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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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we love nevada. thank you. thank you. >> three in a row for donald trump. we have state results from the republican caucus in nevada. the results just in, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. here are the latest numbers. when the caucus sites are tallied, it's likely going to be a double-digit win for donald trump. the real battle is for second place, between marco rubio and ted cruz. so far, rubio has a slight advantage but we'll keep updating the numbers throughout the hour. heather holmes has been monitoring the results. she's here now with more. heather? >> frank and julie, the excitement and buzz around
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presidential caucuses carried through tonight. trump dominated in nevada. preliminary results of an entrance poll show six in 10 caucus goers said they prefer someone from the outside, outside the political establishment and that they were angry with the way the government is working. and it was trump got about half of those angry voters. he spoke to supporters a short time ago. we want to share with you a little bit of what he had to say. >> you know, we worked expected a couple months ago. we weren't expected to win this one. you know that, right? we weren't. if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much, now we're winning, winning, winning. >> reporter: trump has three straight wins, strengthening his position as the battle for the republican presidential nomination moves into a dozen states. coming up on march 1 which is super tuesday, the win tonight shows the durability of trump's
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he picked up victories in the west. turnout was huge in nevada with sites. take a look at this. reports of ballot shortages. the nevada gop tweeted out there were no official reports of voting irregularities or violations, tonight though, was a crucial test for trump's chief competitors, florida senator marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz. cruz has one win under his belt, that was iowa. his campaign has struggled since then. he is expected to address his supporters any moment and when we get that we'll be sure to bring it to you. marco rubio is already in minnesota and michigan gearing up for super tuesday. he has yet to notch a win but was hoping to build on recent momentum after coming in second in the south carolina primary. time is running out for trump's rivals. before tonight, trump had 67 delegates compared to cruz with
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frank and julie, we may see a change in strategy after tonight. we'll see if rubio and cruz perhaps join forces and start attacking trump, instead of each other. we'll also keep updating that number in the crucial battle for second place. the democratic presidential candidates courted minority voters where their primary is being held on saturday. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton talked about race and racism at a town hall this evening. >> i believe strongly we have to deal with systemic racism and systemic racism is found in our criminal justice system. it's found in housing, in job opportunities, in education. it's also cultural. >> clinton said the nation needs to address systemic racism in order to move forward while sanders talked about his support for education, for african-americans. >> you have my word, that we will not only sustain, we will substantially increase funding
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colleges. >> a new poll shows sanders is trailing clinton among black voters in south carolina by double digits. and she has a commanding lead among all voters. south carolina holds its primary on saturday. then it's super tuesday with voters in 12 states casting votes. for republicans, 595 delegates are at stake. for democrats, more than 1000. new developments in apple's battle with the fbi over unlocking and -- an encrypted iphone. tonight at dozens of sites, people rallied in support of apple and ktvu's debora villalon attended a rally in san francisco and now she's near an apple store on stockton street. >> reporter: some people came to this protest intentionally. others were just passing by this busy corner. they saw it and joined in. supporting the view this isn't about one phone or one act of
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>> [ music ] privacy's a human right you shall not remove. >> reporter: a distinctly high- tech issue. >> what we're seeing here is a power rep. >> reporter: with smart phones in almost every hand, they became the process signs proclaiming i do not consent to search of this device. >> there's no question that the government is exploiting the san bernardino case. >> reporter: the justice department wants into the locked phone of one of the killers. plus at least nine other phones lead to crimes in which it can't crack the passcode. >> one of the reasons is it would be among the most dangerous things created since the birth of computing. >> reporter: dangerous, critics say, because that crowed in the crock -- in the wrong hands would undermine the device used by millions. >> a question of security versus security here. >> reporter: focusing on terror, activists claim,
