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tv   Eye on Washington  FOX  February 28, 2016 8:30am-9:00am PST

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here's marilee joyce. >> and good day to you. i'm marilee joyce. this is "eye on washington." it's the only statewide nevada news program produced in washington, d.c. every week "eye on washington" takes you straight to capitol hill for a discussion with nevada's delegation and other leaders about the federal matters that matter to you. today's topic, but what's he done for you lately? well, more than you might know about. we're going to look at one nevada leader's many constituent services. and he is my guest today, nevada u.s. congressman cresent hardy. thanks for being here today. >> thank you for the opportunity again. >> thank you. you know when we read the paper or watch or listen to the news, reports about our congressional leaders generally focus on bills and committee heaters. but today on "eye on washington" we're going to find out what my guest does here on the hill and in the state to meet your individual needs. we're going to learn how constituent services also means protecting your wallet here on the hill and fighting
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more than 700,000 of you watching or listening today call nevada's fourth district home. that's veterans, small business owners, parents, children, retirees, all of you with your own very unique needs and your own unique challenges. now, some of those needs and challenges necessitate government services. if you are a retiree, you need that social security check on time. if you are a veteran, you need updates on what on earth is going on with your benefits appeal. parents want to know what funding is coming to schools and information on common care and other education -- common core and other education issues. and on it goes. and one man is responsible for getting you the help and news you need, everything from special efforts on behalf of nevadans threatened with losing their homes to foreclosure to how to reach a federal agency to an official recognition of a nevada youth-making eagle scout or a foreign-born nevada resident
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overseeing the flag being flown here on the capitol in honor of your deceased loved one. and on the constituent services page of his congressional website, the congressman writes, quote, one of the privileges i have as a member of congress is the ability to provide the people of nevada with exceptional constituent services. remember i work for you. congressman, now, you have been here many times to discuss legislation, of course. and today's topic is kind of a whole other, but very busy part of your life here. >> yes and it's one of the privileges that i have. you know, when i was running for office, this is one of the issues that i ran on. i wanted to have solid constituent services. i reach out and help those that can't help theirselves necessarily, those that have been disenfranchised by their entitlements and not getting what they deserve. you know, as a republican, i was elected by republicans
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but my belief is once you are elected, you don't just represent those who put you in office. you represent the whole district. over 700,000 people in my district and i have the privilege to serve. it's my obligation to make sure that those needs are met for every single individual in my district. and we have had the privilege to do that, whether it be from medicare or whether v.a. services, social security challenges, whether it has to do with people trying to obtain legal status or immigration opportunities. that's what our office does. >> you know, we're going to talk about big serious services as well as fun ones later in the show. but i wanted to spend this first segment just kind of looking at how important all of them are. and, you know, the v.a. mess is a great example, and a great recent example, too. our veterans were furious over the backlog. and i know thousands turned to you and your colleagues for
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updates and information, didn't they? >> yes, they did. and some of those opportunities out there may not have been right directly that had to do with the v.a. i'll just give you an example of one that was solved. we had a veteran overseas. his wife was going in for very serious surgery here in the nation, in the country. and he couldn't get approved to get a flight back home. so our office reached out. we were able to get him returned home so he could be there with his wife when she went through the serious surgery. that may not be important to some people, but that individual -- i guarantee you that was one of the most important things in his life at that time. >> that's fantastic. >> and we need to help solve those issues. >> and that's so important to people. you know, i mentioned whether it's parents, retirees, veterans, small business owners, etc., everybody watching my show or listening to us on the radio, you know, on tv or radio statewide -- everybody has got their own
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what have you problem. and many of them do need some federal help. and so your office both here and in nevada -- you're dealing with a million case loads, case work is what they call the services every day. new stuff comes in every minute and it's very diverse, isn't it? >> it is. my district has probably one of the most diverse district in the state. we have veterans that have to do with the nellis and creech area. we have retired folks in our district. we have all sorts of minority challenges that are out there. and so we're here to serve all of those different entities, so to speak, to make sure that their needs are met. you know, whether it be from the individual side or from, say, the county. i represent seven counties. each of them have different challenges within them that need some help from time to
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>> you know, we should note, too, there are sort of two sides to constituent services. there's the side initiated by, you know, people reaching out to you and wanting that help. and then there's also the side initiated by your office, you know. we discussed a couple of weeks ago when we were talking about small businesses, and you had mentioned a meeting you had in north las vegas. and that inspired you to either author some new acts or get strong behind some things that helped small business people. so sometimes it spurs you to act and sometimes it causes them to reach out to you. you know, a good example, too, in the long recession, nevada ranked number one for foreclosures for years. and so many people, you know, either job loss or foreclosures, it was the delegation that really worked
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hurting nevadans to federal sources of job and housing help in d.c. or on the hill. and it also spurred you to support and author legislation that helped with job loss and with housing. >> yeah. there's a number of things that we have done while being here that have to do with legislation, you know. the reins act was one that helped rein in some of those overreaching regulations that if it costs and impacts the economy over $100 million a year, it has to have congressional approval. >> great. >> a number of other issues that are out there. but the constituent services is one of those issues where i can really accomplish something. at the national level, sometimes it's very difficult to get from one house to the other house and cross the president's desk. this way i can actually accomplish things. >> right away. >> that my district needs. and we have still one of the highest unemployments in my district of any place in the nation. >> and when we return, the
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helping you reach federal agencies, housing help resources, where to turn when you feel mistreated by the feds and a whole lot more.
