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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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off the side of a guardrail. how firefighters managed to set him free. the 10:00 new zone ktvu fox two starts now. i'm ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. it was a brazen shooting in the middle of the day. a shooter targeted a man in the drive-through of a busy mcdonald's in san francisco right across from a police station. deborah villalon live with what we've learned -- learned about the killing.>> reporter: so close to northern station, officers inside heard the shots. by standards came running to bang on station windows.>> the suspect is a blackmail, -- male, 5 foot 10.>> reporter: the description when out within minutes of the shooting. violence stunned people on fillmore street. the victim was a passenger in a dodge sedan, pulling out of the mcdonald's drive-through when the shooter walked up and
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station is down the block. officers came quickly and they began first aid.>> the driver opened his door to escape and the woman -- wounded man got out that door but collapsed on the sidewalk and died at the hospital. officers look for witnesses and surveillance video from several businesses across from the shooting.>> reviewing all the video footage of not only the shooting but the escape path.>> reporter: it appears the suspect ran around the mcdonald's to golden gate avenue and got into a gray sedan with black paper plates with gold lettering.>> he was identified as a male with a ski mask.>> reporter: a brazen killing so close to a police station was startling.>> there is always argument, but something like this, not recently that i'm aware of.>> reporter: inspectors will look
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>> this is unfortunate circumstances when someone gets shot like this. whether or not he was targeted, it is an ongoing investigation and will be determined later.>> reporter: people who claim to know the victim tell me he was 26 and from the western addition. not so long ago, new year's eve, in front of that same mcdonald's, a taxi driver was wounded when two and started shooting at each other. that cabbie was shot in the back but survived.>> when you see that car still at the drive- through, that tells me this happened really quickly. >> reporter: they had no opportunity to get away because they were wedged in traffic with a car behind them in ahead of them in the drive-through when that gunman walked up, looked in, and open fire. >> i hope surveillance video can help identify the shooter. the search for a missing san jose woman came to a sad end today. hayward police found the body
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she was last seen leaving a party and hayward with her boyfriend last sunday morning. her family reported her missing the next day. police have not said where they found her body but they have said they believe her death was a homicide. an autopsy is pending on the cause of death. hayward police plan to release more details at a news conference tomorrow. a car crashed into a concrete wall today killing a passenger and injuring the driver. that car crash happened at a credit union parking lot across the street from vallejo city hall at 3:20 this afternoon. the driver was rushed to the hospital but the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the car struck the wall at a high rate of speed.>> it was loud. i was facing this way in my chair and i heard the big crash and looked out and couldn't see much until i came down here. >> i saw a car crash into the wall and as i was coming down,
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the ambulance got here.>> police describe both the driver and passenger as elderly women but have not released ages are names. no word on what caused the crash. a 20-year-old man was struck and killed after running from the scene of a different car accident in san jose. investigators say the victim survived a rollover crash on the northbound to 80 connector ramp to highway 87. then he was struck by a car on the freeway. police have not released a name but say he is from san jose. another accident left two dead in san jose. it happened at 9:30 last night on camden and hicks. woman died at the scene in a man died at the hospital. please are trying to determine what led to the accident and are asking witnesses to call them. lee linda yee is due ins -- in court to be sentenced in his corruption case. he pleaded guilty to racketeering, money laundering, and bribery charges last year
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undercover fbi sting. prosecutors are seeking an eight year prison sentence. his attorneys are asking for a shorter punishment and asking the judge to take into account the fact that his wife is ill with lymphoma -- lymphoma. after a brief storm, we're in the middle of another february warm-up. winds are blowing in some areas, but overall, pretty nice night. here is a live look from our roof camera over downtown oakland. let's go to mark tamayo, checking the conditions. >> wrapping up a nice weekend. we were talking about a warm-up a week ago. that will happen once again as we head into monday through wednesday. the highs from this afternoon, lots of 60s for afternoon highs, lots of sunshine as well. san francisco topped out at 61, san jose, 64. 68 degrees checking in today.
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in the satellite, we have a sick elation -- circulation the pacific that will expand over the west coast. outside right now, most areas reporting clear skies are partly cloudy skies and the that of a breeze with winds around 20. in terms of rainfall, february 2016 has not been very productive. those green boxes showing rainy days out there, just partial rainy days. not a drop of rain out there this week. fairly warm one we're talking about. we will talk about the forecast highs in your neighborhood and possibly rain chances on the long-range weather maps. tonight in kalamazoo, mourners gathered for prayer service to remember the six people killed in a shooting rampage in that city yesterday. in addition to the dead, two were injured.