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>> security and encryption are the things that keep our powerpoint save, our airport save, hospitals and water treatment centers safe. >> i want to hear you say hell no. >> reporter: james comey are doing in congress and now in this case has said he's not trying to set loose a master key. but follow leads and find more terrorists. >> it would benefit mankind if we could take down crooks. >> reporter: away from the in agreement. >> i think they should let them get into the phone. they're already tracking our information anyway. right? >> it would be great if they could work something out. we're not going to expose everybody's private information. we're specifically with that phone because it's a security issue. keep america safe. >> reporter: apple's next move according to the associated press will be trying to shift this fight out of the courts and it to congress. because the company has more pull among politicians. 45 rallies were held across the
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found more to come. >> a long way to go here, debora villalon in san francisco. thank you. now to fremont where police are investigating a suspicious death after a human torso was found over the weekend. people who were fishing near the dumbarton bridge found the torso near a pier, just south of the bridge on sunday night. investigators returned to the scene at low tide looking for evidence. police say the location where the remains were found is being treated as a crime scene. the coroner has confirmed the victim was a woman. detectives say there are indications the body was dismembered and somebody -- somebody parts are missing. the coroner is working to identify the partial remains and determine how the woman died. they say it is unclear how long the torso had been in the water. the city of san francisco has officially served notice that the homeless people who are living in a tent city have
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the encampment in question is underneath highway 101 along division street. as that encampment has gotten bigger, it's drawn criticism from everyone from business owners to people who live nearby. with notices posted, occupants of a tent city along division street have just 72 hours to move along. tuesday morning, public works crews cleared out part of the encampment hauling away debris and spraying down sidewalks. the tent city sprung up during a series of el nio storms and then grew larger with super bowl city coming to downtown process schedule -- downtown san francisco. the health department found unsanitary conditions including urine, feces, and used hypodermic needles. all violations of city health codes. >> so many tenants that have been popping up that it has become a health hazard, we believe. and obstructing the path of travel for people. we've seen pedestrians walking out on the street, wheelchairs
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>> this man has been living in a tent for five months. he's very unhappy about being forced to leave. he says he has no idea where he'll go now. >> real quiet. we keep it clean. i don't know, man. >> the city hopes he will come to a new shelter three miles south of peer 80. it opened as an emergency center during rainstorms earlier this month and can accommodate 150 people. the city is working to make it a permanent facility, but only 20 people have been staying here on any given night. >> that's why i'm here. that's the reason i'm here, to get off the streets and get into permanent housing. wherever that may be. >> finding permanent housing for 8000 homeless people over the next four years is the grand goal of mayor ed lee who acknowledged there's a lot of work to do. but he insists the city is making progress. >> homelessness is not going away overnight. this is a national phenomenon.
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don't leave by friday, the public works department and police will physically remove the 10th and force people to leave. mayor ed lee said at least two other cabinets in the city will also be cleared in the coming weeks. a gravel truck tipped over on a steep hill in san francisco's outer richmond district this afternoon causing a big mess. police say the driver was attempting to make a delivery at a residential construction site at 45th avenue near balboa when a truck overturned. the gravel crushed to cars and damaged a third. authorities say the driver was trying to turn on a steep hill and failed to negotiate it properly. nick santos says his mustang is the only car he's ever had, it was totaled. >> looks like the entire car is full of gravel. i can't even get my stereo out of there. >> no car for you for a while? >> i guess it's just the bus and uber. >> osha interviewed the work
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be cited or find. a horse and a dog both killed by toxic trees. the search for whoever is deliberately poisoning animals -- toxic treats. more want around here, how one could it get?
