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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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wrapping up the scene here. two people were outside working on a car and two people were inside of the home. one of those two people was a 9- face. for more than six hours the police have been processing the scene where four people were shot and one of them died. >> i was outside, it was a slow day. i heard rapid gunshots. i heard 6 gunshots, bam, bam,
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it happened after 3:30 in the afternoon. now, officers arrived they found three people suffering from gun shot wounds, fourth person pro -- pronounced dead. they were working on a car out here. multiple shots were fired. hitting the woman and a child. >> we believe they were aiming for the two on the driveway and the bullets passed the victims and entered the house. >> they do not have a motive or a suspect description. >> condolences to the family. that is it. you know, very good people. i don't know why, why out of all of these houses a good person's home got shot up. >> reporter: now, with the victim the police say one is in
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two including a 9-year-old child are expected to survive. the police believe a woman who disappeared last weekend was murdered. the 22-year-old was last seen at a party near silva avenue and jack son street. the authorities say she attended the party with a group of friends and then a few days later her family reported that she was missing. >> all i can tell you we developed information and evidence that leads us to thank she is a victim of a homicide. i can not tell you any detates as to what that evidence is or information is at this time. >> at this point her body has not been recovered and no suspects in custody. the investigators say a search operation will begin soon. anyone with information is asked to call the police department. now, in san francisco, police released video of aparmed robbery in the hope that someone will recognize the ll
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gunman. the roberteptered the wall greens on wednesday -- the robber went into a walgreens and robbed them for drugs. >> the woman reads the letter she sees the gun, she immediately complies. >> the police say the drugs are worth $1700 and probably triple that on the street. the police in walnut creek are investigating a similar robbery at a walgreens last thursday. it was not the same person. e. let's look -- let's look at the race and how it is shaping up.
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be closer than expected with upsets not out of the question. for hillary clinton the pressure is on. bernie sanders closed the gap in nevada once considered to be an easy win for clinton. now leads 48-46%. according to the poll. sanders closing in. >> sanders was not a democrat president. >> he does not know what, you know, the last two democratic presidents did. well t is true. >> clinton is trying to embrace the president closely as she possibly can. we know what that is about. that is trying to win support from the african-american communityism the republican race is equally tense. donald trump detphrebgtd -- community e. the republican
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>> boy cot apple until they give that security number. >> reporter: cruz and rubio is next in line. >> just this week donald trumped in a tv program that he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. so let me tell you, this as president i have no intention of being neutral. >> reporter: he kept his focus on democrats. >> in they win, all of the policies that are happening today they are permanent. omama care is permanent. >> reporter: for the 3 at the bottom of the polls it is a fight just to stay in the race. >> we will get to ohio, we will get to pennsylvania. it is a national campaign. >> i am not just looking at internet i am will looking at polls and continuing to make progress.
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interest in anyone else other than himself. two candidates that are guessed speakers marco rubio and ted cruz have shown nothing in their past that would suggest they can make a tough decision. >> meanwhile clinton is scheduled to visit the bay area immediately after the nevada caucuses with fundraisers on sunday. it is a sign that she is step in and force aptoll give them access to the data in the eyephone that was used by one of the terrorists in the san bernardino massacre. -- iphone that was used by one of the terrorists in san bernardino massacre. today during the 5:00 newscast, they explained why this backdoor has brooder implications. >> reporter: what. >> what the court has order side is apple go into that phone. in order to do that they have
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that is like asking them to create a master key for one hotel room but in fact that master key is going to open every room in that hotel and every room in that hotel's chain. and that is what apple is worried about. >> the senator weighed in at a luncheon in sacramento saying the phone could hold the key to if the two terrorists acted alone or part of a larger cell. she said quote, apple is not above the laws of the united states. the white house says president barack obama plans to look over potential nominees for the supreme court this weekend. this comes as the body of justice scali arrived at the supreme court this morning where thousands of mourners, including the president and first lady paid respects. his casket was on the same
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today, one of his clerks spoke about scalia's sharp wit and legacy. >> he was writing for justices 20 years later, 30 years later. i am quite confident that law students will be reading his opinions a century from now. >> one of his sons is a catholic priest and tomorrow morning he will take part in a funeral mass for his father in washington. [singing] richmond police officer gus vegas was remembered by his family, and the department where he worked today. more than 1,000 people packed the richmond auditorium where they lined the streets to pay their respects. he was shot and killed inside of his home. the suspect is the father of one of his grandchildren. we were at the service and we found out it was very
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kids got up to speak. >> reporter: the respect for richmonday police officer was obvious as it passed his brothers and sisters in blue. despite his not dying in the line of duty but in a dispute at his home, the richen phopd auditorium was filled as if he died saving the lives of city residents. >> richmond auditorium was filled as if he died saving the lives of city residents. >> there are some things in life that are just beyond our ability to comprehend. >> his family did say he died in the line of duty stphaoe doing exactly what he always told us to do. take care of the pride. he did fall in the line of duty.
