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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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president obama arrives in the bay area tonight, but he's not visiting san francisco. see where he plans to spend his time. a chp officer creates rapport with a suicidal woman on the new bay bridge and finally manages to coax her back from the edge. >> she was despondent, not talking very much. i figured i'd give it a try. >> i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. two chp officers saved a despondent woman, perched on the edge of a bay bridge, hundreds of feet above the water. ktvu's heather holmes is live on treasure island with how those officers were able to connect with her. heather? >> reporter: for several tense minutes yesterday, near the tower high above san francisco bay, those chp officer tried to save -- tried to save a woman
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>> possible 1031 at westbound. >> reporter: as traffic moved along tuesday evening, a broadcast over police radios brought the flow to a halt. >> shot out of the vehicle, climbed over, possibly jumped. >> reporter: reports of a suicidal woman on the eastern span. chp officer dustin aviguard was first to arrive. and there on a concrete ledge, nearly 200 feet above the bay, he gingerly approached the woman as she contemplated jumping. >> i took a moment to step back from the officer role and stepped into a personal role, trying to connect to her personally. and as a friend. >> reporter: the officer is
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his goal was to build rapport with the woman and convince her to climb down but it just wasn't working. >> she didn't turn around to look at me or speak with me. >> reporter: his partner, officer jeremy meyer, also arrived and started talking to this woman. this time a dialogue began. >> i focused on her son and daughter talking about her. tried to empathize with her. i tried to put myself in that situation and think, what if this was potentially a relative of mine. >> reporter: the officer kept the conversation going and asked if he could join her. she agreed and that was his opening. >> i asked her to hold my hand for a bit. from there, we progressed to, can you slide back a little more? eventually come to a standing position. >> reporter: the woman had thought it over and decided to come down. >> i'm just glad that i could help her. >> reporter: a delicate
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despondent mother a second chance. >> i love days like that where you show up at a person's lowest moment and you are able to see them come back from the edge. >> reporter: the woman was taken to st. francis for evaluation. both of those officers say this is a rescue they will remember and they wish every situation had an outcome like this. >> such an incredible story. heather, you mentioned the officer asked if he could join her out on the ledge. how was he able to do that safely? >> reporter: the woman drove onto the bridge and got out of her car, so caltrans was there tending to an abandoned vehicle. officer maya asked if they didn't have any rope. they had a tow strap, so he tied one end around the railing, the other around his waist and climbed on over. >> glad they were able to reach her.
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plan to open a clinic and san francisco to treat sex offenders has been called off. we told you about it on monday. people in the neighborhood said they didn't want the rehab center to move into a facility on church street. a spokeswoman for clinic operators sharper future issued a statement saying in part, out of respect for the community and the very critical work that we do, we've elected to seek an alternative location. community groups argued the proposed location on church street was too close to schools and childcare centers. president obama's back in the bay area after arriving on air force one at moffett field. he is set to attend two fundraisers tomorrow. tonight, staying at the sheraton in milpitas. that's where we find azenith smith tonight. >> reporter: julie, in the past when the president stays in the south bay, he stays at the fairmont in in downtown san jose. tonight, the sheraton in milpitas. and as you can see, his entourage of secret service as well as a large contingency of
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as well. for the first time this year, president obama arrived in the bay area, air force one landed just after 7:00 tonight at moffett field to a waiting motorcade. he stepped off the plane, then greeted by representatives from the air force and national guard as well as mountain view and san jose. >> certainly i have great respect for president obama. >> reporter: the san jose mayor says the two talked about initiatives focused on getting young people into tech jobs. >> we talked about projects we're working on with the white house, one called my brother's keeper, trying to see how we can broaden opportunities in the valley particularly for children of color.