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tomorrow. san jose police are looking for an uber driver who they say attacked an employee at minute international airport after that employee confronted him for speeding. azenith smith is live in the airport where the assault is sparking renewed calls for more scrutiny with uber drivers. >> reporter: many of the riders we spoke to had not heard about the five -- once we told them, some of them couldn't help but posted their safety. here at monetta, charlie myers says he's starting to think twice before stepping into an uber car. >> i love their service but it's not -- to think people are going to do these crazy things -- >> reporter: just before 10:00 a.m., an airport employee flagged down this uber driver for speeding through the airport. the employee took photos of him, when the huber driver got out of his car, grabbed the
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the driver took off with the passenger in his white car. >> i would not have gotten in my car. i would have said, no. i'll wait for another uber or taxi. >> seems to me uber is getting a lot of bad raps lately. >> reporter: this comes after jason dalton allegedly shot six people to death in kalamazoo. he reportedly picked up riders in between shootings. >> people traveling the public -- the safety is number 1. >> reporter: with airport taxi driver association, this man said the assault reinforces their call for sprint -- stricter background checks. uber started picking up fares at the airport two months ago. right now the city says it randomly audits 20% of the airport drivers. uber spokesman extended the safety probably saying they check their records. all trips are also tracked using gps. uber also issued a statement
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of any kind while driving or riding with uber platform. that company is working with law enforcement to identify that driver. julie, the airport tells me that employee who was assaulted is fine and back to work. >> that is good news. thank you. city lawmakers voted today to lower the gas tax. that's going to take another bite out of money used to repair california highways. the board of equalization says california drivers overpaid their gas taxes last year under a complicated formula that ties the tax rate to gas prices. so the board voted today to lower the gas tax from $.30 a gallon to 27.8 cents a gallon as of july 1. that's expected to cut $328 million out of the transportation budget next year. last month the governor urged lawmakers to try to find new funding sources. now to oakland where investigators say hundreds of candles are likely to blame for
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buddhist temple early today. as ktvu's henry lee reports, to homes next door were also badly damaged. >> this is what the oakland cambodian buddhist temple looked like before. and after ree-alarm fire destroyed it early tuesday. firefighters say a group of monks left anywherefrom 100 to 1000 candles unattended before going to sleep. the candles were part of a traditional buddhist new year's celebration. just before 2:00 a.m., a fire broke out dengthe temple and damaging several homes and cars. to monks suffered smoke inhalation. the fire displaced 18 people. >> still under investigation for the exact cause. but there were anywhere from -- up to 1000 candles and that's part of their tradition. >> reporter: neighbors said they understand the religious significance of the candles. one man said he felt nervous
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>> i say, oh, this bad idea. they're going to be on fire. but i can't tell them not to do that. >> very upset. but what can we do? >> reporter: enrique barbosa's home and truck were damaged by the fire. >> upset. you can always -- you have to be in control and be right there. don't leave that thing by itself. >> reporter: agents are working with oakland fire investigators because a house of worship burned down but there are no signs of arson. fire officials say smoke detectors absolutely saved lives and averted even more tragedy. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. developing news now from the south where people have been killed in tornadoes and severe storms. one of the hardest hit areas southern louisiana. two people died, 31 injured. rescue teams are searching for even more people who may be
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in mississippi, a 73-year-old man was killed in a mobile home. so far the national weather service has confirmed seven tornadoes in both louisiana and mississippi. the weather has been bad especially this part of the country all day today. it continues as such, tornado watches continuing in effect atlanta north into the carolinas. traveling to the east coast tomorrow, atlanta, north into new york, some flight delays because of this. storm systems are all going up here to the gulf of alaska, we are dry, we were warned today. warmer tomorrow, warmer the next day. a few clouds out there right now, those clouds pretty much clearing out. we might see a few patches of valley fog in the morning hours, maybe a little bit of frost as well. currently, it's mild, spring- like out there. still february, but it feels like april. i mean, it will tomorrow. forecast tomorrow, no fog on the coast, very little patchy
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a little bit of frost and yellows are your 70s. mid-70s. lots of mid-70s, lots of upper 60s. a drive forecast at least for tomorrow. see you back here. dozens of students walked out of class, their message to school leaders about racism. and san francisco's most prestigious public high school. a former a's star shows up with this bizarre looking
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and it's not cheap. we want to update the caucus numbers from nevada. with 15% reporting, donald trump holding onto his big- league. marco rubio remains in second,
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we will keep updating these numbers throughout the hour. a criminal investigation underway in the north bay after a horse and a dog both turned up dead at talks -- and toxic cookies were discovered nearby. paul chambers spoke with the owners. she says whoever did it knew what they were doing. >> reporter: people fear for their animals. >> terrifying. you know? i can't fathom why anyone would want to hurt the animals. >> reporter: two of the animals belong to leslie weather. she says earlier this month she was walking her because when she noticed her dog and two horses weren't feeling well. >> monitored them all night. by 7:00 a.m., both of them i had to take to the er. they didn't live through the day. >> reporter: they went back to the farm to check on this white horse named oscar. while looking for possible foreign items, she found 10 cookie treats piled up in the pasture.