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>> and welcome back to "eye on washington." our discussion of my guest's constituent services work in his d.c. and nevada offices. he is my guest today, nevada u.s. congressman cresent hardy. when i experienced the loss of a loved one several years ago, former nevada u.s. congresswoman shelley berkley had a flag flown over capitol hill in his honor. and that's just one example of so many constituent services performed by our senators and house members on our behalf. so let's look now at the more serious offerings. next segment we'll lighten things up a bit. just a handful of the big ones. reaching federal agencies, helping you save your home, helping your business compete
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information on how to avert the flu or on other emergency health situations. now, congressman, you know, we should mention, too, a serious service that at first blush doesn't sound like it would qualify. it is your work to get congress to balance that doggone federal budget. but, you know, people at home, your constituents, want to know why they have to balance their checkbook but the government doesn't. how does it serve americans? how is it sort of a constituent service to have a balanced budget in d.c.? >> it helps stabilize economies. it helps people invest in those economies. right now the uncertainty of spending, people are frustrated. i know personally that debt is more cumbersome on your liberties and freedoms than probably anything there is. so we need to make sure we balance the budget and try to reduce the deficit.
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almost $59,000 per man, woman and child in this nation that we owe on our national deficit. >> you know, you mentioned last segment kind of you can't control legislation, but you can really help a constituent. very quickly you mentioned that veteran and getting him home after that surgery. there is a lot of frustration, isn't there, from nevadans and others trying and failing to reach federal agencies? to get a live voice, a real person when they are trying to find missing social security checks or veterans compensation or they are facing a home loss or they are not getting job benefits. so many turn to your nevada and d.c. offices. what can they expect? what can that caller, emailer or visitor expect? "c"? >> think of it this way. i'm the watch dog over those administrative administrators. and it's a lot easier for me
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than it is an individual. and so our job here, as a legislator, is to make sure my team which covers a major gamut, whether v.a. or healthcare issues, just regular issues within a community, even though they may not fall under federal priority, but i can get to that county commissioner. i can get to that city individual, also, through my staff. and they are there ready and waiting to take care. they are not waiting because we stay very busy. we have a full staff, but they are excited about serving the community. that's why they are there. >> and a lot of them really do specialize in particular issues. an example, sometimes, you know, if i'm doing an "eye on washington" on, you know, an update on the v.a. benefits appeal or what have you, sometimes the senator or the congress person who is going to be on my show will bring in some person i haven't even met yet. they will say this is so-and-so, i brought him today since we're doing veterans because he backgrounded me on "x" bill that we're going to
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specialist in our office on that issue. and i know that that helps here. >> you know, you brought up a name just a few minutes ago. >> shelley, yeah. >> and believe it or not, as a republican, i have always admired shelley and her constituent services. she probably had one of the best constituent services out there in the state of nevada. that's what i want to model my office after. >> i didn't even know she was going to do it. i lost someone very close to me several years ago. and, all of a sudden, i was given the notice and the flag, you know, folded up beautifully military, you know, etc. that had flown. you know, i knew after it was up while it was flying. but i didn't know she was going to do that for me. and she had a flag flown in his honor over it. and you get a certificate and just, you know, how it was flown in his honor. and it's such a beautiful thing that you do. >> honestly, this is a sincere
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as your congressman, i work for you. and my staff works for you so they are here to do that work. >> it's beautiful. >> and help you in any way they can. >> and when we return, does your child want to intern for my guest this summer? to you want grandma to receive a birthday card signed by the congressman? let's talk about the fun side
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that's just ahead. >> and welcome back to "eye on washington," our discussion of one nevada leader's work to meet the many and varied needs of his constituents. we have been visiting with him, of course, nevada u.s. congressman cresent hardy. well, every year just 10 individuals are nominated for any vacant military service academy slot allotted to nevada's fourth congressional district. and guess who does the nominating from the group who send in nomination requests? you guessed it. it's my guest. and that's just one of the lighter side constituent services that he provides on your behalf.
