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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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rooney mara, "carol." [ applause ] saoirse ronan, "brooklyn." [ applause ] alicia vikander, "the danish girl." [ applause ] and the golden globe goes to -- brie larson, "room." [ applause ] >> thank you so much. thank you to the hollywood foreign press. it's been such a pleasure getting to know you. you're such an incredible bunch
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[ laughter ] um, this movie means so much to me and so, i need to start at the beginning with emma donahue who wrote the novel. i'm glad lenny abramson took it over to create the film. he had people around him, ethan toteman, our production design, myself, jacob tromblay, half of this award, my performance. i have to thank my team. my mom. i can't believe this. um, i am so incredibly grateful. thank you to my friends, my family who supported me, thank you 824 for taking this all the way. um and thank you alex, my love. i can't believe this.
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i will write you a thank you card. okay. [ applause ] >> announcer: from "the hunger games," last year's golden globe actress in a drama, julianne moore. [ applause ] >> here are the nominees for best actor in a motion picture drama. bryan cranston, "trumbo." leonardo dicaprio, "the revenant." [ applause ] michael fassbender, "steve jobs." [ applause ] eddie redmayne, "the danish girl." [ applause ]
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and the golden globe goes to -- leonardo dicaprio. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. thank you. thank you. thank you. what an incredible honor. what -- wow, that meant a lot. thank you so much. thank you to the hfpa and to the other fantastic performances in this category, you guys were unbelievable. what a terrific year in film. two years ago, we found
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nature with all of its complications and all the beauty that it gave us sincinematicall whyy. this was about trust and no one we trust more than our director, alejandro g. inarritu. your leadership, your vision, your acute attention to making every day so visceral and real for us, i have never had an experience like this in my entire life. the depths which he chevo and the entire crew went through is unfathomable and i really want to thank the actors that i got to stand shoulder to shoulder with in this film, in particular, my good friend, tom hardy, who is a beast, an unbelievable talent, was there every single day, who i know in real life would never bury me
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cold to die like that. my makeup artist, sean grigg, you are an unbelievable talent, thank you for all the genius you have brought to this movie. i have to thank all the people involved in making this film, mary parent, steve golan, brad westin, jim gianopolous. but arnon milcn nchltmilchan, no one that would stick with a film to the end like you. my team, rick, steve, gretchen, rick, schaub, thank you for pushing me constantly to make choices like this, my parents, i love you dearly. my friends, you know who you are. and lastly, i want to share this award with all the first nations people represented in this film and all the indigenous communities around the world. it is time that we recognize your history and that we protect your indigenous lands from corporate interests and people
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it is time that we heard your voice and protected this planet for future generations. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> announcer: nbc's telecast of "the 73rd annual golden globe by -- chrysler. and presented by l'oreal paris, because you're worth it. which film will take the night's most coveted award? stay tuned as harrison ford reveals best motion picture drama. "the golden globes," right here on nbc. not all wrinkles are the same. some wrinkles, like the vertical ones... make you look sad. revitalift from l'oreal the anti-aging cream that fights the appearance of wrinkles, even difficult vertical ones. it works! i can see a difference here and here. the advanced formula with pro-retinol visibly fights wrinkles plus firms skin. wrinkles? sad looking? not for me! revitalift from l'oreal skin expert paris. the science of beautiful skin at every age.
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>> announcer: welcome back to the golden globes much and now from the frds awakenorce awak "the forz a wakce from, "the force awakens", harrison ford. >> once again it the nominees for motion picture drama. >> announcer: "carol." "mad max: fury road." "the revenant." "room." "spotlight." [ applause ] >> and the golden globe goes
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"the revenant." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: coming to the stage and accepting the golden globe tonight is writer/director -- producer of "the revenant," alejandro g. inarritu. [ applause ] >> my god. >> speech. speech. speech. >> sorry, there's a lot of kissing here. i forgot to say thanks to mark, my co-writing partner, all the native americans who help us make this film possible. and, i don't know, i want -- somebody, guys, please jump to
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i cannot say how surprised i am and how proud i am to have survived this film with all these fellas. please. tony. >> wow, thank you guys so much. this is such a surprise, brad westin, arnon, everybody at regioncy, fox, we love you so much. this was an incredible experience. alejandro, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, everybody. >> and leo, of course. >> come, come, come, come. >> thank you. i'm afraid that's it. we're out of time. for myself and mel gibson,
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>> announcer: the nomination ballots are mailed to all eligible members of the hollywood foreign press association, who choose up to five nominees in each category. on the final ballots, the same members vote for one nominee in each category. information concerning the final results is known only to the accounting firm of ernst & young, llp prior to tonight's opening of the sealed envelopes.
