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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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thanks for sticking around, a busy day politically; that's for sure. former president bill clinton is going to be in town. bernie sand verse going to be in town. a lot to talk about on the political front. >> we are one day away from the democratic caucus, which explains all of those visits.
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campaign stop in sparks this afternoon. it's happening at the nugget casino resort in the ross ballroom at 3:00. the event is free and open to the public. campaign officials say rsvp is strongly encouraged. doors will be opening at 1 p.m. also in town today, former president bill clinton, who will be campaigning for his wife hillary. the three took questions during the last major event during south carolina's primary. >> and in nevada, the democrats fought for minority voters as hillary clinton's lead over bernie sand verse far road to a single point. diane galling aer gives us the latest details from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: donald trump dominated headlines leading into thursday's gop
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francis said wanting to build a border wall between the united states and mexico is not christian. it was seen as a thinly veiled controversial businessman >> he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican. i think he said something much softer than originally reported bety media. >> reporter: governor john kasich and j,b bush would not be drawn into the debate. >> i don't question people's christianity. >> reporter: a supporter said he had found hope in kasich's message. >> you've got to celebrate other people's wins, and sometimes you've got to sit with them and cry. >> reporter: and bush addressed a huge -- in his campaign, governor haily addressing marco rubio. >> that's a powerful -- >> i'll mark her down as neutral. >> reporter: the democrats held a town hall in los angeles. hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded barbs. >> we're in a campaign, and the secretary will say what she'll say. >> i don't know where all this comes from.
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democrat until he decided to run for president. >> president. >> and that was diane galling aer reporting for bus morning. the voters are gearing up for the first caucus of the west coast this election season. democrats are first, and news 4's alex knito is live with a look at how tomorrow's process will look. alex? >> reporter: good morning, sam. we've been talking about this democratic caucus for weeks now, and the time has finally come, starting tomorrow morning. that is when all registered democrats in nevada are going to be gathering to decide who we're going to select to -- on the democratic side in this upcoming election. now, to break down how caucusing works, it's a little different than primary voting. people are going to show up, and they're going to get into two groups on whether they support hillary clinton or bernie sanders. if you're undecided, that's okay. come on down. people are going to talk about why they support each candidate. all those people that are undecided are either going to get into the clinton group or sanders group. . it's going to end when the conversation is done, and
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so hopefully sometime tomorrow evening. not too late hopefully, we're going to find out who we've selected. if you want to find out where your location is, head over to mynews4 toyota. put in your address. it will tell you exactly where you need to go tomorrow. officials at the democratic headquarters, they say there's a few things you need to know going into the caucus. >> we're encouraging people to be there at their caucus location no later than 11:00. the caucus will be called to order at 11:30, and everybody has to be either in line or inside the caucus room by noon. if you're not at least in line by noon, you're not going to be able to caucus. >> reporter: now, officials have been holding trainings over here at their headquarters on terminal way. they're going to continue to do so through this afternoon. i don't have you want to come on down, make sure you a little inside look how tomorrow is going to work. reporting live i'm alex knito. >> thank you for that. on the heels of a security decision to put a halt on president obama's clean
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locals marched into the state capital yesterday, demanding answers. >> the government can't choose our fate. >> they -- progressive leadership of nevada, and they want to know what states governor brian sandoval is taking to promote clean energy in nevada. governor was not in his office, so his lawyer met with with the group. he explained sandoval just joined a group to take action to promote clean energy. the demonstrators say that's not enough. >> a public health and safety issue the we need to start investing in -- a society where our air is clear. and nevada has the capability to do that. >> and some presidential candidates are weighing in on clean energy in nevada. here's what they have to say. . yesterday's snowfall meant good news to a lot of local skiers, but it actually
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major risk to one of our ski resorts. we're going to tell you what happened still to come
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. for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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welcome back, everybody. three avalanches closed alpine meadows road for five hours yesterday morning. of staff 30 feet home and a second quarter dairy avalanche hit a person's car. nobody was injured in these events, and the vehicles were extracted, shoveled out from 5 feet of snow. the alpine meadows and squaw actually had to close for the day due to the avalanche risk. also as part of their mitigation procedure, they
