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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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both times the suspect snatched purses, both times the victims tried to get their belongings back and were assaulted. a word of caution for shoppers at stoneridge mall as police released this sketch of a man they say is part of a group responsible for two strong- armed robberies in the moment -- in the mall parking lot. >> i grew up in pleasanton. i've never heard of someone being robbed at stoneridge before. >> reporter: a 63-year-old woman was by her car when three men grabbed her purse. one of them had a gun believed to be a rifle or shotgun. when she tried to get her purse back, she fell. one of the suspects kicked her in the back. >> what kind of a coward pushes a woman down and then takes her? that is suspicious. that's not -- all the had to say, give me your purse. >> reporter: fewer than 24 hours earlier, on saturday police say a same group snatched a teenager's purse,
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the teen from danville was with her high school friends to celebrate a birthday at cheesecake factory. >> it's very scary. just unbelievable what's going on nowadays. >> reporter: the suspects are african-american, between 18 and 25 and described the car as a cream-colored mercedes suv last seen heading westbound on interstate 580. the car in saturday's robbery, older silver honda pilot. >> i'm hoping they catch these people. and things get better. we have to have a lot of security around here so they can watch over all the shoppers. >> reporter: police are now upping patrols. we tried to get a comment from stoneridge mall but all they would tell us is that they are working with pleasanton police. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. new information about the victim in a deadly shooting
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francisco. it happened outside a mcdonald's restaurant on fillmore and golden gate at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. a white dodge pulled out of the drive through, the shooter walked up to the car and opened fire on the passenger. that man died at the hospital. today the victim was identified as 23-year-old curtis kayla, there's his picture right there. he had been arrested for a 2012 homicide in that same neighborhood but the case was dismissed. investigators say kayla was targeted. he got into a gray sedan and sped away. police in vallejo say a second person has now died after a drive-by shooting their last friday. 22-year-old bomani broadnax succumbed to injuries today. the young man and his father were working on his car when someone drove by and opened fire. the father, michael broadnax, died at the scene. a woman and a nine-year-old boy inside the home were wounded but survived.
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new developments in a 2 investigates case we've been following now for eight months. it involves the deaths of inmates in the alameda county jail system. those deaths are raising questions about the quality of medical care. hour investigative reporter ross palombo is in our newsroom now. he learned the family of one of the inmates who died is about to file a lawsuit? >> reporter: first thing tomorrow morning, alameda county. the shelf and the jail help provider are -- the sheriff and the jail help provider are all named. after the gillhouse death of mario martinez last july. our investigation uncovered he died at the santa rita jail from respiratory problems after he didn't get a recommended nasal treatment despite two court orders. the lawsuits sites horizon for quote, failure to reasonably trained their medical staff, failure to implement generally accepted lawful policies and deliberate indifference to the serious medical needs of
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>> everyone failed him. and he suffered and died ugly death. and that probably is the worst part for me. >> they are responsible because they didn't provide medical care. they didn't provide the proper housing. and of course corizon is responsible because they had the duty to provide medical care and they didn't. >> reporter: now the mother is seeking damages. corizon has had other lawsuits across the country. with settlements worth tens of millions of dollars. frank, if the mother prevails, county taxpayers will have to pay any amount is ultimately awarded. >> you have another taxpayer investigation coming up a bit later? >> reporter: that's right. a medical transport company that owes $2 million in tax money. you won't believe exactly what we paid for. that's coming up tonight at 10:30. >> thank you, ross. an investigation is underway after a burned body
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miller park. they received a call around noon by a park visitor who was smoke in the area. the body was found on fire and the large stone structure known as the funeral pyre, joaquin miller build that structure in the late 1800s. authorities say it's too early to tell the person's race or gender. it appears to be a suicide. a jury in san jose found three white college students guilty of battery against a black student today, but the jurors did not find them guilty of hate crimes. colin ward was the only one of the three in court today. the jury deadlocked on hate crime charges against him and his codefendant, logan bassler. they found joseph bumgarner not guilty of a hate crime. the charges stem from their behavior towards their black roommate in 2013. they were accused of clamping a bike lock around his neck, hanging a confederate flag, locking him in a bathroom at a
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derogatory names. >> while today's decision was partially disappointing, it was not dispiriting. our resolve to fight hate crimes remains unwavering. >> we're obviously disappointed . i thought there was reasonable doubt. but i'm not surprised at all that the jury didn't reach a verdict on the hate crime. >> the defendants claim the incidents were nothing more than pranks. sentencing is scheduled for next month. ticket each get up to six months in jail on misdemeanor battery convictions. the interim president of san jose state sent a letter to staff and faculty after the verdict this afternoon saying -- susan martin said, much work lies ahead as we seek to create a truly inclusive, welcoming and safe environment for every member of our community. only on 2, getting guns off the streets. we've learned san francisco police have been seizing nearly three comes a day.
