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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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-- captions by vitac -- police and workers on the scene of a reno he. they're addressing k. >> we join terry live with the latest. we hear the situation is so bad, they're relocating system of those living there. >> reporter: wall, you know, ryan and melissa, the situation is so bad here that it really is sad for the residents living in squalor. we took video inside, and i want you to take a look at this.
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the reno safety and services team got involved p. team is made up of officers, fire inspectors as well. members confirmed there are a number of violations here, including cooking in the hallways off of hot plates. that's a fire hazard. there's also the presence of mic, and dock roaches, and the lack of general ongoing maintenance. . injury green is paying $6700 a month to live here. >> this isn't help. . >> reporter: so a lot of sad stories here. so far we know at least four residents have been displaced. the conditions are such it's just not safe for them to stayth their room. so the red cross is assisting, and this story is
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with oar going to have much more on our sister station. hope you'll join us then. back to you guys. new at noon, a reno man who hit a police officer with his car and then drove away has been sentenced. emily fusillo joins us with more on the judge's decision. >> reporter: wentty five-year- old russell roberts appeared in court this morning for an incident that happened -- robert was involved in fight? downtown reno when a deadly weapon was pointed at his face by a police officer. roberts claims he did not see it was a police officer, and fled the scene in his vehicle, striking the for, christopher johnson. today the judge ordered roberts is guilty of assault two a deadly weapon. he will be sentenced to no more than 120 months served in the nevada department of corrections. the judge said roberts should be have been out that night in the first plays,
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time. ryan? things to tim study baker who has a look at our sun- filled forecast. >> we have a good amount of cloud cover, but a lot as you mentioned. quiet weather out ahead of us for the next several days here, and also way. not so much for today. looking for 40 degrees, right where we are at the airport in reno. we may do a couple more degrees on top of that. all in all, still a below if- average day. partly to mostly cloudy skies. cow winds and 58% humidity, and again, partly to mostly cloudy skies will be the case for the day today. more sun is on the way on the 7- day vorecast. 39 in carson city now, 39 in smith valley, and 32 in silver springs. so again, temperatures still below average. we're done with precup for now. no more snow showers on the
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and back to the whole 7-day forecast. it's dry. though, tomorrow, and en more sun into the weekend. warmer by then. we'll talk about those that 7-day. >> people flocking to the bay area this week not only to watch the super bowl, but party in it city where it's happening. cash flow sometimes can bring in an increase in human trafficking. already this year, bronco practice squad safety ryan murphy has been sent home before the game because of his involvement in a prostitution scheme. we talked to lieutenant joseph burfield with the arena police department to find out why there's a rise in sex trafficking around the time of the super bowl in the city in which it's being played. he says the industry goes where the cash is. >> it usually increases in the area where the event is taking place. for the -- and the reason that is is because a lot of people are coming into town from different areas,
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money with them. >> hear more about how the reno police department handles sex-trafficking cases in northern nevada. you can watch the full story on our web site. that, of course, as always is this afternoon's crime watch, south lake tahoe police have released sketches of two suspects in a man's murder. it happened there last weekend. authorities say saturday night, the victim dennis wright, junior, andly girlfriend went to the beverly lodge to sell 100-pounds of marijuana. now, police say that's when two unidentified black men tried to rob the pair of cash. the men could be in their late 20s or early 30s. reportedly a struggle of some sort and one or both of the suspects fired gunshots. wright, junior, was shot several times, later died at the hospital. his girlfriend was able to got away. we're told the two suspects may have gotten away in a tan chrysler concord. at this point in time -- not sure. the south lake tahoe police
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the public's help to solve the case. anyone with information is encouraged to call lake tahoe secret witness. switching gears, burning man organizers announced prices last night. big changes are in store after state lawmakers enacted a 5% live entertainment tax just this year coming out of legislative session. organizers challenged the nevada department of taxation, saying the event does not fall under the live entertainment category. now, the issue has not been recovered yet, but burning man's -- permit puts a cap on ticket sales a. top-tier category will cost $1200 to keep regular and low-income prices it same as previous years. each $390 ticket will be taxed an extra $34. the live entertainment tax does not end up affecting -- or not exfecting burning man. organizers say they will issue a refund on those added expenses.
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nevada battery plant is creating jobs more slowly than first projected. officials say it's making say the fact progress. a report issued this week by the nevada governor's office of economic development says there were 272 people i should say working at the factories by the end of the year. that's much lower than the 700 jobs jobs projected in 2014. . well the national kayak championships are headed to reno this year. the u.s. national white-water free-style championships are going to be held during the r,no river festival at the truckie river's white-water park. event is going to feature kayaking, clinics, a beer craft village and group bike ride. >> going to be getting kayaks back in the festival as well.
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future in the tech industry, there's an opportunity to do just that. the girls scouts of reno starting a new club called the gigabyte girls. all girls have the chance to explore things, like computer signs, programming, so much more of this industry. the first club offered -- strays away from the normal girl scouts. >> just really excited. if this concept takes off, we are really looking forward to creating more club experiences, something a little more nontraditional from the girl scout troop experience for those girls who want something a little different. >> the first meeting will be february 11th at the washington street. anyone interested is invited t join. . infamous ceo doug screlli, harsh lesson from lawmakers. >> i tell myself that's the dude.
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>> a homeless man is a hero. his photograph i can memory helped police get dangerous fugitives back in custody. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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natalie keepers is charged with being and accessory. she's scheduled to appear in court in montgomery county for a bond heating. police say nicole went missing from her home. that's when she was killed. the preliminary report shows the cause of death is through stabbing. they've also arrested 18- year-old david eisenhower for her murder, but have also charged keepers with helping him dispose of the body.