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protecting his pride like a king lion. >> one after the other. >> on our way over here, wow, i can not believe on a weekday they shutdown one of the busiest highways to honor him i can see him "that's right". >> i just wanted to be protected by him. i am honored to be his daughter. [crying] i am honored for them to be my family. [crying] >> a powerful statement was made. >> if he has taught you something, if he has trained you. if he touched your life or somebody you know, you can just raise your hand. i am just curious. >> reporter: half of the huge
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afterwards it was time for the ride to the cemetery in vallejo. they had a contingency of police officers to make sure he would arrive in the final resting place safely. back to you. a british tourest walking with his niece in san francisco stabbed in -- a british tourist walking with his niece in san francisco stabbed in the head. >> annual new year parade is
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we will give you a sneak peek. for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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hours away. tonight, the ball was held. sure everything was ready for tomorrow night's parade. lock at last minute activities >> h, frank. a busy day for everyone working on this parade. -- hi, frank. a busy day for everyone working on this parade. spending the day working on this broadcast center. live, other crews are putting the finishing touches on the parade floats. >> reporter: each float towed out. it is sprayed to try to protect them from the elements. >> very competed. all very excited. i am happy with how every float came out. proud of my team. we did a lot of good work this year and i am happy with what we got. >> more work in the morning, these floats will be out to the starting point of the parade
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at union square, setting up the center for ktvu live broadcast meant crewmembers and equipment arriving as early as 5:45 this morning, insulation on the eve of the parade. rehearsals hours before the main event. >> it is different every year. it is exciting with a lot of firecrackers and bands and floats and kids marching that are cute that got choreographed routines, family friendly and a lot of fun. >> at the hilton hotel, it is the corination ball and banquet from chinatown 2016. the winner is a 23-year-old. the ucla graduate works for accomplished dancer. >> it is something that i looked forward to since i was a little tkpwaeurl. i never found until this year. monkey.
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it works out really well, actually. >> happy new year. >> these ladies are the finalists, a source of pride most contestants this year are from the bay area, you can see all of them in the parade and hope everyone will join us tomorrow night. i want to wish everyone a happy new year. >> i will be out there. i can not wait. amber lee, thank you. coming up in 15 minutes we will have a special chinese new year edition of bay area people. tell begin at 10:30. we will see you out at the parade tomorrow. it begins at 6:00 right here on ktvue. british tourists is fighting for his life tonight after being stabbed and robbed on the streets of san francisco. it happened at 8:30. the police say the 44-year-old man ands his niece were walking just a block away. the authorities say a muscular man, wearing a hoody, and a woman with dreadlocks confronted them and demanded
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>> some kind of a brief struggle during the robbery. a stabbing that the suspect stabbed the victim in the head. we believe to be be a knife or a sharp object. >> the attackers ran off with the man's cash, credit cards and a scarf. for dna. there was a lot of fresh powder in the sierra this morning. along with it, the danger of an avalanche. 25-30 inches of fresh snow accumulated quickly on the hard pack of snow already there. setting up prime avalanche conditions. there were three avalanches yesterday morning near alpine meadows, no one was hurt. today, ski patrol is about squaw valley, they used artillery to set off avalanches and clear away hazards for skiers, just what they need up there. more snow. a little bit of rain today. >> the weekend is here, what are we looking at?
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half an inch of it. a rainy day, now, everybody else, south, more like drizzle here and there. san san jose, barely had anything. heaviest spots were, in this case, they were just under half an inch of rain. over half an inch of rain in the watershed. up around mill valley this. oakland, 5/100th of an inch. 2/100th in palo alto. the showers ended. it is the weekend, weather will be great. no rain in this forecast. i don't have rain for you until seven-days from now. basically february in terms ofel mean kwroe has been a bust. the other months have all done exactly what you would expect in an el nino year. above average rage -- of el nino has been a bust.
