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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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tracked the 26-year-old suspect down to the home that you see over my shoulder here on san pablo avenue here. they have it under surveillance after learning he had been staying here. earlier this evening, they got their break. the suspect was spotted leaving . richmond police stopped the vehicle he was in and he was arrested. hunt for the suspected gunman who killed two men and injured a third early sunday morning at twin peaks, one of san francisco's most popular tourist spots, ended monday when officers nabbed the man near a home on san pablo avenue. >> police cars started together. we started seeing undercover police. looks like they were trying to close in. >> reporter: the accused killer had been hiding out in his neighborhood. >> that's too close to home. >> three total. >> reporter: the gunman killed
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year-old julio perez, both santa rosa. a third man was shot and remained hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. the motive is not clear. sources tell ktvu they do not believe the shooter knew the victim. monday evening investigator spotted the suspect leaving the home in richmond and following in a car. they initiated a traffic stop and he was arrested. around the corner from where the gunman had been staying was a dark gray gmc yukon denali. it was stolen from two tourists after the shooting. with the suspect in custody, that stolen suv recovered, the search for additional evidence began tonight. we were here just about an hour ago when that swat team moved in on the house. they were searching for any link to the deadly killings. we watched them as they searched the area and then left. no additional arrests made. the suspect is right now in the process of being booked, for
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of attempted murder, as well as >> heather holmes tonight in richmond, thank you. in oakland, investigators are searching for clues tonight in a homicide there. sky fox was overhead as police processed the scene. officers tell us they responded around 520 this evening to a home on a report of a disturbance. police say a short time later, a male victim turned up at the police have not released any details on possible suspects. to the weather now, definitely a beach day in february. sky fox was over ocean beach this afternoon. we found a lot of people enjoying the weather on this presidents' day. >> bill martin joins us now and we saw some records out there today. >> temperatures today, 10, 15 degrees warmer than the average. high yesterday, could see records tomorrow.
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is a beautiful night, temperatures thus far, some of the records we had today, san rafael was 80, 77 in richmond, 77 san francisco, 74 in oakland, records throughout the bay area, second straight day take -- tomorrow we might have a shot for another record and then things change drastically as we look at the current temperatures. high-pressure lingers, continues to heat is up tomorrow, we'll talk about that but as we push forward, rain to talk about, just beyond that. so we'll see you back after the break. >> thank you, bill. now to the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. a vacant seat on the nation's highest court. >> his death has unleashed an outpouring of political posturing over who will replace the conservative justice. >> jana katsuyama spoke with a political scientist about the procedures for appointing scalia's replacement. >> reporter: get ready for another big partisan battle. the white house indicated the president would not use a
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have allowed him to act on his own. filling justice scalia's shoes in a presidential election year that is deeply partisan could be challenging if not impossible for president obama. according to the constitution, article 2, section 2 states he shall nominate and with the advice and consent of the senate shall appoint judges of the supreme court. currently the u.s. senate is controlled by 54 republicans and uc berkeley political science professor shawn gilmore said republicans could block a confirmation votes. >> you need a majority to pass a bill. but you only need 40 senators to prevent anything from being considered by the entire chamber. >> reporter: there has been speculation that president obama might use another constitutional provision stating the president shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the senate. >> it's not a permanent appointment.
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-- confirmed eventually when the senate comes back from recess. >> reporter: some experts say such action could backfire for democrats. early monday the white house said, i would not anticipate an announcement this week. especially given that the senate is out of recess. republican leaders say the next president should choose the justice and ted cruz said he would filibuster any obama nominee. >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people. >> reporter: among those on the short list are five with ties to california. attorney general kamala harris, currently running for barbara boxer's eat. and jacqueline nguyen as well as paul watford, plus judge sri srinivasan and cory booker's. >> it would be unusual for it to take longer than six months. >> reporter: this could cause
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eight justices. any decisions tied for-4, there are two possibilities. the lower court ruling could be allowed to stand or chief justice could decide to rehear the case is when a new justice is finally approved whenever that is. >> and they are supposed to start hearing more cases starting next week? >> yes. that means they are going to be getting new cases in and have to be deciding those by the end of their session. >> thank you. new at 10, the sheriff's department is searching for a missing man, a prominent attorney in the north bay. stephen mitchell is also involved in the high profile case where authorities shot and killed a 13-year-old boy named andy lopez. ken wayne is in santa rosa tonight with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the attorney's disappearance. >> reporter: stephen mitchell was last seen on saturday. there was no sign of him until yesterday when his car was
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was a stanford graduate and private attorney at the santa rosa law office. the sheriff's office says his car was discovered sunday at this parking lot south of goat rock state beach near jenner. >> right now we don't have any information to believe that anybody else took this vehicle. no foul play is suspected. so we're going on the premise that he drove his vehicle there himself. >> reporter: why he drove there and what happened to him after that are a mystery to investigators and mitchell's family. >> they expected him back by now. we know he was going to be in the santa rosa area. going to the coast, the family doesn't know where he went at this point. >> reporter: mitchell was hired by sonoma county to defend itself against a civil lawsuit filed by the family of andy lopez. the 13-year-old was shot to death three years ago by a sheriff's deputy. lopez was carrying a realistic looking toy gun. mitchell was involved in an appeal by the county that could year.
