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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 11, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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jefferson, you would probably find the success rate being pretty low. >> reporter: take gun control. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> reporter: congress didn't agree with that 2013 mention and obama's had to resort to watered down executive actions. in almost every state of the union he's demanded college affordability. a tough sell. student loan debt above the 1 trillion mark. his push on immigration under whelming results in congress and is tied up in court. the bully pulpit speeches overcoming bas saying look at what we can do. we're united of the people. of course we don't unite as a people. >> reporter: with a republican dominant congress the president's state of the union may focus on outlining what he
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realizing some of the big ticket items may have to be left to his successor. on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. >> reed: we have breaking news at 3:30 p.m. police are investigating a deadly shooting in henderson near stephanie and patrick. ac po two people are being questioned in the shooting death of an adult male. but so far no arrests have been going in and out behind that police tape. police believe this could have been a domestic dispute. obviously a developing story. we'll bring you more updates as soon as we get them. >> marie: those who missed president obama's last state of the union will get that chance to see it thanks to amazon. r half struck a deal to put it on amazon's site. the speech hud be available to -- should be able to all starting thursday through the end of the week. the state of the union will not be connected to amazon prime the subscription service. the speech will be available through amazon video for three.
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and jonathan elias takes it from here from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm first time seeing images of one of the suspects in the paris terror attack. french tv station released surveillance images from the gas station near france and belgium. he is still on the run and is seen with suspected accomplice. police believe the pictures were taken the day after the november 13th terror attack. we're learning more about the man killed while trying to attack a paris police station last week. german investigators say he had lived in a german shelter fof people seeking asylum. after a search investigators say it does not appear any other attacks were planned. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. >> marie: dramatic scenes from the recapture of the cartel leader known as el chapo.
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months after he fled that mexican prison. this video which first aired on the mexican television network shows the police raid at el chapo's hideout. the operation code named black swan. mexico plans to send him to the u.s. to face justice. police say he was hiding in the house in the video but managed to get away then during the shootout with the mexican navy. he was later captured on a highway.d the maryland court of appeals has issued a stay that halts the trial of caesar goodson junior. he is the second of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the stay concerns the question of whether another of the charged officers can be compelled to testify in his trial. goodson drive the van that carried freddie gray from the site of his arrest last april to the police station. a trial underway in new orleans for the only person arrested following a 2014 gunfight on bourbon street that
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jury selection began today in the case of chung lee who was captured. his lawyer says he 22-year-old fired in self-defense to save himself from others. the shooting happened on bourbon he the famous street of night clubs and restaurants in the french quarter. >> marie: athlete oscar pistorius is asking the supreme court to hear an appeal. they have asked the constitutional court to let the team appeal the murder conviction for the killing of reeva p have been filed. it's unclear how long the court will take to decide whether it will hear pistorius's case. >> reed: former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly have thrown their support behind hillary clinton. they support clinton as the choice for presidential nominee. this comes almost five years after give earth was shot in the head. the former arizona democratic representative and her husband have been outspoken advocates for gun control legislation.
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concealed weapons themselves. they say clinton is the only candidate for the president that has the determination and the toughness to stand up to the corporate gun lobby and has the record to prove it. >> marie: fans of singer david bowie coping with the news about his death. the news he lost his battle with cancer was posted on his website and social media pages. bowie died peacefully sunday after an 18 month fight. neither his publicist or the statement elaborate on what kind of cancer the singer was fighting. bowie's career spaned more than four decades. he first rose to fame in the '60s and inspired the glam rock movement of the '70s before reinventing himself several times. bowie had just leased his 25th album black star on friday. his birth day. he was 69 years old. >> reed: china's markets tumbled today as doubts about its economic management kept the
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as stocks in check. trading suspended twice last week after a key index plunged seven percent pushing oil prices down. china's stock market has little connection to the rest of its economy but it's declined focus foreign attention on the slow down and chinese growth. the volatile performance of china's stock market has dented the image of chinese leaders as confident economic managers. >> marie: your budget might need serious revamping because smfg the country's financial gur haufz done. >> reed: this is especially true if you have a credit card or are trying to get into a home. nbc's chris clackham explains. >> reporter: when the federal rese err vd interest rates and said there would be further gradual increases during 2016 a lot of consumers were sent scrambling for the calculateer. >> as interest rates go up they're quickly reflected in your credit card and home equity lines of credit.