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exactly what you would expect in an el nino. above average range. it is still pumping moisture our way. it will be high and dry for the next week. not a good thing, especially february. that is a big month for us. a big month outside of an el nino year. but in one of these years you can expect rainfall. not happening. tomorrow night, a few clouds linger. sunday the warmest day on the weekend. sunday, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. tomorrow, partly cloudy, partly sunny. warming trend continues into monday when we can see middle 70ss. so, just back to the warmth. 61 in napa. this is the forecast highs for saturday. sunday you can add, my gosh, 7- 8 degrees to some of the 99s, sunday is the warmest day on the week skpepbd monday warmer, still. up in the mountains, you have the snow report, talking about
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blasting all of those, the ski areas, down in the runs, plenty of snow. a great weekend up there. especially sunday. tomorrow, nice, too. both of the days of the weekend will be nice. all of the lifts are open. you will love it. really a great season for lake tahoe compared to the last 4. there is the five-day forecast. warmest day is on sunday. chinese new year, it looks like it will come off beautifully weatherwise. if you plan to attend. i know you will be there. but, definitely spectating. no umbrellas, but you will need jackets. >> it is remarkable so wet in january and then the faucet it was turned off. >> yes, very unusual. >> all right, thank you, bill. the millions of people who read and loved the novel "to kill a mocking bird" are mourning the death of harper lee. she died at the age of 89 in her hometown in alabama. she published the book in 1960 and it became a bestseller.
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injustice in the deep south as seen through the eyes of a young girl. last year more than 50 years later her second book "go set a watchman "was released. it was kept locked away for decades. >> the warriors wish they were still on all-star break.k.
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just say it did not quite go as we will get to our warriors game in just a minute. but first, what is with the hel meet. >> we here at fox will be televising the big daddy. daytona 500 on sunday.
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chance to win this very helmet right here. yes, jeff gordon signed it. go to ktvu facebook page and click on contest. and have a shot at winning it. >> let's go to the warriors. >> oh, man. what? what happened? >> one team looked rusty after the break. and, i don't know, did you think you would hear a sports caster say this, this year. the warriors get absolutely hit. that is putting it kindly. it is a kid from oakland that torched him big time. now, career night. here, coming, a little early. everything is going for him. leaning it in. blazing. up as many as 19 points, but the warriors come on. into the half. they are on a run. you knew they would. green, a baseball throw, andre, the slam, and, they are only down by 6 points.
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now, a blowout would ensue. tonight. he was not. he did not get enough help prosecute anyone else. miller, more than matched that. you see him here. apparently fouled by steph. and for the fro throw. and it is boom, boom, boom after that. 18 out of 28. 9 threes. career high. 6. and yes, the kid from oakland, not even close. yes, that is just awful. talking about his team's performance. they turned the ball over 29 times and shot 39%. that is not good. meanwhile, heavy hearts for all giant fans and anyone who had the pleasure of crossing paths with jimmy dav enport, one of the giants has died today of heart failure at the age of 82.
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years as a player, coach, and even managed for a year and all- star gold glove winner as a player. more importantly, a troy gentleman. loved by his teammates and those he coached. our joe fonzi caught up with him. >> he was maybe the best friend now, he is always there. now, he is worried with how we are doing. moo now, that is interesting. i can not believe from alabama. but, he was -- he was like one of us. and i repeat. you know, not a trace or reason. >> he was a good gentleman. listening to the stories all day long. and he will be missed. >> more stunning news later in the they. when it was reported.
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unexpectedly. tony phillips made the defense out of the '89 world series.
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no explanation as how he (snoring) marge: homie! homie, wake up! you're having a nightmare. homer: it's not selling out. it's co-branding. co-branding!
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(homer grunting) oh, honey, the best part of every day is waking up to your smiling face. oh... just like the best day of my life was when you (pop) gave me your hand in marriage. ooh. (chuckles) i'd like it back, please. (barks) hey! drop it, you stupid dog! that's one of my wife's pieces! she needs it to reciprocate high fives! (homer grunting) that's okay, homie. i'll just grab another. mmm... oh... i haven't worn this one since new year's. (sizzling) hmm. is it just me, or does something seem... weird today? you're right-- something is different about the simpsons today. your father's wearing a tie. oh, that's what's different! that's the one and only thing. maggie! stop that!
