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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 2, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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m"mad" oneytsstar. now >> ey h'm ira we omlctoe ma "mod" we omlctoe ra r othelepeopt wanakto me ie frnds. i' yim tro ng t ysaveomou se ne moy. my i jobt s no tjustteo enn rtai u yotobut ca edundte ach tea. ll caat me 00 1-8-c-743ornbc ee tw @t merajimctwmer. anas j guarysooes s goethe ye ar. uafebrs ry illusuabay a ntd moh. do arwn fe morn ofte ithant's up . so re we'tr in e.oubl atand b thenieginf ng oy ever hyeartoave r hea this di riusculop traevand yeery ar ha o ve t ocomeerut hd e annkdebu es thsee obiorvatelns tu l yo innothg. ev n en oy a da tlike woday here th w e doedclosn dowoi17 pnts. p s&nglosi.4%. is thls tel n youngothiut abo rrtomor ow onethe onxt mr th o e th ynextear. t soomirese.
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no sensens getetperpd ratet so i do t esn'eamislu.d yo rs fit't, iues trer, the e ar erpatto ns tgsthin. ikwe l le toatook the nitech, calst?righ o so tk speausbecaeye thw sho psomernatteats th c youryan t to e maky mone.from a wet ccepfathe hact t at if mp cohaany pas a n tterisof mngsing qit'seruartens thsh we n'ouldt uc to uh it tntilpahat n tter me co as tod.n en t welyotal i buythnto noe onti at th e themyconods tensl to ow wh heen t r feds aises.rate 'sthatat a p yterneeou se tim agand ain. at thal's cecled iconomt s bu e thesr otheerpattthns, ase seon tonesjuhey onst dol't h d up un ander ruy sc.tiny fo amr exi ple d heary toda this mveryngornit thauafebranry c be ru a conel masth bn ed oa nc bu bh ofebad fieruars. da to. y drlestanshy fipoer ske at c theelounsle whiwa he s s rt cey ainl dmoreh ovis hthane's be mpen ezihasiatng dpea decenden an t d nonethe ored fe rats hike he n' didket ta r thehiate kes of e f the tablhabut dd heone weso, a dide rat.hike howe swauld cit adeonsie rabl
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usbeca te oforhe wdeldwimo turil agaveroues wavld hare roed hi tgher eodayasven s ther ofte encomm wts i couldndonte did ov pra oke y.rall es dot tha imeandaf touly wod ve han bee wgoodule woved ha ibeenodn gope sha t foreshe rt t ofonhe m?th do haes tant met thaouwe wld ca ntll ieso qu ationnus jaary go o es s tgoeseahe yr. at thld wouni be ance j wuaryise an wed hothver swe ans er ino th s is ilea tad toln by at.idio gn singifyihi notng. hyso wso do y manlepeopnt poi it ? out rsfilet s t' hbeesont. nymaom cntmeoratess cipelyal th e osatthav h'tenon dthe r ei wohomerk. ca i y n sathsomeing. it n 's allintet igendisounayng w f toheill .r up li bemeeve . bi'veineen n thebuews sssine lo nong etough w kno tthat host ho esw thate sttsemen t gethe im anport.ce. n giveofora to hisl rica an isalys. st jue lik othat fthershooli mi seght n ll ianmay ad goway. shyou bouldnoase g thint.on i imoretamporurnt dthing is
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tt pa ternsalhat mwaysusade y,money the nmeanngothi. too vei lirod thcyugh .cles. ev tiery heme tsu conspmer ent li adke m. p itofaid f. u yohtbougry eveai retkeler. yo d u diifterric. ma onny crssumek tooheto tl. mal ononeatf thpe hapthned eais yr. th noing. th ene sp idingres mofu difse. e thdispenn ng oonamazso is nk pi. th ine sp fninghoor thase t t go ou rst vehous thase tayt stn.ed i pethe alrsonnd spewaing s ch und angewebut a hade hug stsnoworm. w hoe do w wknowdne diet't g en sp fdingadrom fs onooacebk d anabalphoret fy merln knowas legoog. f weshooliryly tre to tlatehe o. tw w ho celse touldarhe mbeket so wr abong faout okcebot tha co uentin cs to ulimbotp anher 5% to t allhiime f gh o115 o orphf al tabetsohat iaredn te afurr hoads trafing ter re inportarg shbeply ttterhan ex edpectni earanngs 'sd it
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rsownest hefurt tr inashe lvet fis daywe d haerevmay r jol oirvseesic ancompy. e the pricnohas g thino to dwith e thindecl de ind.eman thand s ere'acno l dk ofd.eman in t, facan demr d foisoil cr ind.ease csome iasesasncre fed ar air ntamouau becf se o dmorengrivi. rt paariculn ly iunthe ited esstat. me soth of mpe cos anie even ildetaowed hde cruin com tg tohe ma frketeeor dtep waodr pr.ucts thand reey a p nowdiroviucng mh h omorehail tyon anhone t.ught imthe opactisn thpa comny. ri noght o w, dknyou haow wt 'r weoke lobaing drelyinown odprtiuc yonr eaover year. no wonder crude isn't doneoi gng do .wn mei , anneholystth, e'ersos me pr ecojontiths watmae pry ucode e th asamet moun ythisear. bu att thot's n o thepanly n tter th cat's.razy abhow thout neis o. en wh c thesehineck stoke mart st lar yeamaour drketid no g.thin'sen idwe devn't ayen pen att ttiono it . no re coronlati. w weloere teck swnp dore or co dencluy the wwere trong o go
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enwe wwnt doy the dwentorown evwhater. ouor y e cancembra t the ruth ic wh th is whereo as nonnatial tt pathern ogat lndic a op pronortie havenfallpp sloy ad delo we t ok ah whic bank oc sterks wine go ag uphind wch re wen't. w soule coy d bu lwith aoansnd sidepoowt grndth an the just wa orit f t theveakeodsr bi. th erey woce clrkk wo. wr i a ote e whol abook iboutt. mnow,ngeani.less e thes tdayshey trade on nothingni t buthe fed. if the fed isn't going to ti n ghte atheyt ren'h wort an ngythi. e'thernys maeo tak bversseecau e'therres alsoady h muc nc coatentrinion ki banecng bause ey thge merrid duheng tan fincial cr .isis thbae s nkattho dt gedsbion d't ge ght hier. th aat'sernothte patrn. fo err evmey ti s theg tobl goes up and then ddsu senlyonix mths ag ero evmey tiom a c gpany ot a itbid on's gwne do. 's itur a co se t amake a bid nd.
