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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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than barack obama did when he won four years ago. >> and a computer hack at berkeley exposes tens of thousands to potential identity theft. south carolina goes decidedly for hillary clinton as today's primary wraps up. the primary could shift momentum on the democratic side while personal jabs continue to fly between republican candidates. >> reporter: voters in south carolina handed hillary clinton a solid victory. >> reporter: all polls had hillary clinton projected to do very well in the palmetto state. and it's welcomed news after losing this primary to barack
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>> when we stand together there, is no barrier too big to break. and tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is now looking to harness this momentum that started with her win in the nevada caucuses last saturday. bernie sanders didn't hold any rallies in south carolina today, focussing instead on key states ahead of super tuesday. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are gonna win here in texas! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: on the republican side, jabs from all camps are turning downright nasty as donald trump holds solidly onto his lead and senators cruz and rubio hockey for 2nd place. >> he has a terrible spray tan. it's perhaps the worst i've ever seen. and he's a very litigious guy. >> i have never seen any human being sweat like this guy.
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god he has really large ears. >> reporter: up until tonight, the campaigns could focus on individual states.tates. it was a big day for democrats in california starting with a visit from joe biden. the vice president was at ucsf with his wife. they're touring the top cancer research facilities as part of the white house's $1 billion initiative to end cancer. the vice president headed to the south bay where democrats from all across california have descended on san jose for their party's state convention. >> reaction from democrats to the primary results in south carolina.
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it included a couple of disruptions. >> reporter: the vice president brushed off shouts from a heckler who claimed cellphone radiation caused the death of biden's son beau. >> that's okay, it's all right. let's not act like republicans. [ cheering and applause ] >> i ain't donald trump. i don't have that much hair. >> reporter: the protestor was removed and biden went on to offer some advice to the feuding gop candidates. >> you can't lead america unless you believe in the american people and their capacity to do virtually anything they set their mind to. >> reporter: outside the
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supporters showed their strength in numbers. videos on social media showing a rally of about 1,000 people. many of them discounting hillary clinton's decisive win in south carolina. >> so what? how many electoral votes are there in south carolina? >> they're getting a lot of support in california. and i hope we have a chance to have a say in it. colorado, washington, oregon, a lot of more democratic states and i think they're gonna lean bernie. >> reporter: aside from the presidential race, the focus for california democrats is on who will replace retiring u.s. senator barbara boxer who the crowd. >> no matter whom you love and no matter the circumstances of your birth, you taught me to be tough and stand up for our state. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the choices between orange county
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and state attorney general kamala harris, who rather than criticizing her opponent take aim at donald trump. >> they say they will make america great again. well, in my mind, that statement begs an obvious question. again for whom? >> reporter: for her part, sanchez touted her experience in congress. >> for my pro environment, pro labor, pro choice, pro civil rights vision and platform for the united states senate! >> within the last hour, the delegate count came back, and kamala harris has secured the democratic party's endorsement in a race against sanchez in a landslide. to the wondrous warriors.
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win over the thunder. that left hundreds of people speeches.; isn't that rights not quite so much. facebook and twitter pretty much blew up after this improbable comeback. >> all i can say is sit back and enjoy history being made. that's what we're seeing. every time you think they've seen it the road trip went to six cities. steph curry had to leave the game when russell westbrook landed on his ankle. he missed six minutes. the thunder lead by 1. durant gets 3 of his 37. ocircumstance c by 4 with 14 left. the warriors got a hoop. iguodala had to make two free throws to send them into overtime. no problem. thunder
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overtime but they don't have curry. when curry made this three, the game was tied. now they're tied at 118. the sthurnd playing for the win -- thunder is playing for the win. curry calmly heads down the court and nails a 32-footer for the win with 0.60 of a second left. he breaks his own record for threes in a single season. he's made a three in 129 straight games. and at 53 and 5, the warriors have the best record in nba history through 58 games. >> you've got the a's of the late '80s, the 49ers of the '80s, the giants' three championships in five science. enjoy this. this is not the norm. they're making it seem like the norm. but you will not see this again. >> we're gonna tell our kids
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>> absolutely. a security flaw is being blamed for allowing hackers to break into a uc berkeley computer system. >> this is a case where 80,000 individuals didn't do anything wrong. but unfortunately they're affected by this breech. and now they've got to check their credit report and make sure that nothing bad happened. >> the financial data of 80,000 students staff and alumni may have been compromised. the university has notified potential victims but says there is no evidence that any information has been stolen. people who received financial aid awards and work-related reimbursements are the most at risk. >> the bad guys are pretty good. and software often does have flaws. they knew about the vulnerability. they were in the process of catching it when the breech occurred. so this is a perfect example where they just weren't fast enough in dealing with this particular vulnerability. >> the breech happened in december. campus officials took
