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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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there. . a crash with authorities has left a man dead in carson city we'll have the latest investigation coming up. the living conditions at a reno legacy hotel raising questions what health and safetyofficials found there when investigating health and safety. >> a tesla factory expected to bring more jobs to the area than what we're seeing why officials say they could still be on track to get to those numbers. >> you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good friday morning! good friday morning! right now it is 7:00 you thinking to yourself, you need to call each other and check your clothing.
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wearing red for a reason. >> all wearing red of course to promote awareness for heart disease which unfortunately is the number one killer of women in our country. one and three women will die of a heart attack or a stroke so obviously preventative care very important and we're just raising awareness why it is important to get that heart checked and important heart health. we'll be doing that throughout the rest of the day on our sister station news 4 afternoon and evening to be part of the cause and the effort to bring awareness. first we are going to send it over to tim studebaker talking about the forecast and the super bowl. we have your super bowl forecast if your headed up forwards the area, santa clara, if you are tickets headed that way it is a beautiful weekend in the bay area 65 with mostly
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temperature and approximately where we'll be at game time at 3:30 in the afternoon it is looking just fine for the game the temperatures will fall back during the game through into the 60s of course so if you are headed that way that's what you have to prepare for which isn't too bad if you ask me 47 in reno sparks later today partly cloudy skies highs in the 30s and 40s, generally light winds the only stuff we're watching for morning fog, patchy morning fog mostly is the sierra and watching air quality as a result of high pressure, we have the inversion and that may lead to air quality concerns. 24 in town, mostly clear skies 3 miles per hour winds 84% humidity we're in the teens and 20s across the area. 16 in truckee, 21 in dayton, 23 in carson city and high pressure is building in.
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at the seven day forecast with warm temperatures coming up. a man is dead after reportedly stealing a truck and crashing into authorities it was supposed to be closed for most of the night as investigators look at the scene. it started around 4:00 when a yellow ford f-150 was stolen. deputies found the truck at a gas station and tried to approach the suspect who they say ran into the deputy's suv and quickly drove off. shortly after the suspect lost control of the truck and was ejected from the vehicle as it rolled on top of him killing him. reno police are searching for a person of interest last month on west commercial road in downtown reno on january 3rd. just about a month ago when officers arrived they say two people had been shot they were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries.
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photograph of a person of interest they would simply like to speak with. this is described as white orhispanic a male in his 20s, 5' 9" with an average build and small amount of facial hair. if you know anything officials are asking you to call 322- 4900. making your legal news on this friday morning the man who hit a reno police officer with his car outside of a bar faced a judge yesterday the incident happened back in august of last year after police were called to the imperial lounge in downtown reno. when christopher johnson arrived on scene witnesses said 25-year-old russell roberts had drawn a gun on another person officer johnson drew his weapon in response to roberts having a gun roberts ignores commands got in his car and hit him. johnson struck back hitting him in the leg.
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battery with a deadly weapon and sentenced to 10 years in prison also sent to court for possession of a controlled substance for sale from a separate incident. required to serve 19 months for four years for the charge a judge combined both sentences and announced they'll be conserved consecutively instead of combined. to a developing story health and safety concerns are addressed at a downtown reno motel. >> the living conditions prompted a safety inspection at the reno legacy hotel yesterday morning the community safety services team said they found several health and safety violations this resulted in having to relocate severaresidents at the 36 unit area and led to one person with an outstanding warrant. >> it came from residents
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presence of mice and cockroaches as well as a lack of general ongoing maintenance. we spoke with some of the residents who served in the coast guard now living on social security. jerry green is paying $600 a month to live here. >> there are better places than this. it's what god put here for people like myself and others that's homeless. ought to be above roaches or rats. officials say many renters are afraid to speak up in fear of being evicted from this motel but you can still call the reno city line and remain anonymous. in just one year circus circus employees recycled 400,000 pounds of recyclables. it challenged this employees,
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recycled 235,000 pounds of recyclables all an effort to reduce the carbon footprint. officials replace most of the conventional lights with energy saving led lights if you have an electric car circus circus installed four new car charging stations. making your economic use, tesla's plant is creating jobs more slowly than first projected despite this officials say the company is still making satisfactory progress. the report issued this week by claims 272 people were working at the tesla and pansonic factories that's lower than projected and use $1.03 incentive. if you have been noticing
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something you can do to fix them. city of reno has a hot line to report any potholes call 322- info and a crew will be on scene to fix it within 5 days that's of course depending upon the current weather situation officials say we're seeing more and more potholes than we're used to this type of year because we're getting more winter weather. water seeps into cracks and freezes over night causing the asphalt to start breaking apart. and one ski resort is opening up back country terrain for skiing and snow boarding the home wood mountain resort announced yesterday they'll be offering snow cat access skiing in an area usually closed off to the public throughout the rest of the season they'll be giving private tours to up to 10 skiers and snow borders to terrain all of ellis peak 750- acres. officials are hoping to offer
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season thanks to this year's snow pack. well in just two days the best teams in the nfl will face off in one of the biggest sporting events, we're talking about the super bowl. alex is live at the silver legacy with a look how you can celebrate right here in the biggest little city. >> good morning right now we're at the silver legacy they are getting ready for super bowl sunday two days away hard to believe to talk about all the excitement we're talking about glen. >> it is great, great weekend have a lot of fun a lot of things great coming this way. before you talk about the events happening on the silver legacy let's talk about this golden football when you're going to be presenting this to you tonight. >> well, on friday we're giving this to worcester high school the nfl went out the 50th year of super bowls, they gave a
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participated and i got this golden football that was given to the high school in their trophy case, it is a great, great tribute to thanking all the high schools for what they've done. the highlandses have to apply for funds that they'll give funds to the high school to help the football helmets out and that type of thing the nfl is doing a great job in getting back here. >> really an awesome program. let's talk about sunday a lot of the excitement surrounding this game and several chances for people to come here view the game and party it up. it is a big, big day. it is a big game day, and we have parties every play we'll have probably over 4,000 people and parties between the silver, we started doing it 10, 15 years ago, great time.
