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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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ohio's republican governor john kasich took a 3-to lead over donald trump while democrat bernie sanders took a 4-0 lead over hillary clinton. ktvu's jana katsuyama spoke with one expert about what six -- what's at stake. >> reporter: there's a lot of state. this is the first primary meaning as you saw people are getting out and casting actual votes in a typical election, run by the secretary of state, not by caucuses run by political parties. polls show donald trump leading the gop field in new hampshire, but after a second-place finish in iowa, trump spent monday on the attack with especially harsh criticism for jeb bush. >> jeff is not going anywhere. he's not a guy that can go anywhere. total stiff. >> reporter: he is among those with the most at stake. he and the two governors, chris christie and john kasich are campaigning hard in new hampshire to overcome poor polling numbers. >> we can't run america with pollsters. >> reporter: marco rubio brushed off suggestions his
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derailed by a debate performance when other candidates called his remarks -- >> i'm not running to be the one republican. i'm running to defeat hillary clinton. >> leadership is open for the race to become focused on trump, cruz and one establishment candidate. the real battle is between rubio, kasich, bush, and christie. >> reporter: politics professor . shattler says new hampshire will be a good indication of the accuracy of the polls. >> in the end when voters are sitting there and deciding whether to pull that lever, they can't really pull it for donald trump. so i think that would be a sign that we can't really ignore the polls that have shown you doing well. >> reporter: in the democratic race, bernie sanders has a double-digit lead over hillary clinton. new hampshire is next door to sanders' home state of vermont and his call for antiestablishment politics resonates with new hampshire's liberal and independent electorate. >> we want this country to move forward in a different direction. thank you all very much. [ cheering ]
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than many democratic -- democrats expected. >> i will get up every day and do all that i can to mama a real difference for you! your family's! and our country scott thank you all so much and god bless you! >> reporter: what is so interesting and unpredictable is that 44% of voters in new hampshire are undeclared. those voters can vote in either the democratic or republican primaries. really, there are a lot of unknowns in all of this. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. >> this is going to be so fascinating to see the results when they start trickling district be in tomorrow. president obama is scheduled to pay a visit to the bay area this week, expected to fly into san jose wednesday night. following day the president is set to attend a dnc fundraiser and an event with the democratic senatorial campaign committee. the president is then scheduled to head to southern california thursday afternoon. super bowl 50's it -- 50s in the books. the world champion broncos left
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on board united jet bound for denver and they left with this. a very valuable passenger. the team tweeted this picture of the championship lombardi trophy on board and buckled tightly into one of the seats. as the fans and teams made their way out of town, organizers of the super bowl were calling it a big success. >> ktvu's azenith smith is live now at levi's stadium. despite all the congratulations, not everyone scored as well as they hoped. >> reporter: talk about a different 24 hours. if you take a look around here, around levi's stadium, looks like a ghost town, it will take crews weeks to clean up. while the city of santa clara and san jose are giving themselves high marks, at least one san jose institution in downtown says it was a bit of a bust. >> --
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back to you. okay. obviously we're running into a little problem. hopefully we can go back to her in a couple minutes. >> all right. no sooner was the super bowl over than the mayor of santa clara announced he is stepping down from his post. mayor jamie matthews says that he -- his last day on the job -- he has two years left on his second term, matthews said he wants to slow down and spend more time with his family. and that health issues did not play a role in his decision. council has 30 days now to appoint someone to that position. if that doesn't happen, voters will decide in november. in the meantime, vice mayor teresa o'neill will serve as santa clara's interim mayor. in daly city, investigation is underway after police shot a man who was involved in a domestic dispute. officers responded to a report of a man with a knife chasing a woman on campus drive shortly before 1:00 this afternoon. officers chased the suspect to the backyard of a home on st. francis boulevard. that's where the shooting
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officer confronted the suspect but there are no details as to the nature of that confrontation. the man was shot in the arm and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> the officers involved in a short foot pursuit -- at that time, the suspect entered the private residence going through the backyard. and there was an officer that contacted the suspect. the suspect was shot one time. >> reporter: at this time, police have not released the identity. the officer who pulled the trigger has been placed on routine administrative leave. the start of the next week or rather the new week brought another be down on wall street. the dow lost 177 after being down 400 earlier in the session. the nasdaq fell 79, snp dropped 26 two its lowest point in nearly a year. another drop in the price of crude oil helped drive the
