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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the test at the big waves at mavericks. a local man rides away as the winner. to compete is -- is an own -- honor and to win is i'm over the moon. 28-year-old nic lamb of santa cruz. i'm frank somerville. the titans of mavericks held today at pillar point tested 204 of the world's top surfers. by the final heat, some waves were pushing 40 feet. one competitor said the conditions were treachorous. he called the -- it the scariest thing ever. but they used balance to beat the odds. top three are all locals.
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he was surfing manufacture rick since he was 14. traverse payne finished second. we talked with the winners tabt -- tonight. she's at an award ceremony going on now. >> reporter: we're at downtown half moon bay. what a day. the guys were up at down -- dawn. they walked the red carpet. this is the restaurant for the award ceremony. they are celebrating. here's a look inside the vip event. they were handing out trophies. a moment of pride for the surfers and the larger community. the surfers answered the call coming from unand down the west
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world, a competition of surfing elite. >> it's one of the there. reporter: fans weren't able to watch from the beaches or bluffs. instead they crowded into bars to watch on the big screen. surf boards from champs hang in the raftors. >> the guys are coming up other country and hawaii. they are leaving the rafters and probing -- protected and can grape them when we he -- they want. >> reporter: the war owner said -- bar owner said this year meant a lot to the community. >> i can kayak. it's awesome.
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sufficient -- tough on the surfers who had to constantly paddle just to snow position. >> i saw a pump -- couple guys take a wipe out. >> reporter: traverse payne was an alternate. he got the call thursday night and found out he was in. >> pretty exhausted. i felt comfortable in my ability and just went out there and did my thing. 0. >> reporter: and nic lamb walked by here a few minutes ago. these are people who put their lives on the line for doing what they love. fans love them for that. they are doing what they can to find a central viewing location for next year so the fans can come together and experience it as a group. certainly they are staying it -- saying it was a successful mavericks this year and no one
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>> is there a cash prize for coming up -- in first? >> there is. so they get cash. 30,000. when nick walked by, he had this big check. kind of like the publisher's clearing house. had it written out. it was packed inside. when they say it's a family, you felt that tonight. people were in there. you could feel the love they have for the sport and also for each other. >> i also -- always look -- like the big checks. as you heard ricks one of those compat -- when one of those competitors isn't surfing the waves he's saving lives. payne works at a fire station. we dropped in there today and found them glued to the
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it's a great moment to see somebody from your station throughout doing great stuff. >> and at we've posted competition. page. a red-tagged home on the enol of a cliff in pacifica was afternoon. flame. you could see the fire truck arriving and dropping off a long firehouse. we got pictures from the oceanside of the fire. crews pours want you on it but the home was destroy mid. it was battered by el nino storms on the cliff there. they began failing during mid january.
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stormy weather created more damage. the emergency work project should stabilize the sea wall reconstruction for pre storm conditions should cost about $2 million. a strange story at the golden gate bridge. chp had two people being -- reporting they were hit by blow darts. you can see how long it is compared to the black pen. the first person told chp the dart hit his thigh, went through the genes and penetrated -- jeans and penetrated skin. a second victim said she had been hit by a dart in the kneecap. investigators are looking at surveillance video. the car was likely traveling in the lane next to the pedestrian
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an out pouring of family and friends of gus vegas. they spoke out for the fires time ave. was hit and killed inside his home. the officer was remembered as a compassionate man who would do anything he could to take care of his family. >> reporter: the family of richmond police officer gus davis walked up the hill bit church. his son talked about the amazing man his father was. >> he would literally wear his shoes down to the soles just so we had food on the table. >> they shared laughs. >> gus's family and ours love the broncs. we've been bronco fans. last sunday it was gus's family
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and catched -- watched the super bowl together. man, did we celebrate. that's the last time i saw gust gus. i will always treasure that memory >> i can't help but think now the compassion, general os it and love we are receiving is the testament to the love -- life that he led gee was killed by the father of his groaned son allegedly. >> this will hit me hard. it really affected me. but i mean we're -- we'll get passed this situation. that's what he would want us to do. he was a professional. the neighborhood was quiet with a thin blue line flag waving. >> a lot of people go to church but they don't live out their faith this. guy and his wife livered out their faith.
