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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> she going to be gone. police are releasing new information about a suspect who stole a vehicle and escaped from officers. details on who this is and the latest on the car chase. you are watching news 4 today on your side, in high definition. -- you're watching new news on fox 11. snowpack above 100% for this type of year -- still kind of strange but sometimes, we see this. just a little shift in the jet stream and boom, we have high temperatures in place. it is exactly what we are dealing with. temperatures closer to the
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very warm out there and that is what we are looking at on your screen. it is feeling much more like april. if we compare the forecast highs over the next few days, when that is average for -- check it out. today's average -- today's high of 66 is average for april 22. on friday, 66 degrees. that is average for april 25 and the record for that day. two on saturday and that is cooler than the other days bringing us to an average of april 7 but still well above our average highs right now which sit at 50 degrees in reno sparks. extremely warm conditions out there over the next several days. 65 in reno sparks. 35 in elko. light winds and the mix of sun and clouds. staying dry across the entire 7- day. we have been watching the air
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the temperature inversion is out there. the air quality has not been responding much. we are still in the moderate category. still in the green fern cold. very warm temperatures coming up in a bit back to you. topping the afternoon, he knows crime watch have identified a suspect who led police on a car chase yesterday. authorities say they tried to make contact with ron and wolf. when officers arrived, police say he ran off and stole another vehicle. several schools were put into a precautionary lockdown as local authorities try to track him down. is 5'6", 108 feet -- 108 pounds. -- 150 pounds. anyone with information is to call 322-4900 . five years after being charged with murder, and when is back in court for a second
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cody wallace is accused of killing his girlfriend's two- year-old son back in 2010. he was originally charged in 2011 and a jury had been seated but the jury -- but the judge declared a mistrial because of incomplete information from the das office been released. another trial is officially underway this week. both the prosecutor and defense team gate opening statements. the first witness is expected to take the stand late today and last up to four weeks for the trial. search and rescue teams recovered the body of a -- an air force member on tuesday. officials say the man was reporting missing -- reported missing on monday. his boat was found on popcorn beach. rescue crews recovered the body of michael anthony beaten near the island. officials say he was wearing a life jacket. this is the fourth death at the lake this year. overcrowded classrooms and
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back in focus for the school board work sean carey is heading up a committee that is looking to put about $718 million back onto the ballot for schools. the new oversight committee was approved by trustees last night. it would oversee and make recommendations on how new tracks revenue was spent with the school district and if the bond is approved. this is a different process for school oversight committees, usually your this do for-based panel will provide input to trustees before any decisions are made.>> this addresses directly some of the criticism they may have been getting but they have chosen to go beyond and seek more input on future construction decisions so that we can get the best of the limited tax dollars we will receive. >> the trustees have also adopted a process to replace outgoing board member, barbara mccleary. she will be stepping down in march because of health reasons.
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superintendent of nevada permanent basis. for the job. he worked as a teacher and a principal before coming -- before becoming the public charter school employee. later, he took over as chief of the department later in the summer. tesla motor executive asking for an increase in fees that solar customers are paying. the public utilities commission separates light -- late last year. the business development filed a letter with the commission saying the higher fee offers no incentives for energy customers to change their consumption. tesla ceo is the cousin of summer city ceo. their businesses are complementary. in related news, a northern nevada couple is suing summer
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panel company hid the fact that energy rates could actually go up in an effort to maximize profits. is also accuses the company of misleading people about a rate in the spring. solar panel owners say their system will take much longer to pay off than expected. wildlife officials say they have should several warnings to carson city residents caught feeding deer this winter and they are still urging them to please stop. carson city game warden says the large presence of deer draws predators, particularly, what -- mountain lions. and increases the number of crashes on city roads. people who intentionally be deer are issued a warning on the first offense and then, they face a $250 fine for a second offense. up to $500 for a third. officially underway for many people across the nation, ash wednesday launches the 40 day
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church last until midnight on easter sunday. during that time, in a believers will give up something such as their favorite foods or other activities in remember of jesus' fasting in the wilderness dating back to the fourth century. february is heart month and to make sure you're in good health, you may visit a doctor. alex shows us what a statewide medical center is doing to keep your blood pressure levels down. including -- improving the blood pressure of our patients, we know that we can decrease the risks of heart attack and stroke which can lead to death.>> nevada health centers was recently awarded a grant by the state to receive 250s of health equipment that could save your life -- 250 pieces of
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save your life. >> we also have someone to instruct patients, how to document and if there are any questions, that we can fall back to that person. >> high blood pressure may not seem like that severe of an issue but when plaque builds up, they narrow -- blood vessels narrow and can lead to other failures. >> this adds to an increase risk of heart attack. if these blood vessels provide blood to the kidneys, it can lead to dialysis. stroke. >> the doctor said the should not replace her annual visit but they do play a role in >> studies that show patients to monitor their blood pressure in addition to the doctor's visit are able to get there blood pressure moderated. >> that was alex reporting.
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more, a large deployment of troops and what they will be doing overseas. two presidential candidates are heading to nevada. and south carolina with renewed
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new hampshire caucus. the couple... who wants grass-fed beef that doesn't eat too much of their paychecks. the cash-strapped college student who simply wants organic and local produce. the parents...who may not have a healthy budget, but still make sure their children eat healthy. you inspire us to do everything we do...
