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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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tonight's republican debate in texas turns into a slugfest with super tuesday approaching. thcandidates up their attacks, talked over and traded insults. >> donald claims -- >> he said -- >> donald, if i understand -- >> i have his book -- >> not insult -- >> donald, thank you -- >> you can get back -- >> a lot of fun up here tonight. >> thank you for the book. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> you are a basket case. >> go ahead. >> don't get nervous. >> that's just a taste of the back-and-forth tonight. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. at times it felt more like an argument on the street. a very fiery exchange of opinions with a lot at stake. jana katsuyama is here now to
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>> reporter: trump and cruz have been fighting for weeks. the real attack dog turned out to be marco rubio who did not miss an opportunity. he accused him of shouting slogans more than presenting policies. the debate had an eye on latino voters. >> [ singing ] >> reporter: a patriotic pose and a plea started the gop debate. >> we will not solve any of these problems back trying to destroy each other. >> reporter: it became an all- out fight in houston. donald trump started on illegal immigration. >> the best of them will come back but they are going to come back rough a process. >> reporter: that led to a shout out with marco rubio. >> only one on the stage who has hired people. >> [ cheering ] >> hold on.
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of people. >> for 40 years, you've been funding liberal democratic politicians. >> i funded you. >> you are welcome -- >> reporter: ted cruz accused trump of not being conservative enough while trump said cruz can't get anything done. >> you get along with nobody. you don't have one republican senator backing you. >> if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute for a president. >> reporter: trump blasted mexican officials for their refusal to play -- to pay for his post wall. >> i will, and the wall just got 10 feet taller. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump tower, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor. >> reporter: john kasich positioned himself as an experienced executive who
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he criticized president obama for not forcing apple and the fbi to work together. >> where has the president been? you sit down in a back room with the parties and you get this worked out. >> reporter: ben carson portrayed himself as a decent and diplomatic conservative, speaking on illegal immigrants. >> a six-month period in which to get registered as a guest worker assuming they have an acceptable record. >> reporter: instead it was the other non-politician who appears closest to leading the party. >> i'm bringing people, democrats over, independence over. and we're building a much bigger, much stronger republican party. >> reporter: it is a battle for this republican party. one note, rubio and cruz said they agree that apple should comply with a court order to help the fbi. texas is a big prize with 155 delegates next week. it's also cruz's home state and he needs it to them.
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with a narrow lead but other polls show trump near the top. tuesday is going to be critical in this debate. probably had a little bit of an impact as people are looking towards that vote. >> so interesting as we move forward. thank you. now to our analyst on how each candidate performed. joining us now from petaluma is brian sobel. and in our newsroom, james taylor, professor of politics at the university of san francisco. >> thank you for joining us. james, ted cruz and marco rubio, they really went after donald trump tonight. you think they were effective? >> extremely effective in scandalizing trump in terms of his appeal to working-class, especially white individuals. to show the way in which trump university is exploiting a good deal of people causing each individual -- costing $40,000 worth of debt, complicit in taking the people's money, $350,000.
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invincible as a businessman in terms of the scandals around this. very powerful. so i think rubio did an effective job. so did ted cruz in bringing trump off of his pedestal a little bit. very important ways that going forward if they continue to sustain these attacks, he's going to suffer significantly. >> brian, who came out on top in your opinion tonight? who helped himself the most? >> i think marco rubio probably came out on top. what's occurring here is that the car support for donald trump is probably not going away. and so the arguments between cruz and rubio and they are pointing their arguments at trump, the jury's out as to who actually benefits from that, but it's now becoming a math game.
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someway, for rubio or four cruz to emerge, some people have to leave the race and numbers have to change drastically. >> brian, if ted cruz loses texas and right now it is a very close race between cruz and donald trump, what would that mean for cruz? and i believe on march 15 is when the florida primary is. if marco rubio loses that donald trump, he's way behind, what would that mean for marco rubio? >> first of all, frank, it would not bode well for either one iv -- either one, obviously. tuesday is very important for republicans because nearly 600 delegate votes are at stake on tuesday. you only need 1236 to win the nomination. so it is a big night on tuesday. that will portend what is starting to roll out after super tuesday. >> james, one more question to you.
