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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ramb scouled het of tsair its nd pstand artedr thei to racesea. ac -r thee to? sea ca-to es pe e theaflesh-irting b.ds.. adthat me ske th y aalmostk s blache bas t.each saand i "sebid, anasti, no. no 's, it lik notate th." mbut heme lade ook. he m meade see t thatble errit.sigh t wa-what s nohalike t t? ife! -l said i o., "n , no nthat'se.ot tru " but aihe s id, "it s." s heloaid, "violok, et.lo erok, th thee onre sho." and oki lo ed w and sasandthe a alllive, al ivl al e, ase thhatcnew-sehed lea turt s themadeasir dheh to t sea, e thwhilrde bires hoveand ooped sw ad tottack, an vered hod d andswoopett to a e ey werng ddivi..own. on ea the surtl t,es
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g tearin their un ope.. an ind rendd eag an tingr theiflesh. stsebaian... es guthatsed si pos bly ly onundr a h edthof er one p...cent theofumir nwober cauld eso thpe ta.e se na is ture notea cr tted in ihe mage anof m c' tu nacrre is uel! ba seknstian t alew ionl al g, bo was nowirn kt,ng i t but no i. i , saido."no, n e arthoslye on, birds les.turt u not s." di i nodn't ken w thit s- was u- w thatale are usl of d trappesby thi de invourtig crea on. co i --uldn'tn' would t-- tfacerohe horher of tth. tru ev t en tha daylast he in tta encan das,wh asen sebeftian l...t me d anthspent ee whol inblaztog equaayrial d ... theinw' cro s nest sof thener,choo
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ee. an end whme he ca downthe inriggaig he sd, n"well,e ow i'v himseen ," mand heodeant g . do b you helievegoe saw d? he sawwh the thinole erg ththe, oat daye ben thach. i but kewas li. you ni saido. i re d fuseieto bel ve, ti unenl suddlastly, me sumr, nei lear sond my r wasight-- hathat wadt he hwn m sho e he in tta encan..das.
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vi oh, , hoolet ney,u yoe gave mrn,a tu icoming tn like hat. au hi, i.nt v awhat tre you wo g hedoinre? em -r ember?ke y liaiou s-sd? uso we jnd ot kif... le rselt ouinves . oh mu, i avst hste ju t go oholdisf thr lette youwhengh frimetened on ught syour leeve,ab prob ly. is ths. is mr, holly th the mother of e girlat s maint aary's,t.nd tha .. h is, er songe.geor pa ap, rentlyeain a w k me mosant, i coid he uldha asve seb ctian'ses.loth vi,aunt h you aven'trg fon whotteouat ylad st at weekneelaiil tutweer's?
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i d coulcohave ebusin san'sastiot cl hes, ic wh h werejust ng goist to wae. th igat's r u di yoy d sa that.i d yoheary u sactdistin ly at s theron hd e coulhave-- al t,l righig all r ht.ani stsed accu d-- enerof gy.osit -a ownd n y, willasou ple e---a olunt vigeet is us,nero en so gtoerous fam herily, ermist --i n'dolit beeev cai yughtr cuk-dr.czrowi . to -doc r! e ardoyou a ctor? -yes -v. hiolet,yooney, nou'rel t il aagain,?re you g-no,i-race, - am -ielso rieved! wa i ids afra a m fortomenu yobemight ing. hav .. r anothehoseof t ke stroous of y rs--th stose hy sericalres.eizu ni have hadeveran ri hysteizcal se urea nor .stroke e do th actor nd i iswere dingcussyo ghur dau ter. cath y y? mampoor l b. oor my plelitt girl. oc -d tor, n yo calpu he her?'m -ina t gono,ry tca if i okma, loe! herwh lkite si! h! ooe in made! rom , bo oh y. t ise his ona gonn p pick ucklipsti ! i tsaide ake ths.clothe t don' tflaunt hem in m cey fa. w nodon'why u t yo both nd kiet yly lelourst?ves ou