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annual golden globe awards." >> a major shake-up at unlv, dave rice out as the rebel coach. also a deadly trend from 2015 continuing into 2016, the brutal weekend of the road in southern nevada. and a future of solar in nevada, new battle set for this week on controversial rape proposelings, news 3 live at 11 starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is
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>> a season that start would so much promise quickly fell apart for the unlv rebels. and a hammer dropped on the basketball program dave rice out as coach. depending ob who you believe he was forced out or resigned. i'm trevor joined here on set by our sports director randy. many are questioning the timing of today's announcement and there have been questions about the direction of unlv basketball but this is certainly quite a shake-up especially becomes in the middle of the season. >> and it comes two days before they're supposed to play new mexico on tuesday night, but they had one of the best recruiting classes in the nation last year almost finished 500, another great recruiting class this year, just 9 in 7. therwas a lot of grumbling by unlv faithful and the rebels won a 10-point lead, 17-point lead at wyoming, both resulting in losses and a 0 in 3 start in the mountain west.
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down this evening round 5:00 p.m. just 48 hour away from that tip with new mexico. rice's picture on the ticket for the game tuesday night. third all time wins, 98 in 54, including 10 victories against ranked opponents. rice is in the middle of his fight year as head coach at unlv. rirn 2011 he returned as part of that nain 1990 championshipship. are he will receive the remainder of his base salary. >> dave rice and i mutually agree for him to step away. it's a very tough day for those of us at unlv. nobody has worked harder and loved ux nlv more than coach rice. he's been a friend, family for years and i want to thank him
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this great university. >> i think i got a lot of coaching left in me. i'll always u preetion appreciate the opportunity u unlv gave me. i i look forward to my next opportunity. >> so former prep coach todd simon will take over as the interim head coach that means the rebels top two athletic programs are being run by former high school coaches. tony sanchez from bishop gorman simon was in charge of the top high school land friendly prep, a 35 in 1 record spent seven years at finley prep and helped a lot of players land division 1 schools and the nba. >> obviously in basketball this doesn't happen often, um, to make a change in the middle of the season and i think todd has some attributes that will help
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it's really important somebody that can connect with our players, stacey and ryan will have a bigger role, and all three of them are associate head coach, but at this time felt todd had some things that can help us get through this. >> we'll have more a little later in sports. you'll hear from the new interim coach. >> some genuine emotion from both the coach and tina kunzer murphy tonight, definitely a difficult decision there. we'll check in with amber in a little bit. mean time more breaking news here at 11, singer david bowie has died. the singer was 69 years old a post on facebookay dda surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. we will have more on this
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the wagners. the most recent claiming two lives in north las vegas after a car drove off a bridge. er. not the trend we were hoping to kick off the new year with. >> definitely not, jordan, talking about eight lives lost, crashes at the scene, the most recent fatal crash. you can see the fence here just completely mangled before they fell about 27 feet to their deaths. >> a tragic end to a deadly weekend. a duo driving a red suv sunday morning lost control near carrie and loc yx. >> this suv was traveling east bound on carrie at a high rate
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roadway shrn shortly after the to the ground. police are still working to figure out why that driver lost control. >> right now it's too early to tell if alcohol is a factor, that's something we're definitely looking into. >> this just hours after a couple in their 80s was killed late saturday night. >> mean while metro detectives are still piecing together this fatal crash on tropicana near polaris. it happened early saturday morning, a woman killed after a 22 year old man driving an rtc bus crashed through a buts shelter, struck a woman on the side wobbling and continued down the street. chris captured the after math each time, hoping to bring awareness to bus shelter safety. >> a busy weekend for
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for victims families. >> people slow down, be aware of surroundlings, not only affecting your life, affecting the lives of other people as well. >> and again six separate fatal crashes reported this weekend alone. that's a lot of lives, a lot of families lives touched here. with a lot more information on all these separate instances you can find all of that on reporting live, nathan o'neil, news 3. >> appreciate that. consumer electronics show is over now, one of the biggest if not the biggest convention in las vegas and of course it takes a lot of effort to pull off a show like ces.
