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tv   10PM News  KRXI  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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wind and rain returned to the bay area tonight. abrupt change after two weeks of sunshine. it is really coming down tonight. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. you probably needed an umbrella or a rain jacket tonight. much of the bay area has seen steady rain since 6:00 tonight. it's been heavy at times along with the occasional burst of thunder. drivers have encountered pools of sand and water on the roads. >> along with rain, strong wind. some gusts were over 40 miles an hour. at sfo, they had to change the landing pattern so planes could coming from the north. dozens of flights ended up being delayed. in some cases, up to 2.5 hours. >> we have team coverage tonight with debora villalon. but first, mark tamayo on the rain falling right now. mark?
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out there, if we start of the day with a few sunny breaks, but then afternoon clouds and rainfall totals really adding up. adding to those totals right now, so far kentfield, 0.75. santa rosa 0.44. san jose 0.13. as i mentioned, we are adding to those totals. take a look at my storm tracker, this is the radar loop. you can see the progression of the rainfall, the activity moving in from the south and west. with that, steady rain earlier in the day was focused in the northern half of the bay area. but that has changed a bit. right now things beginning to taper off a bit for parts of the north bay. out toward concorde and san ramon, some downpour in this area. moderate borderline heavy out there approaching san mateo, heyward, union city, showing you the activity. looking at all that action. the focus is in the south bay especially down toward morgan hill and gilroy.
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and you can see right here, with the yellows and reds, some more heavier downpours to talk about right now. coming up, i'll track the rain as it moves into the overnight hours. also break down our shower chances. now to debora villalon, in san rafael tonight where all that rain came down just in time for the evening commute. what's it like right now, deborah? >> reporter: right now we're getting a break but it's cold out here. hard to believe, heat records were broken over the past few days. finally, winter came back. >> we had all our windows open, turned the heat off. >> reporter: warm weather? so yesterday. rain reasserted itself all over the bay area. after taking what seemed like a spring break, leaving plants and people confused. >> they say drought and floods, homes are moving, clips are flooding. people are just trying to get
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always a challenge when freeways are drenched close to dinner time. crossing the bridges even more cautious by strong gusting winds. this was on mount tam, early evening, the wind roaring. >> enough to blow the ranger hat off which is why i'm not wearing a stetson right now. >> the mountain itself disappeared into the bog and the park, so busy during mild days, was deserted. >> the frogs are happy. so moisture is good for the flowers, for the upcoming wildflower season. we're glad to get moisture here. >> reporter: if you traveled far to soak up the sides, there was no sun to go with them. >> we got good weather all week. >> reporter: this tourist waited to walk across the bridge until his last day. but it will have to wait. >> i've been here once or twice before. i love coming to san fran. i never seem to get around to doing the walk. >> reporter: walking around at
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hold on to that camera. >> it's insane. what's going on? it's like one of those movies, the gods have gone mad. >> reporter: el nio not gone yet. this winter is keeping us guessing even though the storm was not the gully washer we no doubt need. back to you. >> i love that line. the heat. it was so yesterday. deborah, thank you. the weather is blamed for more than 5000 power outages. in the south bay, pg&e reporting 3600 customers without power. mostly in saratoga. in the east bay, 920 customers without power. 320 on the peninsula, 220 in the north bay and 80 customers without power in san francisco. a reminder, don't get caught without your umbrella. you can get weather conditions anytime with the free weather app. now to an exit -- epic legal battle that pits privacy
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apple said it will fight a court order to create software enabling the fbi to access the iphone used by the shooter in the san bernardino terror attack. ktvu's jana katsuyama was at a rally tonight and has both arguments -- arguments on both sides of this issue. jana? >> reporter: pretty emotional. apple and privacy advocates say this could put all user data at risk. the fbi and law enforcement say denying access protects criminals and puts public safety at risk. it's a dispute pitting apple against the fbi. over access to the iphone five c found in the shooter's car after -- after the terror attack. syed farook was killed and his work phone has password protection. >> we have one of those killer's phones. it's been over two months now. we're still working on it. >> reporter: apple iphones have
