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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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we head to the high country to see how this warm weather is affecting our water supply. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. a new signing up in alameda man -- a new sighting of an alameda man missing for six days. he owes the government more than $100 million. debora villalon live now at oakland where the mystery first began. >> reporter: he was dropped off for a business appointment here in downtown oakland on tuesday morning. his family became frantic when he blew it off. now they have a new clue to where he went next. >> we love him a lot. >> reporter: the family says this photo from instagram shows 73-year-old john back in san francisco on the coastal trail near lands and. they say it was snapped about noon tuesday.
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on park and left oakland. it brings daughter laura to tears. the family has spread missing posters as far south as san jose searching hospitals, police stations, shelters. now they say they will focus on the point lobos area and its trails which they say he knew well from going up in san francisco. >> my dad is a very reliable person. he goes where he says. he doesn't -- he's never done anything like this. very unusual. he's an amazing grandfather and a really solid, good, decent person. >> the amazing secrets found in his free and clear real estate system. >> reporter: john beck the family man seems a far cry from the businessman. these widely seen infomercials which promised easy money in real estate made beck rich and gotten sued by the federal trade commission. he was peddling a 39 -- $39.95 system but the court found it
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bankruptcy with a judgment of $113 million against him. >> it's been going on for four years. >> reporter: beck was not hopeless about his situation and there was nothing in the case to make him despondent. they understand his past might make some people unsympathetic. >> yeah. he had this issue, but the main thing we're focused on is finding him and getting him back. >> reporter: they emphasize beck is a devoted grandfather. >> the full support of the family for 40 years. he is the family man. >> reporter: now even faced with the seizure of his house in alameda as well as other properties there's a john beck remained steady. >> we always know exactly where my dad is. you could set a watch off of his schedule. he's always -- i called him and he picks up on the first ring. >> reporter: it also opens up the possibility he skipped town or staged his own disappearance. what his daughter refuses to
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>> he wouldn't leave us like that. he wouldn't hop on a plane and go hide somewhere. i can't even express how much my dad would not do something like that. >> reporter: a police report was filed in alameda in this missing persons case. john beck reportedly had little money on him, he has not used any credit cards or his cell phone. his family says he left his passport behind. >> so deborah, any idea where the search goes next? >> reporter: the family plans to focus on that plans an area at daylight tomorrow. >> debora villalon, reporting live tonight in oakland, thank you. temperatures unseasonably warm on this valentine's day, a great day to get outside and it turned into a gorgeous night. a live look from our roof camera overlooking the oakland estuary. let's go to mark tamayo who has the latest.
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february 14. even a tied record out towards san rafael, 78 degrees, but widespread 70s over a good portion of the bay area from san francisco, mountain view, san jose, morgan hill, even oakland, upper 70s. same for santa rosa and napa. on the satellite, not too much in the way of overcast. a few high clouds approaching the bay area. more earlier today, those have been sitting out, that will set the stage for a mostly sunny and warm to hot monday as you talked about here, very nice sunday evening across the bay area, temperatures have been warming up steadily over the past few days. that trend will continue into monday. for tomorrow, talking about a few low eighties across parts of the bay area for santa rosa, 81. san francisco 76. oakland 80. san jose in the upper 70s. coming up, a closer look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood for tomorrow. also talk about rain chances on the long-range weather maps.