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ait'sia relpable n tter that edceasbe to nc a iblrediy re leliabte patrn. wh o at ddoyou th in caese ses? wh o at ddoyou n whepathe nstter 'tarenki worng? th i itink im's sple. u yoldshouinn't ivestttn paerns hein tst firce pla. it ht mig m notthove oce st k as amuchu s yoctexpe. y donoou kw w hocothe y mpan de unthrnea s the itocks pe mirforheng tbe numrs. if d you won'tgohat s od if it if tathe grgetdooes wn. so e' here s thombotte. lin ouif ygo're toing k picksstoc, jyours ob iooto l tk athe ancomphiy behend tck sto'r youe yi bun ng ir ordessto athess e os prs pectfiand ogureheut wther stthe fuock relly tsflecse tho os prs pectveor orerly tsflec th ndem as it'hitoo gh. 'sthat o thetuppor.nity wh r ethee it b din ajaown y nuar or is a mleerabru feborary ec el ytionorear t , gey,read a ar yen wheafthe nsc wi s theuper
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no sinsenpacal n tterbecan edpass a offrcs peveeptido wism th nat'sereithir emp oicalr pe tircepndve ata cer ninlyot wi se. er n ic ifocali. rnia oo>> b yah. oo>> byah. w>> ioias go ng tyoask ouu abt -tlonginerm mevestntnt indo kier anmorg.
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n'doesemt sebe so p at uheby t l oietmark. >> on i dik't l.e it i' t m nommrecongendi f anyl ossi sfuels tocknow. yo t u get a loheat tle colge ve lel. th tat'seghe bnginnia of fi devenitie movkiand nder mo wrganthhen adey mthe gato fr heom tor c chep. tasre w a ge hu g taxyoame idu pa n andow th oce straks cndsh a h younoave no me gaal at l. etso lus's jy t sano. no . how
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h >>mrey, am. crhoer, e w aryou g?doin i >>oi'm delng wl. w hot abouyou? i >> h'm afauge tn ofhohe sw. an thu k yotafor mkinglly ca. >> nk tha. you >> t whaouis yinr oponion the icarl xcahn deroxaneal yd doou th think wat's eorthngarni. i >>nk thi o you swn a tock be e causfuthe enndam atalsre agoodhend tpa coms ny iingrowg i and t don'k thinx xerohas itner.he nit'shaot wu t yo twantn.o ow owi kns it' fliket ores blabsut he f hasorreept. he - hasdo- i knn't laow, st i lo yokedidou dwan't o nt tn be i th e.os le s t' odo our wwnk,orle do wan't o nt tstinve in pa nstter. yo obur jto is k looheat t rlunde cyingniompar es o igivet
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m i' therelpo he. ad "mey monni" tothght ice pre of udcrane thd ste k ocetmark are li anked ls ofbuate att whld wou enhappth if nde boe werenbrok? ll i'ea revl. tthencohat puach marse sty co a typretny pen c but aouldn stinve imente n thd branyopay u ck bah witreintest? eyi'm teingomhe c apanyfter ea gsrnin t andabalk a out r powe move. ve ha c thefteo aoder t ay's isacqun.itio so d why yon'ttiou sitck wh d >> mon'ta iss ndsecoma of d fo owllji @crm eramn oittwr.te jsendn im aile-ma to ma eydmonc.@cnborcom iv g ae us
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ma eydmonc..cnbcom. ch thiseck , out bro.'swhatt, b thaimrohe? i chswit tedico geano t d go.more remogs savinr on cainsu e?ranc yeah -f bro aessor,e.nd mor rlike ienterscensuran. remoto ways save. ni bro-ce, ctatohip. 's thatll not abro-, steinhake. ge has ico rcmotoycle iand rvancensuro., to thoh, a lat'sorot me. y oh'meah, i abo allut temore, osddy brt.evel ic gexpeco. eeat grvit sa ngsd ane a wholrelot mo. b i'veon een eemy fdal all i'y. shedm bu! tyea meoo. ex secu.. me.micohrng tghou! de riel the ge wavomof c fort th wir. dol sch lsma agssgeing l insoles. 'r theyovene pr e to givmfyou coort. ic whlps h hefeyou el nemore eedrgiz ..ll.aon day lg.
