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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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and presidential candidate bernie sanders campaigns in northern nevada we'll tell you what goals the democrat has for our country. the squall valley making a unique way to commemorate your skiing at venture from the faa we'll explain. the hottest new restaurant in reno is finally open, the food is in high demand we'll give you a look at the shop coming up in just a few minutes. you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good morning thank you for joining us on mornings on fox 11 right now 7:00 hope you had an amazing weekend the weather, unbelievable. so nice. you look like you got a little color yourself. i said, you look a little tan.
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i had sunglasses and a hat on should have put on sunscreen when i was outside at 8:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. >> you have a little sunburn. now you can have a couple more days to enjoy it but things are going to change. we have a storm coming in later this week, let's enjoy the good stuff. it is still here for a couple more days 65 the high in reno sparks later today well above average for this time of year mix of sun and clouds and there is haze in the valley locations we've been watching the air quality as a result of that haze and quiet weather in the wintertime often leads to that concern if you are sensitive to some of those air pollutant, something you'll want too kind in mind. light winds, the air quality has been a concern at 4 a.m. it was unhealthy for sensitive
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burn norestrictions there only a couple more days, when the winds pick up by wednesday with the arrival of the winter storm that will help the air quality by taking the smog out of the valleys. 34, a little bit milder start. a mix of sun and clouds we are dry across the area for now that's going to change in the middle of the week what we can expect from our next winterer storm and when. and presidential candidates making their way to nevada, the democrat and republican caucus, hillary clinton began her day in elco. wraps it up in reno. we have ryan joining us live to talk about her upcoming visit there, hey there, ryan. >> reporter: good morning. that talk in elco begins at adobe middle school.
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democrats going from reno or northern nevada, carson city. other way from hillary clinton. she comes to unr just in the afternoon that's when everything starts as far as reno goes she is hosting a woman's health meeting at 12:15. this comes on the heels of planned parenthood endorsing hillary clinton. this is the first time the women's health organization endorsed a primary candidate that's what she is going to be talking about the university of nevada reno. we're looking at where she was here last november 23rd, one of her first times heading to northern nevada during the presidential campaign series. she heads over to truckee meadows community college before friday's caucus which starts at 2:30, the doors open at 12:45. free parking if you're looking
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parking is free. this is a big endorsement by planned parent hood she is going to be talking about this after bernie sanders talks about various different topics. we'll talk about hillary clinton's performances in previous caucuses and primaries and what it looks like going forward we'll send it back to you. before heading north. hillary clinton was in las vegas where she told a group of dreamers that without a new justice appointed to replace the previous justice. bernie sanders campaigned in northern nevada saturday, he attended two separate events, we went to both and have the story for us this morning. >> join me in welcoming senator bernie sanders! democrat presidential
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at a forum at the university of nevada on saturday. it was part of the real solutions for real people summit put together by grass roots organizations. >> this is not just about electing a president of the united states, that's obviously important. but more important is creating a political revolution. >> after a brief speech about his goals for our country, various speakers from nevada and across the west had a chance to ask him questions. >> what are your plans for investing in and supporting in indigenous peoples? number one i think if you check my record, you will find that i have stood up and will continue to stand up to mining extraction companies that are trying to invade indigenous territory. sanders also answered questions about water rights public lands and immigration.
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have the opportunity to fix the system? i would hope regardless of our views on image and i believe in immigration reform, i believe if congress does not do the right thing, i will use the executive powers of the presidency to build on what president obama has started. new jersey senator cory booker attended saturday's forum. he was representing hillary clinton, booker also answered questions on clinton's behalf on a variety of issues which included water management plans and the might be minimum wage. it means getting a safety net. if you live a full time job you shouldn't live in poverty. many supporters were feeling the burn. >> he is, you know, all for the change and that's why i'm voting for bernie. still some believe booker represented clinton well.
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pointsupporting the gentlemen that represented her,, if anything, bennie's message is getting up there. that was jamie hayden reporting for us this morning. looking ahead to the caucuses, some are calling nevada a show- down state, sanders won new hampshire by 20 points. sanders met with advocates at the reno sparks convention center. the senator criticized the recent decision to cut solar incentives and increase rates for customers calling their decision quote incomprehensible. also said efforts to increase the use of alternative energy are a quote moral responsibility when the puc first announced the changes several companies closed up shop and thousands of workers lost their jobs.