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trump's greatest vulnerability? lack of substance? lack of details? >> lack of substance in terms of governance. donald trump is running and entertainment campaign which is really interesting in terms of elections. but in terms of establishing governing policies and how he would administer the american government, he has not given anything beyond some and beyond tax policies. is also vulnerable on this issue that came out tonight on undocumented workers. the irony that they would -- back in the 1990s building donald trump's towers at $50 a day. this is the kind of nuts and bolts, kitchen table issues that ordinary people can relate to and it will create a chasm between these enthusiastic voters who are regular folks, working-class people and donald trump. so to be seen as not caring for the common person is the last thing donald trump can afford to do. >> we'll find out --
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that if you have two second- tier candidates, two people in second place who have 25% of the vote, at those together, they would be trump but as long as you can't move one or the other, trump can keep sliding through this thing. >> i agree. >> we'll find out next tuesday. thank you for joining us. the democrats still have one more primary this week before super tuesday. democrats head to the polls in south carolina on saturday. right now the polls suggest hillary clinton has a huge advantage over bernie sanders. the clemson university poll gives clinton a 15 point lead. today she made four stops in the palmetto state. sanders is scheduled to return there tomorrow. developing news out of kansas where a series of shootings killed four people and injured 14 others. the four were all killed inside the excel industries plant, a point where they make parts for lawnmowers.
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which is about 35 miles north of wichita. among the dead was the gunman, shot and killed by sheriff's deputies. in addition to the attack, other victims were shot in the parking lot. investigators said the gunman shot people in a nearby town as he was driving to the excel plant. the gunman is said to be 38 years old and authorities said he had worked at the plant. his coworkers said the attack took everyone by surprise. >> within seconds after he fired, he was going around in his pickup, he was right into the building within five seconds. worked with him. we hung out, everything was hunky-dory. seemed -- didn't seem like this kind of guy, that's for sure. >> at this point, a motive is local sheriff said it's possible the gunman had recently been fired. californians seem to be backsliding when it comes to seven water. the water resources board
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rate for january was 17%, well below the 25% mandated by the governor last june. it's the fourth consecutive month we've been short of the goal. water officials remind us that a rainy january won't make up for five years of drought especially since february has been so dry. here's how the bay area is doing. in january, the monthly savings, 13%. the average person was using 49.5 gallons a day, among the lowest statewide. compare that to january of last year when the bay area average was about 57 gallons a day. to san francisco where tomorrow is the deadline for homeless people to leave a tent city in the south of market area along division street. they've had since tuesday to pack up but many of them haven't budged. debora villalon is at a shelter that's been set up to take them. it's filling up tonight. >> reporter: just over 100 people sleeping here tonight. capacity is 150. there's a space to add more
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the challenge, though, get people to come. >> we pushed our cars all the way from division and brannan. >> reporter: she is part of the exodus. pushed from sidewalks and vacant lots. as san francisco clears homeless camps calling them dirty and dangerous. notices are posted and police are pushing hard. >> all our pictures. we had 12 hours to leave. they would come back and arrest anybody. >> reporter: jesse turner won't risk arrest. he's emptying his tent and will take what he can carry. anything left behind is thrown away by public works crews. a friend urges jesse to go to a shelter. safer than the streets. >> this is basically a burning hotel. they are tied to the tents. if they leave, everything is stolen. it's very dangerous.
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>> reporter: jesse says he doesn't blame the city for cleaning the camps. >> people are pretty dirty around here. we clean up every couple days. got tired of it myself. i completely understand. >> reporter: even with friday's deadline, squatters show no sign of pulling up. many will wait until the last minute until they are forced. they won't go far. >> they may go down two blocks. down the street. eventually, in a week or so, they are going to come right back. constant shuffle. that's all it's doing. >> reporter: new fences are up, blocking some familiar spots. into this, waits candace williams with food. she's a muni driver who buys 10 pizzas every payday and hans slices to the homeless. conditions disturb her. >> trash, i was driving the bus, a rat as big as a cat was right by the pit. it breaks my heart.
