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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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talking about today. thank you. several key issues continue to keep the solar power industry in the spotlight. what is currently up for debate and when a decision could be made. and weather warming up. snow starting to melt. what experts are saying about how the river will be impacted the next couple days. and grab your beads and wine. it's fat tuesday and mardi gras season is here. how you can celebrate in reno in a big way coming up in just a couple minutes. >> you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. the tuesday morning, everyone. welcome to this edition of news 4 today as we check in with you now on this ninth day of february.
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>> it is fat tuesday. this is the day that you are supposed to indulge. >> get it all out. >> yes. >> indulge before lent starts tomorrow, so a big party down south in louisiana and new orleans and up here as well. >> we've got some events going on, all for a good cause. kind of coinciding with that tuesday. we will check in with alex with more on that. first though, let's talk about the having. is the perfect way to say it. temperatures on the way keeping in mind that it reno-sparks average high this time going for the low to mid 60s over the next several days. record highs to show you just
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close we are. the first couple days today and tomorrow are not all that close to record highs, but still very warm nonetheless. thursday only 3 degrees away from that record, and friday 1 degrees away. 66 is the forecast high for friday. the record of all time on fridays date stands at 67 degrees. only 1 degree away. we could be threatening that record area 61 in town for the high later today. 50s in carson city, and an inversion is out there. the air quality has not really been all that bad yet but will keep an eye on it. moderate air quality and a green burn code with no restrictions on burning. 7-day forecast coming up with extremely warm temperatures. over to you. 7:03 is the time here on this tuesday morning. we begin with an update to a story we first brought you yesterday. we now know the identity of a man killed after being hit by a driver on interstate 580. nevada highway patrol troopers say the 18-year-old was walking in the
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south of bowers mansion about 1:00 a.m. investigators say was hit by a driver was also traveling northbound in the same lane. pronounced dead at the scene. trooper say the driver pulled over and is cooperating with the investigation. the driver was the only person in the car at the time of the crash warrants not associated with this incident. authorities searching for multiple robbery and burglary suspects in sparks. the first suspect is this woman. police say she entered the jacksons convenience store with a gun around 2:30 sunday morning. she got away with an unknown amount of cash. police say the woman drove off in the silver four-door sedan will black rims. secret witness is offering a $1500 reward for information about the case. and in more crime news, police looking for an armed robbery suspect who stole money from the
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it happened around 4:00 a.m. yesterday. officers say the suspect entered demanded the cashier fill his with money. he also got away with cash. secret witness is offering a $1500 reward for information in this armed robbery case as well. jury selection underway in lyon little boy was murdered there in silver cody wallace has spent the last for judge declared a mistrial in 2013. part of the district attorney's office and wallace is charged in the death of thomas o'connell. wallace was dating her mother at the time of the little boy's death. jury selection will continue with the trial expected to last three to four weeks. authority say scammers identifying themselves as shares personal are calling residents and saying they all find.
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sheriff's office. court officials say the scammers often add multiple letters have been sent to the person. the second judicial district court in reno says it does not call people over the phone to find them for missing jury service. the snow starting to melt from the warm weather, but will it help of the truckee river levels? we spoke with a local hydrologist to find out. >> reporter: this winter has seen record wet weather in the past four years, but will the snowpack to feed the drought? water levels compared to the summertime have increased drastically. >> it was a dramatic change, and i know we were getting calls and i was getting a lot of questions wondering if we would reach flood stage. some of the stations were contacting me to prepare for sandbag filling stations. >> with water levels reaching as well as 6 cubic feet per second over the summer, it's now averaging over 400.
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soil moisture but keep our strings a little higher than they have been which will help recharge reservoirs a little bit. >> february and march are crucial snowpack months in order for live rivers and lakes to maintain these levels. it's concerning that the weather is warm, but we should see more rain by the end of the month. >> you like to see snowpack through april and then nothing in may and june. >> it all depends on how the snow melts that could affect the rivers and reservoirs as well. >> if you method out early and do it over a prolonged period of time, you tend to get less efficient runoff, a little less water from the same volume. >> we are forecast to have an your average run off your but it will depend on the winter weather for the next few months. fox 11. >> we can also see sublimation happen with the snow forms directly into paper from either wind or from the warm weather.
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commission and rooftop solar customers back in the spotlight. the three-member panel held a reconsideration hearing yesterday. at issue is the new rate structure for rooftop soul -- solar customers and whether they should be grandfathered in at the previous rates. they argue the new rates will not allow them to recoup their investment costs for their solar systems. nv energy has introduced seven options but last week it came out with a stronger recommendation to implement the new rates. a decision is expected this friday. northern nevada continues to grow, washoe county schools continue to age. if the problem district official know is coming and coming fast. tax proposals were on the school board agenda. ryan kern joins us live with a preview of the discussion and the problem. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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has calculated that they'll need a total of $781 million over the next nine years to accommodate for all of the growth northern nevada is seeing. families coming in, children coming into the area, and public schools needing them to continue their education. it happening inside today, that will be discussed. essentially, public schools over crowding and repairs committee has been assigned to the task 315 tax 2016 general election ballots. week. essentially, what the issue is if they are looking at fixing or alleviating, right now 230 temporary units are being used as classrooms within the washoe county school district. those temporary classrooms this committee says they hope is a temporary thing. we want to see more schools,
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that's the idea. so today everyone is meeting to review and get an update on public input. that committee could row boat to potentially put these tax incentives on the general election ballot for next year. one of those tax incentives? that's what will talk about in a half-hour. what the tax increases could be and would be if approved. we also want to talk about overcrowding numbers, exactly how overcrowded is the school district right now and what officials project seeing in a few years from now. that's all coming up. until then, back to you. making news around nevada. greg brower's formally resigning. he submitted a letter yesterday saying he is resigning effective february 20th area a spokesperson jody stephens says he is accepting a washington dc based his
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in the department of justice. the race for the washoe county seat watched in the state senate. republican leaders have endorsed the former assemblywoman for the post well democrats have endorsed reno attorney davon reese. it is now 7:10. today officially kicks off the mardi gras season. it is fat tuesday. reno celebrates the popular festival with a party of its own. alex kaneda live with more on today's big event. >> reporter: we have our wine glass and beads. like you said, it's fat tuesday. we are celebrating right here in reno to talk about the big party. we are joined by bill. good morning. >> good morning. how are you today? >> doing great. a lot of stuff happening at the reno events center. tell us what people can expect if they want to come down and enjoy mardi gras. >> 230 winds, some distilleries and local deliveries here.
