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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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california athletic competition. why lance armstrong was turned away from a training run. >> and the splash brothers make waves in toronto. which warrior walked away as the 3-point team? the court's most conservative member gone. democrats and republicans are already facing off over who will appoint scalia's replacement. scalia's death is already having a big impact on the presidential race. >> reporter: the sudden death of antonin scalia sent reverberations through the political world saturday, shifting the balance of power of the high court. scalia was appointed by regan in 1986. a fierce supporter of gun rights
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marriage, he was the court's conservative leader and longest serving member. president obama reacted to the news by paying tribute to his long legal career and promising to nominate his replacement. >> there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and is a timely vote. >> reporter: joseph is a bay area attorney who knew scalia and whose firm has tried dozens of cases before the supreme court. he says there's no way the republican-controlled senate will push through any candidate obama nominates. >> there is not a chance of the good lord himself getting through that senate. because they're banking on a republican president and they want a republican appointment. >> reporter: two of the remaining justices, steven brian and anthony kennedy are in their late 70s. and begins berg is 82 and fighting cancer.
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it's not unconceivable that in addition to scalia's vacancy, the next president could have as many as three others to full. the next president could very well change the course of the country. >> we know that the u.s. supreme court will decide where your children are going to go to school. it will decide what drugs you're going to take. it'll decide what pole plants are going to be opened and closed. >> reporter: that responsibility seemed to be on the mind of the gop presidential candidates as they debated in south carolina. >> this is a tremendous blow to conservativism. a tremendous blow to our country. >> i really wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. >> reporter: the death was also on the mind of bay area republicans. >> a lot of things can be overturned if another liberal is appointed. huge. >> i was depressed because he's the conscience of the court.
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most important election of our lifetime. and i don't know. it certainly seems that way. >> scalia's death shifted the focus of tonight's presidential debate. john roberts was there as tempers flared amidst new urgency. >> reporter: the sudden death of antonin scalia changed the tone of the republican debate in south carolina. >> just to be clear, you're okay with the president nominating somebody? >> i think he's going to do it whether i'm okay with it or not. it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. delay, delay, delay. >> i believe the president should not move forward. and i think that we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run that supreme court with a vote by the people. >> reporter: witnesses in foreign policy experience were also major efficients.
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situation room. what three questions do you ask your national security expert about the world? >> what we want to do, when we want to do, and how hard do we want to hit? >> reporter: prior to the face-off, marco rubio promised a better performance. >> i think there are three major threats that you want to get on top of. what are we doing in the asia-pacific region where north korea and china pose threats to the national security of the united states? what are we doing in the middle east with a combination of the sunni shia conflict, and is the growing threat of isis. and the third is rebuilding and reinvigorating nato. >> reporter: there were a few surprise moments. >> i could care less about the insults that donald trump gives to me. it's blood sport for him. i'm glad he's happy about it. [ all talking ] >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind.
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>> while donald was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the economy was also a hot topic. >> everyone understands at home that the middle class has been left behind in the last seven years. and we've got to wring jobs back -- bring jobs back, get wages going up. it's not gonna be solved with magic pixy dust, by declaring let there be jobs. >> reporter: the south carolina republican primary will be held a week from now, saturday, february 20th. a 3-alarm fire has forced evacuations in san francisco and badly damaged a home. the fire
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baker. >> reporter: the good news is that there are no injuries to report. but we can tell you about 50 people have been evacuated from their homes. you can see crews are still here on the scene, working to knock down the fire. looks like they pretty much have that taken care of. a third home was surrounded but we're waiting to find out if it actually burned. it was a frantic scene as the fire went to three alarms. that call was made at 8:30. the fire department said it had the flames under control and no one was hurt. these are big victorian homes on this block, divided up into several units. on the other side of the block,
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evacuate said residents to -- evacuated residents don't have to stand in the cold. no one was hurt in this fire. no reports of injuries so far. there have been complaints about smoke in the area. close your windows, use fans if necessary. there's no word yet on a cause. just another picture-perfect day across much of the bay area. want to get ready for even warmer weather, folks. let's check in with mark. it's gonna be better than today? >> yeah, we're gonna be talking about some 80s back in the bay area. the middle of february,
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levels and heavy downpours. not the case over the next few days. highs in the 60s and a few 70s out there. liver more, 72 degrees, san francisco 66. and a few high clouds in the area in the afternoon. you can see the upper-level winds. clouds all moving around the upper portion here. clouds all heading up to our north, there's a circulation, an area of high pressure. that will be the source of some warming over the next few days and produce some 80s here across parts of the bay area, we just have some scattered high clouds out there paying us a visit. not completely clear. partly to even mostly cloudy skies. the thin veil of a high overcast. toward the bay bridge, fairly quiet out there for saturday evening. temperatures in the short-term, that'll be the big story. tomorrow morning we could have some patchy fog. look at the brighter colors work their way back into the region.