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be going to the fundraisers. they are out of his tax bracket. tomorrow, he will be at the atherton home of steve wesley. he is there to raise money for the democratic national committee. tickets range in price from $250 for general admission, $10,000 with a photo with the president, $25,000 to be a cohost. later on, the president will be attending another fundraiser for the democratic senatorial campaign committee. >> nine years to the day that i first announced i still believe in the politics. >> reporter: earlier the president was in springfield, where he began his political career in the state senate and addressed his candidacy for president. there he addressed the importance of unity and bipartisanship. >> we fought hard for our positions. i don't want to be nostalgic here, we voted against each other all the time. and party lines held most of the time. but those relationships, that trust we build, meant that we came at each debate assuming the best in one another, not the worst. >> reporter: after his
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president will depart on air force one at moffett field again around 2:00 in the afternoon. julie? >> thank you, as in its. -- thank you, azenith smith. >> he is also set to appear on the ellen degeneres show, due to spend the weekend in the palm springs area and on monday and tuesday, he hosts a summit of southeast asian leaders in rancho mirage. two of the republican candidates hoping to replace president obama dropped out today and the campaign moved from new hampshire to south carolina which is the next target on the primary map. jana katsuyama here now with more on all this. >> reporter: people predicted that this was going to happen. the republican field is shrinking again, one governor, the only female suspended today, there are now seven republicans and two democrats left in the race. chris christie left the republican race wednesday after
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hampshire. the gop's only female accident. rest of the field marched on. john kasich, fresh off his second-place urge brought his moderate message to south carolina. >> some people try to call me a liberal because i think we should offer opportunity to everybody. not just to some people but everybody. i don't know how the republican party got so far offkilter. >> reporter: donald trump continues to lead the field and is projected to win south carolina. >> we are trying -- we are having to throw the rulebook out the window. >> reporter: political science professor says what's clear now is that the primary battle will last longer than many people expected. the gop still has seven candidates running but time is running out for the mainstream republican establishment to rally behind one candidate. >> the clock is ticking. there becomes a presumption of inevitability for trump if he
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his lead in polls is big. >> reporter: as for the democrats, the question is whether bernie sanders can win in states where hillary clinton has a strong ground game and history of support. >> he might be shifting the tone of what they talk about, in the discussions that democrats are having amongst themselves but as -- is he going to put together a winning bid to be the democratic nominee for president? still looks highly unlikely. >> reporter: you can see the battle ahead, the states colored yellow show a large block of primaries that will be decided in march. preliminary polls show hillary clinton with almost twice as much support as sanders in south carolina. democrats are scheduled to come face-to-face tomorrow at the university of wisconsin in milwaukee. >> i'm assuming the intensity is going to be very high. we saw with the last republican debate, what can happen in a debate, marco rubio had a poor debate and finished fifth in new hampshire.
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cause these shifts in the voters' minds. >> thanks, jana. there's a chance california voters could impact the race when the state primary rolls around on june 7. typically the presidential candidates already have enough delegates to secure the nomination by the time californians vote but this year, analysts say there may be a race among republicans and possibly the two democrats as well. california is rich in delegates which are awarded by congressional district. the streets surrounding the site of super bowl city are set to reopen tomorrow night, a day earlier than projected. muni service plans to resume its normal schedule and routes friday morning. during the super bowl festivities, muni saw an additional 200,000 riders every day. caltrans plans to ask for $140 million tomorrow to finish demolishing the old bay bridge. part of that money is intended for a series of 15 implosions a similar to this one in november to destroy the remaining
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caltrans is expected to ask the oversight committee for the money. before the implosions crews must first cut and remove the remaining trusses from the old bridge. coyotes in san francisco, the new resident that has one neighborhood on edge. >> it's a little weird. i have been alert for it since my neighbor told me. the thursday forecast, going to be worn out there but a few more clouds, i will let
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next shot for showers will be. the federal government filed civil rights lawsuit today against the city of ferguson, missouri. the lawsuit claims ferguson routinely violates residents' rights and uses law enforcement as a tool to raise money for the city through fines and other charges. the justice department investigated ferguson after the shooting of 18-year-old michael brown touched off riots and protests last year following months of negotiations. the deal was announced but a recent financial analysis determined the agreement would cost struggling city nearly $4 million in the first year alone. city leaders abandoned the deal saying it could drive ferguson
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official says city hall has no plans to clean up -- to clean up a homeless tent city. people living and working near night and division tell us a homeless encampment there is growing but despite complaints, the city says there are no plans to force the homeless to move. instead, the city says it is urging the homeless to go to a new shelter at pier 80. >> it is frustrating, we're frustrated too but that doesn't mean we stop and that doesn't mean we resort to criminalization. we've got to work with people to get them off the street and on with their lives. >> the city says the goal is to help people out of homeless encampments and into the shelter for a two-month stay. disappointment among surfers and spectators in hawaii, the big eddie surf invitational on the north shore was called off after the predicted 40 foot swells never materialized. organizers canceled that event three hours before it was set to begin.