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the remarkable hall. >> many of the gang members that have guns use them in shootings, use them in homicides, use them to assault our police officers. >> the numbers we've obtained show gun seizures in san francisco are at a five-year high. heather holmes here now to talk with the captain of the bayview station, the station that recovered the most weapons. >> reporter: he calls it a frustrating milestone. san francisco officers took 1085 guns off the streets last year, that is nearly three every day. it's been growing each of the last five years. broadcasts over police radio. details the arms race on san francisco streets. >> four males, one with a ski mask. >> reporter: one that police are out to win. >> they come across guns like
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>> reporter: the captain at the department's bayview station. >> it's amazing how many guns some of these officers get. >> reporter: he's made recovering firearms a priority. >> there's times where they are getting two or three day. >> reporter: illegal guns are considered as the gateway crime to committing murder. many of the weapons on this table have indeed been used to kill. >> these guns are related to some very violent people. >> reporter: ktvu got an exclusive look at some of the 304 guns taken last year by bayview officers. shotguns, pistols, even a sniper rifle. 304 opportunities to commit murder. he says the stepped up seizure efforts contributed to a 15% decline in the number of shootings in the bayview last year. he says officers often find guns during traffic stops for minor infractions or suspicious behavior and that they try to target repeat offenders before
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they said too often the people arrested are released. >> many of the people that are processing these guns get back out and they go buy a new gun. >> reporter: those with guns simply don't care who is around when they start shooting. he showed us an undercover police car that was recently shot up. in fact we counted at least three bullet holes in that vehicle. captain says a large number of guns officers recover about 30 to 40%, frank and julie, are still stolen. >> serious firepower there. how does this compare to other cities? >> reporter: officers in oakland recovered 962 illegal guns last year. i also checked with san jose police but they told me they didn't have those numbers readily available. when you go back to san francisco after the bayview station, the next most is ingleside with 158 last year and the mission station police
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gives you an idea of where most of them are going to be recovered in the city. >> heather, thank you. this was another somber and emotional day at the u.s. supreme court. the justices went back to work for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia nine days ago. a black cloth remained draped over his empty chair. the white house says president obama has begun the process now of looking for scalia's successor. while republicans have vowed to block any person he nominates. the eight remaining justices are expected to hear 10 cases over the next two weeks including a challenge to the texas abortion law. wall street started the week off on a positive note, building on last week's momentum. dow jones up to 28, nasdaq up 66. s&p gained 27. higher oil prices helped push stocks higher. a napa valley institution is bringing its hammers to the east bay. the newest will open in the
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if you're not familiar with chain, the business started in st. helena as a roadside stand. they serve high-end burgers including he tuna -- aji tuna. mourning the death of one country pioneer peter mondavi, he died over the weekend at the age of 101. seen here in the blue and white shirt, helped turn his parents winery, charles krug, into one of the top one produces in the country. he and his brother robert arquette -- credited with pioneering improvements to winemaking and helping to put napa valley on the map as one of the world's premier wine regions. peter mondavi famously battled his brother for control of krug. the family feud kept them apart until their reunion in 2005 just three years before robert's death. in san francisco a long time grocery store is asking city leaders and its customers for help in solving the
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here what it says needs to be done. tracking your tuesday forecast, warming up around
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get in your backyard? new at 10, growing chorus of voices demanding that san francisco do something about a growing homeless tent city. the encampment line the sidewalk between 101 along division street. we heard from the owner of a fitness club earlier this month. willie brown called on current mayor ed lee to do something. amber lee talked to a business there that says there's a lack of urgency at city hall. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're just outside rainbow grocery. just about everywhere you look, you can see tents. now the grocery store's cfo says the city has to do something to keep the area clean and safe. >> it affects everybody equally. nobody can be proud to be part of san francisco where you see this happening. >> reporter: rainbow grocery has been at this location for two decades. half of its 40 years in
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but in the past year, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of homeless in the area. >> we have a large tent city around us. >> reporter: the store has flyers at every checkout stand asking customers to contact city leaders. >> take a right turn and a return. >> reporter: dennis wagner told me he's already written them asking for short-term and long- term solutions. >> we need portable toilets available for 24 hours accessibility. we need public garbage cans on every block with daily pick up. >> reporter: wagner will read from the statement at a public meeting on thursday. >> i miss my life. i miss it. i wish i could be -- >> reporter: patricia says she became homeless seven months ago after being evicted from her home. she's been assaulted at a shelter and feels safer living on the street, something she says she never envisioned when she was working and had a home. >> i hate my life right now.