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we have party in the el doe eldorao, this is life right here in silver legacy and el dorado. we have a lot of food and fun and football in the air. absolutely a lot of fun talking about super bowl all morning long just getting started make sure you tune in, in 30 minutes to get more. coming up president obama is calling for a new tax on oil
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for you coming up. . welcome back your time is 7:15 right now it is 24 degrees in ree reno. did you watch the debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton? last night it quickly became heated. with the candidates sparring over health care, wall street, and who was more progressive? that's just some of the highlights mary malonei has the rest of them. i am not making promises i cannot keep. hillary clinton took a swipe at bernie sanders that was passionate and combative. the republicans want to repeal the affordable care act,
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cost down, prescription drug cost down. sanders want to start all over again. >> i am on the committee, that committee wrote the affordable care act. the idea i would dismantle health care in america while waiting for passing a medicare for all is not accurate. accused sanders of smearing credentials. i don't think these insinuation is worthy of you. if you have something to say, say it. instead of arguing about definition, let's talk about what we should do. >> sanders didn't back down. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, not raising huge chunks of money for special interest. in my view, the business model of wall street is fraud. >> clinton trying to tout experience also tempting to distance herself from wall street's big money.
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stood firm, and i will be the person who prevents them from ever wrecking the economy again. well the man who led the occupation of a national wildlife refuge in oregon is speaking out from jai he released a statement after being invited by a grand jury after taking overthe federal land. 16 occupiers are now facing charges, they released a statement to the reporters in eugene oregon it is the first we are hearing from bundy outside of a written statement. there is also government officials ignoring the people, acts like the takeover of the refuge. taking over the refuge was not only right, it was the duty of the people to do. >> most of the occupiers are still in jail, but two have been released. spokesman was killed of course
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week in a confrontation with officials that led to the arrest. president obama calling for a $10 per barrel tax on barrel. would use for clean transportation investments the fee would only be employed to imported oil, crude would not be taxed even though it is unlikely to get through a republican controlled congress. the u.s. imported 7.4 million- barrels per day in november down from 10 million-barrels at the end of 2005. a natural gas leak in southern california is still not sealed but a controversial plan involving evacuating residents in that area has already been scrapped thousands of residents near the facility where the leak is located have been forced to leave their homes so cal gas has been providing housing for displaced families originally the company said once the leak was plugged
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move back to their tv. the company has becomed off those plans they are now in discussion with the city attorney's office. 150 crews ship passengers have been confined to their rooms after a gastro outbreak on board the diamond princess, the ship's pool was drained and not served their own food as staff tried to prevent the outbreak from spreading any further than it already has the crews docked in sidney after a 12 day voyage to new zealand. and how is the weather shaping up this weekend for the super bowl. patchy fog in a few spots mostly in the sierra and also north central northeastern nevada. outside of that a very quiet pattern not only for us locally but towards the bay area we have warm temperatures in the forecast in santa clara for that super bowl. sun and clouds for the day today and for the next couple
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and also the air quality becomes a concern going forward because high pressure is building in and that's an inversion set up 24 degrees in town right now mostly sunny skies reported from the airport 3 miles per hour winds and 84% humidity 8 degrees, 1 below, and 21 degrees. a chilly start, a seasonably cool afternoon and as we head into the weekend things are going to be more mild for us then even warmer heading into the middle of next week. high pressure is building in so there is not a lot to say about satellite and radar mostly quiet and dry but again the air quality becomes a concern in this kind of set up so that's something we'll keep you updated not too terrible. 30 degrees, 31. 32 and your high in mcdermott. western nevada lower mid-40s, a few spots still on the cooler side at 39 degrees for the high here.
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for most lowations too. 45 south lake. 42 in tahoe city light winds and depen mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies today more sunshine heading into the weekend and the beginning of next week. temperatures too, those to average for today, 40s for a lot of us but we'll see the 50s for the weekend and some of those lower elevations we'll see the 60 degree mark by the time we get to the middle of next week. 59 next wednesday in carson city 61 next thursday so certainly warmer temperatures are on the way we're cool for now near average and warm up into next week and by the way a game time temperature at levi stadium at the super bowl of 71 degrees at 3:30 on sunday
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we'll be back. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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. welcome back, your time is 7:25, it is 24 degrees in reno. taking a look at what's trending on social media, playboy enters a new era this month with the first issue without fully news photos, the magazine says the move is part of an average of reaching a new generation, cartoons and jokes have been pulled, and printed in a better quality paper the content officer says that there is no full frontal nudity but there could be plenty of provocative photos. turning to what's trending on our facebook page. parents in las vegas, furious after learning their new principal of the elementary
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alvin was never formally charged by the district attorney's office. some parents are outraged he is classroom. he was arrested last year after a couple of students accused him of lewdness and child abuse during that time he was the principal of the high school. they never formally acharged him with the crime but they are upset learning he is the principal now. accusation is cause for concern. asking you on facebook what do you think about it should he be allowed to be the head of the school? he was never charged but are the allegations enough? we'd love to hear, post your comment on our facebook page. coming up taylor shift
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today's hollywood minute. . you right remember sundance on keystone avenue, we'll take you inside coming up. the new movie the finest hour is in theaters what scott birmingham thinks about it coming up. you are watching mornings on fox. everyone 7:30 hopefully your day is off to a great start and you're in that mood of course the tgif mood, you are thinking super bowl sunday this sunday what am i going to eat. i think the average person eats 6,000 calories on super bowl sunday, that's incredible. >> isn't it crazy?
