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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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now 11 people are out of their homes tonight. good evening everyone. >> the firefighter started after noon. it started across the street from a firehouse. but because the budget cuts they had no engine or water to fight the flames. the lack of resources is upsetting to residents. >> well, julia, i wanted to show you i am at fire station number 30. this is a fire hydrant right here. just a few feet from across the street is where it happened. you see the two homes are boarded up. firefighter his to wait for a fire engine from a station two miles away to put this fire out. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the flames that burned the two homes. a fast-moving fire that sent heavy smoke downtown. >> the fire started originally right there. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of these homes.
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photos from out of the country. i don't care about ps-4 my valuables, those important moments in my life. >> reporter: he got his disabled mother and four dogs out safe. the fire officials say it may of started in the backyard. the cause is under investigation. >> this particular fire went to 4 alarms due to the fact that we have multiple units burning. there were a few challenges -- that we phased. >> firefighters and a fire truck but no engine with a hose, pump and 600 gallons of water to put the fire out. >> that engine has been browned out since the later part of 2010. >> reporter: other crews got there quickly but the delay and lack of funding disappointing. >> what if i did not pay attention or i was in the shower. my mom is disabled, she can not walk, she could of died. it is upsetting that they did not come in there in a reasonable time.
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and got a statement that said the fire department did a tramend out job of dealing with the resources -frp the fire engine that contained water arrived on the scene if five minutes and well within the target response time. even so, we continue to look for ways to bring back service levels to what they were five years ago. >> well, the red cross is helping those that were displaced. they are helping put them up in hotel rooms for the night. fire investigators stay and work through the night to pinpoint a cause and watch for the hot spots. >> all right, thank you. apple's ceo, cook, received a standing ovation today. the company's annual on shareholders meeting. it was a show of support for the fbi over the iphone encryption, they want them to unlock the iphone of one of the killers.
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civil rights order, jesse jackson is at the meeting to recall how the fbi once bugged mlk's phone. that type of thing should not be allowed to happen again. >> we deserve better. protecting the integrity of the company and the people of america must stand up and stand with him. overreach. >> cook has said that apple is prepared to take the case all of the way to the supreme court because it is quote the right thing to do. the federal government argues that national security takes precedent. there is late word tonight that yoko ono is hospitalized. but her publicist is downsizing it. an ambulance took the 83-year- old the official reports were that she had a stroke but they are saying it is flu-like symptoms and she will be released from the hospital soon, possibly tomorrow. she lived in the same
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early '70s when she was married to john lennon. he was shot and killed right in front of there in 1980. donald trump's presidential bid received a boost. he received an endorsement. >> backing trump ahead of next week's critical super tuesday primaries, ktvu has more on what the endorsement might mean for the race. >> it has been 16 days since christie called it quits. now, today, back on the campaign trail campaigning with donald trump. >> reporter: former foes. >> i am proud to be here endorsing donald trump for president of the united states. >> he needs a lifelong.
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>> reporter: -- >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i watched yourself repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> do you want to have fun? let's read from tweets. >> reporter: he can unify the party. >> the republican party will break apart. we can not allow the party of reagan to be taken over by a communist. >> usa n. usa! donald trump, donald trump. >> reporter: he did his own mocking. >> have you ever seen a guy sweat like this? it is rubio. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the billionaire tauted his business experience as proof he can be an effective president. >> we have people with no understanding of business. political hacks negotiating the biggest deals in the world. the trade deals are the biggest deals in the world. >> his actions demonstrate that
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cared about is putting money in his bank account. >> reporter: senator cruz is banking on a tuesday win in his home state of texas. political analysts say that is critical if cruz wants to overtake trump and put distance between himself and rubio. >> if he would run the board on tuesday night he is better than halfway home and it is march 1st. >> reporter: ohio governor says the endorsement was a surprise since kasich asked for his support. >> at this point in the campaign, what is the pathway to victory? >> nobody thought i would be here. i am the last one standing. >> endorsements come because people see momentum going in a certain direction and don't want to be left on a train platform they want to be on the train. >> reporter: trump picked up another endorsement from maine's governor. the governor of texas endorsed cruz.