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police swarmed around the scene of a double homicide in a popular bay area tourist spot. christien kafton tells us san francisco police continue to look for the shooter who fired bullets on twin peaks. >> reporter: san francisco police were at the top of twin peaks early responding to reports of shots fired shortly after 2:00 a.m. arriving officers discovered three men who had been shot. one young man was already dead. emergency workers rushed a 22- year-old to the hospital where he died and an 18-year-old is still hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. investigators are not releasing much information about the shooting, but they are saying the men appear to have been targeted by one man who fired the shots and fled the scene immediately after. at this point there's no description of the suspect but there are several broadcasting antennas on top of twin peaks and surveillance cameras in the area. it's unclear if the attack was captured by one or more of those cameras. hundreds of tourists brought their own cameras to twin peaks
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none had heard there was -- they were standing yards away from the scene of this morning's double homicide. >> two homicides? wow. that's crazy. >> reporter: ray ramos, jr. and his family were visiting from gilroy. despite this public sentiment violence can happen anywhere, anytime. >> neighborhoods i grew up in, i grew up where shootings happened almost every week. >> looking around, it's very public here. so many people out here enjoying this. i'm thinking, how did that happen? >> reporter: heather lin is visiting from nevada city, celebrating her mother's 90th birthday. she is shocked such violent crime could happen in such a public area. >> i grew up here, this is a little lovers lane, you would come up here on a date after a movie. there would be tons of people up here. that's many years ago but i can't imagine it's different. so how did something like that occur here? >> reporter: san francisco police are asking for public
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anything about the shootings come forward. again san francisco police saying he believed this was a targeted case that the gunman was targeting the three individuals were shot. this was not a random case of violence. in san francisco, christien kafton, fox 2 news. the search continues for the cause of a fire that tore through a home in benicia. flames broke out on casey court around 7:30 last night. no one was home at the time but there were three dogs inside. one of them died. firefighters say the two others are missing. the house sustained significant damage. investigators in sever cisco are working to determine the cause of a three-alarm fire last night on fulton near usf. the fire injured a child and more than a dozen people are out of their homes tonight. two homes were damaged, it took crews more than an hour to bring the fire under control. 11-year-old boy cut his foot while getting out of the house. the red cross is helping people displaced by the fire. officers are finding because about a traffic and -- accident in san jose.
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man who had been shot behind the wheel. the car struck a pole on me amonte near pioneer high school just before 4:00. the victim has not been identified. no arrests have been made. the man might've been fired upon by someone driving by in another vehicle but the circumstances remain unclear. santa clara county is partnering with the centers for disease control in an effort to try to prevent teen suicide. members of the cdc will spend the next two weeks conducting a study on suicidal behavior among young people. the move comes back after four palo alto teens took their own lives. the study will track risk factors and preventive measures that can be implemented in the county. remembrances continue to pour in for supreme court justice antonin scalia. the conservative jurist died of a heart attack yesterday at a ranch in texas. he was 79. current supreme court justices recall scalia as a towering
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and devoted to his family. the debate over scalia's successor has ignited a political fight that's also shifted the presidential race. as stacy stickles reports, the battle over who would replace him and who gets to choose is raging on. >> flags at half staff sunday in honor of supreme court justice antonin scalia. from the supreme court chambers to the texas ranch where he died saturday, on a hunting trip, late sunday scalia's body left texas for virginia. >> i'm quite confident that law students will be reading justice scalia opens a century from now. >> reporter: at the highest court, colleagues are offering praise for scalia who they called me know. liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg saying she and her colleague were quote, best buddies for more than 30 years. in the meantime, justice scalia's passing leaves the supreme court split between liberals and conservatives. that is fueling a political fight. president obama says he plans to nominate a justice to fill the vacancy and democrats say
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appointment should wait for a new president. >> right in the middle of a presidential campaign. and somebody is going to win that and the person who wins that is going to have the right to replace justice scalia, whether a democrat or republican. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> reporter: his death leaves conservatives without a key vote that could impact some major cases before the high court. the white house says president obama will not introduce a nominee this week but rather, when the senate returns from recess. officials here in texas say it appears justice scalia died of quote, natural causes. in el paso, texas, casey steel, fox news. the sierra snowpack above