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disables a phone if an incorrect password is entered and he raises data completely after 10 failed attempts. a federal judge ordered apple to create special software for the phone that would give the fbi unlimited password attempts to hack the phone. tim cook says apple is bonding to search warrants and even provided engineers to advise the fbi. in an online message to customers, he said now the u.s. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. they've asked us to build a backdoor to the iphone. >> on precedent what the government is asking. >> reporter: supporters and privacy advocates rallied wednesday outside the san francisco flagship store. >> if the government doesn't get to conscript you into building tools or technology or basically becoming a mini fbi agent. >> reporter: working for them, the government says the court order is narrow in focus. >> simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> reporter: privacy advocates
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iphones used worldwide. ceo cook states in the wrong hands, the software which does not exist today would have the potential to unlock any iphone in someone's physical possession. software engineers say that's because apple iphones require the secret cryptographic signature. >> in order to install any software on the iphone, it has to be signed by apple. >> ironically, the issue has republicans and democrats united agreeing with the judge saying national security takes precedence. >> there might be valuable information on that phone from the san bernardino killers that could lead us to preventing future crimes or attacks. >> these companies, whether they need to or not, are making it easier for terrorists to do their devilish acts. and it must be stopped. >> reporter: the electronic frontier foundation says according to court documents, there's one month's worth of data the fbi is not able to access on the phone. the judge has given apple five
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>> this is a case that revolves around apple but could affect every tech company. thank you. a hospital in los angeles says it paid a ransom to hackers to regain control of its own computer network. hollywood presbyterian medical center says it paid the equivalent of $17,000 in bit points. the ceo said hackers infiltrated and disabled their network. it happened on february 5. the ceo says they paid the ransom because it was in the hospital's best interest. the fbi is currently investigating the extortion plot. presidential hopeful marco rubio won and enforcement endorsement today, governor nikki haley says she is endorsing rubio. this comes ahead of saturday's gop primary in her state. rubio has been positioning himself as an alternative to donald trump and ted cruz. the latest poll shows trump with a 22 point lead in south carolina.
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change at the top among the republicans. the nbc wall street journal poll shows ted cruz with 28% nationwide, trump in second at 26%, rubio third with 17%, ohio governor john kasich at 11, ben carson 10%. new at 10, the countdown is on to the chinese new year parade in san francisco. julie is going to be hosting our live coverage for the 16th year in a row. along with her cohost. >> there is a flurry of activity to get the floats finished on time. ktvu's amber lee is live in the city to tell us about a big change this year behind the scenes. camera? >> reporter: we're at pier 54 where the floats are being built. the last-minute push is on. for the first time in the parade's 29 year history, a woman is in charge of all this.
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power drills, the opening of a symphony of float making. >> it should be thicker and thicker. >> reporter: under the direction and watchful eye of stephanie monson. >> i have a perfectionist personality. when i see things that could be fixed, i'm naturally inclined to tweak it. >> reporter: the 36-year-old is taking the helm for the first time. in charge of making 20 floats. the first woman to do so. >> really enjoy designing that one. it's very whimsical and playful. a little bit more modern and contemporary. >> reporter: bringing a new twist to the artwork. >> i'm a modern woman. there's a modern sensibility. >> with a degree in fine arts, she now builds floats year-round for the major parade in san francisco including pride. >> my degree was in general fine arts. i studied sculpture and
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used with what we do here. >> reporter: still fighting stereotypes. >> i get comments about me being a woman all the time. i had a man at lowe's tell me i shouldn't lived any lumber because i might break a nail. little did he know i don't have any nails to break. >> reporter: inspiring her crew to improve on their craft, leading them on a journey to honor the year of the monkey. >> i've got the muscles now. i started working here and i was like, i've got this and i can't move anything. and now i've out there -- i'm out there with the guys pushing. >> reporter: creative uses of color and more intricate floats. >> this wheel rotates. these little characters bounce around. >> reporter: all designed to captivate the audience. >> to last -- the last push, getting everything with the final touches and seeing it come together.
