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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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suspect running away in one of three sexual assault cations now underinvestigation -- case now under investigation. >> so we put out an alert with the suspect description. >> good evening. late word from berkeley, plea learn offend a third -- police learned of a third woman being assaulted near the university of california at berkeley campus. police released this video. a man running on tuesday night after a woman said she had been assaulted by stranger. police say the victim chased the suspect through a parking lot after the attack and that is when the man was caught by the surveillance camera. before that another woman reported being pushed to the ground and assaulted near people's park and thursday a
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people's park. >> we don't know if the person lives in the area. that is why we want this information out there because it seems like there is familiarity with the area since it is occurring within several blocks of each other. >> investigators now say they believe the same man is responsible for all three of the attacks and he is targeting asian women who are college age. police describe the suspect of being african-american male or east-indian male, in his early 20s, 5 6feet tall, with dark curly hair or dreadlocks pulled back. he was seen wearing a dark colored jacket and pants, with a hooded sweatshirt. the chp needs help in tracking down cars on side shows on the bay bridge. this video shows one driver
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officers responded to the incident on saturday and stationed patrol cars but they never saw the vehicles. the chp tells tus hasn't been involved. day. traffic is moving again on highway 17 after a tree fell across the road. the huge tree came down after 10:00 a.m. this morning blocking north bound and southbound lanes. no one was hurt but you can see the result there, traffic was snarled for hours. crews reopened one lane in each direction but it took several more hours to clear all the lanes. an average closed ampine meadow sky resort today -- alpine meadow sky resort today. it brought 5 feet of snow and debris on to the road after 7:00 a.m.
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valley employee bus and pushed it 30 feet. no one was injured. they stay closed for the day because of the danger. now to chief meteorologist bill martin with how much rain. >> heavy rain and thunderstorms last night and plenty of snow in the mountains, 2 feet of snow. hence the avalanche concerns. last night, the lightning off san francisco. this is last night at 11:30 p.m. strikes of lightning. we get more lightning strikes in the east bay and then a break and look there, right about there, 3:30 a.m. in the morning. lightning strikes strikes and south towards san jose. that was the system. how much rain? significant amounts of rain. an inch of rain in many locations from a storm that wasn't -- or thought would bring half inch.
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heaviest spots, 1.2 inches. san jose 3/10-inch of rain. there is another system in the pacific, this one right here. it gets in here tomorrow. energy goes north but it drags the tail through, so we have a good chance at showers. pacifica, crews today demolished an apartment. ktvu's john sasaki was there and shows us how winter storms are reshaping the coast line. >> reporter: on pacifica, the action was swift and decisive. >> it was amazing. >> the property only had the building torn down in hours. it was empty since 2010 as the cliff side eroded away. >> it is mother nature. nothing you can do. really. it is amazing how much -- >> reporter: neighbors had no
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went outside and saw the heavy machinery. people stopped to watch. and then put it in to containers that would haul it away. one woman is not worried about the future. >> i spoke to friends who bought one of the buildings and he said we probably have 25 years. >> reporter: a woman who lives next door was unconcerned of this work. >> i will never be able to afford this kind of view anywhere so, you know, i will stick it out. i mean, this building here is the worse. i have got the best edge. so i am just going to hang out till they kick me out or i fall in i guess. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this next door building to the north has also
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secured funding to tear it down. it could happen any day now. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. and at 10:30 why the power of the ocean is more evident than ever and many are finding the waves are rougher than they realize. a child lost in a fire. it happened over night and tore up firefighters too because there was nothing they could do to they have 7-month-old boy -- they could do to save the 7- more. >> reporter: we are at the fire house and crews arrived at the fire ready to rescue but found gone. >> all you heard was crackling. >> reporter: she lives two buildings down from the apartment that burned. the couple woke up to flames
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their 4-year-old son but couldn't get to their infant in another room. >> blazing. the fire was just everywhere. all i heard was the mother screaming. my baby, my baby. >> reporter: they treated this as a crime scene as they would any fire death although there is no suggestion it was anything but an accident. >> tough situation. >> reporter: tough on firefighters, poised to rescue a trapped child. >> it was decided it was too well involved. the environment inside was not livable so they changed tactics for a fire attack. >> reporter: it was too fierce for crews to go in and they ended up holding the mother back. >> she was trying to go in and get the baby. they wouldn't let her. >> reporter: in chaos it happens, leaving someone behind.