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trying to get an initialtive on the ballot this fall that would undo the ruling. we have a lot of information on our website head over to in other news two people walked away from a carson city helicopter crash with minor injuries saturday afternoon. the sheriff says it happened just 2:00 along the north taxi way. he said the pilot inside the two-seater helicopter was doing touch and goes when the engine failed both people inside the helicopter were taken to a near by hospital in near by hospital in reno as a precaution. wheel two people recovering from their injuries after their car crash into the truckee river, a man and a woman were driving along when the driver took a turn too quickly and lost control of his suv. both people have minor injuries from the crash but officials say they are extremely lucky,
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large boulder that caused a lot of damage and certainly more serious injuries cruised used several tow trucks to pull the vehicle out of the water. a local resort is offering drone video of your skiing experience. kate productions is the first in the country to be allow within 500 feet of people. the drone operators must be pilot certified, representative from the company says their drone operators are trained in handling emergency situations in aerodynamics. it starts at $99. tacos burritos and nachos, oh my. may have seen the lines as the demand for food off the charts there. alex joins us live with a look inside and a taste at roberto's. hey there, alex. >> reporter: i think saying the
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charts is an under statement. if you've driven down north virginia street, everyone is excited roberto's is finally in reno. thanks so much for waking up with us. let's talk with how successful it has been, you had to close down to regroup. >> we were completely overwhelmed. we were expecting a good show but not prepared how well reno is for us. let's talk about that family feel and for you what's been the most rewarding part seeing the businesses and to be part of this one in northern nevada. it is amazing opening a store in a new city. stores insan diego and vegas, but never opened one in a brand new city. wonderful. let's talk about what everyone
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what do we have in front of us. right here we have number 8 and number 9 plate, this is our shredded beef we use in our burritos with your choice or corn or flower tortillas. this is served up as well with your choice of corn or flower tortillas. and this is on a bread with chicken and lettuce. absolutely delicious. if you haven't stopped by you'll want to as soon as you possibly can we'll have all the information and where you can go on our website back to you. a political battle in washington started since the
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antonin . welcome back, it is 37 degrees in reno. the sudden death of antonin scalia is spilling on over to the campaign trail. he passed away in texas on
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threatened to block any nomination of president obama. it suddenly came to the supreme court. when he was transported to washington, delay dominates the campaign trail. ted cruz criticized donald trump on abc's this week. anyone that writes checks to chuck schumer and harry reid. trump struck back by criticizing john roberts. he voted in favor of obamacare he got there because ted cruz pushed him like -- jeb bush took a measured tone. i think president obama is going to submit a nominee in all likelihood, be out of the main street. >> marco rubio dismissed concerned about the supreme court working vermonts with
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let's let the voters weigh in. candidates on the other side accused republicans of ignoring the constitution. i don't think mitch mcconnell has it right. the constitution is pretty clear and that is, it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint nominate members for the supreme court and the senate confirms. president obama says he would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing and leadermcconnell should follow the constitutional process. he lived in mclain virginia from d.c., his funeral arrangements have not been announced to the public. president george w. bush hits the campaign trail to help out his brother. he is going to appear with jeb
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he believes his brother could help save his sputtering presidential campaign. says george w can vouch for his readiness. south carolina's primary is saturday. u.s. airlines will soon bid to win routes to cuba starting tomorrow u.s. carriers will have 15 days to submit applications to the department of transportation, bringing travelers closer to scheduled flights for the first time in more than 50 years. the united states in cuba expected to formally sign an agreement that agreement was reached back in december once it is signed it could lead to 100 daily flights in and around to cuba including 20 daily frights. police in australia carried out a massive drug bust.
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liquid meth worth of 1 billion australians dollars. police say that the meth known as ice was found hidden inside thousands of silicone bra inserts. in a shipment traced back to hong kong a storage facility there. police found the drug hidden inside art supplies. authorities have arrested and charged four people in connection with those shipments. . continued warms out there the next couple of days still very much above average, we're watching the middle of the week for a winter storm that's going to change some things temperature wise more on that to come. haze and smog still out there, 'til a concern all though our air quality, we're in the moderate category unhealthy for sensitive groups. 37 degrees, partly cloudy to mostly cloudyskies reported from the airport.
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fairly uniform, higher elevations as well. and we'll see mostly highs in the 50s and 60s for the day today. a mix of sun and clouds we have the western half of nevada, the eastern half much in the way of cloud cover a lot more sunshine out that way, still dry across the area nothing on radar yet once we get to wednesday and thursday. 51, western nevada, topping out into the 60s at the lowerelevations and matching that in the mountain too. around lake tahoe, 50, and so again, still probably some melting going on up in the mountains but we'll add back to the snowbank once we get to wednesday and thursday.
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for now, 65 in reno sparks well above average for this time of year, staying dry partly cloudy skies, few breaks of sunshine, sun into your tuesday with a few clouds mixing in, then things start to change after a couple more warm and dry and quiet days wind will arrive on wednesday first for the valleys followed by rain heading into wednesday, especially at night into thursday morning and the snow levels by the way will lower too, the upper elevations will start above 9,000 feet and the snow level drops to 4500 feet as we get towards thursday morning over to you. coming up parents in texas are claiming abuse after seventh and eighth graders were told they have to do bear
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. upset parents in texas are claiming abuse after seventh and eighth grade students were told to do bear crawls and laps. they are punished for another student's behavior, they were upset the entire class was punished instead of just the one child that misbehaved. the one girl suffered a panic attack. and she had trouble breathing during the bear exercise. some parents are calling for the teacher to be suspended completely in this case. asking all of you on facebook, what do you think about, is this considered abuse? we're talking about a gym class. the whole concept of, if you have one student stand out and make everyone punished, pressured by other peers to say hey you need to step it up or
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her a little bit of a break here. do you think this teacher should be punished or lose their job because of it? we'd love to hear what you have to say post your comments on our facebook page and google plus as well. this is where the conversation continues. you might want to think again before signing up for a colored run in the near future. very popular in our area. the dangers behind it that is coming up on mornings on fox
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stay with us. . democrat hillary clinton heading to northern nevada, along with truckee meadows community college, looking at the caucus and primaries what she is going to be fronting here today. police are searching for
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pedestrians pedestrians. and how you can make green eggs and ham on your lunch break battle. you are watching mornings on fox. this is mornings on fox. good monday morning 7:30 on your monday hopefully you had a great weekend celebrating with valentines day yesterday, absolutely perfect, i have to go back to the lunchbox battle the green eggs and ham that was a joke that never stopped. sam i am. >> i get it. and you have to read it. that's a great recipe. gluten free, incorporate eggs as a tortilla. it is hard to get kids to eat eggs.