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for most of the day. the resorts hope to reopen today. >> wow. >> there's lot of -- who want to take part in that. if you think about it, we haven't talked about avalanches, because we have been in a 5-year >> right. >> this was a wake-up call. hurt. weatherwise this morning. no snow out there. just a little bit of wind in not too bad. sounds like we have a beautiful weekend on tap. >> yeah we do. day today. that's what most of us are going to see for today, and that's it. the northern half of the sierra, though, from about tahoe northward into the mountains could see some more snow this afternoon and evening as a weak system, i'll call it, grazes us off to the north. so the northern sierra. outside of that, not so much. i think we're mostly dry for most areas. maybe a stray snow shower, but not anything like we saw yesterday, and the winds will be the bigger part of the story for the day today. southwest winds, 15, gusting at
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and the upper elevations of the sierra could gust as high as 90 or so miles per hour for parts of day. still pretty gusty out there today. 52 in town. partly cloudy skies today. 49 in carson city, 42 in elko. kind of break down what to expect across the area today. breezy to gusty conditions, as we mentioned. strong ridge gusts, up to about 90 or so for some of the higher elevations of the sierra. by this afternoon and evening, some snow showers in the northern half of the sierra. most of us outside of the mountains, and even in the southern half of the sierra will see just about nothing. the rest of us are staying mostly dry -- it's all because a system is going to graze us to the north. so mostly affecting the mountains and mostly north of tahoe later on this afternoon and into the evening. other than that, sun and clouds for the rest of us today. 20s and 30s now, going to the 40s and 50s later. but hey, a warmup is on the way on the 7-day forecast. we're going to take a look at
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a moment. and coming up also, we'll take a look at how bad
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we'll be back. a good street on wall street. not looking so good as we head into the closing day for this workweek. dow jones currently down 108 points, nasdaq down 22. and here's some of the stories making financial headlines on your friday. china is requiring foreign companies and foreign chinese joint ventures to
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this is part of the government's latest move to tighten control of the digital realm. firms with at least part foreign ownership are banned from publicking text, maps, games, information without the approval of the state summation of press publication, radio, film, and television first. the federal government says limited the world's six largest tell low communications company will pay $795 million to resolve claims that it paid more than $114 million in bribes to government officials in uzbekistan. representatives pleaded guilty to a atlanta federal court, violating -- courtroom, violating the foreign corrupt practices act. let's toss it over to tim. much quieter on the weather front. good morning to you. we have patchy morning fog possible this morning, as well as breezy and gusting conditions today. the northern sierra could see snow later today into
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the rest of us are looking much drier as compared to yesterday especially. 28 in town with calm winds at the moment, 81% humidity, and mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. we're in the teens and 20s for most towns across the area at the moment, and we'll see 40s and 50s as we head into the afternoon. a mix of clouds and sun as we go into the morning hours today, and then a weak system is going to graze us to the north as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. so from about tahoe northward within the sierra, that's where your best chance is to see a couple more inches of snow as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. that could make for some slippery travel in the passes of the northern sierra. outside of the northern sierra, most quiet for the day -- not quiet, but dry for the day today with breezy and gusting winds. then tomorrow things are mainly quiet for us across much of the area. that will continue into the beginning of next week, with warmer temperatures on the way by the beginning of next week as well. so looking at that very small chance for some isolated snow shower activity,
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tahoe northward into sierra. 30 to 40% for most of the northern sierra, about 10% for everyone else, just to cover an isolated snow shower that may appear; but most of us are looking dry for the day today. breezy to gusting conditions, though, highs into the 40s and 50s across much of the area, and that includes reno sparks at 52 degrees for your high today. that's close to average for this time of year. 7-day forecast, though,, we're gong see some warmer temperatures on the way back. today is the only day with an increasing chance, and again, it's mostly north of tahoe with the sierra. the rest of us looking mostly dry, but breezy conditions. heading into the weekend, next week, temperatures will be on the rise once again. by monday, we should reach the 60-degree mark in reno sparks, even into the mid- 60s by the middle of next week. well mudslides in peru have injured 25 people and seriously damaged more than a hundred houses. local authorities said the mudslides followed heavy
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the mudslides hit on tuesday, affecting more than seven -- roads, destroying houses, flooding surrounding plantations. helicopters took people displaced by the floods and mudslides to nearby camps. over to you. >> all right. thank you. u.s. warplanes struck an isis camp in libya today where a senior operative in a terrorist group was believed to be a u.s. official. chouchenb is believed to have played an instrumental role in two terror attacks last year. isis claimed responsibility for both. unknown how many people were killed in today's air strike. protester and rancher clint bun day will be extradited back here to nevada. that's according to court documents filed in oregon, where bun day was arrested last week. bun day faces charges of conspiracy relate today an armed substantial doubtoff near his ranch in nevada two years ago. officials say he led some 400 supporters, who faced off with federal land managers.