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man (sternly): where do you thk in gyou'reoing?mr cu. mu s: to, work youwith. it o 's tacday.tues ouman: yt 're nongcomi oki toinex muche to t lp ge mrid ofcusyy muge constion. i' odm go d allay. nn [aer:]ounc x mucinewokeeps g.rkin 4, not 6, not hbut 12ours. let' d s enthis (p y)olitel w wait, waiait,out! yn' caitt put like in t. tha have to rinse it at's thed bakfr-on aledo. ke baitd-on? ne's gover rknna wo. disssh is?ue yotrust ishwur drasheth wide cascatinu plam. powit..ers. through... your toughest stuck-on food. better than finish. casc ade. h! ugrt hea!burn neno ons burmy on ch wat! altry tzka-selearter h burnefrelichews. they worstk fand a't donte tasalchky. mm i hhaverneartbu. en thjoy efe reli. my and sonse i uatd to w ch thed care srpet ohowstvn w,no w i'mkialheng t m.felis iedunprtaicble g beinakfleee frsn i't. usbecahavee i d usendhead ald shoufor ers ea20 yrs. us uled regitarly, oves remup 0% to 10ak of fles keg epinu yoecprotdte
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>> a foritges ls feee likwe ve han beek stucrain cowzy tn. it ms seebe to ne joi td atiphe h twithrihe pf ce ooil. wh erenev w oildoent hewn t av eserag c getedrushe likawwe s daall day totiy une l thinclosg ll bet thas lock dthatneecli and is ac lun iy asd saiatrepe edly
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g beinpechear. nowe katw th i oilhus a osge ct. a iftax w youfoill nsr cos umer buand sssinelies aouke yld wou meassua in onratiaral mmoket st st wocks douldneo fi. in d steah montr afteh montr afte h montatwe w achede s thoil fu s ture oheadtour sarck mbyket nothe se. of rs couaze crwny to i haswnts o c logiweand emak dfoand l r oiis si a hagn t'rt weade hented io ce ren.ssio asbut ol i tu d yorebefo the apcolln se ie crudllis aut abo a sululy gt. ve itry ltotle wi do emth ditand mebecaar clet thaoithe l tu fuanres e d thk stocetmark re weou decg plintrand aded rasepa btely oasedein thn r ow nd futaamenndls aay todou decpled rt fuher. th ere av magesedanagre to t moun tea laer aft cnoonbaome ck.
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te da. at thzy cran' towyss daht mig be mb nuered. ic wh wh ise'hy woire gffng o the ch wartsa ith librilant te cichnicoan, itmmodexies pert coand nd-fous er a awellins beg c myagollet ue a mreal.coneyom to a getse senwh of igat mht enhappth if nke libeage n twee th ice pr ce of arudehend tck sto rk mainet f sally: napst firslook heat tly dairt chawi shoheng t p s&in500 e. blu hthatypas tlyicaln beehein t gh hi f 90shoor tf se othyou at hamay leve shrpt t ough st tiatis ccs alaorre otionrof ze s meanelno rnsatiohip sowhat.ever l innsaymem ter50s&p d 0 anwest xa teuds crose cln ed isathe me ctdire95ion a% ofe. tim th aat's aboutoss cl ye asanou c ge tt ineahe rrll wod. onnot s ly i hthisgeostaoi to l s it i tusedveo dethlop e
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n' dot t geo to d omuchrif a m ot sha in nebusihoss sw. we hothver s ere'ayno w a elcorrn atio sthisg troncan la st. 's itar clet thalithe e nkag be n tweeoithe tul fuanres p d s& be500 icamelaroncd. 'sthatn whelepeoprt stao ed t panic about the financials of e thl oimpcoieans themselves. ieworroud abint chd a annddema. y ifooou zt m ou twitheehe wkly t charloand acok berk ov the 1pastra80 t ddingthays toughhe elcorrn atioficoeft cienpedropd atdramlyical. it n' wastat toinlly tr conol li e ke w shavetheen ste la few s.week nin al ormathhealrky mahiet ts mb nuouer wypld tlyicalar be ound 30 t % buouof cnorse armalnd he y althtware rdo wou s yod woul r nevetouse cr desthibe rke maet t righnow. mbremeaser lekt wefi we y nall sa mew sons sigt thaoithe l tu fundre a s the mtockt arkeare blcapa te inngradidi in enffert rr coonectid s anotwe gt tha ll fop ow uy.toda
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nt co tinuecoo deuple. tonce'sherere a butak o of cr toazy e wn wd coula see ombott otin bl h oistand aockss ad trfeers heel tl taiinis fally wanot g ggindothe g. ke taan a gatder s thi-tlongerm nt mochhly t ar woft esxates in edterm ciate.rude ilit wkel tae timorto sset itlf t. ou e shrnwaths t at iksbrean dow w belo rit'st ecen tlows'shere th nosting ngandith in y e waof utbr dalliec tne18o . 'sthat w notshhat pee extocts haen. e shevbelihees t f $26 wloorill gholdl o alwathe cky ba to 20 04. y soeeou s s thegyyner? il ste l thlo$26 rews ael liky to r beteetesd d andoshe xpes eect th p e s&to500 ba go o ck ty craz wn to t and lrade lowerstock ep. ju ikst lene wh b oil drokeown be $4low rr0 baotel n l tooong ag o. t anoo mary smopt perile tnded a fa tiledkeo mat tha okindf ca ll.