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over the course of seven hours. tonight we are learning more about jason dalton, the gunman. police say he is a per driver who may have been picking up \ber riders between some of the shooting. you accuse gunman had no criminal record but he did have a troubled past.. -- >> reporter: the last of the shooting happened here on cracker barrel blvd. in kalamazoo. the deadly shooting at this cracker barrel happened around 10:24 saturday night.>> i got a text saying there was an active shooter. >> reporter: brian joel heard about the rampage saturday night. he got in his car and drove to grand rapids for the night. he it realize how close he got to the scene. >> we thought we were driving away but it turns out where they picked him up was a couple blocks away from where we were. they were down by bells brewery.
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>> reporter: there were four people in the chevy cruise and one in the oldsmobile minivan. >> mr. dalton encountered those folks and started shooting at them inside the vehicle they were dead on the scene and we have one clinging to life. >> reporter: the second shooting happened after 10 at the four kia dealership on stadium drive. a father and son were killed. the massacre began 5:42 sunday night when dalton shot a woman multiple times at department context -- complex. >> we you see san bernardino and sandy hook, you think, are they that much different than us? could someone snap and decide to let evil rain? unfortunately, it happened to us.>> reporter: there may have been a warning side -- sign.
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dalton drove in a crazy manner with \ber passengers in his vehicle. \ber confirmed the driver was a driver for the company. one of dalton's neighbors says he never saw any red flags. >> the state to himself, he would listen to music all night long. never a concern that anything like this would happen.>> reporter: the woman shot is in serious condition. the 14-year-old in the parking lot is in grave condition. six dead, two fighting for their lives. jason dalton did not put up a fight when police arrested him. josh landon, fox 2news. daly city police are looking for a man who exposed himself to three teenage girls. the man in this picture walked into mission street and
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the girls left the store a while the man stayed inside. he is a light-skinned black man he has distinctive shoulderlength hair, black with light brown tips. a day after her win in nevada, hillary clinton brought her campaign to the bay area with a whirlwind day of three fundraisers. as kristin capt. tells us, her rival, bernie sanders, is also banking on bay area support.>> reporter: hillary clinton is on a fund- raising trip through california. momentum is in supporters favor with the win in nevada. >> it's great news, fantastic. >> reporter: the win comes at the same time as a major shakeup in the gop would jeb bush dropping out in donald trump winning in south carolina. supporters say they believe hillary clinton is the one to take on the gop candidate. >> once everybody gets on board
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stamina and the heart and the wisdom. >> reporter: meanwhile, across the bay, bernie sanders supporters hosted at $27 fundraiser in san francisco, highlighting the importance of small contributions.>> the clinton campaign is asking $2700. we are asking people to do, if they wish, it's not a quart -- requirement, contribute 1% of that. >> reporter: backers were upbeat saying they are already looking forward.>> part of the purpose of this barnstorm is to have people get ready to phone bank the super tuesday.>> reporter: clinton's fund- raising trip continues tomorrow. the republican caucus will be held tuesday in nevada. the next contest for the democrats set for saturday.
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2news.>> campaign coverage continues. to might -- tonight at 10:30, the different tactics used by candidates to build support. law enforcement across the bay area using social media to connect with the community. one agency is leading the way. the battle between apple and the fbi over unlocking the phone of a san bernardino shooting -- shooter takes a strange turn. why the company blames san bernardino. a big win in
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see why one donald trump is riding a wave of victory into the nevada caucuses, but his views on immigration have alienated many of nevada's latino voters. they are expected to turn out in droves to cast their ballots against him. brine and is takes a closer look at what trump is up against tuesday.>> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists.>> reporter: on the day he announced, democrats and republicans have used his comments to fuel latino voter support. >> they use trumps rhetoric as a tool to mobilize latinos who
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to get them naturalized so they can turnout to vote.>> reporter: a union is helping latino workers to become citizens so they can vote against him. >> i want to vote against the person that will help so many immigrants.>> reporter: helge florez volunteered for hillary clinton in nevada.>> this is important. on the republican side, it's scary.>> reporter: republican rivals could benefit from latinos being wary of trump.>> it's one of these things were you say i have sat at this table all these -- all this time and i have -- and i have never been given what i have promised.
