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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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fly zone botched it. how many planes violated the temporary flight restrictions. bats, knives and guns brought to a fight in marin leaving two dead. the 10:00 news on fox two starts now.>> good evening. i am heather holmes. >> i am ken wayne. the broncos beat the panthers 24-10 in super bowl l in santa clara.>> a defensive battle throughout. the broncos defense was the brightest. joe fonzi joins us with highlight's. >> the question is can the game live up to the hype? in this era of highflying offenses, it was a defensive oriented effort tonight that was good enough to win super bowl l. joe montana among the 40 past super bowl mvps part of the pregame. stephen curry, the most famous carolina fan, got his team going. it was broncos defense and
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to the ball was the difference. von miller sacked cam newton, causing a fumble. malik jackson recovered it in the end zone. it was 10-0 denver. the panthers put their best drive of the night together. pretty good airtime for stewart. the ballgame was 10-7. the broncos forced three fumbles on the night. it was still a one possession game when who else but miller, the ball comes out, it's a free- for-all. the broncos turned in seven sacks and all and miller was named of the most valuable player. denver then put it away. alejo product tj anderson struggles into the end zone. a two-point conversion, 24-10 lead with 3:08 to play. gatorade bath time for the
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manning's final game, sent him out a super bowl winner. denver ernst the third trophy in franchise history. mark ibanez and jason apple baume were part of the media. still lingering at levi stadium. a couple of things. if this was patent's last game, the sentimental fans got their wish, sending him out a winner. this was a throwback to old- school football. denver in the defense doing to carolina what no other team has been able to do all season.>> yes, they dominated this start to finish. cam newton was on the run until the last time he touched the ball. denver was able to continue that momentum. i have to say before we start talking all that football stuff, this is an unofficial american holiday. it was festive all day long. we've been down here for about the last 14 hours or so. you have to give props to the
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the organization of the 49ers, everything joe told you about. how about kevin durant? 40 points last night against the warriors. he was an officially credentialed photographer today. eddie to barlow was on hand as were the other mvps from previous super bowl's. i will tell you what. if you take a look at what happened with the way it wrapped up in denver, sending payton manning out a winner, that's your storybook ending on a soon to be hall of fame career. afterwards, the media asked him how did this thing compare to your previous super bowl victory?>> they are certainly different. it's a special feeling. i know how hard it is to get here. it takes a lot of hard work and you have to have some good fortune. we were very grateful to be
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play in the 50th super bowl and to be victorious, it has been an emotional week. emotional night. the night is just beginning. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i think i will take some time after that and joe -- enjoy tonight. i will take it one step at a time.>> we got our play. nothing different. we had opportunities, we dropped balls, we turn the ball over. we gave up sacks. we through passes.>> newtons laws physics did not work out for camp tonight. he was sacked seven times. they were on him start to finish. he was almost nailed for safety in the final seconds of this game when you figure maybe denver let up on him a little bit. cam newton certainly not the
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we're going to talk a lot more about what transpired tonight. again, just a sensational coordination between the cities of santa clara, san francisco, and everything in between to make a festive and well coordinated. the overall atmosphere, festive, good time had by all except anybody connected with the carolina panthers. they have a long flight home. this is mark ibanez.>> i agree with you. it is a regional thing and it is so much more than a football game. we will hear lots more from mark coming up at 11 clock.>> it was more like newtons law of gravity. he dropped two big fumbles that resulted in touchdowns. >> when you are at the stadium, you can sense that from panthers fans that they were really disappointed in what
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seen it all year. they had one lost all year, had a chance to tie for the best record in the modern era. a one lost season. they got this one pinned on the met the super bowl.>> thanks, joe. there is no denying the weather was super today, especially in santa clara. things warmed up all across the bay area with some areas breaking records. our media largest has been tracking the conditions, and we join him for more. the broadcast said three records today?>> three records, two broken records and one tied. lots of 70s across a good portion of the bay area. let's look at some of those record highs for today. as you can see towards oakland, the airport also in san jose as well. we will reveal those for you. oakland, 74. breaking the old record of 72. oakland airport, 74, the same.