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rolling in after super tuesday. >> and super tuesday, 595 delegates at stake for republicans,a a lot. >> thank you. -- a lot. >> thank you. cal cal supreme court gave the governor the go ahead for his prison initiative. the governor wants to reduce the prison population through a series of measures and put the plan before the voters. opponents argue that he made improper changes to the proposed initiative without allowing public comment first. the ruling allows him to begin collecting signatures on put the measure on the november ballot. the justices did not rule on the merits of the case only on the signature collection. is san francisco police are looking for a dog and its owner involved in a bite and run. here is a picture of the pit bull that looks like the doing that a tacked. the 80 pound gray pit bull with a patch of white on his chest attacked another dog owner in golden gate park. the dog bit the man in his calf and both arms before the female
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to pull the dog away. that woman took off without providing an id. she left in a white ford explorer with the pleat ending in b-694. latina or white. 5 '3, 5 '6, 200 pounds, short black hair and thin framed rectangular classes. the homeless pack up and move out as eviction of a large homeless encampment comes and goes. >> tonight, it is clear of tents. >> there are hold outs who say they will fight the mayor's order. paul chambers is live at pier 80 where some of those that did e vac wait evacuate. >> reporter: now, of the people, 100 people that lived here are now staying here at pier 80. there has been a drastic change to the city-owned division street in sap fran. earlier this week this was the
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along the strip. on friday, this is how it looked with less than 35 remaining. >> i have a problem with the people that think they can make a mess and not clean up after themselves t is their fault we are all suffering. >> it is dangerous and unhealthy for people to live on our streets. >> reporter: that is why the officials seem it it necessary to vacate. >> some people don't care. some people are aggressors sitting here pooping on the street, you know, and other people are getting blamed. >> they need to clean up after themselves, their moms don't live with them. everything that is happening is happening exactly how it should. >> two just of the people that called the area around here home. >> reporter: at 5:00 on friday the city's mandate went into effect. a lot of people moved from the area but not that far. just around the corner to side streets. >> i will probably be like
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somewhere tomorrow. >> it is not getting anyone anywhere. not addressing the situation, not changing the situation. >> but the mayor designated pier 80 and others to take shelter. his plan is to end homelessness for 8,000 people in the next 4 years. ending this encampment on division street is just the beginning of his plan. >> i authorized the health department to move on other encampments on division street to make sure people knew that it was not just about moving from one place to another place. >> now, the next place to be evacuated is show place square. 4 blocks on the north by the tuition on the south by 17 street by the west by san bruno street. now, the health department issued another e vac waeugz -- another evacuation order. >> paul, as the tent cities are evacuated how much more room is available at that shelter at pier 80.
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dozen beds here at this shelter. there is another shelter that is open. not sure how many beds for sure there. i can tell you here at pier 80 there is more than a dozen. >> all right, paul chambers reporting tonight, thank you, paul. young man accused of killing his girlfriend faces a judge for the first time today. new information about the case against him and his immigration stat us.
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might be vise president joe biden arrived at sfo. he is scheduled to visit ucsf and talk about the initiative to find a cure for cancer and then he goes to san jose to deliver the keynote address at california democratic convention, on sunday he will be in los angeles for an appearance at the oscars with lady gaga. democratic convention kicked off in the south bay. california's largest annual gathering of democrats anywhere from the state. they tell us what is on their agenda in this big election year. >> hello and welcome. >> reporter: the stage has been set. the california democrats state convention is now under way. for politics, dell tkpwats and
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delegates and a lot of things at stake. >> reporter: this is the weekend that the california and endorsements given. one key race in the senate to replace retiring barbara boxer. hairis >> presidential endorsement is not in the cards but a visit from joe biden is. he will give a speech on saturday. for some the drama of the presidential election is what is driving their activism. >> i have been interested in it but this year i am more involved and interested and watching debates and what not. really interesting. >> the statewide conference but there will be discussions going on with national implications. >> reporter: topics including everything from the legalization of marijuana to push for 100% of california's electricity to come from sustainable sources to a minimum wage that rises with inflation. >> here in california
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our economic recovery. >> reporter: from dem accuratic officials it is strategy session and pep rally. a way to get volunteers excited about the political season -- demomoatic officials it is strategy session and prep rallies. a way to get volunteers excited about the political season. >> for us, this is where we all come in. >> the event runs through sunday. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu fox 2 news. california political system, people from categorical cal incorporated put up cardboard cut outs of politicians with lo tpw-rbgs os over them. like nascar drivers with the logos of big donners, the not for sale movement wants influence money out of politics. >> it is a funny thing but it is a serious effort. why?