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it. >> i feel privileged to honor come from and what's gone through history. >> reporter: she says work on the floats started three months ago and she hopes to get it all done by tomorrow. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. as always you can watch the new year parade right here on ktvu fox 2, coverage starts saturday evening at 6:00 p.m. it is scary to walk arou alone at night. >> two reports of sexual assault in the same area in less than a week.
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unnerving some women. coworkers honor a hard- working dishwasher who worked in a restaurant on santana row. today he was identified as the victim of a deadly hit and run. he was riding his bike when he was hit by a driver who took off and has not been caught. azenith smith talked to his coworkers tonight, trying to raise money now to help bury him in mexico.
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coworkers considered him family and placed flowers and candles here on south winchester boulevard where he died. it's within a mile from where he lived. police ve not made any arrests in this case. they did recover the car involved. inside left bank restaurant in santana row, the mood is a somber one. somber because one of their beloved employees, who they called to, is gone. >> i couldn't believe it. i was sad. then soon after the details, i was mad. >> reporter: david bastide, the head chef, said the dishwasher of nearly three years never missed a day of work. he couldn't afford a car so he rode his bike everywhere. on friday, just after midnight, the 44-year-old was struck and killed on south winchester boulevard near driftwood. parts of the mangled bike
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>> honestly, how can you sit -- hit somebody and leave them to die on the side of the road? i can't even imagine that. you know? maybe the person panicked or whatever. i don't know. can't do that. >> reporter: later in the day, police recovered the car, a red honda del sol. a talk arena -- the license plates were missing and the car was abandoned. >> every time i talk about it, it hurts. because i don't think it was the time for him to go. >> reporter: miguel worked up alongside him. he also worked next door as a dishwasher. coworkers are raising money for his funeral. their goal? $2500 so his body can be returned to his family in mexico. the general manager of left bank restaurant says he will match it. i reached out to san jose
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of the car recovered, i have not heard back. the coworkers say whoever is responsible, they want them to do the right thing so they can have closure. frank? >> does he have any family here? >> no. he was single and the coworkers considered him family. he has a six or in mexico who is traveling from mexico here -- a sister in mexico. his coworkers are helping put her up at their house. >> the thing i can't get over when you see that car is how much damage there was to that car. have the police said how fast they think the driver was going? >> reporter: no, but witnesses did report the car was speeding in this area. this area is known for speeders. so when you do see the damage, you can imagine how fast that person was going. >> sad story, azenith smith, thank you. san jose police have reduced -- released the identity of a
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while friends that he was parking a friend's car. darren boyce was killed early on valentine's day behind an apartment complex on the amonte drive. he was found inside the vehicle that had crashed into a pole about 3:45. friends and neighbors remember him as a generous man. police say no arrests have been made. we now know the names of two people killed in a car crash sunday night on highway 1 in sonoma county. they have been identified as daniel mcnew of lake jackson, texas and samantha crowell of ocean grove, new jersey. the two were stationed at the u.s. coast guard race at west of petaluma. their car crashed into a tree and burst into flames near doran beach road. a san francisco man is recovering tonight after being pistol whipped during a daring robbery inside his apartment. it happened about 8:40 last
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course of -- corner of mason and check -- and chestnut streets. he was inside when two men walked in through an open door. he says his roommates were home but things happened so quickly, they didn't even hear the robbers. >> turned and looked around to the right, around the corner, a guy had a gun pointed to my head. i was like, i guess i'm getting robbed right now. >> saito says one of the men hit him on the back of the head. they ran off with $100 in cash and $1500 laptop. saito needed stitches to the wound in his head. police are reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses to hopefully get a description of the getaway car. a not guilty plea in court today in connection with a massive natural gas leak in los angeles county. the utility is facing misdemeanor criminal charges stemming from a leak at a storage well in porter ranch. the leak started last october but wasn't kept until just last
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a permanent cement field still needs to be completed. if found guilty, the gas company could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. federal regulators said pipeline corrosion was the likely cause of last year's major crude oil spill on the santa barbara coast. the pipeline and hazardous material safety administration issued its findings. it says a surge pressure when pumps were shut down and then restarted caused the pipe to fail. the report suggests the spill was greater than previously estimated. about 140,000 gallons. the rally continued on wall street for the third day in a row. the dow climbed 257, nasdaq gained 98 and s&p added 31. hopes for a deal to limit crude oil production help sus that rally. still tracking rainfall, gusty winds across parts of the bay area, we have rain and also wind, wind advisory in place until 4:00 a.m. thursday.