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tour of the u.s. capitol, the supreme court, the white house itself? he'll arrange that for you. is your child a budding picasso? each spring the house sponsors the nationwide high school artistic discovery contest to recognize artistic talent in the nation. my guest might choose your child as the best artist in all of district 4. if you want a flag flown over the capitol in remembrance of a loved one, if you want a congressional commendation or a white house greeting for someone there in the fourth district, if you want an internship with the congressman's office, for this and so much more, he's got you covered. congressman, you know, throughout the segment intro on this segment, i ran your website because i thought it would be impossible to get to everything you do in one show so they can look at it up. for our statewide radio listens it is that is, so
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a lot of stuff for a lot of fun constituent services on there for you. so this is the fun side of the and, you know, i love the photos of you online. he's got all these photos and you're just beaming at these new ribbon cuttings at new nevada businesses or visiting with a nevadan at your office here in d.c. this is the fun part of the job, isn't it? >> absolutely. it's one of those pleasures that's actually made a change in my life. you know, i've never been much speak. but the opportunity to go out and meet with students at the high schools and talk to these youth is one of the pleasures i have. it's neat to be able to talk to them about any issue they want to talk about. and it's amazing how astute these students are. to be able to do things, like you say, to be able to select an artist that represents my district out here. and i like to say that my artist is the best one in the >> of course. >> absolutely. and so there's a number of
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to be able to go and issue a certificate to a new opening business, it's kind of neat to walk up and see how excited they are. >> sure. >> to get a congressional certificate. and to me -- >> and to see their congress person. >> that's their reward for starting it. that's a courageous individual that stepped out there and is creating a new business and trying to be an entrepreneur. they deserve that recognition. there's so many things that we get the opportunity to do. whether it's to go to events or just go out and meet people and give certificates of achievement to individuals. it's a pleasure and it's a privilege. >> you know, many times my viewers and listeners, you know, they will contact me saying we're coming to the nation's capital, what can we do and see? many times i have had the thrill of surprising them with special capitol or even white house tours arranged by you guys, arranged by the delegation that i say, well, you know, i'm going to help you out. i'm going to call the congressman's office and see what we can do. you cannot know what this means --
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means to your nevadans because i'm sure many of them follow up with thanks and letters and stuff. but they tell me they are just amazed and touched. and they can't believe it when they get a tour of the white house or the capitol. >> and i have instructed my staff -- you know, my day is filled up with people wanting to come and lobby and talk about their issues. and that's important. but i think my constituents, if they are making an effort to come here 2500 miles, i should give them a piece of my time, should let them have the opportunity to see the legacy and the history. >> sure. >> in this capitol. and wherever i can help on that end, so it's exciting to do those type of things. >> and you'll not only arrange tours, but your site says you'll also help your district 4 friends learn about the top washington sites in general, you know, the don't-miss places. the supreme court is here and the lincoln memorial and, you know, etc.
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the interns you were just talking about, providing that opportunity for interns, but interns are the ones that get to do those tours. >> i'll bet they love that. >> while they do that, they learn the history, also, from our district and from throughout the state. so that's an opportunity for them to continue to learn as they are actually representing and going out and showing about them. >> you know, quickly, you shared a serious good story about the veteran that you did. i want to ask you for a good story about something fun you were able to do for a nevadan. >> well, recently i had the opportunity to just go out to pahrump, nevada. a young man out there was selected by west point. like i say, one candidate out of those 700 and something thousand people that live in my district. he was the student that was selected. and to go out and give him the certificate and the letter that would come from west point for him to be able to go there and be a student and officer, that was fun for me. >> what a ball.
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happened out there. been. opportunity. >> it's fun sometimes not to do legislation and just have some laughs, right? and we'll return. it is mailbag time. hey, walter, we picked your letter to the congressman so listen up.
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stay with us. >> we're back with our closing segment of "eye on washington." it is our mailbag segment. it's when we read a letter you have sent to the mailbag page of our joyce communications website right here on the air and let my guest respond. and, congressman, we have a letter from walter. he says, dear congressman hardy, nevada is one of the states most challenged with needing to integrate recent immigrants into our school system. what steps are being worked on
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do this amidst changing immigration patterns. what do you say to walter? >> well, you know, one of the things my office has been able to do is we have held a number of summits. and one of them is a hispanic summit, so people could come and find out about their issues and what's available to them. so that's an opportunity that we have provided. but understand that most of the issues are at the state and local level on those type of issues. >> all right. thanks. thanks for being here today. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> that does wrap it up for this week's "eye on washington." i hope you'll join us next time as we discuss more important federal matters and their impact on you and nevada. you can visit or our facebook page and learn more from the hill that impacts you in nevada. watch any shows that you have missed on our youtube page. thanks so much for joining us on "eye on washington" today. i'm marilee joyce in
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you have a great day today. >> who can you rely on to always be there
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