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every day, i wish i would not wake up. >> reporter: rainbow grocery says the homeless problem has not kept shoppers away. it says it's concern is much broader, that no one should have to live without basic needs. >> this is a society that should not be standing for this, that should be able to find solutions to problems. >> reporter: staff on homeless says it's focused on long-term solutions such as housing and shelters. and that crews already do daily street cleanings. >> i know there's a level of frustration, but the city is really working to expand our shelter capacity so that folks who are on the street and intense -- in tents have options. we were able to open the pier 80 shelter and it will have two -- take up to 150 people. >> it doesn't take a brain genius to figure this out. open more housing.
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i haven't even in today's. this is not healthy. >> reporter: the mayor's staff on homeless says it has no plans to change its policy, that it's always doing outreach to provide the homeless with services. rainbow cfo says there's been enough talk. it's now time for action. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2's. now to danville where police are looking for a teenager who hasn't been seen since he was dropped off at police say jake samantha was last seen thursday morning at san ramon valley high school. investigators believe he ran away after an argument with his parents. they say he doesn't have a cell phone and has not been in touch with anyone even his best friend. jake is described at as 5'10", 150 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call danville police. hayward police revealed new details today about the death of a young mother from san jose.
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week after she went missing. as ktvu's paul chambers found out, the 22-year-old was shot multiple times and a person of interest is now in custody. >> she was a young mother of two, stacy aguilar was missing for a week before her body was found in a rural area fremont. >> the boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence. and he is one of the persons that was questioned. >> reporter: 22-year-old aguilar was last seen leaving a party on silva avenue with her boyfriend. the next day, aguilar's family reported her missing. police did question several people about aguilar's whereabouts including her boyfriend. saturday investigators found aguilar's body in a rural area fremont off morrison canyon road. police say aguilar was killed in hayward and her body was dumped in fremont. >> i'm confident moving forward, hopefully sooner than later we'll be able to find -- provide you with a photograph and information. >> reporter: at this conference,
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person of interest in custody on an unrelated case. they would not say who that is at this time or if they have any relationship to the victim. still, police feel the person of interest is aguilar's killer. >> the people in this community can sleep at night, not being worried that there's a murderer on the loose. we're very confident moving forward that this person of interest is the right person. >> investigators say they are being pretty tightlipped because it's unclear the person acted alone or with others. in hayward, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2's. the marin county sheriff search and rescue team was practicing drills in the sierra over the weekend, when they ended up rescuing a 10-year-old girl who had fallen into a hole in the snow. it happened off of interstate 80 near donner pass. the girl was samantha white, she was with her family snowshoeing when she fell into the hole. family members tried to pull her out but the snow was in
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the 14 member marine rescue team just happened to be training nearby and 90 see what they did, they managed to rig a special rope system to get the girl out. >> they put a harness over me. and they pulled me up. i said, thanks for helping me and getting me out. >> rescue workers say they showed up just in time because samantha was starting to show signs of hypopoermia. tracking temperatures today, nice-looking numbers out there, dry this week, you that. it's come to stay warm. temperatures today, lots of 70s, 72 in napa, 67 in vallejo, 71 in oakland. temperatures tomorrow, warmer and by the middle of the week, maybe upper 70s. outside right now, we don't have fog yet but i expect we will see patchy, coastal fog. some of that valley fog is back in play as well. a little bit this morning,
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tomorrow morning. overall, more of a spring pattern than a february pattern. the big weather system is impressive. but all its energy and moisture is all going this way. this would be a major rain producer for us if the jet stream was laid out the right way. but it's not. as we head into this week, it continues to be not lined up the right way. high-pressure ridge is bumping up, going to continue as this pumps it up. the ridge is going to build and keep us high and dry, right through the week. and into the weekend as well. a few clouds, tomorrow just like today, with a little patchy valley fog, we'll talk about high temperatures coming up and the chance of some showers down the way. a lawsuit has been filed in the wake of super bowl 50. the allegations from some workers to put in long hours on the day of the big game. the warriors get their 50th