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the hack happened. 13 people are under arrest after a violent brawl during a ku klux klan rally in southern california. they were holding an anti-immigration demonstration in anaheim when counter protestors showed up and clashed with the clansmen. >> one person was stabbed multiple times in the upper torso by one of the clansmen. it is believe the stabbing took place with a flag pole with the eagle on the end of the pole. >> one of those victims is in critical condition tonight. six clan members and seven counter protestors were arrested. 80 is open after a deadly shooting this morning. it's the seventh along this stretch of i-80 in the past four months. after shots rang out, the victim drift offend the freeway,
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road. >> reporter: freeway shootings on i-80 are a problem. >> even if it's targeted, there's so much traffic. and so many things, close to the theater. >> i feel it's all related to the same thing. >> reporter: the latest freeway shooting unfolded around one saturday morning. someone fired multiple shots at a 40-year-old man in a silver jeep. the victim drifted off the freeway and he died. at least 30 evidence markers littered the area and bullet holing be seen in the jep as it was towed away. >> reporter: the crime scene forced the shutdown of westbound i-80 for several hours, afternoon. >> i think some of it is definitely gang-driven. >> reporter: san pablo mayor rich kin setroubled by the possibility the shootings could
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this is the seventh since november. and the second that's been deadly. >> it's in our region. it's still nooesh. so it's very disturbing. something that our elected officials need to be working with law enforcement and we need to find out how we can reduce this. >> reporter: the chp says the spring of shootings are not random. in each case, victims are togethered and the risk and the public is minimal. a few innocent bystanders have been hurt in the past, but that is small compared to the massive number of driver who is commute daily. >> i don't feel like anybody is targeting me. >> the victim's identity has not been released and no arrests have been made in all seven cases. anyone with information,
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a duo stole thousands of dollars other of cosmetics in the north bay. investigators say two women walked into the store around 11:30 and stole several items worth about $3,500. a family is lucky to be alive after a close call on the coast. they had to be lifted to safety by a helicopter at goat rock state beach near jenner. two people were pulled further out to sea by another wave. a lifeguard jumped into action and held onto a 25-year-old woman and her 7-year-old daughter until the helicopter could hoist them up from the water. the other three were able to make it back to shore themselves. seniors and smart phones, the new way grandparents and parents are learning about technology.
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fbi is coming to a head. >> all eyes are on super tuesday.
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block that cou presidential candidates hope to have broad appeal. but the single women vote could prove to be a potent force. >> we have seen that they are a
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last several elections and i think we can expect the same. >> reporter: a number of unmarried women in the u.s. is on the rise. and for the first time this fall, mat juvenile court of women eligible to vote will be single. it's a demographic that was strongly in president obama's column in 2012. when they favored him over gop nominee mitt romney by 36 points. >> there's no shortage of resources on the left geared toward attracting and appealing toward women. >> reporter: when it comes to what they view as the most important role for the government, they cite making sure jobs pay enough to live on, followed by helping working families and middle class families. >> more and more we're seeing where the bottom line comes down to how is your pocketbooking affected. >> reporter: among democrats, unmarried women have consistently chosen bernie sanders, who's made no secret of his plans to tax the wealthy in order to pay for things like free college education and
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analysts warn the candidates need to appeal directly to single women voters. >> speaking to them as professional adults. people who are out in the workplace who are dealing with issues that relate to their taxes, that relate to paying their bills, their mortgages. having a better future. >> reporter: conservatives acknowledge it'll be a tricky conversation for them, balancing compassion with trying to convince unmarried female voters that the left policies won't be a good thing for them in the long-run. >> talking to them in terms that resonate with them on a personal, emotional level. if you can do that, you can go a long way with women voters. >> you may remember the direct appeal the 2012 obama campaign made to unmarried women voters in the form of a cartoon named julia, educated with a career and child but no spouse. they said it showed how women could
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help from the government.nment. the state department released a match of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. the latest contained 88 documents classified as confidential. that's the lowest level of classification. there were no secret or top secret documents like in previous releases. in an interview last week, clinton says she has zero concerns about how he's e-mails or the ongoing fbi investigation will affect her candidacy. >> it's just not something that is going to have any lasting effect. and i'm not worried about it. >> the state department has released 93% of the e-mails on clinton's private server. the final 7% is set to be released on monday and may contain the most complex and sensitive information. the national fundraiser cycle for survival returns.