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conditions will improve so they can hold the event next week. here in the bay area, that shouldn't have any -- any effect on the big wave surf contest on friday. paul chambers tells us what changes fans can expect. >> less than 48 hours from the competition. >> you guys are calling me, trying to get their boards ready. >> my buddy called me yesterday, it's on. >> reporter: in years past the event has brought in thousands of people to the area but this year there will not be a designated festival because of -- a space is not available. as far as changes go from 2014, other than the viewing party, there are no changes. find a good internet feed to watch the event and enjoy the show. one place to do that is at half moon bay brewing company. >> we're ready to go. all hands on deck, all team members. >> also, this year, twice as
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anyplace there is space, there will be a spot to view the event with the exception of the food options. >> we used to have a limited menu. now we have full menu, we didn't used to do breakfast. now we have that as well. >> what a shot in arm for our businesses out here, with crab season closed, it changed everything. now mavericks comes around, it puts a boost in everybody. >> reporter: organizers are working with local law enforcement authorities to make this a drone free zone. the only drones they want flying over ththtop addition are the ones that they approve. in half moon bay, ktvu fox 2 news. police use of force was on the agenda tonight at the police commission meeting. members are once again considering arming police officers with tasers. san francisco is one of just two large cities in the entire u.s. whose police departments don't use tasers. amber lee is at city hall tonight where two different proposals have been submitted
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amber? >> reporter: here at city hall, dozens of people spoke out against tasers during the police commission meeting. everyone agrees that changes are needed but opponents say tasers are not the answer. protesters stood outside city hall, expressing their opposition to tasers with signs and written words on the sidewalk. >> better training. not so much division between the rich and poor. people are desperate out there. people are crazy out there. we need more mental health services. >> reporter: inside city hall, this is the starting point of what will be a conversation in san francisco about what it looks like to reengineer use of force. the police commission spoke about the reforms that are needed and listened to people lined up to oppose tasers. >> fundamentally, if you put any weapon into the hands of a racist, it is going to be used in a racist way. >> reporter: protesters held up
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>> i'm not asking that the entire department get tasers. i'm asking for about 5%, swat team and specialists. >> the president of the police officers association is asking for every officer in the department to be armed with tasers. >> the majority of law enforcement agencies have tasers. our sheriff's department has tasers. >> reporter: the union had asked for tasers twice. in 2009 and 2011. both times it was denied. the union says tasers may have prevented the police killing of mario woods, the african- american man killed in the bayview in december. >> it will cost money, but the city needs to decide the value of life and the lives that could've been saved. >> reporter: the union says officers need options between the use of a baton and a bullet when confronted with a potentially violent situation. but opponents say tasers will not prevent police violence. nor do they address of the
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>> it knocks the wind out of change. so please, take it off the table. >> reporter: the police commission says it will -- forward proposals to the department justice. after that, two community meetings and then the commission will vote on the new policy, possibly by april. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. tracking the warm weather we've had around here, record tied today but we have not seen a record broken in the bay area proper. oakland museum or airport tied a record today at 68. weather systems moving to the north, working their way down as we head into the long-range forecast. so rain comes back into the forecast, not in the five day, it is in the six-day, so next wednesday, shot at showers, the
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moving to our latitude. 52 pacifica tomorrow morning, 47 in santa rosa, not that cold tomorrow morning. 43 in napa, february is not that cold, not seeing valley fog. there could be some patchy stuff out there but i haven't had too many reports of it. tomorrow morning, a lot like this morning. some clouds out there, temperatures in the 40s and low 50s, lunchtime looks like this. just like today. than the afternoon looks like today as well, so tomorrow similar today as we head into friday, very similar to today but as we go beyond that, things are not similar, things are going to change. we will see you back here. coyotes encroach on a bay area neighborhood. at 10:30, the newcomer who has residents on edge and everything -- and our camera found him as soon as we arrived. the warriors work on the
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win last night. out of control driver said to be armed with a gun rant dozens of cars today including police cruisers. officers chased the man in oakland and caught up in berkeley. john sasaki shows us was targeted and the key piece of evidence investigators are looking for. >> reporter: police took a 55- year-old man into custody outside of a park at mcgee and virginia in berkeley. >> he kept walking. we were concerned. maybe it's going to turn into a firefight. we came outside and started looking at what's going on and eventually they ran him down, right over here. and they captured him safely. >> reporter: it was the end of a long and dangerous rampage.