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waffles but eggs. they'll have that recipe and of course the tug of war going on in washington this morning, after supreme court justice antonin scalia's death. president obama wants to appoint a nominee, republicans say not so fast. we'll have much more coming up but first your forecast. good morning to you, a warm day today and a quiet day today, a mix of sun and clouds we are dealing with haze in some of the valleys earlier we were looking at unhealthy for sensitive groups the air quality. has approved to the moderate category. a mix of sun and clouds, 54, 50 in elco. and for the day today. we have your temperatures here into the 20s and 30s across much of the area 44, 47 in truckee, 37 in reno, 36 in carson city for your temperatures.
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for the day today, moderate now it was in the unhealthy for sensitive groups category now moderate, a mix of sun and clouds for the day today we have a good amount of cloud cover the western half of nevada, the eastern half not as much. there was more sunshine. still warm and quiet for tomorrow. things will start to change when you expect wind as well as rain as elevation snow on the seven day. presidential candidate hillary clinton is headed to reno again today, just four days before the democrat caucus. highlighting her stop after a big endorsement last month. we are joined from unr with more on her visit today. ryan. good morning melissa, this comes two days after vermont senator bernie sanders and the number one opponent stops two days ago on saturday. as you said she is going to be
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after planned parenthood endorsed her, the first time the women's health organization favored a candidate in the primaries. hillary clinton gets here talking about women's health issues to truckee meadow's at 12. let's talk about bernie sanders talking about immigration based off him. he wants to build off of what president obama already started with immigration reform, obviously hillary clinton will not be just limited to talking about women's health. talkn't a variety of topics that's what we know at least so far, a lot of people are calling nevada's caucus this weekend as a big one between both sanders and clinton as clinton won iowa by a coin toss and sanders took new hampshire by 20 points. so going forward obviously we
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the 27, the next saturday happening in south carolina. we'll see exactly what happens this caucus here in nevada to be a big indication as far as what happens going forward. we'll send it back to you. in california police are seeking the public's health. they want information who may have attacked pedestrians with glow darts on the golden gate bridge. who victims were struck and not hospitalized after being evaluated by paramedics on the scene, they wanted to make sure they weren't chemicals but authorities said it wasn't clear where the darts were fired from. investigators are working to determine where the footing of the crime exists. that's scary. we want to warn you this next story is somewhat graphic in nature. if you been to a concert or race that throws colors powdered on the audience, this situation.
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this powder can actually be. certain festivals and races are known to have colorepowders thrown everywhere. all fun in games until something like this happens. this is cornstarch you can eat it but when combine with a flame, pretty big explosion can occur. that colored powder is often cornstarch when it ignites a play. seen here is a deadly of cornstarch. it is made from carbon the same thing wood and paper and other flammable materials are made from all though it is edible to us, it burns as
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because it has manufactured to be a tiny granule, it is easier for oxygen to form around it what does fire need to burn? pretty much any matter, you can do that with sugar, flour, that. the reno fire department and myself conducted an experiment to see how easily it burns creating the flame was not a hard task. don't try this at home. they had so much cornstarch in the air you can see it in the videos of the event all it takes is an ignition source. that could be as simple as an electrical spark. any of those would have ignited the cornstarch and turns into a
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>> the fact this is made from a safe material doesn't mean fire is its friend. it is a food product as long as there is not an ignition source it will not be a problem. >> so scary. the professor said any powder can catch fire easily as long as it is a tiny granule and in the presence of oxygen. >> the example was a drastic
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>> we'll be right back. . if you are looking for a serious protein lunch or for yourself, this one is going to get you. we are taking a look at and showing us how to make these, i
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we were talking about tortillas here. >> no tortillas this is what i call green eggs and ham. so my family is big, we love to roll anything up and snack on it. this is great because this is something you can eat cold, room temperature, hot. we're going to start with a nonstick pan. you certainly, this is going to make it easier on us, let's be honest. two eggs, whisking this up, we're going to add some pesto. >> for anything who is trying to cutback on the yolks can you do it with white? we want our pan to be medium high heat. whisk that, our coconut oil has melted and it goes, now the
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to tilt the pan when you see it form a little bubble kind of on the side, then tilt and have the uncooked egg roll underneath. that's how you can cook, almost essentially the same technique as making an omelet is what we're doing here. you can break it up in the center that uncooked egg will be in. once this is all cooked up. >> already smells amazing. what a difference. it is just something a little bit fun smells good, flip it and then as soon as it cooks through on the other side which will be very quickly. we will just toss this out onto our cutting board. while it is still warm what i like to do is layer in some ham and then some cheese and then
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it is going to get nice and melty. then we'll let it sit before we slice and melt it. >> this is just a really satisfying bite. one of those that looks even if you let it cool even more it will be better the next day, it will be set, super easy. you want to wait for it to cool and cut and then cool. i want this all to stick together because it will hold together in their lunchbox. >> that's a great idea. if you would like this recipe go ahead and find it on our facebook and website thank you. i never thought about that. >> they are sitting on it. there it is. all right. i always do the tortillas. forget playing dead or deafing