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>> reporter: greg mcbride senior analyst at says especially consumers with adjustable rate mortgage loans scheduled to reset this year. >> if the fed has raised intetest rates a few times, you could be looking at a nasty payment increase. >> reporter: he says when interest rates rise on credit they rise on what banks pay customers with savings accounts. >> a lot of branches not going to be -- banks are not going to be raising interest rates. even if they do the back half of 2016 those years are still trailing the rate of inflation. >> reporter: car loans won't be affected that much which may help car sales continue the record pace they set in 2015. chris clackham, nbc news. >> marie: ford motor company says it will launch an app they hope will make your drive to work easier. in april ford plans to launch ford pass. the app will help drivers find
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live assistance. ford says you won't need to drive a ford to use ford pass but ford owners will receive the most benefits. >> reed: ride sharing company uber cutting fare prices in more than 100 cities and canada. it is a bid to stimulate business as it tries to beat the winter jump and people ordering rides n. some cities this is the third year uber has dropped prices. the amount of the discount will vary city by city and the price cuts went into affect over the weekend. >> marie: tesla cars the luxury electric vehicles can park themselves in your garage. the company released a software update on sunday that allows users to do just that with a click of a button. the vehicle also has a summon feature that will allow you to click a button and have a car in front of their home. a tesla spokesman says in little as two years people may be able to call their car to drive itself from their home to meet them anywhere in the country. or perhaps just pick up the kids
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>> reed: i'd like to see a human being behind the wheel. call me old fashioned. much of hollywood is just waking up after a big night the red carpet. >> marie: the golden globes in the history book. was it a big success or big flop? coming up we'll look at the big wins and the major upsets throughout the night. >> reed: after serving in the airforce, one woman is still serving our community. how she's helping female vets in this week's heroes segment. . >> chloe: . >> chloe: it looks like stormy weather is headed for the west coast. i'll let you know how it's going impact our forecast for your
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news 3. >> marie: let's start off the workweek with something inspiring. as an airforce veteran bobbi oats continues to serve our community making sure female veterans are getting the resources they deserve. >> reed: news 3's christine kim introduces us to this week's hero seg. . >> reporter: bobbi can keep going. >> advisory count committee and the airforce association. >> reporter: the groups she's involved in after serving our country for 23 years. >> i joined in 1976. >> reporter: at 22 during a time not many women served oats joined the airforce. >> i did a lot of maintenance. i worked on airplanes. i work 238s, f 4s. >> reporter: proving she could
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>> i swore and said i would what i did. >> reporter: she was also one of the first to set up the units at creech airforce base. >> we kind of laid the ground work of how the airforce was going to use them. >> reporter: rotes of one of 24,000 victim veterans living in our state according to the department of veterans service. >> we've only been able to locate 3,000. >> reporter: she is making it her mission to find the rest of the female vets who call nevada home. >> women are veterans. to make people realize that and also to make other women realized they're veterans an there are services to help them. >> reporter: her passion recognized recently by governor sandoval when she was honored as veteran of the month. she continues to raise awareness representing the women veterans of nevada at tables like this one set up at dinosaur and rose's thrift shop. >> we fight for their freedom and we need to let them see the
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know it's just not men. >> reporter: she says many women don't consider themselves veterans if they didn't serve in come ballot. but oats wants to get across that's not right. if you wore the uniform, you are a vet. and that's how she's continues to serve even after retirement. >> we serve for our 20 plus years and are still serving our community and our fellow veterans and our fellow citizens. and, you know, fellow americans. that's what we do. we're, you know, we're part of the voluntd thas we still do. we volunteer to help others. >> reporter: christine kim, news 3. >> reed: a big congratulations. she also won a $100 gift card and chance to win a $500 visa card courtesy of the children's hospital of nevada umc. if you know somebody in your community who has gone above and beyond tell us their story. you can submit those stories on our facebook page or at news 3 >> marie: what's it like to truly be in love? that's a question that can be
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here's perspective through the filmmaker behind a new documentary called "autism in love." >> our purpose in this movie is to show that people with autism and asperger's syndrome can find love and make it work. >> every one of us no matter where we are on the spectrum are worthy of receiving love and giving love. >> marie: so true. newlyweds lindsay and dave are on the autism spectrum and are featured in the documentary. autism in love follows people in different phases including finding love and losing love. the film director matt fuller says he hopes the documentary will help young adults dealing with the same challenges. >> reed: help the rest of us to see it right. let's continue the conversation. tweet us at... you can do it during the show or any time. you can also tweet the station. >> marie: and maybe share your e more than 140 characters for that.
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you can do that by liking our page just search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. >> reed: you saw it last night on television. the golden globes. we think a lot of hollywood is in recovery the day after all that champagne sipping. maybe i'm in recovery too. [ laughter ] >> marie: it was quite a show wasn't it? the 73rd annual event last night honored the year's best in tv and movies. gina kim gives us a look at some of the winners. >> "the revenant." [ applause ] >> reporter: that front ear revenge -- frontier epic was a revelation. three major wins including best drama, director and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. this was about survival. it was about adaptation. >> reporter: honors for best actress went to first time nominee brie larson. and a double win for "the martian" best musical and comedy and best actor for matt damon.
