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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a solemn tribute for a fallen officer. standing in silence and saluting the flag draped coffin of augustine gus that is. >> gus has always worked very hard to support his family. he's a detective. for this to happen in his own home, it's horrific. >> good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a richmond police officer shot and killed during an episode of family violence inside his own home. officer vegas worked in richmond but lived in vallejo with his family. the 911 calls started coming in at about 4:30 this morning. debora villalon is in vallejo where neighbors are still trying to come to grips with what happened. deborah?
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cove neighborhood and in front of the vegas home, you can see a small arrangement of candles and flowers. this is where the veteran officer and his wife raised their family and where he died before dawn. police officers assembled and saluted, as the body of 58-year- old gus vegas was escorted to a corner with the presentation of an honor flag. vegas had 15 years with richmond police. >> it was great they sowed such respect for him. >> neighbors were struck by the senseless loss. >> still have so many years left of giving to the community, to his family, to the children he took care of. now it's all gone. >> i heard the shots this morning. pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: those closest heard shots just before 5:00 a.m. but to link them to this household, always peaceful or their neighbor, off-duty. >> he always smiled. he was always, a common neighbor. a solid guy. and you could talk to him about anything. >> this is a huge blow for us.
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>> reporter: richmond's chief joined with investigators describing how a domestic dispute turned deadly. >> there were family members present who said the suspect was the father of gus' six road grandson. >> reporter: 30-year-old robert vega fled with the child to his fairfield apartment where police caught up with him and the boy. police won't say how much blood shed the child saw or if vegas' daughter or the mom was involved. >> i believe the suspect was taken into custody without incident. >> i know he's got a couple daughters that do have kids. some of the more than one. >> reporter: vegas was the patriarch of the big family, five sons and five daughters. 20 grandchildren. gus and sandra vegas were devoted to their church and an organization she founded supporting children in foster care. they fostered kids and adopted some over the years. >> with all the knowledge he had raising 10 kids, it was a
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you know? he passed on some good words to me. and the most important thing was enjoy the moment. >> reporter: both the slain officer and the suspect our graduates, 20 years a part of the same police academy at napa valley college. but the younger man apparently never became a cop. now vegas' frets are left baffled that he would be gunned down here after so many years of dangerous police work. >> that's where you would expect it to happen, not on your front doorstep. i think that's the biggest thing. it's right here at his house. >> reporter: a family friend told me off-camera that the suspect, rob vegas, served in iraq and came to the military, -- suggesting he has ptsd. talking about the suspect today , their focus is on the phone officer.
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deborah, thank you. those who knew officer vegas say he was always in a good mood, they describe him as a dog -- devoted family man who took care of the people he loved. john sasaki now with more on how officer vegas is being remembered. >> reporter: the procession of police vehicles with lights flashing was a somber site in vallejo, cars and motorcycles carried the body of gus vegas. >> i can honestly say i had such a positive impression of him as a really nice person. >> reporter: police captain was in that procession. he knew vegas well from the 15 the badge. he last talked to him on tuesday night. >> we were just talking about the warriors. his desk is 10 feet from my office. big sports fan. >> reporter: he said he was a devoted family man who had children and grandchildren but
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>> that was something he was impacting, not just one or two but he did impact. can't believe i'm speaking about him in the past tense. it is surreal. >> reporter: in his neighborhood we caught up with a woman who knew vegas for at least 20 years. >> gus has always worked very hard to support his family. he is a detective. he took that position to get off the streets, to be safe. and for this to happen is -- in his own home -- it is horrific. >> reporter: neighbors were also stunned. >> he took care of people. i don't know why somebody would want to kill someone over an argument or something. >> surprised. a pretty quiet neighborhood and they are nice people. would never have thought of that. >> reporter: richmond's police chief, allwyn brown, said he was always in a good mood.
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in richmond within the department across the city. within our community. so this is a huge blow for us. >> reporter: there are no plans for a funeral yet but police will fully honor vegas and help his family in any way they can. in richmond, john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. new development tonight in the mario woods police shooting case, the autopsy report from the medical examiner says woods was shot 20 times. shooting touched a nerve in the community and led to claims of excessive force by san francisco police. according to the autopsy, the 20 gunshot wounds were mostly to the back and size. one bullet grazed his cheek. woods also had five injuries caused by nonlethal rounds initially fired in an effort to stop him. toxicology results show he had meth, marijuana, antidepressants as well as a cough suppressant in his system. woods step in and that day and was still carrying the knife when officers stopped him in the bayview district.
