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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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fox 11 for you over on our a carson city building is evacuated after a major gas leak. when the streets were closed as a result and how it happened >> also, michelle fiori can add unofficial liaison to her risumi. how the controversial nevada assemblywoman is trying to keep peace between the protesters and the f.b.i. in oregon. >> it smells like love this morning. that's because valentine's day is right around the corner. we have beautiful flower arguments you can buy for your special someone that we'll tell you about in a few minutes.
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joining us here on mornings on fox 11. right now, 7:00, getting you started on your day. a lot happening in the last 24 hours or has happened, i should say. gosh, shake up in the political world. >> yeah. >> going into a night tonight with another debate, but a lot of people pretty upset, maybe had bought their tickets ready to see carly fiorni. >> bernie sanders coming for a free event so it's interesting how the dynamics have worked out. >> you think about the money that was coming out of that campaign every day. there comes a point you look at your poll numbers and the results and in places like new hampshire and iowa, you say, you know what? >> that's enough. >> call it quits. unfortunately for that campaign. we're going to have much more on that. tell you about the debate going on on the democratic side but
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>> live look outside to start off your day. it's another gorgeous start out there. a little chilly but we're going to see near record highs once again today and tomorrow and still well above average heading into the weekend. yesterday we were like that, too. 63 was the high, 50 the average high. the record 70 degrees. so we were seven degrees away from the record yesterday and i think today we're getting a lot closer. 66 the forecast high in reno-sparks. the record stands at 68 degrees so only two degrees away fromd the record. 56 in south lake and the eastern side of the state, not nearly as warm, 32 degrees for your high in elko. temperatures starting off the day in the 20s and 30s in western nevada and the sierra. the inversion is weakening, so air quality not too much of a concern going forward. partly cloudy skies out there now. we'll see partly cloudy skies for the day, but the storm track is way off to our north bringing any moisture up into the pacific
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of the woods. we're staying dry for most of the seven-day but i'll show you when the rain chances come around. back to you. >> thank you, tim. we begin this morning with a story about people had to evacuate a building. carson city sheriff's officials say the truck hit an apartment building and four gas springs. the roads have since reopened and crews are scheduled to continue their repairs later today. now to a developing story out of oregon, that is where where nevada aobama blywoman michelle fee fiory. bundy was arrested two weeks ago during a traffic stop and remains in custody today. yesterday, his father, cliven
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into portland international airport. the local newspaper is reporting that the 74-year-old elder bundy was arrested in connection with the federal charge related to the standoff that happened here in nevada back in 2014. meanwhile, michelle fiory has been engaged in negotiations over the phone. >> i know, i've watched the video over and over and over again and i can tell you bad parts about it. i agree with you. >> four bundy supporters remained at the refuge and they said they would surrender this morning about 8:00 if certain conditions are met. making legal news on your thursday morning, the family of a man killed last year is filing a civil lawsuit against the officer involved. 22-year-old chris jackson was shot during an altercation with the police at the tahoe hacienda inn. the attorney for the family filed a lawsuit claiming damages
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the district attorney's office is looking to convene a jury to determine if there's` enough evidence to indict the officer. ryland wolf is the suspect people say is involved in the chase. he's 5'6", 150 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. police say they consider him to be armed and dangerous. reno police officers say they tried to make contact with him tuesday morning because he's a suspect in a stolen car case. he ran from officers on foot and stole another car that was left running in a driveway. in that second stolen car, reno police say, wolfe drove through a residential area at a high rate of speed, which caused officers to stop chasing him for the safety of the community. two scary incidents. on tuesday, three stead area
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it happened when that high speed chase ryan was just talking about involved a man police considered to be armed and dangerous came near the school. some parents took to social media complaining they wanted more information. that same complaint came from some parents at spanish springs high school when school officials notified parents about school. we asked district officials about the criticisms of what parents were or were not told. >> we have to be very careful about what we message to the community. we want to message accurate facts and so often times when these situations occur, you have to wait just enough time so you have all the information so that you don't accidentally alarm the community with misinformation. >> school officials say it is up to the individual school principal to make the decision on the communication. they recommend you call the school or district directly if you're concerned because you may not get at lo of detail from
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the mother of the man accused of killing a child in silver springs years ago took the stand wednesday at his new trial. cody wallace is charged with the death of 2-year-old thomas o'connell back in 2010. as reported, the case has already gone to trial once but a mistrial was declared. that's how it ended. wallace has been sitting in jail the past five years now. his mother testified that she never saw him harm the child. and that he -- that she would not have tolerated it if she had seen so. the trial continues today. authorities say a boater and member of the u.s. air force has been found in nevada's pyramid lake. don pelt says that police received a call monday about a possible missing boater in a canoe. law enforcement officers and rescue teams began searching after the boat was found at popcorn beach. pelt says officials found the
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anthony beaton near anahoe island tuesday. officials say beaton was wearing a life jacket while boating. a health alert for you this morning, out of yolo county, that's just west of sacramento, where the cdc says a resident there that contracted the zika virus. officials say the person recently traveled out of the country and has a mild case of the virus. this is a relatively new disease for the western hem sphere. the zika virus spreads through mosquito bites. yolo health officials are warning all pregnant women to strongly considering postponing any upcoming travel plans. in economic news, marnell gaming will acquire the nugget in sparks. the nugget was sold to a private
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officials say they plan on improving the nugget in many ways. already done in the last several years, including adding new slot machines, completely renovating the western tower rooms and updating the casino, restaurant and showroom. the casino is expected to close in the next few months prior to approval. the rdc is holding an open house for the people to view the southeastern project in its entirety and meet the project team. this is the first time the entire stretch can be seen. scheduled to be finished in late 2017. it will link sparks to south reno. the project includes creating a new 80-acre wet land complex, implanting more than 600 new trees in the area. at today's open house will run from 11 this morning until 7 this evening at the best western airport plaza hotel at 1981 terminal way in reno.