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something in toward really achieve change. >> the group is collecting signatures to get an initiative on the november ballot. they say they have 100,000 so far and need about 400,000 more. >> now, to hayward, a man suspected of killing his girlfriend appeared before a judge. he did not enter a plea. the suspect should not have been in the united states to begin with. >> 23-year-old appeared in court this afternoon to face charges that he killed his girlfriend stacy agular. the charges lay out a brutal killing. the pair were at a house just off of jackson street late on february 13th and 14th. the do you means indicate the two had got eninto a fight. went outside to a car and that is where he shot her to death. one of his friends, the 24-year- old heard the gunfire and went outside and then the investigators say helped him
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down a hillside and then cleaned up the car at a car wash. outside of the courtroom we met a man who is married to a cousin. the entire family is stunned by the crime and none of them knew he had a gun or a girlfriend. >> never seen it coming. never seen anything like that with him violence or anything. it is surprising. >> imgraduation and custom enforcements wants the jail to -- immigration and customs enforcement wants the jail to notify them before releasing him. both men are scheduled to appear in court again on monday morning. back to you. i am tracking some of the light sprinkles out there that we saw this evening about the time of the afternoon commute. to the tune of 5/100th of an inch. trace amount further south. you may of gotten some. many folks did not.
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and the satellite loop, you see the system fall through, falls apart. all of the activity is north of point arena there pretty much. areas north half an inch of rain. trace amounts or 4/100th of an inch of rain. not enough to give us what we need. we will see another system later on in the weekend. for tomorrow, we are clearing out maybe a little drizzle in the morning hours and the temperatures, i think, that is the big story here that the temperature drop off today, a good 10 dignities from where we had been all week. tomorrow morning you are going to have valley fog, inland valley fog, coastal fog and then on saturday you are -- afternoon high temperatures greens, all sicks, going to act more like february as we go into saturday. but as i mentioned we have rain in the five-day forecast. we will it talk about that next time i see you. it is a special day for newsopl and his wife, jennifer. the couple welcomed their 4th child today.
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the news to his instagram account. they named him dutch william newsome. he was 20 opinion 5 inches long. prosecute the picture they all appear to be ting well. evidence that does not add up. at 10:30. the civil rights lawsuit over a deadly police shooting as family members look for what they call justice. former 49er comes out of retirement and it could mean good things for the offense next year. mark will join us with sports and tells us what it all means.
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car was likely speeding when a car swerved into oncoming traffic and smashed head on with a pick up truck. it happened at 8:47 tonight. the crash killed the driver and front passenger in that bmw. the driver of the pick up truck was take tone the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a third person in the bmw had serious injuries. this photo was posted on facebook. both directions of crow canyon road are now closed near north canyon. the center for disease control is reporting more cases of the zika virus here in the united states. they count 107 cases from travelers that return from zika- infected areas such as brazil. some of them are pregnant. the virus appears to be transmitted by mosquitoes and linked to babies born with abnormally small brain. a vaccine could be available in two weeks or so but it is not 100% accurate.
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picketed outside of the airport today. >> our jobs. >> your safety. >> they marched, held up signs and let passengers know about their concerns, they have been in talks for more than three years and just recently turned down a proposal. 3,000 local mechanics say they are worried about job security and their health coverage. >> the job security. a lot of guys are getting worried they are getting close to retiring and they want to still make sure they have a job to retire with. >> all together there were were protests outside of the 8 largest airports where there are united flight mechanics, the airline said they will continue mediation with the union. there is word tonight that a data breech at uc berkeley involving thousands of students, staff and faculty. the university says hackers may of accessed the social secity and bank account numbers for 80,000 people. the attack happened in december and involved one of the university's financial systems.
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fbi has now been notified. the university is sending notice letters to staff and students that include information about free credit monitoring. >> they said it did not save his life, it will save someones. >> reporter: psyche nel for survival. at 10:45 -- cycle in for survival. how a man fighting a cure is racing on.
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people are holding a candlelight vigil in honor of
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shooting at a lawn mower's factory. they hope the community can heal by coming together. speakers offered prayers and support for the survivors and the victims. the authorities in kansas released a name and background in the gun man of that attack. the police say it was 38-year- old ford. he worked at the factory. the authorities say he had a history of violence with a criminal record in kansas, florida, stretching back over a decade. the authorities say ford had been served with a restraining order called a pfa. protection of abuse. only 90 minutes before the attack. >> mr. ford who was residing in kansas had been served a protection order at 3:30 that afternoon. three time 3:30 he was served and 5:00 we had the shooting. a law enforcement officer shot and killed ford.