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there will be all sorts of opportunities to walk around, grazed in different foods, and taste the many winds. >> mardi gras is one of the biggest operations across the country that people get involved with. it's a lot of fun for tonight is not just about partying and enjoying the season but giving back to a good cause. >> it is a great party, no question. but we do support a lot of good programs. our rotary club supports many youth programs. we have a leadership program for kids between their junior and senior year, and we have a leadership program for 8th graders and we have another program we call most improved student where they are kids that have had incredible life challenges you are graduating high school and have the ability of going beyond in education. >> it's great that you're able to
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right here in the community. that evening kicks off at 6:00. if you haven't bought a ticket, don't worry. there's still time to do so. just as our website for the information. back to you. coming up next, the years first primary just around the corner. we tell you how the presidential
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coming up in national news. welcome back. 29 degrees as we get you going on this that tuesday morning. time is 7:16. two trains collided head on in the southern german state of bavaria today killing at least nine people. a police spokesperson says about 150 others were injured when the collision happened on a single track between two local passenger trains. the cause of the crash is unclear. police say the investigation is ongoing. making national news. more and more americans giving up their u.s. passports. cnn money analysis of the latest government data shows at least 4200 people turned in their passport last year. the trend is increasing with americans living overseas. after complicated paperwork and new tax regulations. the new rules are meant to fight tax evasion no matter where they live. u.s. citizens are taxed on all income, like most other countries. and aaa reports the average
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regular gasoline down to $1.74. that's the cheapest it's been since january of 2009. according to guess buddy, the cheapest gas in the nation is oklahoma city. a 711 air or sells it for $1.11 per gallon. at least eight states have gas prices as low as $1.25. crude oil inventories are at their highest level for the first time this year. it's almost -- gas prices likely to stay low in the near term unless there is a major disruption in supply. turning to decision 2016 were presidential candidates prepare for the new hampshire primary. political correspondent scott newman has more. >> reporter: we're here in a snowy, windy new hampshire where there's another storm coming, a political one. iowa.
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in new hampshire. as you look at the front runners where they stand in the polls, on the right, donald trump. on the left, bernie sanders, both enjoying double-digit leads. they can't necessarily justify comfortably. donald trump and jeb bush engaging in some nasty back-and-forth and name-calling. marco rubio has, everyone's favorite target ever since the third-place finish in iowa reedit and then on the left, bernie sanders, who has enjoyed a pretty sizable lead for quite some time in new hampshire and enjoys being from a neighbor state of vermont, he's now engaged in this kind of uncomfortable back-and-forth with hillary clinton. her camp accusing his camp of making some sexist remarks. so a bit of campaign drama here. what makes all of this so exciting here in the granite state is there are so many voters who say they are still not 100 percent sure who they want to vote for. they may change their minds at this
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could deliver a couple of surprises. so far the analysis the results and the reaction. stay with us all night long hear from salem, new hampshire. i'm scott newman. onto your forecast now. we've got a quiet forecast ahead of us the next several days here. quiet weather as a result of high pressure that's built into the area. that high-pressure, of course, leads to the temperature inversion. temperature inversion is there. the haze has not been as much been issue as it could've been so far. we see visible haze during the day and some of the valley, however, the air quality itself has not been getting that bad. of course, that's good news. right now agreeing burn code in place as well. a warming trend for us continues today and into the next several days. not as much right now, because it's the coldest part of the day. 29 degrees was sunny skies and calm winds at 82 percent humidity. later today warming up pretty nicely. eastern side of the state not as warm as the western side.
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that way and 20s here in the western side of nevada. later today 30s to near the state. 50s to near 60 degrees for western nevada as well as the sierra with the temperature just about as warm not warmer in some spots today in the valleys as a result of high pressure in the wintertime. that's why we end up with that the hasn't been much of an issue but you updated on air quality changes out there as well as burn code changes. 35 for the high later today. again, above average in western nevada today. well above average. not terribly close to records yet, but we'll be getting closer to those records as we head toward about thursday and friday of this week. 50s around the lake today. 58 in southlake, 50 in tahoma.
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watching the air quality and inversion. northern zones, 50 to near 60 degrees. i think 61 in portola today. in toward the truckee meadows here in reno-sparks, 61 degrees where the average high for today is 50. 7-day forecast, there it is. a warming trend on the way for the next several days. dry conditions all the way across the 7-day period a slight cooling trend headed into the weekend and the beginning of next week, but average high is 50 in reno and we are in the 60s all the way across. over to you. a burlesque show at a northwest university being restructured in
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trending segment. let's take a look at what's trending this morning. trending on instagram.
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this time as -- this is a look here. she was made by a nigerian medical student. the modest style is meant to be more appealing to muslim girls. she's taken instagram by storm with more than $20,000. turning to its trending on her facebook page. a burlesque show being restructured in response to students complaints that the show is basically not inclusive enough. this year burlesque show directors invited students to audition for individual, do it, and trio performances. then when the casting decisions were shared, student performers were upset saying the director's choices were diverse enough. but all students who auditioned were guaranteed a role in the production, and according to the article, students were complaining
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solo in the school comply with their requests to recast. basically, does it come to this? you complain and we fix it for you, kids, or can you just deal with it a. what you get is what you get, don't throw a fit. would love to hear what you have to say. post your comments on her facebook page.
