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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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thanks i-80 here. to my left, your right. this is the westbound lane you're looking at. cal trance issues officials making sure everyone taking it safe. we'll tell you where that needs to happen throughout our region. police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead in r,no. where it happened, what we know about it coming up. >> there are new developments in the lion county murder case against cody wallace. we've got the latest from the trial right here on
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you're watching "mornings on fox 11," connecting northern nevada. >> good thursday morning. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on fox 11." . 7:00. if you haven't gotten outside as of yet, make sure you give yourself extra time this morning. depending on where you live, as you saw with those live shots if you're taking a look there, pretty wild certain parts of town. >> still coming down at a good clip. snowing furiously at my house about 3:45 this morning. a sketchy drive in to work for me this morning. now looks like we've got some of shows showers scattered around the area, particularly where ryan kern is west of town near the state line. >> yeah. the weather this morning has called for some school delays. all story county schools are on a one-hour delay, sierra nevada college on a two-
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everyone else, sorry, you are good to go. >> don't hit that snooze button today. >> don't hit that. let's check in with tim, see what we have in store for us rest of the day. >> good morning to you. we have snow shower activity across parts of western nevada into the sierra now. we also have a batch of snow in eastern nevada. those will eventually start to taper off, snow showers taste, will start to taper off as we head toward the afternoon hours. high of 47 in reno sparks. improving roads later on for the afternoon commute p. morning's commute is certainly pretty tough out there. breezy conditions, too. southwest winds 20 to 25, gusting to 45 miles per hour at times. two different batches of snow. one to the eastern side of the state, one here in western nevada in the sierra. the one on the eastern side of the state, that's the main push of moisture from last night. if you were up about 10, 11:00 last night and saw that heavy rain down on the valley floor, that's this batch. that's snow toward the elko area.
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state, we have snow falling through reno sparks, heading up toward pyramid lick as well, down through washoe county, carson city, beyond, men den, gardnerville. into truckee, we have snow falling. in the southern sierra, we' starting to see a few more snow showers this morning. either way, all this snow shower activity ity will taper as we head toward the afternoon hours. breezy conditions for the day today. morning snow showers kind of tapering in the afternoon. i think we'll see improving roads for the afternoon commute. also another weak system for your friday night. that one is not as impressive. we'll have it on the 7-day coming up in a bit. back to you. this storm is causing slick road conditions around the truckee meadows. alex knito is live with a look at what you need to before starting that morning commute. alex? >> reporter: sam, it's amazing how much of a difference a little bit of time and a little bit of distance can make.
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over on sparks on pyramid highway. earlier, we were seeing very, very light snowfall. now look at it. very low visibility. and when i left my house over in this area at around 3:00 this morning, there was no snowfall falling. and again, just take a look. it's not only coming down really quickly, but the snowflakes are getting bigger and bigger as we move around the area. now, some good news, though,: we're not seeing too much ice on the roadway, but as you can see over here on the freeway, looks like the snow is starting to stick a little bit. and the roads are slick from the snow and rain we have seen throughout the morning. a reminder to please drive slow this morning. i just checked mndot's web site. no known car crashes at this time. let's continue that through the rest of this morning. we sound like a broken record every time it snows. we want everyone to be safe during the day. ryan kern, he's over in the bold ranch area.
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>> reporter: good morning al sex. seeing a little bit of change. we can actually start to see -- don't exactly see where the sun is, but it is starting to get a little light. because it's getting lighter, check this out. i want to show you where the snow is at my feet on the edge of i-80, and what it is on i-80. check out the road. still not safe to travel through here if you do not have chains or not a four-wheel drive car with snow tires. very important. we're actually standing right at the checkpoint where caltrans officials are making sure both of those things, or he's at least one of those things is in place toward truck,e. we're at the nevada border. this is where traffic was completely stopped two hours ago. there was too much snow on the ground. we were standing in the fast lane two hours ago about ankle deep, even maybe
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snowplows have come through and cleared up. chain controls implemented here along with the entire -- lake tahoe. and ever direction from california, nevada into lake tahoe. also something important to note: we've seen not only the wind warning, but chain limitations throughout the morning. not only can you not travel through if your vehicle is taller than 9 feet; you also need chains. we'll continue giving you road conditions from here this area, nevada border, continue on through the rest of the show. we'll send it back to you. turning now to politics and decision 2016, nevada will take center stage this saturday in the 2016 presidential election as the state's democratic caucus gets underway. republican caucus is happening next tuesday, the 23rd. if you want to participate in the republican caucus on tuesday, you must already be a registered republican in nevada.
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little different: you can actually register to vote that day. >> it was an exciting, exciting day for democrats. we registered 30,000 plus democrats in the state of nevada in one single day. >> we invite anyone who wants to come see the process, see how we do it and the republican party. we invite you. still registered republican, you not be able to participate in the caucus, but the fight is just starting. >> the democratic caucus starts at 11:00 a.m. on saturday. republicans ask you to show up on tuesday at 5 p.m. with more on where to go, the dos and don't, and your caucus location, head to our sister station's web site at hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in the latest polls. according to the cnn, orc poll, 48% of likely caucus goers support clinton while 47% back sanders. they say clinton is more
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and health care; but when it comes to the economy and helping the middle class, sanders is pulling ahead of clinton 50 to 47%. on the republican side, donald trump continues to hold a huge lead: 45% followed by marco rubio, and 19% ted cru it. and democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders added his name to the long list of candidates stopping in northern nevada in the coming days. bernie will be holding a rally at the nugget in sparks tomorrow. the event is free and open to the public. doors will be opening at 1 p.m. head to our sister station's web site at for a full list of upcoming candidate appearances. nevada senator harry reed is making a prediction about senate republicans. he says they will, quote, cave and confirm the president's nominee to serve on the u.s. circuit court." reed spoke yesterday at the washoe county democratic headquarters. could hurt or even december industry the
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reed said they could lose the senate to democrats this november by filling to act. reed was also asked if brian sandoval had a chance to be nominated to the nation's high escort. >> i've had a good relationship -- so we have a good relationship. we found it works much better if we keep our conversations to ourselves. >> reid also shared some strong words against nevada's public utilities commission over its recent decision that critics say punishes roof-top solar customers. now to a developing story, police are investigating a shooting. it happened around 7:00 last night at the pond row sal trailer park. police say, when they got to the scene, they found a man on the ground with gunshot wounds. emergency responders tried to revive him, but he
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so far there are no suspect descriptions available. lieutenant shaw with rpd said it's too soon in the investigation to determine if the shooting is gang-related. making your legal news this morning, there are new developments in the case in lion county where a man is on trial for the death of a little boy. the mother of the little boy who died several spent hours on the witness substantial doubt, and broke down in tears several times. tab that reed testified she was at work when her boyfriend cody wallace called her to say her son tom had fallen and hurt herself. but -- admitted yesterday she lied to family members, even to doctors, telling tom tom was injured the next day. she said she was simply trying to avoid problems. the judge has issued a gag order, meaning no one involved in the case is allowed to speak with the media. coming up, democrats are making a final push here in nevada. we're going to have the latest
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upcoming caucus right coming down. with just two days until the south carolina
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presidential contenders making some last-minute pitches. >> the democrats are making a final push in nevada, which holds its democratic caucuses it same day, on sad. a new poll indicating a very tight race. here's reed bineon with more. >> reporter: in a state known for making the odds, the numbers ahead of saturday's nevada democratic caucuses are too close to call. bernie sanders is hoping to build momentum following his win in last week's new hampshire primary. >> everything in my political gut tells me that we have the momentum here in this state. >> reporter: but hillary clinton says the smart money is on her for a silver state win. >> we're going to go out, and we're going to saturday. than we're going on to south carolina. >> reporter: a new cnn orc poll suggests sanders and clinton are in a dead heat, with 48% of likely caucus goers saying they support clinton, and 47%
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clinton has an edge on a range of top issues, but the poll results suggest divide opinions on the economy are responsible for the tight race. another factor, raise itself, as the nominating contests shift from states like iowa and new hampshire to states with more diverse elect rats. sand verse getting support from the daughter of eric garner, killed in a confrontation with police in 2014. >> the african american community knows that on any given day, some innocent person, like sandra bland, can get into a car, and then three days later she's going to end up dead in jail. >> reporter: clinton got the backing of bland's own mother. >> i have been blessed to be able to introduce this fantastic -- to my right. >> reporter: i'm reed bineon reporting. all right. thank you for that, reed bineon.