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and -- shaken. this woman's car was one of those hit. >> they went on the side of the road. it struck the car in front of me. >> he would look at the driver and drive his vehicle into that person's car. additionally he would point a firearm at them. >> reporter: it started in east oakland around a deck 30 and went through west oakland before ending in berkeley. the man abandoned his black suv where he was arrested. >> i saw the gentleman walking out of the park right here, half a block down. then a lot of police cars, motorcycle cops, and helicopters. >> the only force that was used was less lethal. struck by a beanbag round. >> reporter: dozens of vehicles were damaged in oakland. >> rough estimate, we have several dozen vehicles that have been damaged in the city
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we know of at least three, possibly four, police cars and we know of at least two, there may be more now, berkeley police cars. >> reporter: one driver was hurt, a pregnant woman was taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. >> if you were a victim of one of these crimes, we want to hear from you. >> reporter: we went to the apartment building on russell street but no one would answer his door. police are trying to find the man's gun which they believe hehe tossed somewhere between the north berkeley bart station and this park. in berkeley, john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. deliberations are expected to begin tomorrow in the rape trial of a former san jose police officer. geoffrey graves is accused of raping a woman while on duty. the alleged incident happened in september 2013 inside a hotel room in san jose. graves testified the sex was consensual and he pleaded not
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he could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. alameda police are asking for help in finding a man missing since yesterday. 73-year-old john beck was dropped off at the oakland city center yesterday morning for an appointment but he never made it there. police say he has no medical problems and has never done anything like this before. he was last seen wearing navy blue pants and a longsleeved plaid shirt. a new plan to tax marijuana sales, and a stark warning about a massive budget deficit at uc berkeley. the cuts that are on the table.
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a little too close for comfort. a new neighbor in a san francisco neighborhood.
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up residence and has some folks there on edge. he's been spotted repeatedly in a vacant lot right next to homes in the vernal heights neighborhood. debora villalon is in the city tonight. deborah, didn't take you long to find that coyote, did it? >> reporter: no. we rolled up and there he was. coyotes are common in golden gate park and vernal hill but this one has meandered about a mile away. >> right there. do you see him? right in the bushes. >> reporter: quite the curiosity for stopping the car. >> look at bush. >> reporter: this coyote has taken a liking to a vacant lot on brewster street. word has traveled up and down the block. >> now we see him every day. every day he comes out and looks out and comes back in. >> reporter: he has moved in? >> i think so. >> reporter: adrian martinez has snapped a few dozen pictures.
