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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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reno police are searching for a suspect for shooting inside a home. when officers arrived they found a man sitting in an apartment with a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and he told police he has no idea who would shoot him and he doesn't have a problem with anyone. on friday reno police located a suspicious vehicle that they believe may be connected to a burglary near the 1400 block of foster drive. an older gentleman was roughed and and suffered non-life threatening injuries. police previously told us the
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light skinned or hispanic male, second again light skinned, or hispanic male. call police if you have any information. yesterday the community came together to celebrate the life of a cancer fighter. >> reporter: the sparks high school gym packed to honor the life of state senator debbie smith. many wiping tears from their eyes as they remember her legacy. >> her life cut short too soon. >> reporter: in total eight speakers took to the podium. some were family, others
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powerful moments came from lauren denson, she spoke about dna samples for those arrested for crimes. -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: two of smith's three children ian and aaron talked about her life and her death, the people touched so profoundly by her life. >> every moment -- [indiscernible] -- and he took care of her and -- >> reporter: throughout the service many tears but lighter moments of laughter as people
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time with senator smith clearly a life that impacted many on a personal level. >> her passion, devotion, laughter, gent'llness and service to others will remain etched in our hearts -- gentleness -- thank you for changing if lives of us all. >> we both inherit her spirit -- [indiscernible] -- >> senator debbie smith continued her work after her diagnosis. she return today the senate
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a malignant brain tumer in 2013. a truckee person was found at the northeast corner of a lake, the rescue team found the body of a second man on saturday. 33 year old joshua patterson from cool, colorado. officials do not believe the men we are wearing life vests when they went out on the lake. the water has been between 37- 39-degrees since this weekend. the university nevada at reno is looking to add more faculty. they have a ratio of 18-1. the record enrollment of nearly 21,000 students this year is
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fund 300 new faculty academic officials. free and low cost health services will be available. teaming up to offer those in need. it is from 3-5:30 at wooser high school. they include flu vaccinations, dental fluoride treatment. the food bank and a whole lot more. coming up the war of words continues between trump and rubio. this time over the ku klux klun. john kasich is getting pushed out the door, but why he
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we'll be right back. welcome back, the u.s. navy seal edward buyers is only the sixth navy seal to receive this award. back in 2012 he helped with the rescue of a americanvilleian being he would hoss -- american being held by -- orcpoll find donald trump and hillary clinton are going to be ahead of their closest competitors before super
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so, why does it matter so much? jonathan mann explains. >> reporter: super tuesday is a chance for the candidate to get a large number of delegates. about half of them are in the south which is why you will also hear this called sec conference which may be best known for football rivalries. there are more delegates up for grabs on super tuesday than any other day of the calendar. that 1 day offers nearly half, 48% of what is needed to win for republicans, more than one- third for democrats. it will probably not decide the race for the republicans because of the number still in the race.
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for a clear fast win, but could have a big impact on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. john kasich says he has no plans to leave the republican race right now and he's hoping to use his home state of ohio as a reset in just a few weeks. kasich won second place in new hampshire but since then he has fallen behind marco rubio and ted cruz. republican leaders have been urging kasich to get out of the race. >> nobody is pressuring me to get out of the race. marco rubio is trailing in florida by 17 points. why aren't they telling him to get out and get behind me. i have a better chance in ohio
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kasich told meet the press on sunday that he would leave the race if he does indeed lose ohio. trump was asked on nbc'sed to show why he did not dis-avow david duke's endorsement. trump said he was unable to hear the question due to a bad ear piece. rubio pounced. >> he blamed it on a bad ear piece, i don't care how bad the ear piece is, ku klux klan comes through clear. .
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the aaron andrews trial in nashville. the first witness was from the marriott hotel. andrews is expected to take the stand this week. the sports caster and t.v. host is suing michael barrett for $70 million. barrett used a peephole from an enjoining room to report andrews as she changed clothes. andrews' mother is expected to take the stand as well. her father has already given an emotional testimony. governor snider's aids new something was wrong with flint's water as far back as 2013. the aids discussed switching the supply from the river to lake huron six months before it started using its own river for water.