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bun day from illegally grazing his cattle on federal land. federal officials eventually backed off. bun day was arrested when he flew to support his sons in a separate standoff at an oregon wild-life refuge. that substantial doubtoff is over, and bun day's sons are facing charges as well. the fbi searched a california home connected talk relative of one of it san bernadino shooters. the home tide to the brother of shooter sayad fa luke has been searched before; but yesterday federal agent were seen carrying out a box of things as well as a computer. they also searched the two cars parked out front of the home. officials would not discuss the nature of the search. the so-called afterloon virginia teen will appear in court this morning to learn whether his case will be moved to an adult court. than couch was moved from a texas juvenile facility to an adult jail two weeks ago, but that move didn't necessarily mean his case would be heard in an adult
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caused a crash that killed four people. couch pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to probation after his attorney said his wealthy up bringing impaired his ability to tell right from wrong. couch and his mother fled to mexico, where they were arrested after he failed to show up to his promotion meeting back in december. also happening today, justice antonin scalia's body will lie in the hall in washington. and a private ceremony where the public is invited to pay their respects. this honor was last given to chief justice william ren quest in 2005 as part of circuit court tradition, a black drape is also hung over the courtroom doors. scalia's chair on the bench, and bench itself. international news this morning, south korea has welcomed the decision by the u.s. to impose further sanctions on north korea. the south korean foreign ministry spokesman said today the distinctions will
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korea pay for its nuclear and yesterday president obama slapped north korea with more stringent sanctions for defying the world and pushing forward with its nuclear weapons program. the move came weeks after north korea launched a satellite carrying a rocket into space and conducted its fourth underground nuclear test. if you're traveling today, we have moderate delays in san francisco and chicago. looks ike everyone else is okay at the moment.
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we're back after this. brian kern is going to have it live at 4. plus our film critic is going to give us his take on the movie "deadpool." . >> and the most ridiculous moments of the last few weeks on our show. fox sake >> thank you so much for that. a final look at our well. >> it's going to be breezy breezy, but dry across much of the day today. an plaintiff's petition to the sierra. a weak storm system is brushing
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snow showers for that northern half of the sierra. we're talking mostly from tahoe northward. if you're doing any pass traveling later today in that northern part of the mountain range, just keep that in mind, as we will be seeing snow showers coming. the areas of us are mainly dry for the day today, but breezy conditions will be out there. pretty gusting winds at times. heading into the weekend and beyond, quiet and back to the 60-degree mark. >> spring spring. all right. thank you, tim. thanks for joining us, everybody. enjoy some of that -- mountains. skiing and snow boarding should be awesome this weekend. if you'd like more local news,
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on f . recent heavy snowfall results in multiple avalanches at a local ski resort, what officials are saying about it. bill clinton is going to be making a stop in town, where he is going to be making an appearance. all eyes are on nevada as tomorrow is the democrat caucus, coming up we'll take a look what you need to know going into tomorrow. drones very popular throughout nevada and the united states, an important deadline is happening if you own one as a hobbiest coming up. connecting northern nevada. good morning thank you for joining us here on mornings fox


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