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school district officials working to fix the overcrowding problem and under funding of schools. middle school, elementary schools, high schools, the whole thing. we'll give you an update on the what the new committee is developing and what discussions are happening today. you are watching more news on
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funding for phase 3 of the north truckee realignment has been approved. construction expected to begin and how much it will cost the city of sparks. tax season can be extremely stressful but there's ways to make it easier. we have kept coming up in our consumer reports segment. you are watching warnings on fox. with bill frankmore, samantha boatman, melissa carlson, and whether with meteorologist tim studebaker. this is morning's on fox. good tuesday morning, everyone. 7:30. hopefully, your morning off to a great start and you've been enjoying some of the warm temperatures we've been having, although we would like some more snow in the upper elevations, especially for our snow pack. it's been nice to get a little break. >> nice temperatures especially. enjoying for a bit, but a lot of people are saying this is strange and everyone keeps saying, this time of year when we had snow,
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get this warm up and then it gets cold again. >> right. >> a little reprieve is not bad every once in a while. >> off to a great start as far as the snowpack is concerned. above average for december, january, and they took the latest one on february 2nd, still above normal. we could have some nothing. truckee rivers have been blowing out a pretty heavy clip. >> have you driven by lately? >> i've seen pictures being posted online. it's incredible. >> we'll check in with him in a bit. the first if you are eating breakfast, it's national bagel day, so indulge in that. also national pizza day as well. >> low-carb diet. >> there you go. >> it's fat tuesday as well, so gobble up. meteorologist tim studebaker joins us now. good morning. warm temperatures ahead of us for the next several days. warm enough that i'm starting to
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are close. the next couple days are not all that close. about 8 degrees away from the record later today. about 6 degrees away from wednesday's record. by thursday and friday, we forecast highs of 65 and 66 and the records are 68 and 67. i think friday is the best chance to threatened that record, perhaps even tie it or topple it as we get closer will have a better idea. average high for this time of year is 50 degrees. even though it is only 61 today, only is a relative term as compared to the records. well above the average high. mostly sunny skies, low 60s in reno-sparks, upper 50s elsewhere . and inversion is out there, but the air quality has not been too bad yet. at last check, moderate air quality count of 52 at 6:00 a.m. no restrictions on burning. we'll keep you updated if that changes at all in the 7-day forecast coming up. it may seem like we're getting
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other average city, this is what should be happening. the water levels in the truckee liver are shockingly -- but truckee river are shockingly low. compared to the past few months, it's risen to a couple hundred cubic feet per second. february and march are crucial months for the truckee river and lake tahoe to see significant changes. sparks city council members have approved a $20 million bond to finance phase 3 of the north truckee drain realignment. city officials say the project is about 40 percent complete and will direct the drain further downstream to east of vista boulevard in sparks. the realignment is excepted to minimize flooding in the sparks industrial area which was severely damaged in a regional flood back in 1997 along with downtown reno. total construction is estimated at $27 million. 19 million of that will require financing.
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will be paid by the city of sparks sewer customers. construction could begin as early as this summer. washoe county schools are overcrowded, and some are saying underfunded. the question is what to do about it. ryan kern joins us live from district headquarters to go over potential tax plans officials are considering today. >> reporter: overcrowding and repairs needs committee has come up with the ideas recently as far as taxes and exactly how to fix the problem of overcrowding and over populating. two of those tax incentives or tax changes, rather, that this committee came up with this last week include sales tax on property taxes. all this will be discussed again today inside the administration building during the school board meeting happening just a bit later. but let's talk about that sales tax. if it goes through, which would
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voted on by the voters in the general election this coming november, sales tax at 7.725 would go up to 8.265 the property tax would go from 366 to about 3715. this is in order to get $781 million over the next nine years. here's why. every school in washoe county is 39 years old. according to the district, an estimated 5300 more students in just 2019. right now elementary and high schools are over capacity and middle schools are at 98.5 percent capacity. so right now students are in about 200 plus aging mobile units and that's a temporary solution if this committee get their wish and sees these taxes go on the ballot and has the public go to them. that is happening today. they will talk about this and that decision if that goes to the voters ballot could be made sometime this week. back to you in the studio. thank you.
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increase land around the airport. the daily free press reports that the city is i more than 60 acres of private land adjacent to the airport for development. city officials say the land will be leased and then developed over a time with long-term leases lasting about 50 years. the airport will proceed with the acquisition using federal aviation authority grant requirements, including finding competitive bids for property appraisal services. for many americans struggling to make ends meet, tax time can be especially stressful. >> consumer reports has important advice about a tax credit that often goes unclaimed but could help those that need it most. >> reporter: a financial counselor helped this woman claimed her taxes. she was able to get a refund of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the earned income tax credit. she said the refund made a big difference. >> that helped a lot. i work hard but don't make that
7:30 am
>> consumer reports says millions of americans qualify for the earned income tax credit on their yearly tax return. >> if you are a lower or moderate income worker, this can give you back some or all of the money you've paid in taxes. you might even get more. this can really impact your tax return amount. >> the amount you can collect pens on your income, marital status, and how many children you have. a single person without children making almost $15,000 per year can get more than $500. any married couple with three children making almost $50,000 per year can get over $6000 back. but too few people know about this tax credit. >> one in five households in the united states that is eligible for the earned income tax credit does not claim it. >> for those unsure tax filers, her
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advice. >> it's money they deserve to get back. that's something available for them and they should actually claim it. >> find out whether you qualify for the federal earned income tax credit along with other available credits and deductions on the irs's website. >> that's a nice little group of money there if you can get it. of course, to file for the tax earned credit, you need a social security number for you and all of your children and you can also get some help with filing for the credit for pretax websites. our tax prep website and services, a lot of information online if you need some extra help. still to come, a dog makes a
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top of the morning to you. hey, hey, hey. it's fat tuesday. no connection to bill cosby intended there. i apologize. 29 degrees as we get you going on this fat tuesday morning. >> have you already started drinking? >> know. have you noticed so many people around the area are sick? i have been sick for a while. can't shake it. a lot of others as well. the naming duties to the newest polar bear left to the people of the state. >> some awesome videos to watch. jeremy ross has are take a look at this this morning. >> reporter: after an exhaustive social media campaign to name a polar bear, the votes have been tallied and the results are in. meet nora. the fuzzy new addition to the columbus zoo was the subject of an online campaign.
