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tv   Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> n nbcs ewcldeesaril h lary clinton the appantrene win r in , iowae whilersandyss sas it'a e. ti and ted cr tuz iakes tt to.rump >> god blesshe tat grete sta of io wa. t >>rohe funnt rnoner e? mor maand rurco s bio'ngstrois finh, the surprise of the night. >> so this is the mome tnty he id sald wouer nevpe hapn. t >>anhe ctedidares alinady new shhampthire oris m.ning so ngundi a thelarm. a >> public health emergency of in atternl ionaerconcn. >>he tik zoua retb nak bowngei cldeedar a global crisis, the pentonag t setaco ev uuate.s. li mi ftaryieamiloms fr hot s,zone n ther umbenfof id ecte ow grbying d thehiay w le a invacc se istoaid ye be ars aw ay. and blizzardn ie th he tlard,an b a sigrmtoum dngpi he snavy roow fnsm kao as t igmichan. another 31il monlira b fcingor reseverm sto ts inouhe sth.
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wwel ilt geatthll amp itaor nt ng loaner rorge ft ecas fliferom supunxeytawnod, goou, grg ndho tday,ayuesdbr, fe 2uarynd. a>>ounnerncth: iistos o "today" with matt laueanr d va sa gnnahieuthr. flivestrom 1udio a in efrockr ellea.plaz >> d gooinmorng. dwello om tay"tod a" onsd tueay rn moing. we o gotf ut ododge right in time, not dodge city, sioux city, iowa. >> take a look at the video of sioux city. the snow came ainerfthe t caucuses ended last night. we a hadde won trfulinime a iow ye dasteruty, by thedeare g alin with a big snowstorm, al will te s ll u imoresen a . cond he>> tit pol ricaltsesul n didot sa dintppoi. t onephe rcaubliden siwa it s d te'scruzht nigle fue d by co reurrd tt.n ou th xae tenas setotor dppedd onal tr mump, rarco hubioonard ir the el hests jube 1% thind?rump >> th in moe deiccrate raca orhistlyicalse clote const, hi y llartocline n threappant
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un vetil arry en ly iinmorng. cbothonlint s andrsandet lef wiowautithole a cutar cne winr in beclg de. ared w >>i hen itsay sn doe't di oisapp mnt ithean waere s a t lousof se pens iwellthnto e ni ght. ho llw wise theul resests r hape th ece el wtionthith xte ne im pr nary,amew hrepshit jusone week away? s let't starcoour gevera. h wepeave alter deexanarr stting ffus o. te peoor, grnd mo ing. r >>teeporavr: sh,annad goo inmorng. te uzd crde hanred hene in w ha irmpshste juat a mofter rs hou ago. hi mps ca taignpoeam g ppin pachamongne c itserhart i jetn fr owom ia. uz crin makstg hi bory,inecomg fithe rerst icpublo an tinget to tta biuaer dthl wial donumd trp d angeemer w ther.inne in a iowlia pol ticahqeart, uake t bunot the kind donald trump wa exs t>>goo bed he try glo. r >>teeporowr: p beredway a ve of sontrppg sufrort om geevanl licastchri tiansrued cz meclaictd viovory iser h iobille nairl.riva
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blrepu nicaneeomin and the next president of theni ustted ates wi nll botche enosy be tha.medi t >> yhankerou vchy mu. i veloou yeo r >>teepororr: f f the tirstime nd cae idatcawho imst h aselfs e thtiultemane win rr, ashare ow of ci graesousnd s anitbrev y in atdefeea, sp fkingaror bely re thnue mi tes. w>> itoant l telsoyou inmethg, m i' hjustedonor. i'm really honedor i andt wanto co ranglatu tte aed indan wtot co ten la o alle f thedincr ible idcand. ates r >>teeporrir: fngendirn oveight this 2013 trump tweet, nono e re ermembo s wh icamecon send. on this night the po ollsebsesd nd cae idatiomentjuned nest o set of be numndrs a t forirhe fst ti oume s cndedouautious abs t hi an chinces h newhiampsre. >> ha we pve aweoll at're 28 po aints.head ayok. hanew irmpshe e, w nloveew ha irmpshe. i think we're going to be proclaiming victory, i hope. >> for months they td ol wuse d hahano c nce. r >>teeporr: solidifying his tiposis on aanthe tswero o tw -eantilistabntshmesi out, ders o marco.rubi
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cechanau becy se m whairt asn' gr noay eanugh bd my wootsere to gho hi. r >>teeporher: tye 44-ldar-o's enoping line. o >> s ithise s thntmomey the id sald wouer nevpe hapn. >>ep rr:orteea a nrfr peect fl reonectian of r othehmfresan na sewhtor n o wo eiowa yightears ag o. he>> tidy sas thiwoday uld ve nemer co. r >>teeporutr: bto hisniric ght nk puti wai rng ad ecorinsettg y da mwiththore 80an 1,000 caucusoe gthrs, ste moor befe. goa cop tyunea hted inllnbg c news we're busting at the seams. af hiter urs folath pince fish be rsn calaon s tmmedruhe cz mp ca. aign >> t thaeais rqully a ite y dirt k.tric >> us acchiing mps cooretit of re spg adinrsrumot thaoncars wo beuld pp droofing tef afe r th ne ururos ageonncnnoue ed hwas he g adin thomeoro fltoida a get es franh chf ge oheclots. ep>> rr:orte w andhahat s ppen mb hubyled os a lnas doruld tmp ha ens ben stuini thsikly lent h onavis fe orit pmega, hone tetwite r, h'thasnet tweined sce
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th ine th wg to iatchw s hohe onrespndds aus adjoits gng fo d.rwar mthisngornico mario rub is intoutatg whha he scs ded ribeas me mo.ntum s hiaicampevgn rngealiy thewill so cauth naroliat senteor, d scott. ou>> sarth ca olinngvotier aft . hb te pehar, tounk yy ver. much s >>lyhorter aft v hisryicto sp ceechspruz ouoke nt tobc ne efws bheore de heaf d ofewto n shhampire. h he lad af ot oreinteg stin in tho gs tabsay thout sue relts in a. iow s nbc'iehallks jacauon cupght wi imth h. go orod m tningu.o yo >> or rep gter:moood g,rnint. mat an isd thni morenng s catorisruz hicatcp ng uomon seee sl yp asou d hearr pete wsay,lye onpe lapd ison hne pla h two aoursn go ihb teand uzd cral is y readheon t amove, gaininhead sg to outh licaroodna theay tckn bane to w ha irmpshnie toght. sta e atatthoe d'tsnee slim ke a na l turafrfit imom h w but here me mo fntumiorom ouwa cutld p him t inophe t h two ere. t >>htoniga is orvictr y fo urcoeoag cusseonatrvesivcr as os
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>> congratulations. >> nk tha. you asit hn beerea rkmaleab vi orcty. 'sitea ry lltea amstt en ttohe grass roots. i iturs cousageose conivrvates l alssacroa, iow a alls crosthe un cowhtry ooo st td up aodaynd ha eid thicr voeaes hrd. >> a younere oth of w e fe ca atndidn es i rthiswhace s o ha go snet or tof toetoo wie th um trd p ann takenca puomh fr him akor tomen sdye bots shoyo as u gh mirat i >> re thea is qubig onestik mar ouon yadr he y andanou co 't d at thth to rte pay. ow>> hs doe rthiscteflewh in at u yot mighitdo wurh yose clost mp cooretitna, doruld tmomp, ving fo d?rwar l >>n,isteap my chproado to nald d anybeverelody asse hn beenot g to to inudhe mt , nongto eage in i thetsnsul a andksttac. if or he on anysee elul inse ts m i t don'onresp kd inind. ou>> yyo've au'vekettacm.d hi >> n i'moiot go ng takbe ting l legaceadvim frolddonamp tru. >> o i dk thinerdiffs enceon po , licyecon r oord,bsn sue,tanc at thai's fmer gat , buini thk e thrsvote n arentot iteeresd in po cilitibians inckerkeg li
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ll wie notlathe wost tne winrs heof ta iowuscauce camofout th auis cwicus o th ny,money the re weke bro t anddihey t d nohave e thonnatieaal t m or fr inucastr tture io ben a po onsitibe to e ablomto c pete fe efelctivd y anthwin e mi noonnati. we i areman a edrketifly dntfere tiposion. ou>> ye likayto ss thi is a ratwo-utce ben givco mario rub's inshownig to wght,mahat ouny wld ns co aideron strirg thsnd, i't athisee thr r-mannoace w? t >>s hat'g goine to bo up tthe vo .ters am i ausedstt lig eninheto t me abdia whout n at aesimpr sive d thire placshfini. at whhi i ts nk iesimpr isives th ,0e 50ou00 courages ns cotiervathves toat sp od uin stthe e at iofowa and gave us e thrglat esctviy or ain re blpuaniccu cau ts inishe htory hiof tats ste. >> th so plird e acesdot n' ttma?er i>>hi t mnkcoar is terrific, i think donald is teifrri ic, th evink neeryoth in ele fi d is ifterric. iwhaten am agcoury ed bheis t gr s asotroars tmyt ha cisinomg to thge tert ha gistiet sngontrg stand errong s andgetronchr ea d any ever day. w >>dohat hies tans meor fou y ingofog arrwd? yo adu hene to mpw hae shirand so cauth naroli?