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guests, ocean beach, 48 miles an hour. sfo 47. concord and petaluma, 40 miles an hour. outside right now, toward the golden gate bridge, rain showers have tapered off quite a bit over the past few hours. the main action as you will see is focused in a southern half of the bay area. the radar loop over the past three hours, up in the north bay, not as much coverage but some towards solano county. basically a big blanket from south san francisco extending across the bay toward hayward, union city and also fremont. south bay, rainfall continues to pick up for san jose, down toward morgan hill, gilroy and santa cruz mountains. current winds beats backed off a little bit but still gusty out there with winds on average around 10 to 20 miles per hour. winds out of the southwest gusting to 21 miles per hour. tomorrow going to hold on to the possibility of scattered showers throughout the day.
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that shows up on the long-range weather maps for friday. more on that coming up in a few minutes and a closer look at your weekend outlook at about 10:40. she helped introduce america to real chinese food. at 10:30, meet a woman who helped define san francisco's foodie culture decades ago. the warriors are getting ready for the upcoming stretch run.
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tonight's practice. for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton
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keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. police are issuing a warning to women in berkeley. it comes after two sexual assaults near the cal campus and people's park.
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headquarters right now where investigators are reviewing clues to see if there's a connection. heather? >> reporter: these incidents happened just six days apart and blocks away from each other. both of the victims were grabbed from behind. similarities for sure. police say it's too early in the investigation to know if it is the same suspect. two terrifying cases of what can and does happen to women walking alone. >> it is scary. i live in unit two. very close to where i live. >> reporter: lucy presse was sleeping tuesday night, a woman was sexually assaulted by a stranger. the attack on ben venue avenue near dwight way followed another assault in the same area last thursday. >> scary to walk around alone at night. >> reporter: the timing of the two attacks are raising questions about a connection. police are looking at the possibility. >> they are following up on
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a connection. such as like similar mo or similar descriptions. >> reporter: investigators have a description of the man a last thursday's incident. the man who grabbed a student from behind, pushed to the ground and assaulted on hayes street near telegraph was in his mid-20s. 5'9", with curly hair and a beard. no details have been released about the suspect in tuesday's frightening assault. >> me and my roommate heard a girl scream, somebody stop him. we looked outside and didn't see anything. >> reporter: the cover of darkness allow the attacker to get away. until arrests are made, female students tell me they will be more alert and follow police advice to not walk alone. >> those precautions may not be enough sometimes, but i think that would help me. >> reporter: berkeley police are working with campus police to review past sexual assault cases or trying to find any link to these latest incidents. live tonight in berkeley,
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now to the south bay where a jury deadlocked in the rape trial of a former police officer. vote was 9-3 in favor of acquitting geoffrey graves. he was accused of raping an illegal immigrant while on duty in 2013. graves testified that he believed the sex was consensual. he was facing a maximum of eight years in prison if found guilty. not clear yet if prosecutors will seek a retrial. the man accused of killing richmond police officer gus vegas made his first court appearance today. video cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom but these still pictures show robert vega in his jumpsuit, his hands were shackled to his waist. vega did not enter a plea. he is the father of the victim's grandson and if convicted, he could spend 50 years to life in prison. a career built on chinese food. in three minutes, a woman who has fed celebrities,
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on the bay area. pope francis ended a five- day trip to mexico with a message to world leaders about the plight of migrants. the pontiff visited warez across the border from el paso and stood at an altar and said a prayer for the plight of migrants. he symbolically traced the path taken by countless people headed for the u.s. border. during an open air mass this afternoon, he called the situation a human tragedy. >> translator: we cannot deny the humanitarian crisis which has meant the migration of thousands of people. they are our brothers and sisters who are being expelled by poverty and violence, drug