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warmest locations around 75 to 76 degrees for sunday afternoon. we'll continue to warm things back up with your monday forecast. rain chances in your 5-day. investigators are pouring over surveillance video trying to find those targeting people on the golden gate bridge with blow darts. two people walking north yesterday were hit by the needle-like darts. a man was hit in the thigh, the woman in her knee cap. officers believe the darts came from a vehicle likely travelling north. police in san jose are searching for clues in a shooting that left a man wounded at the bta light rail station on 2nd. a witness tells the mercury news three men were running in different directions after the shooting. the man was shot in the back. his injuries are not
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san leandro police identified the man accused of stabbing his father to death in their apartment yesterday. 21-year-old isaiah bostic is being held on murder charges at the jail. authorities say he killed his father, a men row park pastor -- menloe park pastor. investigators called that killing an isolated incident but have yet to give details about a motive. a 4-year-old boy in santa rosa was fatally struck by an suv last night in the park lot of his apartment complex. investigators say the boy was riding a bicycle and came out into the parking lot between two parked cars. police have not said yet whether the driver will face charges. reuniting a family on the
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>> they're protesting a controversial case where five children were taken out of the care of their parents last year by the norwegian child welfare service. a pastor and family spokesperson says the goal is simple. >> for the children to go back to their parents and for norway to completely revise their judicial system and their child protective service system. >> the protestors believe the children were taken unfairly from their parents. they're planning for a global protest in the coming months. giants fans got a chance to spend time with the team today. 30,000 people at at&t park for it was an opportunity for fans to mingle with some of the team's biggest stars including hunter pence and buster posey. they had the chance to have their
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get some autographs. >> it's fun to see the passion people have surrounding your ball club in this city. to come be a part of it and give back and is help add to the excitement. it's a lot of fun. >> the home opener is on april 7th against the dodgers. much more to come in sports. we'll hear from giants players on the upcoming season. and is a busy day at pebble beach. steph and klay battle it out. i don't have any hard feelings. >> lance armstrong denied the new rule that prevented him from taking part in an event today. >> volunteers are hitting the road hoping to sway the vote in nevada for their favorite candidates. >> and after an agreement,
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still be a long way off. hopes of securing a truce in syria are dimming as forces are tagging the news around rebel-held parts of aleppo. it prompted the foreign minister to put the chances at less than 50%. >> reporter: various foreign officials are not optimistic
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fighting. they give it a 50/50 chance. one of the main reasons for their doubts, the continued bombardment of syria's largest city of aleppo. russian and syrian forces continue to hit rebel-held parts of the city, and syria's government says as it continues to tighten its grip on aleppo, the bombing will continue as well. colonel oliver north said those air strikes will likely intensify. >> between now and the day this is implemented, if it is, you're gonna see enormous ramp-up in russian air attacks all over, particularly to happen -- help assad take back aleppo. >> reporter: there was "no evidence of our bombing civilians" they said despite accusations to the contrary.
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issuing killed by russian air strikes that are also hitting gid opposition groups. >> there is no way to adequately deal with the cessation of hostilities unless we sit down and work on every aspect of this from the political to the humanitarian to the military. >> reporter: as the political back and forth continue, there's skepticism if the cessation in hostilities will turn out again to be more political talk rather than action. if it does happen, the plan is to allow humanitarian aid to flow into the hardest hit areas. some cities have been cut off for more than a year with an estimated 13.5 million people in desperate need of help of that humanitarian aid, including those in the city of mudea where
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death. as many as a million people came out today to catch a glimpse of pope francis as he rode through the streets of mexico city. he toured the palace with nieto and is his wife. he spoke to the nation's leaders telling them they must do more to combat mexico's longstanding troubles with drug violence. russian prime minister said the world has flipped into a new cold war. he made the comment at a meeting of leaders in munich. john kerry had a different take on the matter. >> and it is clear today that while the cold war is long over, the need for the same qualities
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that, the courage and the resolve in defending liberty and in pursuing peace is absolutely as vital today as it was half a century ago. >> kerry said never before in history has the world dealt with as many failed or failing states at one time. klay and steph battle it out. >> volunteers for hillary clinton and is bernie sanders are heading to nevada. >> and is we've been warming up steadily. outside right now, just a few high clouds paying us a visit. and partly cloudy conditions over the bay bridge.