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dohow w youhein tin nomn atio om fre? her t'>> irys veh mucsathe hime tng as t whaidwe dio in whwa, at we do're ining h newhiampsre, so cauth naroliva, nendda a all ac trossouhe c.ntry a wensre angweri q theiouestns of m thenden aen womne in w ha irmpshd e aninearne g ths vote e ononpersa at . time >> l andngookiwa foro rd t'swhat hag enin iherew n neshhampire, io gewa, tt onrohe g dund,ato th ta reolil pckl tiating se hou pa s,rtie h vhw aallsernd h e at ac plikes lnce duouan dtsghnu, gu thys, ofat cshfee haop tu t's whbic toich in us e newndngla. al>> h tlie, yhankerou vchy mu. >> s thi wraceruill dn onn inke thfor xte nepl coueke wes. ad heining heto t iowa caucus we ewknhe tem draocc ticeraas w gh tid t anrethe s sultedprov at th. arhilliny clthton pae ap rent wi bnnererut bsanie s nderis incall ag ittu virieal t. an mdreaelitch cl isinoveratg th way. sh s e ha hmadeayer wne to w ha irmpshere ovt nighelas wl. dr angoea, orod m. ning >> or rep gter:moood g.rnin
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ciowas aucu iracestn hiwiory th hi y llartoclinpan aplyrent av stofing otf anemher asbarrsing se up tt intahe sbute, rit arving re heew a frs hou i agow n ne ha irmpshthe without mee mo ntum sthatashe win hopr.g fo i >>nd stae herghtonit ea brg thing a bi osighlif reef. anthyok owu, ia. ow>> ihaa, tounk y. >> ep rteor er:lyarhi tmos inrng hi arllcly toinwan nas d mee th aprepainnt wofner i theowa ca esucus. te af er anmextreloly cacse re th wini bernde saers. wh spo red ondeheto ts newr afte viarrin ng ihanew irmpshise th rn mo ing. a >>o nd danyou paticite ntcoties tngs hitevoou c antt l? al h >>tlones jy wegoust f t ofthe pl anane dd we kon'tennow ough to a sayinnythoug ab. t it >> reporter: a racsoe ig t ht th iata n w feucca pusciretsnc so cmentoudey gales terewe ci debyded oi a cssn to, thsomepaing ofrty alficis re encomm sd toe ettlutdisped co . unts i>>lot s okkelie wllwiav he t abou ohalfe f th iowa gadeletes. r >>teepororr: fde sanhers t iotenss n wa.high
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fr isom hel hotm, rooin pac g in fr ofont t theiselev eion,ven delaying his flight to new shhamp hire,g opineeto s the l nlit omey caer aftle he ft. d anr afteaoa chnitic thght ere e artiquesthons heat ta iow mo deiccratty par u e thndsas eraicampccgn ag usin th pae y rt nof potperoy rl ai tr tning pheirncreciait chrs. no thw bodi cans dateloare g okin ah toead h newhiampshere wre ersands s hamaa ssive lead. an ind cliston li calerng h aself og privresslie, ag gninelhersf with sanders' issues. a>> iprm a ssogrewhive tso ge in thongs dr e folepeop. r >>teeporhir: wanle s sderstill fi urings p hi. base ha>> wwat io b has tegunhtonig aisol picit ralolevioutn. r >>teeporotr: bmph cas aign co omingf ut o iiowafin a ght th asat ht jusn.begu an ndd sahaers ovs prused jw t ho fmuch hightgoe's ftt len im.hi
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on t thanioverflght aight few s hour gago, ooingo ut tcka piup k,trucet grehiing pps sursorte th adat hn beeinwaitr g fos hour g to hreetheim tre. is thgo is toing a be much ug tofiher thght nyan ahaone d ctexpesaed, ahvann m and att. a >>a ndrehemitcthll, yoank u so mu ch. >> 's letng brich in touck nddd a llnicolle wa lace,niong foght r yo icu, n he toyoave thu wi us th oris m. ning >>he wm re ai? l >> set's otarte n thblrepuican si de. eryestmoday g rnintoyou s ld u e th ccruzigampas n waemsuprely co ennfidt. ntwe iewervioned dtrald ump eryestmoday g,rninse he emed ch untearacicrist sallyedubdu. e >>lyxact. id>> dy the iknows t wangcomi? >> hi i thenk tz cru camp nidefi ktelyitnew c wasg.omin d i ha tseenathem ch lun d theay fo bethre, erey w ce so talm,hey hu utng o s forngo lore thee wer f noicrantlp cel chone ialls sa heid tthy eineer keyw the wer go toing o winewr kny the were in go lg toose. ey th b had auiltel modgo to to the capacity of 0,17 t000,hey kn heew trey weng goido to l wel la igst nht. >> t wharuis tupmp sd poseto ke math of is? i isstt ju y, donoou katw wh, he
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for iowa and it's iowa specific s or i athisn sig pthatpserha sthatrtuppo s youn ee is poll aovervend oair agatn thre the's ss len thas meeteythe ene wh it me cowns dovo to gters ioingn an itd wrdoing iswn he? nam he>> twe ans br toofoth r you es qus tionesis yan, mething at, lo hiok, ops perele a p note eopl at th u aretosed ti participang t inrohe p, cesss gues twhathat an meous, ygo've wt toevork en erhardge to emt th t outteo vo. yo veu hawo to herk trdm haer. , lookpehe s- nt -rahe c fmmedor lla coexege ndam adi he lod a t of ll reaody goan orgg izinhein t la enst ts dayhiof ts. ini thw k nooowe lckk bama he y ve haed savse himrolf fm ni fig shinndseco. it h mayplave teummertd fuher ha nd heutot p e the extrat ffor hthatd e dilathe enst ts. day ru>> ctsz gegg brariing , ghtshe ad herws fotoard h newhiampsre, we felir res giouerconsvevatis er the, a lot of peop wle ho scdeberihe tvemsel s as de inenpendowt, hs doelahe py er the? h >>goe's toing ha emp size ff dit erens partisof hum rese,
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i lohad llgicarey pu t guyhat n'doest t geg alon hwithis es istablt hmeniebudds. ru isbio g thehauy tn t ca make bethe asst caie agcrnst n uz i .iowa um trs p ha uusedl p alisof h at s,tackwe he hrnt t cougha,anad ro thhiugh tas lif ny ockattas, i n' doowt knt whap trumlehas ft bu bit rualo reasly henn't d gage uzcrfr in ofont t thanew ha irmpshece eltetoraa in way ye att thhi i te nk w swillee. hi>> tbonk a rutioub n'st ex ekwe. t onnehe od hane maybthe tidonaanons dod enenrsemilts wl ur po o in,e n thr othe thandhe at s tack efrom sverye inglercorn 'rtheymie cong. i >>u'f yoarre mubco rheio ty've cbeeng.omin it nb's uvaelieble. no wbodyttas ad acke imoreidn pa a medihein tlb mai ooxese n th vitele, siono marco rubiloand ok atwhe hd endeoiup dng. o soe n on yhandavou h be toe ve mpry iedresshi at s re ensilice. , look ti do hhinks e hatogot fi snishd econewin nps ham, hire muminim. ini th ik heins go gg ton et a rtoppoy.unit r >>. ubio ub>> rio. tebut uzd cr a hast shoat se .cond e theroiis go ng t be a infascg atine-threraway itce wh
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si kahoch wld coue mak some no mise, caybetihriskee mames so e,nois t butorhat oder,twne, o, th e,rel wilhebe try sto. l >> net'sgnot ithore e mo des,cratla hilliry c gntonets to e comofout a iowsaand y te cachnii'lly e m therwinn but hthiso ad t nbe adeear ath riexpe fenceheor ts one pr ptesumnoive e.mine l >> cet'sitall t whas it ishe e oiavd dea colempiste dr.aste a iswin in a w w, it houldave en beis a dr asteheif sld wou ha osve lt. rn beanie s hderso as t gfeelreat yeand u t yolocan t ok ait an r otheanway y,d sahe if co 'tuldnt beaunher thder ese co ionditn ns i sthis, tateishow he ng goibe to erat hpl in aces ke lith souol car aina,malaba, wh there ece eltetoramo is re ve dirse? al atl thd saicoyou juuld st ifeelt. clthe n intoaicampaygn me hav tewon cachnithlly e ey'rngacti ke liy the tlostanhe s ders aicamps gn ingactie lik they won. >> nk tha ms souch. go s getslome eep. we l wil ahave m lotonore the io eswa r aultsmpnd ionact h bot s racengmoviwa forusrd jeat ahd. > >>tonow iv a p cotal ourt
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co sby. ul cos d hil lega gteamet incrimhaal c drgesssismied? ep ste hani igosk ts athe co ouurthse. mgoodngorni. >> or rep gter:moood g.rnin cbill'sosbyal legm teabaare ck ouin crgrt a tuingthhat ose cr aliminrg chae es bwnthro out al gel to.ther sb coniy dehees teg alln atiothat he gg drunded aua sexsal asd ulte eaandr s convein oder a acadego onin mertgomuny coty. th ste di arictnettor ty athe me ti n didreot cssha cesrgnd a s heheays uc str dk iswieal th co thsby e at hdncoulre't pss ar chgoges foing d rwarheif t co anmedi d sattoown ti tesn fy i a l civiseca. co y sbstteieifd. w,noha tdet sipoontis i tat he ar he tt ofhahe c brges feingiled today against cosby by an entirely differentis dt tric attorney. it th is rse fimet tit thay cosb fahas crced aliminrg chavees en ou thhegh trere aen doz s of mi siallar tilegaouons ert the, h heenas dthied llem a. a l legartexpee herin pe lvnnsy tania uellsats th he
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lluphitl bat ce in.ourt ouwithcot a orurt d deremuimtyni adealhend toere d asn'tr ppeato nebe oth in asis ce e thl tria fgoesrdorwa. tt mack, bayo to u. >> ph ste ganieosk. k thanveyou ucry mh. > >>fbthe s i han taketo social a medihein trc sear h forma foer en ago t whppdisad earerain in iback07n 20. i onacts fk eboo tpagebihe f is as fkingnfor itiorman on othe wh abere ooutsbef roevrt ln.inso adhe hn beeinworkr g focithe a hain ws.t u.el intncligee of alficives hale calrod a gue op ioeratn. y anrminfon atiot abouhis ap anpearce. >> le> s t' tgocao foliiarn. an li engeash t wcherrras ad este r folealdlgehey inlping n a th aiey seyd thld wou c note harg
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th aiey se d shidprovheed t ma inwites vth aofiew the lecompx. sh cee fajud a fodge e r tht firs me tice sinir thetu caphire ts we d.eken stinveorigatves re taledhe tifugikives pednaptad a xi dr erivt anpguntoind ael hhid m ivcaptr e foeka wele whiui argng heon w ttherllo ki. him tueven, allyghthouey, th t lethe n mago. > >>heweat ar isernoth s bigtory is thni morng. at thwe midtost sasrm h not ppdisaedointfa so r. >> as hot n. we av ha e izblrdzaoi g ongann d th ske rist of srongs tormand rn tos adoealto touk abt. t' let s i wi i ivll gu e yodean iooa, lk at swthe ofath zz bliwaard gsrnin, nt witoer sarrm ws ningwiand nter heweatvir adessoriet strg chin cfromadolorl o alwathe y up mintogaichin. is than is en intnose srmwsto. so h mucouso yst're ngarti to e setnlighfiing p,re und thuer sn s ow aeait howds t sards ioux .city s let'thget tee lajist, m orcant se in ciouxriity noght w. m. ji l,>> aan i cel't b yievee ou'r ss mialing e l ththfun horougut he re. we ge're g ttinhecrusd. yo n'u cae t sefesix o et ta
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dea sid, roa i thestnternoate t t a loarof coms frt whan i ca se vee, ee n th toneshat ca ocalsiono ly dy go bmoare ving 0 at 35 to 3s mileouan hr. th e ey'v dshutevown hierytng y todaptexce g fornmoverent of s ficebebut e lievr it onot 'rtheylle teeving oderyb y if th omey c te in todayhahey o ve t ke taac a vn atioday. s wind bwille e thteligho st s r, faar we t e noe quithaat tt vedelicrred iaitert , bu they pwillupick n ever aftesnthe ow ds ener lats thirnafteanoon d ni toght. erdangsious iotuat80n i-, te intersta s 39,hotay me. >> wh anyfrere tom 8 io 12s nche of w snohain tatt swh. athen oheadisf thte sys m we ve has thi mwarm aoist31ir, mi n lliolepeopri at orsk f ro sttong srms. th ore stilms warl stvet denglopi la toter bday,e'ut wlsve at o go t no tonlyslhis rightarisk ea, 'v wesoe al i gothan en rncedisk lfromviouisallle e l thdoway wn to intr cenisal mipsissndpi a amalabe'a, wotve g r theofisk to oernadups, seler cthls, ese wi usnd g0 ts 7s milehoper ur, ss po tibledoornandes a un thtodersasrms s thi line
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es thore stoums conld ce tinu ov ghernihet, tt moserdangous me tire we'ng goibe to ch wating thiser very, vosy clduely ring th y e daonand o intghtonit. we l wiltoget r youl loca caforeomst cuping th in xte ne s 30dsecon. ywhenakou mpbe a wi&j muth s'cker ab al wama, ge'veheot tk risof we l wiltoget r youl loca 'thatths ffe diceerenbe n tweenaordivery ey ryda an qud exelisitliy desciouin ev an ayerydt sorayof w.
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>> t'> ilss aoru febary 2nd. ndgroushog' y.da gweo live to supunxeytawn. th eey'rti getng r teadyong bri ph il outf o his rrbuo. if hes seeis h sh,adow sixe mor ek wefs o erwint. nyif ath of edi cansdateee s rthei owshad t,ene mor msonth of mpcaaigning. >> wrangler saw hisha swdohi ts morning. alabama, we've got the risk of we il wt l geouto ycar lol nephy il. >> s he' t.ou >> id de hee s his showad? >> ix sor meee wks of ntwi. er >> he did? >>e hl wilee s his adshow. th yereavou h e. it e>> h looks odgo. t >>hahey ve 10,000 tv li.ghts >> you're rngeadi the ndgroushog'nd mi. i >>'m one wthith e ndgrou hog. ru>> tmest , heaw s the sh. adow ha>> tounk yy verch mu. >> c>gomin up,or me about iowa.
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nandamew hrepshi s isghtrait ea ahd. is the rubepcali fnieldn dow to athperee- rsoncera? uspl, zika ald worwide em ncergey. e thta pen ogoninfferg to lo re cateisat-rk marility mi fa sliesontatied erovasse. wh 'satei bngon de to sptohe t ruvi fsmro
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:30 am
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7:32 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
>> , no ,no no, no. et>> l it .go >> i think wee gav itno eugh me ti. ontamr, thksan. >> ze> a bro zocaes gi rave extex. get tra. inbu my sssinean i cnt cou on.tmy iy. gu inbail og meut thall mee ti... m i'thnot e i' e m thtodeskppp su ortchteer supr.viso myand to cus kmersngnowiht rigwh heen tacir ps kagevearri. in uctrodreing imal-t e vedeliotry natific.ions ar le an moreust myomps.c one of t cherkool peof ts plhis ace is can you a eat s much acerealu was yont.