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it could have been me. >> everybody has a story. >> reporter: she led to this new shelter. shield services offered here might lead to a permanent room. she didn't come willingly. but now? >> this right here is having. are you kidding me? i've got mats to sleep on. i will stay here for as long as i can. >> reporter: one feature of this, pier 80 shelter, dedicated space to store belongings. also the hours are flexible, it's coed and pets are allowed. all of this in effort to coax homeless people in. live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. california's water supply measured from the air. at 10:30, mark tamayo with exclusive access to a groundbreaking project. and what this aerial survey can tell us about the drought. tracking the friday forecast, temperatures are going to make a big change.
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i'll lay out the details. a neighborhood is on high alert tonight. police created this sketch of a man, take a look. suspected of breaking into two apartments. in one case the woman who lived there was sexually assaulted. azenith smith is live at the bella vista apartments where
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azenith? >> reporter: julie, both crimes happened overnight. they happened in locked, gated communities. police aren't saying how the suspect got in. neighbors are on the lookout. the santa clara neighborhood is filled with luxury apartments and condos. young families settled here but today unsettling and surprising news about an intruder who terrorized two women. >> shouldn't be happening in a community like this. fairly nice community. you don't expect that sort of thing to happen every day. >> it's devastating to both our victims. so this is a priority case for us. >> reporter: at 1:30 a them, a man broke into a woman's apartment on hope drive and sexually assaulted her. then the following saturday, at 3:00 a.m., police believe that same man may have entered another woman's apartment down the street at the estancia apartments. the victim in that case scared him away.
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connected based on similarities from the times, location. >> reporter: and suspect description. a man described in late 20s, early 30s, hispanic or middle eastern descent. medium build and balding. we shelled -- we shared the police catch. >> we don't want this to happen to us. >> you have to look over your shoulder now. >> reporter: this man showed us an email the department sent last month about an attempted assault in the fitness center. the suspect they're said to be in his teens. now neighbors on the lookout, reminded crime can happen anywhere at anytime. >> i've been walking around, watching people. >> reporter: police want everyone to take a good look at the sketch and they are stepping up patrols in the area. in the meantime, a neighborhood watch meeting will be held here at bella vista next month. julie? >> thank you.
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issued a crime alert involving the possible drugging of four women. campus police say the incidents were reported at two fraternities. the fraternity on piedmont avenue, and the phi gamma delta on channing way. police say two women at each house may have been drugged during parties. all four of the women are students. campus police remind students that drugging someone without their knowledge is a crime. another 15 nurses said to be laid off at alameda county nurses union. it is the latest twist in a story that 2 investigates has been falling since last summer. 49 nurses were let go by karen healthcare. -- corizon health care. they contracted to provide medical services. nurses told 2 investigates that cuts have caused pandemonium working double shifts. the cuts were part of a restructuring effort required
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death of an inmate in 2010. elementary school in the north bay is giving students bottled water after conflicting test results on lead contamination in the school's drinking friends. officials at healdsburg elementary turned off the water to the five drinking fountains last november after a staff member noticed cloudy water. initial tests showed lead at 59 times the safe level. today the sonoma county health department received results from new testing that showed lead levels are actually significantly below epa standards. >> i can't tell you why the difference in the test rally station i would say it's really important to have a specific methodology for the time of day you're doing the testing and how you're managing the samples. >> the school doesn't have led pipes but the solder used to connect the pipe does. school officials plan to keep the pipes turned off and replace the pipes over the summer. another warm day out there today, another mild evening,
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winds are shifting just a bit. that's going to increase the coastal fog tomorrow and then bring in a chance for a few light sprinkles tomorrow evening for the north parts of the bay area. the system out here in the pacific is still its main trajectory into this area, mendocino north. the tail end is going to slide through. the scenario we've seen numerous times over the last four years. the system which could be productive, hits a little north, productive for the folks in the ty but for us we get a little bit of light shower activity. overnight lows in the upper 40s. tomorrow's temperatures are coming down, that's because of the onshore flow and cloud cover and coastal fog. so san francisco is dropping a solid 10 degrees for your friday forecast. san jose right there, almost 10 degrees, definitely cooler tomorrow. the forecast model is the fog at the coast tomorrow morning, then a few client -- high clouds overhead and
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not as many 70s tomorrow. lots of mid and upper 60s. cooler day with slight chance of a light sprinkle. see you back here with the rest of the bay area weekend. out-of-control car jumped the curb. what the driver had to say about an accident that heard one person and narrowly missed a baby. changes are coming to this busy and dangerous intersection in san francisco chinatown.