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is resulting in 250 jobs locally. well, valentine's day is right around the corner and if you still haven't picked out a gift for your loved one, we have a used for you this morning. how about sticking to the traditional. fox 11's alex cannito shows us some flowers you can pick. >> reporter: love is in the air, it smells like love and beautiful flowers. we're over here at the sparks florist talking about the traditional gift ideas you can give to someone during valentine's day. to talk about it, we're joined by suzanne. you guys ordered 17,000 different roses this year. >> that's right. and all different colors. in addition to red, you can did orange or pink or white or colors. >> reporter: you don't just have roses here, you have some other arrangements as well. let's talk about some of the more nontraditional but still beautiful arrangement you have. >> we can do spring flower
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lillies and car nations and daisies, things in vases and baskets. we have lots of other fun things for valentine's day. we can do wine and chocolates, stuffed animals, balloons, you name it. >> reporter: you can't go wrong with wines and chocolate and i cannot put this bear down. why does this time of year make you feel so good? >> it's wonderful to work in this industry because our job is to make everyone feel loved and happy and valentine's is the perfect time to do that. >> reporter: you have a lot of orders coming in today through sunday. of course, you guys will be taking orders and doing deliveries on sunday as well but you want to call as soon as possible so that you can get the flowers of your choice and those chocolates, even these stuffed animals that you want to give to your special someone. reporting live, alex cannito, back to you. coming up next, bernie sanders and hillary clinton go
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how the two candidates welcome back. time is now 7:15. 32 trees outside in reno. as primary season moves into full swing, the democratic national contenders are preparing to face off tonight
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candidates seek support from african american voters. tim hutchison reports. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton will battle it out thursday night in milwaukee. despite a recent new hampshire primary loss, clinton picked up a key endorsement. >> members in their 30s, 40s, 50s, have collectively concluded that hillary clinton is the right person for the job. >> reporter: sanders met wednesday with reverend shortstopfuse sharpton for about 20 minutes. clinton. political analyst michael nutter explained. >> because the relationships are so long-standing, they're so deep, they're real, there are real people who can testify to
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>> reporter: but political analyst van jones said sanders' numbers with african americans could improve. >> i think he will grow in the black community but where we are right now, he has not made those strong connections yet. philosophically, yes, historically, yes, but practically, not yet. >> reporter: i'm kim hutchison reporting. the nevada caucus and the south carolina primary remain. that's followed by super tuesday on march 1st, when more than a dozen states will hold primaries or caucuses. announced on facebook her campaign. fiorina finished a disappointing primary. republican debate in new
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missing the cut for saturdays gop debate in south carolina. new jersey governor chris christie has suspended his presidential bid. that's according to a source close to the campaign. the move comes after christie's disappointing sixth place finish in the new hampshire primary tuesday. throughout the race, christie stood out for his blood statements and brutal assessment of the competition, most notably, senator marco rubio. some fast food workers are calling for a higher wage at tonight's democratic presidential candidate debate. demonstrates staged rallies like this two years ago demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. bernie sanders supports the $15 an hour minimum wage hike while hillary clinton said she would cap that number at $12. the minimum wage currently sits at $7.25.
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over to meteorologist tim studebaker to look at our forecast. >> good morning to you. we have a mix of sun and clouds once again for the day today. high pressure keeping us dry, keeping all this shower activity well off to our north into the pacific northwest. we will see a little bit more haze today but keep in mind, the inversion is weakening news, so that's great news as far as the air quality is concerned. it's not looking like too much of an issue going forward. still warm as we go through the next several days. mostly cloudy skies reported from the airport. winds are calm and 85% humidity. we're in the single digit in elko at nine days. we'll see again a high in the 30s for the eastern side of the state, 40s and 50s as well toward central nevada and into the 60s for many of us at the lower elevations of western. mix of sun and clouds out there now. the storm track is off to our north, so most of the shower
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staying off to our north in places like washington and oregon, maybe even into extreme northern california. we're still staying dry, though, are to the next seven days. no more rain chances going through the next several days until we get to the next seven-day. wednesday of next week, it will take that long to get there. we're looking at the 30s for the eastern side of the state, the 60s for the western side of the state. quite a bit warmer over this side. 50s up and around tahoe. the inversion is weakening, so the temperatures are cooler at elevation than they are down in the valley floor. into the 60s for the lower elevations of western nevada. generally light winds across the area. 60s for our northern zones, 65 in spanish springs and in toward the truckee meadows, 63 degrees. that is about 16 degrees above the average. it's also only two degrees away from today's record and tomorrow
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it is dry and warm all across the seven-day forecast until we get to wednesday of next week. that's our next rain chance across the area. 68 tomorrow would break the record of 67 for the date.
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welcome back, your time is 7:24. right now it is 32 degrees here in reno. trending on social media this morning, youtube plans to take on streaming services, a lot like netflix and hulu. youtube released three made for youtube movies today and it launched a new series. it's obviously clearly a response to similar moves by competitors. the original content is a part of youtube's redscription service. it costs about $10 a month. to do away with the ads and get access to youtube originals and the company's music service as
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trading over on twitter this morning, hash tag boycott beyonci is gathering steam following the super bowl halftime show. a lot of supporters of the movement said the singer's new song is anti-cop, end quote. even called her performance race baiting and a stunt. while the posting also calls for people to gather for a protest at the nfl's headquarters in new york city on february 16th. that, of course, has sparked calls for beyonci supporters to hold a counter protest there as well. we'll keep you updated on that. turning now to what's trending on our facebook page this morning, some oklahoma schools are displaying signs warning students and parents that staffers could be armed with a gun. officials at an oklahoma school strict said she wanted to send a clear warning against potential attacks.