7:51 am
rialghty. t we jus cerlikeeal. makwe, e it,eat itve lo liv it,.e it in(laugh g) ahere'se littlthy healceadvi. artake c whae ofket mas you, u.yo ri wnght dour to yon. ski no aveeaily dst moigurizinlo ontih wit5 vital nutrients he for ier althinlook g skinus in je dat ony. av .eeno turanabelly lautifusu re lts thetoou ce woplerndginwh ooat a g d deallook kes li... . no slseriouy? we'l vel gi6 it a for mpos con.itio wo haw, wout t ab justin puttirg a fa, . . . . pp. p... ..p. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
7:52 am
so memetie s th dbesteals ar tye pretin t plae.o se my t erraint didn'e believ thmeroat tulp50 coe d tastoodso g d anill stveha50 fe% r n castopi ja, ?ne no. trop .50 stestao sougood y't b wonveelie has it f 50%alewer cories. i' ilm phke mic, lsongopro .lfer somy picriathr art itisuscaoied jaint pn. l justmy mike atodere to rsevereatoiheumthd arritis. d ans woi wadrrieou abt t joinge.dama tomy docid r sainjo ft painrom ra ca sn be a eign ofingxistjo maint dage th ldat couy ge onlrst woe. sche preenribed brelelto hevp relie pain helpand p stor furthe.damage en mbreleray low yourilitab fy tonfight is.ection se ouriets, somatimes fal, ev ientsngncludife inns, ctiorctube,ulosis mp ly, othomacaher nncers, ervousstemsy b andislood dorders aland rlergicnseactiohave ur occred. outell yorr doct ifveyou'so been emeplac e fuwher ngalctinfereions amon, com
7:53 am
h haveatad hep b, itis bhaveeen d treatehearfor ilt faure, f or ihaveyou si perfestent brver, ng, uisidiblee png, ors.alenes do t n'start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. jo paint ndin aage. dam.. scan goby side ide. ho ask brelw en h canelp e relievt pajoinin an sd helpjointop mat dage. en , brelmbthe nuer one rh toloeuma-pgistberescribid ic.olog . g.rninit 's gdhrounayog d dato y. k >> yim:noou khaw wset el it , isly kel rrcuan's bdairthy and le t's c iheckthn wi the ormeteisologt serehe is.>> anthks, guys.
7:54 am
ll with thepe temreratus tistarong tmb cli aboveez freing inas las vegll vaey. wn dotownt a 35 des,gree he sonderoun, y're upt a 34 bo inttomutg o at 29. nt cealenni att thaez fremaing rk 3 of2 des.gree e thpe temreratu tshis rnafteoon,it 's stillng goibe to re ptty il ch 4ly,6de eegrhas, tt's it for a high, my ostly sunns.skie we are sintartg aar w mingd,tren ou thgh, sl bow,ut w ge'llet e,ther 60y b theen d oef th ek weend.>> got atl lite aenccidt on su limmerarn p okwayffn ithe st di, ancebut c youan see hiflasigng l ohtsnpa ramrtnd a is thdu is orangth so sis i west in this .viewdo wnth in e crentef o wnto,ll a ki nds ofus by the sboouthund i- 15om c iingnto the ag spi hett,bowlch whi isor nmal r fos thiim te of day. th rae tfficme tis, allun r in the ywellom fro erhendson, so esuthwt on 15, notri c sis ng sat ihe wne w go e we'r tnot hereyet, kndim a na da . d >> oana: tnshi tsdueay mo inrng.
7:55 am
nn ruingel rebs ltos aot lor me th an the bl almega onat sdaur y t.nigh they lostne o of theirpi salritu ad leersn o this team,en b ca , rter bthepishoor gnma gr uaad,te tyhe cedarriff o the el fid and he has an tor lac and wi ell b out thees rt othf e se onasnd ae' wre hinopg he can get healthy in time for next se .ason im>> k: ie hop .soal l right, good vibesng goi his y wa andor tomrowhe wn you wake , upom tle hawyak tess uk bacn i me ti. th eeo vidlt vau isll aut abo ndlege licebera, frieatuhing ts s lasvegaho smwrooen legdnd a
7:56 am
lk taing aboutis h
7:57 am
> >>'sit:0 8on0 to "y.da" mi cop,ng u t letamhe geges bin. sideci01on 2ck6 kif s of awithn up onset s one ide. >> on thtigio, hwa pasclromeaid heto tld worrn, moising in comg. morning is coming. f >>heor ter othhes, tse clost ca iucusstn hi ory. >> i as d stan therehtonig, ea brg thinbia sig gh of relief, thank you, iowa. ow>> h r theulesn ts i wiowaill impact the race moving forward. th n en akeunliuply sdeermol. i >>d sai athatvend edyrybo laughed at me. witas ridiculous. ur yoth teet , falelitt nose. everhiyts ng ig.wron >> the legendary lauren tthuon en opups ut abo s how chengha ed the facef oshfan iod anatwh it's like stepping back into the sp ghotli tt atgehe a72 of . >> hi> behend tic mus. from michael jacks tonwho neity ushon,tour sispring stories abt oumesof oe thesbiggpot p stars inhe tor w fldm ro le ndgey arcore prdduror cea.l.
7:58 am
today, tuesday, febrryuand, 2 16 20. >> hap 6pybi0th ayrthdm., mo ovwe lu!e yo >> re we'm froidflora. >> ng briweing irst va giniheto t bi plg ap e. >> ca we llme a w theroay fm s texatoto ""day. we love y'all. w>>ree'n ood"t"!ay >> el wmecoac btok to "y.da" tuesday, february 2nd, 2016. it's a chilly day ouhet oren our plaza. no bt to uringd p barimemoores f , alitbut ro's gogundhay's d. nx puwnsutahiey pdnl diee't s his sh . adow >> y onlim17 tn es iye129 ars
7:59 am
>> f thes ix iin. >> ak speofing ul res- ts - >> ro pssfenaiojel oual tsyrehe. e >> w ahave t lott o geto, ar st wtingthith sue reoflts a g bit eveneryestday. th wae iocu cau rses, ooundn ne i pthisderesil ntia.race crted oouz tunk roe d onheon t blrepu sicanide. arhilliny clsqton edueak a out wi tn onemhe dtiocradec si. l alcathe atndidrees ade head fo w r neshhampire. nb tic na conalsporrentondeer pet al deexans r ha omoreatn th for us. r,peted gooinmorng. g >>moood g.rnin om fr h newhiampsthre, rse fit in nathe vtion totesg akine plac ohereeene womk fray tod. te uzd cr c, ofe,oursh witthe ancomm vdingryictot last.nigh do tnald, rumphawho sts caed ms hiaself u theatltimnne wier, fe deat. pu g ttin pmoreurress te on rump p toofull wif a ren het nex .week hwhatneappe id inowa? hein tds wora of inleadwag ion pu reanblic t, heusold um, trp s wainselle g thlesizzt , nothe st eak. iowanser whue fngryoror me.
8:00 am
r >>teeporedr: tz crupetripd up tr ump. t >>htoniga is orvictr y fo agcouruseo conservatives across wa io. aland rol achiss teas grt ti naon. ep>> rr:orteal donumd trolp, bd, brash, uonncioventnal. th oris m, ningndseco and uesubdd. i >>t wanonto culgratteate d. >> or rep tter:'srumpec speh arunchriacte, stict shorwiand th to a ofuch bt dou. >> fi we ednishon secd d ani'm no hored. we e lovhanew irmpshe. e we'rg goine torro -- tbe laprocg iminorvict hy, iope. r >>teeporarr: mubco rulio pled of muf a trch sr onged thire plac ow shthing reat peddict 1 pe tarcenoige pehnt btrind ump, inleave g thhmfresenan s iatorn ththe ofick r the ace. he>> tpl peo te ofgrhis eat at stnte sele a cesar m.sage te afver searn ye bs ofk arac ob wama,e e arwanot g itinany erlongta to urke ont couacry bk. ow>> w! awhatht nig. r >>teeporarr: ehily trns moing,
8:01 am
ardecliled h clary cliryonlinth wit withe .nner lwiththess nean oce perf nt o th tee vopas sengrati f herrom sa s.nder >> as i stand here tonight, ea brg thing a bi osighlif reef, th k anu,yoow ia. r>>orepr:te as he boarded his ar chanter add heored f new mp hae,shirde sanasrs w y notet y readonto c dcedet.efea t >> is look wlike he'llave t abou ohalff the iowa le des.gate ow>> hs doeeeit fenl, s?ator re>> gat. ep>> rr:ortepo resg ndinto cl n'intopas ap wrentouin hrs later, he ulwo rdn'touule t al chinlenge g thltresus. o >> danyou paticionte cintestg th tee vont coual at l? w >>ste ju o gotheff tne pla. onwe dno't kouw enbogh at.ut i t >>anhe s cdersraeleb tion co uentinrld eaisy thni morng r afteplhis laane anded few ur hoo s ag:0at 5 t0 inhe mo g.rnin ashe wet gre aedtht aie orrpbyt nd hu oredsppf sursorte s whotood foout urr ho ts inolhe cd. ersandt s goheon t o bedf a ck piruup tndck aet greheed t d crowtoand held ts m hiaicampgn
8:02 am
tbacku.o yo p >>, eterk thanveyou ucry mh. qu trick favelimor h w, as ell. >> g lont nighevfor oderyby. >> ta> nahalie e s thr othetop st s orieheof tni morng. h >>uyi, gs. mgoodngorni. iacrucurl copet apcearanay tod r foteenairtr nellbios hi las erwyass ngki j ageudo t rothouw tht one clymiril naseca ag t ains thim,cche aiousate ns h stmoleozed dofens en wom. che'sedhargh witasthe t saulof wo a 12man rs yea. ago dehis e fens steamcoaid hasby d ala deh witfothe rmer ecpros hutorule wot d nobe ar chinged ha excfonge s r hi sidepo itioncin a cavil se. hain tpot deonsitisb, coy mi adedttbt oniai qngaluaesudo t give to women he wanted to have wisex th. ashe hie deny d angdwron. oing >> ca> a rnlifoaiia jselhou gl enteish r ache soncectuspeed hofpiel tng vhreeiolent inmates escape has bn eelereedasit wutho charges. of cifis alidsahe sad hiv g tenhe maina tes legoogth ear t maphat ow shn ed aalaeriw vieheof t georannt couily ja. thall e re tof rheapecretud
8:03 am
th ere shs iff'rtdepa rmentlsevea th tat owothf mee fon htugve or etwhr he ktoa ill dtaxir rive htheyidad kednappor befe tt lehiing .m go go 'sogleen parmpt coany ph al sabetssurpapped as le athe d'worlsts moua valcoble y.mpan af r tes hourintradndg moay oc knapked frple heom t s toppot it d helmofor hare turn fo ar yes. go aoglebelphas t waedvalu at $5 il70 b.lion th eaat bplt ap ae by $bout35 ll biion. e'applars shice pripes dlaped st ek weer aft c thepaom rnyorepd te sl gowerh rowtphin ione sh ntipme. th nee owf rs outa so hern li caiaforni tikplbar o an t bu reafild anter id acccaent ught on er cama. th ghe hids wint senlma pae tre cr ngashiou thrhegh tooir r f on aysund. ar neitly hr foulepeop w whoere si g ttinheon tio pat. ey th t sayrehe tnde lan ed oa ki titu staeee, k tpingfrhem om be cring d.ushe >> th> wiwi grongon crncebo a ut
8:04 am
drones, dutch police have turned to nature for a solution. they've teamed up with a private mpcoany, training eagles to take t th pre ated'sorye eghsi t, rfpowelaul cndws ati hunng instincts might be the perfect combination to keep rogue drones in check. e thergoyou . we r athecaforeg,stin gr ndougshoay me bprunicedbltae, aassal , yst bu latsteahe ty n'dotrt toy re b oak outthf e zo o. a zoo in tokyo conducted its lareguimr anscal edrape ill datoy. yo e u see,thert' thasts a aff me dmberedressa as a.zebr >> ll reay? >> in makrug a r n foit. in e casweyou t ren' wsurehat u yoreweat winchg. m heaneuvers around e ont ne before getting takenow d n. >> ar dd?te n>>dao s rtisthim te. ca osrtr-wocehy sne. p hendrete bs toane trizquiled. zo peokeendrs e s his tweet aste f ofomreed. am g azin wthat das a. rill
8:05 am
>> re we'ng goima to hike t s as isrealastic si posble. l we'l thavedahem ourt y. k >>oveel er. >> n> up dext,u o yo ahave en fratemy k? wor y whr he ocoshe beuld he tes bt th g inatth e'sr veppha tenedo u. yo pl nous, ft soast. ou abe t thrsrumot thawashe s in th aking rboutinetiromg fr mo ngdeli. we li've upned th anoer ed atucnio usexclsnive peeak t ek a osomef cothe cimmerthals ilat wepl ke su r pewlbo. >> fi> t,rsn otua daesmoy inrng, th meese hall tint th g! ge3 t 1inro pcttenio r foesdrynoms, c,fortan ord odtr con ol. unand pliked erio,pads e pois sthin phapesad vehahi tfln texhnecogol
8:06 am
he lllo my ove!e flthisame . out.. mo toy rrow mtudeatti... toano.nion e?qu stthe ove. it w's not.orking mpca mbell'sveicrowa souableps. fmade roreaeal, r.l life veaduresntro f$599m , pl p us u $to0 30 sto pend eaat s. s comee eek thl caroyaearibbn.