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>> nearly 300,000 people attended that mass in water rates. many crossed the border from texas to attend while thousands of others filled the semple stadium in el paso to watch a live broadcast of the mass. the pope is now on his way back to the vatican. the bay area's reputation as a culinary destination is a product of many visionaries. one of them is recognized for her role in changing the path of chinese food in america. ktvu's claudine wong sits down with cecelia chang as part of our coverage of the chinese new year. >> you cannot buy this in san francisco. >> reporter: she made me a cup of tea in the kitchen of her san francisco home and welcomed me with a smile. cecelia chang's story of so -- is something of legend. born in 1920, she was raised in
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simply as the seventh daughter of her large family. in 1959, she came to san francisco to help her window's sister. >> i came here, tried to comfort her. >> reporter: her introduction to chinatown was not an easy one. it was a world where almost everyone spoke cantonese. >> i speak mandarin. nobody understand. i speak a little english. nobody understand. >> reporter: then there was the food. >> when i first came, they all have fixed menu. in china, we call four dishes and one soup including tv, including rice. you know how much -- three dollars. >> reporter: it was simple food, not what she was used to or where she served at the forbidden city restaurant she owned in tokyo. but it was her restaurant experience that had two window -- two women seeking her out.
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because of your experience. and also you speak english. >> reporter: she helped them by getting a lease and even put down the deposit. >> i help them. >> reporter: then you ended up with the restaurant? because they backed out? >> yes. >> reporter: it may have in fact been fate that led her to open the mandarin. >> what did you want? not the food th you were seeing in chinatown? >> i wanted to introduce the real chinese food. from shanghai. coming in the restaurant, take a look at the menu. where is chop suet? where is sweet and sour pork? restaurant? food. so i was the one who had the
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>> it was a long hard road until one day, an old friend from china came in. >> he said this is my friend. i don't know who she is. so when they are eating, she's a this is a real chinese women. that's not chinese food. at all. >> reporter: what she didn't know was that she was famous san francisco columnist herb came. and that as they say, was history. >> every day, a line outside. >> reporter: did he ever come back and eat? >> so many times. he and john lennon are good friends. every time john lennon came to town, just about every day. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's amazing.
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>> reporter: the mandarin would become the place to be. not just for john lennon but an endless line of celebrities and politicians. chang would introduce the culinary greats to chinese food. she spent time with julia child and thomas keller and alice waters. she credits her with influencing and educating an entire generation. food, chang will tell you, is an opportunity to learn. a chance to have a conversation. a menu can be a map to the culture and taste of every region. >> question about the food, about culture. >> reporter: the mandarin has closed but chang has never slowed down. she is admittedly, still picky. >> where do you go? >> when i go out, i don't eat chinese food. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you want the good chinese food, you go to your own kitchen? >> aycock.
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the year of e n whh icshe was bornyears e issh not in year. the year of the monkey. the year in which she was born 96 years ago. she is not sure what it will bring. but she smiles in anticipation. >> sometimes i tell my children, when i'm getting old, i will retire. >> [ laughter ] >> my son said, mama, 96, still not old? [ laughter ] >> reporter: in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. >> chang's culinary legacy continues to her son who helped start the restaurant chain. chance. you can learn more about the history of chinatown on a special airing of ktvu's bay area people. it airs this friday night at 10:30 right here on fox two.
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rain and sun across parts of the bay area for tonight. coming up, the timing of a second system just off shore.
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weekend will be dry.