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indicted by a federal grand jury. officials say bun day along with four others are facing felony charges of armed assault against federal officers in a standoff two years ago. bun day led about 400 armed supporters in a faceoff over grazing rights on land in southern nevada. federal officials eventually backed off, but bun day was arrested in oregon last week where he flew to support his sons in a separate standoff at a wildlife refuge. the court ordered bun day to remain behind bars, saying he is a flight risk. cliveen bun day could spend the rest of his life in prison if he's convicted. it's time for an office computer upgrade to the pentagon. secretary of defense ash carter has ordered up grades to windows 10 be done on all 4 million of the pentagon's personal computers. the upgrade is going to happen within the next 12 months. obviously security is a big deal to the department of defense, so some pc fans may
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upgrade as and endorsement that any bugs in the operating system have been worked out. and your world news this morning, pope francis departed mexico wednesday night after a six-day trip that took him all over to the country, including the indigenous south and north. the pontiff ended his trip in the northern border city of ciudad juarez. now, the pope is not flying on his familiar plane back to rome, but on air mexico's new 787 dreamliner, which has been christened as the, quote, missionary of peace in the pontiff's honor. pe francis is rumor to be back in latin america later this year to visit argentina, chile, and uruguay. rough one for a lot of people. >> good morning to you. morning. i think a better commute by this afternoon. right now we're dealing with wet and also slick roads.
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came through r,no sparks u.s. itself, so we are still looking at some of that accumulating snow. starting to stick here at the station just moments ago, continuing to watch for those wet and slick roads this morning with snow showers coming through. afternoon, we'll start to see the snow showers tapering so that means a drying trend heading into the afternoon and the next several days. 33 in town now with snow reported at the airport, 9 miles per hour winds out of the south, and 96% snow showers this morning, breezy conditions for the nearly as warm as the last couple of days. only getting into the 40s later today. right now we're in the 30s across much of the area. that cool front came through, and it brought with it the snow, wind, and that's still continuing to provide some snow shower activity. so two different areas to look for here. nearby nevada getting steady snow. that's the heavier burst of rain that came through reno last night. you can track it all the way across the state. providing snow for that side of the state.
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a heavier burst of snow pushing through far western nevada. there's still snow shower activity up into the sierra. all of this is going to start to break apart, though, as we head into the afternoon hours here. things are going to start drying out for us heading into the afternoon and then heading into tomorrow, things are still mainly dry. another weak system very weak in nature passes to our north as we head through tomorrow night. so perhaps a few more showers, not too much else going on there. so a drier trend is going to set in. the day. we have alerts to talk about. there's a lake wind advisory until 6:00 p.m. for pyramid lake. 20 to 25, gusting to 45. feet. eastern nevada has a wind advisory until 10:00 this morning, and still snowing out that way as well. that main batch of snow --
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the eastern side of the state now, and we've had our own burst of snow coming through the r,no sparks area last few hours. we'll continue to see morning snow showers coming to an end or at least starting to toper by this afternoon. another smaller, weaker system comes through for your friday night. that's mostly to our north, but that could provide a few more isolated showers out there. then things are pretty quiet heading into the weekend. we're back to the 60-degree mark in reno sparks by monday. back over to you. >> thank you, tim. a federal judge has ordered apple to help the fbi break into an i john phone belonging to one of
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what apple's stance is on it for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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for investigators in the san bernadino terror attack, getting into the minds of the shooters means getting into their phone. more than two months later, they're still locked out by a simple pass code. >> was san bernadino a very important investigation to we still have one of those person's phones we have not been able to open. >> reporter: in a public letter, ceo tim cook says the order would create a back door to the iphone, something too dangerous to create, a position he's made public before. >> if you put a back door in, that back door is for everybody: for good guys and bad guys. >> reporter: but apple is against the fbi and justice department, both with the backing of the white house. >> they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one
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>> reporter: but cook says that's not the case, writing that once created, the teak could be used over and over again on any number of devices, exposing apple customers to hackers and cyber criminals. he's also warning this would create a precedent that could be extended to force apple help the government spy on its customers. apple is calling for a public substitution on the issue. it may ultimately end up before the circuit court. i'm scott mcchain. >> the department of justice says the judge's order only applies to one i-phone. we're asking all of you on facebook should apple cooperate and unlock the phone; it's a slippery slope: if you do it for one, you have to do it for others. one local business wants to- you celebrate national drink wine day. you heard that right. we're going to it will you about a coffee bar coming up in our 8:00 hour, and how they're helping you do exactly that. rough ride out there this morning.