8:07 am
all year long. you put the time in. u yothput rke wo in. inday d andutay o. so n whe tyourefax r undriar mves,thake ste moit of . prlow oices nevyternghiou yee nd utto p f thenun iur yo r taxd.efun pphatay rex ndfusay omfral wrtma. wee lcomrd maboaary stship. oy, ahysmate! it ul's fhil of tlongs i .ve.. eeand frthin of dgs ion't. ljustexike chl. cerea fit'sof sull tuffatwe nee no if artflicial avors,d itan g'sten-lueefr. , eat uprtme heaies! ikeep!t down
8:08 am
om frn apeindeenndt th paird y.rt d an celtoraeb'te, we cutre tingei ths r h sw to itchntsprisa and ove 50%n ermost v, atizonr&t obi t-moesle rat. weand c'llouover ysts r coto sw upitch, $650 to l perine. on m ly fro.sprintroub(teale hn ring oonthe ph vie, spsit is ththe is fojoy r me. i brelovead! lovei ad bre. i stnow jue managso iit, n' do mt denybryself ead, vei haad breryda evey. 'sthaten the gof ius istham progr. loi 6 st 2dspoun i ande havte eaean brerd evngy siayle d. t here a..persil .tothe h p notcfteam ostai pen exsrts ha perf d ormeenover tan thousstd evain onaluatis to prove persil delivers a premium clean. 've wedema new ata s witin hsabiwand aoji make t thaouten thansand ond e.
8:09 am
re caress pssent nea figr fra bancethreakh.roug thwoe d'rlfis t rsdyboas wh thwigr fra ranceseelearl peas. uctourh yon skielto rease frraage nc tup12o ou ne caw ssre love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up 12 to rs hou. 8:12. ewe'rk bach witha wt'sre tgndin to day. le gt'setk bacnt ion a olage-d tedebaha, sll we? >>ysalwa. y >>avou h e adog? >> yes. >> h you aave dog. nd>> a a >> dog. >>no g.thin n >>etot y, .okay i ahave dog and a cat. o whes lov you remo,r you dogr o ur yo cat? ou>> y rdog. >> g. do >>he t dog. >> serlobbffs ove or me,ut b the
8:10 am
>> i a hadat cnd a a d aogt one po int. i nk thite wha yverovou lees lov youback. >> not,sota .mron >> re?ally >> founatrtunely. th neis oes comm frothe di omd s rerceseaoh t f oindut o whes lovou y ,more dogr o e th wi,nners it' .dogs w as eghthout. >> om bo. t >>wehey oure f tndoov l teheir ow fnersiveim t mes torehan ca ts. >> , oh my . gosh t'>> iots n even e.clos >> iescicntif, ghrit? >> ci sstentiays st' is ncsciee, ta nalie. co dmesown to ox ltheove rmho one. >> i ththougha tst wa you. >> not that. >> s it' in your brain. ik spheed wns dogy plait wh their ne owrs. >> be mays cat areet b atert nc congeali their .love th eey'roo a cl >>no. ts ca areet btert aic basally tiidenthty eft. >> iingnor ygou is whaty thedo we ll. >> h youave heard oef ther tm en fr emy,t?righ yo seu u it all the meti. ke li lol. me so ioneins k odf yourri f end
8:11 am
no lyrmalt', is aho trnn ir you de si. w neea res srchays are fnemy dcoulua act hlly yelp aout work. th sis im fro had.rvar ncsciee, tana lie. >> .okay >>en scice. >> ha at d,rvar they say hgavin a en fremy at the oeffic can vamotite you,e makou yep accted an dnc iesreasr yoump e fathyor ot . hers wh>> y? i >>'t donnd usterdanha tt pa.rt ec>> b tauseerhe psones hat you so much. t buy thee lovry evebody seel. t >>rehey'r youie fr nd,too, gh rit? y >> noueverw kno whenhe ty're in go tg tournga ainst u.yo b >>ack bestabrs. >> be mayt' thahys w itnc iesreas your thempay. u yo t seeomhe citplex ty ofhe tirelaiponsh ahend t amitbiguy. ay>> mbe soou y'd beer nic to ot her pe. ople he>> tre fnemy ahend t cat sh houldang out. >> aat c is a fry.enem >> tlexacy. >> ng briing itul fl rcci.le tnoweo thct aress whoen wt on wi heth tw sho itdespe ari terble ss lo. mr taason h pop arstt.
8:12 am
tfirs to vsaanes dghuens. th ankgin hers fan after an em naotiooul cple ysda. on da sunhey, sr sta h andadid d gr a joeat b in"eagrse," pnglayi o.rizz rebefo t she tookeo th agste, sh e verealedea heartbrkingew ns. one dayef bore t shehowen wt li ve, nevasssa'he fatrer gg edpass away from ercanc. re heom's sfe o herin movg pe marfor wnce shichhe datediced h toer d.da i couldta syom hery eveht nig gh nit ai wtun arod for rig t >>his gives you lschil, inknowhag whet s wasng goi ugthroh. h >>idow dhe so d ?that >> s it'ne of othe inthgs, could u yod finha tt stthreng? t >> iwasuc sh g areat rf pencormae. t >>hohe whole swas w cr inleedib. e sh awas star. >> sothe ge ravewrevir s fo gbein b so aravendic dedgatin it h toer dad.
8:13 am
ev neeryo forr faieithr sut.ppor sshe' o oneef theo p ypleout wan to hugig rht now. ucso m lhoveor f herig rht. now le got's c to cindyorrawfd heand ssr mee agto nsfa. cindy became are tgndinic top te af trngelli aag meazin's she yread m to oovenm fro limodeng. s wa rengtiri. onmo,ndayin cdy wrote,le whi it'sru tm e i'r eagehito sy ft m sfocu a bito tce conntrate on my bu sssine fes,dsrien andfa,mily m i' not mg akinnaa fil at stt.emen heby t nrsumbe butot n b tyhe s,look's sheni tur0ng 5 later is thon mth. >> m oh,shy go. > >> ldcoplay iset s tola py the pe suwlr boft hal simehows thi enweekd. fi lrst,ead sringe chrisar m tin hehitcd aid rthe wies jam korencord aforat gre installmentf o
8:14 am
m uly so, my shield, ss miriiona iesn a foreign el fid >> break into song. n'doestt ie mak you wanto t ng si? t >>ishis a evpriew .clip th eul flid veos air tot.nigh th sat ir you pop arstt. >> w i louldikeo t s iiten th tr ounkfha tt car. >> esawome. el ade. >> t tha owasf ne o gthereat . ones >> inamazg. >> unbelievable. >> tamron, thank you so .much ow n to our s buper owl ercomm cialkif.ckof all,week we'reng goibe to nggivi a younxc evelusist fir ok lo ats thi ndsuay's hyighl an patici tedads. rs fit, shiometoung y n're ot ggoin teo seth on e big day. mm coalerciros fom g ddday. mbremeheer tom c tpanyhatay alws es do a s buperowl cocimmeral? we em rrembes thi one. te afr 11 years, goad ddy is not in goog t do a s buper owl co cimmeral. th ome c spanygayins it'su puring a fe difrenttr sy.ateg >>re we'oi gng to wearck bla arm nd bans o s buper owlaysund. >> et> l's move on tos thi year's co cimmerals.
8:15 am
bthe beerrands tug at oeaur hrt ngstriits whor h asesndpi pupes. th is arye,he t adea fsture tr acheess lenir mnre andtr sikes ida dn't nssee. >> a i'mnk frari btish .lady a were douumbfndedt tha peeopl il stril dve undrk. ll i' sumt ip u like isth,yo if u iv drune drouk, yim, sply put, ar e a tsshoredight,er uttly el usess,xy ogen inwastg,an hum form of llpon.utio rvdese singshelfi wacord. if y bourrain wason d tatedo ie sc snce,cecienld wouet rurn it. so to s pit. no hew tha cnces are,'r youe a n, fu d,soli rctespeableum han in beg. fyourdsrien andil famynk tha u. yo fthedsrien andam f oilyf other
8:16 am
ur your fute self ts hankyou. th sis iup sdposebe to fun. ee chrs. w >>dohat t you?hink te>> srn ssme age. mp>> intorta agmesse. 's itpr surgisint thahe tyou wld e ust thaov ceted s buperowle tim r fo itut bs it' anmp intorta agmesse me e.ssag i >>nk thiy' theetll got a l of itcred forit. >> os kud to that. >> detefinily. >> ob t-m iiles tgakin a erdiff entoaapprch. nd ki a of lenightedp u moodit wh an adrr staingap rper andin sger e.drak atake l ook. u tsedoal cl me ony ml cel ephon cu>> t, cut. pe t!rfec aherehere t gechans. >> ov i l eanch ges. >> when you s cayall men o my ll ce onphe,se uic devegi eli ble for grup aadefter4 2 mo. nths en>> g ius. nc>> i tludethatr seaming music wi llnc iurat da arch ges. >>ta fanstic idea. >> on w r'tuinhe ton s agt all. he>> tth oerel wiressar csrier ruinerevngythi. chswit to t-lemobi. >> rt sma of emth. i >> like .it
8:17 am
>> we'llav he more crcomme ials usexcly ivelrrtomoorow m oningn od "tay." >> r.> mer rok wille giv us a >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thankser vy chmu. > >> now to a salpeci se, ries pe suelrmodhes, wrere ay the now? >>rg ueo t make a cntommeig rht no w is ngstro. mthelaatt suer itoryats wh i s wag goinayto s.