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but he wouldn't. after firing bean bags to try to stop him, five officers then opened fire as he tried to walk away. several investigations are currently underway including one by the department of justice. now to the south bay where investigators used dental records to determine the human remains found near gilroy are not those of missing teenager sierra lamarr. pg&e contractors spotted a were working on power lines. investigators say a gold cap on determination that it wasn't sierra lamarr. deputies roped off the area last night and then returned this morning. >> we will collect the remains and have our crime lab run dna tests to determine the sex, possible age and if there is a dna match in the system. >> sierra lamarr to -- disappeared in 2012. suspect garcia torres is murder.
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been found. now to the oakland raiders, a big announcement today as the team inks a deal to play in the oakland coliseum for at least one more season. >> mark ibanez is here now, so what does this mean? >> reporter: it's been quite a journey for the raiders. it has let them right back to oakland. from los angeles, las vegas and points in between. i guess you could say, mark davis after getting thrown to the sharks, you might say that about the other nfl owners about a month ago, he has learned quite a bit and he has tried to deal with not only those other nfl owners but politicians and various cities in an effort to stabilize his franchise, today in helping to announce the agreement that guarantees the raiders will play the 2016 in oakland with an option for two more out at the coliseum and of course he has been criticized for trying to take the team elsewhere, but i think what you saw today,
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the oakland raiders. >> i turn this as a win-win situation. for the city of oakland, the mayor, when she presented in front of the national football league owners, she said the one thing they need it was time. if they had more time, they believed they could get something done with the raiders in oakland. and for the raiders, it is us some certainty for this season as well as flexibly for the following two seasons. >> and mark davis, in that press conference, said he has never said that he wants to move the team out of oakland. per se. but he is exploring other options and i think he was pretty open about the fact that as a business person, i am going to explore opportunities but that's not what a lot of raiders supporters want to hear. they want to hear, no matter what, we're going to keep the team here. but you can see it from his point of you too. >> absolutely. >> he sounded very assertive today in the way he was talking
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i think with what he's learned in the last 4 to 6 weeks or so about the way the nfl works, deep inside and the way politicians work as well, the learning curve is a bit steep and i think he's ready to meet the challenge. now the city of oakland has got to step up in good faith. >> all right. we will see you later on. recreational crab fisherman can finally get their crab pots ready for fishing off the bay area coast. the state announced today dungeness crab is now okay for people to eat. but the fishing season was delayed about three months because of high levels of domoic acid which poses a significant human health risk. despite good news for recreational fishermen, commercial crab fishing remains closed around the entire state. another tough day on wall street thanks to global economic concerns and falling crude oil prices. the dow fell 254 to a two-year low.
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banks and financial stocks were hit the hardest. and tomorrow could be volatile because the nike index in japan is already in a steep decline. oakland-based pandora media is reportedly exploring a sale, pandora's music streaming service faces, edition from companies with deep pockets including spotify and apple music. pandora's quarterly report today showed a drop in monthly listeners and its stock fell 8% in after-hours trading. president obama is in los angeles after a quick from -- fundraising visit to the bay area. he departed from moffett field in mountain view at about 2:30 air force one. he lived up to his nickname as the baby whisperer and took time to hold two babies. earlier in the day, he attended a democratic fundraiser at the atherton home of silicon valley venture capitalist steve wesley. democrat susan pfeiffer was in photos. the president also attended the
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it's just uncontrolled fire work activity. day and night. >> illegal fireworks start a fire, now neighbors are worried it could happen again. their criticism of how the city is handling the problem. tracking bay area friday forecast as we move forward,
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i will let you know. new at 10, the housing crisis is hitting home in the historic chinatown neighborhood and threatening a century-old way of life. for generations, new immigrants have found a home in chinatown. >> now gentrification and high rents are threatening to drive out those vulnerable residents. amber lee is here now to show us a sign of this world-famous neighborhood that tourists don't see -- a side they don't see. >> reporter: i found elderly people and immigrant families living in single room residential hotels. the space is cramped and even though it isn't much, they call it home, but now like the rest of the city, there's pressure to raise rents. >> [ music ]
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fills the senses. its architecture and culture bring into focus a world that is foreign too many americans. >> chinatown is the only one that's got a pretty -- a pagoda building. we have more than just a gate. >> it offers a familiarity and essential services to immigrants. the backbone of the community. often, the only affordable housing they can find are single room occupancy hotels or sros. but there are changes in chinatown because of the city's housing crisis. a clash that is reminiscent of another san francisco neighborhood. >> chinatown is similar to what we're seeing in the mission. the rents are going up, and we see individuals occupying a residential hotel that was not -- >> reporter: elderly people and young immigrant families are starting to be pushed out.