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we'll be right back. you are watching mornings on fox, with bill frankmore, samantha bowman, melissa karl son, and weather with meteorologist tim
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this is "mornings on fox." . >> good thursday morning. friday eve, of course,. if you haven't looked outside yet, that snow really starting to come down. kind of in central reno. just about in the past 30 minutes or so, really starting to stick out there. >> maybe the storm moving a little east. it actually looks worse here than it did on ryan kern's live shot. >> yeah. >> it is a messy one. please give yourself extra time. do have to tell you about a couple of schools that are delayed. all story county schools, you are on a one-hour delay. sierra nevada college, you are on a two-hour delay. everything else, from what we've heard so far, going on as scheduled. >> that snow, of course, starting to stick on our roadways. so if you have to leave this morning, maybe give yourself some extra time. we'll send things over to tim study baker with an update on this storm. >> the snow really coming down. we've had a few bursts of snow coming down over the past half hour or so.
7:32 am
off snow showers and morning hours. the afternoon. 38 in south lake, and 39 in elko southwest winds, still pretty breezy. hour. two batches of snow going on: one in western sierra, of the state. this batch of snow toward eastern nevada, that's what came through last night. if you were up 11:00, saw that very heavy rain come through r,no sparks, other areas as well -- but as we saw that heavy rain come through last night, that batch of snow is now eastern nevada's snow. so we're going to continue to see that push through that side of the state.
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valley. the tahoe area, lot of us are seeing some snow shower and heavier bursts of now. showers and-year bursts. place. decreasing cloud cover in the improving roads. another weak system friday night. that will be on the 7-day. back over to you. the beautiful sunny weather we saw earlier this week, of course, moved out. al, knito is live with more on what this means before you head out the door this morning. hi, alex. >> reporter: hey, good is mother nature is a little finicky this morning 11. we've moved around to various locations within the reno sparks area. right now we're -- on north mccaren. the snow is not only falling, but it is sticking. this is something new we're seeing. over in sparks, we were seeing light snowfall, not
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the last half hour on "mornings on fox 11," the snow was thicker, coming down harder. we are seeing snow on the roadways, and this could cause for some icy conditions, and the roads are slick. we do want to remind people, if you're heading out for your morning commute, please take it slow, take it easy out there. be safe. we normally see lot of car crashes when we see this winter weatherer in the area. we want to make sure everyone is safe throughout the day. drive a little slower so we can prevent any cars from spinning out. now, of course, this is just one area all throughout the truckee meadows where we are seeing this winter weather. ryan kern, he's over at the nevada, california border. what is it looking like out there as people are heading out for their morning commute? >> reporter: people heading out this this direction, chain control, simple as that. this area was closed down about 5:00 this morning. you couldn't get past i-80 heading toward truckee.
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that's because caltrans officials are standing packed, making sure everyone is ready to go over the hill. what does that mean? you have to have two-wheel drive and chain controls or four-wheel drive with snow tires. we've seen some people turn around with four-wheel cars, but not the proper tires. keep that in mind. it's starting to got brighter. visibility isn't too much of an issue. as far as chain control goes, we're seeing a lot of different chain limitations we us a don't normally see. one of the most recent ones that popped up is the entire mccaren loop in sparks and reno. that is under chain control limitations now. we're also seeing it through our washoe valley along with vehicles over 9-foot tall. so chain controls and wind advisories through washoe valley. look for those flashing signs that advise whether it is safe or not to travel through if you are a semi
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as far as sierra goes and lake tahoe, you need chain controls ever where. we'll keep you updated next half hour. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> be safe out there for sure. well a viral star ticks a shot at bernie sanders in a new hit muse you can video. >> also a sea lion gets ready for his closeup with the brand-new selfie stick. jeremy roth has the details. >> i got a crush on obama. >> reporter: the woman behind the monster hit "crush on obama" is back, and now she's crushing on bernie sanders. >> i'm berning up for you. it's never going to stop. . >> reporter: nia kauffman just dropped a new musical od, to the candidate called bernie bay. the song is about the excitement surrounding bernie's campaign and is already on the way to -- status. this five-year-old girl talking to her relationship troubles with her
7:37 am
>> i think i'm too young to have a boyfriend. >> reporter: little girl is discussing how she should let her boyfriend down easy. >> i don't want to black his heart. >> drama. change the relationship status to "it's complicated." . san diego aquarium made an underwater selfie stick for one of their sea lions, and the little guy took it for a wild ride. i think we can all agree the selfie stick for people is so yesterday. for sea lions, it's the newest thing. what do they know? they're sea lions, probably still rocking fanny packs and tight-rolled jeans, too. . >> tight-rolling your jeans is coming back. >> and fanny packs, they could make a comeback, too. >> go pro is changing the way we see everything. >> wasn't it the monkey who took the cell phone and took a picture of himself? . >> yeah. >> so funny. all right. well apple has been ordered to help the fbi break into an iphone belonging to one of the killers of the san bernadino's shootings.
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coming up i was raised, really starting to get into art with graffiti. from from it really trancicsed, and started realizing to paint on canvas. from there, started looking at other artists for the past, started really lying recommend brandt, realized, i want to paint portraits in like that, but in my own way. >> love that. talk to me about that transition. how different is it from painting graffiti to what would say is fine art on a canvas? . >> it's not that different.
7:42 am
just a little different. instead of lettering, i'm painting people and different subject matter. a lot more depth behind the art, where graffiti is just, like, lettering and just putting your name out there. >> yeah. >> and also the name of the show you're doing now is the streets -- tell me a little about that. >> that just refers to how i, like, gained momentum on the streets. that's the where the iz, iz, comes in. that just refers to when you look out there, there's a lot of tv influence in my work, like "sesame street," "mr. rogers," stuff like that. >> love that. a good mix here. tell us a little about -- you're having an event. different from what you would say a traditional
7:43 am
tell me about it. >> the cr gallery has high ceilings, big industrial -- big concrete floor. joe was able to really bring the street to the inside. if you come in, you're in a whole different atmosphere. he built a big mural inside the gallery, put a street scene on that corner along with almost a hundred paintings on the wall. it is a true installation. >> tell us about it. whfn can people go? when are the hours? . >> the fun thing is going to be tonight. it's the reception for joe. it's at 17 south virginia in the riverside ors' loft building. us tonight. it's going be a street-food- themed -- show, hot dogs, tacos, degree toe, soda, some beers. it's going to be fun. >> love it. and it's happening tonight from 5 to 7, correct? . >> and we're going to stay open a little late.