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born to boogy and we have the video to prove it. there is only one super here to turn to, iron boy. >> reporter: this dog is named ginger rogers for a reason. the 1-year-old black and white charmer showed off her dance moves after being found roaming the streets. someone decided they had room for a dancing dog and adopted her. in australia, a boy's wish has come true, this is 9-year-old dominic who has cystic fibrosis. he loves super heroes, especially iron man. they madehis day by turning him into iron boy and put him on a mission to save a tv reporter. they sent tweets of reports to
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and as we head towards valentines day, one was health inadequate. that's because patrick sullivan honored his wife be a billboard. the message reads pat and patty forever, 27 years in counting. you complete me, love pat. they have three children and had a grandchild. save that for the anniversary, not just valentines day. let's send things over to tim studebaker. we have another dry day today, another day with very warm temperatures and yet again sun and clouds mixed for the day today as well. and that haze and smug still holding on. similar story to how we ended last week, at times we did have more sunshine than the end of last week and the clouds started to fill in late yesterday and that is what
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a mix of sun and clouds at the airport in reno 37 degrees for the temperature now, winds are calm 86% humidity, temperatures are fairly uniform across northern nevada most into the 30s, not out of the question in the sierra, see 20s and teens also out there right now. going for the 50's and 60s. east, less sunshine, head towards the western side of the state where we are in reno sparks so we'll be seeing a mix of sun and clouds for the day today. earlier this morning the air quality was unhealthy for sensitive groups that has improved we are now in the moderate category, still a green burn code with no restrictions. 64, hawthorne, and high later on today, up around the lake highs in the 50s, 58 in truckee, above average across
7:46 am
60s for the valleys today mix of sun and clouds light winds any wind would help with the haze and smog situation. until the middle of the week, that's where our next winter storm arrives and that is going to bring wind and elevation snow. until then a quiet couple of days with very warm temperatures, the wind arrives on wednesday, rain and upper elevation snow arrive first during the day on wednesday, by wednesday evening and nighttime we'll start to see rain showers in the valley of western nevada and snow level starts pretty high, 9,000 feet or so wednesday morning but lower throughout the storm, by the time we get to thursday morning not out of the question to see most elevations below 6 or better accumulations.
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upset parents are claiming abuse after seventh and eighth grade students were told to do bear crawls and laps punished for another students what they are calling misbehavior. the entire class was punished instead of just the one child. the one girl suffered a panic attack and had trouble breathing during the bear crawl exercise. some parents are calling for theteacher to be suspended. do you think you should be suspended he or she? the student or the teacher, that is, not so much it is bear crawls. your thoughts and what about having them punished because the girl had an anxiety attack. that's a whole're part of it what do you think? >> maybe firing or whatever that may be too much, talk to
7:48 am
student that got a panic attack. once that happened that should stop probably shouldn't be punishing the whole class. do you agree? >> first of all never punish the entire class for one person's mistake, it wasn't a mistake the teacher needs to be retrained. exercise is not a punishment nor is reading a punishment those are things that we encourage kids to do. we're talking about bear crawl, suddenly i want to have a bear claw. don't use exercise as a form of punishment. what do you think about the actions of this teacher here? i think the only part that the teacher had an issue with was that the parent never let him know the kid was subject to panic attacks.
7:49 am
class run for one student's problem, running him alone, that's got issues as well. i don't think there is any problem here. wire. facebook? says i agree with the coaching. go ahead and post page. ingredients can be hard for the most experienced dietitians to translate. we'll help you decipher flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me.
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this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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. welcome back everyone 7:54 on your monday morning 37 degrees here in reno. when et comes to food boxed bag and wrapped it can be difficult to decipher what's on the packaging we are here to help us crack the code. we called in a clinical dietitian to help sort us out. i would turn to the nutrition panel, that's where you'll find the serving size and the amounts per serving. ingredients are listed in the order of their predominance in the products what you would
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first three ingredients what's in the product. what are some key ingredients. i want to avoid a lot of added sugars and it is good to know words that mean sugar, end syrup. another red flag. what's the difference between good fats and bad fats is? if it says zero transfat on the label, if you see hydrogenated fat in the list there could be up to half a gram of transfat. use these tips the next time you go to the grocery store and be sure to leave with food that's healthy and satisfying.
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president seize the zika -- the military and hundreds of thousands of health workers have been mobilized to fight zika. experts say the virus is sweeping parts of in latin america.
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death of justice .
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runner makes a stop at unr, another one today hillary clinton from the democrat side of the presidential race for 2016, makes her final stop in the biggest little city for saturday's democrat caucus. tell you all about it. the recent decision by the public utilities commission to cut initiatives and increase rates has a lot of people very upset. we'll tell you what bernie sanders says about the issue. scientists are heading home to washington to tackily -- talk about climate change and how resources can be affected. you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good morning thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11. 8:00, second hour of the show, got an interesting article that popped up, it is a sports illustrated cover.