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to melt faster and earlier than expected. 11 year dry spell ends at pebble beach, we'll have highlights from today's stunning win. next, we'll speak with a local filmmaker who has two movies coming to tv soon. flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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an east bay filmmaker who has produced more than 20 documentaries has two new films coming to dvd. >> doug harris grew up in berkeley and focused his attention on sports figures. lately he's been branching out. doug joins us now from the newsroom. one of your films is called basketball guru. it is about legendary usf and cal basketball coach pete newell. everyone wants to know, why did you choose him as a subject? >> pete newell's documentary came about from a short film that i was doing about usf, the history of usf basketball. and usf history begins with pete newell. and so that project pretty much morphed into a story about his life, because no one had ever produced a documentary about pete newell, and he probably has the most brilliant mind in the history of the game of basketball. >> and he won the mit while at
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he won the pac eight championship while he was at cal. he had the winningest record against john wooden at ucla. a lot of fascinating information but he really became a legend way beyond the call -- college ranks, didn't he? >> one of the things he is most noted for his what's called the big man's camp. this is a camp where he trained some of the greatest nba centers and forwards of all time. he would work with these players in the summer time and it was just a great program that he ran every summer. >> all right. so i know they're working on a couple of other projects. one documentary is about byron rumford, a name many of us are not familiar with but he was one of the first black members of the california assembly and led the charge to change housing rights for minorities. so why did you choose him? >> i didn't choose byron
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my mother, gloria nelson, she insisted that i take a break from some of the sports documentaries and focus on a wonderful, wonderful civil rights pioneer from my hometown in berkeley. so i had been working on that project for the last three years. and it finally made its way to the airwaves. and i'm happy about the film, because it's my -- it's actually my first pbs broadcast. >> what was most surprising when you were researching that? the most surprising thing about him? >> well, the most surprising thing about byron rumford was the fact that it's alleged they stole the election from him when he ran for state senate in 1966. that was actually the most difficult part of the documentary to break down, how that election was supposedly rigged up and he lost that election and it was a bad situation. but byron rumford is revered in
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and also in the berkeley and oakland communities. so i'm very proud of the fact i got a chance to document his story. >> you've done a lot of projects. what's next? >> well, next i'm working on sports again. we're going into baseball. and we're going to be working on a project called called up, the story of ashford, major league baseball's first black umpire. and this year when the season starts, we'll be celebrating the 60th -- excuse me, 50th anniversary of when emmett ashford came to the major leagues from the pacific coast league. >> doug, you pick some topics that a lot of people just aren't familiar with. but they are so important because there's a lot of groundbreaking civil rights work that you are discussing. it's fascinating stuff. real quick, tell us when people can see the pete newell story and the byron rumford story. >> the pete newell basketball
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will be aired on wednesday, on wednesday, february 24 at 7:00. immediately after the golden state warriors versus the miami heat game on comcast sportsnet. >> there should be some people watching that. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. to find out more about all your projects, you have a website, www. people can check it all out. there's a lot of fascinating stuff there. doug harris, thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. the middle of february, talking about temperatures in the 80s across parts of the bay area. the high clouds heading way up to our north, the main storm track is rotating around this big circulation, that's an area of high pressure offshore that has been warming us up. that will continue to warm us up into monday. closer look at the satellite still, partly cloudy skies
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tracking high clouds, chloe sent this nice picture from clear lake, sunrise with partly cloudy conditions, has been a very warm valentine's day across the bay area. we are expecting another round of warm temperatures as we head towards your monday. 40s and 50s to start out the day tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, santa rosa 49, concord 49, morgan hill 47, san francisco lower 50s, 52 degrees. here is the plan for tomorrow, as you can see, not too much in the way of cloud cover. then expecting mostly sunny skies into the afternoon and lots of 70s out there. that yellow contour links up to the 70s and a few oranges showing up, that's in the 80s. eventual temperature range tomorrow afternoon, 70 to 80 degrees, temperatures above average, we could be talking about records as well. i'll step out of the way, san rafael, that 80 could be a record at that -- if that verifies.