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crude slipped to about $30. two leading oil producers, saudi arabia and venezuela, failed to an agreement to cut production and right now, there is a glut of oil on the world markets. some bay area stocks were among the losers today, twitter fell more than 5% to its lowest point ever, tesla fell -- fell 9%, facebook was down 4% and adobe systems lost 5%. super bowl 50 is over and the cleanup is now underway. let's go back to ktvu's azenith smith in the south bay now with a look at the aftermath of super bowl 50. >> reporter: julie, as you can see it is very quiet here at levi's stadium. as i said before, it was a bit of a ghost town. the cities of santa clara, san jose in the south bay, they are giving themselves a pat on the back, but not everyone did so well. a day after hosting one of the biggest sporting events of the year with record 83,000 people
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officials in santa clara are patting themselves on the back. >> what a great day, the -- the day after hosting an iconic event that will only come once in our lifetime. that was seen throughout the world. and boy, did we shine. the city of santa clara proved to the entire world and show the world how to host a super bowl. >> proud of how the south bay region came together from the high-level security, 20 arrests, none of the major to transporting passengers each way without problem. according to a city spokesman from san jose, tourists made their way to san jose. >> it was a win in a lot of ways. first, people had a good time. so we had a lot of activity in downtown san jose. san pedro square, san pedro street. cesar chavez. >> reporter: while the economic impact from the super bowl won't be known for weeks, the city of san jose expects a $1.25 million boost in hotel tax revenue alone. the city hopes to profit or at
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of police overtime. >> got our hopes up for big business and it didn't really come. >> reporter: here at original joe's, a business in downtown since 1956, the restaurant overstaffed for the super bowl, only to have one of the worst weeks of the year. surprising since this is a block away from where the panthers stayed at the san jose marriott. >> the regulars we normally have, they were deterred to come down. they were assuming it was going to be really busy over here. he wouldn't be able to get a seat. the people that were coming into town were just going to the places. >> reporter: according to pomeroy, the talk around downtown is that other restaurants in the area also had a slow week. yet overall, organizers in the south bay say the region pulled together nicely and that it was good experience and definitely good exposure. back to you. >> azenith smith, thank you. now to heather holmes and the question of what the bay
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bowl sometime soon. >> the question is not if but when, julie. the nfl seems to be tickled with the results of super bowl 50. roger goodell said today the bay area put its best foot forward. smart money says the bay area will focus on a future bid in as little as five years. as the super bowl signage started to disappear, those behind the big game say it all came together beautifully. >> it was elected. the environment was electric. i think we showed so well on the world stage. >> reporter: so is the bay area ready to do it again? >> yeah. i think the overall reaction was so positive that the odds of us wanting to do this again and certainly the nfl being excited about bringing another super bowl to the region is a very real possibility. >> reporter: super bowl 50 host committee ceo keith bruce says
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succeeded. huge crowds moved mostly trouble-free across the region. heightened security keep -- kept fans safe and the star- studded pregame festivities were enough to make hollywood blush. bust host -- but hosting duties don't come cheap. >> we'll wait a couple months to see how the revenues piled up. >> reporter: mayor ed lee repeated what he said all along, that the super bowl would bring advantages san francisco and its businesses. some reported losing money. >> they did not plan for it, they may have fallen victim to where the crowds went. some got it, well, and some didn't. >> reporter: a study is underway to evaluate the economic impact of the super bowl and related events in the region. the results are not expected until the spring. keith bruce isn't waiting on the numbers. he says the exposure was unbelievable. the feedback positive. and that the bay area needs to stay in the game. >> nothing but compliments and excitement. so when you have that, it does set the stage for our ability to host another super bowl in five, six, seven years and get on that rotation. we're one of the few regions that have the resources.
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the last bay area super bowl was in 1985. you really get the sense that no one wants to wait another 31 years to bring back the nfl's biggest show. >> 31 years is an awfully long time. heather, thank you. this is just unheard of! >> a neighborhood uproar over plans to open a rehab center for convicted sex offenders. what the residents learned tonight. tracking your tuesday forecast, records today, how about tomorrow? we'll let you know.