8:18 am
e tht mosou famses facth in e in rydust. u' yorear mriedo t a frorme l.mode s >>aphe h tpenso be a momnd a fe wis, it whae wal cl r.he w >>ee ar sintartgit wh aom wan wh o is intnstaecly rzaogni ble, intalkbog aauut l renonhutt. t wedalke teo th -y72olear-nd i ceveni acbeh, focali,rnia and tt hu oondpene ubop a huter cr se tetsong agi gcerafully and wh atwa it s leiko ter lit ally gechan f theace of iofashn. >> iot gk bacro fm cuba. >> t wha twas hat?like >> insttereing. ha dn'tee bn swa ciourusnd aan wd teto see whohe twey reindo g. t>>thaen s osefur csiioty lyrealps keeou y e?aliv >>an wt tono kwho w eboverydy s. wa adi h g toet outhe tre andd fin ou hot w well a rewe. om fr v theery nnbegi iing, nt wao ed tsee the world. h i teardhat msodele madhi ts en usormoun amot of nemoy. ola dlar a mi.nute
8:19 am
ev oderybauy l aghedt me. ey th ,said curidi.lous the spacen i your teeth, fat li ttle nose. yo su're.hort yteverhing is onwrg. bu t t iwashe t onlyng thi'd i dhear t ofhatnd souede likfun. so it jus threwel mysfnt io it wi th potsychic drive. >> reporter: t he-dselfibescred mbtoefoy llot f arida tthe age of 21,de head to new york city. me ar wdhit that psyotchicve dri, tt huaon lhdwn cschuned a sssucceful de mo clingrareet thapa s nned five cadedes. hutan ss herqu unieoo lkn' wast al waysra embced b tyheas fhion stindury. >> h youad an unenconvaltion ercares , a awells co untinvenonal tybeau. wa hes tre a lotf ois resetanc in th e nnbegiing? >>wa it s balasicly hilaugng. ngsayihe, wreo d youe com from? i'dy,sa flidora. theyidsa y,hoou suld go .back w >> tashatd har to arhe? >> id use tory c somemetis. rt foelunat my, iethi ts new
8:20 am
ha rive olgina eyes. th ey s oeenlyha wthe ty'ven bee ld to is i>>thn e gibeg,nnin you u tsedo us e wax, to fill ien thap g of ur yo teeth? >> c in'ouldtff a aord sp.acer i hado t have a fix. . it ep>> rr:orte y 50 earsr,late she co uentinos tre b takhe .mold ce rentlyot shoing tshicr j. ew ca gnmpai. w >>shat' l itikeo t stepk bac in tto cheeramas len w?no >> y.scar >>y?wh >>ec bause i't donw knoucas mh i asd. di i t don' aknowinnythbog aut li ngghti. gh miout sdund mb. b to ge areat demo il,t's tipracce andwo rk. ibut want to dot i bseecau i th ink it'smp intorta fory m ol wheer gennatio of mewon. >>e havevyou eler ftre pessur at all too d pstlaic ersurgy? i>>nk thive edyrybo does, pe eslycialun arod 40. >> or rep iter:st wa atge a 40 at thto hutn says w sheasir f ed as apo serkesp fsonor re.vlon
8:21 am
bu lwt aays siret,lien she tecreaerd h owne linf o makeup, dnameer aftrs he aelf,nd co uentinos tun rhe tin busess da toy. j >>ust tipainngs. it ll's abo a lutight and owshad. wh yereutou p light and owshad. it nd sous cicomplated b iutt's sy eao t arlen. >> ec sdon optical illusion. >> it's used all over the world, optical luils.sion w >>shat'he tes b tthingbo aut ge gttin r?olde >> c youank loo bendhi and see ithow nt we a,ndt tha helps you ok lofo d.rwar there's a greatin sayg i read re lycent. sahe id,e lif is a ship wreck. onso d't etforgla to inugh the fe li. boat he>> sad's hot a l ofen advsture hoverer s.year back in ,2000 w sheasn i aea nr ta faotl mclorcye ciac.dent
8:22 am
sh aie shad tpit s oritf ad urventcae be smegetronftr aer at thac ntcide. e shll reay wdante toe live lif to the llfuest. >> scfaininatg. >> tanae,liha t nku.yo > >>t jus d,ahea pesuodrms el to rnsupeacho supernacho. supebor wl.50 rrbuosit w,rehere ahe t yw?no >> he t ripece tt hallwi myoake u e th otalkyof purtyar. >> >rsfi ot, anue taysd moinrng,
8:23 am
> >> > 3is a000 6: a.n m. o datuesy. ll heero thm e kiand wdanar agne aemichl ne. ws 3onthe e i was ju dmst ag irine thtamoun ins.>> m: kikn i ow alidught g stin of snn ow otothe p ofe th tamounyoin, u knhoow wl calto ?that an>> di a: knelow kidly d we d enetup g mtingore anthoo a ft s ofnow oinouur mnsntai? >> ly keles: y we reedport 18 esinch i andatn th eagrr t fo yoeverne o whs wanteato hd up er thd e anget asomend ow sndiboarn ng i thisenweekd? d anertempesatur areco ld en ghouor fow n thooat likks le e thowsnl wilk sticouarornd f wh a ile ouon mnt archonlestis it 24 gr de 3ees,hr3 paump ngcomi in at an 34 d e we'rtistaro ng tget ov abase reon fiy.nall asit w a ldcort sta i andt has be cen aold teafn rnoo to.46 grdetoees buday t atst lea en wh i'maldewiing inth wd and w itstill art rmwauping . b 60y e thofend theekwe end.>> : kim d any happhdbirtay ke lly.>> a: dan d ans it indgrouhog
8:24 am
ch ron er otothe day show ngsayi, miassuhang t t hew sa shhis .adow he idsaar clees ski thand e en h d founout atth c theity el ders hsaidd e dit nohisee ads sh ow. owh t didhat ppha en?>> : kim atthns meaau becse 's he n dideeot s a adsh wow in si mox res weekinof wter. >> a: dan o scepoli in he sonderokn loing for a murderer, ibpossurly mrsdere ur plthal, ayey s a waman s un fothd witi mulple hogunst dswoun angrd n eeeyvall waparky d anetsuns. e thlyfami saheys t family the h flesushe jt brcele hatedis rt bi ohdayndn suay isld26 o. y ifou aknowinnythllg ca e crim pestop rs.>> : kim anmod to wrrowhen u yo uwakethp wi , uslithe thfe, e
8:25 am
u' yoll 'm i gonna stand by you we're back now at 8:30 on a tu daesy moinrng. it t'she 2nd dayf o brferyua, .2016 it o's se nict tha al is notn eve ar weing a coat outn othe plaza. >> w. wo t>> iea rlly is. pu tanxsu pwney shilett i igstraheht re, b aby. >>om cingp u -- >> by the way, oneth of e gg biest namesth in eus mic stindury, ldaegenry pcerodur l. eia. rsd i rehe. he 'sor w wkedith iconsth in e stindury. di erscov mingany of .them i aslwayug thohaht tt a.l. has an eounormoos cl orfact. >> toy.tall >> ri wtten aat gre book. >> 't don get fubashl. >> s he'tt wrien aat gre b ook tabou his d iaysn musicnd a gr eat ecans.dote we t'll aalkboutt tha in a lecoup teminus. >> pl> hus,heow ter oth half li ves.
8:26 am
d ane takyouns iide thety slish ho omesomf sfe o ywhollsood' bi esggt we'll show you how to teak yo urup sower batl thchnasop u teo th xt ne l.leve i >>ats th one inservg? >> oneor f me. > >>rs fie t, whave a major stmile toneo noan.unce y,todail 5 mliones likn o bofaceok. ye s! ve ha youik led usn o bofaceok? >> ha i ve. >> nk tha v youery chmu. >> if youav hen't realady, pl easeea hd to ce fa.cbookodom/tigay rht nownd a thit lhatike bu.tton sgues atwh? l we ikeyou, too. >>e w do. w >> yhileeou'r at,ito g to to sday'e takac fkebooe pag and li ke us erthe. >> ik loue yhor wle mngorni away. m r.ok rcher, ofeck the heweatr? i >>e lik. it di'lltho at. le st'showou yha wtha we ve y.toda avwe hne anh edanceis r okf ngstroto srms and a falront st syhaem t gt'soing tori bng a oriskfor tesnadom fro
8:27 am
we're also lngookit a wet at we iheren thif pacic hwnortest. zablizn rd ithe pslain teo th up per dwmiest. to owmorr, sspnow inread tg inhe ka dss na,adcasces sc ca,adeser innnt mouaineg rion, we oast cst. we lo're gokin h at eavy.rain atmid-iclant st.ates w nela engnd to atth w'st'ha gsngoi tt ma? >> tal, yhankerou vmuy ch.
8:28 am
ge leyndara. l. idre. od prucer and utexecive. he is's drecovendd a wdorkeit w h osomeef thge bigstam nes in od"t."ay no e'w, hels tling a lotf o great st sorie in ara bewnd-n book, in "sog t me: my story ofak ming si muinc, fdingag mic and ar segchin w forho's next." goodse to e you. >> at grese to e u.yo >>'r youe are gatto sry ertell. u' yoolve ted mto s oriesver the ar yehas tet ar enaitert.ning trit atansles toth is, w ihichs ha ord t do. >> 'v youeae rd meco? i >>ha ve. >> ol co. l >> det'so ,thisce sin d i on't wknow theresto art, let's do a wordciasson.atio h >> weregoe . i >> s'llay a namend a telle m th ire fhist thang tt c tomeso yo miur nd. aemichl jonacks. o >>h, many ygod. ch miael jan,cksong goi to ve nedrlanch ran andan l -ding- ki tang a coheli.pter rv neous,ra czy inlandg. ch mi laelsaugh at mend a said, u yowere raafid. yo reu we idafra. we o go intis h lryibra and he sa ys- - heys pla me allhe tse ng soes h likes.
8:29 am
sahe iid,ik le thisnd a this an d that. i,saidyo do veu ha theht rig pr eroduc? aihe s wd, idante tow shoou y iwhat like. >> wa he s apl comedicat guy and d ha apl comedicatat relhiionsp hwithrois b, therangermeaijermne. yo oru wked withh bot ofm thend a re weth in ide m odlef it. >> i gotys melfo int atl lite bltroue. w weereki worngh wit jinerma e andic mhael cdallear sepyatel d aned ask uso t come out tok wor th wi him. wen' did ttell jenermai. by ba afacend i dtidn'el tl him. we went a outnd idsa w,vee hao t ogo tl. a.or f a .trip enwe wot t l.a.,ke woritd wh mi l.chae je nermaind fou out a iboutt and edcall the udstio. he te wando t ,knowai wt a nu mi ite,ne sigod t y ourbelal. y wh yareouor w okingn chmiael? i idsa,s it' aemichl. he,said i want offhe t belal. ashe wy, very verse upitt wh me. ei>> n otherfhe t wmerepy hap t abou bit,yhe t . > >>ha micel was upsetec bause he 'tdidn l tikehatma gerasne w up set.
8:30 am
edworkit wh i91n 19 andn the ag ain in 2000. i >>tas w an inietervw with nedianye sawndr at ias w the tfirse timthat iea lrnedt tha e shad h a bssuetanc usabe pr m.oble it wen to greatgt leno hs thelp ngarraee th rvinteiew. oui thght itas w are gat pl rmatfo t andhen sheed ask her tabou tasubsnce eabus and it was onlyhe tnha tt iea l trnedhere s waan issue. , soiel ft i had done a ss diceervio t her bseecaut par of myl rol is tote proctic adv e andha ttas w thera ccks i whak d an i feltik le i pdulleac bk e thur c atainndet l peeoplee s thsomething eyho s'tuldne hav kn own. >> e' hers a risurpse,y ladgaga. u yoad her hnd sig andpp droed heref b sorehe became a big st ar.