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the building alone without any back up engaged the shooter and killed him. there are questions tonight about a deadly police shooting that took place a year ago in san francisco. supporters of the young victim held a rally in the mission district this evening. the case of 20-year-old lopez had faded from the spotlight. the immigrant was shot and killed by two plain clothes police officers. at the time the police said he lunged at the officer with a knife and officers fired. a private autopsy and one by the medical examer in's office came to the same conclusion. that perez lopez was shot in the back. -- medical examiner's office came to the same conclusion. haperez lopez was shot in the back. a man stole his phone when he turned his back on the plain clothes officers. a man is getting ready for
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nieto and tells us the couple's attorneys are khal hreblging the way that the -- are challenging the evidence in the case. >> they say a prayer for their son every day. [speaking in spanish] at what they call his alter. [speaking in spanish] >> the day that alex was assassinated i could not believe it. and i did not come up here for almost two days. >> reporter: this was the 28- year-old's tpaeuf rit spot in the city. it is where he was shot and killed by san francisco police march 21st, 2014. [speaking in spanish] >> the thing i most miss about alex he was very caring. >> reporter: the family's civil rights lawsuit against san francisco alleges excessive force and disputes their account that he pointed a taser which he carried for his job as a nightclub security officer at the police. >> something rotten in denmark and there is something fishy here in san francisco.
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representing the family. he says that he died under a hail of 59 bullets. >> the officers admitted and they described as well as the physical evidence shows. he was shot a number of times after he was already on the ground. >> no, no, no, no, no. [speaking in spanish] >> no way that alex could of done the things they claim he had done. he was a good man. went to school to be a probation officer. >> reporter: sfpd was cheered of criminal wrongdoing but there is a piece of evidence overlooked. his taser, they say it the time stamps say does not match the time they were shot at. >> i was asked to recall cue late them -- recalculate them because it did not match a story. they looked at the clock how it changes over town. he says his taser would of released confetti like this video shows but no confetti was
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the da said the wind could of blown it away. they hope more evidence to be at the trial. >> coming else can be achieved with this trial. i hope nothing like this ever happens to any other young person. >> the federal case will begin next tuesday march 1st and supporters of the family say they plan to turnout by the hundreds on the steps of the courthouse. back to you. back to you. tenants and community organizers rallied earlier today in the mission district in san francisco saying they are upset how long it is taking to rebuild an apartment building there. the structure burned down in january of last year. one man died and almost 60 other people were displaced. those that gathered today said the owners of that building need to take action. >> demanding that the owner of
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year sell the building or stop. supervisor david campos told the crowd that the building's landlord failed the community and has a obligation to rebuild. they sent a message to north carolina about nuclear capabilities with a test launch of a missile overnight. the launch along the central california coast is seen as a response to missile tests in north carolina. dan springer tells us the obama admin -- administration is going forward. >> reporter: they are launching a missile test. >> the pressure has a purpose
10:33 pm
them together to recognize the only way forward for them is to nuclearization. >> reporter: the officials are holding attentions today. washington is considering deploying a missile defense system in the south in light of the north's latest access. it is concerned. a state department official says the only purpose, however, is protection by the forth. >> it is aimed not at a 3rd country, not china but at defending the system through the rok and the u.s. citizen and service members who were here. >> the u.s. introducing a draft un security resolution on ramping up sanctions. it comes with an agreement on beijing. >> this is tightening the vice on north korea in a way that up to this point china has not
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it is a move on their part and ours. >> the u.s. already asking to punish him with president barack obama signing a bill adding new sanctions on north carolina last week. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> 2 people from the bay area were honors today to empower and inspire young people. lee is the co-founder and director of the san francisco nonprofit aim high. simmons is the president and ceo of the youth uprising in oakland. they are among 9 people across the country who has been chosen as champions of change. picked out of 700 nominees. this morning, took place in a panel on summer jobs and programs for young people. a missing bald eagle is found. still ahead, how caretakers low indicated the bird and were
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months of attorneys filed a lawsuit
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a woman from her home. 60 years ago hatch agreed to an oral contract to stay in her rented home for the rest of her life. the contract was made with the ridge nal owner but -- with the original owner. they claim broach of contract and more. >> we have elder abuse. you can not take these actions against the elderly and not have responsibilities. and we have a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress. >> another woman is suspected by this eviction, 85-year-old woman rented a room from hatch and has been her caretaker. she says she is now trying to find an affordable place to live. california drivers could see a hike in gas prices any day now. the group consumer watchdogs says the jump could be as much as 37 cents in southern california.