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being held this afternoon in blacksbury. all three fugitives from a california jailbreak are back in custody, but as we're longer now, authorities are saying one man is to thank for helping police get two of the escapees behind bars. >> usually come to mcdonald's every morning, because i live in the area homeless. >> reporter: but last saturday was anything routine for matthew chapman. the 55-year-old man was about to get a cup of coffee when he noticed a van, the one the fugitives had stolen. it was parked next the whole foods store. >> i noticed people were sleeping in it. heavy condensation. i thought to myself there's two people in that van. i used to live in a savannah van many years ago. i looked at the plates. no plates.
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the fugitives got out. chapman recognized hussein nayari from the papers re'd read every morning. he says he has a photograph i can memory. >> i tell myself that's the dude. got to be the guy. >> reporter: a police car appeared from a nearby station. >> down will, like there, you know. and i -- and he sees me. he's across the street, directly across. i'm going -- with my cane, like this. body language. boom, that's the game he bolts, bolts after him. the officer comes up in his cruiser. >> reporter: a chase ensued. nairi ran right up to the last place he wanted. >> that's all i saw. >> code 4. we got him now. >> reporter: then chapman led police to the van still parked at whole foods. inside hiding, jonathan, too,
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to this homeless man, who says he was only doing what is right. >> that was vuc lee reporting. the other fugitive, 43-year-old bact tan wong taken into custody after he asked a worker at an auto parts store to call police. julian assang, may surrender to british police tomorrow. the un has been investigating whether assang, has been illegally detained or not. he's been living in the ecuadoran embassy in london since june 2012 when ecuador granted him asylum. he is wanted for questioning about an alleged sexual assault that happened in sweden. he said the charges are an attempt to extradite him to the u.s., because his group published sensitive information online. martin skr,lli, the notorious exceo of touring
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by congress today by drug pricing. skrelli named by some last year as the most hated man in america. while ceo, he hiked prices used to treat patients to $750 a pill. skr,lli took the stand today, but refused to give testimony over and over again he declined to answer questions. >> way i see it, you can go down in history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executives, or you can change the system. yeah. you detail the knowledge about drug companies and the system welfare today, and i truly believe -- i
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good. of course you can ignore this if you would like. but all i ask reflect on it. i don't ask, mr. skrelli, i beg you reflect on it. >> screlli faces charges in retrofin another bicompany he ran for several years. his hearing was unrelated to those charges. well unlike last week, the past looks like it's going to be nice and clear for super bowl sunday if you're headed toward the bay area, coming back to reno. looks like it may be good. >> tim study baker joins us with a look at that. >> much better traveling weather compared to the last several weekends. through 2016, going to start to notice something: the day length getting longer and longer, the daylight hours. 10 hours and 19 minutes of daylight today.
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1st, we're above 11 hours. so definitely longer sunrise and net times in between, longer daylight in between. good stuff if you're a fan of longer days on the way. morning patchy fog is more likely than not gone for most of us. but you may run into some of that fog left over from this morning as you head out and about, and this afternoon, a quiet pattern is setting, and cool temperatures for now, meaning about the 40-degree mark for reno today, which is right where we are. but as we head in toward the weekend, things are really going to warm up. even warmer as we head into the middle of next week. partly cloudy skies reported from the airport at the moment with calm winds and 86% humidity. temperatures are recovering. in the 30s and 40s across the area. not respect anding to go much further from where they are at the moment. however, we have milder temperatures on the way, low 50s by the weekend in the lower elevations. even near, and maybe even eclipsing 60 degrees around the middle of next week. so if you're a fan of the
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getting a break from the snow and cold weather. we'll see some of that cold weather for a time here. no more snow showers in our forecast for quite some time. in fact, the entire 7-day forecast is completely devoid of any precipitation chances. light winds, partly cloudy skies, highs in the 30s for most of us today. near 40 degrees in a couple of spots, even making it to 40 degrees. south lake is one of those places that could see 40s today, 37 in lynnburg. your high same thing in tahoe city. now that the weatherer is quieting down, what we're going to focus on is morning patchy fog, and patchy meaning only a few spots will see it. also going to focus in on the air quality going forward. high pressure building in during the winter months often leads to an inversion set- up. so watch out for degrading air quality, something -- over the next 7 days. other than that just the patchy morning fog. other than that quiet, returning to mostly cloudy skies by the weekend, and
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40s now, 50s this weekend. even near and claiming 60 by the middle of next week for some of us. coming up after the break it's the new sweet treat. don't call it ice cream. we'll show you what the newish
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don't wait. call this number today. get more choices to bundle and save. because with at&t, it's whatever works for you. the irs is having some trouble with their web site. you may have figured this out already. tactical difficulties hit the service wednesday evening. now, the agency says it's experiencing a hardware failure that brought down some of its tax-processing systems, including the one that allows you to file electronically a. spokesperson said the system was likely to remain down today. 18th. . a little bit of ways. been and jerry's is now
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treat that is entirely vegan. no dairy, eggs or honey. experts have been working on the formula for almost three years. four flavors are going to be get a v,gan version. . don't call it ice cream, since it doesn't include any cream. ben and jerry's is labeling this a nondairy dessert. >> looks delicious. love being forecast. >> it is really quiet going forward. chilly temperatures, milder by the weekend, warmer into next week. a return of sun by this weekend. .
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