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you get to wherever you are or if you're hosting, cool, that deviled egg looks good and that bacon looks good. and two hours later you have realized you hit that. >> 12 pack of beer, certainly a lot of calories in there. just something to be aware of heading into it. we are all probably going to consume that many calories anyway. >> i'd say it is one day out of the year if you snack your face off, enjoy it. >> and then the next day get back on the boat and get back to healthy. it is just one day. all right. tim studebaker joins us with a look at our forecast. good morning if you happen to be heading over to the bay area for that super bowl you have a beautiful weekend highs in the 60s and 70s across the next three days in santa clara with mostly sunny skies 65 today, 68 tomorrow and game day on sunday 71 degrees and that will be about the temperature
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head in towards the staidual if you happen to have tickets if you are lucky enough beautiful weekend for that and also beautiful weekend around here not quite those numbers we'll see 50s for those of us here in reno sparks and other parts of the area heading into this weekend 40s, 47 for the high, partly cloudy skies, 46 in carson city, elco light winds for us we'll watch the air quality and watch for patchy fog in the mornings that could be out there for a few spots and next several morns mornings. and a quiet but also warming 7 day forecast we'll take a look at that warming trend coming up. one local book score goes beyond the history books sundance books and music is part of reno's past. jamie takes us back in time for this week's think local
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if you've lived in reno for awhile you've probably driven by the levi mansion in california avenue. it was built in 1906 and listed on the national register of historic places in the 1980's. the family who had a dried goods shop on what then was called granite street which we call sierra street. >> it was built by a husband and wife and two daughters it was in their family until the mid-70s. >> the building housed various businesses throughout the last 40 years but home to sundance books and music. kristine says the museum of art owns the building but leases it to run her bookstore. >> one of the things that's so fantastic about the new location, the whole experience is completely aesthetic whether it be if you're looking for books and music but do it within a building that, i mean, the floor, the wood work and
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banisters and the windows everything about this building is pretty magical. sundance originally opened in 1985 and the keystone square shopping center. kelly says she moved her store to the mansion almost 5 years ago. we feel like we are actually living at home here. you feel like you're in a home. i think people pick up on that. kelly says some people believe the building may be haunted but she says she'll leave that thee up to her customers. sundance offers a little bit of everything when you step inside you'll seawall to wall of all types of books, music and artist work. >> everything you see is hand picked obviously hand shelved and you know, the ideas of when
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been put together by thoughtful. all though technology advanced throughout the years kelly says there is nothing like holding a book which she says keeps her customers loyal. there is a silence and quiet to a book there is nothing like the visuals of the book the art within a book, it cannot be recreated in anyway better than the physical book. kelly hopes to keep bringing her passion to others she believes a book is the most interest and powerful object inour lives. how it is edited, what is being inside, how it ising with escaped, history, thought provoking, current events the easiest thing is to spend time with books. that was jamie reporting for us this morning sundance books and music located at 121 california avenue in reno open 7 days a week, they hold
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other events for more information head to our sister station's website. the super bowl being sunday two days away the el dorado is hosting a big game party, alex has a look how you can enjoy the action in downtown. >> hard to believe super bowl two days away the excitement is out of control as everyone gears up and talk about what we're doing, we're joined by glen. >> what can people expect if they come down to the silver or el dorado, not only watch the game but revel in the excitement. >> our weekend starts on friday night we have celebrities, dan maguire, phil and frank hawkens, they'll be down here the el dorado has boxing fight
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and outstanding show and we move into saturday where we have mike tyson, get your flavor because we have a great weekend and downstairs so we have a great party down there we have a party at the el dorado, showroom, the big game party across the street in reno ballroom $50 for all you can eat you get a couple drinks in that and there is raffles and prizes and the big game we have venues all over the place if you don't want to sit in a party, circus circus is live, it is a big time for the big game this weekend. >> never ending amount of fun as we get ready for the super bowl. we have a treat he is with us this morning and i have to ask, you used to be a quarterback. what are you most looking forward to as we see payton manning on sunday? i'm looking for the match up you have cam newton superman versus peyton manning the professor.