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aw, they're so cute when they're duplo. uh, yes, is this a toy store? uh-huh. i'm supposed to get my daughter a birthday present-- hmm, what's it called? here it is. perky patty's princess shop. (grunts) (groans) oh! i'm so sorry-- but i have an awesome excuse: i was distracted driving. oh, don't worry about it. (chuckles): good thing we don't feel pain. hey! these are the monkey's legs! (whimpers) (panicked chattering) come back! i'm a clown! i can't afford to look ridiculous! (school bell ringing) hey, bart, check out what i brought for share day. bart: whoa! a skunk! who should we stink first? it can't spray-- it's been de-sacked. ew! the gypsy skunk-seller lied! (panicked yelling)
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stop it! if you pull out those bricks, the whole school could collapse! but there's a skunk in there. (gasps) scottish steak! (students groaning) (both gasp) you are going to rebuild every brick of this school. this says: ages 12 and up. age guidelines are conservative, and everyone knows it. and to motivate you, some words of support from the school chum. haw-haw! skinner: thank you, nelson. (homer humming) one perky patty's princess shop, please. ah. always good to meet a fellow amfop. huh? adult male fan of princesses. it's for my daughter. yes, yes, it's always for the daughter. well, that's weird. i feel like i've seen this toy before.
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do you like it, honey? i love it, dad! thank you. well, have fun putting it together. wait, wha... dad, don't you want to build it with me? well, there's no dad on the box. i don't want to get in trouble. (laughs): of course i do! mm-hmm. well, what do you know? i enjoyed playing with you. me, too, dad. no, no, no. listen to me. we played... and it wasn't boring. we've played lots of times. of course we have! because you're my girl and i love you. but i'm letting you in on a secret. when parents play with their kids, they don't like it. and i'm no different. oh. suddenly i can't breathe. every fiber of my being screams out for a nap. and if someone handed me an issue of the new yorker, (chuckles): i would read the fiction. i swear to god i would.
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surely some of them like playing with... nope, not even one. just look at the things you kids like: tea parties with pretend food; hide-and-seek with flagrant peeking; and the most inhumane torture ever devised by man... (shudders) candy land. oh. but this... this is tolerable! (gasping breaths) what a crazy vision. i was in a world where nothing is made of bricks, except for toys! hey, read the sign. thank you. (whimpering) marge, i'm telling you, it was so weird. my body was squishy, and my hands looked like snakes made of meat! it was horrible! oh, homie, it was probably just a mini-stroke. you're just saying that to make me feel better. whatever you saw, it wasn't real. that's how the world works.
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and nobody ever gets hurt. i know. oh, maybe you just need someone to... you know, take your mind off it? hm? i always need that. i only don't ask because being rejected... (breathily): gets old. (homer and marge sigh) oh, baby, i feel so close to you right now. (whistling a tune) (clinking) (shrieks) hmm? hmm? marge? did you replace our regular mirror with a magical mirror from a mystical salesman at a weird store that if we went back to find it, it wouldn't be there anymore?
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one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. all of us have a responsibility, to ourselves, to our children, to each other. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. our children's future is shaped both by the values of their parents and the policies of their nation. it's time to protect the next generation. fill the lives of our children with possibility and hope. open up the doors so that every child
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i've spent my life fighting for children, families and our country, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton, and i have always approved this message. people, every time they look in the mirror, see a hideous flesh monster. just a one-time thing. (gasps) oh, brick me! leave me alone!
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i have as much right to be here as you! i, sir, am in the advent calendar! hmm? apu: december 18, final week! huh? moe, i'm going crazy-- i need to kill off as many of my brain cells as possible. well, i'm here to help. (clinking) (sputters) what the...? this isn't beer. beer is plastic circles. how can i drink... (shudders) this? (mug clatters) did you guys see... that? oh, it's getting worse! (shrieks) (grumbling) ugh! rebuilding the same boring old school. i could make this place so much cooler if they just gave me a chance. (yawns) (snoring) (sneaky chuckling) (gasps) what have you done to my school?
