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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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coming up on this february 15th. >> you're watching news 4 on your side in high definition. >> you can't get enough of tim study baker, obviously. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for sticking around on this monday morning. welcome to news 4 today. morning. half hour. yeah. big political battle going on in washington, following the sudden death of circuit court justice antonin scalia. he passed away saturday. president obama said he's going to name a nomination. republicans in the senate say, "whoa, not so fast. you're a lame-duck president. we should let your successor name atonin scalia's successor." we'll have much more on that, possible names president obama has on the top of his his. >> we'll be getting to that story in just a bit.
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campaign in nevada today on the heels of bernie sanders' stop in reno. hillary clinton's web site said she will attend an event in elko. morning. then the presidential hopeful will head to reno to host a women's health meeting. that's happening at 12:15. then her last rally -- next saturday is planned for 2:30 p.m. at truckee med keys community college. the doors for that event open today at 12:45, and parking is free. that is where she told a group of dreamers that without a new justice appointed to the circuit court to replace the late just atonin scalia, who passed away over the weekend, the court -- millions of immigrants would stay in place. she went on to talk about the most recent republican debate. >> i've listened to the
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i have to tell you, i often don't recognize -- i don't recognize the country they describe. i don't understand the really mean-spirited rhetoric, the attacks on so many different kinds of people. >> clinton went on to say those attacks promote divisiveness at a time when the country needs to be more united, and as we said, remember, hillary clinton will be in both elko and reno today. we have her schedule on our web site. and the caucuses are fast approaching. in fact, less than a week away now. voting registration for the republican caucus has closed. republicans will submit their caucus votes on tuesday, february 23rd; and if you are already registered, the republican party is allowing people to submit their -- on a ballot. but first the contracts will have their caucus. that's coming up this saturday morning, february 20th. the democratic party will be allowing people to
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well it has been two weeks since r,no's latest taco shop opened downtown, and people just can't seem to get enough. news 4's alex knito is live with a look at how successful roberto's has been since moving to northern nevada. alex? >> reporter: good morning, sam. if you've driven down north virginia street anytime past two weeks, then you know the demand is high for the food over here at roberto's taco shop. to talk about all the delicious food you have to offer, we're -- good morning. >> good morning. how is it going? >> reporter: you were telling me, past 24 hours, you can't be open that long because of the amount of people coming through the door. >> we've been overwhelmed by the response we've gotten by the university students. great showing. >> reporter: and you guys are a family owned, operated, start-up business. what is that like to see the whole community coming together and being part of that family feel? . >> it's very nice, very exciting. this is my first time opening a store in the city. we've been in vegas many years.
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support. >> reporter: and i'm from vegas. i know a lot of people excited you guys are finally here in reno. what about the good stuff? what do we have here? . >> this is the number 8 on my taco plat and the number 9chorizo plate. just our shredded beef, beef we use in our burritos. we grill wit a couple of eggs, and put it on the plate with your choice of corn or flour toreias. >> reporter: now, we -- best- selling dish, the cashe asada fries earlier, and i said, "what is the key ingredient." but i really think it is love, because the food is amazing. if you want to learn more, visit our web site, back to you. till to come two people were injured yesterday morning after their car went into the truckee river. we're going to have details on what happened and rescue efforts to keep them safe.
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. narrowly missed a large boulder that would have caused a lot of damage. crews used multiple tow trucks to pull the vehicle out of the water. all right. let's take a quick peek outside here on your monday morning as you're up and getting ready. not too cold out there this morning. >> beautiful, beautiful weekend. spring-like for sure. but it kind of made a lot of people thinking, "hey, okay. this is nice for the time being."