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the number one offense and the number one defense. >> a lot of exciting stuff going on in reno but you guys aren't done talking about the super bowl we'll give you a look what you can expect as you get ready for the game. back to you. all right a former war
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he does it the hard way take a . welcome back everyone, a robber learns a hard core lesson from a war vet and a cop protects serves and babysits. jeremy roth has it all in a take a look at this. >> reporter: a would be robber learned if you're planning to
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know if he isn't a veteran. in an instance, the clerk turns the tables begins pummelling him. he won't be coming back not with this guy protecting the store sometimes it isn't enough to protect and serve, sometimes you have to babysit. video of a cop has gone viral and cute reasons the girl's father had to attend traffic court and wasn't allowed inside the two playegames and videos on his phone until the toddler fell asleep on him. hello, it's me . sometimes it is not enough to babysit, sometimes a dad just has got to sing. this minnesota dad and son duo became a sensation where he lip sync songs and movie clips
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the time while mom is at work. take a look at this, i'm jeremy roth. >> that is so cute. that is his wife say instead of making all the videos do some laundry? clean the house up a little bit? that's my thought. that took a whole different approach. bet you she is thinking how about that bed? just make it. >> doing laundry does not go viral. we are going to send things over to tim studebaker. >> maybe he put the laundry in that's while he waited when it was finishing. patchy fog into the sierra perhaps into north central and northeastern nevada, otherwise a dry forecast for us a very quiet pattern as high pressure builds into the area with a mix of sun and clouds for now even more sunshine heading into next week, mostly sunny skies 3
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humidity temperatures are chilly to start we're 1 below, 6 above in elco, and 12, 24 degrees here in reno. another chilly start another seasonably cool afternoon. milder temperatures for the weekend even warmer heading into next week. on satellite and radar things are quiet things are dry for us high pressure is building in so we have that chance for morning fog in a few spots the other thing we'll watch now that high pressure is building in during the wintertime that's an inversion set up we'll keep an eye on the air quality going forward. 40s for our northern zones light winds across the area partley sunny skies, 47 in reno. 30 degree mark for 31 in elco, and western nevada topping out into the 40s, 43, 41 in hawthorne. up around the lake into the 40s there too, light winds across much of the area not too many weather concerns again the only concerns maybe starting with
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we have that air quality to watch over the next several days outside of that good travel weather if you are headed up over the hill for the super bowl and bay area anywhere else in our region dry roads heading into the weekend. partly cloudy skies for now mostly sunny skies heading into the weekend and into next week as well, check out the temperatures we're near average for you a little milder, even warmer heading into next week maybe near and eclipsing the 60 degree mark for a couple days near the end of that 7 day forecast over to you. our film critic joins us to let us know what's going on in hollywood? >> how you doing. >> well a little bit of bouncing around on the top three going on, we have star wars the force awakens making
7:36 am
million the kung fu panda 3. let's take a look at the numbers the finest hours. >> this ship will be sunk by night fall! every fella wants to live the only way that happens is if we run her a ground! >> chris plays bernie webber in this true life story, made a daring rescue off the coast of cape cod after a pair of oil tankers destroyed and literally cut in half during a blizzard in 1952. let me say that the movie was far more interesting than the trailer led me to believe it would be. my feelings are a bit split on this movie on one side all are rescue elements like you see right here are played out real well visually the coast guard
7:37 am
as its come bas breaks off and the storm has done real well. all this thing the film has captured and done well for it. i am really undecided on the relationship in the beginning of the story. do i care or not? and i think the ending is almost too perfect with how fairly quickly it showed they made it back to land without that compass, a little too perfect? an otherwise great rescue film i'm going to give it three out of four stars. this is how the coast guard actually started right? >> this is one of those initial rescues that they did in real life and this is how they show how it took place. >> very cool. how about some upcoming releases? on the dvd netflix, we have 20, yes 20 new titles out. among them are bridge of spies
7:38 am
rock the cashbaw, featuring billmurray and sandra bullock and billy bob thornton. your suggests? >> i still haven't seen the crisis and want to see how that is. what are we doing next week? >> we'll check out the new movie hale caesar. i want to wish my daughter kendra turns 17 today. >> happy birthday kendra. taylor swift fans able to enjoy a new game starring the pop singer herself. and weired al yankocivh is lending his voice. >> taylor swift going mobile the 7 time gramny award winner entering the game space by
7:39 am
with the developer announcing more information will be released at a later game with the game due out later this year. it previously made the hollywood app which brought in $43 million in its first three months in its new release. casting news al is lending his voice to an an mated series, airing on the disney xd on the popular finneous and ferb costume. some say he saw it in friends, we know he is called matt lablank. joined in the top gear, he is previously appeared on the show as a guest and currently starring in another series entitled episodes. he is the first nonbritish hope of top gear in history. coming up parents in las
7:40 am
learning that the new principal of the children's elementary
7:41 am
arrested we'l . your time is 7:54 and 24 degrees in reno. what's trending on our facebook pageparents are furious about learning a new principal at their children's elementary school was formally arrested, alvin was formal never charged some parents are outragedded he is -- after a couple of students accused him of lewdness. the district attorney's office never formally charged him a lot of parents are upset after finding out through a letter that he is in new acting principal. saying accusation is cause for concern. ask your google plussers. should he be allowed to head up the schools since he was never charged or just the accusations
7:42 am
starting off first with steve, your thoughts do you think he should be allowed with these accusations that were unfounded or not actuallyformally charged on. >> the history of being a teacher having over 30 years as an educator whether it be teaching the class or being the principal just unfounded and that he was released i don't think parents should be concerned. if this guy was a murderer or somebody would have happened in that 30 year or 15 year that would have come up other than one or two allegations and it was dismissed, let him go let him teach. do you agree. >> yeah. i pretty much agree with steve. at the end of the day, especially in school and with kids, sometimes they do try to
7:43 am
someone the teacher, principal with really serious stuff but then if he was cleared by police and investigation so he was not charged. so i think he shouldn't be held responsible and shouldn't be viewed in bad light. is that enough to have the district attorney's office saying we're not going to be filing charges, it's over with. is that enough to say go ahead and teach again? >> that is enough he would actually have to be found guilty and be put behind bars whatever the penalty is going to be but it wasn't found guilty of anything. just because some police officers showed up and brought him down to the station, doesn't mean he actually committed a crime.