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aware certain staff members at ok public schools can be legally armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students, end quote. the town's police department was reportedly disbanned in 2014 and now sheriff's deputies are available for support, but superintendent charles mcnahan said that's not enough and they don't want to be a soft target. other nearby school districts have not put up the same signs saying they don't think it's safe. we're asking all of you on facebook, do you agree with this sign? is this a good pre-emptive strike? like the signs on people's doors saying this house is armed? is it the same concept or no, we're dealing with little kids here, probably not a good idea? post your comments on facebook. a coffee company has seen some big changes since they won a commercial spot during super bowl 50. how death wish coffee is
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stay nevada regulators are being asked to reconsider net metering, who is making this request and how it could affect solar customers. speaking of solar, the governor has plans for energy task force. what he's asking them to do and making it develop. good afternoon, 7:30 now on your thursday morning. almost the weekend. on mornings on fox 11 --. did you say afternoon? i have to address it. >> did i say afternoon? >> you did! >> filling in -- [ multiple speakers ] >> you could have just let that
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>> nope. >> everyone would be like, i thought he said afternoon but that's okay. >> i want people to know it's 7:30 as of right now, gosh, we're just trying to push the day much faster. i just had my breakfast. felt so good. >> sounds nice. >> sorry, guys, but you know what's amazing about today? another gorgeous day today and it's slowly going to get nicer and nicer. >> the weekend, man, i'll tell you. skiing, a lot of people have been talking about that, how awesome it's been already. this weekend it's going to be great but it will still be better in the morning before the sun comes up. >> there's still plenty of snow. we've seen record snow in the last four years and it's not going away. it will be a nice beautiful day to wear your t-shirt in the middle of february. >> does this mean there's at lo of slush up there? >> by the afternoon hours.
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sun coming down and it just being kind of chopped up, but the good part to that is you don't have ice to deal with, which if you're on a snow board, it's a big pain. >> it hurts. >> you can carve on skis but that won't be an issue. >> you know, tim studebaker, how we doing today? >> pretty warm for the next several days. we're looking at highs in the 60s once again. last couple of days, we've seen 60 and 63 for your tuesday and westerns. those were not records -- and wednesday. those were not records. not too close to the records. by today, this afternoon, we're about two degrees away from the record high. 66 is the forecast high for today. 68 is the record. so only two degrees away. then by friday, 68. tomorrow, that is above the record for tomorrow's date, so we'll see how that plays out. by the way, the last time we saw 67, just a year ago on friday's date, so, hey, we could do it again. 66 in town later on today. we are looking at a warm day
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a mix of sun and clouds. high pressure still keeping us dry for the most part. the storm track is well off to our north but we do have a rain chance on the seven-day forecast to show you later on. for now, 20s and 30s across the area to start the day and going for the 60s in the low elevations later today. mix of sun and clouds again. the storm track is way off to or north but the seven-day forecast does have a rain chance on it. i'll tell you when coming up. back to you. you may have noticed an inversion in the valley yesterday. that's thanks to the warmer weather that we've been talking about. fox 11's meteorologist cassie wilson did an experiment yesterday to explain what an inversion is and how it impacts our air quality. she placed cold water on top of warm water to show how on a normal day the air mixes around. then she placed warm water on top of cold water showing how the warm water won't mix down,
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warm air acts like a cap on top of the cold water. >> on days we have a temperature inversion, we don't get any mixing in our air in reno. we have this warm air aloft in the sierra, cooler air, drier air, below in reno. not allowing that air to mix. >> the american lung association gives washoe county a c show on pollution and f on pollution. what's that barking you're asking? we'll explain that in a minute. to see the whole experiment, head to our sister's website, the presidential candidates have their site set on the silver state. we want to know how much the nevadas caucus will influence who is the next president. it only started caucusing in 2008.
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clinton and mitt romney in that caucus. to see the full results from the past two caucuses and learns how nevada plays a much larger role when it comes to the general election, head to our sister station's website, a big issue, locally here, the nevada public utilities commission set new rates last night -- excuse me, last year for net metering. roof top solar companies say the decision prompted them to lay off hundreds of people. a former solar employees have crowded puc meetings to plead with the commission to reverse course. now, tesla's vice-president of business development is filtering a letter. is filing a letter, excuse me, with the commission. he says the move offers no incentives for nv energy customers to change their energy consumption. and speaking of solar, the
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task force to take up hot button issues, including roof top solar rate setting and the clean power plant. the governor's office plans to reconvene the task for the new year. it would help develop broader policy goals before the 2017 legislative session. there will be thousands of people across the country and winning a spot for the super bowl commercial, they're on line and in-person business has been nonstop then. >> we stopped by death wish coffee to see what the hype was all about. >> reporter: stating their small town business in a basement, they're now known worldwide. they have a team of 13 people. the masterminds behind the strongest coffee beans. from entering the contest being in the top 10 to the top 3 and then the winner, death wish has
7:29 am
>> it was insane. phones ringing off the hook. people making orders, talking about how they never heard about the company and they're really excited to try it. >> reporter: getting calls from japan, australia, the uk and canada they say it's overwhelming but it's hard to believe they made it this as far. >> we're trying to work with who makes the most sense to work with and the best customers to find them on other shelves. >> reporter: the fame and glamour will stick around for a while but death wish said they're getting back to business and planning the next big thing. death wish coffee vodka. >> a lot of excitement. everybody was happy and proud and then it was time to get back to work right away. >> definitely something we could use here on the morning show, a stronger cup of coffee to start off the 5 a.m. >> usually it's an i.v. going on here but the coffee isn't that good, let's face it. >> executives say their next goal is to expand their business worldwide.
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that or not. speaking of expansions, we have know expanded you are morning team to include a dog. hi melissa. >> we are talking about the mayor of reno. joining us is everett the dog. don't you fooled by what you see. you are looking at the reno of mayor officially for today. here to tell us more about this and his incredible story is lisa rossen. >> rosen. >> and thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> mayor for the day. tell us a little bit about, first of all, why is he mayor of the day? >> well, so everett ended up being mayor for the day because we wanted to contribute to the spca at their annual fur to remember event last year. so he with thought it would be a great way to contribute to the spca, support their efforts and have a fun, silly today with
7:31 am
>> we adopted him from the spca which is why we thought he would be a fitting mayor. he's a lab newfoundland mix. >> big dog. >> but he is super friendly. happy dog. and i think he's a good representation of the dogs you're going to find at the spca because just good temperament, good dog all around. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> vocal, too. >> very vocal. >> which is going to make him a good mayor. any legislation he wants to get through today? maybe to change the dog parks? >> every park in reno should be a dog park. that's his main bill. >> i also hear that you would like to have every restaurant have free dog food there. i agree with you and i support you with that. >> they should all be dog-friendly, as well. >> what would you like people to know about adoptions for the spca?