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i did get a viewer that tweeted at me a couple of days ago, saying `this is it " probably too soon to say that. we have a storm on the way. i think we do have -- winter is going to hold on, i think, for a little while, or at least the chance for it will be there. it is still technically winter >> yeah. >> we're coming to the end of this extended break. we lost some snow for sure, and we'll continue to way. let's get to your forecast for today. we are looking at 65 for the high in reno sparks, partly cloudy skies at times. also dry for the day today. very warm temperatures, 61 in carson city, 54 in elko, light winds for the day today. air quality is in the -- set of groups, but the burn corrode is still green. if you are one of those folks that is sensitive to the air quality, please keep that in mind. there's some haze, smog as
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get ready for that for the day today. 20s and 30s most of us. 30 in minden and garterville, and 28 in south lake tahoe. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies across much of the area now, but still dry. remaining dry for today into tomorrow. also very warm for both days. but we do have the return of winter weather on the 7-day forecast. that's what i was trying to got at earlier. we have a storm on the way that brings rain and upper-elevation snow as well as wind to the area. we'll break down on when you can expect those coming up on your 7-day. back over to you. u.s. airlines may be adding a new country to a list of possible destinations.
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to come. it remains an important and globally connected economy. u.s. care years will have 15 days to submit applications to the department of transportation for cuba routes. development airlines and travelers a step closer to scheduled flights between the two countries for the first time in more than 50 years. the u.s. and cuba are expected to formally sign an agreement and resume flights soon. that agreement was reached back in december. now, once signed, it could -- more than 100 daily round-trip flights in and out of cuba, including 20 daily flights to havana. let's toss it over to meteorologist tim study baker on this president's day.
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. >> good morning to you. very quiet next couple days. today and tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds. very warm, well above average this time of year. we are starting to watch that air quality. well, we've been watching that air quality for the last several days. right now unhealthy for sensitive groups. out there. if you are sensitive to that, keep that in mind. 38 in town, mostly cloudy now at the airport. winds are calm, and 83% -- we are looking at temperatures in the 30s across much of nevada. uniform temperatures areawide. we've seen such warm afternoons the last couple days, temperatures not all that low in the 30s for most of us. typically this time of year, teens and 20s would be out there for a lot of areas. that has not been the case this morning. unless you go sierra, in the upper elevations. places like truckee much cooler than the rest of us, lower elevations.
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than we started with yesterday. we saw trend yesterday, clouds started to move in. those are the same clouds with us now. 56 mcdermott. western nevada topping in the 60s for the day today. at the lower elevations -- for this time of year. 0s around the lake. light winds and a mix of sun and clouds. again, some of that haze building up in more populated valleys. so just keep that in mind. actually if you are sensitive to some of those air-quality concerns. 63 your high in nixon, going for 65 in reno sparks today. very much above average for this time of year. 7-day forecast, two more warm and very quiet days. heading into wednesday and thursday, our next winter storm arrives. mostly wind on wednesday for the valleys. ra around sierra, and high- elevation snow. starting out around 9, 10,000 feet on your wednesday. then, during the storm, the --
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by thursday morning, it's down valley floor. could see flakes down to the valley floor by thursday as well. not expecting a major accumulation in the valleys, but a foot plus in the say sierra at the higher elevations. fifteen people have been pronounced dead, and eight are missing after attacks on local hospitals in syria. the first strike hit a women and children's hospital. school building. a third attack hit a hospital, supported by doctors without borders. that hospital was struck four times within minutes. according to a member of doctors without borders p attack leaves the local community of about 40,000 people without applicants is to medical services in an active zone of conflict. circuit court justice antonin is allyia has kicked off -- in washington that is spilling over to
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is allyia passed away, but when majority leader mitch -- threatened to block any nomination from obama, the race suddenly crystallized into a discussion of the circuit court. >> reporter: while the body of late circuit court justice atnonin is allyia was transported to washington, debate over his replacement dominates the campaign trail. republican ted cr,z criticized his main rival donald trump on abc's "this week." . >> anyone that writes checks to chuck schumer, jimmy carter, hillary clinton does not care about conservative justices on the court. >> reporter: trump struck back by criticizing chief justice john roberts. >> he voted in favor of obamacare. he got there, because ted cruz pushed him like wild. >> reporter: on cnn's "state of the union," j ex-b bush took a more measured tone. >> i think president obama is going to submit a nominee, and in all likelihood, this person will be out of the mainstream and be rejected by the senate. >> reporter: marco rubio dismissed concerns about
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months with only eight justices. >> so let's let the voters weigh in in november, and then we'll have -- the court can function with eight justices. it does it all the time. >> reporter: candidates on the other side of the aisle accused mccon nell and republicans ofth warting the constitution. >> i don't think mitch mccon nell has it right on this issue. the constitution is pretty clear, and that is it is -- of the united states to appoint, nominate members to the circuit court, and the senate confirms. >> president obama said he'd nominate someone to the bench, and that is exactly what he should be doing, and leader mccon nell should follow the constitutional process. >> reporter: i'm kitchen hutcher son reporting. >> justice scalia lived in mcchain, virginia, just across the potomac from washington, d.c. his funeral arrangements have not yet been announced to the public. former president george w. bush hit the campaign trail to help his brother.