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pr ticeslohis e w arlysimp su unnastaiinble l ther ongerun. if l youatook r theioelatp nshi sstifgttrendeh inrex hehe's t i rs'sthatim an anportmet montum di inr catothand lle wi iams enperc rtageil oscr latogeand ts er ovhtbougov or lderso. u yosecan ate th h oilt asn'been th veis od rsolecin d.ades losee t ok ait. th arese r e foerlongn tha they indid 8. 200 ergarns say htheya ave way. ey thde're intermo ed t tkeephe pr loice w. th al woughnoho khews watn th ll wipe hapn. m >>o id t 5high0s. i >>got's toing is fin th athe en td ofeahe yr. k checthout onis m cthly ohartf e th50s&p 0. sp dethite ale reouly rtagh srt to y theanear kd wethnow at's en beri ter hble,usideo
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th are chd t an ssayseehe ss a ma trkets hat'innothreg mo and innothssg len tharaneutl. maand t y nooobe gt d buasnot ba td asoohe dd m anmegloors d woul yhaveelou b.ieve it ec's bemome naotiod l anghthou inwe f gally not araice shlly e in the ks w tneedepo prfoare r e on gmorebeift wforen e caget mf coblortaaie agn. af toter s day'sonot d goo icdiffacult tion. se ba td onchhis thart lle pu ck bath to w e los 1800d coulbe st rdanda. n' calet ru a outng pluwne do to 17 20. ov 0%er 1m
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11 20. it he's tlt heat hies tmovehe ma crket mouldasake wo it uld owipeheut tk weas handgiand ve ye buears bulutifry entnt pois. t onlihe fdep si s sheonays ly a fr bresh oueak ovt ab00e 21ld wou gn si cal anuontin atioheof t oil bu arll manket ild whrne gaer evbelie es w gwillheet tre ev alentuerly hdi pren ctiois 'l we ll go fower birste eforwe go he higair agn. 'shere b them otto.line wh itile oo's tly eartr to y to acallto bot tm inilhe o and st maock irkete n thtschary the gg suthest heat t f oilesutur and e th50s&p gh0 minat fibelly re toady ak breir thezy cran tow nk lianage y d bo wthatn as oits beown aj a mosor pe.itiv tlexac wy asw e sahein t af ootern tn of'sodaysi seson. mu orch made "mey monea" ahd. te af'sr ites latrnt ea dingsoes
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ba g? m i'uncrinchg the numbers. d an idoesvet har youlipipene in fi prot? kei lis thione. t' lends fi a out tboutpohis wer e surgr aftelathe test isacqun itiodiand ned jallt yeen thand ste reth of d,e feav i he me a e ssagyofor u. yo mu're gotte toingnto wa to tmisshis.
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th wilu new py mampifascar noa gis larmoush liftingru bsh os bohets las 50s tome tivos the lume and s lift ulashesupp awa andy... new plumpify mascara om e frbrasy eezy fubeautivergl coirl an ned try unakw tred s shadowneand lirs kei tare pictuuns of sseris, t buthwiba my pckain coi 'tuldnle sep an t d ge iup.n time en thound i fve ale pm. al pmeve s ionthe olyone t mbcosaine a epfe sle plu aids th he 12inour pavi relie ng ngstrealth of eve. i'm back. e alevor apm fte bet.r am hey tiswees e, it'time. eye th of r e tige a tvgonncr: fterod a noonneeveryo. morn riing artuals iae specl. when s youhahare wlot you . ve.. h ...witu who kell g'ogfross d teakesfl.
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le t t's gee dathesl yquiidliqu gels and go. but theslie gquids elneare w. it he s's tdiame cefferen. othismane is rengx stndth agh fiusts muc. mu x cineaxfast m. lythe onan cold u lid fl gquidel 'sthattr max-sength and fights mucus.