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was like, whoa. tonight, new details about what happened. another alleged victim has come forward. >> did you feel your life was in danger? >> and a jail nurse is worried it could happen again. >> has any inmate been put in a dangerous situation? >> family members say inmates
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been in danger and died twice before. >> it's a story 2 investigates broke months ago. county sheriff, board of supervisors and district attorney have been looking into it ever since. tonight investigative reporter ross palombo has new details. ross? >> reporter: the investigation is over. the da says there will be no criminal charges, not against any jail employees or the jail's healthcare provider, but there are new questions tonight after another alleged victim has come forward. and after a jailhouse nurse began speaking out. >> medical response. >> reporter: more than six months since the prison death. the parental devastation. public demonstrations. >> i think i did my job. >> reporter: and private denials. >> the blood and the pain. >> reporter: now, another alleged victim has come forward. a jail nurse is speaking out.
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oversee him are closing their investigations into themselves. >> it failed. it was a waste of time. we were not getting results. >> 30-year-old male, not conscious. >> reporter: it began last july when inmate mario martinez collapsed in a jail during an asthma attack. and died. despite rescuers rushing in. the failure, his mother says, dates back to february after a jail doctor diagnosed martinez with nasal polyps and suggested surgery, but despite two court orders and a jail doctor's own note saying patient safety can't breathe, martinez never got the surgery. >> my friend. my friend started has a -- having an asthma attack. >> and you -- july 15, while under the care, her son died. >> they are responsible for his death. and he had -- he would've been
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>> reporter: they have had issues across the country, settled lawsuits worth tens of millions of dollars, contracts lost in five states. and now two investigates has uncovered more issues. details in the alameda county sheriff invest issue. their own nurses describe how martinez was having asthma problems and was on his hands and knees trying to keep himself from collapsing to the ground just before he died. they noticed martinez had color to his fingernails and when they went to grab the oxygen tank, the crank to turn it on was missing. >> i remember that day, something was going on. >> reporter: this nurse, too scared to show her face says equipment and supply problems plagued the jail. she's not the only one. a second nurse says she has seen the same issues and a union worker says he has seen nurses buying their own medical equipment. >> you don't have some of the simplest supplies. >> reporter: have there been times that you are out of guys?
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>> reporter: rubber gloves? >> yes. >> reporter: out of the most basic equipment you need? >> it has happened. >> reporter: now she says layoffs have happened. nearly 50 nurses let go, corizon says they were required to restructure the staff as part of yet another legal settlement after yet another inmate death. and corizon says it is now hiring more highly trained nurses. in the meantime, it is creating a scheduling nightmare, she says, of mandatory overtime. 16 hour days, double shifts. >> devastating. there was no plan. there was no plan. how to get the work done. >> reporter: do you think corizon is putting inmate lives in danger? >> potentially, yes i do. >> nothing that nobody can do. >> reporter: darrell buttons says he felt trapped the day mario martinez died. >> when i saw it on the news, i was like, whoa.
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>> reporter: he says he discovered his infected kidney stones work was diagnosed by his corizon dr. causing him to endure six months of pain and suffering as the other alameda county jail. all documented in his own words. >> i am now urinating blood and experiencing pain. blood is forming at the tip of my [null]. please take me to the hospital. >> reporter: it brings me back to those days. i wish they would have helped me. in time. or the system wouldn't just change people like this. >> reporter: now this mother says that same system has failed her again. >> in my eyes, it's evil. we did get the runaround. >> reporter: the sheriff who took more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from corizon has investigated his own department and no one has been prosecuted. the supervisor who also legally
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from corizon has met with a public safety committee and also taken no action. all while corizon continues to operate with the largest contract, $237 million, in the county. but with fewer nurses and a growing number of former patients claiming problems. >> i'm a survivor of it. you said, there's many who didn't survive. >> reporter: tonight, corizon says it can't comment on the new case because of possible -- possible litigation. regarding mario martinez, they say the oxygen tank was not a factor there. they admit there was a problem with the first tank but say a second oxygen tank was quickly on hand. and regarding the claims of supply shortages, corizon says the nurses statements are not true and that no one has reported shortages to their anonymous hotline. since nearly 50 nurses were laid off last month, verizon
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replacements but corizon admits that 18 more nurses will be laid off in just three weeks. we've been trying for months to get a sitdown interview with the corizon spokesperson. they have declined so we have posted all their written responses the corizon spokesperson. they have declined so we have posted all their written >> and the contract is up for bid the summer. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> yeah. the first time it will be open for bid because the sheriff had made it a no-bid contract the last two times around. very interesting to see. we will be following that for you. >> ross, thank you. if you have a story for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. email or give us a call at 510-874- 0222. a little bit mild out there tonight. a warm day, record wants today, temperatures in the 50s, now the records for your monday, here's a few of them. san rafael 74. san francisco downtown 75.