7:44 am
post your . at one point, he was the baddest man on the planet now has his own one man show we'll be talking to mike tyson. all right the super bowl is only two days away, and as usual, certain reno casino resorts are expecting a passed weekend. alex will give us a preview of the festivities happening downtown. speaking of the super bowl we'll get a chance to revisit some of bill's unique take on payton manning's -- coming up. you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good friday morning thank you for joining us the second hour of the show still a lot to get to and pretty cool news this morning, they are saying
7:45 am
put them in a list of one of the top 10 best places resorts in our area and the u.s. and asking for people to vote. if you'd like to help out go onto your page and vote on usa today, makes sense with all the snow we've had. that's pretty nice out there. been a great season, had a couple days there and the snow, they've been able to open places people wouldn't have touched two years ago. it is a great year for them and that certainly helps. congratulations for them on that. go out there and vote. tim studebaker joins us with a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you. beautiful snow up in the mountains we are kind of on a break. looking for much quieter
7:46 am
the super bowl 50 happennening if you're lucky enough to have tickets or headed over to the bay area in general beautiful weather mostly sunny skies in santa clara, 65, 68 tomorrow and 71 for game day that's about the temperature at 3:30 at kickoff at the super bowl. a beautiful start and falling back to the 60s in santa clara. back here locally we have coolish temperatures upper 40s for the high later today with partly cloudy skies, could be starting with patchy fog in the sierra north central and northeastern nevada, we are watching the air quality going forward on the seven day forecast, 26 degrees, the air quality not too terrible at the moment we'll keep an eye on that and the seven day forecast has very warm temperatures we'll see how warm. we begin the second hour with a developing story out of carson city where a man is dead after reportedly stealing a
7:47 am
and losing control of a vehicle. carson city along says part of college park way is expected to be closed for most of the night as officers investigate the scene. >> the sheriff says it all started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon when a yellow ford f- 150 was reported stolen. deputies found the truck at a gas station on college park way and tried to approach the suspect who they say rammed into the deputy's suv and drove off quickly. shortly after the suspect lost control and ejected from the vehicle as it rolled on top of him and killed him we'll have updates on fox news at noon. reno city council man is leading a charge he says is long over view that led to a morning safety inspection at a downtown reno motel yesterday where authorities say they uncovered filthy unsafe living conditions. they resulted in having to
7:48 am
ended on one arrest on an outstanding warrant. we have the full story. just because you're living on a fixed budget means you can't live in a safe environment. tim wasn't sure he could let us inside for fear we'd get bedbugs he took us to a spot he and others felt we'd be okay. that's where we met jerry green living on social security paying $600 a month to live in this room. >> it is what god put here for people like myself and others that's homeless. but not bedbugs roaches or rats. >> he says he sleeps on a chair in a hall way because of roaches and rats in his room it is those kinds of living conditions when they kept ending up here. >> they saw people cooking in
7:49 am
they did see insects crawling around and rodents in the hotel. >> the team is made up of police officers the washoe county health department and several reno departments including fire code enforcement and business license division. they say they found several health and safety violations. >> the assessor gave us the mailing address. broadway says they have 30 days to fix the violations or face fines, says these inspections usually get the owner's attention. >> this is a business. they obviously want to maintain a business so get revenue for themselves. >> that was terry reporting for us this morning. many time renters are afraid to speak up because of fear of
7:50 am
if you are living in an unsafe or filthy property visit our website you'll find our phone numbers you need if you were experiencing this. all right. 8:06 on your friday morning last day of your workweek of course two days until the best teams in the nfl will face off in the biggestsporting event we're talking about the puppy bowl. just kidding super bowl 50. alex is at the silver legacy with a look what will be happening this year for the big party. good morning guys you've been talking about the super bowl all morning long and the fun does not stop just because it is 6:30 in the morning to talk about the excitement happening in reno we are joined by dan good morning. how is it going? >> doing great having a lot of fun with you guys talking about memories fun things people can do, what are you most excited for as we look ahead to the super bowl on sunday. >> the match up you know you
7:51 am
peyton manning the old wise professor. two explosive offenses and defenses. look forward to the match up going to be like a 15-round heavy weight match up. you used to play for the seahawks what was that like and that experience of being in the nfl. >> it is a great experience not a lot of people get to experience it a lot of hard work to get there, it was a great experience for me. >> is there anything else you want to say about the big game on sunday? >> come out to el dorado, enjoy the festivities i'll be down in the showroom love to come talk to you sign autographs. a lot of fun to be had let me tell you about that head to our website we'll have all the information about events viewingparties food, how you can take part reporting live. back to you. up next my acoustic heart
7:52 am
you won't want to your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
7:53 am
. good morning welcome back to mornings on fox, 8:11 on your friday morning we are looking at patchy fog potential out there for mostly the sierra valley locations as well as into north central and northeastern nevada in the low lying areas. other than that a dry forecast, the quiet pattern has set in, a mix of sun and clouds for now seasonably cool temperatures into the afternoon then the
7:54 am
even warmer so we'll show you that on the seven day forecast coming up. 26 in town, calm winds mainly sunny skies 81% humidity, back above zero, 2 degrees above 7 in elco, 26 in reno sparks right now. high pressure has built in that means a good amount of sunshine, we'll see a lot of sunshine heading into next week with this high pressure ridge holding on for quite some time. the only thing we start to watch when high pressure is in place outside of the patchy morning fog because of the snow banks or snow pack, also we watch for the inversions to set up again if that happens which it is expected to then we'll start to watch the air quality and keep you up to date if it changes. and west windover for your high, topping ut into the 40s for most of the lower elevation even into the sierra we're into the 40s, kings beach and 42 in