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and them as parents and grand parents. >> i taked -- tked with his widow and she told me he was her super hor oh. county sheriff's department releases a photo of the suspect in the case. he's the father of officer vegas's six-year-old grandson. he's facing charges of murder and kid nap snowing the san francisco city attorney is defending the -- defending the police officer bois -- who shot and killed mario woods. she -- he said the shooting was lawful. he failed to surrender peacefully and posed a threat to bystanders and officers. woods said, in the filing, they would have to shoot think -- him
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the city of oakland search -- reached a tentative settlement when he was hit and killed by a police officer heading to a call. in august 2014 he was hit and later died at the hospital. if city councilil approves the settlement the family would receive $2.5 million. a bike rider was killed this morning. the hit-and-run car was found in a parking lot about a mile way. the car was spotted and a person immediately knew something was wrong. >> the honda looked like it was ditched in a hurry. the dead -- hood was dented. >> the passenger side windshield
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top of it was smashed too. >> reporter: he said it was suspicious answer wondered why it was left behind his tacoria. >> i called and wanted them to take a look at it. >> reporter: for the fleece was the honda del sol bag south for a hit-and-run hours earlier. the driver took off leaving the bicycle lift to die in the street --. this fatality comes as -- as one of many this year. the 0 program should do -- improve that. they are identifying problem intersections and police are
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>> we are seeing an increase in vehicle fatalitiys. reporter: authorities have released little about the circumstances of last night's hit-and-run t. shows just how real the danger is. this is the sixth traffic fatality in 2016. please contact san jose police if you have any information. 0. a night to remember for hundreds of special needs teens and young adults. at 10:30 the prom where everyone is king and queen. minor chiefrng -- changes in store for your weekend start. big warm up coming for the second half. we'll have a look for what's going on why -- in your area
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one family fights to get 0 new at 10:00, the families of 74 sailors killed at this ship during the vietnam war are still fighting to get the foaming remembers recognized. the names were never included on
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>> they -- we spoke to the families. >> reporter: he was one of those sailors. relatives say the men made the ultimate sacrifice but have been all but forgotten. the turbulent 60s. vietnam was an unpopular war. and protests raged across the country. >> neat -- vietnam was a very painful time for the country but it hasn't stopped. >> reporter: pouring over old photos and newspaper slippings -- clippings, june 3rd, 1969, a day they will never forget. two family members were serving.
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it in half during a training exercise. the father survived, the son was lost at sea with other men. he left behind a young wife and a 14-month old son. >> i'll never have my dad and my son will never have my grandfather. that's painful. >> reporter: the names were never included on the war memorial in washington d.c.. he had seen gun battles. he traveled outside the official war zone to rearm and retrain. >> what i consider a very proud and long tradition of military service in the family.
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habilitation to the service of -- dishonorablo -- to all the members of the family that his name is not on the wall. >> the united states government was unhappy about the fact that 74 guys got killed in one incident in 1969 at a time when there was a a lot of -- a lot of anti-war sentiment. reporter: for years they contacted government but without success. >> it has taken a long timing. i'm determined to stay with this until we succeed. >> reporter: adds am schiff says he's working with the families. the final dis, he says, will come from the secretary of defense. and available space on the wall. >> that i think has been the primary hold-up. i think we're seeing an increasing level of sport.
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>> reporter: the riley he's -- rilils say this letter indicates another hold of up, fund geeing they serve their county -- country. they did it without complaint. for that, they are kicked in the teeth. >> reporter: the father who survived is now 91 years old and living newspaper state new york. i would like my father to be able to go down there, trace my brother's name off the wall. 0. >> reporter: these and other families hope members of the public are -- will write to their representatives. they won't rest until their loved one has a rightful place of honor on the vietnam war memory gyral you can see township means to the family.
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>> reporter: the family tells me it's $2,300 for one name. they are trying to raise it. they want to make sure all 74 get on the wall. >> i still don't get it. how hard would it be to put the names up there? and why wouldn't they? you listen to the son talk about how he wants his 91-year-old dad to be able to go down on the maim -- memorial and be able to stensil his son's name. i don't get it. >> reporter: they are frustrated, sad and angry. they turned to us to public listize it. maybe the public pressure will finally get the names on the wall. >> you can't honor the veterans enough. >> thanks, amber. history was made today when pope francis met with the patriarch with the russian orthodox church.