8:00 am
there is actually three covers this year. one is a model they have used before, another is ashley graham considered a plus size model rocking it on the cover. one of my favorite. rhonda for the sporty look. we have three different looks i'm just saying good job sports illustrated it is about time. >> how do they decide which to use? you choose which one you like. what have you get sports illustrated sent to your house? >> i guess it is a pick. >> i want the first one. >> of course you do. >> kind of interesting i was talking to people, what is going on? there is lemos all over the place, rock star in town or something?
8:01 am
some people feeling the burn this weekend. other people feeling a different kind of burn, a lot of sun this weekend. we had sun clouds as well that's what we're dealing with today also want to bring light to a recent earthquake here a few moments ago about 15 minutes ago or so, reported, very minor but worth mentioning it is a 3.8 just 8-miles southeast of mammoth lakes at 7:42. you can see the red dot right there, that's the location you can see close to mammoth lakes minor but worth mentioning if you are down in that area, that was probably it. 65 for the high, mix of sun and clouds, 61 in carson city. 50 in elco with generally light winds. air quality has been a concern, we were unhealthy for sensitive groups category, and we're in the moderate category and we're
8:02 am
moderate category, looks like big improvement has been made as of 7:00 a.m. greenburg code okay to bush for now, 20s and 30s across the area temperatures will be very mild later today very warm we'll talk about it coming up back to you. presidential candidates are making their way to nevada before the democrat and republican caucuses hillary clinton begins her day in elco today, but wraps it up here in reno. we are joined live from the university to talk about her in the big city. good morning sam just after noon she heads right behind us the university to talk about women's health. this comes after she was endorsed by planned parent hood a month ago. the first time planned parenthood endorsed the candidate in the primary stages of a presidential election we're not sure if hillary clinton is going to be the democrat representative or not, planned parenthood still enforced her which is why she is talking about that.
8:03 am
that spot is bernie sanders who was also here this weekend on saturday, talking about a variety ofissues, as far as hillary clinton goes she gets here today at 12:15 heads over to truckee meadows community college. doors open at 12:45 and parking is free. this is going to be her last stop before saturday's democrat caucuses which could be an indication who becomes a seed for the presidential campaign for 2016. the reason that is, her and bernie sanders, two people competing are one and one. clinton took iowa by a coin cross, and this is going to be a a big indication, both
8:04 am
coming here within two days of each other. kickoff here at unr and later college. thank you very much ryan. fresh off is primary bernie sanders was in reno over the weekend as ryan mentioned a senator spoke at the forum the visit was part of the real solutions for real people grass roots organizations. this campaign is not just about electing a president of the united states. obviously enormously important. more important is creating a political revolution. after a brief speech by sanders about his goals for our country, various speakers from nevada across the west had a chance to ask him some questions sanders also asked questions about public lands and immigration.
8:05 am
the reno sparks convention center. the senator criticized a recent decision by the commission to cut incentives and increase rates, calling it incomprehensible. also said the effort to increase alternative energy is a moral responsibility. when they first announced the changes earlier this year several companies in nevada closed up shop in thousands of workers lost their jobs. solar activists say they are trying to get an initiative on the ballot that would undo the puc's ruling. we've been following this story since we first learned about the decision if you'd like more information head to our website more news on your monday two people walked away from a carson city helicopter crash just with minor injuries saturday afternoon. the sheriff says it happened before 2:00 along the north taxi way of the airport, he
8:06 am
touch and goes when the engine failed both people inside the helicopter were taken to a near by hospital as a precaution. two people are recovering from their injuries this morning after their car crashed into the truckee river. police say a man and woman were driving along yesterday morning when the driver took a turn too quickly and lost control of the vehicle, both have minor injuries but officials say they are lucky. they missed a large boulder that may have caused damage crews used tow trucks to get the car out of the river. and representing the american for advancement of science, scientists are in washington d.c. for their annual meeting talking about climate change how it impacts farming ranching and natural resources the climate water and indian famer symposium highlighted work you should way
8:07 am
the university of nevada reno. this will help triable and nontriable organization respond to climate change. offering drone video of your skiing experience. they are getting a unique exception from the faa. reportedly the first in the country to be allowed to fly within 500 feet of people. first set up at squall valley. the drone operators must be pilots certified by the faa, says drone operators are handling emergency situations as well as aerorow dynamic, starting at $99. there was not a shortage of -- held a second annual ski toast and be merry event with a marriage license, some people choose to renew their vows or just declare their love with
8:08 am
was a reception with specialty cocktails and live music. we'll take you on location to the nevada humane society to meet our pet of the week
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we'll be right back. . good morning everyone we are on location here at the nevada humane society showing you another animal who is in
8:12 am
kimberly and such a cute little kitten. tell us about nightingale. she wants to be checking everything out and everybody out she wants to go run and climb and play and meet everybody that's pretty common when you have a cat of her age. she would do great with another home with another cat. great with people of all ages kids and kittens adults love them because they are entertained by them. when you are young there is a little bit of training involved. wherever you adopt a young put, they require more training but make great companions. a little patience too. exactly. we both have that. you know what the joy that an animal brings you is unlike any other. she is one of many cats available for adoption here at nevada humane society. her fur is so soft and so
8:13 am
if you want to meet her when can you come down? we are open 7 days a week for pet adoption more so with dogs and cats ultimately we want you to bring the whole family. that will make sure they are right with everyone if you are looking for adopt a dog, bring the other dog. and the cats bring the whole family too. she has the personality, ready to go home today. perfect. if you want to see her in person when is the best time to come by? open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. until 6:30, an hour earlier at 10 al we are here to have a great time. winter, the weather is rough, take some time spend time with a animals and take somebody home. tell her you saw her here on mornings on fox 11 or any other animals. we'll be here next monday showing you another pet who needs a loving home.