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because i believe that america needs a ceo.>> reporter: brian yes, fox news. there is a twist between the battle between apple and the fbi over a phone belonging shooters. officials are being blamed for not installing what's called mobile device management software. you will recall they work for the public health department. 60% of work issued smart phones have such software, and enabling employers to unlock a workers phone have that software been installed on farouk's iphone, the fbi would not have needed apples help so unlock the phone. edward snowden said today he would be willing to return to the us if the government could guarantee that he would get a fair trial. snowden made the comments on skype while addressing a group of supporters in new hampshire. the former nsa contractor
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nations surveillance program and is living in exile in russia. the obama administration said it would consider a plea deal. snowden says his lawyers are waiting to hear back back. iraqi soldiers were deployed to iraq today hoping to take back the city of mobile -- mosley. isis took control of mosley in 2014 and it's now the jihadists main hub in iraq. us forces won control of mosley in 2004. more than 1 million people currently live there under isis control. john kerry announced today an agreement with russia for provisional truce in syria. areas in jordan where he is holding meetings to discuss the worsening crisis in syria. carre said the finals -- final details need to be ironed out between obama and russian president putin.
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that will happen.>> we are closer to a cease-fire than we have been. i take nothing for granted about this. >> the us and russia are at odds because of a bombing campaign in syria last year. the us wants aside out and is back the rebels. within hours of kerry's announcement, a series of suicide bombings rock the syrian cities in the capital damascus. at least 140 people were killed. isis is claiming responsibility for those attacks. colombian health officials are reporting an increase in the number of people infected with the zika virus. they say infections are up 17.2% in the last week and that
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that includes more than 6000 pregnant women. that is worrisome since the zika virus has been linked to severe worth -- birth defects. the virus. scientists are working to try to develop a vaccine. fiji officials trying to assess the damage from cyclone winston. it reached wind speeds it up to 185 -- 184 miles an hour. fiji's capital was not in the direct path of the cyclone and avoided the worst of the damage. more than 1200 people are seeking shelter in evacuation center's. the weather pattern for the bay area looks warm for the next few days. out in the pacific, look at the circulation. an area of high pressure building in, just like last week. we're talking about some more 70s out there. a few high clouds across the region today.
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east, especially with a few showers approaching parts of the sierra. a few lingering clouds with hartley cloudy conditions. here is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge. wrapping up a pretty nice weekend. after a cool start tomorrow morning, we will warm-up those numbers over the next few days. first thing tomorrow, the cool spots back down to the upper 30s, possibly submit 30s as well. 38, santa rosa. san francisco, 47. livermore, 40 degrees. starting out the day chilly but lots of sunshine for the afternoon. i should mention we will have patchy fog in some of the inland valleys. we could have clear skies and then and counter a big fog bank. keep that in mind tomorrow morning. here is our forecast model into monday. not too much happening. we will show you the colors for temperatures. the greens in the 60s, the
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there's the temperature range, upper 60s all the way to the mid-70s. here is the plan for san francisco 7 am, partly cloudy skies, 50 degrees. sky cast showing you this, sunshine by lunchtime. a great time of day to be out say. readings in the upper 60s. wrapping up into the evening hours, bears guys, temperatures around 60. coming up at 10:35, looking for storms. we will let you know if we have rain clouds coming up in the seven-day forecast. a driver goes off the road and is trapped in a fiery wreckage. the main obstacle as first responders attempt a daring rescue.
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in a solid head of hair to the bearish out. i think i got it. >> not everybody knows about
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he is 33, he has something left in the tank, the warriors are hoping. when you're 49-5, tough to get better. the warriors the they did that tonight. this guy qualifies as a big man, 6 foot 10, 270 pound. he provides depth along the front court with a zeal he cut -- recovering from knee surgery. very jowly played his entire career in cleveland before being acquired by portland, only to be waived by portland on friday. the warriors reportedly waived jason thompson who was struggling to get minutes this year. we got cal, washington, pac-12, one knock against the bears the season. they couldn't win on the road. we can put that one to bed.
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that turned into that tyrone wallace show. a little hang time to finish with a layup. more wallace, the loan senior starter, knocks down a couple of three-pointers. erupts for 15 points in a four- minute span, scores his game- high 17 in the second half. cal win it 80-62 as they move into the fourth-place in the pac-12. stanford, utah, the women's, pack college action in salt lake city senior day for the utes, the defense on one and, the layup on the other. 18 from a call, the cardinals win 72-54. is there 990 night when in school history. what a finish at the daytona 500. the 58th running of the great american race, as it is call --
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his day ended early. hits the wall. he is done. than 30 laps to go as dale earnhardt junior loses control coming out of the turn. he slides into the barrier right here. that would bring out the fifth caution flag of the day. more importantly for junior, his race is over. on to that dramatic final lap. danny hamlet makes the move to the outside, then back inside. nudges his way past met ken's it, who somehow manages to maintain control. and hamlet edges out martin truex junior. a photo finish. hamlin wins by 1/100 of a second, that's 4 inches. closest finish in the history of the race. ken's it ends up 14. the first win for hamlet in 10 tries at daytona.