7:55 am
general light winds across the area not too many weather worries we're watching the air quality, we're watching the potential for fog in a few areas outside of that things are quiet and remain quiet through the weekend too if you have plans to head up and over the hill to the bay area for the super bowl or traveling regionally in general things are quiet. mostly sunny skies throughout much of that seven day forecast, temperatures milder into the 50s in the lower elevations not far from 50 at the lake for saturday and sunday and warmer heading into next week lots of sunshine and temperatures, eclipsing the 60 degree mark by the mid-ing of next week so warm stuff is on the way over to you. let's take a look, i know you people are thinking about the food and the snacks and the beverage and the queso. there are things you can do
7:56 am
to feel less guilty about it. >> i put together this whole spread of football plays and beer commercials there are going to be tons of those things in replacement or lieu of things you were seeing as the game goes on. >> which basically, think of it instead of a drinking game it is a work out game when you see something online or see something happening on the tv because it is hard to read basically is if you see this, do this many exercises. >> so let's just say when you see a reception, do -- did i just say reception? >> yes, but i'm with you i was like, yes there are going to be beverages, interception 50 max
7:57 am
touch down, dance your heart out. just staying active and you'll be probably that little different of a person at the party, everyone is drinking no one will notice what's happening. >> at least you can have your own fun work out time. this is one of those times where you are having a good time that's the key right? have fun if part of that is eating that's okay. >> actually melissa the super bowl christmas thanksgiving, halloween, they all play a huge role when it comes to consumption and over loading on these things, i'll bet if you did a couple of them you'll feel better than you did not doing that. >> it is not a false sense of security just getting a heart beat up if the game day, it might be a good way. and let out your aggression the plays might not be how you
7:58 am
>> all right. >> on facebook instagram, snapchat, get ahold of me. and sam over to you. melissa thank you. today we have mike on first listen friday he plays a private house concert on february 26th and be on tour the entire month of april in the state of michigan. today mike will be playing the song titled on his road to safety, take it away. these wheels keep on turning fear is so near all along
7:59 am
know which left turn is this the heart into pieces . >> this heart is in pieces, this heart is in pieces, this heart is in pieces and i'm just running, running safety, and running to my maker would you come unlook unlock my hard for you my friend. this road is -- but i said today, i'm on my own, this road to safety if you leave me there
8:00 am
if you meet me there [ whistling ] now i'm just running, running to safety, running to my maker. i'm just running, running to safety. i'm just running, running to safety i'm just
8:01 am
running to my maker. . welcome back everyone, 8:22 on your friday morning sitting at 26 degrees here in reno. >> there is a very exclusive club getting ready to attend the super bowl in santa clara on sunday. you've probably seen them on commercials they've attended every single super bowl all of them. mike introduces to one of them. >> 76-year-old larry jacobson one of the first super bowl volunteers to check out his uniform. larry spending this week helping tourists find their way around san francisco, sunday he'll be at levi stadium. >> how many original members never miss a super bowl club?
8:02 am
>> larry started at a die hard 49er fan, had tickets for 63 years. then decided to take a date to los angeles to see a super bowl. >> it was a $100 investment but she wasn't impressed with football and wasn't impressed with me. >> larry gave up on the woman but not the game and he developed a special talent. >> anybody knows, i don't know a thing about football i know how to get tickets. 50 years later his house is full of super bowl memorabilia. >> this is super bowl xvi. i may have a super bowl ring larry is one up on me, this is the first super bowl 50 ball handed him straight off the press in the factory in ohio larry jacobson.
8:03 am
>> larry met the other man who had never missed a super bowl xvi years ago, they get together and swap stories. this would be a good number to wrap it up. >> the nfl is treating us so well for super bowl 50 i'm aiming for 100. i love it. do you know how much money they've spent ongoing to super bowls? >> that's insane. think of all the stories will be passed down to generations in that family. >> that's amazing hopefully all hundred of them will be able to say that. speaking of the super bowl federal authorities are working hard to catch counterfeiters trying to get rich on facebook nfl merchandise. homeland security officials gather at san francisco's center to talk about the problem.
8:04 am
that fans have a real super bowl tickets they've confiscated items over the last year jerseys caps super bowl ring authorities say that -- the sale can fund criminal activities and even terrorism. you won't see football like these footballs i should say like these on the field anytime soon check this out these fashion footballs were dreamed up by the council of america part of the super bowl's 50th anniversary each piece is being auctioned online from now until february 14th proceeds will go to the nfl foundation and charities serving various causes. trending to what's trending on our facebook page, a family in california is suing their son's school after he was suspended because of his dna
8:05 am
coleman carried genetic markers associated with cystic fibrosis but never developed the disease, they offered up the information when they enrolled him in a school in palo alto california. some teachers told parents of two kids with cystic fibrosis during a parent teacher conference and suddenly those parents were demanding his removal because their own kids would be more vulnerable to infection. they accused the americans with disabilities act and privacy rights, still making its way through the courts as they appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals from the doj and department of education, asking you on facebook is this fair what do you think about it, especially giving up the information to other parents? love to hear what you have to say about that. mike tyson has been in reno
8:06 am
what stood out the ameranic pple eon'cat afgo on odpepar,ut b willne vemar ke it in the alre wldor. the angrdmher oto whhas tooochse betwe ping rent cat wan'.it a single m womhoespe dteraly needs a israe n't caitwa. a udstenwitht m aouaintn of de cbtan wai'tt. cweanake malre pgrroess righ tw fonoper op alend familsie o newh iedt.