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[ indiscernible ] can't save yourself, you can't save another individual. >> the apartment only has one way out. the mom cut her hand breaking a window early on. the unit has smoke alarms. it is not a good idea to pull batteries out. >> typical mom. see her with her babies. >> reporter: neighbors struggle for words and send wishes. >> strength. i could not imagine what her day is like. this prayer is for her and her family right now. >> reporter: 15 people were displaced. the lower units will be ready to live in next week. the upper floors will take much longer. the firefighters union is pulling together a fund to help
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>> debora villalon reporting tonight, thank you. cal-osha voted on a different kind of safety issue today. they rejected a requirement for actors to use condoms in x rated movies. a norm of actors said it would force the industry underground and jeopardize safety measures. >> you can't make every industry risk free. we have done incredible strides through this method and it is very effective and useful and supported by everybody. >> los angeles county already has a condom rule. the safety board voted in favor of the regulation. but it needed 4 votes to pass. now to the vacancy on the
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scalia's seat should be filled and who should fill it. the current president or the next president. ktvu's jana katsuyama with two new polls. >> reporter: this has come at a time when voters are just started to get ready for the next round of caucuses and the primary. a bus headed for nevada and it is clear many voters are saying this is a critical issue as they choose their next president. >> reporter: as the supreme court prepares for friday's ceremony honoring justice scalia, new polls showed republicans and democrats divided over the next nominee. a survey of voters found 51% felt president obama should name a replacement.
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nomination and let the next president decide. another poll showed 47% said president obama should appoint a replacement and 46% said he should wait for a new president to decide. volunteers in san francisco boarding a bus for nevada said it is a big talking point. >> appointment to the court is more important for voters. >> we mention how important it is because the next president will be appointed probably -- [ indiscernible ] >> thank you for your support. >> talking point among volunteers at a phone bank thursday night. >> it is a reminder whoever is president gets to pick supreme court judges. anything can happen. >> reporter: justice scalia's death has been a rallying cry. ted cruz in south carolina thursday said it was one of the most important questions facing voters. cruz is running ads, listing
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supreme court's balance. >> as president you have my word every justice i put on the supreme court will be a principal -- >> reporter: this voter says justice scalia's death prompted him to register as a republican. >> i switched to the republican party. >> reporter: because? >> because they are more likely to nominate a judge in the liking of justice scalia. >> reporter: justice scalia will lie in repose on friday and the funeral is saturday in washington, d.c. jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. tires, furniture, even needles. the ugly surprise you see there this morning in front of a bay area elementary school and how witnesses say all that trash got there. >> high-speed rail service headed to san jose.
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>> up next a helicopter crashes a sightseeing helicopter crashed into the water at pearl harbor, hawaii today with 5 people on board. it happened in hunt for of visitors. several people jumped into the water to help with the rescue. emergency crews had to use a knife to cut the seatbelt and
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rear of the helicopter. all five people were taken to the hospital. three of them including the boy are critically injured. an investigation is now underway. now to a huge get for silicon valley. today california's high-speed rail authority announced the change in plans. the first leg of the line will bring passengers to and from san jose instead of los angeles. ktvu's azenith smith is in san jose and says it will happen within a decade. >> reporter: initially the state wanted the first leg to run to burbank but that is no longer the case. instead it takes passengers from this station to the bakersfield area by 2025. >> reporter: commuters say they are eager to ride california's high-speed rail that could take passengers from los angeles to
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>> it is nice the u.s. is world. spent my life in asia where we had trains for 20 years now. 30 years. >> reporter: in a plan released by the authority thursday the state plans to build the first track between silicon valley and central valley. the reasoning, it is less expensive than building tunnels reducing cost by $4 billion. >> it is a game changer as it relates to commuter choice options. housing and land use. the economy and jobs and quality of life. >> reporter: silicon valley leaders are touting how it could grow the region. the man includes $3 billion in additional funding from the federal government. he says the train will pay for it. >> it is a huge impact for
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right now it is very hard for our high tech companies that need the best talent in the world to attract that talent because the vacancy rates are so low. >> reporter: ridership is between 40 million to 100 million riders a year and he thinks it will be higher than that given how fast the state is growing. >> tens of millions of people will have to commute to silicon valley or los angeles for jobs. and the way they would do that is high-speed rail. >> reporter: and this will make it easier to electrify cal train from san jose to san francisco because they will all run on the same tracks. >> such a controversial project. thank you. new express lanes on interstate 580 in the livermore valley tomorrow. they stretch through livermore, pleasanton and dublin. two eastbound lanes open tomorrow morning. a westbound lane will open next monday.