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from, i don't know what happened. i can't figure out what i did. it all just came together. i got some push from the four. this wouldn't be possible if this wasn't toyota sticking together. we were able to a capture are track position. >> we are giving away a commemorative helmet autographed by jeff gordon. you still have time to enter. go to our facebook page. click on the contest link, fill out the entry form. entries are accepted until 1159 -- 11:59 tonight. go to our facebook page and you could win this guy.>> i tried it on last night. it fits pretty well.>> now it's priceless because you have put it on.>> that's because of jeff gordon's signature. it has nothing to do with me. coming up, the process
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for scalia is underway. now the question becomes one will president obama submit a nomination? preparing for the next battle in nevada, a look at the republican and
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strategies now to election coverage in the race for the white house. the remaining candidates are assessing their best way award to secure their party's nomination. john roberts is in greenville, south carolina, with the latest from the campaign trail.>> reporter: with only seven people left in the race for the white house, candidates are going full speed ahead into a crucial week. donald trump showing sunday he can spend technical difficulties to his advantage.>> they didn't pay
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i like that much better. those lights were brutal.>> reporter: trumps solid win in south carolina combined with the exit of jet bush has rubio in cruz jockeying for position is the best alternative to trump.>> trumps campaign has been about how bad things are. you have to explain how you're going to make things great again.>> trump has democratic -- demonstrated he has support.>> reporter: the only governor in the race all the sitting out. john kasich is not making any campaign stop scott polk thing efforts on crucial southern states. on the blue side of the aisle, hillary clinton is open to artists the momentum from her win in nevada into a push through south carolina and super tuesday.>> the future we want is within our grasp. >> reporter: bernie sanders shows no signs of slowing down.
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we have the momentum.>> reporter: with democrats voting next saturday and republicans having nevada caucuses tuesday, this is a big week as everything rushes toward suit -- super tuesday march one. john roberts, fox news. a wash up on raised $7000 for bulletproof vests for police dogs. the event was held at the pet food express yesterday, hosted by the gavin buchanan memorial foundation to continue the legacy of of the nation third- grader -- the nation third- grader who loved police dogs. his body was found last fall, his brother is accused of killing them. the eight remaining supreme court justices will return to work tomorrow since the death of anthony and -- antonin scalia. it is expected to be the beginning of the contentious battle over who will replace him.>> reporter: there is no
10:33 pm
scalia, the question is when? obama is in the process of whittling down potential replacements. friday he was photographed carrying a thick binder with the resumes of people who the white house says may be worthy of consideration>> the president will be spending his weekend day getting into that information.>> reporter: mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley are being considered. both say they will block any replacement the president appoints. it's tough to imagine who could possibly fit the criteria in the midst of a presidential race so heated. here is ted cruz, followed by hillary clinton. >> his passing one week ago
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stakes of the selection. it is not just one but two branches of government. >> we all want to get secret unaccountable money out of politics. that starts with appointing a justice. >> reporter: the supreme court returns tomorrow. they will hear oral arguments with a justices on the bench. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. the mayor of london delivered a blow to the prime minister's effort to keep britain from leaving the european union. david cameron wants more autonomy but to remain inside the eu. you just negotiated a deal with eu members friday for reforms. he now plans to ask voters to decide the issue. the mayor said britain needs to break free of the eu bureaucracy and he will be encouraging voters to say no.
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and safer inside the eu. the price of gas still triples -- aaa shows the national average is now one dollars the price of gas still falling. triples -- aaa shows the national average is now $1.71, down from $1.85. california, the average price a gallon. in the bay area, even higher. the san francisco averages $2.47. in oakland, it's $2.30, $2.29 in san jose. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. see how crews were able to
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guardrail. mark a drivers recovering after
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flying over the causeway. as christensen most tells us, it was a tough rescue involving dozens of firefighters.>> reporter: it was a complicated rescue with no time to wait. over the span of six minutes, what started as a minor collision led the four vehicles crashing, one a budget moving truck which landed 35 feet below the causeway and caught fire. >> we got a hose line, kept the fire in check. the driver was still alive. we had to do a rescue operation to get him out.>> reporter: dozens of firefighters pitched in. the driver was conscious but trapped in the cat. the biggest challenge was access. >> we had to do our operations from appear on the roadway. it was a big challenge. we had to do some things quickly.