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temperatures across the bay area. san francisco in the upper 60s. san jose, 76. some or 70s towards santa rosa and napa. outside right now, we are still in the clear, a relatively mild sunday evening out there. monday will be fairly warm as well. there's a bigger picture in the pacific. we trace the clouds in the upper level winds. you can see big circulation in the pacific. that is a big area of high pressure responsible for today's warm-up. it will stick around for tomorrow. coming up, a closer look at your monday forecast. we will let you know if we have a he rain clouds to talk about in the five day forecast. >> thank you, mark back. the governor of north carolina, pat mccrory was involved in a minor crash after the super bowl. a mercedes rear-ended the vehicle he was writing in in san jose around 8:00 tonight.
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he complained of minor pain but was not hospitalized. he got in another vehicle and continue to his destination. it didn't take long for tens of thousands of football fans to empty out of the football stadium. joyous broncos fans and defeated panthers fans poured out onto the streets of santa clara, some hopping onto light rail trains, others leaving in private buses. maureen naylor is live near the stadium with a look at what happened after the game ended. >> reporter: police tell me they had a few minor issues, but overall, things went well. i want to show you the stadium over my shoulder all lit up. officials say a total of 71,000 people attended and the fans are gone right now, a few family still taking pictures. we watched the last few hours the mass exodus. super bowl l is now in the books. this is what it looked like just as the broncos won.
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poured into the streets. some hopped over barriers. it was awesome, it was wonderful. the niners didn't play. but it was amazing. the halftime show was fabulous.>> we have seen them lose a few. this is our first where we have seen them win. it's fantastic. it's amazing to share with my boy. >> it is our first super bowl. we had a great time. not how i wanted it to turn out, but it's good team. peyton's last game, we will come back.>> earlier, plenty of entertainment outside including the star wars characters. it took two hours for this super fan to apply this sparkling makeup. orr this is five day old makeup. she said oh my gosh. that's right. it's soft and breathable. i wake up like this for real.>> officers from oakland police stood guard.
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packed stadium and a mix of blue and orange. others asking for a miracle try to score a last-minute ticket. we saw someone carrying a big wad of cash.>> what is the main to be here?>> i just want to be with erika. >> or maureen, whatever my name is -- whatever my name is. this record executive couldn't believe the weather. >> this is incredible. i just came from new york it was snowing. it was nothing like this.>> reporter: for some, this was the closest they could get without a ticket.>> i didn't get in this one, but this is as close as i have gotten. i am kicking the bucket.>> reporter: we saw police responding would lights down great america>> reporter: we saw police responding would lights down great america ave. to a suspicious vehicle near mission college. santa clara police says that
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here's a look at the giant super bowl 5010. work is underway to dismantle that. officials say it's too mac early to get into specifics, but they tell me wi-fi traffic was huge. we expect to learn more from police about arrest and fights. bta says they had 9500 people take the train to the stadium and after. they report no problems. maria shriver, usher, and ryan seacrest were present. a historic night in santa clara. itu. orr i feel sorry for miss glitz. not only did her team lose but she will have a long night getting her makeup off.>> she will. she asked me to touch it. that's why i touched her face. it was really soft. interesting story, she said she had a tickle -- ticket and it got left in an \ber on the way here. instead she stayed outside and took photos.>> that's too bad.
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clara to san francisco, the forces been home to many super bowl activities. the city is welcoming fans back. at the caltrans station, people are returning.>> reporter: they are coming off the trains, tired but still exhilarated. at least the denver fans. san francisco is wasted no time getting back to normal. super bowl l in the books. two hours later, the first trainload of fans arrived back in san francisco for many of them, next stop, the airport.>> fabulous. it was great. was a good game. that's what we wanted. peyton did it. we are all really happy.>> now you go home. >> yes, we go home. >> reporter: even before kickoff and as fans were watching the game, the venues that had attracted hundreds of
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already being taken apart. huge semi's with heavy equipment coming back to the embarcadero and market street to remove all traces -- all traces of super bowl city. what took a full week to build will take just four days to tear down.>> we are used to it. we shut down three times a year. >> reporter: at the thirsty bear, steps from the nfl experience, staff welcomes their local customers again.>> the last two days or the busiest we have had in our history, but it will be nice to get back to regular business. we are just assaulted by the whole nfl.>> reporter: the city manage the phenomenon with relatively few snags. visitors leave for their memories, residents get there street back. >> i'm ready to see it go because it's nice to be able to walk up and down the street normally. the construction means we are
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people, after being rousted, are making their way back to familiar spots. >> people have been dropping by saying it's over.>> reporter: the security guard will remember the excited children and the camaraderie of the crowd. >> coming across people from all over the world and country. it's just a good experience all the way around. everybody had a good time. it was good to see everybody come out and take part.>> some of the traffic congestion for tomorrow morning's commute should ease, but there are a lot of people in town. some major streets closed. it's not going to vanish. 8 pm thursday is the deadline for the teardown group. friday morning might be our first regular traffic day.
