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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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the latest from the campaign trail. these stories and a whole lot coming up for you on monday, february 8th >> you're watching "news 4 today" in high definition. . . 6:30 as we get you going on this 8th day of february. . a 5-point spread wound up being the favorite. the over, under stayed around 44, 44 and a half. and big winner if you bet the broncos and the under. >> there you go. >> that's another language to me. >> i know. i know.
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super bowl, because everybody likes offense. you played a denver defense yesterday. not much offense at all. a lot more to come, including an interview with the man himself. >> the sheriff is coming in. >> yes he is. >> we begin this half hour with local developing news. police are searching for a man they say is responsible for an armed robbery in a casino in sparks. according to sparks police, a man entered the alamo casino in sparks just after 4:00 a.m. this morning. . the suspects then made off with cash. the suspect described was being approximately 5, 8, wore black face paint, brook baseball cap. officers searched the area, but they were unable to hoe kate that suspect. anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the detective division.
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patrol is investigating a fatal vehicle versus pedestrian crash overnight. happened about 1:00 this morning on interstate 580 northbound just south of bowers mansion. and hp troopers say the troopers found an adult male lying in the roadway when day arrived. the troopers on scene performed cpr, but the man died at the scene. chp tells me the car involved was a red honda civic, and that the driver is cooperating with the investigation. lanes of i-580 were closed while the investigation is underway. we'll keep you posted on further developments. several other companies have made the decision to move here. what does that mean for our region? alex knito is live with a closer look at this boon in local business. hi, alex. >> reporter: good morning, sam. northern nevada is definitely a different place than it was five years ago, back in 2011. that's when we first started to
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more companies coming to northern nevada. a lot of people thought the area was associated with shows like "reno 911." not necessarily today. they're seeing this as a business destination, tech hub, up and coming community. great for the area, because it is encouraging more companies to come here. last year alone, 25 new and expanding companies did pop up in the area. that did create thousands of jobs here. great news for us here. a lot of people are thinking, with these companies coming here -- that's not necessarily the case. yes, that the companies are going out there because there are big par else is of land. a lot of these smaller companies, we're seeing them pop up in the reno sparks region. we did speak with governor ryan sandoval a couple weeks ago, just to ask him about what he thinks about all these businesses coming to the region, and he says it is no surprise to him all these companies want to come to nevada. >> i'm not, because i know what we have. a great place to do business,
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it's just been a matter to tell our story, and these companies learn our story, they choose northern nevada. >> reporter: northern nevada really is a great area. great to see all these companies are recognizing that as well. join us to get more on all these businesses that are coming to the area. reporting live, i'm alex knito. back to you. well it is official: denver broncos, super bowl 50, king of the mountains. they defeated the panthers in the big game. defense absolutely dominant. thousands of fans came together to root for the broncs or the panthers >> go broncos >> go panthers. >> go broncos. i got money on the broncos >> carolina. >> [ chee ing. >> that's right.
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game on the big screens inside. over at the atlantis, about 3,000 sports fans took part in festivities, which included a big -- several bars and grills throughout our region held super bowl viewing parties last night. a lot of talk, of course, from fans about whether or not payton manning will announce his retirement soon. many fans, including some panthers fans were happy for manning, hopefully getting him a win in his final game as and nfl legend. here's what some of them had to say. >> very exciting. way to -- it's going to be my year now. >> i'm glad manning really -- good for him. >> awesome. a good dame. defense wins games, so that's what it comes down to. >> well it was kind of close, but unfortunately we got -- we got lumped by denver
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>> a bronco's fan. so -- he didn't win the game tonight; the defense did. >> i love him. >> super bowl weekend always a ton of funnel. something else exciting about the game: three former nevada players on the broncos squad, they are now super bowl champs. brandon marshall, and kyle roberts. local guys. all have rings. and denver police made a half of arrests and used, quote, "hand-held chemical agents in response to some of the large crowds celebrating." broncos fans, of course,. a spokesperson for the denver police department says at least seven arrests, minor offenses, people who were out celebrating super bowl 50. police in riot gear to disperse crowds. there were in injuries, no significant property damage. looking at that video, that is
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super bowl. good job, fans. keep it classy, big d. >> there you go. >> looks pretty decent. for those interested in law enforcement, it definitely was a weekend to remember. still ahead, the turn-out at the weekend's run with a recruiter event. >> the forecast with kim study
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we'll be right back. not losing as much percentagewise of that snow pack as we have in the past. but still seeing some melting out there, still seeing variable amount temperatures, sun, and that's going be the trend on much of the 7-day forecast. a very quiet 7-day. 57 the high. keep in mind -- like 49, 50 degrees. this is well above average for this time of year, and warmer temperatures to come on that 7-day. 52 carson, 55 south lake. that inversion is setting up. warmer temperatures at the lake than in carson city. that's a very strong inversion. we should start to see the buildup of some of that smog and haze in some of the valley locations. air quality becomes a concern. we'll take a look at that air quality momentarily here. 21 degrees in truckie, 28 in veteranly. at 23 this morning in smith valley, and 26 in
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relatively seasonably cool temperatures. later this afternoon, unseasonably warm. hardly anything going on on satellite and radar. a dry picture on the 7-day, a quiet picture. wind at higher elevations. gusts could be as high as 05 miles per hour. most of us are looking at light winds in the valleys, and high pressure in the wintertime, that's an inversion setup. that means we're watching the air quality, moderate air quality in a green burn code. no restrictions on burning. the 7-day forecast, very quiet and warm. we ole see how warm and when coming up. see how your monday morning commute is doing so far. trooper down can dog. good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody out there. as bill mentioned earlier, we had the road opened back up on the northbound side between belleview and bowers thanks to that fatal pedestrian crash. happened a little after one. we opened that up around 5:55 this morning. other than that there are no closures or incidents that will slow you down this morning.