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professional life has anything to do with this disappearance. air and ground crews have searched the coast for the last two days with no sign of mitchell. not able to search by both. >> the seas have been very rough. we've not been able to conduct a waterside search. what we have done is a search of the water from the ground. using binoculars and search crews. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, mitchell's cell phone and clothing were found near his car but authorities won't speculate that this is a potential suicide. >> until we find him, we won't be able to get those answers. so we have all scenarios being looked at at this point. >> reporter: the search is set to resume tomorrow morning in the air and on the ground. frank, if the seas calm down, both will be launched as well. >> ken wayne, thank you. instagram photo of a missing alameda man lead his family to land in central cisco today.
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walking along a trail there. his daughter recognized him immediately. it was taken last tuesday, the same day he was dropped off for an appointment in oakland, then vanished. beck's daughter dismisses speculation his disappearance has anything to do with the claim against her father for $113 million by the federal government. >> we can handle anything. if he came home, it wouldn't matter. we would figure everything out. we would make it work. we would just -- i would love to see my dad again. >> the federal trade commission sued beck for allegedly defrauding thousands of people who bought his course on how to get rich quick by flipping real estate. cashing in on the bigness of fear. at 10:30, a little-known industry getting a big boost after recent terror attacks right here in the u.s. come together to try to
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>> an emotional gathering tonight in honor of a man from south san jose, shot to death inside a car on valentine's day. we got the new development now from azenith smith, she is near
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people gathered tonight for a vigil. >> reporter: frank, the victim didn't have much family but he had many friends in his neighborhood. at this hour they continue to show up at this growing memorial. they all said he was a good man and they don't understand why he was killed. you can see here candles are lit, flowers and balloons in the alleyway where he died. around 8:00 this evening, grieving neighbors gathered to pray and pay respects to their friend they called dc. the coroner has not released his identity. friends provided us his picture. neighbors say around 3:30 yesterday morning, dc was helping part his roommate's car when they heard gunshots. when police arrived, they found the car crashed into a pole, the victim had died at the scene. >> dc was so good to everybody. he fixed all the kids' bikes in the neighborhood. every time they had a flat tire, he would fix their bikes.
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and he would let you spend the night at his home. he was awesome. >> it's a tragedy. things like this don't have to happen, but they do. they walked up at close range. he didn't -- i don't think anybody has it coming. >> reporter: many children were at tonight's vigil. neighbors have no idea if this was a case of mistaken identity or if he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. they are devastated he's gone. police have not released a motive. so far there are no suspects. anybody with information is encouraged to contact san jose police. frank? >> azenith, thank you. investigators are trying to determine what sparked a house fire today. that was reported just after 8:00 this morning on east taylor street near first street. there were six people inside including three children.