7:44 am
we'll have the doors open till 8. >> love it. so snow will be done by that time. head on out, enjoy the art scene. take look at a local artist. enjoy some great food as well. again, from 5 to 7 tonight. if you want more information, go to thanks for being with us. take a look at what's coming up indication. but first to tim. >> all right. good morning to you. we have wet, slick roads across the area thanks to our winter storm that has been passing through the area over the past 12 to 24 hours. we've transitioned over to snow showers right down to the valley floor locations, and some of those snow showers have been on the heavier side, too. a couple of quick bursts of snow came through earlier, and that provided for our first sticking snow down here at the valley floor locations, at least here at the station. so we're continuing to watch wet and slick roads out there, snow showers this morning. they're going to start to taper as we head into the afternoon hours. right now snow reported tat airport, 33 degrees, 15 miles per hour winds out of
7:45 am
higher than that as well. and 96% humidity. gusting, breezy conditions for the day today. not very warm either now that the cool front has passed through. only going to go to the 40s today in r,no sparks. we're in the 30s across much of the area. the first burst of rain that came through reno sparks has transitioned to snow and moved over to the eastern side of the state. snowing in places like elko and windover at this point. now we're kind of left in that showery activity. it can be heavy at times. that happened a couple times for reno, sparks, other areas. continuing the shower activity through the morning hours, but we'll see things start to taper in the afternoon for a drier trend. pretty destroy for the start of the day tomorrow. tomorrow night, a weaker system passes off mostly to our north. that won't provide very much, but it may provide a few showers. and than we're into a much drier trend for the reminder of the 7-day forecast. still some weather alerts to talk about out there. we have a winter storm warning
7:46 am
and parts of the sierra. that goes until noon today. snow is tapering off in some spots. it will continue to taper off into the afternoon hours. still enough out there that we continue the winter storm warning until noon. wins will be out there, too, 15 to 20, gusting to 40. per hour gusts. we have nearby california with a winter weather advisory until noon, and snow will be tapering off by the afternoon hours as well. 7-day forecast, we are looking at this storm system kind of wrapping itself up for us as we head into the afternoon hours today. pretty quiet for friday. friday night, a little bit of a weak system passes to our north. i pointed thought out on future cast. that's probably in the going to provide too much, but may provide a few showers for us. other than that the rest of the forecast is quiet and dry. returning to mostly cloudy skies by the 2nd half of the could woo, and even looking at the 60-degree mark by monday. over to you. >> thank you so much for that. let's go ahead and take a look at what is trend being morning.
7:47 am
apple to help the fbi break into an i-phone belonging to one of the killers in the san bornadino shootings. the ruling gives the fbi a possible victory in its battle with apple over the government's ability to get ahold of encrypted data, and give it over to investigators. this is the deal. apple's ceo tim cook says the company will oppose the ruling. apple says providing the keys, if you will, to its technology would compromise the security of the information of millions of users. prosecutors say, though, the con tents of the phone could provide important evidence the attackers before the shooting. and who those other people are is the important part as wall. what do you think about it? should apple cooperate and unlock that phone, or no: once you do it for one, who else can get those keys? slippery slope potentially. starting off first with kate out of new york. kate, what do you think? do you think this is one of be really easy.
7:48 am
we need to get to the bottom of it, potentially find other people involved, open up that i-phone? what do you think? . >> absolutely. i get so angry and appalled when i hear of stories like this of individuals that will promote our security nationally. as a mother, i want everybody -- in this country so we know where everybody is. it's just a case of egomaniacs thinking their individual rights is more important than the collective. >> glenn, do you agree? >> well sort of. you're allowed to have your individual right to privacy until you can prove to a judge or, in this case the government can, they have a case. so in this case, apple should go ahead and open up the phone for them. but that doesn't mean they have to give the key to the fbi. just open up the phone, and give the fbi the information. by the way, hackers sooner or later will figure out how to hack in with or without apple's cooperation.
7:49 am
this case, they want the back door to one phone. not all phones; one phone. what do you think? . >> when you can have a back door to one phone, you can have a back door to all phones. they in essence asked the company to change the way the software operates. ''those who would give up essentially liberty to purchase a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety," said by benjamin franklin. i disagree with what the government is trying to do in this case. it is not just one terrorist; it is the security of the state, privacy, and everybody in the world that uses apple product. >> and most of the world, or i would say 80% of the world -- maybe that's too big a number -- uses apple product. we would love to hear what you have to say. post your comments on our facebook page. well if you suffer from
7:50 am
a nondrug related way to manage the disorder.
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come in 34 degrees in reno. it is snowy one out there.
7:54 am
in the health news, migraines can take their toll. there may be other nondrug- related ways to manage the disorder. jim morelli takes a look at how in today's "health . >> reporter: medications can alleviate migraine symptoms, but there's no cure. >> there's not one thing we can do to end the point, but there are a lot of different options we can offer, and we can hopefully and most likely get you to a better place than where you are. >> reporter: dr. carlin bernst,in runs it headache center at boston's beth israel center. a migraine sufferer herself, bernst,in is exploring alternative ways to manage the disease. one thing she's come up with, indoor cycling. a form of exercise ideal for migraine sufferers bernst,in says, because it's low impact. it's possible cycling could have a beneficial effect on headaches. >> when the exercise -- a lot
7:55 am
already, got all kind of neurotransmitters going in our brains that can decrease pain levels. >> reporter: in boston, jim morelli. new study suggests eating fish three times a week during pregnancy could be associated with an increased risk of child-hood obesity. the study found pregnant women who at, fish three times a week gave birth to children with higher bmi values compared to women who ate fish less. the fda recommend pregnant should eat fish, but no more than two to three severings per week. the study was published online monday. meanwhile the fda has new guidelines for keeping the zika virus out of the u.s. blood supply. the agency is asking people who recently traveled to the affected countries to wait four weeks before donating blood. this also applies to everyone who has had sexual contact with those travelers. doctors say the four-week wait should be enough for their immune system to clear
7:56 am
zika is spreading through latin america, central aftercar accident also southeast asia. if you think you're being health year by skiping the soda machine and going to starbucks, you may want to think again. a new study found some flavored coffee drinks contained more sugar than soda. the group action on sugar analyzed 131 hot drinks from coffee shops in the uk, including starbucks. they found some of the drinks can contain up to 25-teaspoons of sugar. that's three times more sugar that's in one can of soda. . well still to come, if people need food, money for their bills, they can pick up their phone and dual three easy numbers. we'll have more on that still
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
hour. i can't see the clock over there. if you haven't headed out this morning, take it easy. it is quite slippery in spots, and that snow is really starting to come down. >> causing problems in the sierra as well, alpine meadows. getting word of an avalanche closing one of those roads. so please check your road conditions. we're going to do our blackhawks to track it for you. we begin with some school closings and delays. so far all story county schools are on a one-hour delay. sierra college campus, they are on a two-hour delay. they say they're going to close for the day. we'll keep you updated on any more closures as soon as we get them. everything else, we are told, at the moment, is up and running and on schedule. >> all right. let's send things overnow to meteorologist tim study baker, who's been track being storm all morning. tim, still snowing out there. >> reporter: still snowing in some spots.