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traffic crashes on today's highways? following too close. make the effort to leave 3 to 5 secs between you and that vehicle in front of you. now, i know this may be hard to do, especially in heavy traffic, but it is your responsibility to ensure you have that safety zone in front of your car -- you'll have it if you do keep those seat belts on. be safe, and take care, guys. back to you. >> thank you for that update there, especially on those lanes on northbound i- 580. a taste of what it takes to be a police officer this weekend. the reno police department hosted a run with a recruiter event at reno high school track. it happened on saturday. more than a dozen people showed up to work out alongside officers and ask questions about pursuing a career in law enforcement. they can also gauge how physically ready they'd be before entering the police academy. the reno police department will be accepting applications starting the 5th, i should say,
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. those dates don't make sense.
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we'll be right back. . $118 million in wedgers. that chunk in change -- by all the illegal bets this weekend.
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association estimates approximately $4.2 billion was bet on the super bowl alone. but only 3% of that will be done legally, like through sports books. the gaming control board is expected to release numbers for betting in our state this week. toss it over to tim, he's got a look at how our day is shaping up. >> quiet weather out ahead of us for much of the 7-day forecast. mild yesterday at 56 for the high. keep in mind, the average high is 49 degrees. the reason i'm giving you this is we are beginning see even warmer temperatures on much of the 7-day forecast, with averages around 50 degrees. but highs into the 60s as early as tomorrow in reno sparks. mostly cloudy skies for today with generally light winds across the area. high pressure in the winter thyme, of course, is we end up with the inversion as well as the buildup of some haze in some of the valleys, so that's -- the air quality is something we'll keep an eye on next several days.
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on the way heads up for that as well. hopefully a return of winter forecast. we'll have to see. but for now things are looking quiet. 28 in town with clear skies. single digits, ilio and elko 20s. at the moment. high pressure in place. hardly anything on satellite nothing but sun. maybe a couple clouds here and there. but yes, that haze or smog building in a few valley locations for today. the air quality moderate. green burn code. nothing too much to worry about yet two that. of course we'll keep you updated if that changes. upper 40s to low 0s for much of the area for the day today, even into the upper 50s for places like r,no sparks at 57 for the high, 53 in mogul. nearby nevada, not quite as warm, but still above average this time of year. 34 in elko, 35 in eureka for your high. light winds for most of us. the exception to the light winds would be the high
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of the -- we could be as high as 55 miles per hour gusts. light winds for the rest of us, including the valley throwingst. that's something we'll keep an eye on next few days. moderate air quality, green burn code, you can get an update on those by heading to our web site. . the rest of us are looking dry for the entire 7-day. over to you. the reno police department will be accepting applications through march 27th. >> all right. we'll hold you to that. -- >> following a knock-down, drag- out debate, candidates continued hitting each other the next day. reed binion has the story.
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>> reporter: new jersey governor chris christy touting his saturday night debate performance as a turning point in the presidential race as new hampshire voters prepare to cast ballot in the nation's first primary, 24 hours a way. christy isn't the only presidential candidate who appears hopeful. jeb bush fought back hard. >> to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not a public use. >> reporter: bush twisting the knife the very next day. >> donald trump, you're the loser. >> reporter: the governor seemed to rally and have a stronger night in previous debates, including john case itch, who's apparently mild-mannered approach had been overshadowed by trump and cruz. >> when you go from 8 billion in the hole to 2 billion in the black, when you cut taxes by $5 billion, that is a record. >> reporter: the surge of the
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largely from marco rubio, who walked in with a target on his back following his stronger than expected showing in the iowa caucuses. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. >> reporter: the impact of the slugfest remains to be seen.
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tuesday mornin good morning, everybody. we're going to send it to "the today show" in just a minute, but first there's an armed robbery at a local casino. ryan kern is going to be on the scene with the details. we're going to show you how to make sweet potato hash on today's lunch-box battle. plenty of highlights and reaction from the super bowl last night. did you watch it? what about that half-time show. . >> that half-time show was pretty darn good. >> a final look at our forecast real quick. >> it is very quiet across much of the 7-day forecast. mostly cloudy skies, and tomorrow maybe a few more clouds by wednesday and beyond. also warm temperatures. we are way above average for this time of year today, and even warmer than that heading into the rest of the workweek. the only thing we kind of watch when we're this quiet is the air quality. so we'll keep an eye on that.
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you can get updates on >> down-right spring-like out there. >> very much. thank you for joining us, everybody. much more on super bowl 0 coming up on "the today
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if you add like more ne there was a burglary of the wind store on s. virginia st. who police are looking for and what the investigation has revealed so far.
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