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the red cross is helping with a place to say. fire officials say this is a good reminder to check smoke detectors in your home. >> the main thing is make sure your smoke detectors work. make sure to check your batteries. it's a good time whenever you see something like this, check your batteries at least once a year. >> investigators say the fire may have started in a back bedroom. old motel near santa rosa is being turned into permanent housing for more than 100 homeless people. veterans. rob roth tells us these rooms will give us a lot more than just a place to sleep. >> reporter: the palms inn on the outskirts of santa rosa may not be a five star hotel, but to this army veteran on hard times, it raised much -- it rates much higher. it's now his new home. >> what a difference. >> reporter: ronnie hillman is one of 100 for chronically homeless people who had begun moving to rooms in the palms
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of that, 60 will be homeless veterans. >> fought for our country. they made everything possible for what's going on now. so we can have our freedom. for them to get off the street is a wonderful thing. >> reporter: offices and banquet rooms, also they will hold counseling and job training services all operated by catholic charities. >> how to cook, things that this population from living on the streets for five, 10, 20 years, they don't quite have the skills to establish self sufficiency. >> reporter: the palms has been in the family for 13 years. he approached catholic charities more than a year ago, donating beds, furniture and televisions. >> instead of having 104 rooms for tourists, we're able to give people a place they will never have to wonder where they're going to sleep again. >> reporter: residents will pay a third of their income in rent. the rest is subsidized through a variety of grants and
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santa rosa street, getting 100 of them into hotel rooms is a start. >> it's a drop in the bucket right now but it is an important step. >> reporter: ronnie hillman can't afford the skyrocketing sonoma county rents but he's ready to have a decent place of his own. >> air-conditioning. >> reporter: the hope is that this will become a model for other communities looking to get homeless people off the streets and onto a better life. in santa rosa, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. tracking a beautiful evening out there tonight, we've got no fog along the coast, foggy lead and a couple weather systems out here in the pacific. they are going to break up our dry spell that we've had and our very warm spell with records we saw today. and perhaps tomorrow. as the jet stream gets pushed down by the low-pressure centers, and by wednesday, we get back into an opportunity for showers but not until
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temperatures just like today, maybe a little bit cooler. temperatures dropping in oakland but still 55 and the san francisco airport. the forecast calls for clouds to linger tonight a little bit but by wednesday, they really fill in. tomorrow, look for yellow, those are your 70s. lots of yellows, 70s. the oranges are 80. tomorrow, warmer day in some spots that we saw today but most areas about the same. some clouds and by wednesday, back into the showers. >> thank you, bill. a major cable outage from coast-to-coast. >> it's not surprising. this is the first out-of-state had. especially in the bay area. >> why the problems come at a critical time for comcast. later in sports, kobe
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him to toronto. new at 10, the bunker industry is booming once again here in the united states. more and more americans are buying special bunkers about the size of a jail cell, used to protect themselves against possible terrorist attacks. these so-called survival bunkers are buried about 10 feet below the surface of a yard or garage floor. >> as brian flores tells us, these tiny underground apartments are selling for top dollar in communities across the country. >> open the door there, and >> reporter: a survival space about eight feet by 10 feet. cell. big enough to keep its occupants alive. >> you've got a couch and a big
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>> reporter: you bury these bunkers 10 feet below the surface. in the backyard beneath the garage floor. >> generator right there. >> reporter: sales pitch from ron hubbard, owner of that the survival shelters, this is the last life insurance policy you will ever need. >> the outlook -- the average -- that was a survival shelter is the last protection you can buy in case of a nuclear biological or chemical attack. >> reporter: his yard outside of l.a. pumps out more and more of the corrugated pipe, blast proof air purified hatches, as paranoia over world events unfolds. >> every time there's a terrorism attack, my phone starts ringing and people start buying bunkers. >> this is called radioactive fallout. >> reporter: the history of bunkers dates back to the '50s and '60s when anxiety led to the creation of civil defense administration. >> these people are occupying a shelter. >> reporter: the agency producing videos like these
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destruction. >> perhaps nothing is more important than extra food and water. >> reporter: perhaps in -- perhaps nothing incites fear like the prospect of terrorism. last year's wave of attacks dominated the political landscape. >> like isil, -- >> reporter: and providing fuel for someone's campaign trail. >> i would on the [ bleep ] out of them. i would blow up the pipes and the refining and every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> screwed to the floor, the furniture is all left in the boxes. gun sales are on the rise and people preparing is on the rise. but it's a whole different world we live in now. >> reporter: for hubbard, it means big business. he has bunkers the size of micro apartments. he sells them for 300 grand. lately, he's advertising or of his latest product. a smaller 80 square foot model,
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the target market? >> the average person as long as they have a house and a place to bury it can have a fallout shelter now. >> the last line of defense you will never want to use. >> reporter: brian flores, ktvu fox 2 news. a memorial service is set for later on this week for richmond police officer gus vegas. officer vegas was shot and killed during a domestic dispute at his home last week. the suspect is the father of one of vegas' grandchildren. a memorial service is set for this friday, is the father of one of vegas' grandchildren. a memorial service is set for this friday, february 19 at the richmond memorial auditorium which is located at civic center plaza. the service is open to the public and begins at 10:00 in the morning. coming up next, a little horse lucky to be alive. >> not your typical fire call.