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vi,auntwo it ken't ta me two ndsecoins to f.ish up st si mui ay, tfind iss impo to ibleevbeli e... sthattianebas't won ever t walkgh throudohat inor aga, th wiho all tghse briungt yoop peusle he kned to ow, all hilaug cng andg arryin on, d saan tyingithose wsoty, ticaphisthted .ings.. th e at wererway ovmy p heoor ad.he s wasa teuch toase o. knowyou ct, do tor, he old me th heat t o piece f lace on s thi..table. wa de bs maesy thble nsind nubelg in ium. -i !magine tho -i iughtne'd gogh throuryth eveing. -ws ho i that?th-it's rl.e gi wh hay, t t's p myangeoor l. at thhe's cat.rine -i r wonde why p hethut it ere. aybe -mli he r.ked he [ hinglaug ] or gekege, tapl your r undean oud get ert of h e. . okay, auokayi.nt v th t is mus beehavetan stken lag. sprin see? th caary's we inghe i r mardalgras bwn.l go errememb, ho, vivew loshly ine was t go thawn? -a lnd youd heoaneyor cur fur-ioat. embe remerr ev.ything
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ing. what h did appen?y maow?i kn e wa sh s--is she el a lovrl.y gi i and aymust sof, my alltirelaons-- de-my ullightfio relat ns-- v-oh,i. he -s the was one l most.ike me-hey ! 's wthatouhy y 've t goave to s dher,-octor- be macause s dnesheis tho most drrible thoomisere is on th. earth or geerge, ev iomn as beeorinvent byied i thecensurane, peopl i'and tm sureulhey wo d v beerery, vty upse nyif awething sire mis ng.nt auwh vi! yoat do ink u th?i am t onsubjhat gect, eorge, l myare ips edseal. w,and no o bothu, pf yoe leas go. t's -istalmo 5:00.t' -thaght.s ri vi lwolet as-ays ha i - , meano used thave-- her d5:00i aiquirwihere ebasth s.tian i now ithave lohere a ne.ll we mus, weflt w.y no p i doyou ray canlp heor my pohy. cat d- -gooocbye, d tor.-g e.ood-by . violetw.bye nosay k thaneoyou, g
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. nks -thaevfor ngerythire. -atheyn't ul awfla? [ ughs ] st sebad ian an i tusedulo specate... h ont ow tha family of nd neas.erthal.. d coulrohave p ducedgirl a ra as asre ri cathe ne. u woyohauld keve listd seba ian,an oud he wavld hene bear chbymed . you , ohn'he wasmit a fanobly s a or s moneyutnob, b wa hesns a l ob, alright. he s was a abnobloout ssvelineel and ce ieganinn th gs-- out abonpersrmal cha physand gical race p ine.eopl ye als, we adways herfe a p ct tt liuple tro youe of ng d anfubeautioplel pe... ar s ound u,alwayswhen weverele trav ed. mauh, i y hesit ?re stiasebasen's at.-o l,h, wel i-- n-no, o, no., pleasese.plea it cou's aesrt jchter's air. a ra nere oye, 500 d.ars ol pl siteaseit on . y sainsomethy.g funn me make stopg cry
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. u yo i gsee,onet c wcerned hen le speopwatop tonting cry. o[ doorpens ] fortimer younemedici -- d an fyourn rozeuidaiq ri. tha indet orr. t itisn'e nic dof thetorerugs ee to klip me a ve? nk-tha you.ox -f...hill se e e th hollysof e prf thesemis. th e ey'r rapt to emovethe ersilv. hs[ laug ] s, yeve mrs. nable. he ld woun sit iaihis ch i r, inin m5:e, at ev00 day,ery d weanld wou haveiqour das...uiri aiwith sebasnt s tianbr aooding us.bove but styou erayed h e sumlastmer. y yes.dies, i i d. 'twasn well. k,he too uh, ther cawiine .th him e -and h died.-of ara heckt atta. sh was he with whim e en hdied? washe ers th he withwhim e dien hed, it wand haas t-t day-da the diey he d--hethat she lost nd.r mi wwhenu ill yor,see hedoct or? s as ioon as can. mrs. ab ven, le, uh what n i ca dtellksr. hoc..tader. -abo ouut yrer inte st elpiin hs?ng u-c haan't tit..t wa . l afuntiyoter etu've mie my nnd dce aedecid
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? s, yecour of se.ou of c crse w t bu tsurely here'sonneno cn ction-betwee- en are al't w mways ore te ined irestmen so..thing. at thcern con s usrs pe?onally en are, d't wr?octo rsi unde.tand pl , easebodon't ther.can i mfindouy way t. lliomif ns oagyears noo, dis fesaur td onvehe lea ts of trehosees. di the s nosaur werege ves.tarians that' whyey the becamt.extinc wtheystere juen too g tler fositheir ze. an d then th rne cas ivorourecreatu s, e thhaones tflt eat -esh- llthe ki ers--inhe d ritertthe eah. bu en, t th atheydolways , t thdon'ey?
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th cae.erin noi'm g t beint,violensist er. wh yat arengou doi , th caerine?