7:33 am
the name nora is a combo of her parents names. and alabama couple had some baby naming of their own to do after delivering their newborn on the side of a highway. the couple was speeding to a hospital in a state trooper took notice and pulled them over. instead of delivering a speeding ticket, the trooper helps the dad deliver the baby boy named bear it. the trooper actually did write them up, just not a speeding ticket. >> this was his official birth certificate, because this gave us the time. he wrote that i was speeding and wife had a beautiful baby boy. >> and a harrowing story of survival has a happy ending. emergency crews rescued a dog they say may have been trapped underground for three days. the german shepherd named maverick was reported missing and then discovered three days later injured and trapped 5 feet underground in a sinkhole. authorities were able to get the k-9 out. he is expected to be okay. take a look at this.
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thank you very much for that. we have got a quiet forecast going forward for us with high pressure in place. the inversion is out there, but the haze has not been terribly bad yet. air quality remaining good and moderate over the last day or so. the burn code stays green for now. it warming trend ahead of us. we have temperatures well into the 60s on much of the 7-day forecast. we'll show you that in a moment for reno sparks. 29 degrees in town. call winds and sunny skies at the moment. 82 percent humidity. basically, nothing but sunshine. one or two strikeouts here and there, otherwise things are pretty quiet. a single digit start. 20s to 30 degrees on the western side later today. later today that will get to 32 near 40 degrees and western nevada into the 50s to near 60 degrees. well above average for this time of year. there could be a couple strikeouts. we have clouds off the coast, maybe a couple of those make their
7:35 am
today. for the most part, mainly sunny skies and dry conditions as well. the whole 7-day forecast is dry. we are in a prolonged break from the winter weather. 30s to near the 40-degree marco for eastern nevada and into the 50s to near 60 degrees for those of us on the western side of the state. not much in the way of wins, but that means we are watching the air quality. high-pressure in the wintertime, temperature inversion, light winds. we know the story. 50s to near 60 degrees for western nevada today. very mild temperatures across the area area 56 in -- 57 and washoe valley, 57 and cold springs. 7-day forecast, quiet stuff all the way across. temperatures well into the 60s for the lower elevations. by the time we get to about wednesday, thursday, and friday in reno-sparks, maybe a little cooler this coming weekend, but the entire 7-day in the 60s for reno- sparks with an average of 50 for this time of year.
7:36 am
take a look of its trending. a burlesque show at northwestern university being restructured in response to students complaints that the show is not inclusive enough. this year burlesque show directors invited students to audition for individual, duet, and trio performances. then when the casting decisions were shared with the cast to become a student performers were upset saying the director's choices were and diverse enough but all students who auditioned were guaranteed a role in the production. according to the article on the daily piece, students were complaining because they didn't get their own solo in the school. asking what you think of it. how can a complaint about diversity be validated when they are just saying i didn't get my own solo. do you agree with it? let's make some concessions here. let's make everyone happy, or, no, this is what you get and that's it.
7:37 am
>> i think they should make the show 12 hours long, everyone get to solos, but then, wait a minute, some people would complain, i want my soul in the beginning and not at the end of the 12 hours. people -- the students shouldn't be this insistent. i think they're asking for too much. >> to me this reminds me of everyone gets a trophy. everyone get the trophy kind of generation. at least in this aspect. or do you think we should make concessions to make everyone happy? >> i think i'm tired of making concessions. think about this. there's no satisfying these people. anybody who shows up to audition get the part in the play, but that's still not diverse enough. that's still not good enough. now everybody gets a solo. now everybody has to be first with the solo. no matter what you do, nobody
7:38 am
so the answer is this. cancel the whole play and let them all cry and go home to their little safe spaces to see if they learn a lesson. >> take it from my five-year- old who says you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. that's it. tony, what's on facebook? >> charles writes, the upcoming generation concerns me. they are ready for reality. stephanie says,, all of this generation is doing is learning how to moan until they get what they want. >> would love to hear what you're to say. post your comments on our facebook and are google talk page.
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we'll be right back. welcome back, everyone. 7:53 on this tuesday morning. 29 degrees here in reno. if you're pregnant, it may seem like everyone has advice to share of what you can cannot do well expecting. especially when it comes to what you're eating. kelley bowman sorts out the myths from reality. >> reporter: so many people often think of being pregnant means no guilt over the second helping. you are eating for two, right?
7:40 am
unfortunately. if you have a healthy diet prior to pregnancy, would like you to increase your calories by 300 calories per day. >> many people believe food cravings are caused by the growing baby. >> i wish that were true. that is not true. mom may want that, but the baby actually doesn't know what he or she needs quite yet. babies actually need fruits and vegetables and a little carbohydrates and a little fat to develop in a healthy fashion. >> you might be tempted to have a glass or two of wine at dinner. >> there's no really safe level of alcohol. is it harmful for one or two glasses of wine throughout the pregnancy? probably not, but certainly not something we recommend because if there are complications, the risks are worth the benefits of having a glass of wine. >> although you don't necessarily have to give up the morning coffee run. >> so a little caffeine is, certainly, safe in pregnancy. usually, i recommend limiting caffeine to two glasses per day.
7:41 am
minute. >> that looks good about right now. we have a man of joining us to let us know what's going on at the downtown museum. thanks for coming in. you have a theater that a lot of people may not know about. tell us what goes on in there. >> we have a beautiful theater. it seats about 180 people. we show films sometimes in the theater. we have a big screen. that's no exception for this thursday evening. people want to check out not just the theater but this cool film festival. >> what type of films go in there? >> this is a dance film festival. this celebrates the intersection of contemporary art and moving images. it has been wildly popular. we've done this for a couple years in a row. this thursday at 6:00 p.m. very exciting. >> during the political season, we've heard a lot of this lately. heated discussions about the border immigrants. art is kind of bridging this, taking away some of the controversy and allowing us to enjoy the
7:42 am
we have a really cool archive exhibition that just opened up from david ramirez. what they did was a photographic documentation of monuments. they also put new monuments up. very interesting photographic project. they'll be here talking about that on friday. you can see the exhibition in the galleries. tell us about the folk and lower. >> that's what this multimedia film event will showcase. that's february 20th. you should come out and hear that stuff as well. >> nevada art is all the information. thank you so much for coming
7:43 am
and enjoy your trip. >> i will.
