we had five days where i'm not showing any rain really to count on, maybe sprinkled tomorrow morning. you get the idea. a great forecast for the super bowl sunday, which is in san francisco, which you know. >> the super bowl is in san francisco? >> it's kind of great because i was driving through that area,
10:40 pm
because this morning i got into the city quicker than i've ever gotten in. i think people are just like -- >> i have stayed as far away. >> the bay bridge, nothing going in, nothing coming out. nothing. >> a lot of out-of-towners are starting to head into town now. >> i that tomorrow it picks up a little bit. >> thank you. joe fonzi is next with what we're calling our supersized sports segment. >> a trip down memory lane and a fashion statement from january 1990. >> reporter: super bowl xxiv in new orleans. it was the 49ers and the denver broncos. the 49ers going for a repeat. when they talk about all-time teams, they talk about that team, as potentially one of the all-timers. it's easy to see why. if you think about the offensive weapons that the team had, so i always remembered media day.
10:41 pm
guys on that team that were going for their fourth super bowl championship. joe montana, ronnie lott, eric wright, mike wilson, and keenan turner. i remember those guys on the 49ers knowing we've been here, we're going to win. i remember the broncos at media day saying, we're here, we think we might have a chance to win this game. the way they were showing that, they all showed up with ray-ban sunglasses, sunglasses of the time, every guy on the roster, like it was part of the uniform. the broncos all showed up with ray bans on, they had a stroke going like we're in the super bowl. the 49ers showed up like it was a business meeting. they said, we think they are pretty good.
10:42 pm
55-10. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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joe is going to mix it up for us tonight. instead of super bowl, we're going to talk about the warriors. they made it look easy again tonight. >> i guess you've got to be pretty good to knock the super bowl of the front page. the warriors will visit the white house tomorrow to receive congratulations from the president on their nba championship. golden state concluding the three-game road trip in the nation's capital.
10:44 pm
washington got there one regular season look at steph curry. he hit his first six shots of the night, five of them from three-point range, all in the first quarter, 25 points in the quarter, 36 by halftime. this shot is plain ridiculous. the ball goesoff jared dudley's foot, throws down another three. warriors up 74-60 at halftime. second half, warriors moved the ball, klay thompson gets the shot, he converts three of his 24. but wizards got a monster game from one of their own, john wall, streaking to the hoop, 41 points, wizards pull within two midway through the third. warriors answer, nine from shaun livingston off the bench, draymond green with the assist, he turned in a franchise record 10th triple-double, three tied a team record of his own, 11 three-pointer, curry went for 51, second 50 plus effort of the season, that might get you a shower from a teammate after it's all over, warriors take an
10:45 pm
their white house visit. 134-121 win. most of the week leading up to the super bowl is fluff, but serious issues come times interrupt. broncos lineman antonio smith learned his father has died. smith is a 12 year veteran and a key member of the top defense who played for the raiders last year. a denver spokesman says smith has no plans to leave the team and will play on sunday. this is a day after a ryan murphy was sent back to denver after being questioned in a prostitution sting. peyton manning could be playing his final game on sunday. manning those he represents a large fan base. >> no question when you are playing in a super bowl, you are playing for your teammates, playing for the broncos organization, also playing for your family and friends and hometown.
10:46 pm
coach, your university, and i'm proud to be playing for a lot of those people. so far it's only been about issues on the field for the panthers. the quarterback matchup offers an interesting contrast, the veteran looking for one last win against the up and coming star. in his first super bowl. the success of this season has vaulted cam newton from regional start to someone sports fans are talking about all over the world. the challenges for an athlete of that status is to continue being the guy who got there in the first place. >> i'm going to stay true to who i am and try to fulfill the things that are important to me. people i talked to from family members to close friends to even the idols i look up to, they played a key in helping the transition play out. mark davis continues to romance people with that checkbox and the promise of building a stadium. it's considered news when
10:47 pm
one of the davis's trying r e raiders and las vegas, he says the potential moved to las vegas would follow the same criteria as any other proposed move. three fourths of the owners would have to give their blessing. davis has had meetings with the saints casino chairman sheldon allison. goodell did reaffirm the league has no specific prohibition against the city considered the gambling mecca of the united states. former raider executive amy trask weighed in earlier this week. >> 40 years ago, if you wanted to gamble, you really did have to go somewhere to gamble. unless you were going to do it very illicitly. now people are gambling on their ipads, on their iphones, from their homes, from anywhere they are. the other issue is the league is playing games in london. gambling is not only legal in london, it is more prevalent
10:48 pm
than it is in las vegas. >> the spectacle only gets bigger each year. the nfl experience and radio row, all in san francisco, demonstrate that. scott breeze today visited the road. >> reporter: radio row is a misnomer. more like media manner. >> hines ward, richard sherman. >> reporter: from espn, outlets big and small from near and far, catering to their contingents. >> everyone watches the super bowl, whether they know about football or not. >> reporter: most know it all, many have seen it all, but it never gets old. >> when ronnie lott and those guys, the stories, whether it's great, i'd love to play. it's the stories and guys sharing. seems like they open up even more when they come to this event. >> reporter: even guys who talk to athletes for a living might find themselves overwhelmed by this seemingly never-ending stream of star power.
10:49 pm
chris farley character, it's like, remember that one time you caught that super bowl? that was awesome. >> radio row is a litany of laughter and good vibes. until something goes wrong. >> i was doing a show in miami and as they said three, two, one, we got hit with a massive storm. and it essentially blew our board open. so we had to say, folks, a tsunami hit, we'll be back in 10 minutes. >> reporter: scott reese, ktvu fox 2 news. >> look at all those guys. >> are you ready for this? the big crowds a start arriving tomorrow. >> it's going to get bigger. it's going to be crazy. >> those guys are near the
10:50 pm
day long. that's it.
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