8:02 am
far western nevada as well as the sierra. that will start to taper into the afternoon hours. we have the heavier batch of snow out through the eastern side of the state right now. that will also start to taper later on today, but we are still looking at some activity for the morning hours. the morning commute is tough in many spots. 37 in town, 34 for carson city later today, 38 in south lake, and 39 in elko for your highs. southwest winds, 20 to 25, gusting to 45 or so miles per hour. couple different batches of snow to look at. one in far western nevada, one in the eastern side the state. out through elko, andover, that's batch that came through as heavy rain around 10 or 11:00 last night in r,no sparks if summer that, if you were up that late. that is snow on the eastern side of the state. a break for a lot of the central part of the state. than into far western nevada, snow falling from r,no sparks, carson city, washoe valley, douglas county.
8:03 am
fallon area, not quite into fallon, but out along i- 80, there's snow activity now. also into the say year remarks the truckee area, tahoe area. broken shower coverage. still dealing with a tough morning commute. breezy conditions will remain in place for the day today. this morning, snow activity will start to taper and decrease in coverage as we head into the afternoon. roads will start to improve by that afternoon commute for a lot of us. . it's happening through the entire donor pass area.
8:04 am
appear to be pretty happy about it. she got her little five seconds of fame, didn't she. they have a patch now closed down about 3 hours ago at 5:00 a.m. nobody was able to get from nevada into california on i-80 westbound lanes. in fact, we were standing in the fast lane right where it was closed, shin deep in snow. plows have come through, cleared that. you're seeing cars traveling up towards truckee in vehicles. you need chains, though? four-wheel drive, snow tires all implemented all the way from donor pass to immigrant gap and again in colfax just before sacramento. as far as lake tahoe, the entire area is under -- limitations. 267 going past north star, mount rose highway going past mount rose ski resort. also heading to lake tahoe from either carson, minten, garnerville, all under chain control. u.s. 50 is under chain controls
8:05 am
we're also seeing through washoe valley chain control implication where is we normally see wind concerns. those wind concerns absolutely still exist. any vehicles above 9 feet tall, that's restricted. you need chain controls you're going through there as well. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, ryan. we appreciate you staying out there for us, my friend. 8:05. let's talk politics. hillary clinton and bernie sands are neck and neck in the latest poll as we head into nevada's presidential democratic caucus coming up this saturday. sanders is polling ahead of clinton 50 to 47%. on the republican side, donald trump continues to lead.
8:06 am
at 17%. and presidential hopeful bornny sanders added his name to the long list of candidates stopping in days. bornny will be holding a rally at the nugget in sparks on friday. the event is free and open to the public. doors to that particular event open up at 1:00. you can head to our sister station's web site, for a full list of upcoming candidate appearances. the gop caucus will be held this coming tuesday. classes to too much you how to caucus are taking place at both the washum county headquarters for both democrats and republicans. if you want to participate in the republican caucus, you must already be a registered republican in the state. for democrats it's actually a little different. you can register to vote that day. the democratic caucus starts at 11:00 a.m. on saturday. republicans ask you to show up on tuesday at 5 p.m. for more on where you need to go, dos and don't,
8:07 am
locations, visit our sister station web site at harry r,id is making a prediction about senate republicans: he said they will cave and confirm the president's nominee to serve on the circuit court. r,id spoke at the headquarters yesterday. he said this issue could hurt or december industry the republican party. reid said he could lose the senate to democrats this november by failing to act. r,id was also asked if brian sandoval had a chance at being nominated to the nation's high escort. reid told the group he was later today. >> i've had a food relationship with brian sandoval. we have a good relationship, and we found it works much better if we keep our conversations to ourselves. >> r,id also shared some strong words against nevada's public utilities commission over its recent decision that critics say punishes -- customers.
8:08 am
sistering nevada's public utilities commission. he was asked about the commission's recent decision impacting existing roof-top solar customers. those customers say the commission's refusal to grand father them tarots prior to the rate in january punishes them and kills it solar roof-top industry in nevada. >> said it all. he said, "people don't bayou tillties to get rich." he says, "they bayou tillties to stay rich." guaranteed money. perfect for them as indicated be by the public service commission here. >> r,id says he supports federal legislation making net metering rates standard across the country. meanwhile governors from 17 states, including nevada, are committed to working together to seek cleaner energy and transportation, and also to build a better electrical grid. the biparty san group announced what it's calling the governor's support for a new energy future. the governors intend to work
8:09 am
the court says the goal is to expand to participating states' economies while protecting citizens' health and the environment. 9 minutes after the hour on your thursday. happening today, local community leaders will gather outside the state capital to urge governor sandoval to maintain nevada's clean energy requirements. members -- progressive leadership alliance of nevada want every state to maintain progress towards the carbon reduction goals under the clean power plan. the group will gather outside the capitol hill later today at noon. if you would like to learn more, you can go to their web site at plannevada oregon. southern nevada is getting $2.9 million from a homeland security grant. according to representative dina tie us the, the los angeles area is receiving funs for the department of homeland security's urban area security initiative. money is going to go toward terrorism prevention and response training for law enforcement officers, community groups. a total of 28 other high-
8:10 am
country received that same grant. when people have nowhere else to turn, there's a phone number they can call if people need food, housing, even money for their bills. they can pick um their phone and dial three numbers. they'll be connected with a live representative to help them 24 hours a day. although 211 has been operating about ten years now, officials say many people still dent know the resource is available to them. you can call 211 toll free, and a representative will search a data base of 14,000 services across the state to connect you with one that best fits your needs. even if 211 doesn't have the exact resource you might be looking for in their data base, representatives can connect you with someone else who might. >> surprisingly, we have 10,000 calls a month, but there are a lot of people who are still unaware of 211 and what it does. there's a lot of phone numbers out there, how is it different from 9:11, how is it different from 311, and 211 is just focused on that health and human services piece.
8:11 am
way to be connected to resources in nevada. you can also text 211 at 898- 211. it is a game unlike any other we've seen this season. fox 11's alex knito is live with a look at why everyone is going to be wearing pink. >> reporter: we're over here at the r,no event center. there's a special game happening tomorrow night. to talk a little more about it, we're beyond by keenen. good morning. >> good morning, alex. how are you? >> reporter: doing great. tell us more about tomorrow's event and why it's so special. >> we're really excited. it's pink night, breast cancer awareness night here at the reno center, and we have pink and white poke caw dot themed jerseys. each one tell one is the charity of the night. and -- stepped up to sponsor the jerseys.