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forecast? antioch police say the victim was shot several times by another man. the shooter waited for officers to arrive on the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. the state department today released another 551 e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. 84 of those messages had parts or all of the text blocked out because they have now been deemed classified. three of those are classified secrets. clinton has maintained that none of the information was classified. another batch will be released on friday. california's primary doesn't come until late june. democrats are already heading to
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there. >> i just spent nine days in iowa. >> reporter: mark is a veteran volunteer. he is a delegate for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign now back on the road to help the ground game. >> i was exhausted after 16-hour days. she's going from town to town to town. >> reporter: at a debate watch party in san francisco, volunteers said they're packing their bags for a week in nevada. >> i know for caucus week, we have at least 100 people from the bay area going to reno and las vegas. >> reporter: volunteers say clinton's campaign has been holding regular conference calls and training sessions for volunteers. converting some. >> the way worked with obama, the way she can put stuff aside and serve as president really impressed me. >> reporter: while clinton can count on seasoned ed campaigners,
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their own ground game. a bernie watch party drew a crowd thursday. >> all the organizations were separated before, we didn't know how to get in contact with each other. >> reporter: now they see a strong bay area connection, and sanders' national campaign began reaching out in september to organize volunteers. >> reporter: there's been a boost from organized labor. at the california nurses association headquarters in oakland, volunteers called nevada voters. >> we were the first major union to come out with an endorsement for bernie. and we just hit the ground running. >> reporter: the cnetwork a has been running two buses around the country for sanders. >> this coming week, we'll have 200 just in las vegas. >> reporter: volunteers on both sides are eber giantsed -- energized by the closer than expected race. >> getting a little heated. i think that's good for the party. it gives us a choice. >> it helps to have a little
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the general election. republicans are gonna fight hard. >> the nevada caucus is just a week away. right now it's unclear exactly who has the advantage in that state. the organization taking dozens of animals out of california for a chance at a better life. >> a prestigious event denies
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change involving ped athletes are preparing for the world's most prestigious running event. it covers 100 miles from squaw valley to auburn. a new rule bans
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that prevents one famous athlete from taking part. that did not stop lance armstrong from lacing up his running shoes and participating in today's training run. >> reporter: there were two things runners were talking about this morning as they loaded onto buses headed for the start line of a 20-mile training run. the weather and? >> lance armstrong is gonna be here to train with us. >> reporter: the other talk was the new race rule. one week ago, officials for the event unanimously adopted an antidoping policy. >> it had nothing to do with lance armstrong. it came out at that time. we've been working on it for the last couple years. >> reporter: board members say armstrong, serving a lifetime ban from the u.s. doping agency, was already prohibited from entering western state because
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rule 18 is in response to a push involving elite athletes and an italian runner. >> it's their event so i respect that. and i guess everybody else should as well. i don't have any hard feelings toward that. to be honest if somebody saves me 24 hours of running, i should say thank you. >> reporter: armstrong posed for photos and signed autographs from fellow runners who seemed happy to have him there. >> i'm very new to ultrarunning. just a year into it, and i've been welcomed with open arms. so i think we should do the same for him. >> reporter: with races like this becoming more popular, the discussion of how to keep it drug-free has become one of the defining issues in their sport today. dozens of animals from bay
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a health life with a caring family. more than 40 dogs and cats were loaded onto a plane at livermore airport this morning. >> they can't wait. they have been seeing their pictures and meet them. >> and over 200 dogs and cats were flown today from southern california as well as oklahoma. events are wrapping up around the bay area to celebrate the chinese new year. for those planning celebrate in china town, artists are going through 600 pounds of glitter, dozen was truckloads of lumber, and hundreds of gallons of paint to
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and the ms. chinatown usa palace took place. and the big parade is coming up. you can watch it here on fox 2. our live coverage is a week from today, saturday, february 20th. valentine's day! just hours away! millions of flowers will be bought and then given away. but getting all those flowers here in the u.s. is a little bit of a tricky process.