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>> reporter: jennifer lawrence spoke directly to her frequent director david o. russing after reading best actress for their collaboration joy. in the tv categories cookie lyons alter ego taraji p. henson passed out cookies on the way to claiming best actress in a drama for "empire." mad men john hamm took best actor for his work on that show's final season while first year computer hacker season mr. robot captured best drama. two upsets for mozart in the jungle. best comedy and actor. >> this is a big surprise. >> reporter: rachel bloom was surprid too. >> oh my god! >> reporter: winning best actress for "crazy ex-girlfriend." the night's highlights including a standing ovation for sylvester stallone's first ever globe. best supporting actor for creed. playing the role he originated nearly four decades ago. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being
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>> reporter: a golden moment on a golden night. gina kim nbc news, beverly hills. >> marie: really was a beautiful moment. >> reed: there were so many great moments. it was telling m three-year-old hit the wrong wuts button. >> marie: chloe points out those cookies must have been a well appreciated welcome. they haven't been eating -- those lovely ladies haven't been eating all day to get into the dresses. >> reed: we're going to talk about what's on news 3 live at five today. which a forecast willing definitely partof. >> chloe: sleightabsolutely. you know the office pools being formed as the powerball hits $1.4 billion. at five, why you could be breaking the law just to have a chance at riches. >> reed: as president obama preps for his state of the union some las vegans heading to washington to see the speech
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the message they want the president to give the nation. plus the full forecast with kevin janison and check of your traffic with tom hawley tonight on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: the cold winter weather continues to blanket the midwest this week. in indianapolis over the weekend about three inches of snow fell along with stiff northwesterly winds. the wintry mix made for a slick, slippery glaze on the roads. forecasters say snow showers and subzero wind chills are expected to linger into next week. in cincinnati, many experienced season. check out this 18 foot snow octopus in minnesota. it took three brothers 500 hours to finish! every year they select a new and different sculpture in hopes of raising money for charity. this year their goal? to raise $10,000 to provide clean wate from where it is cold to where it is very hot. mother nature putting on this
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molt be hot lava shot to the rim of hawaii's kilauea vol can youo. -- volcano. explosions like this happen when large rocks break loose and fall into the lava. nearby communities apparently were not in any danger. the volcano has seriously been erupting since 1983. so they just sort of watch it over there in hawaii and then have a my tai. >> marie: it's that time of year when people start think about a tropical destination. >> reed: i have a friend chloe beardsley who is in hawaii right now. she says it's just warm enough that it's nice to be away. we want warmer in the valley. >> chloe: we have a bit of a warming trend headed our way. we're looking at clear skies but cool conditions right now. currently in the low 50s for las vegas. 30s for tonopah. very cold weather inland. along the coast not so much. 55 degrees for san francisco. 60 degrees.
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we're going take to you a few places across the west coast. san francisco you can see mostly cloudy skies throughout most of the day waking up to low clouds and patchy fog. mostly sunny conditions in los angeles. as we get closer to home, beautiful sunshine across pahrump. and this afternoon we also saw very wonderful weather conditions with a few high clouds streaming in across the las vegas valley. taking a look at conditions outside right now. mostly in the 50s. you can see right here. 52 degrees downtown. slightly cooler in summerlin. 50 on the mark as well centennial, mountain's edge. in the 40s for blue diamond. low to mid-fifties for the current temperature right now. winds are pretty light just out of the northwest and gusts have been the strongest in the northwest portion of the valley. wind gusts reaching up to 25 miles an hour in centennial. outside the valley right now 52 for pahrump. also in the mid-fifties for over
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temperature in boulder city. moderate wind gusts so far throughout the evening. or throughout the day into the even we're going see a bit more clouds overnight tonight. temperatures around 42 degrees by calm and cold conditions will continue. as we take a close look at the satellite, not too much happening across southern nevada fit right now. things are going to change. we do have stormy weather headed our way into the west coast. but we're going take a look at what we're going get out of it. most of the precipitation is going to be across northern california and bringing precipitation to the sierra. you can see right here. as we make our way into the middle of the workweek doesn't look like any of that storm activity is going to make it into our neck of the woods mostly across portions of northern nevada. we're going stay fairly dry. like i promised, warmer weather is headed our way. we're going be slightly colder
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also fairly chilly with 30s at mesquite. overton. 22 in pahrump and single digits mount chalston tonig 55 for mesquite. mid-50s for overton and pahrump by the afternoon. lots of sunshine is expected across the l bblging light. and we're going to hang on to a few clouds throughout the afternoon. here is the exciting part. even though it's winter time slight dip in temperatures by middle of the workweek. after that warming trend headed in our direction. if you've got monday off that's going to be pretty exciting. a lot of people come here to visit because it doesn't feel like winter and we've got a fo tha agrees perfectly with that warmer weather headed our way. >> marie: okay. >> reed: i'm going hold you to that. oe .ar some daring people took part in the annual no pants day around the world. this video coming in from vienna austria where people braved temperatures in the 30s. yikes. the annual event started a decade ago in new york and it's
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could say that in dozens of countries around the world. the objective of no pantsing? make people smile. >> reed: put some pants on. for goodness sake. harrison ford wears pants. he's had a long movie career wearing pants. a lot of hits along the way but a few flops as well. movie flops that is. he's grossed more money at the u.s. box office than any other actor. that's according to box office mojo. ford's movies raked in $4.7 billion at the u.s. box office. a big part of that really comes from his roles as ha a also as indiana jones. the 73-year-old ford has made 41 movies over the course of his career. ford bumps samuel jackson to second place. tom hanks, morgan freeman and eddie murphy round out the top five. . >> marie: once a staple name in
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