8:12 am
and raise some more awareness and funds for each one tell one. >> reporter: you really can't go wrong with pink or poke caw dots. tell us why people should come out and support specifically for each one tell one. >> yeah. well wendy and heather have done a really good job of bringing education about dense breast tissue to the table, and women need to do more than just the primary screening with a mammogram. so it's rally all about awareness and education, and helping more women realize the dangers of dense breast tissue and how they can help make themselves safer. >> reporter: a lot going to be going on. what better way to spend your friday night than going to a basketball game and supporting a good cause all at the same time. if you want to buy tickets, head over to r,nobig r, back to you. we do have snow still
8:13 am
sierra as well as far western nevada. there's another area of snow in eastern nevada. we're gong talk more in your
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
. >> reporter: i was here 15 minutes ago. last tomb i checked on, they have the -- with me now on your chain or snow-tire requirement. so that just goes to show you how nasty it is out there. we are currently en route. we're on the scene of -- either slide-offs or property-damage accidents through the entire area, carson, tahoe and reno. the dot can't keep up now. the snow is coming down so hard in some places. the dot and department of public safety urge people that if you do not need to be on the roads now, please wait until dot and city crew workers can get these roads cleaned up. stay at home; maybe call into work, go in a little later than normal. the more we can allow the dot -- the safer we'll be out there. use extra precaution this
8:18 am
out there on the roads today. >> all right. we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us on such a busy morning for you. we have meteorologist tim study baker keeping a close eye on this sucker. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's amazing to see how a couple miles difference you can go from -- ice-covered roads in further areas. a lot of us are dealing with a tough commute: either wet or slick roads, depending on where you are this morning. snow showers out there, some heavy at times. we'll continue to have snow shower activity through the morning hours, but we'll start to dry things out as we head toward the afternoon hours today. starting to see a break in some of the snow showers by the afternoon hours today. 34 in town, snow shower activity at the airport, 6 miles per hour winds, and 96% humidity. temperatures in the 30s and near freezing for a lot of us. could be a lot of slick roads out there, especially in the upper elevations, but still right down to some of the valley floor
8:19 am
we're seeing snow showers down to the valley floors, and we have been for quite some time. look at the difference. we are starting to see things breaking um just a bit in the sierra. that doesn't mean it's over. we have a couple of batches of snow still going on. eastern nevada, that came through last night as rain for reno sparks. right around 10 or 11:00, heavy rain at the airport in reno was reported. that has changed over to snow. we still have bands of heavier snow mixed in with some breaks as well in parts of the sierra and western nevada. so that is continuing this morning, and we'll see it start to fall apart as we head toward the afternoon hours. not much else going on after that except friday night, a weaker system will pass just to our north. that may provide a few showers, nothing to the extent we're seeing now, though,. lot of alerts still out there with our storm system. believe it or not, our storm system is departing the area next few hours. but with still have a few things going on. lake wind advisory until 6:00 p.m. today. that's for 20 to 25, gusting to
8:20 am
winds, and waves of 2 to 4 feet. there's a wind advisory in eastern nevada for gusting winds that way. there's also snow falling that way. we have a winter weather advisory in place for the ruby mountains in elko county as well as down through eureka and white pine counties. that goes till 1:00 p.m., that advisory for that snow. melting snow as well as new moisture with that snow coming through now has led to the issuance of a flood advisory out in elko county as well. some of the roads are water- covered in a few spots out that way. heads up for that, too. our storm system will start to wrap things up. we are still pretty breezy for the day. snow shower activity will be ending or tapering as we head into the afternoon hours. another weak system passes through for your friday night. then things are pretty dry heading into the weekend and beginning of next week. back to the 60-degree mark just by monday. coming up next, an actress may be in legal trouble because of a photo she posted on instagram
8:21 am
8:22 am
in our trending sec. one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
8:23 am
8:24 am
can yay west fans started a go fund me campaign to pay for the rapper's debt. that actually represents can yay's investment dollars that are tide up in music and fashion lines. the go fund account supported by can yay -- actress vanessa hugens may
8:25 am
water. the high school musical star and her boyfriend, actor austin butler, are being investigated for vandalism. now, she posted a picture on her instagram of a heart carved into one of arizona's red rocks near the kokonino national forest. federal law prohibits anyone from defacing natural services on federal property. hugens and butler could face a fine of up to $5,000 or six months in jail. turning now to what's trending over on our facebook page a louisville representative has introduced a bill that would force men to get a note from their wife before purchase vying a area. now, they would also have to swear on a bible, saying the medications like vying a area would only be used for sexual relations with their current spouse. representative mary lieu marsen introduced the bill and said it's about family values. her patrol came about a week after the governor of kentucky signed a bill
8:26 am
with a doctor at least 24 hours before an abortion. marsen also says she wants men to feel what it feels like when the government interjects themselves into their private medical decisions. asking all of you on facebook what do you think about the idea? if it were talking about the government being involved in a woman's choice, either which way, then should they also be involved in a man's choice, and whatever choice that might be as well? is it the same? we would love to hear what you have to say. go ahead and post your comments on our facebook page, and of course join us live on goggle plus and facebook mentions. you can do that by going to my facebook page. all right. coming up next, millions of u.s. at that points are going to be expiring the coming years, and the renewal process, not easy we'll give you tips to speed up the process and why it's all coming up this time.
8:27 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
up. okay. thank you ryan. sports betting has been a years. now another state wants to let people put money down on games. we're going to tell you what law make verse to say about it. you are watching "mornings on fox" with bill frank more, weather with meteorologist tim study baker. this is "mornings on fox." . >> and good thursday morning, everyone. last half hour of the show here. 8:30 now on your thursday, and
8:31 am
heard in a while. in fact, in my six years of living here, i don't think i've ever heard of chains or snow tires required on the entire mccaren -- >> yeah. >> it's just crazy. >> if i look back -- and i think you were here in 2004 -- remember we had a huge snowstorm? . >> oh my gosh. >> 2004, 2005, around new year's. >> yes. >> where we lived it was almost knee deep. >> it was right after we moved to d.c. the snow was so tall at his house, i couldn't open up the door without scraping the snow. it was incredible. >> those were the good ol days. . >> a lot of people may have a bad back after this past weekend, especially after this storm, especially if you live in some of the higher elevations. seeing some of the pictures from north star, alpine meadows, a ton of snow up there, too. >> yeah. they're reporting between about 16 and 20 inches in general.