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the rescue an today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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look at that, a six-day-old colt injured and stranded in a review in fremont. but saved by firefighters during a dramatic rescue. tonight, that colt named valentine is recovering. how he got stuck in the ravine remains a mystery. >> debora villalon is live in fremont where a fire crew had to adapt its training to fit this unusual rescue. deborah? >> reporter: sunday afternoon and a call to remember. a baby horse spotted down a deep gully. he's not out of the woods yet. >> he's very tenacious. he has a will to live. >> reporter: at six days old, this colt should be nothing but his mother is nowhere to be found. and an animal control officer has become his surrogate mom.
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>> it kind of stuck. he's very sweet especially for going through that traumatic event. >> reporter: ballantyne was spotted by a hiker at the bottom of a ravine. he might have fallen from the roadside or the branch, clips are on both sides. >> when i first walked up to him, he was screaming at me. >> reporter: the cold has a pulse fracture from the fall but an officer didn't know that then. only that he was in a creek shivering. she got him up and wrapped in a comforter. >> the budget was astonished that he was actually still living. usually after a couple hours in those cold, wet conditions, they die. >> we used some of the rescue harnesses we use on humans. >> reporter: a fremont fire crew rolled in, wrapped him in a tarp to be carried up the slope. with the help of a winch. >> i was have to see he was conscious and moving around. he stayed pretty calm. >> reporter: not their typical call but one that left everyone smiling.
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so when we have something like that in the end, it's a good feeling. so we were pretty excited and hopefully the horse does well. >> reporter: ballantyne is doing well now. safe and warm at a ranch, but tomorrow he goes to uc davis to the school of veterinary medicine for surgery on the hip fractures. that is going to be a big expense, $7-$10,000. the public can help by calling or sending a check to fremont animal services. frank? >> what a nice story there, do they think once ballantyne has the surgery that he will be okay? >> reporter: sounds like he could make a full recovery. once he has the surgery. they really need to get the surgery done because for those fractured bones, they are right near an artery. the more he gets up and down and possibly thrashes and struggles, he could make that artery so it needs to be done. >> let's hope for the best therefore valentine. thank you. police in oakland are looking into a bizarre robbery
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hour fitness. it happened saturday morning inside the men's locker room at the 24 hour fitness location on alameda avenue in oakland. a member of the club tells ktvu, two men walked into the locker room and held up everyone inside demanding wallets, keys and money. the manager of the club says safety is their first priority and they are cooperating with the investigation. a church community on the peninsula is still in shoc over the death of their pastor. john sasaki tells us what makes this story even more difficult to handle is that police say the pastor was killed by his own son. >> reporter: cherry blossoms in bloom speak of the ongoing spring in menlo park's. -- >> it's a church. >> reporter: they are now mourning its leader. >> he had a lot of energy and he was not shy to talk about how he felt about certain things. >> reporter: the pastor was
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leandro on friday morning. police found a gruesome scene when they arrived to calls of a disturbance. >> isaiah bostic, 21 years old, opened that front door, covered in blood on his hands and clothing. the officers went inside to see if there was anybody inside injured. they came across bishop bostic and he was later pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: it happened in this tidy a car -- apartment complex around 5:30 a and. >> so unreal and shocking. >> reporter: his mother was a pastor which -- with a powerful preaching style. one of bostic's neighbors told me he had lived in the apartment for some time but that his son had moved in more recently. >> residents called to report hearing a struggle, some sort of physical altercation, and a male voice yelling, daddy's bleeding. i don't want to die. >> reporter: isaiah bostic is behind bars facing a murder charge. police recovered a knife they believe was the murder weapon.
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lot of people as to why a 21- year-old son would kill his father. >> reporter: the church community saying little releasing a statement that said the pastor, bishop bostic, will be greatly missed. we are soliciting your prayers during our time of great loss. isaiah bostic will be in court on tuesday or wednesday to face charges that he killed his father. in san leandro, john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. comcast service is back on tonight after a major outage coast-to-coast. here is a map showing the areas affected today. the northeast was severely impacted. service was also interrupted here in the bay area. comcast says the outage primarily involved tv service. publix today come at a time when the company is trying to attract new customers. a recent survey shows comcast has more complaints against it with the federal communications commission than at&t, verizon, and time warner combined. >> they have a bad relationship with their customers to start with.