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from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on week days. solo driverbs could pay a toll to use them -- drivers could pay a toll to use them. carpoolers should get a flex that has a commuter mode on it. >> reporter: apple hires an attorney in its dispute with the fbi. they challenged california's ban on same-sex marriage. now they will defend apple as it resists a judge's order to tack into a terrorists cell phone. agents have his iphone but have been unable to see the data because it is protected by a pass code. other companies are siding with apple saying a ruling against apple would set a bad precedent. apple ceo is vowing to pursue
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and the fbi searched a southern california home as part of the investigation into the san bernardino mass shooting. they spent hours going through the home of the gun's brother. neighbors say they carried evidence away from the ho. syed farook's brother is a navy veteran. he hasn't been named a suspect. a man accused of a hit-and- run crash is behind bars. police arrested the 23-year-old at his home in san jose yesterday. investigators say he was behind the wheel last friday when his car hit a bike rider on winchester boulevard. the bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. police later recovered the car that was abandon a few blocks from the accident. checking on the weather out there now.
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the clouds linger into the next couple hours. with the clouds we are expecting showers to show up. mainly in the north bay now. you can see the showers picking up right here. those showers very light at this time but they will continue to move in into tomorrow. we come in close. we have -- pardon me. clouds by the morning in santa rosa. rainfall at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning in santa rosa. more showers before noon. a 10th of an inch of rain. and into the afternoon, 3:00 p.m., it starts to clear out. a very light shower day tomorrow. san jose you will have a few clouds but the chances of sprinkles tomorrow very light. most showers will be in the north bay, those are the showers tomorrow. not that heavy but enough to cause issues in the north bay for the morning commute. >> thank you. still ahead mother nature's fury, chief meteorologist bill
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battering the coast during the el nino winter. >> and the giants have new faces for 2016. we are at spring training where a big name pitcher tells us she
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to join the giants cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump is involved in another jous this time with pope francis. the pope started it when he said deporting immigrants and building a wall is unchristian. fox news reporter tells us, donald trump isn't backing down. >> reporter: flying home from his visit to mexico pope francis was asked about donald trump.
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building walls, wherever they bridges, is not christian. donald trump received the news on the campaign trail. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i am proud to be a christian. and as president i will not allow it to be attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> the pope was told about donald trump's pledge to build a wall and his criticism for standing with migrants at the border. >> the pope is a political person. >> they are using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves. that is the mexican government. >> reporter: at least i am a human person and that i am a pawn, well, maybe i will leave that up to your judgment. the pope said having not heard the plans independently he would give him the benefit of
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what would i advise or not to vote? i would not get mixed up in that. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis ultimate trophy,trump said, he pope can have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president because this would not have happened. >> reporter: catholics make up 20% and they picked the winner in the last four elections. in washington, fox news. >> the white house announced a historic moment in u.s.-cuban relations. the president stated he will be traveling to the nation next month to meet with cuban president razl castro. this is video last september but it has been 90 years since a sitting u.s. president has gone to cuba. president obama began the process of normalizing
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a young horse that beat the odds. an update on his recovery. the owner who has now come forward and who gets the keep the horse. >> the power of el nino, chief
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weighs in on the for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun
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just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. el nino brought the bay area a mixed blessing, the rain is providing a needed boost to the water supply but the storms are causing dangerous conditions along the coast. our chief meteorologist bill martin with how el nino is making this winter rougher than people realize. >> definitely. the power of the ocean is more
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thanks to this el nino. >> reporter: giant powerful waves hitting the coast line so hard they register on the seismographics. residents are feeling the impacts of el nino. waves battered the cliffs, forcininresidents out of their homes. >> we saw the sand falling from under the deck that is hanging there. >> reporter: with thousands of tons of pressure slamming into the cliffs, something has to give and usually does. the coast line is eroding but in el nino years the damage could be 10 fold and it is not just the homeowners in danger but beach visitors as well. he started working at ocean beach in 1999, a year after it was declared the most dangerous beach in the country.