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didn't treat it with anticorrosive agents. they said those were political concerns. the fifa corruption scandal, city group said in a recent securities filings the being slapped with a subpoena from u.s. officials investigating bribery, corruption and money laundering. they require them to inquire about shady transactions. they are being questioned whether the bank turned a blind eye to the suspicious transactions or not. a look at your forecast. a beautiful monday. meteorologist tim studebaker baker joins us. >> reporter: you asked for it, you get it. warmer it was the next few days. the big difference over the
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on tuesday. we are looking for a breezy day on tuesday otherwise warm temperatures prevail at least for the first few days the warm weather prevails. all the warm weather we have been having, tree pollen is still high and thosely that is june fer and -- those mostly are juniper and -- we have been in this type of range for the last maybe week or so. 67 in reno sparks. 70 tomorrow, that's our best chance to get anywhere near a record. 72 was the record from 1974. and farther away as we head
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still warm today, not a question there. light winds but breezes will pick up. right now 10 miles per hour winds out of the northwest. pretty dry and partly cloudy skies report from the the airport too. 50s and 60s across the area. already at the 70-degree mark in bishop and we are going to continue to warm up for the next few hours. not much in the way of moisture. we are staying dry for many of us through the next several days. much of the forecast is dry until we get into next weekend and that might extend into next week. 50s and 60s for to northeast nevada. up and around tahoe 50s. 56 at south lake, 57 at truckee. temperatures will be a few
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60s for most of us and that is the case for reno sparks. we are running way past the average. pretty quiet, pretty dry for the 7- day forecast. of note the winds on your tuesday. heading into the weekend that's our next winter storm chance and that could extend into the middle of next week. we'll keep you updated. back to you. when we come back, a near of firsts at last night's academy award.
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welcome back, at the academy awards after being nominated several times one nominee finally got the award. and chris rock acknowledges the dis--- >> reporter: he brought the climate change into focus. >> let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granite. >> hollywood is sorority racist. it's like, we like you, rhonda, but you're in the a kappa. [laughter] >> reporter: also calling
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>> make sure once and forever that the color of our skin become as irrelevant as the color of our hair. >> reporter: and calling directly to the pope to end abuse and scandal within the church. >> reporter: and brie larson won best actress for her hole in room. and mark rylance beat out sylvester stalone. and finally, mad max, fury road picked up six oscars, the most of any nominated this year. >> reporter: and lady gaga stole the show with her rendition of,"until it happens to you."
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tickets in walt disney world now come with demand sourced basing. the value 1 day pass at disney land is going to drop to $95. the regular pass rises up to 105. and then $112 per ticket on peek days. u.s. astronaut scott kelley is getting ready to come home after a year in space. it's all part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars if and when that happens. he has now spent the most cumulative time in space as many american in history. i bet you he's excited to go back home to the gravity and the planet and see his friends. i would get lonely. >> look at our forecast? >> reporter: very warm temperatures remain across the
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[lively music] >> thank you. hi, welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. >> whoo-whoo-whoo! >> our teams today are danny and ajay versus kamilah and changa. all right, then. ah, we'll get to you guys in a minute. kamilah, changa, step up, please. >> yeah, whoo! yes!
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a couple! >> both: no! >> no, okay, ah... you guys hate each other, but you're willing to be on a game show for cash. >> both: no! >> okay, all right, well, somewhere in between. what is it? >> yeah, we're actually in-laws. we married to the same jamaican family. >> yes, yes. >> ohhh. >> so we're married to siblings. >> you married into a jamaican family? >> yes. >> great, great jamaicans. >> yeah, when i worked in construction, i worked with a lot of jamaican guys in new york. they had this thing that they liked to put in cigarettes, ah-- >> yeah. >> oh, yeah, little things-- >> little green things? >> yeah, yeah, i was like, "oh, this is a--this is a splendid idea." you got your in-laws, then, right? so you're married to the... >> his wife and my husband are brother and sister. >> all right, i get it, i get it, all right, and they're cool with this? >> jamaican me crazy. >> like, yeah, yeah. >> all right, welcome. let's meet the celebrity you'll be playing with first. she starred on six seasons of reba, can now be seen on the fifth season of baby daddy. please welcome the beautiful melissa peterman, everybody, melissa peterman. [cheers and applause]


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