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but becoming increasingly bold. venturing onto the street during the day even lingering with people around. >> is he getting more comfortable or hungry? >> reporter: the coyote becomes attentive when dogs walk by. they are now firmly on leash. no dogs or cats have been attacked but they are prey to a coyote after all. >> i don't think it's a good place for him to live here, he needs a lot more space to hunt. not enough -- not good for him. >> reporter: turns out it's not unusual for a solitary coyote to stake out a spot for a while, possibly seeking its own territory or inmate because it is breeding season. the resident closest to the coyote wishes he would move on. >> all things considered, i'd rather he be somewhere else. because i've got two cats. and cats like to go out. i've been fighting with them for the
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>> reporter: someone's cat did come wondering carelessly close to where the coyote sat shrouded in the brush. many who walked by have no idea they are under silent civilians and possibly in some danger too. whether the coyote will head back to vernal hill, where he most likely came from, is anyone's guess. martinez has called the coyote hotline. >> they said, basically, okay. we like to know they are around and that's it. they don't plan to do anything about it. >> reporter: city policy is to coexist with coyotes. an organization called project how to do that. we put a link on our website, it is useful information for anyone who has a coyote around. >> we heard from that one guy who has a cat, essentially you can't put a cat on a leash, for folks there, it means you are going to need to keep your cat inside, wouldn't it? >> reporter: yeah. you have to modify what you've been doing, those cats have
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dogs they take off leash to do their business. everybody's using a leash at least until this coyote decides what he wants to do. >> deborah, thank you. >> reporter: -- the agency that menaces -- manages development along the coast -- charles lester today, including environmentalists and surfers, but after public comment, the commission went into a closed door session and when members emerged, leicester was quickly dismissed. under state law he serves as -- at the pleasure of the commission. people who support letter say the commissioner is in favor of coastal development -- they wanted him out. taxing medical marijuana sales, it's an idea that has the potential to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars. a state senator from healdsburg introduced legislation for a 15% tax. sales of medical marijuana in california are estimated at more than $1 billion a year and
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in about $150 million a year for the state. uc berkeley is facing a serious debt -- a serious deficit. ktvu's rob roth tells us what could end up on the chopping block. >> reporter: uc berkeley has financial problems that it is facing a $150 million deficit, 6% of its operating budget. >> we have a structural deficit, it is manageable but not sustainable. >> we don't have a process -- we don't have a crisis. >> reporter: the university will be undergoing a massive financial review and that cuts could begin occurring as soon as summer. students were surprised. >> how are we in a deficit? where has the money been going? i don't see it. >> reporter: the university says the deficit is due to mandated freeze on tuition while pinching other operating costs. all programs will be under
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program. >> we are not looking at cutting sports teams but we are looking at the chance to increase revenue. >> reporter: teachers are concerned about the direction cal berkeley is taking particularly toward students. >> are they merely customers or students? how are we looking at our undergraduate population? >> reporter: the university will look at possibly eliminating jobs, consolidating academics and offering more online courses, an idea at least one student light. >> i was in an online course last semester which i really enjoyed. so i have a bias. >> research and science is also important. that's been good for our country and our society, the research that goes on here. both that and music would be a bad thing to cut. >> reporter: despite the deficit, tuition will not be going up this year or next. at uc berkeley, rob roth, ktvu fox 2's.
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congress for $125 million to help with the electrification of caltrans. electrification is part of a larger caltrain modernization project that would replace diesel trains with electric trains at a cost of about $430 million. even if today's request is granted, caltrain would still need another $230 million to finish the job. caltrain anticipates an increase in ridership and says it could run more electric train cars per day. electrification would also reduce emissions by up to 97%. a dog park littered with
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the injuries that have police we are following developing news from the south bay, santa clara's sheriff's have confirmed the discovery of human remains near gilroy. they were found this afternoon. a spokesperson did not say if
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female, that spokesperson also would not comment on any open investigations such as the sierra lamarr case. the man who assassinated robert kennedy was denied parole today. he has been up for parole 15 times and 15 times the california parole board has refused. he is now 71 years old and was questioned for three hours today, he insisted as he has all along that he remembers nothing about killing senator robert kennedy in 1968 but the commissioners concluded that he did not show adequate remorse or understand the enormity of his crime and that's why sirhan sirhan parole was denied. robert kennedy had just won the california primary and many expected him to be elected president. zika virus in yolo county, authorities made that diagnosis. officials say the infected person is doing well but won't disclose his or her identity. the infection happened during travel outside the united
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says there is no danger to the public. >> the virus does spread by person and then another individual but this person got infected while traveling outside the united states. so we do not have any concerns about that currently happening here. >> experts say many people who have zika will either experience mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. but it can cause birth defects in babies whose mothers get the virus while pregnant. a late selloff on wall street left stock markets mixed today. the dow dropped 99 and closed before the 16,000 level. the nasdaq managed to gain 14 and s&p 500 was essentially flat. the drop came after fed chair janet yellin indicated concerns about a global economic slowdown. twitter reported quarterly earnings this afternoon and acknowledged that user growth has been stagnant.