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>> reporter: could you outswim one? >> no. >> reporter: we have waves break over a mile out at sea. as the water rushes towards ocean beach it hits the stand and goes out. that creates the powerful rips. rips strong enough to take a lifeguard out to sea. you combine that with the tied at the golden gate bridge and you have a recipe for disaster. it happened to two students who powerful wave. the cold water could create a panic in a person. dangers. >> reporter: and it happened to a surfer who disappeared at the beach last month. usually the winter swells come from the north or northwest so they lose power.
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waves tend to come from the west. where they have no obstacles in their way and they can smack directly into the coast with full power. as dangerous as the el nino swells can be, they transfer form mavericks into one of the big wave venues in the world. >> we want the biggest waves on the planet but we also have to keep it safe. giant waves versus dangerous wavers. we will look for the perfect storms. >> oh, my god. >> even the pros aren't immune. at mavericks he was no match for the unforgiven pow orof the world famous waves. >> for me mavericks is the air isiest wave in the world.
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in a typical year they might offer 20 plus waves, in a el nino year we could see 8 to 10 of these giant swells. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: we are in the middle of one of the most powerful el nino forecasters have ever seen. mother nature will continue to put on a dangerous show up and down the coast. >> we are in the middle of february, where has el nino been this month? >> that is what everybody is asking. 38% of rainfall average for february. the last big el nino we were 240% of average. below in rainfall but el nino is still here. it is -- it is showing up in the form of giant waves. the storms are going north or south but the waves are a
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storms created in the pacific. -- strong el nino storms created in the pacific. we are going to see more and that is where el nino is, creating waves but so far no rain for us. >> the waves are just -- >> amazing. >> all right. thank you. the city of fremont is the new guardian of a-week-old colt. the police department posted pictures of him with a new stuffed animal on facebook. he is recuperating now at the veteran center after being -- vet center after being found injured. police made contact with the owner. the owner agreed to surrender the animal to the city. animal services is working to find a new owner once the horse is recovered but it needs six months to recuperate.
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tonight on american idol. [ singing ] >> he is 28-years-old and he was joined by haily rine heart who came in third during the 10th season of american idol. he made it to the final 24, unfortunately he did not make the cut tonight when the judges named the final 14. next wednesday tune in to a special wildcard night as the final 14 compete and a week from tonight the final 10 will be revealed on the farewell season of american idol. street filled with trash. >> like somebody took a big truck and just dumped. >> the big surprise parents and kids got as they arrived for school. >> we talked about the chance for showers on friday. into the weekend, it will warm up again. i will let you know how warm it will be. >> the man accused of murder
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his plea to charges of shooting three people and killing cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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a man suspected of killing two people in fran pleaded -- san francisco plead not guilty in court today. he is charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and carjacking. the judge set bail at 5 million dollars. a small memorial now sits in the parking lot where the two men from santa rosa died sunday morning. a third person was critically injured and is in the hospital. san jose police officer who was fired over what was considered inflammatory tweets has been reinstated.