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leaders have met since the church split 2,000 years ago. the meeting happened while both were in havana. they signed a declaration to work together to protect graphicss around the world -- christians around the world. >> we spoke clearly without half measures and i confess to you that i have felt the comfort of the foley spirit in this dialogue. 0. from cuba post -- pope francis traveled to mexico city. he's on a six-day visit to take him to areas affected by poverty, immigration and violence. good evening tieu to you. we have partly cloudy skies outside our doors. temperatures are holding in the 50s. saturday has only minor clafrngs in store. patchy fog, partly cloudy skies.
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low 60s, low 70s. we're going to be just above the seasonal average. tomorrow morning lot of 40s around the bay. 47 mountain view. san jose is 49. inner east bay and the north bay will be the cooler areas. 44 santa rosa. partly cloudy skies, patchy fog, a lot like this morning. and this morning the temperatures are a lot like we had this afternoon. fairfield 70. upper 60s redwood city. pacifica and into the south bay, 71. by the second part of your weekend. temperatures rebound. warming trend gets under way. high surf advisory. more on that in a little by the year of the monkey is here. the work under way to prepare
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year's chinese new year parade. >> you've got to have high expectation. >> our first look at this year's
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>> flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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0 there is a new twist to the man. this is a picture of 73-year-old john beck at the oakland city bart station on tuesday. the picture was taken shortly after he was dropped off in downtown oakland that he never made. now it's reported that beck is facing a $113 million judgement for the ftc over a get rich quick info commercial scam.
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year parade is now about one week away. organizers are pretty busy getting ready. >> the preparations that are now under way. reporter: a traditional lion dansby san francisco police officers at a senior center brings a celebration to resident who can't attend the chinese new year parade. >> can't walk. i look at it on the tv. >> it's very rewarding, very enjoyable for us. we like to do this. we want to bring the seniors good luck. they smile and clap. and go wow this is coming -- coming here again. >> reporter: for those planning to shrill brat artists are going through truck loads of glitter and paint. >> he represents fun and
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we've been able to have fun playful -- playful floats. other float will be dedicated to ms. chinatown u.s. -- usa and her court. six area women are competing for the title. >> i look forward to working with the local organizations here to try to increase our presence. >> reporter: next week will be crunch time to finish the floats before the parade next saturday. 0. and you can watch that parade right here on ktvu fox 2 t. all begins 6:00 p.m. next saturday night. zika cases are rising. why a vaccine may still be a long way off. it's a night to
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people with new at 10:00 a night to remember for 200 teenagers and young adults with special needs. the young people all gathered tonight for a unique prom. volunteers helped to create a prom that was a whole lot more than a deasy dance. >> reporter: they got the whole prom experience. i could not stop smiling in there. for some of the young people it was their 50 -- first date and a once in a lifetime opportunity and goy -- boy, was it unforgettable. with high fives all around, touchily -- this 16-year-old was all smiles as he headed down the
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cheers. >> yes very excited. >> reporter: giving everyone a high five. >> he was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. he was one of 200 individuals with special needs. the guests danced the night away. it's one of 200 proms put on by the tim tebow foundation >> i see so many other kids that have the same type of disability that my son has. it's like he belongs. >> reporter: that's what it's about. it's the first time it's been held in silicon valley and it's no coincidence it's near valentine's day. >> they can be the kings and queens we already know they are. it's about pam perking them and making them feel special.
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from shoe shining and hair-dos and make up. all free, the limo ride and 900 volunteers. >> words can't express. i will remember this the rest of my life. >> i feel great. i am going on on a date for the first time in my life. >> reporter: a memorable night. >> i feel confident. >> reporter: you feel as -- it's a match made in heaven you two? >> absolutely. that is a fact. >> reporter: at this time -- prom there was no one king or queen. all of them got a crown to ware. night. you can't watch that stirpy smiling. >> reporter: it was greet -- great. smile. it was full of energy.
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and felt so good about them selves. it was a pre markable night. >> thank you. the two nuns endangered. they feed the homeless from a small soup kitchen. recently the landlord gave notice their rent is being raised $2,000 a month. now there's a $25,000 donation from tony robbins. and there's a gofundme page for them. the world health organization said today a -- experimental vaccines are trials. a growing number of cases are being found here in the united states.