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any team in nba history. republicans in nevada hold their caucus tomorrow. just five candidates remain after jeb bush called it quits over the weekend. ktvu's jana katsuyama live in san francisco where she's been talking with experts and party insiders about where things go next. >> reporter: julie, san francisco gop leaders had a meeting tonight looking ahead. some californians say already on the ground in nevada tonight preparing for the caucuses. others say they are still trying to decide who to support. a shakeup of the gop field leaves five candidates still standing. and at a gop meeting, hillary
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supporters now watching the bed and trying to decide what to do. >> for me, not a popularity contest. it's not about polling numbers. it's who i believe in and to i support. >> reporter: appears to be shaping into a three-way race with donald trump still in the lead and expected to win nevada. ted cruz, who is competing for evangelical voters, is battling for second place. his campaign slightly shaken that he fired his communications manager. >> we will conduct this campaign with the various high -- with a very high standards. >> reporter: rubio attacked cruz while donald trump also joined in a cruising cruz of more dirty tricks. john kasich in the meantime is betting on the midwest in march ignoring nevada. >> there's a reshuffling going on right now to see where to throw the support behind. i think a couple people or donors are waiting until after super tuesday to figure out where they want to be.
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of uc berkeley school public policy says time could be running out for the gop to coalesce around a candidate other than trump with too many people in the race dividing the non-trump vote. >> march 15 could be too late. at march 15, almost all of the primaries in the republican side become winner take all. >> reporter: the republican nominee will need 1237 delegates to win. although it's early, trump has 67, compared to cruz 11 and rubio 10. brady and others say trump likely will need to start policies. >> whenever he's been asked anything in proposals, he's been notably not very knowledgeable. >> at the end of the day, just a phase. they want somebody who's got policies and change they want to effect in the country. >> reporter: super tuesday is coming up on march 1. 10 official said that mayor giuliani, rudy giuliani, formerly of new york, is advising trump with his
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>> jana katsuyama, thank you. employee who worked during is filing suit. he claims that he and other they were owed. gabriel thompson is suing center plate, the company that provides concessions for levi's stadium events. thompson says he work 17 hours on super bowl sunday. the suit claims center place did not play -- did not pay thompson or other employees for all those hours they worked, did not give them appropriate rest breaks and engaged in unfair business practices. so far no comment from center plate. crumbling concrete inside the bay bridge tunnel. live tonight, the problem that's apparently bigger than it first appears. new accusations against a medical transport company that
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2 investigates the new problems banged up medical vans, some without proof of insurance. for patients, even for other drivers, are they just too dangerous to be on the roads? tonight, a year-long to investigation into the state agency that was supposed to stop it. >> is anyone at the health department responsible? >> and the owner who walked away with your tax money. >> are you going to pay back this $1.7 million to the state? >> that money isn't the only problem. >> people are at risk both inside those vans and out. investigative reporter ross palombo has been following the story for months. >> reporter: take a look at what we found. medical transport van with problem after problem. look at this stuff, this one right here has the license
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banged up along the side. this one right here missing the mirror. take a look at this one, the entire backend of this thing banged up, even driving on a spare tire. if you can believe it, you've paid for some of these rights. others tonight are still paying. i can see you standing there. can you talk to us? the mysterious man. his moving violations. our million dollar plus medical bill. and the mounting mass. state health officials have been unable to stop for months. >> i would hope that someone would step in. >> i was really shocked. >> reporter: it began with a shocking accident right here at this intersection. >> i was like, what? this driver rear-ended me out of nowhere. >> reporter: this initiative next. a beat up met express van. >> looks like an old car.