8:31 am
t i holder'r youeng goi to ch ange simuc. w >>idhy d l youeret h go? >> il fel out of love. en wh sheam c beack tola p hyer , demoit jusn' didket li it an e ymori and was paimttien and ob prablyte wanded immiate su s ccesand it was ae hug mi e.stak ou>> y had ad gooat relhiionsp wi th . pink ti>> sll do. a >>ndhe sti menonedou y inhe t cslyri to o oner f t lee mla py the ly.rics >>. .a lld. toe m'l youel b a pop st alar, l youe hav to cehang is er evngythiou y are >> all you have tong chaes i ytever yhingou what hneappethd wi ?that >> ha tt was she ryeallt wen out er the onha tton e. we t wen to drinne at a re rastaunt. re sallye,implly sil storand a
8:32 am
we ar and id tol herhe s ndeede an ti etequet c.lass ut>> b you h aave good tirelaiponshh wit her? >> are gat lareshtionip. ve i'n bee tinheus ind ftryor a lo imng tde an ias w bengcomi us fredtrat. is th r isyeall y,silly b the y. wa bu t iam becuse fredtratt thai'd ne do tshing i wasro pud ofut b lepeopn' didowt knmu my lsica hi y,stori so isaidf i do the "x orfact"he ty'll cctonne the do ts do ts. >> el i b tievehe gesreattst ac ha ve t yetlko wamy in ordo. >> ip kee the doorspe on and the tslighan on m diuwr i'mt wai reinteg stintheat gre one to co me. a >>fnd iy the do,y' there lyrealck luy. >> thank u,yo .matt a >>nd the b iooks g"sin to me a. l. re."id 20.16
8:33 am
isod"t"ay on nbc. > >>ar we e back it 's 8:40. e we'ry readnvto ubeeil tter me hosnd a gas'rdeness bt pr tsoducth of yee ar. umcons tersdestee mor than 200 od pr aucts cndhose 74 erwinns. we nwearrodt iow d tno rifavotes. am sy ihe t manegazi'sep duty me ho oredit. go od mog.rnin g >> oodinmorng. th fanksorin havg me. >>on crssumeho c tosehese and vainno. tion aw ard. we or wk whit ake marest rhearc mp coany. we ur sd veye0038,0su conmers to se hae wt ison resgatinh withe tm hein t rkmaacetple. >> 's let do .it be streceal. >> eboverydyan w ttso be al hethy. 7 o out 1f0f o us arein makg he yalth anchges. ithisres cfam ohe wat to .go mi avcrow,able handy aicontner. d ad r,water sti itp u and you ahave hotnd aar hdy braseakf t,
8:34 am
o>>n ahi cyll da y. >> crrsacke. es three a vosatzri seroryma and eoliv l.oi 22ms graf oho wle gsrain in a se g.rvin top to gsppinhe, c aese-nd - he>> ty can teak aot l of ch ?eese >>,yeah try itor f theup ser wl bo. >>s thiisre gek yo. gurt >>ho cbani greekur yogt tsoa. it hasra ginsix med r iightnto th ee owyortgu. it 'suifrt, grnsai, kpseeeo pepl ll fu. >>,good hy eartk.snac gi'm toingseo us thi -- m >>yer plsona rifavote. >> ice m.crea t le mesee, h i taveote tas is th. >> tishis brseyer go elatduinll lgindus.ence uyoet ghe t florav, tpiopsngnd a ucsae all ionn e >> ea ryll go.od
8:35 am
>>eo p spleaid theye likhe t stdrug sore atuffsuc m ahs the fa brncy . ands 3%>> 6 of cmeonsuairs sdhe ty ghthouhet tas msar mketra b nds jare austoos gds a theig hh end uf stf. >> 's letk talga barin shr.oppe best ayol total cteffes. nseveen bs efitnein ove contnien agpacke pa e.ckag notsygrea. el smgols od,. too tilipsck. >> t' whahes t iatnnovion here? >> ra ult hd tilipscks. amostre waxed bas andhi t as is l geas bed ulforma. 20ol c torsoos choefr om. 'l ittal sny o lronge and be brviant. >> l i'le tak two of e.thos >>il vanla men goango. >> s thioris fys gu. >> he tirn skiee nds love. athydr cing.ream ctheyutan p iont ithn e
8:36 am
>> f oneheor t y.hubb t >>ishis an iatnnov iionn sk mas. ci faasal mks are ybutavou hoe t i putt ,onee pl oitffnd a w yashour face. im>> te coinnsumg. >> s thi olay mkas lets you put it onn i gel atform. u yoep sle in it ovghernit. >> i'lle takt. i y >>ouon dav't heo te takt i f.of gitsoent itho eor pesnd aak mes uryoki s gnatre ithn e mog.rnin >>in lovg it. th s is ithheal and bteut-- >> andse houholddu procts. ha annd sinitizg pewis. pesur hdyan ntcor.aine th eic optte whi lgcoate hptoot.aste hthisasyd hnrogeox perideo t ea blhech t h.teet i >> g'll trab fheseor ttma, too. d>> itidn'ay s it. t >>ishis thera ultea hlth ad edvancth mou.wash knyou owow h youl feehe tur bn?
8:37 am
tallhe bitenefits whout the rn bu. p >>blrobaeny g otlerurn yo mo uth,too. >>yeah. >> amy, thank you so .much ouif yan wt thele fulstth of e ne w odpr,ucts check out to coday.m. > >>ly holwoodid he aways. 'r weake ting youid inse ce itlebry homes. udincl oingne music star's la is ndrtreso. ch ieckt out.
8:38 am
nbc. >> > 8:46. ewe'rk bac thisor mning and tt geing a rare peekid insehe t nistunelng ctyebri mehos, tecour osyf "aterchialctur edi di ."gest goodinmorng. >> d goorn mo ing. om>> sngethi e foronveryne i is th e.issu u yo whave estt.coas yo gu've eotast t.coas veyou' t gothe optrics. wh dereo yout wano t start? et>> l s'start in l.a. a>>ll right.
8:39 am
rd kaanashi stsiers,hl kndoe a ur kotney ko eyurtn. es thwoe t s are bidesiy de. >> y' the bre a lock.away hthey vave very, deryreiffent ta stesand, yet, they share a de tocorar. w >> dhat yoouik leut abo this fi onrst e? >>urko'stneyse hous i mi linimast, demot,rnisy ver st reedrain. ll fiited wh aubel,tifu bifeautul en frnchmaen ctury rnfue.itur it ls's ao fyamil iefr.ndly e' shs allbo aut hers kidnd a mi faly. sh ase h are gat e.ey sh ees lov de.sign i nk thi she tdalke heris ster in oito dng this orsty. >> y there sha adig desner an d, tyet, rhetsesul are ffdit.eren >>pl comyetel erdiff ent. et>> lak's teoo a lk at cloee'we'rs. h >>ouer hsse i otexic, se ivducte. hetoucfs o mcoorocnd a tyurke an ed th me iddl.east re ally .sexy th e funnyhi tngbo aut it,s it' al so timeusculo. r hese clondts a kenitch are to di e for.
8:40 am
>> sedtarth witic nece spas th .ough >> y vere nic esspac. t >>hat le t'sov meo tthet eas ascot. we t'rengalkibo a autnh tow ouse tnowishat ed owny beo lhr siver an dmi nao ttwas. >> twahis s a noreonvati. at wh ied lov abouthe tto srys i na somi saidashe w ryeall in datimi btedhey tce pross. we allare. it ls feell reay enauthtic. th sis i ail famy e.hous w >>wehat erre h muavst-hesn whe it am ce teo th vareno?tion >> she wdante ala pce wherey the ul coitd sun arod ie n thhekitcn, pl ay. th tat'slahe py room. d an r hereal m,drea she ,said i ca bn'tveelieer aft o allf this, l al c iare abouts i thet fac th hat i aave wanlk-i pa.ntry yonew cirk ty. le mt'soveow do n tthe optrics. do caminipun re.blic
8:41 am
hi>> t as isnnt itieres ngstory. wh en ist fir saw the preictus i sa wid,ane c d'to this. it l looksike a hotel. itks looe lika sorert. en th iou fnd outha tst wa the t.poin ma rcnt ahonyas h a big fyamil aand lot o ffdsrien and f helte ul codn't go onho y.lida whedanteo tbe ivprate. he lt bui h oiswnin mi sorert. i e lov this orsty. t'>> isot gea a bulutif t oudoordoor sp ace. am>> g.azin two olpos,ut odoorcr sngeeni ro om. th ese bhit tng i tshis lt sar,wated san ttbo,omed man ma pode ol. oarmyfru tcksro bught ind san to this e.plac s >>hiometng for evneeryo. fr heom tt wesst coa teo th east as coot tn down ithe ictrops. wa alunys f to watchnd ak loo ugthroeh thag pes of ch artuitecral di.gest k than you. ha>> tyonk u. >> d hea to and bee sur to ik le ourag pen o up xtne, super osnach. 'v weeee bnin eye tghemro fmve or he re.
8:42 am
fi trst,ishis ay"tod" on nbc. >> e'> wacre bk now. it's528:. od "t ay's"food .time y ifreou ann plaing aup ser ,bowl'r youroe pybablti getng myourenudy rea.
8:43 am
r supeosnach. m i'pp fli oingveut or this. >> but y couan'te hav just. look >>re whe's my ecpie? tshooov er. o>> gve or erthe. yo ou'reen th occlk, vasa.nnah >> e save m one, taonmr. >> us jt e.on el>> tle mt whare we' doing. mwhat iakes at super n?acho >>e w had a ctiompetion rehe. agot leittl out of col.ntro r fos thi one, weke bro ito int ad qus,rantn eveug thoheh trere a ofivef emth. we e havde loadot paton skit thasit wh co ban. at meov lers a.pizz ri bs. it 's inamazg. n,bacost fir g,thind col n,pa st oripsf bacon,iu medm .heat cyouan'th rus coban. ce ni and iscrpy. h we taveheac bon enthe' w grengoio tut phe t po tota insks. ke tep i vimong. in heto ton bac fat. >> ov i le it. >> c one oolinthg,n wheou y do co baatn f for cog,okintr sain touthe cyrisp bits bseecau ey th 'll.burn
8:44 am
we d nee pctroteive gesogglor f her. id>> d youur hte m lastim t ie s ware he? >> noju, i oust pwired nne o u. yo >>,yeah it . hurt ou>> y n'reotak ming na,chos yo u'reui bgldin them. ar ecchit. ture e>>inrectgm. the t >> hankyou. la oyersf chnaos. we es likti to tos eeto ttoosstitau becsey' there ur stdy. ev enot pato s.chip tis i ?good >> sainlyne odgo. ar yeouid kngdi me? y>> houeavo t k?as >> ovwhermeel d. >>at mt idsa, rah, h.ra >>ew f dreiffent yelars. pu tt in ithen ovet a 425,en t mi s.nute iwhenomt c esout,ut pn othe >> co of . urse a.sals ld co. i >>e lik. it hiis thes t fheinisd prt?oduc >>ha ttht's e e on wjustthith e po tato velors.
8:45 am
st madiur overe the. e?thos awhathere tgr inntedies? >> thede ia was,et l's take su boper wl rifavotes. by bak bac ,ribst meaov lers pi zza, spinarach oktiche dip. 'sitll a yelared. >> wishat ?that w >>e need a map. c >>omer ove .here i >>t'sll at parf o our aicampgn. yo uta ins igramt and weil wl amregr it if theho pto looks lyreald goo and ta sty. o >> dhayou ve a fitavore rehe? >> ie lik the blouffa icchken. >> acextly. di n p ithe ddmile. >> s rib t forhe n,wi evoderyby. >> what is this one? >>de loadat poto. >> got it? >> good one. >>hi wch is that?
8:46 am
you made that. i >> did make .it th iste tas s. good ut>> phe tmn o ahe set .tray be ef carecul b iause bt'llt.e ho t eam the icqukly. yo anu c b tuildhemad ahe ofim te so h you tavehreeys traea rdy r fo tputhemth in eve on as yeou'r ad rey. >> d gooea id. >> nnsavaah, good jobit wthh e ensegmt. e shnd fou s outashe w doingt i ec30 s bondseefor the gmse ent. ou>> yin fdishe y.earl si wake li,t whaelseo de w ?have bi'veeenet strgchin t for he
8:47 am
he>> wre i >> >> a: dan 8am:56 tu on y esda mo g,rnind gooinmornd g ank than u yojofor g ininus y toda we ap preciate it. i am dana gnwaerer h ne ats ew 3. ht rig t nowhey aroke lo ing fo r a demoteraur mreder ibpossorly mane th doone n wn i the henderson area. please ia s n mas wad foun with ipmultle nsguwohot aundst the apartment cox mple gnear reen va eyllar paykwnd a suetnsoa r d. e thfamily tells us the ctvi im 26 r--yeaold hnjousny jt le ceedbrat hisbihdrtn ay o nd su ay.a n womawho said she witnessed e thooshngtiel bveies erthy e ma rg lae. y ifnoou kw hianythang tn t ca
8:48 am
to ca ll e crimpestoprs. ri noght hw weave wyourereath re fo fcastourom r te meogorol ist.>> llkethy: yoank u. tiwe savll he ilch ly te atmper uresthal woughe e arup fr heom werre we rlea ier.we p drow belozifreehing ts mo g rninanin my paofrts the eyvall. w nongcomi in39 at re deges, al ioth, 36s -- ig goine to b lychilou thrt ghouthy e da but at leweast e havsunenshi and li r ghtetendwis. d 46esegre tisxphe ed ecteghhi da toopy dr pingwndo30 to er ovt.nigh heanotr ocoldndne a we veha a wa g rmintratend -5 midy 0s be th ofend w theeek 60and y s b the en d of w thendeeke. >>da: na t andhe grhooundd g di not e seshhis sadowo atth an me es in arlytoand te win r if u yoevbeliate th. mo to irrowdes vio ulvay t da on wa ke itup we h thgnwa isd th wweeklle wi do bishowthz wi ralibece. ge ley ndarhifor s boflam yant ot cl, hingnttale at e tho,pian t' le s benehoisst hva prite
8:49 am
t buthe teennmrtaialent so d ha raintensctio thwi themod b an s it ia sut bjec 4of a00 gepa
8:50 am llm hoy accrngkipe othn e this morning on od"t'say take," the race is on. io wa. th e draemocts in a dead heat. what happens next?