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page 2, 81 in oakland. record high, 81 downtown at the museum, the airport was 79. mountain view was 75. san jose a record at 78, mike seymour records in tomorrow, records yesterday. el nio, out here in the pacific, there's lots of big surf headed our way over the next couple days, that's being generated by powerful storms. the problem we're having is he's just dreams, they are pulling to the north here, just unfortunate that the jet stream isn't directly pointed at us because these are two magnificent storms actually, they would be very powerful rain producers for us. not happening. the jet stream is driving everything north and we are going to have another warm day tomorrow as we get into the afternoon hours. we could see temperatures easily into the 70s again in mid 70s. overnight lows, 46 santa rosa, 46 napa, fog not an issue, neither is frost. crude oil delivered by rail, at 10:30, safety concerns fueling a fierce debate in one bay area cities that.
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prayers, this does this is he undergoes knee surgery. live tonight, mark ibanez will tell us how long the team's
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sidelined. a 30-year-old man from vallejo is the latest victim of a freeway shooting along i-80 in the east bay. investigators say shots were fired about 9:30 last night near appian way. the n was critically injured but is expected to survive. a bullet also hit a car that happened to be stopped on the shoulder because of a flat tire with the three people inside that car not heard. at this point no arrests have been made. there been six shootings along the i-80 corridor between pinole, san pablo, richmond and
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the chp suspects that gang activity is behind at least some of those shootings. a neighborhood is in an uproar tonight over plans to open a treatment clinic for paroled sex offenders. the sharper future rehab facility would be located at 100 church street in the triangle area. it was going to open tomorrow but now that's a cold. ktvu's live in san francisco where neighbors have been complaining about a lack of communication. amber? >> reporter: this clinic was set to clinton -- open just up the street in the duboce triangle neighborhood. some say it was a meeting that was long overdue. >> come on, lady. give the facts. not going to give all the facts, don't step into our neighborhood and expect us to drink your kool-aid when it's poison! >> [ applause ]
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young grandsons outraged. she's among the overflow crowd that packed into the meeting held at davies campus. >> this is just unheard of. >> reporter: neighbors say a private company was set to open a treatment clinic for paroled sex offenders without community input. plans until now. >> you haven't gone out to bother to talk to anyone. >> reporter: the center was originally set to open in this vacant building on 100 church at the beginning of february. once people in the neighborhood found out about it, they asked for a delay to try to keep it from opening. saying there are schools and childcare centers close by, some within the 250 feet buffer zone set by the department of corrections. >> this is something that has come up recently, that i didn't know about. >> reporter: sharper future says the parole department measured the buffer zone and that it was only a few days ago that sharper future became aware that its proposed
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two childcare centers. >> they ain't know the location of two childcare centers. why didn't you tell them? why should we trust you now? >> reporter: the clinic will serve 78 sex offenders and operate three days a week. >> sex offenders we're trading are not the monster that comes out -- [ indiscernible ] >> this shouldn't be forced on us. forced down our throat. and i feel like it's being forced down our throat. >> reporter: the company has agreed that if it is determined that there are in fact two childcare centers located within the 250 feet buffer zone, that they won't open that this location. the next step is for the state to come out again and take those measurements. >> any idea how long this could take before they get an answer as to where this rehab facility might go? >> reporter: the thing is, no one seems to know.