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left over booths, gift bags. >> exhibiters in freeman are so generous their impact is going to be felt long after this convention has left las vegas. >> also this year ces added a program sponsored by sam pn sung, today las vegas residents were invited to donate old
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toward - - . >> fifty-six-dollars. >> calculated he'll see a return for his 80,000-dollar investments in seven years, but now. >> i'm looking at about 18 years before i get a return on investment now. >> before the new rate structure, silver customers paid a service fee of 12.75, now customers will pay just under 18 bucks. says the fixed fee increase is needed to cover utility and deliver costs to customers. by 2020 the raight is expected to
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dedesigned to insure customers don't subsidize solar customers. the energy says it won't profit from the new metering rate. hopes they can hold off on any change including solar owners can voice their concerns. expected to decide whether to pause the new rates while the issues raised on reconsideration are evaluated. christine kim, news 3. >> less than three weeks until the iowa caucus now the first votes of the presidential campaign, u head on news 3 live at 11, new poll information for both the democrats and republicans. and also donald trump was in reno and had some interesting comments about the nfl. >> gerard, plenty of cloud round this weekend as you can see. we're going to start the work week on a sunny note.
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>> french president francois hollande and others held a ceremony to country still under a state of emergency after the attacks in november. hollande and the mayor of paris unveiled a plaque in memory of the victims targeted at the charlie hebdo newspaper, a kosher market, rock concert, caifs astadium, and elsewhere. the violence left someone 150 people dead. the saga of the recapture of mexican drug lord el chapo guzman is taking new twists and turns, rolling stone published the interview he did with sean penn who said the two met seek ytly last year. mexican authorities now want to speak with penn and also mexican soap opera star kate del castillo about their secret trip. guzman agreed to take questions, penn writes, after a face to face meeting days before a failed october raid.
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i supply more heroin, meth, and marijuana than anybody else in the world. guzman's desire to make a movie about himself and his interaction with producers and actors eventually lead to his arrest. >> the mexican authorities want to identify as many people closely associated with el chapo as they can. >> sources they authorities were aware pen and del castillo were in to meet with guzman in october. a sweep was delayed assured the two would not be harmed when the raid eventually did take place, el chapo and his security team escaped. still ahead, the nfl playoff, two more teams punched their tickets to the next round. also, the big chance and change for unlv basketball as coach dave rice leaves the running rebels, hear from the man step nothing to his shoes coming up on
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happy birthday.
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sexiest desert >> with just over three weeks to go before the iowa caucuses a new nbc wall street journal poll today shows democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a tight race. in way, clinton leads sanders 48-45 percent, while in new hampshire, the vermont senator is ahead 50 to 46 percent. clinton is still attacking sanders for voting for an nra-supported bill a decade ago, giving legal protection to gun manufacturers. sanders says now he's willing to
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>> senator sanders vote would voted with them and through this morning has been unwilling to saying this should be repealed. >> when gun manufacturers are selling guns into an area and know that those guns are going into the hands of criminals absolutely those gun manufacturers should be held accountable. >> as for the republicans mean time ted cruz leads trump by four points in iowa, but trump hampshire. trump was campaigning today up in reno in northern nevada where he also called into question cruz's citizenship. cruz was born in canada, but is a natural born citizen under the law because his mother is a u.s. citizen. trump also went after the nx fl today. he says he doesn't watch professional football anymore because they have quote, gone soft like the united states. trump added referees are constantly throwing penalty flags just so their wives can
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u.s. army core of engineers opened a maijer spillway near new orleans for the fist time in years the goal seeking to decrease the flow of the swollen mississippi river. heavy rain has set the river to its highest stages since 2011, spill well built in - - . to send relief waters to the gulf of mexico. and it is time for some weather authority information now, jerry brown joining us. i have a question for you, i don't know why the mississippi river floods almost every year down in the low lands. why can't we figure out a way to get all that water here to our drought-stricken - - . >> a lot of people - - . >> right? >> on the great lakes, yeah. >> is that a bad idea? >> they don't need the water we do. >> i don't understand the engineering, but it sounds simple to me shin i'll go with you on that. >> okay. >> hey, well, you know, we had the clouds today it was a little
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actually anticipated. we did get into the 50s today and pretty nice day i think on balance. here it is in motion as you take a view from the springs preserve looking to the east and plenty of cloud cover tonight. look for some skies to clear, a little later on currently 44 degrees down on the strip, the miracle mile shops with any south east breeze at 2-miles an hour, 48 percent relative humidity with a dew point of 25-degrees, and as we look around the region a very chilly 37 in the south west valley down at durango pliew blue diamond, 71 percent the relative humidity rvetion you see the pressure is up and there were some sprinkles round the valley, in the north west valley, centennial hills had 2/100ths of an inch today. current - - . 14 up on the mountain, looking at some single digits, 43 in
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downtown studios, water street,
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