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with a poisonous plant oleander. >> they had shredded carrots, shredded apples, oats on top, in each pile, one of the cookies was soaked in molasses so they know horses. >> reporter: oscar survived but since then several others turned up dead. >> i have a dog was found dead, bleeding from nose and mouth. last couple days, i have around the corner, a llama dead for unknown reasons. >> reporter: add to the list, bill sweeney's two alpacas. the sheriff's office says there's only one case of intentional poisoning but people living in the area disagree. they say with so many livestock turning up dead, it may be connected. >> i'm hearing of more and more cases popping up. people who thought that their situation was isolated are now finding out that no, it all seems to be right in this area.
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cookies were found in connection with the other animal deaths. deputies are following up on leads they say identify a person of interest. in sebastopol, paul can't -- paul chambers. the endangered california condor passed a significant milestone in its return from near extinction. a captive breeding program began in the mid-1980s with the last 22 living condors. now there are 268 condors in the wild. for the first time in decades, more condors hatched and flew from their nest last year, then adult condors that died. 14 were born and 12 died. it's a small difference but wildlife officials say it's a major turning point. a $10,000 reward being offered tonight for information on the deaths of 13 bald eagles found on a farm in maryland. maryland wildlife authorities say there were no outward signs of trauma and the eagles may have eaten carcasses of animals that had been poisoned such as rodents. tests will be done to try to
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coming up here, a generous gift from an anonymous donor. >> i was just like, wow. and like, i was just shocked. >> that donation that allows one bay area high school to have its first marching band in 30 years. this is an officer from the
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>> president obama unveiled his proposal to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba. it was immediately dismissed by republicans in congress. the president said he wants to build a new detention facility in the u.s. there are no plans for a location.
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terrorists use guantanamo as a recruiting tool and it doesn't advance national security. >> it undermines it. this is not just my opinion. this is the opinion of experts, the opinion of many in our military. >> we'll review the plan but since it includes bringing dangerous terrorists to abilities in u.s. communities, he should know that the bipartisan will of congress has already been expressed against that proposal. >> right now there are 91 detainees at guantanamo. under the plan, 35 would be transferred to other countries. the rest are facing military trials or considered too dangerous to release. new at 10, tax season is fast approaching which also means it's a prime time for tax scams. ktvu's pam cook tells us the irs is warning everyone to watch out for phone calls from phony tax collectors. >> this is an officer from internal revenue services.
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sweeping the country particularly during tax season. >> we have been trying to reach you. this call is an official final notice from internal revenue services. >> reporter: one of my coworkers received that call as did one of our viewers. telling them they have an outstanding tax bill and threatening them with a lawsuit. >> to inform you that we have filed a lawsuit against you. >> reporter: they didn't fall for it but a businesswoman in florida did. >> i was chilled to my bone. i couldn't think straight. >> reporter: she didn't want us to use her face or name but wants us to share her story as a warning so other people don't have to go through her painful and expensive experience. >> i couldn't believe somebody can do this to another human being. >> reporter: she was told to settle her bill with prepaid cards. her husband had recently died and since he did the taxes, she thought he must have made a mistake. she paid $50,000. before police got involved.
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i was shaking and crying. the treasury inspector general has received thousands of reports from victims of the irs tax scam. >> reporter: 6 million paid by california's. >> it's that fear factor, when you get that call and people are saying, pay up right away, you're going to be thrown in jail or worse, that's scary for a lot of people. >> elderly get targeted with different types of scams and they do target people from other countries because they don't -- are not familiar with the law or there's a language barrier. so not really sure. >> reporter: the scam is not new but it could become even more prevalent and harder to detect. that's because congress is working with the irs to allow third-party debt collectors to take over starting in march when taxpayers really do have an outstanding tax bill. >> we're watching this one for sure. one of the biggest things we tell people is if they get the call from the irs or someone
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hang up right away. that's what we tell people right now because the irs will not call you right now and say you have an outstanding tax bill at this time. they will send you a certified letter. >> reporter: i spoke to a representative from the irs who said the agency will still send a certified letter even if it's working with a third-party debt collector. and according to the irs, it's illegal to threaten someone with a lawsuit or jail time when trying to collect a debt. >> that's a red flag right there. no matter if the third party or not, no one is going to call you and say they're going to arrest you right away. if you get that call, automatically hangup. >> reporter: advocates also suggest taking down the information and doing the research to see if it's a legitimate debt collector. pam cook, ktvu fox 2 news. we've posted information on how to report a possible scam to the irs, you'll find it under web links.