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what customers need the most. it's their lifeline. >> pretty sure it shakes the confidence of those people and it's not surprising. this is not the first out-of- state had. especially in the bay area. >> reporter: comcast is still trying to determine what caused today's outage. opponents of the high-speed rail line are collecting signatures to again tried to stop that project. if enough signatures are gathered, a ballot measure will appear on the november ballot that would reallocate bond money initially earmarked for high-speed rail. the money would be moved to new water projects. the price tag for the bullet train has grown to $68 billion with completion scheduled for 2019. we talked about potential for some heat on tuesday. now we talk about potential for some showers and rain as we head towards the middle of the week. helping teens in need get dressed for the prom. the donation drive now underway
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first, the first of its kind pharmacy in south bay
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medications for free. pope francis celebrated mass in mexico today with a mostly indigenous mexican audience. >> [ music ] >> the pope visited the southern state where he denounced the centuries-old exploitation and exclusion of mexico's indigenous people. the pope also pointed to environmental issues plaguing their communities and said it is time to act if we want to protect our natural resources.
10:35 pm
challenge that we experience and its human roots have an impact upon us all. and they called was. we can no longer pretend that we don't hear the clamor in the face of one of the greatest environmental crises in history. >> later this week the pope plans to visit the us-mexico border to bring attention to the plight of immigrants. president obama is meeting with leaders of southeast asian nations in southern california. the president welcomed the leaders to the summit in rancho mirage. on their agenda, china's claims to disputed waters as well as economic and security issues. president obama wants to expand u.s. influence in southeast asia and show the u.s. as a power in the pacific region. the summit is scheduled to last two days. words on the campaign trail today, donald trump called senator ted cruz a liar, a fraud, and even questioned his ability to be president.
10:36 pm
debater. but he is a very unstable person. that's just my opinion. i would say that's true. >> trump also said he would sue cruz over whether his birth in canada to an american mother disqualified him to be president. the cruz campaign responded by saying it's a trumped up charge. a one-of-a-kind pharmacy in california is benson free drugs will officially open tomorrow in san jose. the grand opening of the better health pharmacy will take place at 7:25 east santa clara street. it is tucked away in a downtown government building and run by volunteer pharmacists. there are no co-pays or deductibles. no proof of income or id is required. just a doctors prescription. the drugs are donated mostly by nursing homes and they are intended for people who can't afford their prescribed medications. the pharmacy dispenses no hard-
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patients can check online for a list of available drugs. bay area teens getting help to go to the prom. >> i was really excited that i was going to be able to go. i don't think -- i didn't think i was going to be able to. >> the donation drive that's
10:38 pm
dance. flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person.
10:39 pm
to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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deserves to go to the big dance. >> as amber lee tells us, she met the ladies in brentwood and joins us now live to tell us more about their program. amber? >> reporter: the two women have been collecting and giving away dresses to girls in ed for the past five years. they say what they are providing is more than a dress. added donated storefront in a strip mall in brentwood, two women who found -- who founded east bay dress bank are helping girls create memories. >> anywhere from $6-$900. that's a paycheck for some people. >> reporter: dresses in all colors and sizes, new or gently used, donated by formalwear stores and individuals who want to help teens experience a rite of passage. she looks amazing it feels amazing. that's all that matters. >> all for girls who wouldn't otherwise be able to go to their prom or senior ball. >> i didn't think i was going
10:41 pm
>> reporter: tatyana cruise -- cruz has four siblings and so her parents couldn't spend a lot of money. she says east bay dress bank made possible by providing the stress. >> it was really exciting that i was going to be able to go. >> reporter: group already has 1000 dresses but says it can always use more so the girls can have choices. >> i want then to come in and in their minds, what are they imagined, when they get here they see it. >> reporter: these ladies say having the right dress can help girls build confidence. >> it's one little dress, it's a small token, but it could open up doors, for the outlook in life. >> reporter: the group also provides accessories , all part of the experience. >> unbelievably priceless, their face. the happiness, the way they light up, they are going to be able to have that memory. >> it's something you remember forever. like the last moment of before becoming an adult.