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ktvu fox 2news.2news.
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2news. it is the biggest of all the big games with tens of millions of people watching on television. if you are a football fan, there is nothing quite like being in the stands to witness the super bowl spectacle. fans call it a once-in-a- lifetime experience. now i know why. this was my first super bowl. from the moment you walked into levi stadium, it was clear this wasn't just a game but in entertainment extravaganza. levi stadium. home to the must-see event of the year.>> this is the game you want to go to your whole life. richard purnell wasn't about to miss it.>> we are sitting right in the end zone, 15 rose from the field, about see the best game of our lives.>> reporter:
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panthers fan joan hochman.>> i am so excited i can hardly speak.>> reporter: this is not just another super bowl but a 50 year celebration of the big game. [ music ]>> reporter: lady gaga kicked things off, followed by the navy's daredevil fighter jet pilots, the blue angels, soaring above the stage about fans heads. then it was game time. the excitement was palpable. every play, every yard, every touchdown closely watched. >> a little nervous.>> reporter: down at halftime, panthers were ready for a distraction. you the music.
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on television, but in person, it is exhilarating.>> how can you beat that? coldplay, beyonci, renault mars? awesome. jubilation. once-in-a-lifetime incredible experience.>> lots of people still talking about that show. what i found really interesting is that at levi stadium they have charging stations for cell phones. people pay up to $1000 for a ticket. at one point though stations were just packed with people. i asked a gentleman, i said, you're missing the game. he said, if i can't post a picture it's like i'm not here. he had to power his cell phone. it was so funny to me.>> next time bring in extra battery see you can watch the game and post your picture so that your friends know you're really there. lesson learned.>> reporter: it was such a great experience. i agree with mark ibanez. has soft everyone there.
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was amazing to go to. thanks, management. >> there you go. heading over to mike to -- mark tamayo.>> the weather is a superstar, too. everyone look at -- looking at the sunshine over the bay area. we are still in the clear. we have traces of upper-level wind. an area of high pressure that has warmed us up over the past few days. it will stick around into monday. outside right now, mostly clear skies, threat -- showing you 61 degrees. we have a bit of the breeze in this part of the debate area. san francisco, 61. mountain view, 59. degrees. here is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge toward san francisco. still a very nice start to your sunday night. first thing tomorrow, we expect clear skies and temperatures mostly in the 40s although we
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start the day for pacifica and toward san francisco. he -- here is our future cast. at 7 am, chance of patchy fog towards the central valley. most of the area is in the clear. some patchy areas developing in the valleys. in the afternoon, lots of sunshine, this yellow contour links up with the 70s. right around 70 to 78 degrees. possibly some records for your monday. earlier we talked about records for today. here's a look at the projections tomorrow. there is a chance we can have a record in san rafael. pretty close in san francisco, close in oakland as well. we could have a record in south bay as well. san jose forecasting a high in the upper 70s. tomorrow probably one of the warmest days of the period. i will let you know if we're talking about rain clouds in the forecast. more on that coming up. it's a step back in time.