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of disparaging remarks about gays. nike severing ties and called his comments abhorrent. pacquiao said that gay people were worse than animals when asked about same-sex marriage. he later apologized. pacquiao is currently running for a senate seat in the philippines. the city council approved a rent control ordinance early this morning after hours of debate in alameda. the measure will require review of any rent increases of more than 5%. it also limits evictions and requires landlords to help pay a tenant's moving costs in some eviction cases. the vote was 4-1. the ordinance goes into effect on march 31. two investigates has learned the names of the four companies vying to be the health providers at alameda county jails. ktvu has been looking into corizon health care after the death of an inmate at santa rita jail. four companies attended a
10:41 pm
tour of the glenn dyer jail in oakland. it is one of the first steps in competing for the county's biggest contract which hasn't been open for nine years. >> we want to enable the bidders to understand what they are going to be bidding on. >> corizon representatives were there today with three other potential bidders. wexford health, correct care solutions and california forensic medical group. the deadline to submit proposals is march 31. a contract will be awarded in june. still to come, wind and rain tonight. and even more behind it.
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complete bay area forecast.
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most ecologically rich estuary systems in the world. the problem is much of that natural ecology disappeared after the gold watch. >> steve paulson tells us how information from the past is now being used to protect some areas from flooding during this el nio winter. >> the natural defense against flooding has been altered over the decades. mud flats and wetlands, now replaced by urban sprawl and farms. in order to restore the landscape and natural functions, we have to look back to see how it was before. clues come from trappers diaries, survey maps, spanish explorer maps and even photographs. think modern day ecology detectors. >> it's a puzzle. there's little pieces of information all over the place. historical societies, even personal collections and memories. we have to figure out how to we get together. it takes us back 150, 200 years. to have a landscape, how it
10:45 pm
us about what it can do in the future. >> reporter: it's an extremely time-consuming process developed by the estuary institute to take this information, to see how it looked and what can be done to improve the landscape and future flood issues now. one area they focused on is the napa river valley. >> some of the earliest maps of the napa wetlands and rivers were made by the united states coastal survey. that's in the 1850s. just a few years after the gold rush. >> reporter: photos and even oak trees once very abundant throughout the napa valley are all part of the equation. even paintings along the napa river from 1885 offer clues. >> when you start layering that with other sources, area photographs of soils maps and explorer accounts, then you start to get the rigorous and coherent picture of what the landscape was like. >> reporter: the napa river was drenched many times years ago yet we have learned from our
10:46 pm
we're standing in the old -- old middle section where the napa river flows in. at one time this was a very bustling area with a lot of industry. in fact, look across the napa river, you would never know but 10 years ago, that whole site over there was covered with buildings and a lot of industries, lumber mill as well, all since been removed, contaminants removed and the river which at one time looked like a canal looks like it did, it's been restored. the health of the napa river continues to improve. the river otters have returned along with a much healthier fish population. even salmon are now returning. this hasn't happened since the early 1900s. >> possibly the late 1800s. there was a dam that probably kept salmon from spawning in the river for about 30 years. so the chinook salmon are moving back into the river system. really excited to see. >> reporter: if and when el nio rains to return, they will allow water to flow more naturally and not overwhelm the
10:47 pm
>> we've learned a lot from historical ecology about how to design natural flood protection so we are working in sync with the river. >> reporter: steve paulson, ktvu fox 2 news. >> napa did pick up heavy rain today. right now, the focus in the southern half of the bay area. live storm tracker two, we started out with sunshine into the clouds, then the rain really picked up, right now as you can see, the focus has been lingering in the southern half of the bay area towards san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. northbay, overall decrease in the coverage out there, lingering activity towards parts of the east bay for concord and san ramon but the intensity backed off a little bit over the past hour. so out towards san mateo, not as much coverage, closer to fremont, lingering wet roadways out toward fremont boulevard, pushing the map to the south as we mentioned, sunnyvale, san jose, also morgan hill and