8:51 am
ta mtund a more when we mark your calendar in rtenteenainmt. > >>s, plu the cleolsgeha ttiv ge yo tuhe mtos bgan for your buck. al thl aat mndeorom cgin up now. >> annouer: from nbc news, this is od"t'say take," with al ke roatr, nalie ramoles, weilli is ged t anontamrha ,lliv lero fm st iouda 1 inoc rfekeerll >> wcoelme to od"t."ay it t'ssdueay moinrng, fruebyar 2 ,nd .2016 's itro gogundh day. >> 't donve dri angry. w >>shat'ha tt from? >> he tov mie un"gro dhogy.da" >> h you'tavenn seehe t vimoe? >> t jus for you, ta. mron >> k ithnow phe gos er ihein t le ho. s it' a notop gher. th at's dy"cadk.shac" i >>t's one oef th bestil bl aymurr mo. vies h>> iave ali fght tot.nigh es guhas wt i'm wangtchi? hi>> t ms isyni morng jam.
8:52 am
at fegurin sia and ttfey wap. >> tctrifea of music greseatns. >>t' tha ms onyni runlang p y li st. i e lovit . i >>ats thou y rkids' mmrecotiendaons? >> ird hea .it >> he wn he goesut oth in e cl ubs. ha>> t t'st.righ >> wshat' isth? >> exy.actl >> grhoound g'sday. 'shere the deal, 129 arye ts,hey ar stteds thi in 8718. 17 metis,hi plas h notee s hnis adsh.ow eif hee siss h adsh sow, mixore sweek of wi.nter es do sn'theee t owshad,ly ear sp .ring ot>> g it. i>>t's r,cleale car skies all ndaroupu tanxsueywn. re heha's wppt haenedt a 257:. >> 's let. see go>> r'bbles .knob i e lov that >> y?read
8:53 am
anly earpr sing is my refo.cast e>> h talks, too. >> heal tndks a acts. >> d oeserevngythi. >> heul shoved haee s hnis sh owad,ut by thededeciisd th ar ye he'tdidn. h >>oow dy theet dneermi it? i >> t's. rare ow>> h t doheyet dneermi h ife se t es iotor n? h >>hie wssper it to them. >> s he' theun grodhog whreisper. e >>arlypr sing for us? >> wee lik .that t >>heio natwenal r atheicserve sa yse' hs oynl bnee rhtig 55% of th tie me. vehowee r, his a grhooundg. t >> ihereths at. >> ie lovha t htees takhe t agavere. h >>e's etcompn.itio ether g youo. >>ak speingf o mpcoioetitasn, lt ni ght. >> waio, big ghnit. th amis cnpaigs iin fally un ayderw. h we vave toteso porert. de e spitlddonamp trudi lean ng i pthe iollsen thks weeea l ding o up ttheow ia ucca tus,edru cz wo wnith 28%th of e .vote do tnald arumpt %.24 omarc rubio,ea rlly bigar pt of e thry stoas lt ghnit,ep cre ing , up kinnockg on ther doof o
8:54 am
hein fdisherd thi hibend ddonal p.trum cr amuz cute o andha tnked his rsvote inis hec spendh ak too sshot at ddonalmp trund a arhilliny clton. >>ow ia hast senic note thathe t re icpubloman n aineehend t nex pr enesidf t o uthed niteesstat wi otll n be cnhose byhe t media. pl[ ap ]ause nwillote b cnhose by the wa gtshinon blestaenishmt. ap [ seplau ] ll wi b note cnhose by the bb los.yist pl[ ap ]ause t bul wilbese chon byhe tt mos edincr,ibleer pow fulrcfoe, ewher aller sovtyeign ressiden i ouronnati b, wye the oppele. th eri amecan oppele. pl[ ap ]ause >> w.wo
8:55 am
a lotth of qeiouestn was, how do ones d tald trump aake punch? he'see bn inst firce pla forix s >> gh rit. >> hows doe heac f ae tbseack? so meeo ppleer we gulleefly icpred atinglt medown but he di hdn't aveone. re heha's wet h idsa. i >>t wan tol tel you thsomeing, i' usm jt hod.nore i' mea rholly d.nore nti wa to catongreulat ted, and i want toon culgratalate l of inthe credcaatndides. we have a po28ll, nt poieas ahd. ha irmpshe. t ihinke' wreng goio tbe pr imocla ingorvicty, i .hope >> he hedandlha tt llwe. yo uha t tnkhe vsoterho wed vot r foyo u,n turtheor crne and moveon. >> ac gr. ious e>> h has a5 2oi pntea ld in new ha irmpshe. >> a andrt shoee spch. >> ee thr numites, theho strtes ee spch he's vegin. >> to on ew nmp hae.shir i >>esntertinghi tng, weno kw he'swenoll-korwn f hwiis ttter wa rs. ashe w stilenn owi t ftterheor t mo st part. i t don' iknow'sf heen tako t it ye ist th rnmoing.
8:56 am
ea rrlie hour. he ot's n nego. y doavou h e acechoi,th oerha tn to beiogracus,n whe h you ave rothe cstonteshe aad of u?yo ktheey is,l wil heo gft aer ma rco o,rubi whoea rlly had an aw e esomchspeeth, i t,oughnd a es aw omerfpencormae. m he hayave memo.ntum >> rcmatuomenm. >> d why wovee hao tam n e yteverhing like atth? >> co#marumment. g >>oter votuts oth to e s.poll >> i't donhi thank tamt ne did. hii tnkea r hllyisme e.ssag >>. yeah ut>> b he is goingbe to fo abrmidle. al hrso cchis ierist. heid d noto d well in iowaut b he's on a busou tr in new mp hae.shir eall ayesre on him. ha irmpshe. hanew irmpshse iew som fhat air ,game it s.seem 'l itel b insttere ing. he>> ts guy whon' didot d well in iowa, jeb shbu,hr cis ch ierist andoh jnic kashut p all th eirs eggn itheas bket. a fweekrom datoy, theot ving in hanew irmpshe. >> n > othe draemoc tic,side arhilliny cl tton,rehey'al cling r he the aenppart wi,nner but it 's a tie.
8:57 am
>> byne o o trwoel desegat >>n coito ss, right? >> t' tha tshe ntcorsrovey. >> she andni bere srsanden i a uavirtl tie. ey thh eace hav %.50 de telegas. no t sa snderh wit 695. ontamr rencferees,he terre we co inse tos ts inoohe r m to rmdeteidin some sf e othe ciunde pdedeeople wer ingog. wshe eonvery ctooin ss. so dymebod sai the pbiroba ilitys mo alst ssimpo. ible he>> s'd sheos lt all o femth, be srniersandeld woue hav won. >>e' hersre sectary conlintnd a se rnatoan s lders astnight. >> i am a pesrogrsive who gets th dingsone for oppele. [ auapplse ] a im hedonorst to inand the llong oinemef anrica rmrefoers wh ako me up ourds min that the at stuous q n isotd goo ouengh.
8:58 am
an had ttng bris peeopl together, to finds wayor fwardt thal wil im eprov the lives of icamerans. >> e ninth mons ago, we came to bthisifeautstul ate. we had no picolital or zagani.tion we had no money. we had no name reitcognion. we e werin takg on thet mos rfpoweul picolitalan orgioizatn hein tte uniatd stes of icamera. to t,nighle whi theul rests a notkn own, itks loo like we re an irta vitiual e. >>e h putas ltht nign i pe ctrspeonive the draemoctic de si. ashe wow dn 50 tspoin. th reeon m athsgo by 35 and he ti edil h claryonlintt las night in waio. t >>ndremeous ef.fort nd>> a h newhiampseere st wha enhapps. >> heed lin in stteregin ca ritegos es aasfar og privressoue, y wngomenhi wch is ur a sepriso tom sepl peoe th eaat rlly cctonne ede.ther
8:59 am
>> the other hot pitoc,ai ctlyn nn jetier s mllgakin liheadnes. reappa sntlyshe i t seteao spk a ater maks erconf.ence y.toda it is aat gngheri of lrseade and vainno.tors ca nitly willea ld a q and a. we av he ak pee of a videoli cp om fr theve entre whe she tal ks ou abert hst fir a tttempto si tranaction b ikn the '80 s. s >>tart doinghi tngs toak mee m st onarted rmho.ones i wa s aood g -b36nd a i'min gog, ei lov .them th is is usfabulo. mimy n,ssio att tha point, was to titioransn before i was 40. tgoto 39, i justn' couldto g anyr.farthe me t .kris we hit it offro fm day one. i vewas ryes hon witth her. h iad to be. s i waa 36-b. ri ght rediction.
9:00 am
my liisfe, kr and i and the fa ndmily ae i hav toet gid o rf gethese thinderanngs d hneormos and ayctuall had my boobs vedremo- - never tolond anye th at. r theulesen betweris k and i, drdon't up aess d rounthe e.hous if r youyeallee n tdoo dt tha en wh a younre o thed roa take st anuff d do di i atd th for ye ars. e>> wea rched t outos kri erjenn. h we naveot heard ckba. r.othe i >>n' haseat hhard ttef bore at ths kri jrennene kw be, fore lthatonggo a beefor they even go ogt trethet thae hwas sitranintiong. >> th in e rvinteiew withne dia ersawy, cynaitlai sdt tha she t me skrishead h adylreart staed to e tak hneormos andad h de pevelobsd suiatantl eabrsts. >> t bus neli.
9:01 am
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b>> iroke mesog?thin s >>soundik le a- - an,ywaye w shaveomeev sereth weaoier gng on . no nlt ooy d wvee ha a heavy ow snm,storli bdzzar like itcond,ions a welsoav heea hvy ow sh aershund tstnder tormseo th ut soh. 'v weote gw snoet strgchinm fro lo corado all the way into mi anchig. ok lo t atnohe slwfal ntamous. modes , ines 86 to. t 4 io 8n eaminns.poli ngreeba y, 5 to 9 esinch. sk ri of seever atweher. 31li mileoon p aplet riskm fro nglexi ton,ntke,uckyow dno t al a.abam pesuelrc,lsin w gdtsus of 70 mi s ler peurho. olisedat rntooeads,s a we.ll re lyal icquk, let'see s hanow my op perele ain liksg u on bofaceok. yaboo-h. at thit's , byba.
9:03 am
at thha's w gt's goi ha>> t yt'sourat l estatwe her. al>> ha, tyonk u. >> > up next, newnt etaerinment to look forward to. weav h tehe j.o. spsimon tv mo vie. we e havrg geoe ooclsney' all-star meco,dy ai"hl esca,"ar mico ng.up ee stl. 'l weell hpou yar mkr you le casndarer afts. thi
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9:06 am
'we nretoon se'p, w gve otta ohavextur erora p.tein ko oiips trerle zeeo grn k no fatrtyogu 1 hasam5 gr ps ofinrote. ze ddro auged s ar, azeroicrtif ialtesweeanner rod ze. fat an rod zedi hole ng m!back s oikoletripo. zer u dammm nnon >> 20> 16 is ap lea aryeo, sn a ex tra dayf ouafebrry te ennmrtai ent. >>ro fm theew n geeorg ceyloon vi moo e t rthenetur of "the e,voic"nt einertamentee wkly ovidet hossi jesca is hereh wit what to mark on our caarlends. lyouook lofabu lus, yikeeou'r >> s thi is ay.part >> iik l tehat tuattide. he "teo pple vsersu o.j. mpsison" em prsiereni to ght. hi>> ts is amg.azin te rtn-paie sers.
9:07 am
yo hiu tounk yno kwry evegthin ouab it 2t y0rsea erthse'o s mhucor m teo know. it's based onef jeyfr obtoin's book. e tht cas is eraxtdiorryna. becuaa ba di goong jr.s i j.o. it 's inibcredle. >> angmazi cast they put thtogeer. al omso c uingp on idfray, ci ex ftedor "hail, ca,"esar the new coen hebrotlors-coney movie. >> y' thereke tasitd whin fding anactor, pyela ldeikeo gerg necloohoy, w sadirsppea fthrom e t. se usbeca te ofovhe mitie wnhi a e,movi weee s somef othe movie "h ail, arcaesha," te t th move see re ceabis out, whichnc islude an ch tningatumoi d tnghet bes asongndce dan ernumb. wo trthheri pfce o ssadmi ion. if>> dntferen tha "magic "?mike >> y ver dienffert.