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be done to save lives. a car hit a pedestrian in san francisco's so hard that the man was knocked out of his shoes. he is going to be okay. it happened at fulton street
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richmond neighborhood about 2:20. witnesses say the car was speeding when it went up on the sidewalk and hit a 20-year-old man who broke his leg. after hitting a person the car crashed into a home narrowly missing a baby on the other side of the wall. you can see the damage to the house, there it is right there. the baby's mother said she was just a few feet away when she heard the noise and watched part of the wall give way. >> she was shocked. i was shocked. i grabbed her and ran. and i feel so lucky that she was -- is okay. i mean, i feel bad for the pedestrian. i think he's going to be okay but i think my lucky stars, to be honest. >> witnesses say the older driver was going 55 miles an hour. he and a female passenger also required treatment. the driver told police his brakes weren't working. san francisco's chinatown, leaders are calling for a big change at a potentially dangerous intersection.
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number of collisions at kearney and clay and a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle and killed there. new at 10, ktvu's amber lee tells us about a change to the way people cross the street there. amber? >> reporter: julie, they plan to make those improvements to this intersection by april. community leaders say those changes are a good first step but a lot more needs to be done. >> oh, my gosh. a little bit scary because t cars are just speeding by and they are not paying attention to pedestrians. >> reporter: the intersection of kearney and clay sees a heavy volume of foot traffic. just steps from there is popular portsmouth square, filled with elderly folks. a 77-year-old was struck and killed in the crosswalk just last summer. >> we can all remember why it is we are here and what it is we're trying to achieve. >> the pedestrian death now a driving force behind the call
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allows pedestrians to cross diagonally from each corner of the intersection. >> it's absurd to think of her. it hurts. we feel like she should be alive. >> reporter: jean lee's mother was killed at another busy intersection in chinatown. stockton and sacramento in september 2014. lee worked with student leaders and was able to get a diagonal scramble installed there just four months after his mother's death. he wants be same for kearney and clay. >> i need to do more. to prevent such tragedies. >> reporter: its proposal is only to make all turn red for vehicle traffic at the same time. so pedestrians can cross in all directions but not diagonally. that would cost $40,000 compared to $350,000 for a diagonal scramble. >> that will require new hardware and digging up the intersection to put in more wiring.