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i asked them when the state will come back to take measurements. no one seems to know that. the neighbors have another chance on february 17 to go before the board of appeals to try to stop this clinic from opening as well. >> all right. amber lee, live in san francisco, thank you. the feed the hungry from a tiny soup kitchen. tonight at 10:45, why two nuns say they are facing eviction if
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a big decision
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over a plan by valero's benicia refinery to receive shipments by train, the city of tenisha is poised to clear the way for the train cars to start rolling. the issue is so he did, four nights have been set aside for review and comment, four and against the plan, debora villalon listened in on this first night and safety was the key issue. deborah? >> reporter: the chambers are packed but three hours in, the public is still waiting to talk. planning commissioners have the floor and they are still asking questions. staff recommends yes on oil trains but opponents hope to halt them. next to the union pacific tracks, this would manufacturer deals with trains every day. >> we have situations where our employees can't get in and out because there's a train across the tracks. >> reporter: what worries him now is not convenience but safety. >> it's been on the radar for at least three or four years. >> reporter: oil trains are a polarizing idea. more than 100 people waited hours for the chance to weigh
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>> just keep don't -- going down the list until we get everybody in. >> reporter: valero wants to build a $50 million rail terminal at its refinery. basically a long loading rack that could drain 50 tank cars at a time. that way, crude oil could come in by land instead of water. >> if the particles are in place today, we've committed from the beginning to use and upgraded railcar. >> reporter: those were newer model tank cars. 20th and that derailed and caught fire in west virginia one year ago. a house was destroyed and two towns evacuated before the fires burned out. >> people are waking up to the fact that this is just way too dangerous. >> opponents have been vocal during four years of study, comment and environmental review, and warned it's not just about tenisha. >> if there was a catastrophic derailment, the smoke doesn't just stay within the boundaries of the refinery. it will blow all over the whole region and this is a notably windy area. >> reporter: opponents say the type of crude trains often
10:30 pm
according to this 2013 derailment, in quibec, it killed 42 people and destroyed a town. valero insists those comparisons don't hold up. >> the group that we have to bring in that we bring in by ship today are going to be the same group that we are bringing in by rail. some of the crudes that have been involved in these accidents are different than that. >> reporter: this family-owned business as others near the refinery are concerned too. but not all are willing to speak against bolero. >> not willing to say something to the news because the people that are making pipes and valves and things, that the refinery needs. >> reporter: other communities recently, pittsburg and san luis obispo have both pushed back against oil trains. no matter what planners to information, expect an appeal to the full city council possibly a court challenge from the losing side. >> deborah, thank you. thanksgiving and christmas are the busiest travel times in local airports?
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that. ktvu is at oakland international where ken, the crush of private planes has finally come to an end? >> reporter: frank, southwest airlines added eight flights to oakland and american airlines used larger just to get super bowl fans in and out the bay area, but the real action was at those private air terminals and it wasn't just in oakland. ryan deluca loaded up his family at hayward executive airport this afternoon, ready to head home after the super bowl. he had a choice of where to land his aircraft, and chose hayward. >> iphone here a few other times because i do like it, not too far of a drive into the city. >> reporter: his was one of at least 110 private planes that park at hayward for the super bowl. >> it was busy. intends four days. >> reporter: airport manager says the planes started arriving on thursday.
10:32 pm
high-end jets. >> reporter: the real rush was last night after the game. >> we had departures straight through until about midnight. the tower is open until 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: oakland was even busier. >> this was unprecedented, probably our busiest day that i can remember. >> reporter: at least 200 planes parked at northfield, this time lapse video was taken after the game showing the beehive of activity as the private planes were shuttled out of the kaiser air terminal. these pictures also told the story with planes parked wing tip to wing tip. in fact one of the runways was closed to handle all the parking. the private terminals that handle these planes brought in extra help from around the country. >> a lot of people the super bowl experience, some of their staff had previously done super bowls in other cities. that allowed them to have a lot of advanced knowledge and running an efficient operation. >> reporter: the only hiccup seems to be noise complaints from nearby residents. hayward got 14 complaints, oakland still tallying up their numbers.
10:33 pm
to boise, mission accomplished. >> was it worth it all? >> it was. you know why? broncos won. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we reached out to san jose livermore to find out how many private planes used those facilities but they were unable to provide numbers to us. one of the side benefits for the airplane workers was the celebrity sightings that went along with the super bowl. seemed like everyone wanted to know where beyonce flew in and out of, but as far as we can tell, it was not oakland or heyward. live at the oakland airport, ken wayne, ktvu fox 2. new concerns about the growing zika virus, cdc's moved today as president obama asked for $2 billion to fight the outbreak. we talked about potential for some more record heat for your tuesday. how about as we move forward?