8:07 am
. football is getting plenty of attention with the super bowl this week, there is one issue that remains a black spot for the sport. talking to the former player who is dealing with one of the game's harsh realities every day. if you miss the inability to laugh or toss it over to tim studebaker, we'll review some of that and other bizarre moments still to come in for fox's sake. you are watching mornings on fox. this is mornings on fox. good friday morning everyone, 8:30 on the last day of your workweek, we have made it and this week weather-wise, so much better than last week,
8:08 am
this weekend might actually be able to get out and walk around not be bundled up freezing. >> we're talking about flirting with the 60s not this weekend but next a lot of people wondering what does this mean for snow pack and melting in our area and the river as well. a lot of questions for now all we can deal with is nothing but sunshine going forward a nice day looking in the past, tim studebaker joins us for a look at that. we have great traveling weather if you happen to be headed out to super bowl 50 in the bay area in fact, for your weekend over in santa clara very warm temperatures mostly sunny skies, 60s and even low 70s by super bowl sunday of course this is in santa clara not here locally if you are headed out to the super bowl this is what you need to be prepared for. 60s into the low 70s super bowl sunday 71 degrees for the high, that's the game time at 3:30 in
8:09 am
into the 60s during the game. here locally. 47 degrees, partly cloudy skies watching the air quality with high pressure in the wintertime we watch for that inversion set up and also watching for patchy morning fog. mostly in the sierra valleys as well as into north central northeastern nevada. and 26 degrees in reno, camewinds, seasonably cool temperatures and the warm up is on we'll talk about it coming up in your forecast over to you. you may have noticed all of us wearing red because it is national wear red day the goal is to raise awareness is heart disease is the number one killer of women. locals are gearing up for the go red for women luncheon, what you may not realize is that cardiovascular problems plague more than just men. according to the american heart association heart it has and
8:10 am
women. we wanted it to focus on how important it is to start making heart healthy choices at materiallyiest possible moments so if we can educate our children to live a heart healthier life, it will benefit them as adults. now tickets can be purchased by calling 322-7005. the luncheon will be held at the downtown reno ballroom at 11:30 and fox 11 in our sister station will be supporting the american heart association cause by wearing red throughout the day. making economic news, tesla's plant, despite the state officials say the company is still making satisfactory progress so still good news there. a report issued this week claims 272 people were working at the factories at the end of last year, that's lower than
8:11 am
report lawmakers used to approve a $1.3 billion tax incensive for tesla. officials say the discrepancies this changes because tesla is building in faces rather than all at once. 8:34 on your friday morning on sunday, almost all of us will be gathered around the tv watching the broncos and the panthers go head to head in super bowl 50, and celebration some may wonder about the future of football and a decline in future participation because of head injuries. >> concussions have gotten a lot of attention in recent years with the national football league in parents decided to hold their kids out of football because of these concerns. bill frankmore takes a look at the issue with a player that says he never wished to play in the first place.
8:12 am
of glory, to lose yourself, to lose your identity, to lose your drive. it is just not worth it. former lineman is becoming all too familiar, nfl players gone from the game and lost in life because of head injuries. boyd retired after 7 years with the minnesota vikings, he graduated ucla with honors was accepted into law school and his future after football looked bright. then it went dark. headaches, depression, memory loss, fatigue, the hulk of a man that everyone looked up to found himself being looked down upon. >> to be told, brent, it is a character issue what's wrong with you? it wasn't until 1999 that anybody connected the dots and asked if i had ever had a
8:13 am
knocked out i lost my eye site. yeah i guess i had a concussion. >> he was on the forefront of a lawsuit against the nfl claiming the league hid the dangers and rushed players back on the field before their brains had time to heal. since he filed suit 6,000 other former players joined. a settlement was reached and since then they have changed the rules to try to prevent head injuries. for boyd it is too little too late. can't get through daily,headaches are constant, vertigo, just a miserable life. parents have taken notice of the stories of countless other nfl stars and many now weighing the benefits and the risks of letting their child play football. dr. whether they play football or another contact sport that's a decision parents will have to make i do recommend they get as
8:14 am
what does happen with the concussion what does happen. the focus now more on teaching technique. they mandated rule changes that limit contact and practice trying to make the game as safe as possible so kids can get the benefits that come along with it. it was that discipline that you went through other 50 guys every year, really shapes a lot of people for a long time. that's what i hope these kids get out of it. >> he acknowledges the benefit of going on the field but for all football gave him, it took away much more. >> i don't put myself on the positions to tell parents what to do but i want them to be educated. if it was my kid i would never let them play football. fox 11. boyd says he'll continue
8:15 am
do what he can to try to make sure the older players who built the league are being taken care of. still to come, just how different is doing a one man show compared to fighting for the heavy weight title? mike tyson tells us right here in reno after the break. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader.
8:16 am
. welcome back one of america's greatest athletes to ever step in the boxing ring is making his way to reno this weekend. what else could you need for the weekend? but not coming the right. fox 11 sat down with mike tyson to chat about his move, what he is doing, how he is going from the ring to broadway. >> well from the boxing ring to the broadway stage mike tyson really does it all. we are joined by him today how
8:17 am
>> i wanted to ask you a little bit about this show what's your favorite part so far about the snow? >> i just enjoy entertaining people no particular parts, just excited with the opportunity to be on stage and entertaining people. and i want to do that stuff. i think musicals and when i was on the, went with the tony awards and doing the skit there and said i did a skit with patrickneil harris. i said i could get into this dance routine and singing and stuff. i just like all of the aspects of it. what is it like to being in the boxing ring to going on the stage how is that different for you is there any difference at
8:18 am
>> no. really it is live action, it is not no rehearsal, it is just live and you have to give them what they want instenotainiously. once you feel that energy you have them all figured out they tell you what they want like they actually give it to them. what is the most rewarding part of being on stage and beginning to tell your story to an audience? >> just being on stage itself. when i tell my story, not as mike tyson but mike tyson who knows better than anyone else. i'm not uninhibited because i'm not being mike tyson. i don't have any conflicts with my emotions. i'm just telling my story.