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one small room. mrs. hughes says she and her husband immigrated to the united states eight years ago hoping for a bett life. since they arrived, the couple has lived in this six by 10 room. so tiny i had to stand in the doorway to speak with them. still, the couple says it's better than their life in china where he was a farmer. historians tell us chinatown rose from the ashes after the 1906 earthquake to become a major tourist attraction and commerce hub, she says the many immigrants who live here are vital to the existence of this historic area. advocates say the increasing lofts could push this vulnerable population out of san francisco or worse yet, cause them to become homeless. >> sro rents are going through the roof. >> reporter: they make up to 45% of housing in chinatown.
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community development center surveyed tenants in single room occupancy hotels. they found in 2013, the average rent for a room in an sro was about $600. by 2015, it went up to almost $1000 a month. an increase of 60% in two years. outpacing the citywide rent increase of 18% according to >> what's challenging is that there are not any laws against this park -- it puts chinatown itself at risk. >> i think the first concern is not lose money. >> reporter: lily jang owns three sros including this one on commercial street where mrs. and mrs. you live. is good reason why property owners raise the rent on new tenants. many people stay put for decades or until they die. and rent control limits rent increases. >> meanwhile, utilities have gone up, maintenance, insurance, property taxes, everything has gone up. >> reporter: this tenant of
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identify him told us vacant units are increasingly being rented by nonimmigrant tenants who can pay higher rent. this man told me he lives in the same sro building, he declined to say how much he pays. >> we're losing this resource and poor people have no place to live. >> reporter: critics showed us these as they found online, chinatown sro for rent, as they say are designed to attract english-speaking people such as tech workers and college students. >> it's really a crisis point i think. >> reporter: they are partnering with the mayor's office and opened a first of its kind apartment building on broadway last year that has units designated for immigrant families who have lived in sros. >> there were 3000 applicants for these 75 units. and so we just need to continue to put money into the solution.
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specifically to sro families. >> this one is me and my husband. >> reporter: this woman and her family were among the lucky few. >> very exciting. very happy. yeah. all my friends say, you are very lucky. you get the lottery. >> reporter: city leaders have to come together and think about [ indiscernible ] do you want to see in five, 10 years? for many, the question is will chinatown continue to welcome new immigrants? as it has since the 1850s? or turned into a fagade for tourists? >>-ites -- i can't get over the size of that one little room where you have to stand out in the hallway. it was so tiny. times -- i'm curious, amber, with the new immigrants coming in, is there any new affordable housing in the pipeline so that they can continue to live in chinatown where they would feel most comfortable? >> advocates tell me they
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to build more affordable housing , but the bigger problem is the demand is so much greater than the supply. >> 450 families are living like that. at one couple had been in that little room for eight years. >> six by 10. >> what you have in there? just a bad? >> bunkbeds. >> two bunkbeds, a table where they have a rice cooker, some of the rooms have sinks but they share bathrooms and kitchens. >> wow. all right. amber, thanks very much. tracking the forecast, warmed up out there today in some places, cooled down in about this but the bottom line, temperatures well above the average with 60s and low 70s. got reports of coastal fog out at the gate this evening. there will be patchy coastal fog in the morning. winds are light, partly to mostly cloudy under day
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i mentioned in the 60s and 70s. a lot going on in the pacific, the large surf is now arriving at our coast, that's an indication of how powerful some of these storms are 1000 miles away in the pacific. those storms hopefully will have an opportunity to bring rainfall in our direction as we move through the long-range forecast. the forecast for san francisco for your friday morning, there it is. mild overnight, low 50s. partly sunny, mostly sunny, variable clouds all day, mid- and upper 60s in the city, by late in the day, a day just like today, turns out to be a pretty nice day, patchy coastal fog, temperatures again, well above the average. looking for rain out there, i we'll let you know what i see, we will see you back here in a little bit. a class tonight in the race for president. we will tell you about the clinton-sanders debate and learn why democrats are embarking on a road trip. the cal men's basketball team scored a big win tonight upsetting the oregon ducks.