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from enloe high school went to about discrimination after staging a walkout at the most procedures public high school. as ktvu tara moriarty tells us now, some students say they are disappointed with the administration. >> we are scholars scored >> reporter: marked with signs that said black minds matter, more than two dozen students from lowell high school walked out of class this morning. they hopped on a bus and marched to city hall. they say their high school fosters attitudes of racism and they're speaking out. >> who we are. >> who we are! >> reporter: this bulletin about black history month was posted at school. there's a picture of president obama and hashtag gang. >> they sit in class and we get mumbled about. we don't get looked as the same students who are right next to us. but we go to the same school. we took the same test.
10:33 pm
-ranked public schools where students apply to get admitted. is predominantly asian, only 2% african-american. >> what do we want? equality! >> reporter: fellow classmate made a racist remark to her in the hallway when they. >> i was going to give him a was dirty. him. and that hurt me. so that was one experience that i had. >> sweep it under the rugs, pretend it's not there. that's a big mistake. >> we're hearing you. >> reporter: the superintendent promised to support the group. >> i think it's healthy for us to shine a light on those kinds of issues and have an enlightened discussion and a dialogue for how we're actually going to stop that from happening. >> reporter: the students took their message to the school board meeting. >> i want you to feel inspired and not feel as if the world is
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>> courage has not skipped the millennial generation. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a high school marching band back in the group for the first time in decades. the gift that made it possible and why it means so much to the students involved. pressing into wednesday and beyond, we've got some changes and a chance for a few light showers.
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does my last. police in pleasanton say oakland police have arrested two juveniles in connection with a pair of assaults at the stoneridge mall. both incidents happened over
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on saturday, a 17-year-old girl was struck in the face and knocked to the ground as her purse was taken. then on sunday, a similar assault happened to a 63-year- old woman. police say they do have a description of the getaway car. the stolen vehicle was then spotted on monday in oakland and police arrested the two juveniles. they are still searching for a third suspect. to the south bay where san jose police need your help identifying this man. he is wanted for stealing a bike from trek bicycles. he pulled up his hoodie as he entered the business on kirchner avenue, then took an expensive bike and ran off. the theft happened on february 7, if you know the whereabouts of the man, you're asked to call san jose police. the san jose mayor is speaking out about the reinstatement of a police officer fired over a series of controversial tweets. he says he wants to see the council challenge a decision to
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white was fired last year after making comments on twitter criticizing members of the black lives matter movement. in those tweets, officer white even threatened to kill people who criticized him. but an arbitrator found the firing was unjustified given that white made the threats against people who were also threatening violence against him. the mayor says he believes the city council has some legal recourse. >> i think it's worth having a conversation with my colleagues. about whether to take the arbitrator decision up to the superior court by writ. so that we might be able to shed some light on the basis for the decision as well as to defend what i think was a sound decision by the police chief. >> the city council didn't take up the matter today at its meeting but is expected to discuss a possible challenge to officer white's reinstatement next tuesday. wall street slid lower today giving back much of the big gains from yesterday. the dow fell 188, nasdaq
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a drop in consumer confidence was among the factors that led to the selloff. zinc it is selling its headquarters in san francisco at eight and thousand. the social gaming company probably won't be moving. have been cutting its workforce . if it does sell the building, it wants to lease back a smaller space in the same address. zynga could see a profit on the sale. springlike weather, but we need rain. bill martin's complain -- complete forecast coming up. just two weeks ago, students at one east they high school didn't even have instruments to practice with.
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donor, these new here are some updated
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nevada. donald trump is going to be the winner. right now, marco rubio is in second, followed by ted cruz in third with 20%. rubio had already left nevada before the results came in. cruz just spoke, thanks supporters and said he's looking forward to super tuesday. he also said he's the only candidate who can beat donald trump. richmond high school has put its band back together after 30 hours without one. the school has a generous benefactor to thank. >> this is a great story. ktvu's amber lee in our newsroom with different that this gift is making a lot of young lives. >> reporter: franca, many of the students come from low income single parent homes. they say it's a struggle both at home and at school. now, thanks to a surprise gift, they say they have a renewed sense of pride and will work harder to help boost morale at their school.