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could be 10-20 cents. consumer watchdogs are blaming it on refineries switching to mandated by law. california. despite all of this gas is still about 70 cents less than it was a year ago. wall street ended a strong week mixed. the dow lost 57 points, nasdaq lost 8. the 3 indexes made gains of 1.5% or more over a week. a bald eagle is back home at a zoo tonight. the bird flew off on monday during routine exercise. her handlers tracked her until wednesday and then lost her signal on her tracking device. some people saw her and called the museum and zoo and today her handler climbed up a steep ridge at the open space preserve and saw her flying over another ridge. he blew a whistle and she flu
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>> people ask me, why do you turn it loose? we do it because the public enjoys seeing an eagle fly. she -- the eagles enjoy flying and we enjoy flying the eagle. but it is -- it has its risks. but in 27 years that we have been doing this we always gotten her back. >> when she was young she was shot and wounded and that left her unable to hunt and feed herself. she is now 27 years old as he just said. amazing they can actually let her do that fly free and stay there.
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next with cycle for survival to raise money for cancer research is really taking on a special meaning for a bay area woman. >> tomorrow she will ride in honor of her fiancee who died last year battling cancer. >> he just really embraced life. >> reporter: she looks back on the memories she shared with her fiancee in the last months of his life. >> he lived life so hard like just all in, everything he had every day. >> reporter: this is video from last year of him raising money for cancer research at a cycle for survival event in san francisco. >> i have terminal cancer i am still one of the luckiest people i know. >> reporter: he had a rare form of cancer of the duct. he died in april of 2015, three
10:44 pm
>> i think that day is probably one of my most favorite. he forget that he had cancer. >> reporter: his legacy lives on. his cells are being used for research in new york to help others with this cancer. his family and friends raised more than $130,000 for the cause. for the first time he will not be by sue's side with she rides on saturday. >> it is hard to imagine him not being there. and it is hard that it didn't save his life. >> reporter: she says they will keep riding until well is a cure per cancer. >> he said that if it did not save his life it is going to save someone's. >> reporter: back to you. . a nice day out there today. plenty of sunshine at times and sprinkles showed up later in the day. not enough to measure much in
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a quarter of an inch from there. these are the highs from today. these numbers came down from the highs from yesterday. a good 5 and 8 degrees. the temperatures dropped off a little bit. you can see the moisture on the lens from the sprinkles that lingers this afternoon. there goes the system and there is nothing. like a springtime storm system. not a february storm. came in, dropped a little bit of rain in northern california and fell apart over us. you may of seen the sprinkles and may not have. we had a few sprinkles here at the station. the moisture going through. cooler night allowing for the higher humidity. allowing for fog. valley fog forming tomorrow morning, let's say you are going skiing tomorrow morning, be prepared for valley fog out in sacramento or woodland. overnight lows, middle 40s, here is the deal, this evening, the system is blowing through. as it does, just leaves a
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your saturday is going to be a nice day. a weak drive deal. it is really not going to do anything other than create a few showers. don't change your plans on sunday. it will be fine. pattern change as we head into march. the chime at prediction center saying, hey, look, we will get a bull's-eye there. not for us, dropping in rain. in lake shasta you are doing the state a disservice. hopefully it will transpire in march. i know, a lot. we are reaching. grabbing at straws here. something will light up. february, as far as el nino is concerned it has been bust. you did not go away. it was out there. big sir, big cyclones out in the pacific. for us, just delivered basicily 0 about 20% of what we normally get for february. big year. the forecast and the five day forecast. maybe a few scattered sprinkles
10:47 pm
it will be a mild weekend night. don't change your plans, do stuff, monday, tuesday, warms up, maybe heading into march hawednesday period there and beyond -- that wednesday period there and beyond. enjoy the bay area weekend. it helps to drop down the tree pollen, sunday, maybe a few more sprinkles, no big deal. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. a san francisco giants fan favorite is said to make an appearance on "fuller house" hunter tweeted out a picture of him on the set with the taft of the netflix show. it is a sequel show of "full house". >> i bet he is going to be
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coming up, a key player for this is weird. not a single penalty that the sheriff gave. >> maybe the sharks are too nice or something. does snot make sense if you got the answers, maybe call the sharks. they probably would love to hear from you.