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that driver backup to the roadway where medics were waiting. highway patrol tells us crashes on the causeway are notoriously bad.>> there is not in the way of shoulder or center median. there is nowhere to go if there's a crash. it's difficult if people are not aware of what's going on around the >> reporter: the initial crash involved two dark cars. oncoming drivers likely couldn't see the vehicles involved.>> there don't appear to be alcohol or drugs involved. just a matter of speed in an attention. people with the need for speed did not have to go to daytona today. we got a look at what it's like to be behind the wheel as sonoma raceway. they offer racecar driving school. how about hopping in and audi are eight that can pick up speeds of 120 miles an hour? >> you definitely feel the
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that some you obviously don't do on the street. you can push the car all the way up to its limit.>> sounds cool. lessons range from $300-$2000. it depends how much one-on-one instruction time you want. formula 3 race cards took to the track for a series of events. formula cars have less horsepower, but they can turn more quickly. they are so close to the ground. a mountain lion caught prowling a santa cruz neighborhood was taken back to its natural habitat this weekend. the cat was spotted on escalona in a residential neighborhood near highway one yesterday afternoon. wardens tranquilized the animal and brought it to its natural habitat. they found a deer carcass nearby believe the mountain line was attracted to the area because there are a lot of deer there.
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people are feeding the deer, which is illegal and they say dangerous. temperatures will trend up over the next few days. they have been cooling off since wednesday, we had weak systems move in on northern california. this weekend, completely dry, a few high clouds paying us a visit. there is actually a storm out here, but all the energy will be carried appear to the north. there is no threat of rain. you get an idea with the arcing we have high-pressure building offshore. that's the source of warming. you will feel it tomorrow. in terms of high clouds, harley cloudy skies over the state right now, possibly a few showers towards the sierra. current numbers on the cool side. 46 degrees, on track to reach the 30s overnight. san francisco, 59, san jose, 52. fremont and the upper 40s. here is our live camera. you can see fairly quiet for sunday night.
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50 miles an hour. they are wrapping up a nice weekend but a dry weekend as well. the percent of averages continue to go down across parts of the bay area. santa rosa now 80% of average, san jose, 89%. no significant rain in the forecast. in fact, the opposite. lots of sunshine and temperatures on a warming trend. today, santa rosa, 66. tomorrow, 73. lots of 70s across the board for monday and tuesday and wednesday. a dry week ahead is high- pressure rebuilds offshore, setting up shop over northern california. the sinking air, warming air, that is compression. that trend will continue tomorrow. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, not much changed in the forecast. sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s lots of 70s over the next few days. possibly friday night into saturday a slight chance of a
10:43 pm
the forecast model keeping the bulk of rainfall offshore. tuesday, a few extra high clouds paid us a visit. we will take this into friday, a few extra clouds. here's a frontal band 4 pm bridal -- friday. it falls apart offshore. let's keep an eye on this for sunday. definitely a cloud producer for us. maybe some rain showers to the north of the bay area. the numbers, lots of 70s for monday afternoon. santa rosa, 73. fairfield, 70. pollen levels are up as well. you might sees a bit more. that will be the case for tomorrow. san jose, forecast tied, 74. san francisco, 70 degrees. here's a look ahead, your five day forecast and temperatures still pretty warm tuesday and wednesday, lots of 70s out there. were clouds for friday. a slight chance of a shower friday night into saturday.
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if you're missing the rain, strange that they put a raincloud in the seven-day forecast. things could change by march. today's february 21. we could see a big change in march. orr eight or nine days. thanks, mark. russian swimmers trying something new to help build up their stamina. they are playing chess. they are sitting in icy water. the air temperature, 10-20 degrees colder. the icy temperatures encourage them to focus to speed up their moves. each game lasts about 10 minutes. sports wrap coming up at the top of the hour. the closest finish and daytona 500 history. the guy who won it had no idea how he did it. the warriors bring in a player for the stretch run. we will tell you all about it coming up on sports wrap. next, law enforcement making use of social media.