10:32 pm
anyone around. >> reporter: causing, he says, $4000 worth of damage to his car. >> can't close the trunk. >> reporter: the driver handed him this insurance card. that he says he suddenly felt rear-ended again. >> turned out that the car's registration was late, he had no insurance. i think it's outrageous. i'm shocked that a company like this exists. >> reporter: met express has existed and has been enrolled with the state for nonemergency medical transport since 2006. 2 investigates found them transporting this woman last month. and this woman this month also with no proof of insurance or suspended tags. in fact, we documented eight fans in the last seven months all with proof of insurance problems, registration problems, or both. >> very fishy. very suspicious.
10:33 pm
>> it's not the first fishy, allegation. >> found out they had no insurance coverage whatsoever. for the van with the driver or for the company. >> reporter: this man says he too was rear-ended by an uninsured met express van. back then, 2 investigates found vans driving on spare tires with broken mirrors and missing headlights. the chp itself found one with no seatbelt. this van had no license plate. these five has expired tags when we first found them. >> very dangerous. i think they should shut them down and suspended license. >> reporter: this former driver spoke with 2 investigates, the state did shut down the med express medi-cal enrollment for financial reasons. by then, the state had already paid out more than $3.6 million for rights to med express over five years. a judge later ordered the million when he couldn't produce records of service. met express even build the
10:34 pm
patients after their dates of death. >> reporter: ross palombo from channel 2. we finally caught up with med express owner nathan rumble. do you think that is safe for the patients? sir, are you going to pay back this $1.7 million to the state? why are these bans unlicensed and unregistered? what about these accidents you've been involved in? are you going to pay these people? i can see you standing there. can you come talk to us? i guess not. and at first, the state health department that regulates them refused to speak to us on camera as well. >> we want to know why this is still doing business. >> reporter: after privately claiming the information was unavailable, suddenly a spokesperson agreed to publicly discuss it.
10:35 pm
they are still operating. >> we don't have the authority to stop them from operating. if they choose to go for private pay, then we don't have the authority to prevent them from doing that. >> reporter: the state admits that med express is still under contract to a private healthcare agency that does receive public medi-cal funds. they may still be receiving public money, money that the state claims it can't control or regulate. >> do you feel that you've done enough? >> we feel we've done as much as we can at this point. >> reporter: should someone be stepping in? >> i would hope someone would step in. >> reporter: whose problem is it now? >> this is a problem that probably fall through the cracks. >> reporter: the alameda county da has stepped in ordering deputies to seize records at the owner's million dollar home. even arrested nathan robert and his two sons for multiple weapons violations. the da says it's part of insurance fraud investigation
10:36 pm
in the meantime, although a new patient has been injured, at least one former driver believes these people could still fall through the cracks. >> i don't see why he's still out there hitting people. >> reporter: and these drivers claiming thousands of dollars in unpaid damages. >> now i can't close the trunk. >> reporter: they believe they already have. >> whoever is running this company should get convicted. i think it's outrageous. >> that carona right there is still out of luck tonight, he has not gotten any money from that express. as for the state, it managed to interest, med express still owes more than $1.8 million in tax money. the state can't do anything more. it's pointing the finger at the chp to enforce these issues but the chp says it needs the state to actually report it first. and the state health officials
10:37 pm
called not once in all these months. if you can believe that. as this endless back and forth. in the meantime, the vans are all still on the road. >> it's incredible. even the health official admitting things are falling through the cracks. >> yeah. it's hard to determine exactly who is enforcing this. we tried to contact the attorney general at her office did not return our calls. >> ross, thank you. if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you, email or give us a call at 510-874-0222. tracking the tuesday forecast, we talked about that warmup, now we go out into the