8:32 am
certainly some good news again. we've been in kind of a dry stretch. we lost some of the snow pack. nice to see we're freshening that up a little up there. we're also seeing snow down to the valley floor, making for a tough commute in many spots. morning snow and snow showers will come to kind of an end as we head into the afternoon. they'll be tapering off in nature through the afternoon hours today. 47 in r,no sparks, 44 for the high in carson city, 38 -- breezy conditions. southwest winds 20, 25, gusting to 40 miles per hour. still breezy for the day today. two different batches of snow to talk about, one in western nevada in the sierra, the other in the eastern side of state. this batch of snow through eastern nevada, that was the heavy rain that came through reno sparks, the valley floor last night 10:00. that is now over to the eastern side of the state as snow and continuing to bring snow to i-80 between,lko and west windover at this hour. we have our own snow starting to -- not starting to. it's been falling much of the morning.
8:33 am
sparks. it is back with heavier pockets as well. reno sparks -- parts of carson city got a black. you're gong see that fill become in. other parts of carson city, the western half, it's still been snowing throughout. truckee is snowing. up into the sierra it's snowing in the tahoe area. down in the southern sierra as well. still snow showers out there, heavy at times. breezy conditions remain for the day today. these morning snow showers, believe it or not, will start to taper and decrease in coverage as we head into the afternoon. i think roads will improve for the afternoon commute today. and another weak system comes through for your friday night. that one is not nearly as im, but it will be on the 7 day in a few minutes. the roads are a mess this morning all over town. let's check on some of the higher elevations. we have fox 11's ryan kern monitoring this situation near the state line with more. hi there, ryan. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, bill. it's chain controls.
8:34 am
day. as you all just talk about, more carren boulevard, the entire sickle, it's been a very busy winter. we've been out here talking about chain controls. that's a new one as far as i'm concerned, is mccaren being under the chain control limitations by the department of transportation. that's essentially not it. standing here at i-80 looking at the westbound lanes out of nevada into california. chain controls implemented up and over deny minor pass, into colfax, closer to sacramento. a lot of people passing on the side of the road semi trucks, which is another danger to look out for. those are people on the side of i-80 who are putting chains on the semis to be able to get over the pass. some of them are pulling off near where we are at the golden ranch just on the edge of nevada, california border. we're also seeing chain control all over the place.
8:35 am
being prohibited; but you need controls. there's restrictions no matter what if you're traveling between reno and carson city. lake tahoe under chain controls if you're driving around there, or trying to get to and from lake tahoe, any direction, chain controls. we want to talk about something new this half hour: there's an avalanche reported at alpine meadows. no one as far as california highway patrols knows is involved in this. no one is trapped in this avalanche, but it is covering parts of alpine meadows road, heading into the alpine meadows for the 89. so be wary of that. maybe you're heading to alpine to do some skiing, you can -- on the other side of the mountain as well. that avalanche is there, and crews are working to clear that up. 89 which leads into alpine meadows, under chain control as well. send it back to you in the studio. your at that point is something you really don't think about until you have to go on a trip, but listen to this: nearly 49 million at that points will, pyre within the next three years. >> that can mean massive wait
8:36 am
anxiety as well. in today's "consumer watch," mary ma lonnie explains what you can do now. >> reporter: need a at that point? the u.s. government says it could take six weeks just to get your at that point are mud. that's longer than usual. here's why. within the next three years, 49 million people's at that points will expire. you can thank a 2007 federal law for the avalanche of renewals. it requires u.s. citizens to carry a at that point when traveling to canada, mexico, the caribbean, and bermuda. even if your at that point is current, most european countries will not accept at that points within six month of their expiration dates. to get your at that point quicker, act now. photos can be taken at many post offices, drug stores, even public libraries. the state department says pictures are the number-one reason why renewals may be held up. to make sure your at that point renewal isn't placed in purgatoriry, be more like prince: seriously. the superstar tweeted his epic
8:37 am
and it meets all government regulations. identities it right size, 2 by 2, taken on a plain white background with no smile. the state prefers a more natural look. as prince demonstrates, you can still slay with no smile. once you get that perfect picture, renew your at that point by mail or in person at sanked locations for faster service. then relax and plan that next vaca away. for consumer watch, i'm mary ma loanny. in other news, new jersey state officials met with the circuit court of appeals for the third time yesterday to try to legalize sports bet >> gary: lawmakers believe this could be -- they should have, rather, the same legal cause as nevada. according to new jersey senator raymond lessing, new jersey want to add betting so they can increase jobs and improve their struggling casinos and race tracks. by the way, new jersey is hoping to carry the results of yesterday's hearing by june 30th. so is nevada. >> yeah. and speaking of sports, let's toss things over
8:38 am
>> let's talk some hoops. a 2-game road swing in the silicon valley against old foe san jose state. wolfpack and spartans for the bay area, 1st half, the handoff to d.j. fenner, who seize an opening. he drives the to the rack off the glass. tide at 2 early on. marquis coleman with the ball cuts left, and swoops to the rim. nevada was down 9 points at the break, though. 2nd half, here comes nevada. after falling behind 11, the pack storms back. cameron oliver for 3 there. we're tide at 35. and then, moments later, tie roan criswell with the base-line drive and jam. senior gives nevada a 2-point lead. d.j. fenner from the top of the key, what a smooth stroke he has. he knock down a 3. wolfpack comes ck big time to top san jose state on the road 61-55. coming up next for the
8:39 am
south to take on the rival rebels of unlv. unlv coming off a loss at airport over the weekend. tipoff for thomas mac set for 7:00. speaking of hoops, the reno big horns are suiting up for another game tomorrow night; but their jerseys are going to look a little different. alex knito joins us live from the reno event center to explain. hey there, alex. >> reporter: over here at the reno event center talking about a special basketball game happening tomorrow night. tell us more about it -- why is tomorrow's game so special compared to other games we've seen so far this season? . >> well of course because it's pink night, so we get to show off what we do best at each one, tell one, which is education and awareness around dense breast tissue and early detection of breast cancer. >> reporter: you're the founder of each one tell one. tell us why you got started and what's been the most rewarding part since you started this organization? . >> oh my goodness.