8:19 am
before. >> once. i went there to get vitamins. >> so maybe you're going to have a little bit more time to explore the city a little bit do you have any plans to do that? >> you know what i noticed when i was in reno, i noticed just the smell of the air is totally different and the air is totally different you smell air, it is really compressed here, really dry here. i know there are probably different animals than you have here in vegas, there is no water here so we can't get certain type of animals because of that. >> so great we have lake tahoe up here thanks for doing this interview so learn more where you can see mike tyson visit our website the best thing mike tyson could have done to get him to the point where he could put on the show where the seats are $84 on the house, he started
8:20 am
he looked back and the mistakes he made and made fun of himself, he is coming to reno. boxer, movies races pigeons. sounds very interesting. apparently a hot ticket as well. our hot ticket here at the station, hello tim studebaker. we have patchy fog in a few spots this morning watch for that up into some of those sierra valleys and we have some snow on the ground that provides moisture for fog to develop in some of that could be freezing to the roadway too so just take it easy if you see that up ahead outside of the patchy fog we have a very quiet pattern going forward a mix of sun and clouds for today. high pressure though in the wintertime means inversion we're watching for air quality to degrade we'll keep you up dated there 26 in town mostly
8:21 am
humidity a cool start, 2 degrees, 10 degrees in elco, 12, 22 in falon and bishop coming in at 34 degrees. a chilly start, seasonably cool for the afternoon but a lot of sunshine mixing with just a few clouds watching the air quality in that patchy fog potential out there this morning outside of that a very quiet seven day forecast temperatures near seasonal averages for today, warming up and even more into next week that will come up on the seven day forecast. low to mid-30s for the eastern side, western nevada low 40s to mid-40s depending where you are at the lower elevations around tahoe, 45, 42 in truckee, a mix of sunshine with a few clouds at times as well into the 40s for most elevations today 40s are common on the maps that includes 42, 44 in nixon, and towards the truckee meadows 47 for your high in reno sparks.
8:22 am
the seven day forecast not sue much into the 50s for your weekend in reno sparks as well as carson city and other lower elevations locations climbing through the 50s towards next week and even making it towards the 60 degree mark by the end of the seven day forecast wednesday and thursday eclipsing 60 in reno sparks up at the lake we'll see 60 degrees by the time we get to thursday a quiet seven day a warming trend on the seven day watch for patchy freezing fog in the mornings and also air quality concerns over to you. let's take a look what's trending. a family in california is suing their son's school after he was suspended because of his dna. coleman carries genetic markers associated with cystic fibrosis but never actually developed the disease. his parents had offered up the
8:23 am
him at a school in palo alto, the teachers told parents and the parents demandremoval because their own kids one vulnerable. asking you on google plus should the information have never been given up in the first place, especially if he is not showing signs what do you think. i support the parents the private dna information should not be shared. there is a major privacy concern here. the other is quite that the parents of the other kids with cystic fibrosis trying to discriminate against someone with that marker even if they have the disease the parents should work together so that no one is discriminated. they should have known better.
8:24 am
question why you'd give up the information there must be something along the lines i don't understand but to give up the information for it to be out there unfortunately once they gave it up, he has that dna marker, for people to consume that information wasn't it? >> out for them to consume but didn't consume it properly a lot of times people have a knee jerk reaction, every single person listening to me right now is carrying some kind of a flaw in them that could potentially be harmful for somebody else but just hasn't developed in a way that it would be harmful we have it somewhere, maybe these parents should have done more research to put some of that research out there and educate these parents as to why they are wrong. >> post your comments on our
8:25 am
we've had some funny moments here on mornings on fox 11 over the past couple of
8:26 am
. all right let's wrap up the
8:27 am
maybe some of the worst moments on fox 11. >> we had some technical difficulties tim please take it away. >> jeremy roth has today's take a look at this. he is very secretive. correct? it's called a tease, we are going to show you for my boy peyton manning peyton has a butt like mine, you know the old man butt. i didn't know you were checking butts out. >> like what are you talking about? >> i'm surprised you are giving
8:28 am
appreciate it because i am too. >> well now we have to talk about this. melissa said be careful if you turn it up your ear is going to pop up and they start laughing and that brings us to where we are right now. >> this is from mornings on fox 11, not only will we have ryan. . we'll have a little surprise for our favorite meteorologist today is national weather person's day we are so happy to have you and a sad day for mornings on fox 11, come over here. peaches. yes. we're going to have you sit down on the couch. this is her last day with us.
8:29 am
happened here during commercial. >> peaches, sweetly keeps us in line which is not easy to do. >> that's right. we're going to miss you sweet cheeks. >> we are going to miss you so much. >> real quickly do you want to give the weather? a last look at the forecast it is quiet for the seven day forecast a mix of sun and clouds more sunshine by the time we get into the beginning of next week warmer temperatures near the 60 degree mark a quick thank you, a little minute ago that it is national weather person's day i want to say thank you to the producers for sending the flowers here and the viewers we have awesome viewers out there and thank you for letting me do
8:30 am
we're going to miss you
8:31 am
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