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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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we'll still be in the 70- degree range in spots today and the winds will be picking up. good morning. it is friday, february 26th, 2016. good morning. welcome to the last half hour. it is 6:30 as we get you going on this final half hour. a lot to get to, including a contentious republican debate. thanks, but no thanks to a supreme court nomination. but we begin with some crime here locally. >> we continue to follow that developing story out of silver springs this morning after one person died in an officer- involved shooting.
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the latest developments. alex? >> reporter: good morning. the shooting happened at this casino in silver springs. and the officials are still searching for answers to what happened in this shooting last night. but we do know this we are told by the officials when the lion county's sheriff's office received word from the sparks police department that they needed help to find a red chevy cruze and they found the car in silver springs and they made contact with the suspect and the car. and we're told that there were four suspects involved in the shooting. one suspect then pulled out a gunfiring at the deputy chief who fired back and one of the suspects did die on the scene. one was taken to the hospital by care flight and the deputy was shot as well as he was shot in the hand. we don't know the extent of those injuries.
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for you as soon as it becomes available. there are a total of four suspects involved in the shootingng two are detained but yet to be identified. we're trying to get that information and we're told that there was an unknown number of weapons involved. and more deputies are trying to get more information what led to the shooting. the neff neff investigation and the carson city sheriff's office are all involved. >> we have a complete transparency with the sheriff's office and eaching out to other agencies to do the investigation. >> reporter: again, we're still waiting for information in this shooting. so as soon as we get the information, we'll have it right here for you on news 4 and fox 11. stay tuned with us for the latest information. reporting live, back to you. thank you very much. we appreciate it.
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the works place mass shooting has been identified as cedric ford. the shooting left 14 people and four people dead, including the shooter. ford stole a vehicle and shot people in the street and parking lot and opened fire inside his workplace. five people remain in critical condition. and the law enforcement officer who was first on the scene reportedly shot and killed the shooter himself. after sources said that the white house was considering nevada governor as one of several potential nominees to the supreme court, he is setting the record straight. it reads quote earlier today that i notified the white house that i do not wish tore considered at this time for possible home in nation to the supreme court of the united states. i have spoken to senators reed, heller and mcconnell and expressed the same desire to them. and nevada senator reid released a statement said that
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a sparks mother has been battling for 23 years to keep her daughter's killer to keep from getting out of the jail. and she is asking the public for help in that. he was convicted in 1992. because he was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole, every two to three-year, susan's mother go door-to-door to collect signatures to present to the parole board. she lives in terror every day that he'll be let out of prison. she was collected 444,000 signature. after each denial, they have to parole hearing. >> i feel it is so important to keep simon in prison so he doesn't destroy another family
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>> he'll go before the parole board monday morning in carson city. if you would like information how to get involved, we have posted a link on our website. jurors will reconvene today in the trial of a man accused of killing a toddler five years ago. he is accused of killing 2-year- old thomas o connell. she has been sitting in jail for five years while many legal snags slowed the case. he said that the boy fell. he faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted. 6:356789 6:35. one of the most public golf courses may be shutting down. the future of its is in balance. residents want to see the golf course stay in the neighborhood and stay open and they urge the board of directors to consider
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and the chairman bob lucy said that the golf course is not profitable, it is losing money, about 200 grand a year. it is looking to get out of the golf business to focus on other events centers that bring in tourists, the board of director and community members team to favor keeping the golf course. but transferring to another municipality is the talk. there were talks of compromise but no decisions were made yesterday. more than 100 homeless people are still without a bed to sleep on. right now the shelter does not have any building because of the vandals. and the volunteers of the america director is trying to find a new bullying as quickly as possible. the homeless shelter has been using watering rooms and extra
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but they have to sleep sitting up. if you know of a space that could be used for the overflow shelter, we have information about who to contact and how to contact the volunteers of america on our website. as we mentioned a couple minutes ago 14 people injured and four others killing after a mass shooting in kansas. we'll take an in-depth look
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it ended. it's gorgeous out there so far this morning. and it will be warm today, even record warmth. but we're looks for the breezes to pick up. and breezy to gusty conditions. and the temperature, 71 degrees later on for the high in reno. and the record for today's date is 72. so we're about a degree away. and we could outrun 71. and we'll tie or break the record later on. and we're above the average and a little cooler as we head into the weekend and the beginning of next week. 57 on monday that is still three degrees above the average. 71 in town for the high. and 68 later today in carson city. and a mix sun on clouds and breezy to gusty conditions and ridgetops gusting up to 75 and the winds will increase through the day today peaking out this evening. so get ready for the breezy to gusty conditions.