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meaning for one participant. sue novick rides in honor of her late fiancee who died last year, battling cancer. she joined more than 27,000 riders. every dollar raised goes to cancer research. since 2007, cycle for survival has raised more than $95 million for cancer research. it's a special delivery for gavin newsom and his wife, jennifer. they welcomed their fourth child yesterday. the name of the boy, dutch william newsom. the happy father said dutch weighed 8.12, and was 20.5 inches long. the reason behind the name dutch? the california town of dutch flat is where gavin grew up. warren buffet says the presidential candidates are dead wrong
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hopefuls are way off when it comes to the u.s. economy. >> the tug of war between apple and the fbi continues. >> tracking a cold front moving now. outside we do have partly we'll
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sunday shower chanceses. a deadly crash claimed the lives of at least three people in southern california. this was in commerce about 8 miles east of downtown east. a truck crashed into at least two vehicles and burst into flames. the accident left four people critically injured. the drivers of two dodge vehicles were
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tried to get around a vehicle on the highway. one of the street racers was taken into custody and could face vehicular manslaughter charges. police say they're still searching for the second driver. warren buffet says the nation's economy is in better shape than the presidential candidates make it seem. in his annual letter to shareholders, buffet wrote the country may have challenges but the doom and gloom predictions are dead wrong. he said the presidential candidates are misleading voters with the negative talk about the economy. buffet believes the babies born today in america are history. his annual letter is one of the most read documents in the business world. all eyes in washington and many in silicon valley will be on apple and the fbi as the battle over unlocking an iphone rages on. both will be able to argue their cases face-to-face when they testify at an
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congress next week. >> reporter: neither side is backing down, and the debate expanding. it was all cheers for apple's ceo yesterday at the stock holder meeting where he received a standing ovation and reiterated some of the arguments apple made in the court filing on thursday, asking the judge to throw out her order which would force the giant to create software to hack into its phone. apple accused the fbi of seeking dangerous power through the court. the fbi director pushed back on some of that on thursday where he called on congress to something apple has asked for as well. >> to make sure folks understand, some people imagine a world where nobody can look at yourself is a world that will have public safety costs. and we
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but we shouldn't go there without people understanding it. >> reporter: in silicon valley, some of the industry's biggest names are rallying behind apple. facebook, google, twitter, and microsoft are all planning to file friend of the court briefs supporting apple's stance. with a little more than three weeks until the next court hearing on march 22nd, we're sure to see a lot more happening on both solids of this case. the punishments one lawmaker wants to enforce on students caught sexting in
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>> art out of a the healing power of art is
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fire move past the flames. more on the project that is changing lives. >> reporter: the fire has been out for months but the nightmare of the disaster is still fresh in the minds of butte fire victims. >> it was tough to see everything go. >> reporter: mary's home burned to the ground. she lost everything. so she thought. >> we had some historical items that were lost in the fire but they're going to be repurposed. >> reporter: an executive director of the arts council is one of 50 who donated to the project, a mosaic created from charred remains of the fire. >> it could be an amazing healing to take things from the rubble and repurpose them and biefl. >> reporter: artist robyn sees the beauty in the destruction. >> this is a plate that is
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>> reporter: the mosasick will be a large double sided wall. mod linl will also create a travelling piece to promote the pieces. >> donations welcome. donations needed in order for this to really come to completion. >> reporter: until donations come in, she is busy cleaning and sorting through the items. next she'll get other artists to design the mosaic. >> i feel like they're sacred items that really show these are real people with real livens who lost so much. and we're going to take care of these rem nanlts of their lives and create something beautiful for them. >> the fire started last september. two people were killed and 70,000 acres burned. students in california who
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law. a lawmaker has issued a bill that would allow schools to ban or excel kids for sexting. chow says this bill would do that and force schools to teach students about the potential dangers of sexting. the new legislation would allow students to openly pray at school-sponsored events. for decades state-sanctioned prayer has been banned. in maryland a republican lawmaker wants to change that. student-led prayers could take place in classrooms and at sporting events. >> nobody is forcing one religion or another. it's just expressing of their faith. >> there is opposition to the bill including from the aclu. officials say it violates the
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to listen to a religious message. preparations for the academy awards are in full swing. many crews are working hard to set the scene. the sierm will bring many big names in the industry together tomorrow. diversity or lack thereof among the nominees is sure to be on the minds of those in attendance. there was a loud public outcry this year after no actors of color were nominated. >> i think there's gonna be a lot of pressure on chris rock and he's gonna come out swinging tomorrow. when he hosted the oscars 11 years ago, he held nothing back, he ruffled a lot of feathers. i really think he is going to deliver and address diversity. >> all eyes will be on dicaprio. he's highly expected to win best actor.