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the budget for, we don't have the approval for. >> reporter: he suspect it's not the cost that's prohibitive. but that diagonal scrambles slow down traffic. >> quite frankly, takes you another minute or two to get to where you're going and we save lives, it's worth it. >> if we don't have the equipment to protect the pedestrians crossing the street, everyone is at risk. >> reporter: supervisor tells me existing scrambles have cost a lot less than projected. sf mta plans to hold a public hearing on these proposed changes. one week from tomorrow at city hall. live in san francisco, -- amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a bay area lawmaker wants to scrap daylight savings time. we'll tell you about that. plus college students express their outrage over cuts that
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program. a ktvu exclusive, spectacular view of snowcapped peaks in the sierra. a site we haven't seen in years due to the drought. a team from nasa laboratory flew to the sierra for the first time this winter to measure the health of our snowpack. >> ktvu cameras got exclusive access. mark tamayo made the trip to learn more about this groundbreaking research. >> reporter: the future of snow analysis may be found in this small airplane. >> snow observations, this is the only one of its kind in the world. >> as we follow the lines, it creates this green swath. >> reporter: february ground
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our above normal snowpack, the technique to collect the measurement is over a century old. this is nasa's airborne snow observatory. we -- we visited the team at the airport. they were prepping for the first flight of the winter over the southern sierra. >> it really has been eye- opening for the whole community as to what the actual distribution of snow is. in the mountains. >> reporter: tom painter is a pioneer of this project which is heading into its fourth winter. take a look at this mountain and think about heading up there to make sure the snow -- to measure the snow pat -- the snowpack. airboat snow observatory can cover the entire mountain, providing the most complete profile of the snowpack. >> we are putting them everywhere with these hundreds of thousands of laser pulses per second. when we fly over the mountains. >> reporter: instruments are lodged in the plane's underbelly. they measure snowpack at the
10:32 pm
second. the spectrometer, a tool that measures light, records the color of snow and calculates how fast it will melt. we are not allowed on board but the cameras are. inside and out. >> you've got the flight plan from megan. >> yeah. >> the door closes and the plane takes off at 10:00 a.m. >> reporter: this plane will be airborne for five hours. >> [ music ] >> reporter: crew members where oxygen masks as they collect fresh data. the views from 20,000 feet are dramatic. and may trigger a constant temptation to look outside. aerial footage reveals a healthy snowpack, the instruments have a different view and are capturing data at a rapid pace. these green lines show the
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zigzagging over the survey area. the plane touches down at 3:00 p.m. within a few minutes, the crew shares good news. >> this looks a lot different than the last three years. so this is good news. >> reporter: do you think this is one of the most -- most exciting flights you've been on? >> for sure. we needed this project. i did a few of the baseline measurements in the summer. this is my first snow flight so it was neat to see everything snow-covered. >> reporter: this team is still sorting through snow maps. prior mass remind us of where we've been. the 2016 version will look very ago. >> the comparison with february 2015 last year after our horrible january, this is going to be so much more snow than we had last year. so we're excited, hopeful for a good year and we hope it keeps on snowing. >> reporter: the water locked up in the sierra eventually works its way to the bay area. with the san francisco public utilities commission.
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critical decisions based on the upcoming results. >> we're excited to see the next set of data to put that into our model and start calibrating our model to see how that might impact how we might consider adjusting operations. >> reporter: they fly the entire sierra down the road. this plane will be airborne again in march. mark tamayo, ktvu fox 2 news. >> at you'll find a page dedicated to bay area weather as well as stories by our team of meteorologists. it's almost time to change the clocks again. california will spring forward an hour in a couple of weeks on march 13. one lawmaker thinks it's time to ditch daylight savings altogether. san jose assemblyman says for many people the time change is not only difficult, it can also actually be dangerous because he says it can lead to more workplace accidents. california's adopted daylight savings through the public vote
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the bill to dump would have to pass through the legislature and then a statewide vote. stocks moved higher on wall street in a late day rally. the dow jumped 212 and is now positive for the week. nasdaq gained 39 and s&p added 21. once again the markets moved higher as price of crude oil rose. coles is planning on shutting down stores for the first time ever to slow sales. the lopresti partner store reported a modest 2.4% sales increase during the holiday season. it announced today plans to close 18 underperforming stores but won't reveal the locations until next month. coles says the closers will save $55 million. construction is set to begin next week to convert taco bell to the first dunkin' donuts in the bay area. it will be located in a corner shopping center across the street from the broadway plaza. the franchise owner hopes to have it open by mid-june, he
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students taking a stand. there fight against proposed threats -- their fight that could threaten an on-time graduation. chance for cooler and wetter friday. beyond that another chance for
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forecast. attorneys for apple asked a federal judge to reverse her order compelling apple to help the fbi hack into an iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. in a court filing, apple claims the dispute is not about one iphone but said the government was seeking a quote, dangerous power that would violate the
10:39 pm
rights of all iphone users. fbi director james comey told congress his agency's dispute is raising some of the most difficult questions he's ever seen in government. >> i want to be sure people understand, no teams in this dispute. apple has been very cooperative. we got to a place where they were not willing to offer the religious government was asking for. >> also, microsoft said it would file -- make history in support of apple, google, facebook and twitter appear to be ready to do the same. chinese new year festivities we can do -- continue but there are plenty of other fun events around the bay. here is rosemary orozco now with our weekend watch. >> reporter: many events going on as we head into the final weekend of february. here are just a few. san francisco, enjoy russian food, dance, music and art at the 20th annual russian- american celebration.