7:32 am
you know, the dogs are going to find that the spca are just great dogs, there's nothing wrong with everett, happy, healthying to and he ended up there for who knows why. maybe his owners couldn't take care of him. >> right. >> for no specific reason. i think the dogs you'll find at the spca are really great. >> love it. he's a great dog. he's super big. he's super sweet. coming up and loving on everybody. mr. mayor, congratulations. and we hope that you have a successful day. all right, stay with us, everybody.
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as we get ready to take a look at this, let's start rolling that, talking about the teleprompters. kia gives us a 3d look at shredding a mountain and lightning may not strike the same place twice but as an astronaut shows us, it strikes a lot. >> i love this video. we have it all in today's "take a look at this". >> ever wonder what it would be like to be inside the matrix? how about skiing inside the matrix. he created a fascinating video of himself shredding a ski slope this 360 degrees slow motion. he did it by tying his iphone to his head swirling it around his head. tackling a professional ski course is tough enough but adding the whole phone lasso thing, what do you think of that? that's your answer for
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speaking of things that make you say whoa, check out this out of this world lightning storm. astronaut tim peak tweeted this video he shot thousands of miles up on the vss. peak tweeted saying amazing how much lightning hits ert in a short period of time -- earth in a short period of time. workers in houston were caught off guard when this parking garage collapsed came down on top of a skra excavator with a worker inside. he escaped without a scratch. >> you think maybe just as a precautionary measure you might have moved it before you blew it up? >> he's in that backhoe saying i wish these things moved faster. >> let's toss it over to meteorologist tim studebaker with a look at the forecast. >> we have a mix of sun and
7:35 am
well as perhaps some haze in the valley locations but the inversion not very strong. it is showing a lot of signs of weakening so i think that's a great sign. we're going to mix out some of the pollution that has been in the valleys. still pretty warm as we head into the seven-day forecast. our temperatures are not only well above average, they're now close to records today and perhaps even breaking a record tomorrow in reno. we'll have those numbers for you in a moment. 32 degrees in town with partly cloudy skies. calm winds at 5. single digits for humidity. that is a sign of things to come. we're going to be a little cooler on the eastern side of the state with highs in the 30s there and 40s western side, mostly into the 60s for the lower elevations. mix of sun and clouds. we have clouds streaming through right now but really no moisture for us out there. the storm track is still well off to the north bringing all the moisture up into washington
7:36 am
california, too, but we are still staying mainly dry within our viewing area as a result of that high pressure still in place. warm temperatures, too, maybe not so much as i mentioned for the eastern side of the state with highs in the 30s and 40s. 50s for central nevada, into the 60s for the lower elevations of western nevada. 66 in hawthorn. 61 in lovelock. up around the lake, we're also in the 50s there. so that's also a sign of the inversion is weakening. when the temperatures match between the sierra and the valleys, or the temperatures are even higher in the sierra, that's the inversion and that's what traps pollute ants into the valleys but that's not the case today. we're much warmer in the valleys than the upper elevation, 64 for your high in portula. the average is still 50 degrees for this time of year, so we're 16 degrees above average heading
7:37 am
reno-sparks, even warmer than that tomorrow. tomorrow is the warmest of the bunch. we'll cool off heading into the weekend. still well above average all the way across. tomorrow's high of 68 in reno-sparks is one degree above the record of 67 for this time of year. we'll be in the 60s all the way across the seven-day until wednesday of next week. that is our next rain chance, 40% for the valleys, 60% for the mountains, so we'll be watching for that until then, still staying dry. back over to you. let's take a look at what's trending. oklahoma schools are displaying signs warning students and parents as well that staffers could be armed. officials at an oklahoma city school district said they wanted to send a clear warning to protect against any potential attackers. the sign said, quote, please be aware that certain staff members at ok public schools can be legally armed and may use whatever force is necessary to
7:38 am
the town police department was reportedly disbanded in 2014. sheriff's deputies are available for support but superintendent charles mcnahan said that's simply not enough and they don't want to be a soft target. we're asking all of you on facebook and google plus as well, what do you think about it? do you think that it's a good idea to put these signs up in front that say, listen, there's a potential here for teachers to be armed and we will use it. starting off first with glen, your thoughts on this? do you think it's a good idea? >> i think the sign is too long. if some nut ball is going to show up and cause trouble with a gun, is he going to stop and read all of that? how about a picture of a teacher with a gun? that ought to get the message across. >> you know, a lot of times people will put them at the
7:39 am
dog, beware this house is armed. i'm hoping to deter people. if that's okay there, why not at schools. >> in this context, i don't think it would work. a crazy person going in is not going to read the sign. so this will scare the kids and the parents, nothing more. >> you can go ahead and post your comments on our facebook page. coming up next, cleaning out your medicine cabinet can be confusing. we're going to help you figure
7:40 am
what you welcome back. time is now 7:54 and it is 32 degrees outside on the valley floor in reno. it's easy to accumulate medications but the question is, should you hold on to them or should you throw them out? or which ones? kelly bowman has tips to help clean out the clutter and store your medications properly in today's health minute. >> it's time to do some spring cleaning and the best place to start is your medicine cabinet. >> it's not the best place to keep things, there's humidity, there's fluctuations. >> i'm going to remove all my
7:41 am
and put them in a safer spot like my dresser drawer but first we need some rules to follow so we no know what medications are no longer safe to take. >> open up the packaging, make sure it's sealed properly. the liquid might start to clump or the product separate. if the tablets look crushed or cracking, even though they are in date they may have been exposed to temperature fluctuations. >> i can't just put any of these old ones in the trash. >> take your medications that you have that are expired, crush them up, add a little bit of water, throw in old coffee grounds, food scraps, kitty litter, sawdust, anything to make it filthy so someone is not going to want to dig through there and find them and keep in mind for prescription medications, you're going to want to cross off any personal information before you dispose of that.
7:42 am
>> be sure to expect the expiration dates on items you may not think of like sun who knew. we want to give you a health alert out of yolo county. the cdc said a person there contracted the zika virus. according to the cdc, the zika virus spreads through mosquito bites and pregnant women are being warned they are at risk of complications due to this virus. yolo county officials are warning all pregnant women to strongly consider postponing any travel plans they may or may not have. the news does not stop and we have you back.