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northern zones, way north of reno sparks for most of us. and that is the best chance for any showers tonight into tomorrow morning. we're talking lower chances and mostly dry once you get to the southern zones. and we're going to the 60s and the 70s and we'll talk more to full weather. coming up, we'll take a look how the stock market is opening up this morning. and we'll see how we're doing and how we'll end the trading week. and why the apple watch has not lived up to its expectations.
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stay with us. you're looking at the opening bell on wall street 15 minutes ago. dow jones industrial average up 51 points. staying in positive territory. here's are some of the stories making financial headlines on your friday. halliburton that provides well drilling services for oil companies is cutting 5,000 more jobs and that is 8% of the global work force and that comes as the oil prices continue to drop. gop leaders are sidelining the bill for putting the nation's airline control system from the government to the airlines. they want to do it before march 31st.
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stocking stuffer that apple had hoped for. apple shipped about 4.1 million of its smart watches in the last three months of 2015. in july, the ceo told analysts they were convinced that the watch would be one of the top gifts of the holiday and the apple watch sport costs $349. >> i honestly don't know anyone who has one of those. >> my husband does. >> okay, one person. we're going to be warm out there today. but we're going to watch the breezes pick up now with a little weak disturbance approaching us. north. and most us will not see much in the way of shower activity. but we'll see the breezy and the gusty winds today and into tomorrow. and the temperatures well above average today and even near the records for this time of year. and the record is 72.
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37 in town with partly cloudy skies reported from the airport and calm winds and 73% humidity and 20s and 30s across the area now so again, cool to start the day. again a warm afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds. and you see the clouds streaming through western nevada and in california. and not as much in the western and central parts of the state. here's the disturbance for later on tonight. and that will arrive in the california coast and still holding together pretty well at that point. it is weak. it is just shower activity for the coast of california. once it gets to our area, it falls apart quite a bit. so perhaps an isolated shower and the best chances are well north of reno sparks. south of us, a lower chance for any precipitation. and it will remain unsettled into the beginning of next week. and the breezes will be out there. breezy and gusty conditions prompting a lake wind advisory for tahoe for the day today and the advisory does not start
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and the winds -- start till 4:00 p.m. and the winds will not pick up into the evening hours. and that will lead to the threshold for the lake wind advisories. so heads up for breezy conditions today and tomorrow and dry for the next couple days. the disturbance north will bring shower activity north of reno. the rest of us should stay mostly dry and unsettled next between eight shower chances 10 to 20%. and the temperatures all over the place over the weekend but warming up into next week. and now switching gears. two days after a series of tornadoes ripped through north carolina, storm victims are beginning the cleanup process. and the residents started picking through the rubble that used to be the homes. and several tornadoes were spotted. it delivered strong winds and heavy rain.
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and downed power lines leave 20,000 people without power. back over to you. it was a verbal slugfest last night as marco rubio and ted cruz tried to stop donald trump's momentum. it was the last showdown before the super tuesday contest next week. rubio unleashed a series of attacks on donald trump, ripping his hiring practices and lack of details in his health care plan and mocking his trump university. the insults were fast and furious. >> you don't know anything about business.
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he was firing ren nice rodman on the celebrity apprentice. >> lies 100%. >> this is another area in which donald degrees with hillary clinton. >> a lot of the positions are new to him. >> when you say crazy zealous, are you talking about new. >> i know you're embarrassed, keep fighting and keep swinging. >> i watched him meltdown and it was one of the saddest things i've ever seen. you're a lot of fun tonight. >> donald, relax. >> you're a basket case. >> and the next debate will be thursday of next week in detroit. >> it was surreal to watch that last night. bill cosby has dropped his defamation lawsuit against
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they dropped it because criminal proceedings in pennsylvania impede mr. cosby's ability to fully participate with the case. johnson accuses cosby of drugging her and trying rape her without success at his home in the 1980s. cosby currently faces criminal charges in pennsylvania for the alleged sexual assault of andrea constand in 2004. if you are traveling today, we have all green on the maps right now.
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up actor chris -- is going to join us live in the studio. and we have that and a lot more and some of the best and worst moments in about five minutes.
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around and watch that. >> let's get your professional opinion on the forecast. >> so breezy for the day today, increasing winds later on today. but this afternoon and this evening, breezy conditions. and that is a weak disturbance passing north of us. a few isolated showers are tonight into tomorrow morning north of town. then unsettled heading into next week and check out the high of 71 in reno. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. hold on to your hats, it will
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