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san jose, possibly getting close to that 80 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. could be a couple degrees shy. everybody above the average, we could be talking about a string of records for monday. another warm day into tuesday, but then finally, talking about a system that could bring rain clouds, we'll talk more about that with the timing of your five-day forecast coming up at about 10:35. a rose is a rose, americans expected to spend billions on flowers, cards and candy. we will go inside the business
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and looking here at the number of points scored, first quarter, 40-43. grenade, crazy nba all-star game. >> it's an exhibition. the word defense was not used today at all. the nba all-star game has been more of an exhibition than a
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this he was game took that concept to a new level. the warriors with draymond green, klay thompson and steph curry in the game, the first time the warriors have had three all-stars in 40 years. curry known for his shooting, not so much for his dunking. he puts one down here off the feed from kevin durant. this was the final all-star game for kobe bryant who is calling it quits at the end of the season. watch this one, on the way to a 10 point game. it was showtime all night. curry lurking, stealing the inbounds pass assisting to his teammate, green. the west had a 92-90 lead at halftime. more of this aim it second half. curry makes like a girl -- like a globetrotter, feeds russell westbrook. westbrook was the game's mvp. are you ready for the final
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west winds with a record final of 196-173. the routine of the regular- season returns for the warriors on friday when they resume at portland. with a two -- with a two- stroke lead, phil mickelson was the favorite to win the pebble beach pro-am for the fifth time in his career. no one was talking about vaughn taylor who only found out on monday that he was in the tournament as an alternate. weather was perfect for the super bowl and the at&t. taylor who had not won into her in 11 years began the basic strokes off the lead. then he got really hot, approach to 15, taylor would make four straight birdies on the back nine, caps that one. than his 16, tailor-made the putt of the day. at this point he moved into the tournament lead by one stroke. taylor is happy about his fourth straight birdie. a few holes behind, mickelson was in contention. for birdie at 13, now he's within a stroke of the lead. taylor can just about lock up
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more birdie at 18. becomes that close. settles for a round of 65. then he had to wait, mickelson running out of holes, he drains this birdie to pull within a stroke. taylor can only watch the champion, then get himself in position for a birdie at 18 to pull even. make this and they are in a playoff. mickelson lips it out, vaughn taylor has his first win since the reno tahoe open in 2005, ranked 447th in the world coming in, taylor cannot only celebrate this win but also the fact he is eligible to play in this year's masters. final leaderboard, taylor by a stroke or mickelson, a couple of sweet next. adjustment for the stanford women's basketball team, accustomed to storming through the regular season. the cardinals hosting arizona state ranked fourth in the national rankings. stanford came from 17 down in
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the nice feed to -- in ot, the sun devils tied it, then at the buzzer, watch this. sophie brunner beats the buzzer. arizona state wins 63-61. stanford, 20-6 overall. the winds have been elusive for cal today. cal in the valentine's day pink uniforms. callan changes that come with three of her 13 points. the big player in this one was freshman christine. she was a force inside, going 8- 8 from the field, she would go on to score 24 points in all. the bears win 75-56. cal within one game of the .500 mark overall at 12-13. lots more coming up at 11:00 on sports rep. a lot more of the all-star game.
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weekend. >> looking forward to that. world leaders in germany, cya former u.s. senator called comments hypocritical.
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death of dust -- justice scalia highway patrol is investigating two deadly crashes overnight. the first crash happened about 1:00 this morning on highway 1 near doran beach road into bodega bay. two people were killed after their car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. prelim in their investigation shows the vehicle was northbound on state route 1. >> it crashed -- it went off the roadway and crashed into a eucalyptus tree and caught fire.
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deceased at the scene. >> investigators say it's too early to know exactly what caused the crash. around the same time the chp says a motorcycle rider fleeing from officers lost control and crashed into a fence in sebastopol and that rider was killed. we're told police initiated the chase because the motorcycle had been reported stolen. to the race for the white house, candidates on both sides still talking about last night's fiery ghp -- gop debate. as kristen fischer tells us, they are also getting into the political battle following the death of justice scalia. >> i was pleased with the debate. i was the only person that went after donald trump. >> reporter: fallout from saturday nights contentious gop debate. >> my mom is the first woman i know. >> when jeb gets up and says we were safe under his brother, we weren't. he got us into the war in iraq which is one of the worst