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more? a southern california man
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say gonna be to his childhood home. he's plastered the outside with lots and is lots of family photos. the sweeneys have owned the home for generations. >> this house has been in our family for 70 years. and my sister and i were brought home from the hospital to this house. and my father passed away in this house. my grandmother passed away in this house. and is it's been the only house that i knew for up until i left college. and i really felt they needed to do something to give it a proper farewell. >> they decided to sell because upkeep has gotten to be too much. the new owners are developers who plan to bulldoze the home and is build condos. americans will spend almost $2 billion this weekend on gifts for their valentine. the popular gift is flowers. so where do all
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most are imported. >> reporter: sifting, picking, inspecting. the fresh-cut flowers your valentine may be getting you are one of more than a billion on u.s. soil being grown in countries such as columbia and ecuador. >> a sample is taken out of the cargo plane. and they will then go through all of those samples. if they detect anything that could be harmful, they work with the united states department of agriculture to determine what is it and is can it be mitigated through fumigation or does the product have to be destroyed? >> reporter: south florida is the hub for fresh-cut f sflowers --
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the border protection agency deploys hundreds of agricultural specialists from all over the country. they're looking for illegal drugs to 1,500 different types of p some diseases are a little more than a blemish. >> our agricultural inspectors are very highly educated. many have masters degrees, some with phds. they are experts at looking for the kinds of pests and diseases that would harm american agriculture. >> reporter: why so much work? fresh flowers are a lucrative and growing business. a 21% increase in processed, cut stems from 2014 to 2015. if infected, this industry can turn into a nightmare. >> some of the things cause harm to our agriculture industry. that's why they take
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>> reporter: couples spend about $90 on average this weekend buying something for their sweetheart, totaling $2 billion. you'll be enjoying those fully inspected flowers under mostly sunny skies this afternoon. rainfall showing up over the next few days as well. outside a live storm tracker, you can see a big circulation in the pacific. with that, a dry weather pattern for now and is a warmer one with more 70s in the forecast for sunday afternoon. scattered high clouds right now,
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the north bay. santa rosa, 60 degrees. wind developing right now. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. more calm winds out toward oakland. winds out of the west at 15. breezy conditions for your sunday as well. outside right now, looking toward the bay bridge as i mentioned. just a few high clouds paying us a visit. the dry weather pattern will continue. we'll start off your sunday morning with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40s to around 50 degrees first thing tomorrow morning. the key headline this is, a warming trend for sunday. especially into monday. on monday we could be talking about a few low 80s! monday and tuesday, the two warmest days of the week. rain gauge up to our north, high pressure is in full command of our weather.
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week we'll bring in some rain chances on wednesday. but count on warm to hot temperatures for tuesday. the wind speeds will be picking up throughout the day on sunday. we could have winds around 15-20, possibly 25 miles an hour. strongest winds are brighter colors showing up offshore near the immediate coastline. wednesday morning i think it's gonna be dry. by the afternoon and into the evening hours, bump up the rain chances. we'll keep an eye on that rain chance possibly lingering into thursday morning as well. forecast highs tomorrow for sunday, valentine's day 60s and 70s. concord 70s, antioch 75. san jose 74. half moon bay 67 degrees. here is a look ahead. your 5-day forecast, and temperatures continue to warm possibly into tuesday as well. and then finally we're talking about a the commute
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a different story in the afternoon and is evening hours. if you're going for a picnic tomorrow, it's gonna be great out there with mostly sunny skies. it does feel strange to have that february 14th. >> enjoy it while it's here. thank you. phil mickelson surges up the leaderboard.
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jaws in toronto! welcome to this saturday night sports wrap. nba all-star weekend has become as much about the events around it as the actual game itself. in toronto a fun-filled evening that was heavy on warrior participation. the heavy weights in the cloud, jer lander with upton. draymond green making his first all-star appearance and participating in the skills challenge. he was matched up with carl anthony towns. he could eliminate towns if he could make a 3-pointer. towns prevails. in the 3-point contest as expected, it was dominated by the two warriors sharp-shooters, klay thompson and steph curry. devon booker made it into the
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steph made his first seven shots. he totaled 23 for his effort in the finals. it was then up to his teammates to try to pop his number. klay thompson even hotter than steph. 19 of his 25 shots in the final round. and he edged out his brother with 27 points. the trophy stays with the warriors. >> the fact i gotta go up against steph in the finals again, like dij@ vu, last year. that's a daily thing we do, man. other. i never been on a team better than me. so it's a privilege to work with him every day. he makes me that much better. it's just exciting to come back to oakland and back-to-back years for the splash brothers.