7:44 am
we will be right back. an update on the plans on what's being discussed later today right behind us. some people calling one location unique from any other place that you'll see in reno. we'll show you what it looks like
7:45 am
and the drive from reno to vegas is set up very nicely for those of you who drive electric cars. >> you're watching warnings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. the day to indulge, in certain cultures. eat everything you want, enjoy, do whatever you need to do because tomorrow is the beginning of lent. >> i just want to go stuff my face. >> go for it. >> it's a nice fat tuesday weatherwise. i would bet you the weather in reno in northern nevada would rival
7:46 am
>> probably even better cause you don't have the humidity. >> beautiful stuff. let's toss it over to tim and see how long this will last. are we going to the end of lent with this? >> it feels that way. very warm on much of the 7-day forecast. low 60s and reno-sparks for the high later today. the average is 50 degrees, so that's well above average at 61 later today. we get a little closer to the record store the second half of this week. thursday at 65. that's only 3 degrees away from the record for that day and friday forecasting 66. 1 degree away from the record of 67 just set last year. so we see how close will come to the records over the next few days. looks like we're pretty far from them by now. 61 is the high later today in reno-sparks. that's a strong inversion signature. the temperature inversion is there for the air quality has not been
7:47 am
moderate air quality and green bring code in place. we'll keep you up-to-date if that changes at all in the 7-day forecast. very warm temperatures coming up in a bit. thank you very much. sparks police looking for an armed robbery suspect who stole money from the alamo truckstop on east greg street. this all happened about 4:00 yesterday. officers say the white male suspect entered the store, showed his gun, and demanded the cashier fill his pick up with money. secret when this offering hundred dollar reward. jury selection underway in lyon county five years after a boy was murdered in silver springs. cody wallace has spent the last five years behind bars waiting for his trial to start after the judge declared a mistrial back in 2013. wallace is charged in the death of
7:48 am
he was dating his mother at the time of the little boy's death. jury selection will continue today with the trial expected to last three to four weeks. northern nevada continues to grow. washoe county schools continue to age. the problem district officials know is coming to ahead and coming fast. new text postals are on today's school board agenda. ryan kern joins us with a preview. >> reporter: good morning, bill. this started last week when a subcommittee formed by the washoe county school district talked about two different tax plans in order to accommodate for the growth will see going forward. exactly what is that growth? middle schools and high schools are overpopulated in the washoe county school district and we'll see more students coming through. hundreds of mobile units are being used as classrooms and if this committee has their way, they hope to see that as a temporary thing. this is video from a week ago when these taxes were first thought about. two of them are sales taxes going
7:49 am
a property tax from 366 to 317. this is in order to get a lot of money into the school district. in all, 781 million to cover nine years worth of growth. that's what's needed according to the washoe county school district. of course, this will be voted on by the taxpayers in 2016, and it isn't even decided if we'll get there yet. but today the school board of trustees will hear an update from the committee and the chair of the committee as to what they are thinking based off public comment they got last thursday and then possibly friday a decision could be made to see these tax ideas be put on the 2016 general election. if approved and then pumped into schools to accommodate for the growth northern nevada is seeing. so it's being discussed today and could be voted on.
7:50 am
you. a three-member panel makes up the public utilities commission held a reconsideration hearing yesterday. at issue is a new rate structure for rooftop solar customers and whether those customers should be grandfathered in at the previous rates. critics argue the new rates make electricity more expensive for solar customers. they also argue the new rates will not allow them to recoup costs from their solar systems. >> we are in this fight for the long haul. we are definitely committed to nevada. we love doing business here. it is a great state for obvious reasons, and stand with us. >> they've introduced seven options, but last week came out with a stronger recommendation to implement the new rates. a decision is expected this
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:51 am
news around the state. the trip from reno to las vegas could be getting easier for electric car drivers. officials from the governor's office say the first in a series of electric car charging stations between reno and las vegas are now in service. officials are still negotiating partnerships to get charging stations elsewhere. the governor announced the electric highway this summer. project aims to help drivers complete the 450-mile journey in the short-range electric cars from reno to las vegas. fox 11 checks in and sees early success and expects even more business with a large retailer announces its new store. >> reporter: is hidden in plain sight. people like roxanne would are
7:52 am
the base of it beneath the old south virginia street post office. >> the location is very different in the basement. it's cool. and it's the old post office, so it's cool to see it being used for something else. >> from the flowers to the crafted chocolate at sugar love. and a cup of joe to juices. these local entrepreneurs have impressed the likes of nevada mba student. >> anytime a new business opens, it piques interest. personally, i like the vibe of this place. it is different and unique from any other place in reno. >> the basement celebrated its soft opening in january with more vendors to join the modern marketplace in this historic space. >> not everything is perfect. nothing is painted and put exactly how it's supposed to be. we have brick walls, pipes, a very fun, different texture through the whole basement, and it makes it really interesting and kind of a
7:53 am
>> a large retailer opened upstairs still yet to be announced. the owner of botanic says that news will boost business but even in its first month the basement is doing well getting a lot of support. >> it was a risk we kind of all took together and definitely a risk paying off. >> you can check out the local businesses at 50 south virginia street. the basement owner expects the large retailer moving in upstairs will be able to make the big announcement within the next month. armed about. it happened at jacksons store. the female suspect has been identified the 18-year-old of reno. detectives located her and say she was detained without incident and
7:54 am
admitted to the robbery. when it comes to good health, it's not just about working out. we take you inside one local spot that can help keep your new year's resolution and get your mental health in the right spot. stay with us.
7:55 am
back in a few minutes. welcome back to mornings on fox 11. 8:13. good morning to you. quiet weather ahead of us for the day-to-day into the next several days. high-pressure has built into the area and it continues to hold on and that means quiet stuff. dry weather, lots of sunshine today, perhaps a straight club once in a while. begins her show in his back and holding on so we have the temperature inversion but what we don't have quite yet is the poor air quality. that's been good news. there is visible haze. you can see that into the valleys. the air quality itself has not been all that terrible and there's still a green burn code. a warming trend continues for us today and into the next several days. low 60s and reno-sparks and upper 50s elsewhere. 30 degrees n, sunny skies, calm
7:56 am
the eastern side of the state will be as warm as the western side. 50s to near 60 degrees for western nevada and parts of the fear as well. very warm temperatures in the mountains and valleys, so that's kind of the definition of the temperature inversion when it's warmer than you think as you climb in elevation. it also means warm stuff up there. 58 the high in south lake tahoe today. temperature really doesn't fall as you climb in elevation today and that's that inversion. northern zones also into the 50s to near 60 degrees. the average high for this time of year is 50 degrees.