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return to his job. this is him at a program in 2014. he posted tweets about black lives matter protests, saying if anyone threatened his family he would use his god giverren right to kill them -- given right to kill them. that sparked a back lash. he was fired and appealed. he will be assigned to administrative duties. air quality officials approved $3 million in funding for wood burning fire place upgrades. it will help homeowners replace fire places. residents who rely on fire places for heat are given priority. it ranges from $750 to 12 in the dollars to install a heat pump. the money is expected to help 1300 homes. details about applying for the
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rally on wall street came to an end. the dow is down 40 points. the nasdaq is down 46 points. the s&p is down 9 points. the dow run up over 800 points over the previous three sessions. crowd for the chinese new year parade in san francisco saturday night. that is one of many weekend events in the bay area. here is ktvu's rosemary orozco with our weekend watch. >> celebration will fill the streets of san francisco this weekend. thousands of people will attend the chinese new year parade saturday. it is one of the largest in the country. 100 units will participate in the parade with beautiful floats and costumes. miss china town u.s.a. will be there. hope to see you there.
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dash is on saturday. the dip in the san francisco bay and then on to the after splash celebration. money raised goes to special olympics. the clam chowder cook off is saturday. chefs will compete for prizes. for 10 bucks you can taste and test. proceeds benefit the santa cruz parks and rec. and the cat show at the fairgrounds sunday. you will find beautiful cats and kittens. shelter cats for adoption, supplies, art work, jewelry. it will benefit the north bay animal charity. it starts at 9:00 p.m. warriors and sharks are on the road. i am rosemary orozco, this is your weekend watch. rain and wind but what about the weekend ahead?
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is tracking big changes in our forecast. >> first, though, the big mess in front of a bay area school. angry parents are left
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dump all that piles of trash dumped in front of a special needs school. it is an example of a growing problem in oakland. ktvu's henry lee spoke with a neighbor who said it was left there over night by someone driving a dump truck. >> used a tracker to pick up all the garbage. >> reporter: mattresses, tires, lottery tickets, needles. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: for some reason someone dumped all this trash.
10:44 pm
parents were forced to take a detour to get to school. >> i had to park way down -- further. >> reporter: how important is it to get closer to the school with your child? >> well, it is really important because of his -- his motor skills. he doesn't walk. normal. it makes me upset because, you know, i am coming every morning to drop off my kid that has special needs and we ever to go around the school to get him in. it is disserving to see all that trash in front of the school. >> like somebody took a truck and dumped. >> reporter: a neighbor said that is what happened. 1:00 a.m. this morning he saw a dump truck pull up and spill its load. he thought it was a delivery
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>> i dropped my son off at school and there was trash up and down the street. a mattress. all kinds of stuff. it was disgusting. >> reporter: crews used a bulldozer and a street sweeper to clean up the mess. police and officials are investigating. the school had trash dumped here before and last week another school also had more dumping. here in oakland, if you report illegal dumper you are eligible for a reward. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the rain, we are behind where we want it be but we still have time to come as we talked about earlier. march could be productive and the next few weeks. but you can see santa rosa 82% of average right now.
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know, it was worse last year. san jose 90%. this time of year you will lose a lot of ground when it doesn't rain each week. february, march, those are big months for us. january as well. that was productive. tracking the next weather system. it doesn't look like it will produce much. inch, inch and a half in some places. this system we may see a quarter inch in the coastal hills. clouds south there. tomorrow is partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies all day. showers developing between noon and 3:00 p.m. for the bulk of us. most of us. north bay sprinkles start earlier in the morning. oakland, the models say 6:00 a.m., partly cloudy skies. no showers yet. into the afternoon, you see the clouds break. and then watch what happens after noon.
10:47 pm
oakland noon to 2:30 p.m. a weak system. moves through quick. once it sweeps through the bay area, what rain starts is going to start. here is the model. there is tomorrow morning. you see green over us. stop it around noon. that is that front, santa rosa gets heavy rain and then it rips right through. 4:00 p.m. it is falling apart and moving through san jose. and then you get a break. there is saturday morning. and then there is saturday afternoon. saturday is a nice day. just going to be wet into your bay area tomorrow mid-day. and not by wet, nothing like last night and this morning. highs tomorrow cooler after a week of record temperatures or near record temperatures. we will cool down. mid-day, early afternoon sprinkles. light showers. saturday clears out. sunday, warmest day. nicest day on the weekend.
10:48 pm
tuesday but after tuesday it looks like something wants to slide back in here again. i mentioned this earlier, february for el nino has been a bust. even -- it has been a bust. most big el ninos, 250% of average, we are doing 38%. hopefully march picks up the loss ground. >> thank you.