10:34 pm
some rain? faculty members at the 23 campuses of the california state university system has set a strike date for april. the union represents 26,000 professors, lecturers and librarians and they are planning to strike for five days starting april 13 in less -- unless there's a deal for a new contract. the faculty association says they've been deadlocked with university over a pay raise since last june. they want 5%, the university is offering 2%. >> we think after so many years of investing in instruction and not investing in faculty, that it's time to put that money
10:35 pm
and back into the employees. administrators are awaiting an independent fact-finding report that is due out next month. so far there's been no comment from csu officials. cdc has raised its alert for the zika virus to its high risk is highest level. president obama is asking congress for money to fight it. $1.8 billion. the money would go toward mosquito control programs, vaccine research and providing pregnant women. officials say mosquito bites have not caused any zika cases in the u. s., but the specific type of mosquito, the transmit the virus, is found in florida and along the mexican border. the chinese new year started with a bang today at san francisco. thousands of firecrackers were lit in chinatown to drive away the evil spirits that might be lurking. there were also line dancers and a dragon. this is the year of the monkey, chinese legend says the monkey is clever, restless, and mischievous.
10:36 pm
the chinese new year's parade is set -- parade is set for february 20. you can watch it live right here on ktvu fox 2 beginning at 6:00 p.m. how long will the warm weather last? bill martin's forecast and whether there's any rain inside. first, two nuns who feed the hungry facing eviction.
10:37 pm
have forced them to shut down. a pair of french nuns who spent years feeding the homeless in san francisco could soon become homeless themselves. all because of a rent hike they say they can't afford. the nuns say they have been warned to pay a $2000 a month rent increase or be evicted. >> rob roth visited the nuns in the tenderloin who are now
10:38 pm
>> reporter: here on church street in the heart of the tenderloin, homeless people file continuously into the soup kitchen for a hot lunch prepared by two nuns from france. >> the more you give, the more you get back to yourself. >> reporter: the sisters have been feeding homeless people out of this tiny dining room for the past eight years. >> at least three meals a week that i depend on. these are the best meals i get actually. because the sisters are the sisters. they do the best. >> reporter: last month, they received a notice from their landlord. their rent was being raised to $5500 a month for the tenderloin. >> the increase is $2055. the increase. >> reporter: pay it or face eviction.
10:39 pm
we are getting? >> reporter: we didn't hear back from the landlord. his attorney said patel was out of the country and would meet with the nuns when he returned later this week. until then, the matter is on hold. >> we don't know nothing about that. maybe they sent that to you but up to us. >> reporter: they sleep in a room in the back and survive financially on homemade pastries they sell at farmers markets and on donations. now they fear they are being priced out. >> oh, my god. you see what's happening? you know? >> reporter: if they are evicted, they hope they can find another place nearby where they can feed lunch to the homeless. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. tracking warm weather, the record from today, records yesterday, most likely more record warmth tomorrow. there's no rain in the forecast, not even in the five- day forecast. i alluded to the jet stream position, now where is el nio? those clouds, represents el
10:40 pm
being strewn in the atmosphere, i'm drawing in the jet stream here, you see the flow of at the top here, this is just an unfortunate position of the jet stream for us right now because it's the jet stream was doing what it typically does, you would have a line like this, cutting through as we did earlier in this month. or not this month but earlier in january and december. right now, jamming to the north, that will change but not this week. i think we're back into a pretty dry pattern this week, more record warmth tomorrow and then the record should go away but we're talking about temperatures today in oakland, they got up to 81 degrees, downtown. 81 in february. significant heat. san francisco tomorrow morning, mostly clear when you wake up and mild, overnight lows cool but no fog or frost and the air continuing to sink with offshore winds. overnight lows are staying out well above freezing. san francisco about 70 degrees. and then sun sets and another
10:41 pm
which is going to be similar to what we had on sunday as well. futurecast, yellow is 70. so as we push through the model here, no fog, no clouds, isotherms laid down in yellow representing 70 degree temperatures, giving you a broadbrush picture. you can see south of san jose towards gilroy, evergreen, you 80s. as we head into your tuesday, more of the same, warm. as we head into the next few days, tuesday and wednesday, temperatures start to trickle down a little bit. as we head into thursday and friday, a little bit more. your forecast highs tomorrow, i might have gotten light of these because in the temperatures will be cooler, mid 60s, upper 60s. around the bay and at the coast, mid 70s. as you go south towards morgan hill and gilroy, low 80s. five-day forecast, you can see dry as can be, i guess we have to go with this. it's a shame because we had such a good run of wet, so we
10:42 pm
happen, but all that moisture in the pacific, that represents el nio. just the jet stream, or to put jet stream is not allowing the storms to get here this week. it was -- if it was, we'd be getting a lot of rain out there. >> possibly mavericks on friday? >> yeah. wednesday they are going to run the original big wave contest. that's -- that swell gets here on friday. i don't know if mavericks will work.