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home and abrought -- abrought break. it could take years for a vaccine to be fully deployed. >> inspite of this encouraging landscape, vaccines are at least 18 months away from large scale trials. >> the virus continues to spread here in the summits. 21 states -- states. 21 states are recording out breaks. >> there are pre -- precautions. staying out of harm's way with respect -- respect to the bug that's carry the virus. a number of things are being suggested.
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to help departments around the country vials can be shipped around -- around the country to pregnant women. they are urging preparing -- pregnant women to be cautious. cdc is asking for emergency funding to fight the out break. the virus could spread vapidly in puerto rico oh and other u.s. territories. the animal right group pita is offer -- offering a reward to see who is spreading thumbtacks at a dog park in hercules. some dogs have been treated for eating some of those tacs -- tacks. there's a reward now to find
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rail. a decision on a refinery's proposal after four days of public out -- input. the extended forecast and what you can expect for saturday
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and today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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0 a woman looking for her lost cell phone found human resources maine alongside a highway in san jose. she fawned -- found a skull. when the chp arrived, they found nearly an entire skeleton and clothing. the bones were near a homeless encampment. >> we're talking about the homeless femme -- people in the area to see if anyone knows anything what -- who it may have been or what may have happened so we can eliminate anything. >> this discovery comes one day after sheriff's deputies found more remains near gilroy's college. a gun thrown from a car
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arrested 37-year-old darrell black man after he allegedly used his car to ram several other cars. he pointed his gun at several people as well people said. police still haven't been able to find the gun. homeowners are asked to call 911 if they happen to find the weapon in their yard. he's scheduled to be arraigned next week. the planning commission voteded no to bring in crude oil by rail. they wanted to build a railway to bring in 50 cars a day. last night's vote was unanimous. valero is the largest employer and they are expected to appeal
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nasdaq was up 25 and sump added 15. -- and s and p added 15. there's one full shopping day left before valentine's day. if you're scrambling for a gift, you're not alone. day. from chocolate to diamonds, people are searching for the perfect gift. for those on a tight budget, don't worry about what people spend. >> 44% of people say it makes their valentine's day to get something. a greeting card w can make your significant other very happy. >> the survey was conducted by retail me not. >> what kind of weather can we
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rosemary orozco is back with the 0 for the surfers at mavericks, monster waves are always a welcome sight. for -- but for anyone else those waves should be a warning. with a message from life wards this weekend. >> no. 17, spotted a person. he's about 50 yards after one. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department comes and saves him. this was only a demonstration but as -- it's a scenario firefighters and rescuers are seeing during this el nino. a fierce surf, large rip
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>> these are strong storms and back to back to back. so we're seeing multiple day says with -- days this. >> a surfer here at ocean beach and just three days ago, 60-year-old larry moore drowned last week when he tried to save his wife. she survived but efforts to safe -- save him were too late. >> more often when you have an untrained person trying to rescue someone from these conditions, we'll end up with two victims instead of one. >> that's probably the hardest question to answer how can you stand and watch that happen. you have to take some faith in our system and ablths to get people out -- abilities to get people out of the water.
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department says it's been averaging three rescues a month at ocean beach this winter alone. >> the message is stay a safe distance from the shoreline and never ever stern -- turn your back from the ocean. we want to make a quick correction on today's closing stock numbers. we want to show them to you ones again. the dow added 330 teen. 313. s and p was up 35. >> we had a nice day around the bay area. temperatures won't be changing a whole lot. we may be slightly cooler. a little by the of patchy fog. in the second part of the weekend you'll notice a jump in the tex -- temperatures.
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second part of the weekend and monday. for foam -- tomorrow morning, expect the partly cloudy skies and we're looking at fog on the coast line as well as inland communities. 59 degrees. half moon 56. livermore 58. right about where we were yesterday. we're looking at temperatures continuing to slide into the overnight hours. here's a look the the water veeper -- vapor and all the clouds. the system bringing a little by the of rain into northern california. for us it's been dry. we'll remain dry for the next few days. chance for rain is wednesday into thursday. see the rain to the north of us. not looking at anything for the weekend. and even beyond, the storm chang -- track kidney -- continues. it moves to -- into california and looks like webs -- wednesday night into thursday is the next chance for rain.