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way posts are displayed. the san francisco company will use an algorithm to keep track of tweets that seem to matter most to the individual user instead of a chronological display. however, twitter says the user will be able to use settings to turn it off. yahoo filed papers today indicating it plans to lay off 107 workers at its headquarters in sunnyvale in april. engineers are included. yahoo is the third-largest employer in sunnyvale, by the end of the year, yahoo is expected to cut its workforce by 15%. at the vatican pope francis marked ash wednesday today, the start of lent, the pope rubbed ashes on the heads of church members then the same was done for him. the rituals symbolized mortality for christians and the beginning of the 40 day season of sacrifice and prayers leading up to easter. pope francis called on roman catholics to learn to be more sensitive and merciful to others during lent. celebrities tee off at pebble beach.
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today at the at&t pro-am, it gets underway with a celebrity shootout. bill martin is tracking
10:37 pm
is rain on the horizon? dog owners in the east bay are on edge tonight after discovery of thousands of tacks at a dog park. those tacks were found over the weekend at the dog park in hercules. tom vacar went there today and learned police may have a possible suspect in mind. >> reporter: hercules dog park has become a real crimes bringing. larry is a retired hercules police officer who frequently brings his dog. >> 3 1/2 weeks ago, we started
10:38 pm
dog park. >> reporter: more and more kept showing up. >> saturday, more than 500 were found in a little stream. the dogs rinse off there. >> reporter: two dogs have already been taken to the vet to remove ingested tacks. >> in total, anywhere from 3 to 5000. >> we're concerned that animals could be injured because this is a place where people let their animals run and feel that they are safe. but it's also close to a school and people take their children when they take their dogs to the park. if a child should pick one up, especially a young child, the first place it's going to go is in their mouth. >> reporter: the fear is that the criminal might escalate to poisons. >> they are going to continue doing what they're doing. >> reporter: there is at least one person of interest. >> what we thought was an incident between two residents has now escalated to a bigger case.
10:39 pm
person or persons, they will surely get the attention of a prosecutor in a court of law. but they will also get the media's attention which will put them in the harsh light of the court of public opinion. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2's. another warm one today, not a record set as we had that scene the last three days in a row. santa cruz was 85 degrees for a daytime high, pretty warm out there, cooler today with more cloud cover. some of the numbers, morgan hill was one of the warmer spots, same with antioch, tomorrow, upper 60s. and if you low 70s. so active pacific, what's going to happen is this ridge of high pressure going up over the top like this is going to get undercut by one of these weather systems offshore. when that comes in, most likely on wednesday, we should be back
10:40 pm
what pattern. timing on it is not exact but middle of next week we're going to see a significant change in the pattern. a pattern shift if you will from very warm above average record-setting high temperatures to a wet pattern. if you look at the jet stream, you can see a lot of moisture out there, pacific, a lot of moisture. that's a good sign because when the jet stream does comes out on wednesday, it's going to have access to a lot of activity out of the pacific. thursday and friday, the system is enough, it bumps up against the rich, some clouds noticing as well, up against the rich and starts to whittle it down for wednesday's potential rain. so you get the idea, a little while to get this thing out of here. so for the next four or five or six days, we're going to be dealing with pretty nice conditions. there's a chance of showers next week. thursday, partly cloudy, here goes friday, long-range model, giving the basic beats. friday at 10:00, the same kind of deal, saturday, whittling it
10:41 pm
still lingering up here, watch what happens tuesday, then wednesday comes through. that opens the door for something behind it. so that's the big shift here, pattern shift but wednesday next week. today is wednesday. so we're talking about seven days out. forecast highs tomorrow, lots of low 70s and upper 60s, this weather continues through thursday and friday, and saturday and sunday, pretty similar, warmer for valentine's day, but a nice, pleasant pattern. enjoy it while it lasts because the hope is when the pattern shifts, we're going to get back into a big serious wet spell as we did in december and january. >> volquez on the jet stream? >> it does. it will drop. pretty significant signal showing us that it's going to drop.