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that has been saved from being investigators in marin county are looking into a fight that left two dead. it happened about 10 am on cold drive in marin city. the first deputies to respond reported gunfire. noelle walker reports that the brawl happened when people were getting their day started. >> reporter: armed officers walked among a web of yellow tape.>> we received a number of calls that there was some type of fight taking place. >> reporter: several calls came in through 911 to report a fight with knives and baseball bats at the public housing apartment in marin city.>> respond to gunshots.>> reporter: by the time the first
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arrived, that fight had escalated to a deadly ending. >> we received further information that shots had been fired. >> reporter: two people dead, one injured and sent to the hospital. investigators have identified the people involved. >> they have a connection with this community. they are known to us and other people in the community. we know this is most likely an isolated event where there is no other threat to the community beyond those involved this morning.>> reporter: the sheriffs department does not think there's a threat to the community, but they are asking for help. to find out how the fight started, who was involved, and why it ended like this. noelle walker, ktvu fox 2news.>> a taxi drivers recovering after a driver slammed his car into that taxi and it burst into flames. three people in the car died in that crash last night.
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he did not have any passengers. you're looking at cell phone video of that crash. the chp says officer spotted the car doing donuts in the city south of our could neighborhood and tried to pull the driver over. the driver took off. moments later, the car crashed into the taxi. the identities of the victims have not been released. ethan couch, the affluenza team, is an and adults jail in texas as he awaits hearing. on friday, judge decided to move the 18-year-old from a juvenile jail to a maximum security facility for adults. the hearing will be in a couple of weeks to determine if his case will switch to an adult court. he was sentenced to probation for killing four in a drunk driving crash. his lawyer said he was too mac pampered to know that what he did was wrong. that he made headlines in december when he ran off with his mother to mexico after video surfaced that showed him
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still under all the juvenile law rules, restrictions. he cannot post bond is a juvenile, and he will be held until a further hearing is held to determine his status next.>> he returned to texas last week and could face 120 days in jail for violating probation. the teens mother, 10 you couch, could face 10 years behind bars if convicted on a charge relating to help her son run from the law. critics of the high-speed rail project will renew their arguments in court thursday. it is the second phase of the court challenge filed in 2011 by central valley farmers. their attorneys will argue that the state has kept his promise about the cost of building the system and travel times. the price tag is estimated at $68 billion, up from $40 billion. the project is also years
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financial, and logistical delays. an update on a one- room schoolhouse that face closure over a lack of students. union school near their marin sonoma county line had six students. it opened in the 1800s crop --, primarily for the children of ranchers and dairy farmers. law requires a daily attendance of at least six to keep the school open. with absences, the schools attended since felt under six. after our story aired, the school says three more students transferred to union school, serving one-five great. the 120-year-old school can now remain open. an unusual rescue for police in san jose. i want to show you this black and white puppy. it got stuck yesterday. you can barely see it. it is peeping through that storm drain.
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carrillo drive her the animal. two officers worked to free the guy. it's unclear how the puppy got stuck or if it has a home. obama and the first lady give a lighthearted interview. see how the commander-in-chief spent the day watching the super bowl and what the first lady looked forward to most.>> i'm guessing it's not the game. presidential candidates prepare for the primary.