8:14 am
8:15. bringing you the word of the small earthquake, very small, very minor but still want to point it out, 3.8 magnitude, 7.42. so if you were down in that area and felt that, that's probably what it was sun and clouds for the day today we have dry weather continuing as well as very warm weather continuing for us for the next couple of days here, haze and smog have been an issue we're starting to see an improvement in reno sparks so some 39 degrees in town, partley sunny skies reported from the airport calm winds and 30s and 40s for most of november. 40. 49, and 34 this morning a mix of sun and clouds again the far western side the western half i should say of northern nevada has been dealing with more
8:15 am
sunshine now we're starting to see clouds filling in for northeastern nevada as well. still dry across the area we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, warmer temperatures, even warmer tomorrow and then our next winter storm arrives for the middle of the week wednesday into thursday with rain in elevation. until we get there still very mild, temperatures in the 50s for the eastern side of the state into the 60s for western nevada. light winds and a mix of sun and clouds into the 50s around tahoe today, and to the 60s for the lower elevations of western nevada. 63 in dayton today. look at how warm for the average. 65 in reno sparks for your high today. 7 day forecast, quiet and warm and quiet and warmer tomorrow. on wednesday and thursday our next winterer storm will make its arrival. at the arrival of winds as well as rain and elevation snow and the snow level will drop throughout the system too.
8:16 am
on wednesday for rain showers to arrive. and into thursday morning snow level drops from 9,000 feet to 4500 feet. should see minor accumulations into the upper elevations, snow possible over to you. consumer news, people who bought a coffee in carson city gave a little bit of love to people in our community. dutchbrothers donated a dollar. dutch love day, purchases went to local organization, food for thought. that provides weekly bags of food for hungry children in 11 local schools. >> get ready for bigger and better cell coverage. at&t will conduct field trials
8:17 am
verizon made a similar announcement. it stands for fifth generation by definition it will be an upgrade to the 4g lte network, but the carriers are making a display of the technological arts. the university of california and hope to -- it is a free app for android phones mapping earthquakes happening near you. runs silently in the background. it provides information about earthquake and significant historical earthquakes. the goal is to build a sizement network and use data. and books such as the nook
8:18 am
think they were a thing of the past. bookstores once again are on the rise, sales rose by 2.5% last year to $11.2 billion, the first year over year increase for the industries of 2007. publishers weekly first reported the figures noting a lot of publishers saw a decline in ebooks as print sales came up. kanye west has a new album
8:19 am
8:21 am
that what he . welcome back everybody. the oscars picture is shifting and no surprise here, kanye
8:22 am
david daniel has it all in our hollywood minute. the revenant appears ready to make history. the adventure film about a fur trapper trying to survive in the wilderness winning 5 trophies including best picture and best director who also won this year's directors award. he won the directing oscar last year for bird man, this year would make him the first back to back best director in more than 65 years. it is not regular. >> after more than two years the wait for his new album the life of pablo seemed over and it wasn't the announcer released friday morning but said it was delayed and asked fans to stream the album from subscription service title including a fashion show at
8:23 am
performance on saturday night live and proclaiming himself $53 million in debt and appealing to the facebook founder mark in his ideas. for hollywood minute, i'm david daniel. trending on social media. a singer song writer is expecting her second child. according to people, 41-year- old singer made the announcement by sharing an an an video, they are have a 5- year-old son congratulations to them what's trending on our facebook page, michigan mom is curious, told that her outfit, her was wearing black leggings
8:24 am
the leggings can be warn but the shirt or dress must be over or extend passed the mid- thigh. she hadn't come to pick her daughter up she would have been suspended but principal turner says that wasn't the case and would have been told not to wear the outfit again. google plussers do you think she would continue to go do you think there could be an issue at all? president obama says he has every intention of choosing a nominee to replace antonin scalia or block out right the nominee. but it won't happen this week of course the u.s. senate must approve a nominee if it is in recess, and wait to announce its selection, might have already chosen when.
8:25 am
february 22nd. one more look what's trending. coming up next on mornings on fox, a video getting plenty of attention what's it all about? we'll take a look at it absolutely out of this world. stay with us everybody.
8:26 am
right back. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america,
8:27 am
that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
8:28 am
. hundreds of people came together the el dorado for valentines day, we'll give you a closer look at a sparks couple that stood out amongst the crowd. the band became known for the way they record their videos but the latest one is out of this world.