10:51 pm
need to on your home ice if you are going be taken seriously. buffalo, not that good. now, the men, a minute and 28 done in this game now, the classic from matt, blasting away. thinking, all right, 1-0. more time left. but they get tphogting more. 2nd period, a little break for the sabres -- nothing more. 2nd period, a little break for the sabres. now, did not go over the line yet. but larson a nice play on make it 1-1, 3rd period, 7:24 left. now, the shot that actually hits him. he escape and it went into the net. they add an empty netter for the final. the sharks are now 11, 13 and 3 at the tank. that will not do. now, the 49ers off course. they may, soon, have one of
10:52 pm
any one of them that follow the line, not exactly a strong point. they could be getting a good one back by doing absolutely nothing. anthony, solid offensive tackle. retired suddenly last off season. reportedly filing for reenstatement wants to play again. they say he is talented and only 26. that would constitute very good news. the 49ers. college basketball tonight, the women, they have the floor. now, stanford, they own it. the cardinal in particular. making a statement as they manhandle a team that is ranked higher than they are, nationally. at staples tonight, wire to wire. the defense, a big reason to do with it. johnson, with the steal, getting ahead for brittany mcfeet and the lay in. with 15 points, they pull away
10:53 pm
life, she hit three 3s, 25 points and 1,000 victories now for stanford women's basketball program. they are victorious and the cal women enjoying themselves hosting the team 65-54 winners. now, curry highlights now. he had 93 points in the last 2 games. they take on another western conference power in oklahoma city tomorrow night. in the meantime, probably the two best in the east, toronto and cleveland. big man, now, getting it. with a muscle jam right there. and, they go to that again as things get physical. this time, however, he will get hammered ons his way to the puck. watch the replay. he had nothing to do with that. a call for the foul.
10:54 pm
final seconds, game of his career, 3 point 8 left. drains the long jumper, they are up 2. 43 points for him 15 of 20, here is the final seconds. >> oh, way short. >> oh, lebron. a absolute air ball at the end of the game. he can not hit the winner, 99- 97 and the raptors beaten the cavses 2 cavs -- cavs 2 out of 3. now, keeping an eye on bay area favorite dusty baker, down
10:55 pm
he likes to get in the cage. just to play as a manager. >> this rotation it is outstanding rotation. this is probably one of the better ones that i have had especially in the beginning. you know, we have good bodies. you know, uses this sort of tail. like mike, he is psyched about it. he is really excited. the number one thing that we do is start to see it healthy. that is, you know, that has been, you know, the nemesis of this organization the last couple of years. >> it will be tough to pull for dusty with the nats this year. vehicle that is the story all week for the former a's outfielder showing up every day at the training camp that is what is set for friday morning. >> now, well, obviously it has a great stereo system.
10:56 pm
the stitching on the seats, baseball-like stitching. at a cost of $80,000. his friends say wait until tomorrow. he will really blow your mind. that is a quote. >> i like the guy with the individual personalities. nothing wrong with that. >> and the three wheeler thing earlier this year. >> he has a lamborghini. >> yes. that is old school. yes, tomorrow, he is going to pull up with something big. >> i can not wait to see what he brings, thank you, mark. >> thank you for joining us
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this news cast catch th boy, you're up early. oh, yeah, the ribs have been acting fussy all night, so i got up at 4:00 and i swaddled them in foil, and i've been checking their temperature every couple hours,
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oh, you're such a good daddy, taking care of your little meat babies. (laughs) (laughs) you nurture them the best you can, and if they fall, you hope it's off the bone. i'm jealous that i'm not gonna be able to join you and the guys for your little brunch. brunch? men don't brunch. oh. we watch sports, and then eat ourselves into a beef coma. oh. you want to hear about my exciting day? i'm gonna lock myself in a room with your mother until we finish that book, or until one of us ends up dead. i'd like to say my money's on you, but i know my mom. (molly scoffs) hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. i still have ten minutes before i have to leave. i guess we can do it, but i'd have to pee first. i know. i'm talking about just sitting and talking. for the whole ten minutes? let's sit. (sighs) your mother is dragging out this writing process. it's starting to feel like it's never gonna end. she's just so incred... difficult? yeah, that, but... crotchety? yes, but more than... awful?


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