10:48 pm
cells right around highway 101. outside right now, looking out toward the golden gate bridge, the rain showers have tapered off a bit. we had really gusty winds earlier today, wind advisory still in place but that might expire soon, strongest winds have backed off. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, in the 40s and 50s with the possibility of scattered showers. that shows up with our sky cast in san francisco into the afternoon hours. by 12:00, a chance of a shower and then late in the afternoon, partly cloudy skies, setting up a break before our next system moves onshore friday. tonight's system and another one for friday, of course, the cold front was the main source of the rainfall today. also the very strong winds. tomorrow still scattered showers, and a son cloud makes throughout the day. this will be already as the snow producer out toward the sierra with a winter storm warning in place right now until 4:00 p.m. thursday, snowfall could be 10
10:49 pm
so our forecast model tomorrow, we can't go completely dry, still got clouds out there, scattered showers rotating through the bay area, 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, we talked about somewhat of a break and then by friday, the main area picking up rainfall will be in the northbay, this front begins to taper off or fake out by the south bay, by the time it reaches the south bay later in the day. we'll keep an eye on that one. temperatures tomorrow in the 50s to the lower 60s, son cloud mix and possibility of showers, after friday, it will be dry this weekend, warmer for next week. so today, a big change out there, still have some downpours for tomorrow as well. >> we needed the rain and good that it's going to be dry for the weekend. thank you.
10:51 pm
evening practice, their first for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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all-star break is over. warriors back ready to pick up right where they left off. >> they have been conspicuously missing from our highlights over the last week, but unquestionably the roughest road trip lies ahead. one thing for sure, the warriors are going to go into their road trip well rested. first up, portland friday night. let's get reacquainted this evening.
10:53 pm
practice. >> reporter: it's been a full week since the warriors last practiced together as a team and andrew bogut for one sounds like he enjoyed the time off. >> been away from basketball for four or five days. ate too much food and probably had a few too many beers but we'll be all right. >> reporter: as for how today's practice went? >> i mean, it's normal. a little bit of rust. which is to be expected. but we hopefully got it off. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel amazing. feel good. >> reporter: green was on cloud nine coming off his first all- star appearance. and steve kerr was experiencing headaches a week ago but he says he's feeling much better after rest. >> i feel good. i'm still going to get some symptoms. they've told me that. they will fade over time.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: riding an 11 game win streak, the warriors are the hottest team in the universe right now. but they will be tested over the next nine or 10 days as trip beginning friday in portland. >> we know it's going to get harder. starting off with a very tough road trip. >> we're going to lose if we don't have the right mentality. >> reporter: in oakland, jason appelbaum, fox 2 sports. the various players not participating in the all-star festivities, visiting with plenty of other off the court activities, maybe behind the scenes show for harrison barnes. the latest member to appear on late night tv. on the nightly show, he was hired as one of the comedy writers and when the regular crew ran into writers block trying to write yet another joke about donald trump, barnes was called in off the bench to help contribute. >> i'm done.
10:55 pm
>> hold on a minute. take a breather. barnes, let's go. you are in. >> we all know our roles here. barnes is a pro-. >> yeah. >> how about, you can't spell trump without romp? -- rump? >> how the game flows? >> the flow of the game. >> good to meet you. >> good effort. >> you get the quick hook in comedy and late-night tv. baseball fans counting down on their calendars. the counting is over, spring training has arrived. the giants and the a's crank it up, pitchers and catchers to start things as usual. nothing but blue arizona sky with plenty of regular players on campus strolling in.
10:56 pm
aside from the gimmicky, it's an even your routine. the team looks for real. if you question marks, one is the health of joe panic who had an all-star first half in second base last year before a back injury sidelined him most of the final two months. joe fonzi asked him how he dealt with the downtime. >> first time being on the disabled list. minor or major league. so definitely different, it was tough, more mentally than anything. you want to be out there as a competitor. as a teammate of these guys, you want to be out there battling but you couldn't. it takes a toll on you but at the same time i learned how to deal with it and kind of learn
10:59 pm
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