3:24 am
>> we> ot bknh hiow trks maanet c arbe fm frourencog aginbut er the e ar isomeidndivstual ocks ou ert thate th g areg ivina you ifterreric panformce. juyou avst h be tolle witoing nt hum the.down exfor e ampl alooktht is crinibed rleuresncgeine oa e thndhag bakemathr ratorepd te soa o -sarqur testlahu tdarsy an thd sen iawt's stock soar nearly 10% in a single sessi.on fint,acn issleha ta n ekwe si e ncatthrt quaer. ac cos h haronow edckete morthan 20 gh% hihier ws ch iluabso tely am g azin ywhenonou cr side this ancomps y haggstrufoled arr yes to i getact's get to.ther nowe kacw cos h ha abeenal tot
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ancompmpy siasly hben't blen ae p toogut tr ethekiany f nd o su nastaigrble .owth tnow,h,houg m thet arkes seemto be e liev cthat ioachkis ma ng a me cok. bac ecit bloame agved ain pr caactiovlly ghernit. e th aturnd roun iherer s fo .real ev hoen tthugh anis h sdbag tuff behas tcome cough foachlyinal go ittengrt's booveack. wh akat mhees ty m sa.that at st firnc glaace colah's test tequary r mahanot eeve bl n al ithatssmpreive. lion sy ghtlerweakn thactexpeed nureve de 4%neeclisa of tome sre le sat s bu ywhenigou dpe deer r undehothe t'od iars st ttingo be ot a le morurencog.agin te afo r tws yearecof dnglini re esvenuch coaal finosly pted tiposievve r genueh rowt this tequar 4r upan% thn ks i tparto ac itquision. it se raills fur yeaanguidce. th wat
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d thirh coacbehas olen sthd wi tinegaamve sore stlee sa s in north america for years. 19and cl% dethine are quter fo behare tt. d an wthisheas td kinheof t at thha's w lt it lookswhike en th oce st gk is hoingr.ighe gemana pmentctredithing heat t me sare stoes sall wilincontue to ro impveve oe r thsecour of th are ye. ksthanne to odw pr, uctse stor deremog llinmaand inrketg it inveiatid s anthfour the ancompliy ded verengstroul rests c in.hina yoevers ne iorso w aried bout a.chin th guese erys w 5e up % in encurrcy. a ate tim mwhenreany ertails we trre sinuggld g an mthatrsatte heby t b wayseecaus it'a not sm maall .rket of15% ir theal totre shaoms fr in cha. w hoaron eidth dch coaag mane to mo suunt dch atiramarnc tu ou arftnd apeer sg ndinlathe st s yearerin pirg to. acthe ttualarurn toundhe
3:27 am
lt mungiproce pross. fr heom ten momctt viuior loks to aovero s ceanin j 2uaryhe014 hi e t thndgrouni runng. ou intline g thd branthand e si bu.ness uthe pen an td togghe aivresse om prnsotio d andunisco ttinghat a istarncohed s ach'tarepu tion e isg atin iintomat's s.rgin lohe cstsed aoresmand s ller etmark os in trdercuo fo ts onhe m 12 najor aorthcamerirkn maets. he e madr majoovimprtsemen and edroll a outod remngelli iainit.tive a hedylreaod remd elle250 esstor. co y mpanneplan rd toatenov% e 40 t ofoche ln atioheby t o endf fithe yscalear. wenow e hav bseene efora how deremog llinraprogn m catebolsr mpa cos any' ssame store balesut yo bevend einrythseg elwa he s mm cod itteeito rornvigg atinthe ancomppry's t oduc.line iback13n 20br he t ough nin aew
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
y >>erounges invi'tor okm loing r fooda goid divinend the etmark. wi heth ton strllg dondar a pecheaasr dpce prilos al wing re mo. no w. al tl ofhem. i ywanto ou t astayway. i' ndm seyoing eu tor pr o i'll se ound yfu to n. .okay r eperprop htieseeas b fn onire nc si pe welerofi ad itetnd y it st l ilelyi 6dsr ou yon ca tgoo fu n. th tat'symhe sofbol rs cou e, da ceirr fach whio alsdsyiel si x. th arose che muer saf. l alt.righ h coacn is orothe o ad tmibecong llwatr st eeeishagk it s'slltiot g l ag ony wa gtoo. we av ha e t lo "ond manemo y"
3:33 am
pl ay? i' hell cn ck i twitheohe c and th heen ta iowuscaucfi is y nall re he. onwe dal't tlik po btics aut im lk taabing hoout tcw oucaome n cteffer youetpock abookound yr ca rall, fipid n re ightonit's ed n itioheof tht lig rning.ound s so wtickcrith .amer if 'r youkie tang ipmultedle mioicatns,es dor youh moutn ofteelfery d? dra moy h utn ca abeid s eefctfef onymaed maticnsio. t bu cit aano lsadleo totto hdey cad and
3:34 am
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3:35 am
dr y?y spra atth f's.un it's ea alr!dy dry wainotit . meth is iseagrt. 'sitery vftso. ca epn i ke (l it?s)augh e all th care d ofove... .n ..a ow in dry tipe anrarspi nt spray. ou enregh pe ssurerin hr e foya?i' nnm gokea tain mucex nusimas-x. too late, we're about to take off. esthsse di folveast. 'rtheyw e neidliqus. gel yoand cu'reg omin mwithe... u yoalree izhai gved olatst?us mu x cines-sinulimax gquids.el ssdiveolfas st utonleash max strength medicine.