8:29 am
the men's basketball team we'll have highlights coming up in sports. you are watching mornings on fox. this is mornings on fox. good monday morning everyone, 8:30 on your monday hopefully your day is off to a great start, we've been in the chinese new year for a week or so we'll have special guests to kind of celebrate and continue that celebration into the chinese new year, we'll have a dragon in the studio. very cool. going to be really neat. this is the year, any guesses? monkey. >> it is, i believe it is the year of the monkey. aren't you the year of the monkey? i'm rooster. i'm a rabbit.
8:30 am
birthday year and figure out what symbol they are. >> there is a great website that takes a look at whatever your animal is and the animal of your children and talking about the issues you may have or not so much. my kids of course i can always tell they don't always correspond with me, really great apps that you can take a look at and how you relate to other people because of your animal. let's get your forecast, hopefully lots of fun this weekend enjoying all that sunshine. if you didn't you have a couple more days to get out there lots more sunshine as well as clouds mixing in as well as we go through the next couple days milder temperatures, two more days then our next winter storm makes its appearance. 50, your high, light winds a mix of sun and clouds for the day today, right now air quality is moderate the burn code is green we had air quality concerns earlier this
8:31 am
over the last couple hours earlier we were in the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. 36, 39 in reno. 37, and 28 another south lake. seasonably chilly, i guess you could start the day but as much unseasonably warm once again later this afternoon. mix of sun and clouds there is a good amount of cloud cover from north to south, we'll continue to watch that otherwise dry for the day today, dry and warm for the day tomorrow as well. we'll watch our next winter storm and let you know when you can expect the wind, the rain and the elevation snow that's all to come back to you. for many valentines day all about love. last night hundreds of people came together at the el dorado. jamie met a special couple and shares their story with us
8:32 am
love filled the el dorado ballroom sunday night. >> it is great being married to your best friend. more than 400 people ages 50 and up danced the night away during the winter valentines celebration one couple stood out amongst the crowd. 41 years in april. joel and kathleen got married in the biggest little city in 1975. with all relationships there is a lot of give and take and i think we've been able to do that to the best of our abilities that's why we've lasted. the edwards met through kathleen's sister and the rest is history. the best blue eyes and the smile. >> basically i had a feeling from the very get-go, she had some substance and to this day she still has that substance. what's the secret to a long lasting marriage? >> when you come to a relationship there is actually three relationships involved. the one you have, the one your spouse has before you get to
8:33 am
and then the one you two have together. and all three have to work for it to be a successful relationship. a lot of compromise and just remember men and women are different. >> you don't want your spouse to be your best girlfriend and appreciate the differences. when the times may get tough, the edwards offer this little piece of advice to everyone. roses helps a lot too. roses help. that was jamie hayden reporting last night's even was closing ceremony for the reno tahoe senior games which have been taking place for the last two weeks and the program is all about fitness and activities for people ages 50 and up. i love it. speaking of valentines day people can try to pick up,, featured commemorative cups that came in different colors to indicate relationship statuses. drinks, samples and discounted drinks as well.
8:34 am
bill he has a look at your sports on this monday. good morning ladies what a thriller on saturday night, with the nevada men's basketball team against the fresno state bulldogs after building an early lead in the game, might have found themselves down in the first half thanks to the star guard. he had a monster game 25 points 12, and the wolf pack will get it together out scoring the dogs 23 to 9 over the final 10 minutes of the half. scoring 16 points in the first half alone. really caught fire in the second half. cam oliver did it all by himself grabbing a whopping 24 rebounds making buckets in every way possible. made ate 52-39 but the dogs immediately responded with a 13- 0 run of their own to tie it
8:35 am
nevada had a 3 point lead. drilled the three to force overtime. the pack immediately found themselves down 5 to start the extra period. hits a huge bucket would get in front and hold on late for a thrilling victory. 77-72 in front of a very boisterous crowd there at the event center. there was so many individual performances for nevada nothing could top what was done by cal oliver. 20 points, 24 rebounds. that is a new mountain west record for any game and he was able to do it in front of his family including his mom who surprised him by showing up. >> call my name i know that voice anywhere, when i turned around it was a big surprise earlier i talked to her she wasn't able to make it, weather, it was a big surprise.
8:36 am
i'm a mama's boy. anytime i see my mom just give me extra motivation, the next game coming up my whole family is going to be there. dad, brothers, cousins, everybody is going to be there. that's the motivation. that is about as good as itgets, head to san jose state with a match up for the spartans 8 and 17 over all, tip offset for 7:00 and stream the game online at the band okay go released a music video shot a plane at zero gravity. the conditions were so challenging that at one point the lead singer blacked out on camera. this is the same band that did that cool music video on the treadmills. we have behind the scenes look at a video that has definitely
8:37 am
okay, go has gone weightless. don't try this aboard your next commercial flight. the band known for its unique videos has come a long way from their treadmill days, now they are treading in zero gravity in a plane above russia for three weeks, they practiced and performed climbing over the hump creating 27 seconds of weightlessness time to open luggage and release a zillion balls the flight attendants didn't yell, they are actually trained aerial acrobats the lead singer called the whole experience exciting and terrifying. >> it is a very difficult physical sensation and it just causes fear and panic.