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>> reporter: ted cruz versus marco rubio. >> in this campaign in the last few weeks, he has developed this disturbing pattern of telling things that aren't true. he had an had pulled off the air because it lied about sanctuary cities and immigration. >> his record on immigration, and supporting amnesty, he just response telling lies. >> reporter: john kasich is trying to keep his momentum after his second-place finish in new hampshire by being the voice of reason. >> it's been my intent to be positive. >> reporter: the fight continues to win over minority voters in nevada and south carolina. >> if we broke up the big banks tomorrow, and i will if they deserve it, if they pose a systemic risk, i will. would that end racism? >> we're going to surprise people in nevada and in south carolina. >> reporter: the death of justice scalia is now a major topic on the campaign trail. both democratic candidates say president obama should nominate
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>> the constitution is pretty clear. the president makes the appointment. the senate confirms. let's get on with our business. >> reporter: republican candidates a new appointment should wait. >> one more liberal justice, the second amendment will be written out of the constitution. one more, the court will strike down every restriction on abortion. >> reporter: less than a week away from the republican primary in south carolina. the democratic cost -- and the democratic caucus in nevada. kristen fischer, fox news. crisis in syria dominated a meeting in munich. western leaders seemed to have little faith that russia will respect a new cease-fire accord. yesterday russian prime minister dmitry medvedev said the world was slipping toward another cold war. that statement met with biting responses from drop and its allies. former senator joe lieberman was part of the u.s. delegation and called his comments hypocritical. >> he comes here and warns us,
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it was the russians who by their own actions still have troops in ukraine and also sent their troops into the middle east again. >> it is hoped the syrian cease- fire plan will take effect early in the week. michigan governor rick snyder wants the federal government to expand medicaid coverage for some flint residents. snyder has requested benefits for people under 21 and pregnant women. all who have been exposed to the city's lead contaminated water. 15,000 residents would benefit if the government approves his request. lead from aging pipes leached into the water supply 18 months ago. the city is trying to raise $28 million for infrastructure upgrades. even pope francis got a valentine's day and spoke with children in mexico. >> the pontiff visited a children's hospital where he
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wheelchair who gave him a homemade card. that visit came after the pope celebrated a mass before more than 300,000 people in one of the roughest suburbs of mexico city. the pope chatted with children at the hospital and gave one boy some medicine from a dropper. pope francis is due to travel to the southern mexican state tomorrow. the damn ball towns -- town council is considering a ban on short-term resident -- their neighbors have built large additions to their homes specifically for airbnb type rentals. the rentals bring undesirable people into their neighborhoods, along with traffic and parking problems. opponents of the bands hit the matter is a dispute between two neighbors, and that there are only 15 airbnb rentals in a town of 60,000 homes. the new ordinance would ban all rentals of less than 30 days. a few things brighten up valentin's -- valentine's day
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-- fresh flowers. at the flower mart, the cost for 25 red roses was about $35- $40. we're told that is about the same as last year but florists say that tubes were also really popular this year and they can be quite less than roses. the flower mart was selling a bunch of tulips for just $6.50. >> men buy red roses. that's the rule. they think all women want read. usually women would rather have white or color or something like that. tulips are always a big hit. everything is in season right now. hydrangea, it's gorgeous. >> the future of the flower mart, you may remember was unclear for several years after developers i've property. it was sold last year but the owners reached an agreement with the tenants and wholesale market will stay at its current
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the san francisco flower mart is now one of only five wholesale flower markets left in the u.s. high temperatures causing a snow melt in the sierra but is it coming a little too early? what it means for our water supply. that warm up being felt in
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like 70 degrees in the this valentine's day brought record-setting cold to parts of the east coast. in boston, temperatures dipped to nine degrees -- minus 9 degrees below zero. that would be nine degrees
10:38 pm