10:42 pm
they will open up its store for girls the saturday. girls anywhere from the bay area are welcome. this year the group will be offering shoes and hairdos to experience. any girl that needs addressed accessories or if someone wants to donate a dress should make an appointment. go to for more information. >> that is such an awesome story. just to be clear, when someone goes into get the dress, is it at a discounted price or is it free? how does that work? >> reporter: it is absolutely free. they have helped about ,450 over the past five years. >> oh, my gosh. what was it like talking to tatyana? she seemed so excited. >> she says she couldn't have been able to go. like i said, she had four siblings in her family, couldn't afford it. it costs almost $1000 when you add in the dress, accessories, the hair and makeup, all of it is so expensive. >> such a nice story all about.
10:43 pm
"sports illustrated" announced this year's iconic swimsuit issue will feature three different cover models. one of them is 28-year-old plus sized model ashley graham. >> i'm shaking, i'm so honored. i'm going to take over! oh, my god. >> [ laughter ] >> it is the first time a plus size model has been featured on the swimsuit issue. graham hopes the cover will appeal to a broader audience and empower more women to be proud of their bodies. tracking the weather around here, very warm day, especially out at the coast and around the bay. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s as we head outside, more of the numbers that we achieved today, a number of records, we showed you those earlier. 80 degrees was the warm spot in rafael -- san rafael. highs today will be slightly cooler than these, a few more clouds tomorrow should keep things cooler. we talked about these areas here, up north, knocking the jet stream down, pushing it
10:44 pm
into wednesday. kind of a wednesday night, wednesday afternoon, thursday morning thing. wednesday afternoon looks wet, thursday morning's will be a little bit damp. san francisco tomorrow morning, fair skies, tomorrow is like today. sky cover in san francisco, looking at mostly to partly sunny skies, highs in the low 70s. afternoon mostly clear, clouds will start to increase tomorrow night late into wednesday morning. so this high-pressure center is going to be nudged out of the way. as you can see, it allows the jet stream to drop in and also allows the temperatures to drop off a bit. so along with rain comes the cooler numbers. we've had a really incredible run of dry and warm weather the last eight or nine days. now it's going to change around . tuesday night into wednesday, 10 into thursday morning. and beyond that, the pattern is going to break into more of a progressive pattern for rainfall for us. so that's good. computer model, here we go,
10:45 pm
few clouds lingering, valley fog, tomorrow afternoon, then in the evening, more clouds tomorrow night, here we are wednesday morning, a little bit of spring collectivity on the morning commute perhaps. here comes the rain, that's wednesday afternoon. wednesday evening, more out here behind this, thursday morning. in the mountains could easily see -- maybe a winter storm warning from this. winter storm warning with snow levels around 5300 feet. forecast highs tomorrow, not that dissimilar from what we had today. a nice-looking day tomorrow, enjoy it. we will return to wet on wednesday night. thursday and perhaps beyond that. so five-day forecast, the bay area we can showing up here, temperatures as high as into the upper 70s and low 80s tomorrow. wednesday, showers cool things off and on thursday, a few showers lingering in the morning hours. rain back into the five day. >> it's about time. >> it's been quite a run. >> thank you.
10:46 pm
is coming up this saturday night in one of the main events, the miss chinatown pageant. right now the finishing touches are being put on all the floats for this parade. the miss chinatown pageant took place over the weekend and this year's winner is 22-year-old stephanie wong of millbrae. the coronation is set for this friday night. like always, you can watch the chinese new year parade live right here on ktvu fox 2 as we celebrate the year of the monkey. our live coverage starts this saturday, february 20 at 6:00 p.m. sports is next, it includes
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bryant a we are following breaking news in oakland right now. some live pictures of interstate 980 in the eastbound direction near the 17 street off ramp. that's where we understand a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in the lanes of traffic about 30 minutes ago. at least two other vehicles may have been hit. there are reports that emergency crews are working to rescue two people. we're trying to get more information, working to learn more for "mornings on 2". a graduate of cal state east bay is a grammy winner tonight.