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ap three years after the nugget was sold it's been acquired by another nevada-based casino operator. >> if you're planning on flying somewhere now might be a good time. what tickets are now costing and why the prices have been going so low. >> and sometimes, seven is just not enough. as the eighth installment of the harry potter series is scheduled to be released, we'll give you all the details coming up. good thursday morning, everybody. welcome to the second hour of mornings on fox 11. we've got ryan kern in for
7:44 am
he had to get up early this morning. >> he loves it. >> for him to have so much energy and bubble. >> that's what happens when you're 20 -- >> 27. >>. sam, we hope you're doing better if you're watching. i love being with you guys. even though you make fun of me all the time. i love it. >> we love you, too, you brown noser. >> we have a beautiful morning to get you going on this thursday. let's toss it over to tim and get more on that. >> we are looking at very warm temperatures going through the seven-day forecast. the next four days, our high temperatures are closer to the averages for april than they are for february. in fact, today's high of 66 is average for april 22nd. tomorrow, 68, not only is that average for april 28th, that would also be a new record, the record stands at 67 for tomorrow's date. then we come back just a little bit to the low 60s by saturday
7:45 am
that's average for april 11th. either way, not feeling like february in the next several days here. 66 later today in town, 63 in carson city, 56 your high in southlake, cooler, for february-like in the eastern side of the state with 32 the high in elko. high pressure keeping us basically dry. 20s and 30s now for our start to the day. we have a warm one later today. there's still clouds moving from west toast across the area now but you can follow the moisture here. any moisture that's out there is well off to or north in places like washington and oregon for the day today. got a dry day. a warm day, very warm unat seven-day forecast. but there is a rain chance to talk about. i'll let you know when on the seven-day forecast. we have breaking news out of mexico as an incident in prison has left at least 52 people dead, dozens more injured.
7:46 am
some as a riot or escape plot. according to cnn the riot began as a fight between two waring groups. we'll keep you updated as the investigation into this continues. several people were evacuated in carson city last night after a truck crashed into a building causing a major gas leak as it's being described. it also forced the closure of hot springs drive from tiger drive through roop street. officials say a truck hit an apartment complex and four gas meters in the 600 block of hot springs drive. the roads have been reopened in the last several hours and crews are scheduled to continue repairs later on today. in oregon, nevada assemblywoman michele fiore is acting as a liaison.
7:47 am
refuge that ammon bundy and his group took control of. his father cliven bundy was arrested at the portland irrelevant interest national airport. the oregonian is reporting that he was arrested related to a standoff here in nevada in 2014. fiori has been engaged in negotiations over the phone. >> i know i've watched the video over and over and over again. i can tell you bad parts about it. i agree with you. >> four bundy supporters remain at the refuge and they say they would surrender this morning at 8:00 local time right about now, if certain conditions are met. making legal news this morning, the family of a man killed last year is filing a civil lawsuit against the officer involved. 22-year-old chris jackson was shot following an altercation with police at the tahoe hacienda inn in south lake tahoe last june.
7:48 am
filed the suit claiming damages for violations of civil rights and wrongful death in this case. he also said the district attorney's office is looking to convene a jury to determine if there is enough evidence to indict the officer involved in this case. reno police now have a description of ryland wolfe, he's the suspect from tuesday's stolen vehicle and dangerous chase through stead. wolfe is being described as 5'6" blue eyes. police consider him armed and dangerous. investigators say they tried to make contact with the 20-year-old tuesday morning because he was a suspect in a stolen vehicle case. he ran from officers on foot and then stole a second vehicle that was left running in a driveway, according to police. in the second stolen car, police say wolfe drove through a residential area at a high rate of speed which caused officers to stop chasing him for their fear of community safety.
7:49 am
this morning after a four-month long drug operation in carson city. the trident and narcotics task force, along with local law enforcement officers, raided a drug ring that was -- that surrounded meth tuesday morning. the sheriff said the operation wasn't targeting the drugs but an amount large enough to be trafficked was seized. narcotics teams with the national guard, along with other law enforcement. the sheriff said all the targets were arrested. fur long expects three of the five people arrested to be faced with felony trafficking charges, the other two to face possession charges. check out our sister station's website for more on the story. reno police are investigating a burglary that happened at a local nonprofit tuesday morning in reno. the junior achievement building on west sixth street was left with nothing but papers dumped all over the floor. the burglars took off with computers, monitors, phones and
7:50 am
building. the organization officials say community support through this incident. >> prior to the break-in, the foundation gave us $10,000 to upgrade technology, so that's going to be used for a lot of stole. we're still going to be about five or six thousand dollars short but they were wonderful. >> the junior achievement program is a nonprofit where outside volunteers help kids k through 12 in the education system with work readiness and becoming an entrepreneur later in live. if you know anything, please call the number on your screen, 322-4900. in your economic news on this morning, the nugget was sold by long time owner to a private investment group back in 2013. marnell officials say they plan
7:51 am
ways including adding new slot machines, renovating the west tower rooms and upgrades the floors, restaurants and showrooms. we continue this half hour with paul takes the president of the planned parenthood action fund was in northern nevada yesterday to rally support for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. cecil richards has made several stops in northern nevada. she hosted women's health round tables in fernlee and at the university of nevada reno and hosted a phone bank in carson city as well. then she hosted an organization rallying for clinton to become president at the clinton headquarters in reno. last month, planned parenthood endorsed clinton. this is the first i am too the women's health organization that endorsed a primary candidate.
7:52 am
rights are not just a social issue. >> if you don't have access to health care, if everything else in your life is unstable, it's one of the most fundamental issues. >> former president bill clinton was in reno a couple weeks ago and his speech, he talked about how women's health issues are tied to economic development across the entire country. well, as if it's not already good enough to be an academy award nominee, now we know what gifts they're going to be getting for getting nominated.