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welcome back. hundreds of soldiers are heading to afghanistan. the u.s. army announced tuesday that it would deploy soldiers to the southern afghan promise -- province. afghan forces -- to assist
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back the caliban. this is the largest deployment of american troops outside a major basis in afghanistan since 2014. the first primary in the nation basically delivering a pair of antiestablishment winters. donald trump and bernie sanders. among the gop side, john kasich. marco rubio, jeff bush and ted cruz tied behind them. >> hillary clinton suffered a tough loss compared to what happened over in iowa. she has now lost the first primary by more than 20 points. scott mclean has the story. donald trump and bernie sanders will have to nevada and south carolina with momentum on their side. both of them steamrolling their opponents in new hampshire as polls had predicted. >> we're going to start winning again and we're going to win so much, you're going to be so happy. >> what began last week in iowa
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hampshire confirmed tonight, it is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> with the establishment candidates splitting votes, new hampshire did little to provide a strong second-place finish and marco rubio finished in fifth. the focus for republicans now shifts to south carolina. jeff bush will be using his families star power confirming his brother former president george bush would joining him -- will join him on the trail. though, the governor makes it clear that he is not part of the dc establishment. >> i think over the long haul, and this is the long-haul process, we will continue. >> hillary clinton is shaking off a tough defeat. >> i know i have some work today. secularly, with young people but i will repeat again what i have said this week.
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me now, i support them. >> exit polls suggest the vast majority of young voters chose sanders. the republican president, carly fiorina, says she is suspending her campaign. in a statement just sent in, carly fiorina writes "while i suspend my candidacy today, i will continue to travel this country and fight for those americans who refuse to settle for the way things are." carly fiorina was cingulate -- scheduled for several events. we will keep you posted as to the status of her trips to the biggest little city. frontrunning presidential hopeful is making a stop in reno this week as well. bernie sanders will hold a rally this saturday at the travis building from 9 o'clock until 2 o'clock.
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is free your the president of planned parenthood campaigning for hillary clinton right here in northern nevada. the president is going to make campaign stops in carson city and reno today. she has organized a rally at clinton's headquarters. the women's health organization endorsed clinton in january. it is the first time planned parenthood has ever endorsed a prime candidate. reproductive rights in women's health are critical issues on the ballot. the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious disease along with the cdc director will be taking part on capitol hill in a discussion to talk about the zika virus. is comes as researchers in brazil say the mosquito borne virus may be linked to eye defects in babies. the who has declared a public health emergency. it estimates as many as 3 to 400,000,000 people will be affected with the virus over
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experts say a vaccine to combat the virus is unlikely to be widely available over the next couple of years. a governor wants to spend $195 million to help plant deal with the water crisis. governor snyder laid out his budget proposal to the legislature. $195 million and he wants 60 million of it to be used for the health and well-being of residents. he said he wants $37 million to be used for water and water infrastructure. carol weaver says the city needs $55 million to replace the lead pipes contaminating the water. switching gears. we talked about it at the start of the show. the weather feeling pretty good. such high temperatures right now. this is kind of what happened in northern nevada. tim studebaker joins us with a
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records. i'm not sure if normal as the right word at this point. especially by friday where we could be tying the record high of all-time for the day at 67 degrees. for now, a mix of sun and clouds. warm temperatures and we do have a temperature inversion although the haze has not been building up all that much. air quality has not been all that bad which is of course, good news. 54 in town, at the moment. that is already above average for this time of year. we have several more hours of wanting to go into the afternoon. partly cloudy skies reported from the airport right now and calm winds at 42% humidity. eastern nevada, still in the 20s. this is pretty typical. it is almost always core on the eastern side of the state than it is on the western side but we're getting extreme. going for the 60s in reno. and only the 30s and helpful.
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51 in balance. a couple of clouds mixing in. very similar to what happened yesterday. we will see those clouds marching in from west to east. coming over the mountains to the west. we're also going to see those warmer temperatures but as i mentioned, eastern nevada is not nearly as warm as the western side of the state. 35 in elko for your high. 52 in mcdermott and into the 60 degree range as you make your way west. 62 in hawthorne. 55 in winnemucca. 60 in bridgeport. 58 in gothenburg. 59 in south lake work mid-50s for tahoe city and kings beach. several towns well into the 60s. 63 in dayton. 61 and garden city -- carson city. 50s and 60s. well above average for this time of year.
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for now but we will be getting closer to record territory within the seven day forecast. today, our average high would be 50 degrees. reno sparks at 65. that is 15 degrees above average and only 5 degrees from the all- time high of 70 degrees. as we head into thursday and write a, even warmer temperatures are on the way and the record >> off a little bit here the best chance to hit a record will be friday at 67. that is the record for that date. back over to you. when we come back, a swiss skier puts his photography skills to the test and my pronunciation skills. before you go, here's a live
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welcome back. germanys largest automaker is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars because of airbag problems. volkswagen is recalling 680,000 vehicles. the vehicles have driver-side airbags that may include effective in fighters from takata airbags. metal fragments could pass through the air back and hurt or even kill a driver the recall includes several models made between 2006 and 2014. the plant is notifying all owners. twitter is a big name on social media but the company may think. shares of the social site fell to record lows ahead of today's quarterly earnings report. the company has lost more than half of their value since the cofounder took over as ceo in july. there were 307 million active users in september but compared to other sites, really not that
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facebook has 1.6 billion. the number of job openings in the us his near a record high. the labor department says there were 5.6 million unfilled jobs in december. that is just shy of the all- time record set in july of last year. the downside is that a lot of us workers simply do not have the skills to fill those jobs. they require educational training like truck drivers. if you thought harry potter was over and done with comic you can think again. and eight installment will come out this summer. it is not a traditional book but a hardback version of the script for the two-part play. the play opens july 30 in london. the publisher announced today that the scripts would be released the following day which happens to be harry potter's birthday.
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we need to be better at taking pictures on our smart phone, right? take out this guy. -- check out this guy. the slow-motion swirl shot. he did this with an iphone. a lot of practice and a lot of prayer but once you lose that iphone in that snow, it is gone. it took him two years to figure out how to do that shot but boy, is it beautiful.
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