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us about it. growing frustration in parts of san jose over illegal fireworks when people use to celebrate the lunar new year. azenith smith is at a strip mall where illegal fireworks started a two alarm fire earlier this week. and neighbors are worried it could happen again. >> reporter: no one has been cited for this illegal fireworks show. all caught on camera. that has some residents not only angry but concerned that the problem is getting worse. as lunar new year celebrations ramp up, some residents are not celebrating the uncontrolled firework display that light up the night sky.
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witnesses captured video of this two alarm fire at the grand century stripmall, a tree and part of the building burned. san jose fire department says it may have started from a large fireworks show. who is responsible is still under investigation. what is the cost of a two-alarm fire? >> good question. i don't have that number right now. you will have to think of the amount of personnel, over 40 firefighters out there. >> reporter: that doesn't sit well with a man who showed us a video of fireworks going off in his neighborhood. >> i feel like putting up a sign to everybody, to san jose. you can buy, sal and explode any kind of fireworks that you want with impunity. at no risk to yourself at all. >> reporter: we witnessed fireworks going off at the mall and assumed it was a permanent show. it wasn't. >> the city of san jose needs to put some enforcement action in and at least burden the cost of the fire response to the owner operator of grand century
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>> reporter: calls were not returned. we brought the concerns to san jose city councilmember roel morales. >> certainly now we are addressing this and attempting to do more than we were doing before. >> reporter: he says the city is working on finalizing an ordinance to allow park rangers and community service officers to issue citations as soon as next month. >> this is something that none of us want to have, whether it is a nuisance, affecting you because you have ptsd, you have pets, or the worst case which would be something catches on fire and we have a loss in property or even life. >> reporter: if you see illegal fireworks, asked to call the nonemergency dispatch line which is 311. the fire department wanting to put the message out there that they want everyone to have a happy and safe new year, the key word being safe. frank? >> azenith smith, thank you. we have an update tonight on a growing fund to help two
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san francisco's tenderloin. the nuns work out of a small space on turk street. their landlord wants to increase the rent by $2000 a month. they say there's no way they can afford that. after our first story aired on monday night, the mortgage company mason mcduffie in san ramon created a gofundme page to help the nuns. at last check, that fund totals more than $8700. have posted a link at have posted a a big wave surf contest coming into the bay area tomorrow.
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>> volunteers mobilize hillary clinton and bernie
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a debate in milwaukee. this comes two days after sanders soundly defeated clinton in the new hampshire primary. tonight, they battle over affordable healthcare and clashed when discussing how they would pay for the programs. >> i will not throw us further into debt. i believe i can get the money that i need by taxing the wealthy, by closing loopholes, i think we are way overdue for doing that and once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. and let us be clear, that every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for. >> this was the sixth democratic debate. sanders and clinton are now setting their sights on the nevada caucus and the south carolina primary later this month. >> california's primary doesn't come until late in june but democrats here are already heading to nevada to get out
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volunteers tonight and learned how each side is working on its ground game. >> reporter: that's right. the nevada caucus is right next door nine days away. california democrats from both campaigns tell me they are mobilizing hundreds of volunteers. >> we just spent nine days in iowa. >> reporter: mark murphy is a veteran volunteer, delegate for hillary clinton in 2008, now back on the road to help the campaign ground game. >> i was exhausted after 16 hour days. she's going from town to town meeting voters. i don't know how she does it. >> reporter: at a watch party in san francisco, volunteers are packing their bags for a week in nevada. >> i know what caucus, we have at least 100 people from the bay area. both to reno and las vegas. >> reporter: volunteers say the national campaign has been holding regular conference calls and training sessions.