7:57 am
reno today and above average areawide. upper 50s in carson city and south lake tahoe. low 60s the next few days in those locations, and here in reno-sparks, our 7-day forecast is entirely in the 60s. low 60s today, mid-sixties wednesday to friday and back to the low 60s by the weekend area that's well above the average of 50 degrees. over to you. last month we introduce you to for ways to get that this year all well having fun the health and wellness isn't just about working out. >> and fit and fun don't always go together. we stopped by a local spot to see how they can help you stick to your new year's resolution. >> all of our treatments come with an added health benefit, so nothing is just for show. it's actually for the wellness of the whole being. >> lift, run, sweat, repeat. keeping up with a new year's resolution isn't always easy, but a local spot is here to help. >> we have a gym facility are able to use throughout the day.
7:58 am
saunas and steam rooms to warm your muscles, so we can get a deeper, more therapeutic massage for you. >> keeping up with fitness resolutions can be difficult. reward your significant other with a relaxing treat that will keep them on track. >> we have oils to release muscle tension after your workout. we have coconut oil to nurture your skin. and we have an exclusive soft pack system which will take attention off your joints, ligaments. >> officials say taking time to relax your body is just as important as the workout routine you do to keep in shape. >> not only will you get health benefits here but a piece of mind so you can come, meditate, relax, stay the whole day. taking time for yourself to make sure you are a better person for your family and friends and
7:59 am
perform better in the workplace. >> the spot is open seven days a week. >> very nice if you'd never been there, go check it out. just visit our website for more information on booking an appointment. still to come this morning, adele receives a very prestigious honor in the music world. we tell you about it as well as
8:00 am
that's coming up after the and welcome back. 8:21 on your tuesday morning. currently 30 degrees here in reno. hard to believe the valentine's day just around the corner this sunday. in case you are in need of gorgeous flowers this valentine's day, we've got suzanne shepherd here to tell us about what's hot this year and then some advice on ordering flowers, because valentine's day does fall on a sunday so a lot of people are light, i wonder if
8:01 am
can be delivered that day. first of all, when should they order? >> now is definitely the time. you can order anytime between now and sunday, but if you want to get what you really want to get, if there something special, if you are a guy and want the red roses, the earlier, the better. we will run out. >> i know some of the ladies at home will be sitting at home on sunday going, i haven't received any flowers yet. i haven't gotten anything. should guys have it delivered on sunday or the day before? >> with it falling on a sunday, you've got a lot of options. a lot of people like to send flowers to their wives or girlfriends at work. i don't know about you, but you and special, so you have all this week. earlier, the better really. your wife can be the first one get them. it makes you kind of a bigger also will be delivering saturday and sunday all day.
8:02 am
and forget, that's okay. >> a lot of people are so busy these days. obviously, they can order bouquets online. what advice do you have? >> that's a real problem in our industry. i'd advise people to make sure they are on the website they want to be on. in our case, sparks florist. you have to be very careful that you are not on one of what these called -- one of these what we call dog websites. they pretend to be us. they are a call center, not a real florist. the end of delivering nothing. it's become a real issue for our industry. >> what are some things they are looking for? >> make sure it has the logo. we have been in business since 1960. hopefully, a lot of people recognize it. if you are not sure, pick up the phone and call. just called to make sure and say, am i on your website, or can i just place it over the phone? be careful, because we get a
8:03 am
complaints about that. it's a real problem in our industry. >> that's crazy. beautiful bouquets here. you can order these bouquets. suzanne and the folks can help you out. suzanne, thank you for coming on. bill, over to you. well, there is popular and then there is really popular, but who can say they are the most popular? david daniel has that answer and much more in our hollywood minute. >> reporter: this won't surprise anyone who couldn't escape that song or didn't want to. the international music industry group names a dell the most popular recording artist in the world for 2015. the honor recognizes physical music sales, downloads, and streaming. number 2 on the list, as
8:04 am
the worldwide popularity list, but she is up for seven grammy awards next week, including album of year, and she's been added to the list of performers for music biggest night february 14th. >> one big party. >> a biggie for morgan freeman. the oscar winner is this year's of award. that's put him on the exclusive list. last year adding another actor of some renown, robert redford. i'm david daniel for hollywood minute. let's take a look at what's trending on her facebook page this morning. and 84-year-old woman in minnesota was reportedly told by her church last weekend that she is no longer allowed to be buried next to her husband. she has been a member of st. mark's lutheran church in new germany for
8:05 am
leaders say that she plans to leave the church. if she isn't an active member, she cannot be buried next to her husband. she received a letter saying exactly that. as you have suffix loot, you're no longer eligible to be buried at either the st. mark or st. john's pearl river cemeteries. 84 years old. asking all of you on facebook what you think. maybe it's time if you leave the church that you can no longer leave the facilities -- no longer use our facilities. leave your comments on facebook page. a disastrous bankruptcy sparks the 2008 financial crisis, but now it's back in a whiskey farm. the lineup whiskeys with the names of ashes of disaster and snap fire.
8:06 am
brothers disaster suggesting that one of the whiskeys goes perfect with the reckless maneuvers, long gambles, and explosive consequences. i wonder how it tastes. coming up next, some of the entrances made by presidential
8:07 am
somewhat after several republican candidates don't hear their name called saturday night, something to say about the awkward entrances on television. we'll take a look at that coming up.
8:08 am
record amount of money for super bowl 50. how much profit they are expected to break as a result. and former kyle roberts part of the denver bronco team that won the super bowl. what his high school coach is saying about the former local standout. you're watching mornings on fox with bill frankmore, samantha boatman, melissa carlson, and whether with meteorologist tim studebaker. this is mornings on fox. everyone. last half-hour of the show. a lot still to get to, and also a big day in denver today as the super bowl champs head back to the mile high city. >> you know what is crazy about this? the last time the last stretch in the late 90s when they won the first super bowl victory after the packers, a million people showed up in downtown for that parade route. we'll see what it's going to be like this time around. also, we are getting word -- i don't know if use of video clip. i imagine you have. it's all over the internet.