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she is before the super bowl, the president and first lady sat down for a live interview about how the two are celebrating their last super bowl in the white house.>> we have a regular group of friends that
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or five years. we all go upstairs to the residents in the treaty room which is my office, we clear everything out. it's your basic wings, pizza, nachos.>> we let barack move off the table. >> the first lady said the thing she was looking forward to most, beyonci. ahead of the new hampshire primary, presidential campaign -- candidates campaign before the big game. donald trump took aim at jeb bush. mike manual has a full wrap from the granite state. >> reporter: in new hampshire, the grandchildren of the woodstock generation are showing their support for bernie sanders. he says stranger things have happened.>> if we were here 15, 10 years ago, not a long time, somebody would've stood up in
10:29 pm
the year 2015, gay marriage will be legal in every state in this country, somebody next on would've said what are you smoking? >> reporter: while spenders -- sanders spent sunday preaching to the choir, clinton went to church in michigan. she is condemning the states ispost of the tainted water supply.>> this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both. what happened in flint is immoral.>> reporter: donald trump is leaving his nearest -- leading his competitors by double digits. perhaps in reaction to overconfidence, trump is pounding the pavement trying to get out the vote. trump took a jab at bush for bringing his ever popular but elderly mother, barbara, to new hampshire to help him come pain. >> bush brings out his mother
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mommy, please come, walk in the snow, mom. i like his mother, but i don't like that.>> reporter: marco rubio tried to shake off somebody blows from saturday night's debate, turning is focused hillary clinton.>> i think was madeline albright at an event. she said, there's a special place in hell for women that don't vote for i guess hillary clinton. [ applause ]>> here is the good news. you don't have to. you can vote against her and find salvation.>> reporter: the biggest drama in the granite state is who is going to be the rocksolid second-place finisher on the gop side. micah manual, -- mike manual,
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a debate will be held in greenville ahead of that states primary on february 20. marshawn lynch hinting about his future. the nfl stars super bowl picture that is fueling retirement rumors. temperatures warming up
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mark tamayo will be in next looks like marshawn lynch is set to quit the nfl. the oakland tech grad has told people close to him he is retiring. tonight during the super bowl he tweeted this picture of cleats on a wire. lynch was plagued by hamstring injury and abdominal surgery
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rushing. the now 30-year-old would count 11.5 the now 30-year-old would count $11.5 million against the salary cap.>> while lynch was tweeting, others were toasting the big game. this was the scene at sports bars across the bay area. football fans cheered on the broncos and panthers. the confidence was flowing like a beers.>> carolinas the best thing running around. you ain't going to stop them. patent and his last game with a l. per -- >> that panthers fan maybe a little too mac confident. you have a chance to take home super bowl l swag. and appreciation sale will kickoff tomorrow at the 49ers team store at levi stadium.
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tomorrow morning and wraps up at six. the country stayed inside today watching the super bowl. others when outside at boreal mountain resort. there were no touchdowns, fumbles or first downs but jumps, flips, and fresh powder. it's not super bowl sunday on the mountain, it's super board sunday.'s fans of the snow don't seem to know or care about the game.>> to be honest, i don't like either of the teams. >> it's cooler to go out on jumps and get some action instead of sitting on the couch watching tv. >> the mix of great conditions and weather made today the busiest super bowl sunday the mountain has seen in years. it is tempting with the great conditions out there. great weather this weekend to be outside for saturday and today. here is the perspective on the satellite. this is all linked together. in the west, we have a big
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to the east, a big trough. some cold air to the midwest over the next few days, especially tuesday. in the bay area, we're talking about this big stipulation -- circulation offshore. that area of circulation is pushing clouds to the north. right now, we're in the clear. we will take a look at some current numbers. still pretty mild. napa checking in at 61. santa rosa, 52. mountain view in the upper 50s. we had some wind earlier today. we have a bit of febreeze out there. napa, and easterly wind at 14. s'more wind reports for you, san jose, gusty conditions earlier this afternoon. right now, winds around three out of the east. here is our live camera looking towards the opensuse. san francisco in the distance. the bay area in the clear. we warm things up today. we will continue to in your monday forecast.
10:36 pm
50s with fair skies. the afternoon hours, lunchtime, sunny and warm. right around 70 degrees. tomorrow night, mostly clear. readings still on the mild side. high-pressure still in command of our weather. it will strengthen to morrow -- strengthen tomorrow. it will translate to the 70s out there. back off a little bit by tuesday and wednesday and thursday. we will cool things off a little bit. no major changes, maybe a few high clouds and dry weather patterns. first thing tomorrow morning, possibly patchy fog. sunshine for monday. a few extra clouds approaching the area tuesday. once again, wednesday, a good sign we will cool things off by a few degrees by midweek. in terms of significant rainfall, nothing showing up in the long range weather maps. a few sprinkles and scattered showers on the third. all week long, potentially to the 17th or possibly longer, locked a dry weather pattern.
10:37 pm
want to see. that could be the reality over the next few days. temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the 70s. tomorrow could be a touch warmer than today in a few spots. oakland, mid-70s, 75. santa cruz in the upper 70s, 78. san francisco lower 70s. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast, bringing in partly sunny skies for tuesday and wednesday, a few extra clouds thursday. the upcoming weekend looks like a son cloud mix. it's nice to have a break of rainfall, but this might be too mac longer break. no round -- rain clouds to talk about. you are saying in the stadium it felt like 80. >> i some people hitting a little sunburn on their face.>> unusually warm in the bay area.