10:43 pm
do you guys have happy out? one, two, one, two, -- >> reporter: a new sound cutting out of richmond high. -- coming out of richmond high. >> i love my school so much. >> reporter: members of the first marching band in 30 years. >> when i play my instrument, it feels like my soul is speaking. it feels amazing. >> reporter: -- >> what i like most is being a part of something, part of something big. >> reporter: something big and bold. bold instruments with broken parts were replaced with 42 new instruments. the band teacher said it was made possible by an anonymous donation of $60,000. >> i was like, wow. and, like, i was just shocked. >> reporter: the new instruments sound better and
10:44 pm
from the streets of richmond where gunfire has claimed many lives including some of their peers. >> i think music can change anything. i think it can bring the whole community together and bring out a whole new mindset for our city. >> reporter: the student's father left when he was just six years old. he had to become man of the house. he said the band gives them confidence that he can achieve his goal of going to college and finding a job to support his mother and three sisters. >> my future was going to mean a lot to my family. it was going to, like, provide, like, many things. i wake up early because i'm here first thing. i'm usually here an hour before school starts. >> reporter: last year, andy wilke came on board to teach band after school three days a week. this year, he's been hired full- time. he popes -- he hopes what they learned band will serve them
10:45 pm
>> teaching them about how to set a goal and reach the goal. even if a goal is endless. >> reporter: the students say the instruments are there bridge to the future. >> we need to find stuff we can all connect to and use that as, like, a bridge. and then make it a safer place for everyone. >> reporter: the school's plight first attracted the attention of a community activist who started the bring back the music project to help students raise money to buy new instruments. that led to the anonymous donation. the next performance will be friday night at richmond high for black history month. >> what a great story. amber lee in our newsroom, thank you. tracking that sunshine out there, it has been really nice. it continues that way tomorrow. no rain coming immediately, we have something towards the end of the week that could bring us a few sprinkles.
10:46 pm
wet to our area, but not significant rain would like to see. highs tomorrow will be right there. tomorrow is a lot like today, a little more sunshine tomorrow, it might be just a bit warmer. live camera shot outside, bay bridge, beautiful night. weather systems in the pacific, all heading to the north. right now, where is el nio? it's not raining. el nio is taking the form of a giant surf along hawaii's north shore right now. very large waves, pounding the north shore. days. so even though we're not seeing the rain, all that's going north and east of us. we're seeing the giant surf. so connections and indications that el nio has not gone away. it's just not hitting us. and it's not going to anytime soon in terms of significant rain. we've got a couple weeks of weak storms at best. the forecast for tomorrow, just like today, as we head into
10:47 pm
with temperatures perhaps into the mid and upper 70s. high clouds tomorrow in san jose, there's your morning. mid 40s, upper 40s, chilly but not freezing although you will find some frost in some of the inland bay valley. san jose might as well enjoy it. i mean, it's not here. it would be nice to get some rain but we're not going to. tomorrow afternoon, san jose in the low and mid 70s. warmer on thursday. here's how it goes, warming trend continues as high- pressure pumps up. that's what it's doing right now, starting to pump up a little bit. winds starting to go a little bit north-northeast. temperatures to continue to warm into thursday. then at breaks down and i'll show you that right here on friday, this area starts to come in, the slight chance for a special. there we are friday afternoon. then we get another run by or drive-by on sunday. it's progressive, some things happening out there. might see a few francs -- a few speckles on sunday but nothing
10:48 pm
we're talking 0.01, trace amounts at best. forecast highs tomorrow, slightly warmer, warmer still as we head into your bay area thursday. cools off on friday with maybe a sprinkle. been as we head into sunday, we've got a slight chance again. so just it's great -- we really do, frank. it's not in the cards at least this week. maybe something will break loose next week. >> february has fizzled. >> really fizzled.