3:36 am
>> al it tmostlyotaled dri up si thnce gie beg nnin01of 26. th e en wtwgot joo maalr des. doand n minourresoces. r foe thos dthat kon'titnow 's on ofe he tge larasst g and trelectiic ueslitith in e trcouny. ga intherang trsismisndon a di bustri.tion ey thac're inquirutg a asah bed di bustri, tionlipipetone s rage gaand pps suomly c.pany is thld couth be rse fi mt ofany co iempan ts innehe esprgy ace. as p deeetpockuted o lfitsike
3:37 am
qu y alitredist issede n thp.grou th i think oce stulk co d be igintr.uing it up's sd posee to bdiimmey atel d addeheto tpa com eny'sngarnis. t' leoks loh witfetom trrelo nd fi m outabore thout eais dl hiand mps cos any'peproscts. omwelccke ba"m to madeyon ". >> d gooinevenimg, j. od gobe to h wit you. >> well, i have to tell u,yo ne noth of ale annoyst intes the nf coceerenl cal'tdidne givyou ed crit. 2 inyo007 ldu so b $11onilli wo ofrth et ass ws atlohat tooks hebe t. top yonow cu'reg ominndin ain buyg cup anyompat thaho-- wtose sck d isanown t d outhbut mpe coany is don't ndwn a. out ju alst touk abe t thufreshg flin ythatavou hnee do h andouow y so igld hd h ani now k thinreyou'
3:38 am
>> so we held term ov7 200and 08 20. th mpe coisany er a vlly we run co y.mpan gr emeat eeploys. si n ts iquheadedaterut in ah. it a is ranatus l ga in trfrasreuctupa comny. it ot's nla a c essic p and od pronuctipa comikny le e th as wsetslde so. 's itel pip, inesl locagas st ditiribundon aat a rsee bad s galysupp t forenhe b oefitf e thomcusters. ve oory gmpd co any. he>> t are'sin busthess at's l smal ythate ou'rg goineeto kp whbut fat i ioundesnter atingnd d diknnot s ow i uthat yntilou to s ld uheon tfe cone renc call ithise s thfohub lir caiaforn r fomothe arst pt. at th b's aarig mfoket u r yonow. y >>oues, per pi alines ssetin th ste ea t areubhe hth of e mi lad-at.ntic
3:39 am
efromtoast t wessoand touth h nortfrand anom cdoada llwn a h toucpiour nepeliy. cit thand mee satr is orue fst quear hein tth norpaern f rt othe we n steresstat. thall s e ga trunsghhrout tha ancompy. gr a peeat tarcenf ge ogathe s ns ruou thrhagh tmpt coanany d 'r weoke lotoing p helndexpa. i >>iss tho alsgnrecog izinthat co ilal wvel has lesngstren th i cthisryount? usbeca se it leemsthike weese re co asal blaed pthces avat h e to atgo n guralecas b oausee f th epa. ta>> ud h aninwyomthg bout abo 80 t% of eheirrilect icitys ucprody ed b.coal n clea bcoaltiut savll hrbe caon is ems sionthand s ere'g gointo be e som dwork one. a >> tnd ihthougt whadiyou d ba llsica iy isw kno tthis hing ul co bdn'twne dore theh wit ancompthies reat ae puranoil d s gaancompanies atd thow's h you re wee abletto gfo it r 4 ll biasion os oppo ed t8 say iobillybn maree thare yeo.s ag
3:40 am
pr sicesedtartn dowdoand onmini alover'sl itat a rsee bas d ga ic wh'rh wet e noghenoue timto atalk tboutbuhat 'st ity ver erdifffrent com adiommoasty g ancompy. t'>> itts goeren vugy toh er ov.seas e do w tneed wo beedorriut abo ur yo c bigino-pot. or y areusou jett prurty sate th e thosracontarcts ode go and it us's jret a gallyood in mevestnt? >> s it'eaa grvet inntstme. 's itti on ndme abu on .dget w itbeill di senatng n guralas t oulliniaquy lid ifie lformate la east yr. ng lom -terracontfocts yr 20ears wi igth hcrhly wedity orth nepartn rs in japainand dia. no nct cod ernet abouthe co ctntra as atll. co itmmodicy prkee ma s no erdiff. ence t >> whereheas tt mosrerefenced
3:41 am
ancomparies tte puuning der erservs. t issohis inmethu g yo thaveo wo abrry orout e mormethe r?rrie i >>nk this it' tmorehe me r.rrie avwe h we --oue bronght e lik-- h wemoave atre dnta cethers an heanywn re iunthe siteds tate d anxpwe eniect orne mise th .year lypartau bece se w ahave o lotf r fibehein tte sta a but o lotf h ito as titdo wr h oucolow st el icectranity ryd veia relble el icectrity. wh isich h thestighegi marnal st co w andcee re entlyednter to inon a c wtactamith tazono il busod a falar o rm tthget e trelecy icit sfrom folar tarmso ei thtar date cen vr inniirgia. 'r weoke loating ew ren able urresoasces l welroto p vide pthat. ower c >>atongrioulatn ns oala rely sm acart itquision. go o od tyosee iru, s. oo>> g sd toouee y.
3:42 am
d ofioominson res.urce es thile uts itie bhavereeen d ho t. tit'snehe obu to y. ad "mey mon b" isafack thter e ea brk. we e werwbelo 88the outh sn therllparael. adwe hve traled for over 850 miles. my m denneriven madarlym fro starvation and frobitest. to y da makwehie >> nibienvedos! omwelchee to tth p souole! ouif yra're doxp the er,lore explyou ore. 's ityo what .u do wh >>ook at tsoyou long? ou if yt to wane sav ee fiftrcn peorent e mor c onnsurar i,ance yo chu switgeic to o. whait'su t yodo. u di>>yo, d ityay! otake onef th piose owll s keand ta s a big.mell s theyeamell rfreslly h atwhwe if ol tu d yo wwedashe es thshe 7eetsay ds ago. really?o nywa downy? fadowny conbriconditier
3:43 am
an 'ld wechl ange byour federorev. mwante orhnfress?es ne add wny w doh frest.protec jat?ne ugcoif yh cou heaanmer . t evdon'hien tutnk abo it. mi took ducinexr mym foph y legmh.coug ...byeahhaut wt t aboumike? ksit worhis on h cougtoo. ug coith! ks wors on hitocough o. mucinex dm relieves weand t dryug co 1hs forurs.2 ho
3:44 am
i>>ist im tite s imetior fhe t ghliintnrog d unu'yo hllr eaisth so d und anenthhe tig lniht ng unroisd ve or. yoare adu rey? it t'se imr foe thghliintng unrod. we l 'larstwit nthl ea in chmianigne, . al ey>> hm., ji
3:45 am
y,buel sorl ol h d. >> av i h te toyoell u my foportmalio r nagereand chsear ctdirehaor, o ve t ytelli ou, k thin mhe'sg akinmpa congelli tcaseathat se theel levu s yo ghmiwat tntbuo ity . fit'sm ro tmystru. i' gom g in sto or ol hond nt inaeronti palerap. >> hi tiss v ay erg bielyid. em th. bveryieig yld. s let'whsee t at iowis n and ait's bt 5%heut tim est aatesre tohio ndgh ane wheesver tetimas ar noe bet enatto ss ck lgoerow. wa uitilnte we see thitwh oesf th r eiesey. ho abw t ou gwetoo ew nor yk. >> mo harten iniornatyonal d u ha athemurt yo b 100est. w he pas ay oorlivreceuaed qrter th asat wson't . bad tso i thinkhahat irmonays ok here.