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ju mokist s cng ateigaret , er.sist now, k you'rnow wet e nowed allomoto s ske ataraint m y's. re-we'll not a owed.h, p -oe leas let mesm sisoke,ter. -give hit ere. -ple sase,feister .licity ve gire it he do. ben't a such bully! diensobedi tce has pao beorid f. later l ri al tght, hen, ayi'll p it forr.late atnow, c, herineputti'm ing hout myr and fo it. -a ightll ren, th , t!take ie it tak-o! h! ou b -yd urne me! -o ih, sor'm.ry i dn'tdiea mto--n -y elou deliberat y rned bu me.-w ouell, yd... sai iv to g to e it you, i soit gave you. to you k stucghthe lidted en of t thattcigare e t inrighha my nd. oh m , i'kso sicof ng b beid osselland bu ied. si i'm f beck o-ing- yo thu saw doctat, or.w saliher detelyberarn bu me. you' ttd be er gopu and metht so ingha on t.t hand no oh, . can' i avt lee her. -pat s ientewho arsi clas as fiedenviol-st-- ister. ve ell,ry wto doc r. w i'lloutsait ide.
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knyou ctow, do or, u're yoy ver..brave. eing -bth in e roome alon me.with-w hy?-d plo you to ban meurn too?uc-oh, mrse.h wo u yo i'msee,ss cla ifiedleas vio nt, h whics i'meantm apto k attacphysyou lyicalan ad thene yoccus ru of ape. y do ou doat tht of sorng thi? c of thhy i's wn 'm iioisolatn. lei mon sted ayelderl engardgrer of rteat vi ue. h whenfusee re ad mys,dvancei uncedenom d hiecas a l her.and thfor waat i shs puni ed.wa rus it t e? at i th p wasd?unishe yes.oh, at y thccou a used juhim un.stly cou ofi rse daccusem histlyunju . alafter 'm il, ie.nsan it he's tof sort thing an an insn e womadowould . si beocdes, d tor, have yon't ceu noti..d how. y i'oddleeve bokn lo ying at ou? -h yoave -hu? e ow i'v stabeen ringou at y?r eyes
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arwhy ey se thigo fr?htenedou do yd he neelp? oudo yt he wanfrlp om me? m mai' ykingvoou ner us, u and yo evehave ry treasono be. ca bewuse no goii amo ng t yattack ou. yes, ac attk. bu wt it beon'tr foeayour b uty. it no, or t's f hesega ci.rettes la [ ughs ] -f eaor hsaven's kes, doct leor, avt me h e one. -o urf colpse. heel yours f. aryou od.e go a-whoou?re y-i oc'm a d tor.en -sy t by m? auntes -y. -b seecauaven i hre't d spondeatto tre. mentth-so .ey say an u d yoha n ve beedinvite to y tryndour ha ... att whaaris cleholy a ss cpelease. is hope it ?less o what dthinyou
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e the asstat.ylum wh theyere e hav umthe dr . at wh cal youe l th drum n is torot a cture.hamber 's ity reall cra re heation all. ey'l thepl ke me fothere r,reve li n ke a animalin age. a c si [ ] ghs oh is, she le merci ss,n' ist she? ? -whoun -aolett vi . y wh do elsethyou ink he i'm re,er wh onee no can, see mee?hear m yo und u sof as iinyou th k hateshe u.s yo n'doest she? do y atou he her? hawhat? te? . no i undon't ndderstawhat e hat is.i t sedon'w e ho anyoned coul andhatell sti s be ane. d anlyi realdo nk i thisa am ne. spit dense coleiderab enceevidth to rae cont ry. yo uhur, -- a your mrsunt,na. veble-- no can he more erselp h lf th can i.ould
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n? see,you al we vel lostd seba wo, n, mendrenchil , , animalral,mine ta vege ble. iasebasta n was tionvoca , a not man. or pot vi aun h was ookedom fr beg thenginni. lo seved ianbastom freg the b,inningd no an ebody she evve up hingerytr foiasebast n-- en evus her hband. at w wh as . mre venabl?like mr. blvenas e wa ma good an,bu tt dulle poo th int g ofenius. th asat wasti sebyoan hu justaleard t.king he ld woue sa havhaid td t anldit wouhaven't un soueded crl. i whenli talk im ke hauand tant vi kelks li, himouwe srtnd healess. an e d we'reanot, r lly. en t evhhoug d weibo terrhingle t s. d what o you co ernsidbl terrie?
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an. ed kill, himso plme peoghe thou
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