10:40 pm
vodka tasting, crafts, face painting and get -- and games. that's friday through sunday. chinese new year festivities continue in redwood city, the sixth annual lunar new year celebration is happening this saturday. help celebrate the year of the monkey with dancers, and acrobats and other performances. the events and museum admission are both free. in the east bay, the oakland asian cultural center is celebrating the year of the monkey with vendors and arts and crafts. that event also free on saturday from 11:00 till 3:00. the final weekend of the pirates of the caribbean ship to her in oakland. crews typically are on hand in period costume to answer questions and tell stories. the self-guided dockside tours are free, sailing tickets are three dollars. the historic vessels will be docked through saturday. in the south bay, the san jose jazz winterfest starts this
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r&b, new orleans and more. for ticket information, log on to's emma jade jazz. in sports, warriors are off and the sharks are away. i'm rosemary orozco, that is your weekend watch. wet weather in the works? bill martin details the changes
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college students stag hundreds of students at san francisco state marched today in an effort to keep the college of ethnic studies. the first of its kind program was created 1969. but as ktvu's tara moriarty reports, it's on the chopping block. >> reporter: 500 students marched across camp it -- across campus angry about
10:44 pm
of ethnic studies. >> the defunding of the program is affecting my graduation rate. i need to get out of here in four years. >> reporter: it could lose 40% of its budget and half of its teachers because reserve money that helped fund the college in recent years has run out. >> it shows that where i come from, it's not appreciated. and it's racism. that's what it is. >> reporter: students packed a conference room and let the president understand their frustration. >> i've been very clear that the curriculum is going to be protected. >> reporter: dr. wong has no plans to access the signature programs. >> the issue is that we're all accountable. other parts of the university are stressed. >> reporter: according to faculty members, the college of ethnic studies has experienced a 17% reduction in overall budget over the last seven years. the latest cuts, half $1 million out of the college's $4
10:45 pm
>> we are the canary in the coal mine. we aren't saying no one else is having a problem. we're saying the fumes are getting to us first and we try to get everybody out. >> reporter: that means protesting to the chancellor and the governor. she also says more transparency is needed. >> needs to be clear communication between them and us. >> reporter: she and others like torres say they have been helped to find their identity and their voices. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. we're tracking your friday forecast this weekend. we move into a day tomorrow, significantly cooler than the day we had today. right? we had numbers today like these. 76 in morgan hill, 77 in san jose, february 25. we're doing numbers that what you might expect to see in april, may and june. so just a really warm week but things change. clouds thickened up tomorrow,
10:46 pm
comes back in and a slight chance for a little sprinkle or so. enough to put the tree pollen down, that's the system i'm tracking right there. the main impact is going to be up in this area obviously. as they so often have been the last four years, the tail end of this swings to the bay area and that's what we're going to get hit with if you call it getting it. but might make a slick roadway for the afternoon commute. case of february. take a look, here we are, february in el nio year should have been massive. instead, in a place like san francisco, under an inch of rain. i pointed this out to the other night, we should have upwards of 4.5 inches in san francisco. santa rosa, double that. so we are really hurting for february. as we head into friday, into sunday, we've got a chance for a few light sprinkles. it's not going to move the needle in terms of rain, but it's something. so here's the high-pressure
10:47 pm
as it does, clips by tomorrow. here is how the model plays out, tomorrow morning, fog comes back, an indication that the winds have gone on shore. high clouds thickened up, here it comes 6:00, that's the best we can do. as aggressive as the model has been. lingering shower saturday morning, then that's it. your weekend is nice. sunday, we might see another drive-by, week system like that but nothing to change your plans over just like tomorrow, don't change your plans. slight chance of sprint do in the evening, then there's the five-day forecast. even though the temperatures come down 10 degrees, still above average in many places and move back up on monday and tuesday. so we're into that dry pattern, things break loose a little bit . the tree pollen sufferers will get a break tomorrow because it will not -- knoxville lose pollen out of the tree. >> that's the good news. >> might as well enjoy it. >> thank you.