8:38 am
okay go the plane exchange for using the results in a marketing campaign, the video upside down and inside out is made up of 8 periods, the time between is the plane repositioned. the band members took antinausea drugs but the band members wanted to go naturally. we had 38 unscheduled, and 58 vomiting events. what's a little nausea when balloons are spilling their guts. >> they never actually threw up but did pass out after being spun by the flight attendants. there was actually footage you can see my eyes go up. >> watch damion start to lose it as his eyes flutter, and he regains consciousness.
8:39 am
>> i want you to get me some gravity. cnn new york. they'd have to clean that plane for me. i honestly, zero gravity all those people who threw up and spinning and everything? no way jose. all right there is still plenty of time to celebrate the chinese new year after the break we'll show you how you
8:40 am
8:42 am
dance . welcome back to mornings on fox 11, 8:44 on your monday morning a little taste what's to come after weather in case you were curious the mix of sun and clouds for the day, we have very warm temperatures as well and we have haze and smog still an issue in some of the valleys earlier this morning the air quality was unhealthy for sensitive groups now it is back into the moderate category that
8:43 am
improvement over the last couple hours 39 in town, we're in the 30s across most of the area up to the 40s now, we'll be into the 50s and 60s later on today, so again another very mild day out there, mix of sun and clouds we have a good amount of cloud cover starting to fill in for the northeastern part of the state temperatures will be quite warm for this time of year into the 50 degree range for elco, 58 in battle mountain and 51 in elly. partly cloudy skies, for the day today at times we'll start to see a little more sunshine heading into tomorrow with much warmer temperatures too. even warmer than what we're seeing today that's what we'll see tomorrow our next winter storm arrives, we'll break that one down. 55. into the 60s for the lower
8:44 am
61, and 61 in carson city. northern zones also into the 60s today, once again very warm for this time of year, average high for reno sparks in the 50s, going for the 60s at 65 degrees. warmer tomorrow with a good amount of sunshine and things start to change arriving on your wednesday first as rain and snow with the high snow level as well as wind for a lot of us during the day on your wednesday, wednesday evening into wednesday night rain showers will start to spill over into the valleys of western nevada that will continue into your thursday and the snow level will start to drop as colder air works into the system, start off with 9,000 feet the snow level but wednesday morning 4500 feet we could see snowflakes down to the valley floor locations not looking for much accumulation on the valley floor or the lower foothills, accumulation into the sierra maybe a foot plus at the higher elevations
8:45 am
chinese new year is in full swing and in case you want to get on some of the tradition here in reno, we have a special performance for you this morning. we have the director of silver legacy, some of the dancers from wings white lion. >> good morning how you doing today. >> interesting last time i interviewed lawrence, 18 years ago. absolutely. >> so good to see you. nice to see you too. on behalf of legacy, el dorado and circus circus, good half of 2016. if you are still going to school, have good grades, if you go with somebody, get big time promotion, perfect. at the end of the day, be happy, be safe. >> perfect. tell me about some of the tradition of chinese new year.
8:46 am
important thing for the chinese new year. the reason why, the lions the snare, the drum scare all the evil, everything. the most important things. we have two awesome performances going on today. we have 11 a.m. at the silver legacy, 12:30 at the el dorado. and circus circus, 12:30 right after that. >> i got lots of spirits you need to chase away, my friend. let's go to the lion dance without further a do.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
. okay thank you so much everybody, we'll send it to the break, 11 al at silver legacy, 12:30 at el dorado today. >> we'll go ahead and go take a look what's trending this morning a michigan mom is curious cure furious, said it could be distracting to boys wearing black leggings a chunky scarf the shirt must extend passed mid-thigh. the mom says if she hadn't come to pick up her daughter she
8:50 am
principal said that wasn't the case and would have just been told not to wear the outfit again. the issue saying it is distracting to boys is that an issue? do you have a problem with them saying that shouldn't it be maybe it is not appropriate or maybe she can wear what she wants? what do you think? >> i think she should be allowed to wear what she wants, regular clothing, no problem here. and glen what do you think? >> -- a girl in high school could wear a dirty potato sack and it could be distracting to boys, you are supposedded to get a pamphlet telling them what the standards are. maybe mom and the daughter want to reread that pamphlet. standards are okay, saying
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
go ahead and post . check out these valentines baby, newborns were decked out in red hats and tucks in envelopes, they knit the hats for all babies born in february at participating hospitals. the program is called little hats big hearts and raises awareness to heart disease in addition to celebrating valentines.
8:55 am
that's right. what a holiday. easter a couple weeks before she is due.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
hope to see you back coming. at happewhd that sent him straight through that house. it's a story you wouldn't believe. >> if we didn't have video. >> how a monkey walked into a bar and came out with a knife. a purse snatcher is so
8:59 am
would have caught that. >> why this woman is not most people and the buzz word to win an ipad mini and a wind suit flight through a waterfall and don't drop that egg. see if anything can break that streak. >> mom got hands. >> riding a truck. it's a dump truck and he's just cruising through the countryside. nice and quiet. nice and open. i try and i try to spot it coming. >> whoa! >> wow. >> absolutely enormous wreck. >> so what caused it? if i back the video up about 20 seconds. we're at this junction right


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