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can be difficult for seniors. the program hoping to bridge the gap.
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our way. aarp offers free classes on how to use smart phones. these seminars are open to anyone but focused on seniors learning the basics of modern technology with one-on-one training. >> reporter: when you give a loved one a new smart phone, they may not be sure exactly what to do with it or how it works. aarp has hands on
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are taught that a smart phone is modern features. >> the first thing you want to do in understanding people's relationship with the technology is what experience have they had with it. start from what they know first and build from there. many of our cores are really built on that, from the basics to advanced use of technology. >> reporter: while it may seem easy to the kids, adults who didn't grow up with this technology are learning the basics. how to turn on your phone, navigate it and contact and text. >> text messages are just short messages that are sent between devices. >> you have to be in it to win it. you really do. because very seldom i did on the computer because all my messages come to my cellphone. >> reporter: most seniors are learning to use their smart phones so they can keep in touch with family and friends. they are shown how to take pictures,
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to send messages and pictures. >> this is your first message? >> yeah. >> high five. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after learning to text, instructors demonstrate how to use e-mail, what an app is, and how to use social media. go to you don't have to be a member and the classes are free. service on the blue and gold fleet has been suspended. officials say they need to do some extensive maintenance and repairs on their flocking dock. the last time the dock was removed from the bay was 20 years ago. a bus bridge will service.
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temperatures for february. this is video of the last snowpack survey on february 2nd. the snowpack remains close to average despite february temperatures ranging from 5 to 14 degrees warmer than normal. lake tahoe has risen to about 9 inches of its natural rim. but that's still far short of the average for this time of year which is more than 2 feet above the rim. the next snowpack survey is set for tuesday. and we're tracking a few extra clouds moving into the bay area. we're looking for a area. and significant snow in the sierra. a typical march. highs mostly in the 60s, a few spots around 70 degrees, san jose, concourse, antioch 73. and
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have been increasing over the past three to four hours. and you see the high clouds approaching mend ocino. the clouds focused in the north bay, approaching lake county. more clouds in the short-term. temperatures are in the 50s across most of the bay area, san jose 56, livermore 54. first thing tomorrow, mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the 40s to around 50s. skycast showing you some rain just to the north of the bay area. in sflan, most likely just some clouds and drizzle to start out the day, 52 degrees. and then we'll have skies becoming partly cloudy throughout the afternoon hours, not completely clear. we'll grab the scale back on
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the day on sunday. all these areas where we have the green, above normal chances of rainfall, a possible pattern change specifically, march 5th to 11th, that change in the weather pattern could bring us potentially a series of storms. first thing tomorrow, overcast, not much in the way. rain showers, mobility some drizzle -- possibly some drizzle. clouds for the afternoon. we could scale back on some of the overcast later in the day. the cold fronts, showers north of the bay area. temperatures mainly in the 60s. and we'll warm back up as that system moves out, high pressure moves back in and strengthens. we'll warm up for monday and tuesday. a real rain cloud could be coming on board for thursday. a
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temperature for tomorrow, sunday, lots of 60s out there and the last sunday of february. brighton with 69, half moon bay 62 degrees. we're back up into the cities for monday and tuesday. clouds wednesday, and a few showers into thursday. beyond march 5th, we could be talking about 2-4 inch was rainfall. look brighter. we are still talking about economic tonight. >> it was nuts. record-setting.
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we'll hear from him. welcome to saturday night sports wrap. it's something we've come to expect but we should be safering every moment every raise it. it's a national phenomenon when the warriors show up, no matter what city curry had to leave the game in the 3rd quarter when ankle.
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minutes. warriors played from behind almost the entire game. 9 after westbrook goes strong to the hoop for 2 against 26. warriors down 7. curry with a long three. they trail by 5, curry brings them within 2. less than 20 seconds left, okc leads by 1, durant hits 3 of his 37. warriors down 4 with 14 seconds left. warriors got a hoop. iguodala had to make two free throws to send it into overtime. they headed to overtime. the thunder scored the first 5 points. but they don't have curry. that three tied the game at 110. serge ibaka gets it on this one. durant fouled out of the game. inside 30 seconds to go, klay thompson goes for the
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makes the free throw. that ties the game at 118. still tied. the thunder playing for the win. westbrook's shot won't g. the warriors get the rebound. they don't call timeout. curry heads down the court and nails a 32-footer for the win with 0.60. a second left. curry goes for 46 on the night. the warriors win 121-118. and here are some records, 12 threes in the game for curry. breaks his own record for threes in a single season. and he's made a three in 129 straight games. when you do this kind of thing you win lots of fans and is a few detractors. no one else on the plan is playing basketball like curry..