that broke an 81-year-old record. not everyone who went outside was happy about that. >> i think it's absolutely awful. >> kind of chilly. >> i do not love the cold. i'm yearning for florida this time of year. >> others said the cold weather was the perfect excuse to cuddle on valentine's day. forecasters say there's a good chance of snow tomorrow in new york city as well as in philadelphia. different story here, warm temperatures in northern california are causing snow melt in the sierra. as mitler he shows us, it's producing spectacular gifts from mother nature. >> reporter: the snowmelt creating a spectacular water shower at bridal falls, along highway 50 in the sierra. travelers stopped in their tracks to see this gift from mother nature. >> we were like, almost over there. we saw it and right away, my husband is like, let's stop. we almost hit a car. [ laughter ]
10:39 pm
virtual tourist trap. >> i like this place. it's beautiful. >> reporter: for some like charlotte bauer, the journey here brought back many good memories. >> my husband and i drove by here for many years. it was often a place where we stopped. it was a view -- a very beautiful place. >> reporter: higher at the 5000 foot mark, the road to the lake was nearly devoid of snow. sharp contrast to the same location just three weeks ago. before the snow began to melt. and near kuipers, white water rapids along the south fork of the american river. while it's exciting to see all this fast-moving water because of the snowmelt, you have to remember the calendar says it's only mid-february and not april which means we need a lot more snowpack in the months ahead. >> it's too bad that we are not having a little bit more el nio. we need a bit more. hopefully in the next month or two, we'll
10:40 pm
>> eventually, much of that will end up here at folsom lake which is the 117% of average for the date at roughly 63% of capacity. with more snowmelt on the way. the warm temperatures, a big draw for everyone. >> it's a beautiful day for a drive to get outside. haven't been up to tahoe in years. so it's a nice day to get out. perfect day. >> reporter: a perfect day in the sierra. >> that was mike lurie reporting. you can feel the warmth up here, let's check in with mark tamayo, couldn't believe it today, walking around the city, it was hot. >> 70. sweating out there. walking around this afternoon. tomorrow, even warmer. so get ready for that. by midweek, it will feel like windsor -- winter once again. with rain and sierra snow, they could pick up to close to a
10:41 pm
on the satellite, a big circulation out here, that's a big area of high pressure that's pushing the main storm track up to our north and also warming up the entire bay area. a closer look at the satellite, the winds coming in out of the north, we are expecting some gusty conditions in the hills and also toward the delta for tonight and into tomorrow morning with the northerly flow in place. right now, scattered high clouds across parts of the region, look at some of the current numbers out there as we come in closer, right now 59 in san jose, mountain view 62, san francisco 57, i had to check on the fairfield temperature, 71 degrees. all because of that wind i mentioned. out towards fairfield, sustained at 18, gusting to 28 miles an hour. more wind reports a bit of a breeze towards santa rosa, so locally, breezy tonight and into your monday morning. outside right now, partly cloudy skies for your sunday night, overnight lows in the
10:42 pm
day, that's going to set the stage for a fairly warm day. look at san francisco, 7:00 a.m., mid-50s. sky cast, lots of sunshine to the afternoon hours. lunchtime, easily back up to the 70s and mostly clear skies. 6:00 p.m. come back down into the 60s. the main source of warming is this big area of high pressure offshore. it's going to stick around for monday. even into tuesday. next few days, warm but hot for this time of year. than the big change, as you seem to midweek, this front moves in and definitely a sharp drop-off in temperatures by wednesday. we will be talking about rain showers in the bay area as well by midweek. our forecast model, mostly sunny skies for monday, taking this into tuesday, partly sunny, wednesday morning could be dry but then later in the day, by late in the afternoon, bump up those rain chances, rainfall in the bay area could range between a quarter of an inch to three quarters up in the north bay. look at these numbers for
10:43 pm
80s sprinkled. look at that 80 showing up in oakland, livermore 78. san jose upper 70s. gilroy, forecast high of 80. san francisco walking around, going to feel very warm with 76. a look ahead, five-day forecast, still warm on tuesday. a few extra high clouds, then rain developing into wednesday. chance of showers into thursday, a slight chance in the north bay for friday. upcoming weekend looks like it will be dry. so heather and ken, mid- february could be a beach day. >> great. >> thank you, mark. did you see steph curry tonight? we can relive the awesome half- court shot with spore trap. >> never gets old. jason popple bomb and joe fonzi have a preview of what's coming up. >> stephon curry dunks at the nba all-star game. the league pays tribute to kobe bryant one last time. >> a dramatic finish at the pro- am involving phil mickelson and
10:44 pm
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wrap", at 11:00. the families of 74 sailors killed on a ship during the vietnam war say they are still in -- still fighting to get their loved ones recognized. they were aboard the uss frankie evans and died in support of the war effort but their names were never included on the vietnam war memorial in washington. >> amber lee spoke with the family of one of those sailors who says their legacies are being forgotten.