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silicon valley more and more law enforcement agencies use social media. it makes sense that silicon valley's police department is leading the way. we sat down with palo alto police to learn how the agency is using social media to connect with the community.>> reporter: i am joined today by lieut. zach perrone. palo alto police is on the forefront of social media. what of you been doing?>> we've been online for about four years now with twitter, facebook, next-door, youtube, flicker -- flickr, the whole 9 yards. i think probably the best takeaway for us is a gives us a
10:48 pm
in a way that's nontraditional. we're in -- when you're in the heart of silicon valley, people expect to be able to speak with the police in whatever medium they perform. there are a number of people who will tweet us questions, send us wreck messages,*punish -- questions, want to know about crime going on in town and they may not want to pick up the phone and call the police. this gives them another way to reach out and interact with the police department.>> you guys have used twitter and social media, everything from there is a shooting to mountain line ends -- mountain lions, you name it. >> our main goal has been to use it as a way to communicate accurate public safety information directly to the public as quickly as we can so they can get that information directly from us without a filter or a time delay or having to check and news source or anything like that.
10:49 pm
can trust that information.>> i saw a funny video with you, zach, and a self moving tesla car. it shows that you are not just police officers, you are human beings, you can poke a yourself>> that was my acting debut with the taste let -- year. the ability to use social media to really have a personality that's beyond the uniform, it and left arm in the sunglasses, this very not approachable image of a police officer, and rather showed humor and personality, maybe that humor is even self-effacing. donut jokes are things like that. it shows people that we are actually real people. we're not just a badge or what they see on tv or in the movies. we can be ourselves and hopefully be a little bit more relatable with a wider variety
10:50 pm
palo alto pd on facebook and twitter or your local police department online. talk to you soon. a suspect is behind bars and connected with a deadly stand -- stabbing in san jose. anthony to foia is accused of stabbing two man outside a bar just before 1:00 saturday morning. one of the men was injured, the other died at the hospital. officers didn't immediately locate the suspect but arrested him yesterday. police have not revealed a motive in the coroner has not identified the dead man. there is an online petition protesting philip weiss is returned to the force. he was fired after he tweeted comments critical of lives matter group. an independent arbitrator reinstated him this month organizers hope it will encourage the city to challenge the arbitrators order. a
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obama as he hosted president obama hosted a dinner for the association of governors and he opened the event with some humorous remarks about his work as president. and one comment, he joked about his battle with republicans and the appointment of a supreme court justice.>> tonight, i plan to fulfill my duty and give you an indisputably qualified set of remarks. i trust you will give them a fair hearing. [ laughter ] >> president obama promised to appoint a justice to replace antonin scalia. republican lawmakers are vowing to block his nomination saying
10:55 pm
choose. love was in the air for a couple from washington state. they got married on an airplane 35,000 feet up. the bride is a flight attendant for alaska airlines. a plane full of passengers watched as the bride walked down the aisle of the plane to say i do.>> it is been really overwhelming and exciting. i am glad we were l -- able to share love enjoy and touch people make their flight fun.>> the woman says the idea came from her mother, battling stage iv cancer. she wanted to see where her daughter worked. who would pay $35,000 for a lock of john lennon's here? a collector of memorabilia based in the uk named paul frasier. the hair was trimmed by a german barbara back in 1966. the beatles had just released their revolver album. the hair was one of several
10:56 pm
it's creepy to me. >> it's john lennon. it's a beetle.>> i get it. thank you for making us your choice for news tonight. sports wrap is next.>> we are always here for you it thank you -- thank you for joining us. stick around for sports wrap>> imagine shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place, to get 0% financing for 60 months on a ford suv. that's right. just announced. ford explorer...edge...escape... and expedition... are available with 0% financing for 60 months. ford suvs. designed to help you be unstoppable. no wonder ford is america's best selling brand. but hurry, 0% financing for 60 months on ford suvs is a limited time offer.
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welcome to "full measure." as loud and divisive as the presidential campaign has been so far, both parties agree on one thing -- health care is one of the top issues concerning americans. and a recent rasmussen poll found 59% of likely voters consider reducing the cost of health care more important than making sure everyone has insurance, which is the goal of obamacare. but what can consumers to do control their cost? these days, it's easy to comparison shop for just about anything, except medical care, one of the most expensive services you'll ever need. that gave us an idea. we partnered on a project to try to compare prices of specific procedures. we ended up with some incredible results that show it pays to shop around. scott haller: i was often sent to the wrong place many times. sharyl: scott haller played the role of patient in our project. he's a research assistant at the boston-based pioneer institute research group. the institute helped conduct a survey for "full measure" of 54


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