10:43 pm
time to get here now. last year this time with the warriors, it was smooth sailing. this year right now, dealing with something serious. >> injuries, not a big problem last year but i guess if it all ends up at the same place, and you wind up getting to the nba finals and then a parade, the route won't matter. it's not always an injury free pass for the warriors. sure not that time around the season. another big one crops up, festus ezeli bothered by a sore left knee for a spell now has arthroscopic surgery performed on it today, a procedure to clean debris from the infected area, the team expects him to be able to play before the season ends but he won't be reevaluated for some six weeks. a valuable component of this team's chemistry and is going
10:44 pm
>> we'd love to have him healthy for the playoffs.'s hopefully, i don't know exactly how long they are expecting to be out, but hopefully he's back in time to be full strength and 100% for april, may and june. >> festus ezeli has been good for us offensively. he dies hard to the rim, draws a lot of attention, gets offensive boards and put-backs. so we will miss him at both ends. >> how the new york knicks wish they could've had that guy, steve kerr. demand they settled for didn't work out so well at madison square garden. eric fisher hired by his former coach with the lakers, phil jackson. now fired by his old coach phil jackson. the knicks have lost nine of 10, well out of a playoff shallot. fisher hangs in there only a season and a half, placed by rambis. he's the coach for the rest of the season.
10:45 pm
talked out of the super bowl other than to tell you next year's game from houston will be on channel 2. even though peyton manning's brother eli didn't seem all that enthused about his brother's conquest yesterday, big brother over the moon about winning his second super bowl and becoming the first quarterback to win a super bowl with two different teams. happy as he was after the game, he wasn't ready to officially announce, he was over and out for good. >> i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids, go celebrate with my family and teammates. i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight. budweiser. von miller is buying. those are my priorities at this point. >> i will let you guess which company has he has got stock in. the nfl lost another remarkable player itself and one of its true characters, marshawn lynch. he has played his last game. he could always change his mind, because he is after all marshawn lynch. as of right now, nine years and out for one of the most robust
10:46 pm
ever seen. beast mode, he posted a picture of a pair of green cleats hanging over a telephone wire with a peace sign emoji. the oakland alone, his agent, doug hendrickson confirmed the retirement plans for marchand earlier today. although the warriors won't be hosting up three central tomorrow night with houston in town, there are a couple of long once you've got to check out tonight from this evening's mba activity. i will start you out with this one, brooklyn, nuggets of two with 0.9 seconds left. joe johnson, less than a second left. and he hit it. the only question is, he did beat the clock, but did he call bank before he put that in? they win by one point. the owner, quite happy. talk about over the moon. the owner of brooklyn, happy. andre drummond, you've got to see this.
10:47 pm
from about 70 feet. his team lost by 14 points to toronto. but we've got time, i think that's worth another angle. and another look. >> wow. >> at least 70 feet. you know what? he was fouled on the play. it could have been a four-point play. and this final note here, last year's mvp in the american league was traded away inexplicably by the oakland a's. josh donaldson, signs with the jays avoiding arbitration, he is $29 million richer for it. sporting life for monday night, that is josh donaldson, just turned into one of the best players in all of baseball. >> going back to the warriors, how big a deal is this losing festus ezeli for six weeks? >> he's the backup to andrew bogut, but he is such a valuable guy off the bench, he
10:48 pm
has got the height and he is a great force on both ends, a great shot blocker, a great rebounder, they also like to alley-oop to him on the
10:49 pm
i think it's a big lo here we go. dinner is served. vince: thank god. i am starving. nothing like that first meal after a good colonoscopy. seriously, i don't know why people are so squeamish. my procedure today was downright pleasant. in and out. i've had oil changes that took longer. now i'm just picturing you up on some lift with a couple greasy mechanics under you. been there. come on, let the man crow. he's footloose and polyp-free. doctor said i had the prostate of a 12 year old. joyce, you still got the picture in your purse?
10:50 pm
i know, but i always forget
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