10:46 pm
vietnam was an unpopular war. and protest raged across the country. >> it was a very painful time in our country. that pain hasn't stopped. >> reporter: for -- for larry riley and his uncle, that pain is still palpable as they step back in time pouring over old photos and newspaper clippings. june 3, 1969, a day they will never forget. two family members were serving on the uss frankie evans. lawrence senior and his 20-year- old son lawrence, jr., an australian ship struck the destroyer slicing it in half. the father survived, the son lost at sea with other men. he left behind a young wife and a 14-month-old son named after him. >> i never had my dad.
10:47 pm
grandfather. that's painful. >> reporter: adding to their pain is that the names of the 74 sailors were never included on the vietnam war memorial in washington dc. providing gunfire support to u.s. marines on the ground in vietnam but had traveled outside the official war zone to rearm and train. >> what i consider a very proud and long tradition of military service in the family, and i think it is dishonorable to the service of all the members of our family that my brother's name is not on that wall. >> reporter: the riley's suspect politics is behind the exclusion of the 74 men from the memorial wall. >> the united states government was unhappy about the fact that 74 guys got killed in one incident in 1969 at a time when
10:48 pm
sentiment in the united states. >> reporter: the riley's and families of the other man lost at sea say they've contacted their congresspeople and written to the president for years without success. >> it has taken a long time. i'm determined to stay with this until we succeed. >> reporter: california congressman adam schiff is working with families and while the secretary of the navy agrees the 74 men should be included, schiff says the final decision will come from the secretary of defense. and available space on the wall. >> that has been the primary hold-up, but i think we're seeing an increasing level of support, certainly in the congress. >> reporter: the riley's say this form letter from john mccain indicates another hold- up. funding. >> it's ridiculous. it makes me angry. they served their country. and they did it honorably. and they did it without complaint. for that, they've been kicked in the teeth.
10:49 pm
-- lawrence, the father who survived, is now living in upstate new york. >> i would like my father to be able to go down there, trace my brother's name off the wall. >> reporter: that was amber lee reporting. the riley's end of the families hope that members of the public will write to their representatives, the president and the secretary of defense. they won't rest until their loved one has his rightful place on the vietnam war memorial. just into the newsroom, a memorial service has been announced for richmond police officer augustine just vegas, the off-duty officer killed last week during a domestic dispute as his -- at his vallejo home. the memorial will take place friday at the richmond memorial auditorium, in richmond. the service is open to the
10:50 pm
we will bring you more information as it becomes available. you can get more information at
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10:53 pm
the service is open to the san mateo county courthouse was open this morning to perform valentine's day weddings. staffers and volunteers came to the courthouse on their usual day off to officiate 11 weddings today. the first couple who got married this morning has been together for 34 years but decided to finally make it official in order to grant the bride's late father his dying wish. >> he always wanted us to get married and stuff. unfortunately, he passed first. but we're in his home and just feeling his love. and in his honor, we thought okay, let's do it. valentine's day is the best day of the year.
10:54 pm
today from 9:00 to 2:00. county clerks usually officiate 1000 weddings every year. how's this for a special valentine's day gift? a high school senior in utah gave every single girl at his high school a flower. 17-year-old hayden godfrey saved up to buy 800 carnations for the girls at skyview high school. it cost him $450. he just wanted to make sure all of them went home happy last week. and godfrey's girlfriend agreed. >> to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face, makes me very happy and proud of him. >> i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. i want to make as many people happy as possible. >> what a nice guy. godfrey worked as a cook at several fast food restaurants to earn the $450 for those flowers. >> thanks a lot. set the bar high for the rest of us. >> and he's 17. [ laughter ] >> thank you for making ktvu your source for news.
10:55 pm
let's get one like chest -- one last check of your forecast. >> finally, some rain in the sierra by wednesday. >> sounds good. thanks. we'll see you later and
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this week, the french national assembly votes on extending a state of emergency in effect since november's islamic extremist attacks. ris with armed gunmen on thee famous eiffel tower. rrific night became their 9/ life may never be the same. scott thuman found the frenclt and patriotism. -- resuolve and patriotism. scott: paris, november 13, 2015, the sounds of a city under siege. parisians at random -- a crowded theater, packed cafes and match. 130 dead, nearly 400 injured. and a nation that once sures was now under attack by a new enemy, in this case, one that didn't weare again. >> this is paris and i'm an


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