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between now and then. mild day for tomorrow. warmer weather coming sunday and monday. high serve -- surf advise rushlight if you are thinking about heading to the coast, we had mavericks today. for the north bay coast line and down into monterey, this is going on the entire day. won't expire until 8:00. rip currents, sneaker waves and large waves are expected to continue. temperatures in the low 40s for inland. 43 santa rosa. 44 in concord. around the bay upper 40s, low 50s. for the afternoon a lot like today. perhaps just minor cooling for some. not much. 69 hayward. 70 for oakland. 71 expected for san jose. the extended forecast. there's the notable jump coming
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next chance for rain wednesday 0 mark's here now with sporulates. it's the all-star -- sports.
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>> what do we talk about? the warriors around the playing -- aren't playing. the mystique surrounding the team. they put it out there. wheeze -- these guys have blistered everybody. only four losses at the break. everybody thinks they have a chances to break the bullas' record. they were asked if they were going to go for it. thompson said we about -- will go for it. foment the usual oh, we're not even thinking about that, et cetera. but for right now the three warriors participating are just taking all this all-star stuff in. >> this is the first time in 40 years they said, we had three guys from the warriors team. we're going to enjoy the experience. had the coaching staff last year. now three of us this year. >> we're just really seeing
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it's my first one. it's a life-long dream. >> celebrity all-star game tonight. definitely making his presence felt and the fashion statement. talk about a miss-match. all 6-8 of him. highlight. slam dunk it. tennis guy up on top. team canada by ten over team usa. like we said, everybody kind of jones-ing for warrior stuff. the giants coneventual came through.
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>> a new giants' season means no hair, new beard. and new contracts. >> it's all -- exciting for the whole family. >> and of course, new players. >> i see all the big rings. everybody is wearing it. i need get one in my life jute old guard front and center, the ones who have the big rings. they are embracing the possibilities. >> there's an under-tone of extreme eagerness and a lot of excitement to get the ball rolling. >> especially with the starting rotation that features five former all-stars. >> i felt the staff was so good about having healthy competition among themselves. i hope that's something this staff can bring to the strubel i feel good physically and mentally. that's a nice part to go into. now it's getting the work in and
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>> they are already going crazy here at at&t park. the biggest news. span will lead off and play center field pushing pagan to left. pitchers and catchers report to spring training wednesday. >> meanwhile, the a's badly in need of acquiring a power hitter of some note today. chris davis hit 207 homers last season. coming to oakland to provide some energy for a line thaup needs it. price is right and oakland gives up a couple of minor leaguers to get him. enjoy your retirement. age sent -- 26 mets relief
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the first to get a lifetime ban. the manager quoted said to some extent awninger and utter -- anger and amazement it could happen to him. >> the mood might change for golf. the scenario won't. chamber of commerce weather. that's mark wahl bushings rg. might want to play a golfer in his next movie. number three, nearly a hole in one. the pga story of the day, wow. the pro sun ka. mickelson is just a shot back. here is your friday night video
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0. >> oh, steph curry and his wife featured in a video tweet by the first lady. aimed at promoting healthy eating. curry is part of the first lady's campaign of healthy eating. urging people to eat more fruits, nuts and vegetables. they are -- they are lip sinking minions movie song by the beach boys originally.
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join yeah, i ordered the heart-shaped cake with "happy valentine's day, molly" spelled out in red hots. when will that be ready? perfect. i'll be by later to pick that up. you know, normally, they do the wording
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oh, that's right-- it's mikey that likey the mike & ikees. i'm taking her to her favorite restaurant, followed by a carriage ride down michigan avenue, then back to her place for dessert and champagne. carriage ride?! with that cold wind blowing off the lake? man, you ain't gonna see your testicles till about late march, early april. the nip in the air promotes snuggling. plus, i'm bringing thermal underwear and ski masks. mm. sounds sexy. like two cat burglars in the worst getaway vehicle ever. hey, i thought you'd be happy for me. i've finally got a girlfriend i can do something special with on valentine's day. oh, so you're saying last year wasn't special? you mean drinking beer with you at that off-track betting place? it was one of the most depressing nights of my life. that's because none of your dogs came in. you got to look at the animal's pedigree and study its behavior. you don't just throw ten bucks at a dog because his name is scooby-don't. (chuckles) scooby-don't. and anyway, don't worry about me--


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