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tonight regained its lost luster. aaron gordon with the creative effort. i think that got the attention of the fans. defending champion zach loo veen of the -- zach lavine of the timberwolves. by all accounts they should have just called it a tie. but it was lavine who outlasted gordon as they battled through two overtimes. and both kept getting perfect scores! and there is the actual all-star game to be played tomorrow evening. we'll see another player from the west featured in that game. it could be the last all-star game for kobe bryant who is taking a victory lap this season before he retires.
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to play a little d against kobe. you can bet the west players will do their best to make sure bryant has his moment tomorrow. it. that would be cool for him but never unfold. different. the nba and all us players try to dot best job we can to honor him, his career, and his last stop for all-star weekend. all sorts of ways to remember his career and acknowledge what he's meant to the game. i'm sure that'll continue throughout the course of tomorrow night. this weekend is in the running for best crosby/at&t weather in the history of the golf tournament. another day on the monterey peninsula where every shot was a portrait. and is a february day was better than what you can expect in the summertime! one of the
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murray, turning some early valentine's day chocolates and served a cold beverage. justin timberlake and alfonso riberro. and it's no secret that timber lake can play. great here on this par at 9. >> neither did mark walhberg and bubba watson. dead center. that runs well past the hole. hiroshiy iwata was playing. he made the short birdie. shot at 69, 2 off the lead. phil mickelson has won this tournament four times. the chip on the ninth hole of the day, no. 18 overall.
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mickelson on the seventh hole and putting for another birdie. in front by 2 strokes. both cal and stanford men's basketball teams trying to break out of what is a very crowded pack. payton slices through the lane to get a pair in an impressive way. the bear his some high-flyers of their own. bird brings it down the rim for 2 of his 23. the bears led by 12 in check. similar looking sequence here with jaylen brown doing the honors this time. bears are still undefeated at
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pac-12. just one game in the loss column behind oregon. stanford, cardinals trying to do what cal did earlier this week, knock off oregon. this one was tied all the way. roscoe allen with 3 of his 25. he just beats the shot clock, tying his career high. stanford led 74-72 in the final seconds. oregon with a chance to tie or take the lead. brooks is turned away by michael humphrey with the block. st. mary's trying to bounce back tonight after a disappointing home loss earlier this week. nice family night out at the pavilion. the gales bounced back nicely tonight.
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kitscher in who will knock down 3 of his 12. and here's when you know things are going right. the shock clock is running out on evan who lobs the ball up and gets it to the rim. follows the shot. and the ball goes in. 13 points on the night for nar. usf got to an evening .500 with a win over san diego. santa claired wiped out by byu. the sharks try to keep their upswing going for the home game against arizona. and the reporting that pitchers and
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corner. >> will let one fly from long-range. and that threads the needle. the sharks had more to come in the 1st period. brent burns makes a beauty of a pass. arizona scored once in the second. the sharks put it away with 2 more in the 3rd. the win gives the sharks 63 points and has them no. 4 in the western conference standings. on wednesday, the giants report to spring training in scottsdale. their fans got a chance to send them off today. matt cane looking for a big comeback season, healthy and in the rotation. buster posey ready
10:54 pm
guy missing here for the first time in years. one of the faces of the 3-time world series champions. tim lincecum. he will hold a try-out day with all 32 teams invited to take a look. >> it'll be a while. we're gonna look at him. but who knows? that's not a done deal. a lot at stake for the women's u.s. soccer team tonight, like qualifying against mexico. a scoreless game in the 86th minute. carla nieto was called for a handball. that set up a penalty kick for carli lloyd. the kick blocked by the goalkeeper but the ball comes back to lloyd who did not miss
10:55 pm
1-0. they clinch a spot in the olympic qualifying semifinals. the start of the nascar season is right around the corner. the start of the speedway, an exhibition race in which only eight cars were running at the end due in large part to that accident. the winner was hamlin. but that means very little. the last driver to win the opening race and also the daytona 500 was that's it for saturday night. see you tomorrow. >> a lot of fun watching those slam dunk contests. >> all of the contests! >> that's something they've said for years, it's losing its luster. >> no!
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>> great to see steph and klay. >> how do they do that? >> i don't know. over the mascot? crazy. [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us tonight. animation domination is next! >> tune into morning news at 7:00 am. and we're always here for you at
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things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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