7:53 am
welcome back. your time now is 8:13. right now it is 33 degrees in reno. listen, we all know everybody is on a budget, let's be honest about it but with valentine's day around the corner, they want to impress. >> do something special and romantic and thoughtful. >> something that can be easily done. it's not just about the one meal. it's the buildup to it. >> absolutely. >> you have got a list of ideas. name off a few. >> start early in the week. you know, put up a post-it note on the refrigerator or the -- somewhere she can see it, fill up her gas tank. do some little things that start to kind of build toward the weekend and then it's a case
7:54 am
day on sunday and it's a saturday night dinner so you don't have to get up early for work. we've put together a saturday night dinner and sunday morning you can wake up and have breakfast. it's cool to think through the whole thing, because, you know, romance starts in the head, right? >> i want to say, i love the idea it's not just about this one time, this one meal, you're talking about it's the little things and that makes it more of an event and such an event with post it notes but technically, you be the chef. >> i can't not do something. we'll have a little grilled vegetable appetizer. the scampi is a one-pan sauce, four minutes to cook. a little butter in the pan. hot pan. drop some scampi in it and we're going to let it poach. shallots, tomato, parsley and some apair gus. >> you par cooked this?
7:55 am
so this is not going to make up a lot of time when you're trying to spend time with your loved one. >> absolutely. >> then we add a little white wine to it. the white wine will help you poach the shrimp because you don't want to overcook it. >> shrimp cook quick. >> very quickly. >> how long would you say? >> three minutes. >> you don't want them to taste like little erasers. >> yeah. three minutes and scampi is working. we'll start to get this cooking. we're going to add angel hair pasta right to the pan. >> it's already been cooked ahead of time? >> drop this in ahead of time so you've got this nice little sauce that you're making in the pan. obviously got a little salt and depending, some people like cream, some like brandy. >> makes it creamy. thickens up the sauce. >> butter is delicious. and unless she doesn't like garlic, so for that particular night, you might not want to add
7:56 am
>> and you finish up with dessert. >> small bite desserts so you can feed each other. >> listen, colin. we've got pastries as well and some nice fresh fruit for the next morning. >> absolutely. >> colin, people would like to get hold of you, how can they do that? >> 747-2090 or round about >> appreciate it. good morning to you, we have a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast today. still high pressure holding on, still staying dry. the storm track is off to the pacific northwest. some haze is possible in the valley locations as a result of the inversion but the inversion is weakening. temperatures not only well above average but getting close to records in the next couple of days. we may have a chance at breaking the record now for tomorrow on your friday. 33 degrees in town right now with cloudy skies reported from the airport.
7:57 am
teens for eastern nevada, now 14 in elko, 16 in ealey. your highers are lower than our lows. then into the 60s as you head out to the western side of the state and into the mountains as well. couple clouds out there. starting to make their way on through. so we're going to see clouds mixing in with the sunshine. high pressure, though, in place directing all the storms and showers to our north well into the pacific northwest, so we're going to stay dry once again for the next several days around our neck of the woods, but we have rain chances on the seven-day forecast for the first time in a while. into the 30s, 40s and 50s out toward the eastern side of the state with the warmer temperatures making your way farther west. into the 60s for western nevada, 57 in winna mucka for the high today we're around 56 at
7:58 am
light winds, not much going on there. could be some haze in the valleys. mix of sun and clouds across much of the area today. northern zones topping out around 60, in sutcliffe, 64 in stead. we're looking for 66 in reno-sparks for your high today. that's 16 degrees above average for the city of reno and only two degrees away from the record for today's tate. your seven-day forecast, even warmer by about a degree or so tomorrow. that's the warmest of the bunch but it's still pretty warm all across the seven-day forecast. lots of sunshine mixing in with clouds at times like we're seeing now. we'll continue to see a dry stretch until we get to about wednesday of next week. that's our next rain chance, 40% in the valleys, 60% chance in the mountains. but we're going to have to wait seven days to get there. >> amazing temperatures. let's go ahead and take a trip to tinsel town with johnny depp and a certain foul-mouthed
7:59 am
>> here's david daniel with a look at today's hollywood minute. >> you're thinking this is a super hero movie but that guy in the suit turned the other guy into a ka bob. >> fox appears pretty sure the r-rated action comedy will be a hit. the first film's writers are working away on the follow-up. now you see him, now you don't. said johnny depp is set to star as the invisible man as universal reboots its classic monster movies. the first of the franchises to rise from the dead, "the mummy,"starring tom cruise due to hit theaters in june of 2017. harry potter is headed into the jungle. daniel radcliff is set to star
8:00 am
he can't wait to start work on what should be a very intense and physical shoot. for hollywood minute, i'm david daniel. >> i think it should be against the law to make johnny depp invisible. just saying. if you thought harry potter is over done, think again. it's a hard back of the version for the script book for the two-part play, "harry potter and the cursed child". >> the play opens on july 30th in london. the publishers announcing on their website the script will be released as a book on july 31st, birthday. it will be the first publication by the author in eight years. this year's oscar gift is setting a record on swag. i always love this part. the bags given out to academy award nominees will contain
8:01 am
>> amazing. what the heck is in the bag? on the high end, items such as a 10-day first class trip to israel, an unlimited audi car rentals from silver car. less expensive items include a vaporizer, which retails for about $250. >> $250 vaporizer? what the heck. the most interesting item might be the voucher for the vampire breast lift. which is a -- uses blood derived growth factors to revive rounder cleavage without implants. >> that's in the bag. >> there you go. the academy awards air live february 28th. coming up, gas continues to drop every day, so how much can we expect to see it go down for your next family trip? we're
8:02 am
your time right now is 8:24. right now it is 33 degrees in reno. get ready to pay less than $2 a gallon for gas all year. at least that's what the federal government estimates for most of the country. so how much is this expected to save you and your family? well, mary maloney breaks down the i savings in today's consumer watch. >> reporter: prices at the pump have plummeted. that means for the second year in a row, you are going to save money. how much? the typical house hold will save nearly $1,000 this year. compared to two years ago. that's from government estimates. it makes sitting in traffic a little less frustrating, doesn't it? the energy information administration predicts the average cost of a gallon this year will be $1.98. that's the lowest full year average since 2009 but remember, gas prices do tend to rise during the summer travel months. the plunge in oil prices is making it cheaper to fly. the average price of a domestic
8:03 am
dropped last quarter by more than 6% but airlines can still get you with extras at the airport like roomier seats and baggage fees, so plan that extra trip with your family, but bring some of those gas money savings just in case. for consumer watch, i'm mary maloney. travelers are shelling out less money at the gas pump and airline tickets. domestic airlines have dropped to a six-year low. airline ticket prices fell by more than 6% in the 3rd quarter of 2015. the average price is now about $372. expansion of low cost airlines and, of course, those plunging jet fuel costs are being basically the drivers for change here, so get out and travel and enjoy. either drive or fly. coming up next, a couple is accused of taking a vegas strip
8:04 am