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jeb at a rally in south carolina. jeb believes his brother could help save his sputtering presidential campaign. he says george. with can vouch for his readiness to be commander in chief. jeb is hoping to gain more momentum after a fourth place finnish new hampshire. authorities shut down a rental car facility near the albuquerque international airport yesterday after an explosive device was found underneath a car. police say the car was returned overnight; and when a mechanic put it on the lift as part of a reinspection protocol, he saw the device. the building was evacuated; customers were sent to a nearby dirt lot to wait for their vehicles. police say the item was detonated to be an explosive, but was deemed safe, and the rental car facility was reopened. they say the atf and fbi will continue to investigate the object and track down who put it there. well australian police today announced the largest seizure of liquid meth
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authorities recently seized $900 million of the liquid meth. they also seized more than 4,000 pounds of crystallized form of the drug. four hong kong at that point holders were arrested in sidney last month over the import of the drugs in china. the drugs were hidden in boxes with art supplies. the four will appear in acidny court next month charged with importing and manufacturing commercial wants of illegal drugs. each suspect faces a potential life sentence if convicted. north korean leader kim jong un attended a welcome bank wet on saturday for science officials involved in north korea's recent rocket launch. during his speech, kim said the reclusive state would immerse itself in scientific investigation, and shoot up more satellites. north korea launched a long- range rocket on february 7th, carrying what was said to be a satellite. the launch drew renewed international condemnation
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a nuclear test in january. north korea has been under un sanctions since its first nuclear test in 2006. if you're traveling today, no major delays to report to you at this time, but there's winter weatherer in places like
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check the airlin hillary clinton is going to be in town. ryan kern will be live with us with a preview. >> and we'll show you how to make green eggs and ham. >> and the chinese new year in full swing. they know how to party. some of the dancers from yun's one-lion crane dance association. that's all coming up in just 5 minutes or so. first, though, let's check in with tim and get a final look at your forecast. the pleasantries continue. there's a wrung the. yeah. couple more quiet days. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies at times today. more sun for your tuesday, and temperatures very mild today and tomorrow. then today into thursday for the valley locations, we'll start off with wind wednesday with rain arriving late in the day. continuing into thursday, and the snow level, by the way, starts at 9,000 wednesday morning, down to 4,500. so there could be some flakes
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valley locations, especially in the morning. no major accum-- lower elevations. upstairs, a foot plus in the higher elevations >> we'll take that >> take it for sure. >> thank you for joining us,
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holiday if you have the . presidential candidate hillary clinton coming to reno today stopping right here behind us at the university of nevada comes just days after bernie sanders visited the same spot. we'll give you a preview of the event and what we expect
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and presidential candidate bernie sanders campaigns in northern nevada we'll tell you what goals the democrat has for our country. the squall valley making a unique way to commemorate your skiing at venture from the faa we'll explain. the hottest new restaurant in reno is finally open, the food is in high demand we'll give you a look at the shop coming up in just a few minutes. you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good morning thank you for joining us on mornings on fox 11 right now 7:00 hope you had an amazing weekend the weather, unbelievable. so nice. you look like you got a little color yourself. i said, you look a little tan.


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