3:46 am
h >>they, s is illbiro fm fl idora. m i'reinte istedatn whr you op ioinisn . >> hi tsts k oc -isth- iisa s tehochl n aiatth b'sn eeatbe en an bed enatnd aea bn ted anu yo ow knt, whahi i tt'nk is ov , menti wago to o the wtheray. i inthitk a'suy ber he. to inm ew ner >> i just want to say anthu k yo r fol alu yo tdosho e aruryo owkndglewie uthans i d tlikeo t ge tyouronake de prul.ntia t>> shecktoas hee binn w aldor p ofanain m d i'erconcthned at i t don' twantt o ge aintose hou aiof pn. me e tlifoiis dtung s tff inkhi is ar for mage esgrvesio tbe le abhe to utlp o the arsholehrsde. t'legos mi to n ke i pe lvnnsy.ania . mike >> qu my onestipl is anet
3:47 am
>> fm ro rmyatelesivin up ntscraa,o, pne platnt fiisess g doin bwell'mut i g not toingo go re the. sti lo m toomouch ney co redimmenveng oe r th last dedeca. t'legos o t imofln idora. mo . >> ea y hh, ci,merar. i veloou you ye 're thstbe. >> he t yre gou o. >> 'm ial cnglibo a eut. pt i>>al td keouabhot myw ar chleitabst trus ownlegoog and ce we d neeeykelsco to o is th b hasa een bverytoad sck. we e hav mlost ooney.n it togot t ownhat. n'i dontt wate to oull ybu to y a ithand tdit landes aen gemtlen tis checloniousofn he t li tnghg inunro d. t >>ighe lniht rngndous i
3:48 am
t withouedthe ne fil for.lers cyour toncerthtee migw sho ayourouge...y nr skin wileverl. ol . olays.ageles and y trriregenemist sccro-g ulptinrleyeswi. it nt insta hlyteydra s ptomplu l andt.if er tha moe's njre e woyable ay toyourget er fib. iltry phfilips' goodber mi gumuses ply energort.supp a nit'sibew fpler supthement helpat pps suguort relarity cland in b vudesinitamels to hnvp cofoodert en to ergy. mmmmsem, theoo are gd! ornice wllk, phiips! stthe ta oy sideber,f fi fr llom phi.ips' hey tiswees e, it'time. eye th of r e tige a tvgonncr: fterod a noonneeveryo. morn
3:49 am
s youhahare wlot you . ve.. h ...witu who kell g'ogfross d teflakes. they're grrreat! h! h ugbueartrn! ne bno o ournsatn my wch! y tr-selalka htzerrneartbuli reews.efch they work fa ast'tnd donte tasalchky. mm amm...azing. vei habu heartrn. alka-seltzer hrtea burnli res.efchew joeny the relief. st te
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test >> ok> lono i k'rw weppe su osed to e havndan ideepenennt c tral ibankisn thnt coury. 's itpo suptosed ab be ove po csliti. e th ciowas aucue whertwo ca atndideces dthide e ittradl ionatrspecf um oicameran li po aticsoire ptosed we do ll on h botieparts. n wetoeed no ackgewled u twoltra po imt rtangsthin. rs fie t threfed dallyoes ma .tter tt manoers tt in oermsnef motary lipo ocythr mae etrkars eve en or he tco emynor oocst.ks erin tf ms onaour 'stion po calitiabl sty ilitseand cond e thsefed toems do be a ing ptsubo jimalob. ns co iidere f thcofed uentins is rathing ineir stterees rat ur foes tims thi tyearithen 's lveryy ikel tthatnihe uted esstatl wilntgo iceo ren.ssio ocomen. a ate tim awhenba gloonl ecomic
3:51 am
riexpengencias a m sive ledeceonratigr in aowthvend ery he otntr cebaral n nk oh eartis tr tyingseo ea e andase ag sigres tvelyedhe fd leaby ja yenet kllen teepsngalkiut abo tetigh.ning poour mlicys akertoare y tall ofout c syn twitheshe r tt ofhe wo anrld atd th s hasuserio ns concequeites wy h anicameran mp cothany oeat dsis bu ness seoverndas ay thenanomithted e ro stolng d alarst nd agea hu dvdisageantafo to n reig co itmpetthors elat seil thr hamerce ndishein curap er os o n yeesor po. at thow's hpl peot e ged firein th ouis c, ntryusbeca te ofhat. erworkt s ge.hurt d ang a bionreas t foruphe ser fr ngeakion strllg dos ar i that e thstfed seill coems temmitd to inraisteg in rrest.ates pe s rhapdlrapieny wh r theofest wothe isrld ht tig.ened
3:52 am