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tomorrow. str taiwan rescuers are racing to find survivors after the earthquake yesterday. a baby girl was rescued after being trapped for 30 hours under the rubble. an estimated 124 people are still trapped in the collapsed 17 story residential building in the worst hit city. 19 people have been killed including a 10 day old baby. condemning north korea's missile launch and will issue significant sanctions. kristin fisher has more on reaction to it north korea calls a peaceful effort. >> reporter: at this meeting,
10:39 pm
missile launch but did not agree on any new sanctions. the white house one serious consequences. today, the us ambassador to the un caused -- called for swift aggressive or spots.>> we are looking forward to our colleagues. we want a swift and aggressive response to these repeated violations that constitute this very direct threat to global peace and security.>> reporter: north korea fired off this rocket saturday night, passing over japan and landing near the philippines. us officials say it posed no immediate threat but the potential long-term implications are clear. this is north korea's second major provocation in a month. in january, they conducted their fourth nuclear test. now they have yesterday's missile launched a factor in as well. discussions are underway
10:40 pm
over the possibility of the us deploying a missile defense system in south korea. it is a development the china calls deeply concerning. china has been very reluctant to approve sanctions against pyongyang. today, the council's president said that an agreement on new sanctions could come as early as next week. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. divers found human remains today after a midair collision between two small planes near the port of los angeles. the search vehicle -- search began friday after planes collided in disappeared on radar. two man -- man are missing. the divers found tail numbers for both planes. the woman's husband identified her as a longtime pilot named mary..
10:41 pm
experienced. divers plan to continue their search tomorrow. a man killed when a crane collapsed last week in new york city was remembered by loved ones. david wicks was born in prague but grew up in new york. he graduated from harvard and work to a computerized trading firm. officials say it could take weeks to determine why the crane collapsed. gas prices under two dollars a gallon. the average price dropped 8 cents of the past two weeks. is now an average of $1.82. that's $.37 lower than last year. analysts say prices will drop further if crude oil continues to slide. the price in the bay area is higher than the national average, ranging from $2.40-
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on the basketball team, but breaking news to tell you about. the highway patrol says all lanes of interstate 80 westbound are closed due to police activity near appian way. no word on what officials are investigating. or how long the road will be shut down. we are working to gather information and will have the latest on eking young -- keeping young football player safest the aim of the bill introduced by california lawmaker. what is being done to protect -- protect players from concussions?>> reporter: 106 nfl players to the field for the biggest game of their lives. for most of them, their football beginnings looks more like this.
10:43 pm
is not used as a weapon. it's the technique.>> reporter: troy lancaster's a coach and athletic director for the where raiders in west sacramento. he says there is an emphasis often turned into fear of youth concussions and long-term effects of football on the brain. >> the way they talk or hesitation or how their eyes a automatically the officials think they are concussed.>> reporter: concussions happen at an early age. >> reporter: kevin mccarty will introduce a bill this week to apply the same concussion standards in high school football to youth in pee-wee ball.>> i love football, but there is a cost to it. more information and safeguards in place to protect the players including kids is a better thing. >> reporter: the bill would mean youth teams need a concussion plan.
10:44 pm
players would be removed from the game with concussion systems no questions asked. lancaster, also a dad to two players, says safety begins with how a team is taught to hit. >> we teach them how to impact correctly.>> reporter: his wife follows the groups -- group moms team. >> i have the information i need. i can say my sons are going to be perfectly fine.>> what we teach the youth can make them a better person. >> reporter: they believe football life lessons can outweigh the risk. there could be a long line of coffee. trayvon green will be a barista to help serve up a recently released coffee blend called warriors grounds. for every purchase of that blend, pete's will donate 5% of the proceeds the community fun. trayvon will be in ariz -- will
10:45 pm
tomoow morning -- afternoon.>> i imagine people are already lining up.>> a little latte. thank you, trayvon. thank you for joining us.
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