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with sports. . a lot of hope for the cal bears this season. they had great recruits but ran into a rough patch but they are kind of jelling. >> finding their stride. maybe too close tonight in washington. missed 15 free throws. most in the final 30 second. you knew cal loaded with talent. figured it would take time to mesh. if they could win on the road like today, they could do damage in the pac 12 tournament. first conference win on the road. all season. it comes up in seattle. watch him. he can play the point. great pass. the freshman. good. he is fouled. late in the second half, cal
10:52 pm
dunk coming up here by the other freshman. had a night. 23 points. take another look. cal 8-5 in conference. the cardinal laying it on. the cougs career night for one. dribble. drive. and the dunk. pretty good. tied right there. stanford up 11 at half. on defense he comes up. the steal. he will wind up with another shot. cardinal they are 7-6 in the pac 12. st. mary's win over portland 74- 72. baseball. all is calm in the giants camp right now. spring training. cacks league season awaits.
10:53 pm
league season await. the pressure will soon be front and center. joe fonzi hanging out today with jeff samardzija. >> the giant recognize short comings on their roster and he is one of the guys they signed to fill the holes. starting pitcher jeff samardzija should fit in well here. like staff madison bumgarner he has no use for the quality start. >> i could do nothing all off season and pitch 5, 6 innings, to me that is not what excites me. i think when i am in the 7th inning with 80 pitches that feels good, that is accomplishing something. >> reporter: if he sounds like a football player in the 4th quarter, that is because he sounds one. at notre dame in addition to pitching, jeff samardzija was name to a number of all
10:54 pm
>> the older i get the more i appreciate my threshold for certain things. comes from football. you know, my father being a bobby knight fan has something to do with it. >> reporter: he likes to be considered an athlete, not just a pitcher. he will join a staff that likes to hit. he has two career home runs and will fit in nicely on a staff that saw madison bumgarner hit 5 last year. >> cool thing about great starting rotations is you compete over everything. never think you will come to the field without having to be on your toes. who hits the most home runs, opposite field singles. it is never ending. >> reporter: fans will be happy if they get competitive when it comes to compiling wins this year. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news.
10:55 pm
tonight the sharks and their season continue. direct them into town, any town, on the road, they will win. florida the place tonight. upper the record to 28-2. away from home. san jose down 1. 1- -- down 1- 0. 1-1. we have over time. and now on to the shoot out. the stick in his hand, always dangerous. providing the decider. 3 straight wins for the sharks. 25-5 that is the task ahead of the warriors. if they match or better that they set the record for the best regular season ever. sounds simple enough consideration they are 48-4 but as they work out today in preparation for a challenging six game road trip that concludes in oklahoma city they
10:56 pm
could be so they stay focused on lighter issues today. even steph curry. i am the best of two generations which is probably laughable but here is what steph curry said about it with regard to kanye west twitter. >> favorite -- somebody did a graphic of me, my jersey, and jordan, dubbed him guarding him, kanye's face -- [ laughter ] >> that is like my favorite. or to date. i will have to get that blown up and put it on my wall. >> the warriors will play a
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portland previously on mike & molly... this book that sits before me is the physical manifestation of all your hard work, the fruits of your labor,
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exposing it like a freshly waxed orifice. now let me see the orifice! i mean, the-the book. gah! the book, the book. i remember when i was a little girl working on my daddy's farm... oh, please don't tell me a story. let me tell you a story. i was a meek little thing, scared of my own shadow and the sheep i had to castrate. that's where you learned it? just when i thought my life couldn't possibly get any worse, a city fella in a '56 rambler pulled up to the house and asked for directions. was that mike's dad? hell no. this was a real man. wore a three-piece suit with hard shoes and smelled like a pine forest after a spring rain. that's very poetic, peggy. what he did to me wasn't poetic. it was filthy. and i loved it. all right, wait, wait, wait, wait. got to write it down. go. mike: oh, look at you, writing again. yeah, new story. about a young girl coming of age on a hardscrabble farm at the base of the mudlick mountains.


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