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mbthe six victims of a weekend shooting rampage. dozens gathered for a candlelight vigil this evening at the western michigan university. authorities say the shooting spree was random. among the victims, a 17-year- old boy and his father. in a separate shooting, four women ranging in age from 62 to 74 were also killed. the kalamazoo community remembered those victims tonight during an interfaith service. >> we are a kalamazoo community. we are a kalamazoo family. and together, we are saddened. >> authorities say 45-year-old jason dalton has confessed to
10:41 pm
rampage -- the deadly rampage. the motive remains unclear. a 14-year-old girl was also shot and remains in critical condition tonight. the suspect has been charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. dalton was denied bail today during his arraignment. in the wake of the shootings, uber is facing tough questions about the safety of its rights for higher. the suspects in the case did pack a background check but some experts say uber needs to take a harder look at potential drivers. california assemblyman jim improvements for all right jared cook range, working on new legislation that would mean stricter background checks which would force ridesharing companies to fingerprint drivers. >> a pretty good job now, we want to make sure that back on check is more efficient. >> uber is defending its system. the company's chief security officer said today its system for investigating whether
10:42 pm
temperatures back in the 70s. bill martin has your complete forecast including whether there's any sign of rain
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
first, corrosion in the your appointment tunnel appears to believed. caltrans conducted tests. interviews tom vacar tells us they found a dozen spots in the tunnels where concrete is in danger of breaking away from the wall. >> reporter: on january 30, schoolteacher liz costa and was oakland bound into island, when she got a very bad scarce working to avoid catastrophe. >> a big piece of concrete fell directly down in front of my
10:45 pm
i didn't hit it head on but is scraped along the side of my car and then popped my back tire. >> reporter: caltrans will be responsible for what happened, but as recent tests show, it also needs to make additional repairs so that doesn't happen again. >> what we normally do without, pounds silly low-tech but hitting with a 10 -- with a hammer. good concrete will have a good ring to it. that's when we found the additional problems. >> reporter: the tunnel is 80 years old. the root of this problem appears to go back 52 years when the deck that holds westbound traffic was rebuilt. decades of leaking water have attacked the masonite fiberboard pads lining the tunnel causing expansion and corrosion of the steel and concrete underneath. caltrans says for now, all is safe. >> the concrete is sound. we just have to make sure we know what factor or factors caused it to split in the first place. >> reporter: now would be one thing if it were just this tunnel ahead of us, but the problem is this is just one of
10:46 pm
billions and billions of dollars worth of repairs. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2's. tracking the forecast that includes the warmup, we've been talking about. temperatures got up into the 70s easy. we're going to see temperatures as we head into the next couple days, eclipsing those of today. 72 in santa rosa, 69 in fremont, next few days into the mid-70s, and upper 70s. tomorrow morning, beautiful shot of the city, patchy, coastal fog. the big weather system which -- and the one behind it too -- just a waste of water -- well, it's not a waste of water -- that's not happening -- that's the high-pressure ridge is setting up very similar to the years. the drought years. so we're looking at continued
10:47 pm
right into the bay area weekend. temperatures overnight tonight, 38 santa rosa, 40 san rafael. overnight lows are not that cold. as you look at the setup for fog and clouds in the morning, a little bit of coastal stuff. then you warm-up, yellows are 70s. not just low 70s, low to mid 70s over the next couple days. warmer day, pollen starting to show up, the first to come out, noticing now that you've seen the blooms on the trees out there. really the way -- what's bugging you, it's whatever is blooming in your neighborhood. i mentioned this earlier, warming forecast into wednesday and thursday. especially in the east bay, back when they built the subdivisions in the bay area when it grew after world war ii, they planted male trees because male trees are not as messy, they don't produce as much fruit. they produce pollen. that pollen of course is what bothers you. the female produces fruit but it's messy.