10:50 pm
for his work on morgan heritage's album strictly roots. it won the best reggae album of the year. the 36-year-old silva says he got a call through his connections to work on the album. he says he's working on jazz tunes now that he hopes will be part of his own album someday. >> that is so cool. yeah. congratulations. marc is here now. i won't say not a lot is happening because you always have something going on. tell us about the all-star weekend. >> i bet you guys are wondering how we're going to cover -- >> pretty much. not a whole lot. >> we've got sports unplugged, football is done, baseball just offstage and we do have fresh memories from a very successful all-star weekend in toronto yesterday. it will go down as kobe's last stand but the network carrying the contest, maybe one too many shots of kobe. while resumed on the megastar, many missed this final shot by stephen curry just inside half-
10:51 pm
incredible shot ending his 26 point night, even though he was not the mvp. he certainly represented the warriors well. to say the least. one more look. the players themselves are fans, steph curry pulled off his jersey right after the game to get a signature from kobe bryant following his last ever all-star game. a hug and a smile and an autograph and a great memory for another warrior all-star, place thompson, -- klay thompson. naturally he followed kobe too as a kid in l.a. >> great time interacting with all these great players. especially because they grew up playing -- all the guys from l.a., it's cool to see on the stage and being kobe's last game, it's real special to pick his brain. growing up, i never would have thought of playing in an all-star game with kobe bryant. special moment for me. i got a bunch of signatures. so much fun to be out there. >> it's funny to hear them say they got signatures. baseball weather in the
10:52 pm
this in arizona when the oakland a's and giants get spring training rolling. fan fest for both teams has turned into a most popular off- season event, gets everybody revved up. for the season, very respectable turnout for the giants at at&t on saturday. after all, an even year and on paper the team had a sensational off-season, three huge signings, johnny cueto, and this guy, denard span who is slated to take over in center field. figures to be a fan favorite. and they are already a favorite of his here. >> something about the bay area. obviously we're talking about the giants. even the oakland a's fans, not that many of them. the fans are very intense and they love their ball club. they look to's team and they feel like they are part of the team. that was another selling point for me.
10:53 pm
a fit when he said that. >> come on, man. this plenty out there. a little sideshow, bruce bochy and a couple others were addressing fans at a -- and a red sox fan had not so much a question but more like a plea regarding former giant fan favorite pablo sandoval. >> this one is for bruce bochy. will you please take back pablo? >> [ laughter ] [ cheering ] [ booing ] >> that wasn't too nice. but wisely, bruce bochy and the other giants on the panel didn't have any comment about that. let it slide. pablo could be comeback player of the year this year. you never know. look out, world. a good chance that team usa in women's soccer not to be trifled with after they already won the world cup. this is something you don't see, 10-0 in soccer.
10:54 pm
the americans take care of puerto rico. ridiculous fashion, it was crystal done, most incredible of all. five goals, that ties the national team record. team usa unbeaten and of course looks like a sure thing to qualify for the summer games in rio. the american squad is now undefeated all-time in qualifying rounds. 16-0-1. one thing for certain, no matter how you feel about nba all-star weekend, they keep you blinking. all game long. check this guy out. showing his that during a fourth-quarter timeout, his name is -- from canada, 6'1", he can dunk. 6'1". he is promoting a business called bounce kids. he increased his own vertical leap to 43 inches. so in other words, frank --
10:55 pm
>> he can dunk and he can jump. >> just get online and check that program out. >> that's incredible. >> i couldn't wait to see what muscles he would pull. >> you do not want to see that. >> that would be so good.
10:56 pm
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a man has to know mike: joyce! vince! let's move it! your car's all warmed up for you! so they can get the hell out of here. did you fill up their tank? gas, air, wiper fluid. i set the gps for the casino. i was gonna get their brakes checked, but i figured, eh, what's meant to be's meant to be. hey! there's the happy travelers! got coffee for the driver. and wine for the passenger. it's before noon, so i went with a crisp chablis. here we go. i don't know if i should drink coffee. my stomach is rumbling around like a dryer with one tennis shoe in it. i told you not to eat that gas station sushi!
10:59 pm
the guy who owns it is japanese. he's pakistani. well, something is about to say sayonara! ah, he's been sitting on that pot all morning. i don't know, maybe a five-hour road trip isn't the best idea. i don't want him to let loose in my lexus. well, maybe a road trip is just what the doctor ordered. nothing binds me up like traveling. it's true. yeah, he only went once on our whole honeymoon. that was two weeks! why can't you do that here? come on, you guys have been dying to go play in that texas hold'em tournament. you've been practicing your poker face all month. not poker face. botox. maybe i'll just go by myself, and leave vince at home. no! no! no! no! this is his special trip, too. you know, in fact, i don't think he's upstairs because of pakistani sushi. i think he's just so excited that he's lost control of his bodily functions.


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