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barack obama in 2008. >> the way she worked with obama, the way she can put stuff aside and serve the president really impressed me. >> reporter: what she can count on seasoned campaigners, sanders supporters are quickly upping their own ground game. two blocks away, a bernie watch party grew a -- drew a crowd. >> when the organization for started, we were piecemeal. >> reporter: volunteers say now they created a strong bay area wide connection and sanders' national campaign big reaching out to help organize volunteers. there's also been a boost from california nurses association headquarters in oakland, volunteers at a phone bank called nevada voters. >> we were the first major unit, with an endorsement for bernie. then we hit the ground running. >> reporter: the cna has also been running two buses around the country for sanders.
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just in las vegas alone. >> reporter: volunteers on both sides say they are energized by this closer than expected democratic race. >> getting a little bit heated but i think that's good for the party. it gives us a choice to say where do we want to go? >> it would help to have a fight. you are ready for the general election because we know the general election, the republic is going to fight hard. >> reporter: tonight i was talking with volunteers but each campaign has paid staffers and so far sanders has been able to keep up with clinton's fund-raising and use those resources to challenge her organization on the ground. that ground game is going to be influenced too by the demographics. nevada has more than 20% of the hispanic vote so very different from what we saw in new hampshire and in iowa. >> very much different than how his back east. interesting to watch how this plays out. thank you. the bart board of directors is putting an end to free parking at the coliseum bart station during sporting events. the transit agency already charges fans to parts during
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board formalized a fee structure for warriors and oakland a's games. the board plans to charge between seven and $30. also approved a plan to increase fines for parking violations at the 33 stations that have parking lots. a san francisco think tank says bart will reach capacity in eight years and as a result they are recommending building a second trans-bay tube. san francisco planning and urban research or spur says a second tunnel is no longer a luxury but a necessity. the people at barca agree that another tunnel is needed but right now they say they are focused more on repairing existing infrastructure. plenty of fun events for bay area sports fans on this weekend after the super bowl. here is rosemary orozco with our weekend watch. >> reporter: time to head out to the ballpark, giants fan fest this saturday at at&t park. 23rd annual event includes a viewing of the world series trophies, free player autographs, places to take
10:35 pm
fan fest is free and it goes on from 10:00 to 3:00. up for a good pillow fight on this valentines weekend, head to justin herman plaza for pillow fight 2016. the san francisco event will take place on sunday starting a 6:00 in the evening. this is an unofficial event, and it will depend on the number of people who show up to participate. in the south bay, a lunar new year celebration will fill the streets of the fetus, the country dragon you with a lion dance is happening this saturday , enjoy lion dance performances, in the celebration of the lunar new year, the free event will be held at the great mall entrance on great mall drive between noon and 2:00. spring is right around the corner, the alameda county spring home and garden show is going on this weekend. on site you will find hundreds of exhibits featuring custom kitchens and baths, doors and windows, floors, pools and spas, the show runs from friday through sunday at the alameda county fairgrounds. in sports, three of our warriors are at the all-star game, sharks hosts the coyotes and the at&t pebble beach pro-
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weekend. that is your weekend watch. before the week is out, mavericks will be taking place. in less than 10 minutes, the surfers arriving in town for the elite big wave surf contest. we talked about the friday warm temperatures, now we move towards the weekend and beyond. there's a chance for some rain
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fire converge the armed takeover of a wildlife refuge in oregon finally came to an end today. 41 days ago it started and today the last four protesters surrendered peacefully. a standoff at the national wildlife refuge started as a
10:39 pm
control of public lands. the city of berkeley says the balconies and decks on more than 400 buildings need to be fixed. after inspections that followed a deadly balcony collapsed last year, the city sent out 6000 notices to properties for inspection. 70% responded and of that group, 402 buildings had significant damage that needed repairs. inspectors looked for damage on balconies, decks, or stairways. the program and new building safety codes were launched early after the collapse of a fourth floor balcony in june of last year. six young people died and several others were seriously injured. >> a lot of people were leery of the program, thought it was an overreaction. thank us later. they came back and said i'm glad. >> new properties must meet new codes for ventilation and waterproof materials. all property owners are
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inspected every three years. stunning and cutting-edge, designs will hit the runway this weekend at the hot cooked work fashion show, dress rehearsals took place tonight at the crucible arts education center in oakland. bay area fashion designers and industrial artists are teaming up to bring their unique collections to the runway. they are creating more than 75 hot couture concepts illustrating the intersection between fashion, traditional materials and fabric. there's not another place you're going to see anything quite like this. with fire and fashion and each year we design new sets as well as backdrops, so every year folks can come and see something entirely different. >> hot couture 2016 is taking place tomorrow and saturday at the crucible in oakland. the show begins each night at 8:00. bill martin is updating his
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changes we will see th the mavericks big wave surf contest is now just hours away. today, some of the world's best surfers work arriving ahead of all of the action. as ktvu's tara moriarty reports, waves up to 30 feet are expected for the competition. >> reporter: local surfers have been catching waves all day. but these waves will palin took -- in comparison to the 30 to 40 foot ones expected that mavericks, the pinnacle of big wave surfing competitions. >> it's as scary as scary can be when things are going wrong. you will fear for your life. >> reporter: tomorrow marks the 10th time they will compete in mavericks. >> it's largely life-and-death.