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steph curry on fire tonight. it's been another day of
10:51 pm
sequoia was last seen on monday . for some reason, she flew off. the eagle has lived in the palo alto junior museum for 27 years. she has taken off before but her handlers are worried because this time they say they've lost the signal on her tracking device. sequoia was shot and wounded when younger and she can't feed herself. her handlers are hoping to lure her back home with a whistle and some mice. >> beautiful. mark messier now, a beautiful night for the warriors. steph curry, the shots he's making our incredible. >> i've run out of ways to describe it. looking for your help. >> beyond beyond. >> there you go. one of the orlando players after the game said, i don't know why anyone should be surprised. it's just what he does. what he does is blowing people's mind pretty much every night. no one ever really gets used to that. only one thing magic tonight and it was not orlando. very tough first half, warriors down four.
10:52 pm
fouled, it counts. and the shimmy is not there but he is pumping. there you go. have another look at it. second half, anderson varejao contributing in his second game as a warrior, the newcomer will go to the rim, fouled and count, five points, five rebounds. to help the warriors stay right with orlando. end of the third, they try to step it up. 128 straight games with a three, nba record. none more spectacular than that one. getting a kick out of it, watch it again. he did call bank, by the way. there is the shimmy, shimmy, cocoa bob. andre iguodala not that either. defense, block, steel, behind the back. klay thompson goes to the bucket to do what they do over and over again to pull away. where do we start with kerry?
10:53 pm
27 shots, 10-15 from three, 51 points. the warriors on the season, 52- 5. the cal bears have one very significant thing in common with the warriors. nobody beats them at home, not this year anyway. a to convince her. ucla the victim as they let everyone see it on a nationally televised espn game. bill walton can get away with tie-dye on a broadcast. starting from the gate, 13-1. jaylen brown, shoots from out there, he does. 16 points.. e bears will m entually to ivan rabb, he will do his thing underneath. cal wins going away, 17-0 at home, 10-5 in the pac-12. stanford making sure it stays -- northern california is drubbing socal.
10:54 pm
during pickens, career-best 25 points, 22 of them in the first half. he puts it back in and fouled, working the paint, marcus allen, look at this, steel and the breakaway ensues. stanford coming on as of late. they have won 304. looks like this is the year st. louis st. mary's will yank the conferencetitle away from gonzaga. they seem to take turns. the gaels peaking at the right times themselves. that is not what santa clara needed to see tonight. over in moraga. speaking of home-court victories, up 13 at the half, perimeter passing will earn this shot, the three. he had 24 for the gaels. that helped loosen things up in the middle for st. mary's. calvin hermanson goes strong, the gaels prevail by 25.
10:55 pm
and usf not able to join the victory parade tonight. santa clara broncos and usf, only bay area on the short end teams. here's the thing with the 49ers, either management and colin kaepernick are not on the same page, or someonis not telling the truth. 24 hrs a, trent baalke told everyone he fully expects kaepernick to be on the roster next year. this morning, chip kelly made it clear that kaepernick had given him any indication that he was looking forward to playing with the 49ers in 2016. this afternoon however, numerous reports say kaepernick's agents have requested permission from the team to seek a trade for their client. something must give by april 1 with the quarterback's $11.9 million deal. it becomes guaranteed. a collective here we go again from giants fans when
10:56 pm
of giants can this morning at mad kane would not be pitching for a while. as it turns out, doesn't appear to be too serious. he underwent a procedure to right arm. of course his pitching arm, he's expected to throw again in another 10 days. he has experienced serious arm issues over the past two years so cain is hoping for a healthy spring but that's not going to go out that way. not every day you see this, the terao honda clas 17th hole, one bounce, you are nks trap, didn't seem to both him.
10:57 pm
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