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all the classrooms are skate parks, we got zip-line stairwells, terminator gym teachers, your office is now a haunted forest-- extra ghosts-- and, if you can believe it, two tetherball poles. how will children learn if they don't feel like they're in kid jail? relax. i used all the same bricks. plus ralph. yo soy language lab. (groans) but i don't want to go to church-- i'm too busy going crazy. come on, homie. when i'm troubled, i always find solace in the airtight logic of religion. "before the world began, "there was only table. "then the great constructor scissored open bag one "and dumped out the universe. "then came the time of the great sorting: "color to color, shape to shape, and a pile of just "windows and doors. "and everything was made of eternal, unchanging acrylonitrile butadiene styrene,"
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but, reverend, what if everything isn't made of plastic? i think there's more to this world. you mean like decals? well, the orthodox don't use them, but we're a reform congregation. no. i mean a place where nothing snaps together and you just can't toss your kids in a dishwasher to clean 'em. (chuckles): oh, homer, a place like that could only exist in some kind of magic rock song. look around-- we live in a perfect world where everything fits together and no one gets hurt. mustache is right. (others agreeing) but i'm having all these hallucinations. like right now my hands look like they're these weird wiggly things. i think they have a name, but i can't put my finger on it. (congregation gasps) don't look, boys! (pop) wait! you guys see them, too? he's a freak! take him apart and lose the pieces under the couch! well, i don't find him disgusting. oh, boy, that's mushy! come on, marge. we need real answers, and there's only one place we can get them!
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come on, show me something about fingers. (sighs) bad news, people. our religion is not true. sorry about that. really sorry. if i'm right, when i touch this box, it'll trigger another memory from some alternate me's life. if i don't come back from that other place, tell my wife i loved her. i'm right here. promise me! (rumbling) i can't believe all the time i wasted playing with bart when i could have been playing with you. aw... our little springfield is really turning out great. city hall, the weird-smelling bank, rehab world... krustyburger, krustyburger express, the krustyburger where the governor got stabbed... oh, you two. hey, look what i found in the "arts-weekend- obituary" section of the paper. lisa (gasps): a builders competition! we got to enter our mini-springfield. we're a great team!
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hey, lenny, remember those two surfers we were gonna fight? well, you're on your own. but you're the one who sat on their fish tacos. great talking to you, buddy. (chuckles) lisa, lisa, i spent all day at work making a duff brewery for our mini-springfield. i don't want to brag, but... it really brews. huh? where is she? okay, i got us tickets for the 7:30 show of survival games. i've never been to a pg-13 movie before. i wonder what the one swear word will be. what if it's... (whispering) (gasps) oh, i've never heard that one. my grampa said it at thanksgiving. we usually don't hang out with second graders, but we saw your survival games book report hanging in the hallway, and we were very impressed. you really understood that the theme of the book was love. hey, older girls, i'm homer simpson. that's right. lisa's playtime partner and bff.
10:43 pm
i assume lisa told you about the pretend tiny town she's building with her overweight father. oh, yeah, it's gonna be mucho fresh. come on, honey. it's time to click some bricks. i don't know what he's doing up here. he usually stays in the basement. it's okay, lisa. we have dads, too. i have three dads. see you friday. friday? but that's when brick-stock is. um, actually, friday is the opening night of the new survival games movie, and they invited me. but this was our thing. i know. i'm sorry, but cool older girls have never wanted to hang out with me before. one of them wears deodorant. i don't know which one. oh. all right. thanks for understanding, dad. what just happened? it's not you. lisa's growing up. it's a really complicated time in a girl's life from age eight to... actually, all the rest of the way.
10:44 pm
and now i've lost it. i don't fit into her world. this is for the tacos! ow! tacos, brah! ow! what did you build? mmm... oh, that's the teenage crossbow ace who stole my daughter from me. keendah wildwill is a modern feminist hero-- strong, independent and resourceful. she's a little... bustier than i remember. my work on that front is never done. i wish i lived in little springfield. everything fits together, and no one ever gets hurt. (yells) (groans) comic book guy: okay...
10:45 pm
of an emotionally-devastated homer simpson. one of the main questions i have about that is, why? the real homer fears losing his daughter's love, so he invented this toy world where nothing will ever change. how can you be sure? i have devoted my life to second-rate science fiction. trust me, that is what we are dealing with here. so if i don't find my way out of here, i could be trapped in a fantasy forever? i'm afraid so. whoo-hoo! i'm trapped in a fantasy forever! kiss my flat plastic butt, reality. (giggling) ooh.
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10:47 pm
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g my brain-damaged brain ever did. nothing bad can ever happen here. great throw, homer. put it in tupperware, boys. we'll rebuild it tomorrow. homie, ask yourself-- can you really live in a paradise if you know it's just pretend? marge, who would give up eating steak in the matrix to go slurp goo in zion? we don't have that movie here. now lisa can never ditch me, and i can play with her forever. (sighs) there, i finished. all 12 of them. i'll never build what i want again. then you've learned your lesson. too bad i got these for my birthday. they always give me the school.