10:48 pm
so they put a ton of mail trees, a ton of them in, concord, walnut creek, livermore, danville area. if you're being bothered, most likely the mail trees and whatever is in your backyard. 74 in redwood city, 76 mountain view. five-day forecast, it's bad -- i mean, it looks good -- normally, it's great -- i mean, we need rain. this five-day run as we push into sunday, a little something may be here on sunday but nothing like what we need. hopefully something will break news next week. i'm actually looking at more like eight or nine days of dry. something shows up first four
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
so a little sad, but enjoy marc is here now, the warriors are out on the road. >> since the all-star break, not going to see the warriors in oakland for a while. but they did all right. i tell you what, the reality is the nba season is a make a grind. as great as this were your team is, it takes its toll. i don't think they've hit their stride since the all-star game yet. nitpicking, yeah, we're spoiled but the warriors keep letting these big leads to window.
10:52 pm
tonight. the new guy, anderson varejao on hand, didn't play. stephen curry, look at the spin move, left-hand, harrison barnes , he owns that spot in the corner. warriors up 19 at the half. here comes atlanta, al horford, great game, 23 points, 16 rebounds. the hawks up their lead to four. andrew bogut, sensational tonight. warriors moving the other way, klay thompson will drive into the bucket, he had 27 points. here is your showstopper of the night, the wind up, the hands in the corner, steph curry. a little shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. i don't think they appreciated that a whole lot. bogert, the steal to create, the warriors will stabilize and
10:53 pm
5. no team ever has been 50-5 in a season. the warriors don't seem to care. they play -- or wherever they play whenever -- they're winners. the sharks have half of that situation down oddly out of the road where they play their best hockey. continuing tonight in st. louis, matt harrison hammered by ryan reaves of the blues. he gets a five minute major. of course out of the game and did not return. the sharks take advantage of the advantage. thomas hurdle with the rebound goal there, his 14th. 2-0 lead. 3-2 in the second, mark edwards blasting away. logan couture, 4-2 san jose. joe thornton, sensational, steals it unassisted, the backhand side, two goals, two
10:54 pm
the sharks now 21-9-2 out on the road. and looking good tonight. for whatever reason, the a's sprint -- cranked up spring camp a few days later the giants. pitchers and catchers over the weekend in mesa, arizona. would think plenty of jobs up for grabs on the staff particularly the relievers. they are one of the major reasons that team lost close to 100 last year. one guy they don't have to worry about is the ace. one of the best in the league although maybe at first glance, he doesn't strike some people as a big-time pitcher. judging by the description of his right to the ballpark this morning. >> asking me if camps were starting today. he is like, are you a picture? he goes, okay. okay. i thought pictures were bigger. normally, they are, i guess. >> [ laughter ] moving on.
10:55 pm
see anywhere else. for no other reason that probably no one else wanted it. it happened saturday night, the ever popular inter-gender wrestling. the highly competitive match between joey ryan and his girlfriend. mid-match, joey actually crawled to his corner and was looking for something. low and behold, here is what he was looking for. >> i love you with all my heart. >> yes! yes! >> [ cheering ] >> all right. >> [ laughter ] >> wow. got her in a headlock. the reason he said he did that, because he needed the winner's
10:56 pm
>> i thought she was going to take him down. >> like i said, not everybody wanted that one. >> thanks, mark.
10:57 pm
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up previously on mike & molly... i remember when i was a little girl working on my daddy's farm. oh, please don't tell me a story. let me tell you a story. i was a meek little thing, scared of my own shadow and the sheep i had to castrate. that's where you learned it? i had to pump my own water, make my own clothes, and if the crop didn't get in, well, we all went hungry. just when i thought my life couldn't possibly get any worse, a city fella in a '56 rambler pulled up to the house and asked for directions. was that mike's dad? hell no. this was a real man.
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and smelled like a pine forest after a spring rain. that's very poetic, peggy. what he did to me wasn't poetic. it was filthy. and i loved it. wait, wait, wait, wait. got to write it down. go. mike: look at you, writing again. yeah, a new story about a young girl coming of age on a hardscrabble farm at the base of the mudlick mountains. mudlick? th-that's weird. my mom grew up on a farm in mudlick. aw, no! you know, we could write about my playmates growing up. my best friend was a chicken. named him george hamilton on account of he was just as handsome and just as brown. sure. you know, a flightless bird is a wonderful pet for a child. that is unless your father has a mean streak and a taste for cacciatore.


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