8:09 am
conference after the panthers got pounced on by the broncos. he just seemed like he didn't care and then he gets up and walks out. today he kind of apologized. inoue he said, i'm a sore loser. i need to work on that. >> at least he's honest about it. you go into the game thinking you are just going to spank the broncos. he's young, he was excited, there was a lot of talk. when the other people are saying he has a good chance, and then it doesn't, he is disappointed. not the best sportsmanship, but he admits it. >> peyton manning two years ago against the seahawks when he got pounded, he wore a suit and answer the questions like you are supposed to. >> even his brother wasn't so excited about the when either. >> that was taken out of context. he had a stomach ache. let's toss over to meteorologist tim studebaker. it is spring training almost in baseball. we've got catchers and pitchers
8:10 am
month. it feels like we should be in a vacation spot. >> feels like they could do that in reno. very warm temperatures over the next several days here so well above the average. not only that a close to the record for about thursday and friday. 61 is the forecast high. 69 is the record high for today's date. tomorrow about 6 degrees away. 64 versus 70 for the record high. watch thursday and friday. only 3 degrees away from the record. 66 on friday, 1 degree away from the record just set last year. 66 is the forecast high, 67 the record for friday. as we get further into the week, we'll get closer and closer to records, perhaps even threatening some of them. we'll keep an eye on that. average high for this time of year is 50. instead we are doing 51 later today. upper 50s in carson city and south lake. we start to let air quality when the inversion is out there.
8:11 am
terrible lately, so that's good news. if anything changes there, we will let you know. 7-day forecast in a few. over to you. gabrielle totten joins us this morning. holding a big event one near and dear to my heart. i have seen so much amazing work come out of what you heroes of heart. it is the event that happens every year. you honor local individuals here who not only volunteer their time but a lot of their heart and soul. tell me, what is this? >> trauma intervention program is a team of specially trained citizen volunteers. we respond alongside police, fire, and paramedics providing practical support to survivors of tragedy. after natural death, drowning, our volunteers will come in and be with the family and friends left behind after those tragedies. we kind of give them the gusts of
8:12 am
providing that emotional support, which is key to helping them kind of take the next steps in the recovery and healing process after this tragedy. >> and not just helping the families but helping law enforcement. they have a job to do. they need to start the investigation and do what they need to do. volunteers help to kind of make a buffer for that. it's incredible some of the stories. that's what you hear at the heroes for heart dinner. it's the people come back and say sometimes they didn't even know where they were or what was going on, all they knew is there was a volunteer there to help them out. >> they rarely can pick a volunteer out of the lineup or put a name to them, but they always know most often they refer to them as their angel that day. >> tell me about the heroes with heart. >> we are a fundraiser and a nonprofit trying to make money to keep the program going. we run on a shoestring budget. this is one of our major events to
8:13 am
the big part of it is that we're recognizing emergency responders, just like you said. they do this job every single day. it is nonstop stress on them whether people know it or not. it takes a lot out of them so we have the opportunity to recognize those emergency responders who have stepped it up. honestly, it's far more that do this then don't do this on a daily basis providing extra support and doing things that you have no -- you couldn't even imagine what they're doing. >> i have heard stories. it's incredible. a lot of volunteers. they are taking volunteers. we'll quickly, but if people want tickets to the dinner, where can they get those? >> they can get them on our website. click on the heroes with heart link. >> great group. thank you so much. always there for individuals when they need them and tragic events that happen in the area. we appreciate that. thank you. bill, over to you. thank you very much.
8:14 am
but you are a wolfpack fan, super bowl 50 was still exciting to watch. linebacker brandon marshall, virtual green, and offense lineman kyle roberts. after the game, brandon marshall posted this .-period-full stop -- posted this photo holding the lombardi trophy wearing super bowl championship apparel. if you look closely, virgil green is also in the photo behind him. even though all three players made it to the largest stage in the sport, they definitely haven't forgotten about the silver and blue. >> it's amazing. i love my wolfpack family. thank you for the support. we brought it home. super bowl champions, baby. >> former read high school and nevada standout kyle roberts may have not played in the game, but he was part of the big win for denver. jamie hayden sat down with his former high school football coach and has his support. >> does the player that he was, so
8:15 am
he was very mature for his age. >> reporter: kyle roberts graduated in 2010 as a star athlete. he played football under the head coach ernie hao ren. >> this is where he played football for four years and his old coach says his determination is what made him a great player. >> it is the motor that i remember the most. there was time on interceptions and some bad plays on the field, and kyle is the one chasing guys down. >> roberts went on to play football in college and now he is a super bowl champion. >> it is so cool. especially just to know who kyle was, just a team player. it takes a lot to be part of that experience just to share in it. >> he is showing the denver broncos as a free agent last may. he's been part of the practice
8:16 am
lineman and although he didn't play during sunday's super bowl game, his role with the broncos is just as important as any other player. >> there's probably a different role for kyle because he's been the start of the last couple years at nevada, and now being the practice guy, anybody that knows anything about the game of football knows how important the scout team is. he is just much a part that championship as any player. >> and that's exactly what has inspired some of his current football players. >> we were just talking about how cool it is for the players. but i think we have a bunch of inspired guys. it doesn't take that much. they are already there. it just adds to how proud we are to be raiders here. >> very cool. jamie hayden reporting for us this morning. the broncos are back in denver as super bowl champs. teams welcome home monday.
8:17 am
one passing around the trophy. this is the first time the franchise has actually brought the trophy to the mile high city since they won it back to back in 1998 and 1999. today there will be a victory parade in downtown denver open to the public. the numbers are out. it looks like super bowl fans broke a record when it comes to betting on the big game. the gaming control board says its preliminary estimate is at a record $132.5 million wagered on super bowl 50. nevada it is 190 plus sports books keeping about 10 percent of the wagers which works out to just about $13 million. finally in sports, check this out. at the end of the third quarter, the raptors-pittston's gave.