etmark w arei hat tcallhe ce ren ssioksstocil, uts,itie mbeers,akerbl gamupe sorm, hoel an ucd sm, kers ilike nt orheot t oc strkk mas et i sveryuserioly re foincastreg a iocessn. e to b tfairneo jallt yeen, sh a e's t smaronpers. vei habe to e lievheif tba glol omeconesy doimn't e prov dr icamat ballye y thh marcfed et meshing obe pr wably mon'take e thakmist ae ofvippronong ather hratebuike wot i ifrry f theed ho oflds tf onenightthing l ey'l st flill heub tte sta.ment it nd souiked ltee a armpory re vepriem frointhe abevitle. ari fe f theiled wvel gith us e pr imonessit thaitwhy oo's t ri tosky ht tigoren f m thet.omen d anneweakross athund obe gle. d feldshoutr be tyingguo fire
3:53 am
hi ke. e maybg goin tbacko a qu taanti etiveagase ain. i dnwoulin't m-4d qe. tei hala inf ationchs muth as e st re. guy d an ocomer n aitaand bolk aut sthis atuffaynd me be wldshou shaveinome ioflatfon bee re w t startifight ng ih tootand il na. d annyto awhone ino thatks res tneed ho gor ighe, heree mayb ca beofuse s theg tronmajob rket r org isins,wage i canas plee t pointhout f at ie we'rngseei iwagetinflat on ainall the un siteds tate bit'sseecau
3:54 am
inraise g thmuminigem wa all toverouhe c.ntry 'sthatif artl icianoand t or c.gani 's iton beyatd th. nit'somot sngethi f theaned c rocontl. a ifinnythe g th tfactsohat pmanye eopl ncareboow aheut t ni miwamum orge f f the tirstime d inesecadge sugthsts ayat w re mopl peoe e arinwork g in muminigem was. job haif tppt hayoens ttu beer be e liev emoremextreul popous ca atndidikes lnae doruld tn mp o rithe bght,e erniersand ts onhe ft leit, newhher wat icaill ll fa f ns ofethe lld wirt sta to ge ret moct trathion hean ty ve ha. m i'a not tipolicocal tammentor. i t don' acare tboutsthis uff bu dot i e cart abouwothe rk pe .rson nowe kliw pol ticartuncey aint s hurtstthe maock arkete nd w tknowbohat ruth tndmp ade sanrs e arinrunnaig agwanst trll seet an and fri kly lyreal't donnk thi neanyoth at dee fereral e serv bwillo e toy.happ thand wat's'mhy igi beganng jet ll yenden ary eveelone n se ithat fe l deraetmarkmi com ttteeo ar ststt pa r thehiate ke. th d'e feb s jooois tor imp tant itto sre theau on ilto pndot a e thicameroran wisker the viindi mdualsqost edueezyo by ur ry vel reaonactid s ans gues , what ithato s wheais ro dy t vo fte soreoom wne wholdouhr tow all of you out and replace you with a very different regime. e on ithatsu am re wouldn't exactly be to your liking. stick with cramer. (cell phone rings) e wheru?are yo we tll squhereir arelsac b k tin atthe.ic mom?
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can i ycallack,ou b? mom he says it's personal this time... yife ou'rmoa m, yo au calle wot thtirst me. it ha's wyot u do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, swyou o itch tgeico. wit'su hat yodo. e wheru?are yo's ity lo verheud u tae yo akingmb zus?a clas e'thermos a njre e woyable ay toyourget er fib. iltry phfilips' goodber mi gumuses ply energort.supp a nit'sibew fpler supthement helpat pps suguort relarity d inanudclites b vs toaminp heler conv tt foodergyo en. m, tmmmm ahesed!re goo wniceork, phillips! stthe ta oy sideber,f fi fr llom phi.ips' dr y?y spra 'sthatun f. lrit's aryeady d! not waimeti. isthgr is t.ea vit'ssoery .ft n caepi ke (l it?s)augh e all th care d ofove...
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ma a ybe ifsignt icanday to beday e causwaoil wns do $2 an esd guats wh s the mtockt arke ieralltod in c thelose. is thth is coe seimnd t he wead a
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e thhas&p ens bedy reara to lly an cd wee an bofout zy cran. tow r afteclthe aose,belphae t, w tusedllo cago it rogleteepord a anngmazibe numr. no lit unacke fk.eboo ph al iabetrgs lahaer tpln ape maand crketap. m it sakes tenseo me. t a lohaof weyt thdo're ising usbeca ce ofcoost l.ntro cfthe emo, rblarkab e joi'and ve togot l telityou hy's war we e g goinanto snc fra.isco 'sithe w tre eheitxcg in mp cos anieare. at thig's rht. me com frofrsan scancio. no bt tolie be aeved cnd i an't wa o it tyosee eru the. whsomeere. i isprom te too ry t ifindr t fo jii'm amm crnder al i'lyosee u mo to.rrow > >>it's tuy,esdaeb fyruar 2nd. mi copng u on "y early.toda" te afper sgndin hours in a dead he itat wrnh beanie s, ders
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