8:40 am
because my breast cancer was missed on a mammogram. i realized i needed more than just a mammogram when i had my breast screening. the most wonderful part is six women today, just us being out in the community last few years, have come forward to say, "you saved our lives." . >> reporter: and what other things do you want people to know when they come . >> absolutely. i think it's going to be fun. year. we want everyone wearing pink, supporting big horns, supporting the community. each one, tell one. >> reporter: if someone loves sports and the color pink, what better way to spend your friday night than eating popcorn, maybe a soft pretzel, showing your support. if you want tickets, head over to the big horns web site. you can food them there. reporting live, i'm alex knito. back to you. coming up a bill could force men to get notice from their wives before
8:41 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we'll talk about that c today is national wine day. the owner of coffee bar reno. did i get it right? . >> yes. >> thank goodness. the anxiety before that. you guys are doing an event tonight, today being the day to have a beverage or two. you guys are doing a tasting of certain wines. tell me what you guys have. >> we're going to taste south american wines today from 6 to 8:00 p.m. tonight at coffee bar. we have seven incredible wines from argentina and chile. so if you haven't ever had wines for south america,itis good chance to explore some new things. and we're going to have some
8:45 am
it, too. just small appetizers. >> i love that, because a lot of times when you go to different wine stores, you go straight for the napas or californias, maybe if to italy. this is a great option as well, exploring that. a lot of people think of the coffee. >> yeah. i think in italy, which is kind of what we're modeled after, on every street corner you can get a place, you can get a wine. we really tried to bring that to r,no here. just a nice addition to a day park in italy you can go into a cafe at any given point in time and have a glass of wine or sandwich or bowl of pasta or salad or cup of coffee. >> yes. >> and it's just accepting anytime of day, you can be in there. that's what we modeled our store after is to do the same thing. not typical to see wine in a coffee shop. that's one of the reasons we
8:46 am
just give people a reason to come. >> reno isn't typical either. it's one of those great spots to check out. if you haven't checked out their coffee either, you got to do it. what's the information people need to know before they head over there tonight? . >> you just -- $25 for seven wines with small bites, some meat provided by sierra seafood -- meat and seafood. >> yes. they have an amazing -- >> yeah. you have to have food. argentina, they're all about you have to have lot of food with your wine. >> absolutely. great event, you guys. if you want to check out more information, you can find it by going to coffee bar. you can found it on our web site as well. >> thank you so much. >> perfect way to end a snowy day. good morning to you. speaking of snowy day, we have snow showers out there this morning, on and off in nature. a heavier burst coming through r,no sparks now once again after a brief break in
8:47 am
bursts out there earlier this morning. now another one. wet and slick roads across much of the area as a result of this winter storm that's passing through. have accumulating snow in spots as well. take it easy on the roads. believe it or not, by the afternoon, we are going to see a drying trend. things are going to start to taper as far as snow showers are concerned later on into the afternoon hours. then we're quiet again heading into the weekend with the exception of a small and brief system passing off to our north friday night. that's about it for the rest of the 7 day. 34 in town, 16 miles per hour wins at the airport. kind of a little snow squall coming through. heavier snow falling in parts of r,no sparks, carson city. we'll see that in a moment here. 35 in tonopah, 34 in -- close enough to freezing in most spots this morning you could be running into the a lot of slick roads out there. there's some chain controls in effect for many areas as well. so the first burst of heavier rain last night about 11:00, that is now
8:48 am
side of it state, and then that secondary. that's still providing snow for far west nevada into the mountains as well up into the sierra. there are areas seeing heavier snow now, and there are also areas seeing a break. so that's kind of the nature now going forward. it's going to be pretty showery coverage for the rest of the morning hours. and then, heading into the afternoon, we're actually going to see kind of a drier trend. things will start to fall apart. it's not done by the afternoon, but we'll start to see drier trend setting in. we'll stay dry for the morning tomorrow; but then, by the afternoon and evening hours, once again, a very weak system will pass off to our north. that could provide just a few more showers. nothing to the extent we have seen now, though. weather alerts are still in place for parts of the area. winter storm warning is still in effect for tahoe as well as the foothills west of reno and carson city. and than up into sierra as well. that winter storm warning is in effect until noon today. still pretty gusting winds.
8:49 am
and we also have a winter weather -- for nearby california, and that goes until noon as well. 7-day forecast, our storm system is wrapping up for us as we head into the afternoon hours today. we'll start to see snow coverage breaking apart. much drier heading into your friday morning. perhaps getting swept by a little bit of a weak system for your friday night, and then things really dry out heading into the weekend. warmer temperatures on the way back. we should reach 60 by monday in reno sparks. over to you. let's go ahead and take a look at what's trend being morning. a louisville representative has introduced, i should say, a bill that's going to force men to get a note from their wives before they can purchase vying a area. they would also have to swear on a bible, saying the medication would only be used for sexual relations with their current spouse. representative mary lieu marzion introduced the bill values.
8:50 am
women to consult with a doctor at least 24 hours before an abortion. marzion says she wants men to feel what it is like to have the government interject itself into their private medical decisions. . is it the same thing, and should it be done? starting off first with kenten, your thoughts? >> i love it. i think it should be done. it's obviously -- ifing this do -- if the other legislature can do stuff to women, hey, it's about time to do it to men, too. >> good for the goose, good for the gander, right, kate? . >> i don't know about this. a completely different issue. i mean, one is a serious, serious consideration, and the other is kind of a moral decision on her part. in my experience, most men want vying a area not to have sex with their spouses, so this is going to put a serious crimp in the farm
8:51 am
but tongue in cheek, it did pass as far as i know. so where it goes from here, i guess we'll have to wait and see. it would be great to have some moral authority in this country. >> it would be interesting to get the men's perspective, which we're going to get from glenn here, about what do you think about having the government interject in the possibility of whether or not you get a certain medication? . >> the government has no business in your life whatsoever, especially when it comes to medical. they need to stay out of it. but here's the question: guys, the moment you enter into a relationship with a woman married or not, where do you have any more rights? please show me where that happens. it doesn't anymore. you've given them up. it in the marriage contract for good's sake. chris, kenten, help me out here. left? >> glenn, you want to put up your left hand and say evening glare i don't. if i was in a relationship now, i'd be giving up my i know how this works. we love to hear what you
8:52 am
go ahead and post your comments on our facebook page. and ladies as well. stay with us, everybody. we'll be right back. for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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out the door this morning also with understand there was an avalanche concern or avalanche that actually happened overby alpine meadows. if you did take the day off, head up to alpine, be aware of that. chp is asking people to stay out of that area as well. >> conditions can change in a distance. even if you have a short drive, you may see snow-covered roads, ice-covered roads. it's very different in different spots around town, around the region. let's see what your forecast rocks like. here's your 7 day. we are still dealing with snow showers on and off this morning in some spots. heavy at times still can make for some pretty tough driving at times. things will taper off this afternoon. we're mostly quiet the exception of a brief and weak system friday night. all right. have great day, everybody.
8:57 am
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morning at a crew braving bubbling hot va tola rappel into an african volcano. a cat is stuck in freezing weather for daze. >> 33-foot electrical pole -- >> see the heroes who jumped in when the fire department wouldn't help. we are joined "right this minute" -- >> youtube star's interview with rtm is suddenly interrupted. what happens when a fan distraction turns frightening. bone nuts give-away day means your shot at a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. and meet gate who's letting his


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