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sports is marc is here now with sports. the warriors have to be one of the best stories in sports. a couple years ago, no one cared, no one wanted to play for them. >> nationwide. >> they still had fans, obviously. >> but they weren't the team they are now. >> it's gone through the roof. think about this, no team in american professional sports history has ever had a higher winning percentage this deep into the season. the warriors now 50-5, truly eye-popping. the optics aren't that great for the rest of the road trip. three games, four nights against stiff competition starting in miami tomorrow. but at least they won't go into a shorthanded.
10:52 pm
night in atlanta. he didn't play. however, tomorrow in miami, he could see some action against the heat. the veteran center tucked publicly for the first time today about his decision to sign with the warriors. >> they are a great organization. very well coached. i know a couple guys here. how special steph, klay thompson, iguodala, i can tell they have fun out there. they love each other. >> having a whole lot of fun. actually, a real story brewing in giants camp in scottsdale. first full squad workouts, one angel pagan hits the field knowing he is no longer the leadoff man. joe fonzi was there this morning for his reaction to the changes in angel's baseball life. >> reporter: he's beginning his fifth season with the giants championship rings.
10:53 pm
asking angel pagan to change positions. the giants identified outfield help as one of their off-season needs. and signed denard span. that make a change from center field to left. this was the day pagan face that reality. >> a little surprised with the move. like anybody, when that's your position and you are asked to play a different position, i was surprised. but at the same time, span is a great player. every player has pride. you have to sit down and understand that at some pnt, you have to make a move. you know? the team asked me to move to left field. i'm for it 100%. i'm here to do whatever the team needs me to do. >> reporter: already here in camp, span didn't expect anything different. >> i don't want him to feel that i'm taking his job.
10:54 pm
it's key that all of us work together. myself, hunter, and angel. >> both players absolutely saying the right thing, but that doesn't mean there won't be adjustments. >> we've got to sit down and talk about this. but in order for us to work well as a team, we've got to have great chemistry. i don't want anything to be between us. i don't have any hard feelings at all. >> when you are asking a player to make a position change, we've gotten that in the past. all about getting things to work out. these two are going to help us in the outfield. i think it shows a little bit about angel and how unselfish he is and he's willing to do whatever for the ball club. >> reporter: successfully navigating this year's outfield situation will only enhance the reputation that giants have leadership. in scottsdale, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2.
10:55 pm
to speak of this evening. down in florida, vanderbilt having themselves quite a night and have a look and a listen as the first half of this thing ends. >> clock winding down. a beauty. >> oh! >> oh! wow! >> incredible. >> the play-by-play guys got vacation -- got a kick out of that. josh henderson heaving it the lake of the court. five point lead at halftime, they w inby 13. shots like that go in, it's got to be your night. sometimes you wonder if team owners get a little nervous investing millions in individuals when you see how some of them choose to spend their dough. former a's outfielder yoenis cespedes now with the mets. the vehicle he showed up at
10:56 pm
there is your multimillion dollar outfielder. basically a souped-up tricycle. they call it a polaris slingshot, 65 grand to have a customized like that. he did that on purpose. can't be the safest form of transportation to have your multimillion dollar outfielder tooling around in that thing. but good luck to him. >> polaris slingshot? it sounds like a lawnmower. >> it does. >> it looks like a lawnmower too. >> you are a car guy. >> i don't like that at all. that's not a car. there's something not right. >> going back to pagan, the way he talked, he was so candid. you just don't see that every day with athletes. >> very forthright and prior to the interview, he prefaced it by saying i'm going to be and he was. you don't often see athletes that transparent.
10:57 pm
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year, he has to come previously on mike & molly... i remember when i was a little girl working on my daddy's farm. oh, please don't tell me a story... let me tell you a story. i was a meek little thing, scared of my own shadow and the sheep i had to castrate. that's where you learned it? just when i thought my life couldn't possibly get any worse, a city fella in a '56 rambler pulled up to the house and asked for directions. was that mike's dad? hell no. this was a real man. wore a three-piece suit with hard shoes and smelled like a pine forest after a spring rain. that's very poetic, peggy. what he did to me wasn't poetic. it was filthy. and i loved it. all right, wait, wait, wait. got to write it down. go. mike: look at you, writing again. yeah, new story-- about a young girl


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