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little annoying because it's kind of unwarranted from across the board. hearing us talking about comparing ourselves to other great teams. and if we could beat this team, we're better than this team. we're living in the moment. and is when you hear -- obviously legends and people that respect their era and what they were able to accomplish and what they did for the game, kind xhf at you, and kind -- come at you, and kind of just -- weird. >> we're left to put this in perspective. curry has gone where no nba player has gone as far as shooting is concerned. and the team stays on pace to beat the all-time season record held by the bulls. at this point in the year, then 96, the bulls were 52 and 6. the warriors are one game better at 53 and 5. they're back at it again tuesday night at home against atlanta. and on thursday, a rematch against the thunder.
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mary's college. hank greenwald taking this one in on hill hilltop. a 9-point lead at halftime. somebody forgot to pick up calvin herminson. 15 and 3 in the wcc as they nail down the no. 1 seed in the conference tournament. they were still able to gin up some emotion tonight in santa clara. the main name is brownridge. a long three on his way to a 29-point game. the broncos win 69-65. still eight games under poise at level and 19. it wouldn't be a shock if one of eight different teams won
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maple. only 1 point separated the two teams in the 1st half. pickens came off the bench to hit 16, three of them there. michael humphrey led after 24. the nights assist from christian sanders for 2 inside. stanford trying to add to the lead. roscoe allen with a slick move in the paint. now we're hearing the two-minute mark. ucla needs a stop. doesn't happen. the base line with the kick to picken who knocks down three more. stanford. 8 and 8 stanford is is one of eight teams within 3.5 games of 1st place. a couple of local
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skrutd no in the combine. and the sharks below the radar this
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playoff picture. we were just talking super bowl a couple weeks ago. and the nfl is back in the news this week because the combines are being held right now in indianapolis. one of the players most under the microscope is jared goff. figured to be either the 1st or 2nd quarterback taken. they have a metric for everything in the combine, including a quarterback's hand size. he was asked about the fact that his hands are described as less than large. >> i just heard about that yesterday. i've been told i have pretty big hands my whole life. heard i had small hands yesterday. i've never had a problem with that, and i don't expect it to be a problem. i'm
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get there i can be a guy that can play right away, stay if i need to and learn. but i'm excite forward whatever team wants to draft me. stanford's kevin hogan is there auditioning as well. he should be a bargain for someone in the mid-rounds. the winningest quarterback in stanford history and versed in an nfl friendly offense. the sharks have had to take a bit of a media backseat this winter. the sharks vd a decidedly up and down season and find themselves no. 6 in the west with crunch time upon us. scott reese has more. >> reporter: just call this the grind within the grind. three games in four days. home then
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on the heels of a gruelling 5-day road trip. >> i think we're built to handle this. i think it's a tough situation but i think the depth we've got here on defense and upfront give us the ability that it shouldn't be an excuse for us. >> the coaching staff's done a good job of giving us days off and allowing us to rest. >> reporter: still a little fresh blood can't hurt. he scored a goal on his first shot as a shark! >> that's good. it's a nice way to start. it's a lot of things going on in your first day, your first day with a new team. >> reporter: a nice finish is what's really important. don't think they're not scoreboard
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>> you have to check and keep pace. as much as we've been winning, we've really only been keeping pace with those guy guys. >> reporter: they have been just a poise team at home, one of the best in the nfl on the road. they're a playoff team now with a terrific chance to improve their stock going forward. the pro golf tour has swung to florida. and adam scott with 7 under par for the day. scott ross back at the drop zone. here's his second drive. this one a little closer but it will find water as well is. scott
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the hole and his lead was gone. garcia can grab a share of the lead. he made the birdie. ends up with a 67. one of the annual hockey spectacles played out at coors field in denver, the winter classic. nicholas cromwall has his shot currented back by varlamov. the redwings added an empty-net goal for a 5-3 final. that's it it for this saturday night sports wrap. see you tomorrow at 6:00. >> i don't get critics of steph curry. it makes them look bad. it's so obvious when you look at his stats, the season. how do you question that? >> the only thing you can say
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professional athlete a professional athlete is those guys are competitive. they think what they do during their era could not be matched by anyone else. and is there's an old saying about your mind writing checks that another part of your body can't cash. i would say that when you're an older professional, just embrace it, don't tell about how great you were 50 years ago. >> he's got such a great off the court personality as well. >> it's an incredible thing.
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