we'll have their story a new program is now helping the homeless gain employment, skills, training and a lot more. we're going to get a first hand look at reno works coming up. >> also this morning, after a dominant win over air force a month ago, the wolf pack basketball team takes on the falcons again last night. this time at home. tell you how they did. >> and giants 1st baseman brandon belt signs a new deal with san francisco. how long the 1st baseman is slated to stay in the bay area. good news for sports fans over there. that and much more coming up on "mornings on fox 11." good morning, thank you for
8:05 am
right now, 8:30 to get you started on your thursday. listen, we know we've been talking a lot about valentine's day and everything leading up to the romantic night for those couples, et cetera. let's be honest, not everybody has, you know, a honey, so there's some options out there for you. >> single fellows and single ladies out there for sure. >> might be a great spot to find yourself a little -- >> actually a win-win, right? >> boyfriend-girlfriend, that's what i meant to say. >> there are spots out there, absolutely, that are designed for this sunday if you don't have a special someone. coming up. >> a lot of single people hate valentine's day so this is a -- >> a lot of married people, to. >> a lot of people in relationships hate valentine's day. >> embrace the struggle. we're going to tell you where you can go to do that. first, this guy has been
8:06 am
because the weather has been so boring and warm. >> apparently microphone died so i have my back up right here and ready to go. 63 in town, yesterday in reno-sparks. that is 13 degrees above the average for this time of year. i feel like the host of price is right with this thing. it's like, woo. 70 the record for this time of year, so we were seven degrees away from the record yesterday. today we're going to be about two degrees away from the record. 66 the forecast high and our record is 68 for today's date. tomorrow, we may even break the record, 68 the forecast high, 67 is the record, so we'll see how that plays out. temperatures across the area, we are looking at the 20s and 30s. let me step over the cord of the microphone. this is old school. 32 in carson city and 37 in fernlee. we have high pressure in place. that means dry conditions across the area for the day today and we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds out there.
8:07 am
to the north as the storm track is up that way. we'll stay dry around here. we have the warm temperatures continuing for quite a while above average. we have a rain chance to talk about on the seven-day forecast, i'll let you know when. tim, thank you for that. hello. seven people are back on their feet this morning and working towards a brighter future. it's all thanks to a program called "reno works". >> it's a cause that would not be possible without the community support. >> reporter: some of these individuals were living in reno's homeless shelter just nine weeks ago. now reno city officials and members of volunteers of america are celebrating their accomplishments and giving them the tools they need to continue moving forward. >> i'm a single mom. i have two kids. and it's been just me and them, and i kind of made a mess of our lives this year and i've been working on putting everything
8:08 am
if it wasn't for reno works, i don't think i would have been able to do it. >> reporter: katy graduated from the program on thursday, along with six other people, willing and ready to start fresh. each graduate is walking away with a job and housing. katy has landed her dream job. she'll be teaching at kids are kids learning academy. >> what does this program mean to you? >> oh, it means success. it means a chance to thrive. >> reporter: the nine-week reno works program provides residents temporary employment, skills training, long-term employment support and mentoring. >> i'm absolutely 100% grateful and i will carry that gratitude into my life from here on out. >> i can see what's in front of me and i'm looking forward to going for it. >> you have to keep the faith. you can't give up on yourself. you have to try hard, work hard every day. >> to see people change their
8:09 am
>> reporter: the regional director for volunteers of america said reno works wouldn't be possible without the community's support. >> it takes more than just us at the shelter. we need the support of the community. we need everybody's help. >> reporter: and reno city council members are proud to have helped make this program a reality. >> this truly started as an idea, what can we do better by the individuals living in a homeless situation and what can we do to help our community in the process and i am thrilled to see all of the businesses and individuals that are rallying behind this program. >> the graduates were also given rtc bus passes to help them get to work, which is a great program, obviously, and that will certainly help going forward. >> absolutely. the new housing by the way is going to be furnished with the help of local casinos. love to see just, sometimes
8:10 am
>> and a little bit of the community helping. the local casinoings offering couches and beds and what have you. very important program. >> love it. >> let's send things over to bill with a look at sports. good morning, guys. well, the wolf pack men's basketball team dominated air force in colorado springs a month ago. but the falcons came to reno with new confidence having won two games in a row. we go to our lawler event center appreciation night. elijah foster finishes the break with the slam. nevada up six early. the freshman from the corner, lindsay drew, d.j. fetter, he drains the three. pack up 13 at the break. second half, more from the youngster, sophomore elijah glass.
8:11 am
night belonged to the junior d.j. fenner. he had 18 points to lead all scorers, grabbed eight boards. nevada rolls over air force 72-52. pack will return to the floor on saturday afternoon at home and they host fresno state. bulldogs just beat san diego state down in the valley. tipoff set for 4:00. for ticket information, call 348-pack or log on to nevadawolf brandon belt will be staying in san francisco for at least another season. they agreed to a contract right before the salary arbitration hearing yesterday. giants general manager bobby evans expressed interest in signing belt to a multi-year deal before the beginning of this year. the 27-year-old batted .280 with 18 home runs and 68 runs bated in last year with the g-men. finally, legendary fenway park, this may look a little
8:12 am
you think it is, an olympic-sized ski ramp in the middle of the yard. out in center field where you would normally see chris young or mookie betts chasing down fly balls, there's a ski ramp. starting today the big air fenway event will look at skiers and snow boarders doing acrobatic jumps. the grand prize, $150,000. bill, thank you. cleary's irish pub in sparks holding a valentine's day event for singles. there's something for everyone. general manager chuck vernon is joining us, along with bartender tara. tell us about the event real quickly, what are we doing? >> we wanted to have something where we're welcoming the singles and people that are maybe agents disappointed that they're on their own this valentine's day. >> let's face it, some people may be drinking while they're at
8:13 am
as well come over to your spot. >> and who knows, they might meet their next valentine. >> what are we doing here this morning? >> we're running a drink special for the single people called president single-tini. it's like a chocolate covered cherry. tara is making a sample right here. >> what are the two things that he with just saw go into that the glass? >> godiva chocolate liquer, grrks, grenadine. >> what's the history with this? >> we've done a lot of events from saint patrick's day to wing fest, so we participate in a lot of the local things around town. but this is the first time that
8:14 am
singles and tried to grab a certain group of people. >> certain demographic. people reached out to you saying we want somewhere to be, can you open up, have you seen that kind of response? >> absolutely. we get at lo of reach out from -- depending from different events, when "star wars "was released in the theater. >> what do people need to know? are there times or other information that people need to be aware of? >> valentine's day will be all day long. we have events throughout the week from trivia night to live bands every saturday, so just come out and have a great time. >> you're saying at ocleary's single event sunday from 10 a.m. until closing. that's at the ocleary's irish pub on shields drive near the movie theater. thank you so much for being in with us this morning. good luck in the event. anyone that wants to go, you're looking at a preview of it there.