10:44 pm
>> reporter: 24 surfers from as far away as south africa and brazil flew in after getting 48 hours notice. the world-class competition kicks off at 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> out there, it's such a rush. sometimes unique -- you need to make sure you are soaking it up. you're going 1 million miles an hour. >> reporter: there will be no festivities or jumbotron to watch mavericks but they are okay with that because this competition is about surfing, plain and simple. we did speak to locals who say they are going to hit their favorite watering -- watering hole to watch. >> it's all hands on deck. >> reporter: the old princeton landing bar will open it -- at 7:30 tomorrow morning. after the $30,000 purse is awarded, the surfers will come here where many store their boards. >> especially with big wave surfers, they are very personable. a lot of them have normal jobs. so they are blue-collar working people. they happen to do something that could possibly end their lives. >> reporter: the youngest
10:45 pm
no woman has ever competed in mavericks. savanna shaughnessy is an alternate this year. so what's the key to winning? >> just the guy that gets the opportunities. and doesn't make the mistake of falling and taking a wipeout. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2's. >> coverage begins with "mornings on 2" and our ktvu social media team will be posting updates and photos throughout the day. bill is going to be out there, getting up at 4:30 tomorrow and driving down there. you are going to be out on a boat? >> should be out on the ball right in the channel. going to be fun because i know a lot of the guys. i know two guys in every seat in the morning. there's a lot of local guys. it's going to be a good day. down there right now, the swells coming up, the fog is in so coastal fog that showed up. winds are light but fog is backing up coast. that's going to create visibility issues for the early morning contest. by the afternoon or midmorning,
10:46 pm
but it's going to be an interesting day for sure. we will see temperatures tomorrow a lot like this, lots of low 70s, 69 in concord, 69 in fremont. tomorrow's high is just about the same. there's the bridge, the bent in the bridge and there are the clouds that are continuing to stream on sure, those clouds are going to give us an environment just like today. as you come in close, a few clouds, mainly south down by monterey and santa cruz, santa cruz mountains, mostly high clouds but fog along the coast right now at golden gate bridge. temperatures in the mid-50s outside, current overnight lows will be -- current temperatures in the 50s, current forecast for overnight lows in the mid and low 40s. not cold or freezing but chilly. coming up. no big changes coming. this high-pressure sets up with
10:47 pm
again today at oakland airport, 68. this high is weakening today, friday and saturday. as it does, it's going to allow weather systems to start to impact us as we head into to stand wednesday and thursday. so here we are, tuesday, i moved it all the way through, so i pushed through to next tuesday and here comes -- that breaks that stalemate of the pattern, now you are getting a flow out of the west. more systems piling in. so that's encouraging, we'll be tracking that. right now that doesn't occur until the middle of next week. but it does mark a significant change in the weather pattern after days of very nice weather and above-average temperatures. 71 in mountain view, 70 fremont, five-day forecast bay area weekend, right into because it's friday tomorrow. temperatures all across, it does switch around drastically on tuesday and wednesday. back into it, nice-looking wet
10:48 pm
what the doctor ordered, snow in the mountains, shower around here. >> what do you think for the waves tomorrow? >> i think the faces will be 25 to 30 and some of the set faces could be 35. >> what are they looking for? >> 35 is what they're hoping for. maybe 40. >> can't wait to see the pictures of those. thanks, bill.