10:42 pm
sp jason is in for mark tonight, the warriors play again, back to back. they make it look effortless. >> we are witnessing something very special down the road. the warriors head into the all- star break with the best record in nba history through 52
10:43 pm
win over the sons, however, steve kerr is still not 100% -- >> hey, guys you know what -- >> spinal fluid leak that caused him to miss the first half of the season, now he will get eight days off to rest. meanwhile, curry, watch this move, fix the layup, a couple dribbles, fadeaway, bank shot, curry was on fire early, a great screen coming up from draymond green, when curry gets some space, that's like a layup for him. 30 feet out, three-pointers, -- when they up 15 or more, they never lose. 99 straight went up 15. curry flirted with a triple- double. nine rebounds, nine assists. that was the prettiest one right there. behind the back to klay thompson. watch this, the steal, dribbles it up the court, everyone overruns it, he says i will take the three-pointer. 24 points in the game.
10:44 pm
rookie collin mooney banks it in. that's the first three-pointer of his career. 112-104, 11th straight win. here is their new thing, water on the head for whoever is getting interviewed. leandro barbosa courtesy of draymond green, the team is on pace for an nba record 74 wins this year. as the opposite end of the spectrum, the phoenix suns, here is what losing does to you. first-quarter timeout, two players start arguing and then they got a little shoving match here, archie goodwin and marquis floyd is had to be separated by teammates. just plain ugly, nothing going right for the suns. they are just 14-40. reminds us how good things are in blue -- in oakland when you look at something like that. kobe versus lebron as the farewell tour hit cleveland.
10:45 pm
to guard lebron but not easy, 37 years old now in his 20th season, lebron had his way with him. kobe had 17. the cavs beat the lakers 120- 111. the lakers drop to 11-44. jordan spieth headlights six of the top 10 golfers in the world playing at the pebble beach pro-am. that starts tomorrow and absolutely perfect weather today for the celebrity shootout, temperatures pushing 70 degrees, more good weather, looks like in the forecast, always the big question mark surrounding his tournament. some of the celebrities there, huey lewis, bill murray, ray romano among the notables. this is clint eastwood, the former mayor of carmel. 85 years old now, great chip shot, a couple inches from the hole, kenny g has got to get it closer and that's what he's
10:46 pm
and it stops about a half inch closer so they give it to kenny g and bill murray, his teammate, they win the celebrity shootout. joe fonzi was therefore a little post-match reaction. >> pretty good. murray, what a great coach. did you hear what he told kenny g? >> no. >> knock it close. >> i told him to put it close. he nodded and did it. beautiful. his hair shook and it reflected in the ocean. beautiful. >> cracks me up every time. the giants avoided salary arbitration with brandan bell. he wanted $7.5 million. the giants offered 5.2. they settled at 6.2 million. that's a lot of money, folks. it's a one-year deal, it's nearly double what bell made last year. the giants, pitchers and catchers report to scottsdale for spring training one week
10:47 pm
baseball is nearly back. u.s. women's soccer team had no problem with costa rica tonight. frisco, texas the site for this qualifying opener, 3-0 right here, carli lloyd will send the cross to alex morgan, heads it in. her second goal of the match. very sweet as usa wins 5-0. next up, mexico on saturday. and we have a full-court shot here to show you, high school hoops out of wilmington, pennsylvania. the greyhounds take a last- second lead but the raiders get the ball, full-court shot for the win, kind of hard to see, but trust us, the ball goes in. and the greyhounds win 68-66.
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