10:49 pm
sparkle unicorn, would like some more tea? oh, yeah, hook me up with some more of that imaginary nectar. i've never seen you throw yourself into a tea party like this. before, it always seemed like you were kind of phoning it in. not anymore, lisa. i've created a perfect world with no pg-13 movies to take you away from me. (sips loudly) ah! 'cause in a toy town, everything stays shiny and wonderful, just the way i want it. you'll always be my little girl. maggie will always be my giant baby. bart will never move out of the house. i'll work for mr. burns forever. marge and i will never grow old together and live like fat cats on social security. good lord, i'll never experience the ultimate reward for a life well lived-- the gentle slumber of death. marge, i made a terrible mistake! the fact that kids grow up is what makes time with them special. i think i need to go back. i wish you'd told me that
10:50 pm
but i understand. lego marge, you're just as cool as real marge. who?! nobody, nobody. plastic comic book guy, i need to go back home. home? but you've discovered the joy of living in a world made of toys where nothing bad can ever happen. but i miss burning my mouth on pizza, and david blaine stunts where he could really die. now tell me how to get out of here! all you need to do is open the box back to your so-called reality. but i can't let that happen. huh? you're the bad guy? i thought you were the rule-explainer guy. as an adult who surrounds himself with child's toys, i represent the part of your psyche that prefers this artificial world. (rhythmic clicking, gate clangs shut) how did you do that?! because, as the ultimate collector, i have every play set ever made. (creaking) huh?
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(whooshing, grunting) pajama guys! (gasps) i'll never get home. who could build something awesome enough to save me? who? who?! who?! don't you even think about it. (whirring) you are thinking about it, aren't you? (whimpering) (loud, rhythmic thudding) you are going back where you came from-- denmark. what is that thing? i have no idea, but it's gonna kick his butt. that robot is made out of batmobile, hobbit hole and spongebob play sets. that's... that's mis-set-genation. (in robotic voice): kid power. bart: lion blast! (whirring, rapid gunfire) lightsaber barf! (click, whirring, whooshing)
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this is strangely exhilarating. no. no. (crying): no! i am going to enjoy playing with this thing forever! (bart grunting) i'm a creative but undisciplined builder! (homer grunts, comic book guy groans) (anxious whimpering) (magical whirring) good-bye, homie. your squishy meat family is lucky to have a good man like you. oh, baby, no matter what the reality, you're the best thing in it. hmm. that was a little weird, right? (laughs) a little bit. (whirring) (yelling) lisa: dad, wake up. wake up.
10:53 pm
are you okay? oh, i had this crazy dream where i was in a worldmade of lego bricks and learned important lessons about parenting. mmm, isn't that kind of the plot of the...? no. no, it's not. it's a new plot. honey, what are you doing here? i thought you were going to your movie. i changed my mind. i knew how much this meant to you. no, no, go to the movie with your friends. if there's one thing i've learned, it's that i can't stop you from growing up. i love you, dad.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
thayson, joshuel, don't make me pick between you two on the night before i reenter the struggle dome again. we'll never stop loving you, even if you string us along forever. forever. forever. how can i choose between two boys, one who's dangerous but good-looking, the other who's strong but super cute? all (sighing): ah! oh, my god, this is terrible.
10:57 pm
shh! wait a second. you're not into this... shh! she's trying on dresses. oh, i just wanted to see kids fight to the death, is all. shh...!
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
50 pounds down. it's been ten p into these. i'm so proud of you. okay, okay. i'll hop, you pull. ready? yeah, yeah. (grunting)
11:00 pm
there he is. hello, sexy. hold on. we're not out of the woodsip. ooh, ooh! lay on the bed. i'll grab some pliers. wait. yeah! (imitating rocky): ain't gonna be no rematch. ain't gonna be no rematch! oh. i bought these a decade ago after a both-ends stomach flu. it nearly killed me, but i never looked better. until now. you know, it's notu pants. and you did it the hard way. yep. diet and exercise. i did more of the things i hate and ate less of the things i love. well, let's go show you off. where to firstwalking down the stairs. go from there. great. ooh! right behind you. if my ass wasn't numb,. la, la-ba-dee-da la, la-ba-dee-da for the first time in my life i see love


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