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area's mark is here now with sports. the cal bears, how about with them? >> what are we going to do without warriors basketball? instead we get a warriors-like performance. the kind of thing they might see when they assembled all that talent, the young talent on this roster, it's been slow to come about but the bears may be coming on just like you thought they might as they take apart number 11 oregon at the warriors are unbeaten on their home floor. thing tonight, jaylen brown showing his moves as he goes in with the left hand, 16 points, look at it again, cal went up
10:52 pm
this time, a blocked shot will lead to what you might call your high percentage shot as the bears moving quickly into the fourth -- into the four court. 13 points, but here's the play of the night. sam singer, wisely will put it in the hands of jabari bird, reverse slam. 20 point win, check it out again, 15-0 at home. 6-5 in the conference. greatness in the house at stanford when gary payton was on hand to see his son gary payton, stanford down eight, roscoe allen with the slam, stanford within six, but you will see gary payton the second do his thing as he takes the oregon state alley-oop, just like his dad, 62-50 stanford on the short end of things tonight. other local motion on the college court, pepperdine, university of malibu i call
10:53 pm
santa clara -- lookout for byu, they've already beaten st. mary's and gonzaga. tonight they put up one 14 to completely bewildered the dons of usf. is the corporate clambake at pebble beach where sports heroes and a few golfers meet every year to have themselves a ball in front of galleries surrounded by nature at its absolute finest. the porpoises need to be on hand. they are checking out the scene. a putt for par, bill murray, a compost golfer that he is, always camera friendly. how do you like me now? chevron ceo, looks like he's found some time to work on his game. john watson at pebble, that is what you call your eagle. the number 1 golfer in the world , which he was that good, jordan spieth at 15, spyglass,
10:54 pm
that punt. -- putt. just another beautiful side. fresh off their we can beat anybody win over the blackhawks a couple nights ago, the sharks trying to catapult themselves further into the upper echelon. instead find themselves skating upstream all night. they were down at one point, 4- 1, but they battled back for overtime, onto a shootout, 6-5, sharks lose but they do pick up a point. and we have again managed to pry loose the highly classified secret list that makes up the 2016 selections for the bay area sports hall of fame, what a sensational class it is, topping the bill, former second baseman, jeff kent, one of the
10:55 pm
not only a fantastic player but the alum has contributed mightily with his pocketbook over the years to women's athletics and also very deserving inductee, the one- time warrior mitch richmond who is also in the basketball hall of fame. of course hardaway and chris mullin, they had one of the most potent scoring machines in warriors history. here is the entire class of 2016, bay area sports hall of fame, peter mcgowan, former managing partner of the giants and greatly responsible for keeping the team in san francisco. the great raymond chester, one of the best tight ends in history. four-time pro bowl selection. he did win a super bowl with the raiders. we told you about mitch richmond and jeff kent and anne cribs, goldman your winner in the 1960 olympic games. still of course very involved in the bay area local sports scene. synonymous with super bowl superiority, the winning quarterback. got to hit the late-night circuit.
10:56 pm
manning to what they call an egg roulette contest against magic johnson. have a look. >> good to see you, buddy. >> oh! >> [ laughter ] >> all right. magic would also have a chance, what it was, one egg is either hard-boiled, the other is not. and you see that both magic and payton didn't have the best of luck in that egg roulette. >> they both have egg on their face. >> right. looks like they were good sports about it. >> very good.
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
thank you for joining us tomorrow night, i'm showing up at christina's house with a dozen red roses and a box of fine belgian chocolates.
11:00 pm
i can relate-- i'm the same way with taffy. after i went to atlantic city, i became a bit of a taffy snob. what are you talking about? i've seen you eat plenty of crappy taffy. yeah, but i don't enjoy it. anyway, after that, i'm taking her out to dinner. five courses, each paired with its own special wine, hand-picked by the in-house sommelier. that's french for "picker of the wine." wow, sounds like you're really going all out. hey, it's our first valentine's day together. can't just drive through a taco bell or take her bowling. no, i get it. i went through the same thing last year, man. candy, jewelry, carriage ride. boy, i'm glad all that romantic crap is behind me. you're at least gonna take her out for dinner, though, aren't you? she said she didn't want to do anything. no woman wants to cook on valentine's day. and every restaurant is booked solid. unless it's got a guy out front dressed as a hoagie and spinning an arrow. she said not to make a big deal out of it. i'm just following orders. mm, that's what they said at custer's last stand,


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