8:18 am
watch it again. raptors still won the game. tim, over to you. we've got some cool temperatures to start the day, but very warm later this afternoon. way above average and near the records as we head to the 7-day
8:19 am
welcome back. time is now 8:44 on your tuesday morning. 30 degrees and reno. one of the most talked about moments on saturdays republican debate hosted by abc were the awkward candidate entrances, or lack thereof. >> so awkward that it got cnn thinking about other not so grand entrances. >> reporter: the desperate
8:20 am
website called change reaction of cringe. sure, it could've been worse. no one fell like miss america. no one got a concussion like conan did, or tripped over a red carpet while sing their national anthem on skates. but the debate introduction was just incredibly awkward. starting when ben carson didn't respond to his name for the obvious reason. >> i couldn't here. >> and just one person seemed ready to ache dance -- >> texas senator ted cruz. >> ted cruz cruise by, and donald trump likewise seemed to miss his name leading jeb bush brushed by with a tap and a see you later guys expression. >> that something you'll never see again, jeb bush passing donald trump. >> when the moderators finally
8:21 am
four were there. >> it's so noisy in here. >> what a mess tweeted wendy williams, which prompted a carson defender to bring up a dramatic entrance wendy made on stage. >> sometimes the entrance can go just fine, but then it's time for the exit. remember when president bush had trouble handling those walk to door handles in china? on the view, the host re- created the snafu as they made their entrance. but when it comes to hailing these chiefs, better hail them allowed her. cnn, new york. >> i love jeb bush's face. too bad for you, buddy. here i go. this weekend's debate was actually the highest-rated debate of 2016 so far pulling in 13.2 million viewers. >> i'm sure a lot of people are
8:22 am
after the other one where he wasn't going to participate. very interesting. let's toss it to tim with a look at our forecast. hi, tim. i pressure in place, and that means quiet weather going forward on the 7-day forecast. yes, there's a temperature inversion, but the haze hasn't been here -- hasn't been terrible. visible haze over the last couple afternoons, but the air quality has been measured to be that bad recently. that's good news. we'll keep an eye on the inversion and on the smog through the next few days. a warming trend is ongoing and continuing to warm up over the next few days here. maybe not so much this early in the morning. it's not even 9:00 in the morning, so 30 degrees with mostly sunny skies. calm winds and 85 percent humidity. just me double digits at 11 degrees here.
8:23 am
reno. again, later today the eastern side of the state gets to the 30s to near 40 degrees. the western side, 50s to near 60 degrees in a couple spots. even low 60s for places like reno-sparks. a northern zones into the upper 50s to low 60s, including 61 in portola. matching 61 and reno-sparks. average high for this time of year is 50 degrees in reno, so we are well above the average high. not really in record territory quite yet. thursday and friday will be closer, but record is 69. later today we will see some warm temperatures. 30s and 40s in the eastern side of the state. 50s and 60s and western nevada. upper on the lake also into the 50s there, including 58 at southlake. keep in mind, 58 degrees is carson city's high temperature today. if you are not drop in temperature with fines in elevation, then that's an inversion and that's exactly what holds pollutants into the valleys. we'll watch the air quality
8:24 am
the next several days. still not all that bad but will keep an eye on it. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies through the week. warmer temperatures for wednesday, thursday, and friday. check out the 7-day forecast for reno-sparks. every single day is in the 60s, including today. 61 later today and mid-sixties fire wednesday, thursday, and friday. over to you. let's look of its trending. and 84-year-old woman in minnesota reportedly told by her church last weekend, she's no longer allowed to be buried next to her husband. doreen has been a member of st. mark's lutheran church for more than 55 -- 50 years. church leaders say that she can't of them hoping to leave the church and if she is not an active member, you can't be buried at the cemetery. she received a letter saying, as no longer eligible to be buried at
8:25 am
pearl river cemeteries. asking what you think about it. should the church make a concession? after all, it's not like she was there for two or three years. she was there for 50 years. what isn't clear is why she left, but nonetheless, doesn't she have quite a history? starting with one. your thoughts? >> okay. if they won't let her and been next to the husband, then the husband can be next to her. i say the dig up the husband and. husband where she will be buried, and if the church won't allow the equipment on the property to do that, kempton and i will show up and kate can drive. >> eight, i'm asking what you think about it. do you agree? if she says, i don't want to be with the church anymore, shouldn't she have to move her reservation? >> in away i can see the churches point. it's on the church property, only four parishioners, perhaps. i'm wondering why she said anything
8:26 am
anymore or she didn't want to and just not say anything. but i have to agree with glenn. you need to move him to where she is going to be, but the church should pick up the tab. >> i agree. help her out a little bit. she's been there, probably put money in there for 50 years. do you agree? >> i agree. she has been there for 50 years. burial is a very sacred arrangement. her husband is there. >> then again, it's private property. they get to set the rules either way. what we have on facebook? >> shannon writes in and says, yes, they should grant the wish. they don't have rules like that in heaven. why are churches making these kinds of rules? i am sure god is not smiling right now. >> would love to hear if to say. post a comment on our facebook page. thank you.
8:27 am
than watching a panda cub trying to climb a tree? probably not. we'll have the video when we
8:28 am
back. well, it would be hard to find something more adorable than this. the panda cub living at the smithsonian national zoo in
8:29 am
not even six months old yet so we need to cut him some slack when he tries to climb this pine tree. the u.s. government pays about half million dollars per year to host the giant pandas. the monday goes back into panda research and conservation efforts in china. so cute. >> don't give up. he'll get it. >> and it looks like you trying to put of the lights during the christmas time. >> i know. i broke a lot more branches. a look at our forecast. pretty quiet on the 7-day forecast. high-pressure in place with lots of sunshine today. temperature later today in reno-sparks of the 61 degrees. that's 11 degrees above the average of 50. we'll be even warmer than that wednesday, thursday, and friday. perhaps a few more clouds headed into the weekend, but still every single day on the 7-day forecast in reno-sparks it into the 60s, and most of them for carson city as well.
8:30 am
60s there. even making the 60 degrees tomorrow. warm stuff for sure. >> might be a little slushy on the slopes but you could do it in a short sleeves shirt.
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