8:15 am
if you work in tv you're bound to mispronounce a name at some point.
8:16 am
tongue caught th welcome back. the time right now is 8:44. right now it is 33 degrees in reno. when senator and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders accidentally and hilariously prepared bernie sandwiches. the new nickname grew. >> at jeanne moos reports, the internet ate it up.
8:17 am
name to say. >> bernie sanders. >> reporter: which makes a minor slip of the tongue by msnbc anchor more hilarious. may i please have a second helping. >> and bernie sandwiches. >> next thing you know, everyone was making bernie sandwiches bernie and correspond beef, bernie between buns, holding a sandwich aloft, pulling one out of his pocket, # berniesandwiches unleashed tweets like feel the heart burn and comments like bernie sandwiches, that's his math ya. as for chris hayes, he said literally watching people being served dinner and said bernie sandwiches. then another anchor put her foot
8:18 am
megyn kelly's blooper on fox news wasn't quite so mouth water. >> on the democratic side, bernie sandals -- it should catch on in the some months. >> it's already caught on, megan. the bernie sandwich already exist. the food and wine created sandwiches to create sandwiches. hillary was a subway sandwich. >> a little bit of everything and anything and everything anyone could want. >> while bernie was a vietnamese sandwich, spicy and obscure. even chelsea clinton once misspoke while bringing up bernie. >> senator sanders. >> how about president bernie sandwiches? [ chanting sandwich ]. >> reporter: cnn, jeanne moos.
8:19 am
is? >> what. >> billy bag of doughnuts. they used to call me that in college. >> i don't want to know why. please give me my mine. we have to figure it out. coming up, people magazine has named ryan reynolds this year's sexiest dad alive. it came six years after the publication named of the sexiest man alive. he became a dad in december and he and his wife welcomed their daughter jane. i like that name for a girl. >> jimmy fallon, also known as james, announced the magazine cover featuring reynolds. reynolds is on the show to promote his new movie "dead pool." he told people magazine having a daughter was a dream come true. >> i have to say channing tatum a close second. the stooge.
8:20 am
going to have to talk with our producers about placing me right after that. some clouds for the day today. we have high pressure in place for today as well. there could be haze in some of the valleys but the -- what has am i trying to say? the inversion is weakening is the inversion still out there. 33 in town with cloudy skies, winds are calm and 5% humidity. western nevada, 50s and 60s later today. we're starting off in the 30s now. high pressure is in place, that means a mix of sun and clouds. you're seeing that again today. very similar to yesterday. even a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday as we head into the afternoon. also that high pressure is directing any moisture way off up to our north into oregon and washington, so the pacific northwest is getting some of that moisture. but we are staying dry in our area.
8:21 am
western side of the state, well into the 60s for a lot of the lower elevations today. 61 in lovelock for your high. tahoe, into the 50s there. 55 in kings beach, 52 in tahoma and 56 in south lake tahoe. well into the 60s for the lower elevations. today 65 in dayton and 63 in carson city. northern zones also looking at a lot of 60s, so again it's well poff average for this time of year. keep in mind, the average for reno-sparks is 56 degrees. we're going for 66. just two degrees away from the record and we have a chance to break the record tomorrow, with a high of 68. the record currently sits at 67. we'll have to see if that record falls. it's dry across the entire seven-day forecast until wednesday of next week.
8:22 am
40 % for the valley, 60% for the mountains. dry and warm, that's the theme. over to you. a couple found themselves behind bars after police say they tried to join the vegas version of the mile high club on the las vegas strip. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> reporter: for one pair, what happened in vegas means they got to stay in vegas longer. they are facing felony charges after police say they were caught on camera getting roude dwri on the high roll -- rowdy on the high roller. according to the documents, it was security that first noticed the couple smoking and undressing before using the intercom to ask them to stop. the report says they stopped momentarily complying with the request before continuing to undress. security cameras weren't the only cameras aimed at the pair with the security guard saying all the activity got the attention of passengers in a
8:23 am
the guests not only noticed but were recording the guests. the couple told police they were just having a good time and didn't think anyone would notice. officers said i clearly saw her laying on her back in the center of the cabin. he was on his knees over her and removed her dress. employees reportedly told officers sex acts and public indecency are happening more often and will impact the reputation of the high roller. >> the spokesman added the laws are the same in the pods as they are on the ground. also some reports that he was or is or probably was -- >> not any more, honey. >> engaged to someone else other than the woman that he was arrested with. >> not any more. >> interesting story. >> get a hotel room. still to come, burger king is making not one, but two
8:24 am
we'll tell you well, you might want to start calling it the hot dog king. burger king's newest menu item takes a bit of a left turn. the fast food franchise is it going to start serving hot dogs later this month. >> one executive called it the biggest launch since 1970s when
8:25 am
first chicken sandwich. remember how good that was, the original? >> i never been to burger king in my life. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're allergic to everything at burger king. >> anyway, burger king is going to serve a classic grilled chiliing to and a chili cheese dog and just a regular old hot dog. >> that's two. >> i added one. i skipped on the chili. franchise started experimenting with hot dogs in five cities last year. they decided to take them nationwide. let's take a look at our forecast. >> we do have warm temperatures across much of the seven-day and dry conditions. we get to wednesday of next week.
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