9:08 am
>> ai slor t,haes ls sterrippy. >> .okay el jton hohnas aew num alb ngcomit. ou h >> is33rd bualm. he r'snieungtiit w hh oisld ndba. he ad m teshilb aum in three we eks. a song a day. >> wow. >> azcry. e'>> hhas tt odgo. >> aot lf ows shoom cing back. ne xt week, re"gy's omanaty," "s tand" "s alcand,an "owd "hge to ayt aw with ermurd." >> a raregul oldrs thuday night in ho snda land. >> re we' ciex ted. >> la"zoonder 2,"eb fyruar 12th. n' caait wort fs thi e.on i >> bt's 1een5rs yea and ben il st alerndn oweil wson are ck ba. is thti me,he ty're kind of idcons oeredndld ae lamth in e sh faion rlwod. as derek olzodeanrls cal them, la au beltifupl peoree ail k alnd ha hed ty'rele caldo int tiacon.
9:09 am
gg jaernd a mnarti t'>> i asbout 1970s y nework tyci t,he music ensce. th ex,se dgsru andk roc and roll d an o.disc i >> amxc eitedut aboth is. >> i got toin ietervwge jagr and sc seorse. 'r weire a iter lats thi .week i goto sum ppedor f theowsh. rs fitf o l,als it'co serses and u yohave ja'sggerno kgewled of wh apat hdpene iensidhe tic mus nebusiss. >> i hmiope ck erjagg'sry dia me coos t life. >> we we utre onk dri aing-nd - w >> yereou y?mart >> did youak te afi sel we ith mick ggjaer? e'>> walll tbok ahiut ts later. wh lsat eo e dhayou ve? >> ts hat'it. yo opu dr td mpehed t mic. tcan' o gon offt tha story. sh a e's ubyoutsue tapersrit w h iomillns of owfollers. gr heace lbig sshare herec srets to greatty sleer aft this. th aat's great drs,es wow. scan[ bener ]eping si r, yocould ep au st?side
9:10 am
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ormula t blo visiducey ree fin linesa rinknd winles on just .e week neutrogena . omyd pioi mpainatedicionis wi sloy ng mdeinsis crato awl. ll mif ions o apeoplestimre e ated s tofruffer om id opioed-inducstip conn,atio oi c, ca busedthy e opioids they use to manage chronic pain. oic aisif drefe tntofype ns copati.tion io opblocids ink pals signa, t thbu cey alsanblo k acocvitity in he b telow. m i'allyretr sglinugg toind flire...ef ady re pto daint arentiffepi cture? yes! lk tayour to to doct r abouoic d ancrippres ttionntreatmeti opons. i ca tn dohat! > >>sshe' there actss and me co wdianapho hpenso tnebe o t ofighe bgestta snrs o yoe.utub r he s"it' gre"ac cnnhael has near 3ly mliilon sucrbseribs. s >>he'so als aw "ne tyork"imes
9:13 am
th wi s herdecon book, "grace and st "yle, a thefrt o etprngendi u yo haveit. go od inmorng. >> d goo rnmo ing. ic>> noe t have u.yo t >> yhankorou fav hing . me ty>> sole t yound a the artf o pr dietenoung ye hav, itt whao d myou beany ?that >>av i hmee coth to iis, esgus, ep ip ipepnyhamy in e lifha tt i't don knowytan.hing n'i doowt knt thany aone knows yt an.hing it'sib lineratoug yfrselth to e ofactf etprngendio t know, he othar t rnyeallry ting to >> ik i le it. >> stylean c beew somhat miintingdati. u yot waninto kfd o bustt tha .myth myou iakete mor funor fou yng n.wome >>.yeah ok lo aingtyt sle in a moreil sly po ointfie vw isea rlly a lot moren.fu and a lote mor kind ofik le cl ineusiv in a y.wa w >>ishat thet besie pf ce o e stylceadvi e you vert?go >> ne o piece of styledv aice i go out, yon d't havebe to s exy if you't donan wt to. t i ehinkiaspec fllyor fesemal is all reayow empgerin ghthout. >> for a lot of,ec espyiall a
9:14 am
oneth of e bstigge hesurdlhe t y ifacesin tryo g tbeli stysh at wo rk. >> . yeah >>ta sgrtinth in eor wk e.forc wh reat ae somth of eng thi ysou ll teng youen womot no t do? t >>heoo bs k hat a loof in atform aionboutng this not to we oar tor wk orot no tea wr in gog out. m so sanytyle books ulysualel tl yo hau wto t wear. ooneef tht mosor imptant tshing ntootr wea to workou weld b nf tioil. fa utll ooy bte posrers a a big in thog t notarwe. >> iou wld avoid th ose. >> yeah. syour ileev nt'sot aoo gd lo okor f theof. fice >> lillteray. >> .yeah u yoou cld e.di w >>e've got ak loo atom se sparihi faseeon wktu picres from st la ,weekch whi ylou'l h faveun estyl n or ostyle? >> t whais this? o>> n one owknss, i the itrealy.
9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
ef enficicy l. ae.d.nd gehalon lb bus. >> av> decid b wkhamheas t mv opn thetr seets of lo.ndon hepr sur aisedam par aedicnd her el yderlie patntit wh a hotup c of a teand ceoffe when he ot sp tted ihemen thd col wngaiti afor namncbulae. th eie patasnt wng beiat treed fo r afall. thear picamed idsa, quote, we we reot berh v yamused ander vy at fld.tere th sat i a risurpse. - >> et> let's g a checkth of e heweatror fr.m mok rer. >> nk thaos s chmu,na e.tali fo r datoe y, whave ak risf o st srongstorm schtretingm fro ismissisipp t allheay wn op u intoou snther ina.dian 'r weoie go ng tbech wating atth. ndbehi the sy,steme whave zablizikrd-l cetiondions re stngtchim froor col aadohell t wa py uo intthe up of mianchig. h we rave sainrshoweng alo the fipaciorc nstthwe coast. to owmorre, wk loo fort tha ti ac tvityovo meth to e stea. 'r weote n lngookior fev sere we rathe w bute'reki loo fngor he ravyaintr sinetchrog fm new en dglan all theay w downo int thehesoutast. rywint mixth in ree gat lakes. pl oentyf sinunsh ieen th ds mionectith of e uncotry. re mon raih wit snowth in enn ier
9:20 am
we 're going to check bofaceomok.cay/tod t'sakeo tsee ho nyw ma of you haveed lik .up l >> cet'sheck outow hy manf o u yo arein liksg u on 6, 11000. th at'sasfanttic. n,agai go to datoy's take- -'m i rr so-y - cefa.cbookodom/t ay's ke ta.
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we re? >> let'sk loot a the res.sult ca rnlifoians itetitu of ch tegynoloe cam outn o c >> talechs i all sma olscho. 1, 000sttsuden. 8, $5700. th vee a mrageoneyde stuntson d't haveo t wayk bac makest i a ok sm 93 f% o alltu ssdentre the are nd wolerfuho stser aftra gatdunio rfo acplt.emen >>nc prietonft ahaer t atnd mit. t' leos gth to e bestch soolor f ncfinaial >> yeah,h hig sertick ,cost 1, $6000. 00$35,n0 i aidin comg back, ngmaki itff ablordaore f the av eerag enstudt. sit i an etixcep ponallacen whe it es com to fciinanal aid. 7 $5li milnon iol schiparshass lt . year >>th anoer slchoo isri wght iv untyersi in tohous n,s.texa >>04,00de stunts in hon.usto
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en wh we fractoth in era gnt aid, w asasell amicadecit mered bas laschoprshich sgpoo a, tsa and act esscor ckunlo mingoney for ud st,ents as . well es>> bart ceer plenacemt,um nber on se i hyarve ddmu,o alsn o your olistfol csleget tha pay back. >> s it' a great coe.lleg sit i theng eriineeng sc.hool only800 udst.ents i ctanno rsundecore this ghenou, ey th s areometh of e most em abploypole unra gioduatn. er ov k 150peencoiempansom c tingo ca tmpuso uirecrt. >> m steor maj asreng doi well . here it>> w houttiqueson. >> lhehigin makghe t .list e thtistaralng se rhe o isver $6 0.0,00 i >>t's a gemf o a hoscol. >>d goont ihiernstps a the ho scols. ge worgengashi utonrsnive iitys at t thef op o thestli. ri tghthere in wagtshinon. so h muco t do.
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c. d. fromer fedalge asncie to orcorpate adhetequarrs. mo re rnintesm fro g.w.n tha any ot sherlchoo inet mro c.d. u >>rsnive oityf orge gia. >> tishis a c bigs ampuin he atns. fa usbuloho scol. yo hiu tnkut abo thear ceer se esrvicil ava fableheor t st tsudent , iis toasngundi. intern for a day raprogsm, i one urof o rifavo tes. ne>> oth of ste be cgeolleow tns of the trcouny. >> ha tt's right. modartuth. is s thiet somhingsp perveecti ud st tents hinkabout? >> hi i tnk trehey'hi tgnkin ab ioutort me now. ethde i oaf ruret onn your ve inntstme. inoo schlor f fourea yrs but you gwantreatnt ihiernsps andob j on upgr tiaduaon. da utrtmosh ing doi .that ud st entssay, ourm alure ae hir ri hisng uer aft uagrad. tion e'>> wetll gac bo k tthe books. fo mor re, go to datocoy.m.
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>> i dn'idtak tcae ullcus all se ermestat, wh? >> e'> wre jdoine byen bdm felan to d fin out whyis h cast calls hi m cinapta meroots, itrice n th'snationrg laindeest enpendy,t stud
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al e pmevs ie onth oly tone incombfee a sa a sleeplusid p the ou12 h rr painngelievi st threngev of ale. i'm back. eve alorpm fet a br team. > >> bendm felan is here. cr alitic aiacclm,s a you pr lyobab owkn, for hise rol on th e -wemmynginni ad"m n,me" and a ensceae-stlern o il"s icon va ."lley owhe nr stasng alosideme a rica erferr a in"sstuper"ore. kchec itt.ou g >>--uys n >>o! ou y't donw knot whaas i w in goog ty. sa e >> tvery yimetaou sitrt wh gu yys,ndou e it with,et l's ma heke tt bes of it. , or's lete hav n.fu u yoer nevsa y, guys,hi tsea rlly su cks. >> gu ys,ha we tvehe tienre or st e toouversels. anwe c dote whavere w want. eif wid deces thioiis gngo tbe n, fus thioiis gngo t ben.fu if 'r youe with me, il wil see
9:30 am
>>y the call ben faneldm cinapta fu orn f a onreas. ewe'rng goi to ask youha t itn a mi .nute fo rse tho whoav hen'tgh cautn o to "sstuperore" yet, ridescbe at whud cloe nin is like. >> m for oer to tcwah? >> sure. >> s it' aiz barre e.plac bi've teen bold ay lotf o lepeopt thak wor inse the sretos at thre we'li naing .it >> all the archrsacte. >>.yeah ait's ryeall ste,rang zabirre, icamer pana tlaceo rkwo. in ttarge or wrtalmaor s t of g.thin 'sthatr whaw sho, is g aiant fa ke .that ut>> bve edyrybo has a role,nd a it'se lik such aiv d erse. cast >> .yeah itea r llyis. 's it all reay- - theas c-t - to me t', isot nn eve die,verss it' just.real u yok walo int othef ne othe st ,oresse the are theeo pple you iseeen th esstor. >> ilit's heke t ts"aufof"fice a in lm wa art. he>> tre c catorframe om "eth ic"offe." it hasha tt vibe. >> youra wppedou yr asseon.
9:31 am
ucso mh so, nieatal rreeferd to, ur yoas ctat meser refyo to s u a aicaptnun f ldfeman. >> he ty'rean fs of lialtiteraon. >> t' whas hniappeng there? e>> w went toas l s.vega i nk thiy the -- i had an old ow sht thaal cled me ceruis ctdireor. >> t was ahaten greme humr? >> ahye. we tookha t ftromhe t ercoppdfielw shoth to e . club >> amg.azin w >>elhat idse d you ?do me co on,'s letet g down and dirty. >> i't don mbremeer, llwiie. i rg oedaniz 18 pe,oplet casnd a it wr ters,oo gor f two nsight to s.vega asit w aun l atictime. >> ou y're a dreamas ct tema. p >> olanexur nt y.part >> do you wanto t do a vegas -- yo ou dho a swry eve day. ouit weld b a fasteg vas. >> t' thanes fi. i >> bt'de a enweekd.
9:32 am
>> pnaersol gaves, w ihichs a sa d encomm.tary >> re we' soap hpybe to there. >>a iow was t.grea wthaturas o vegas. soou ygh taut mime atne oim te on inrastagm? >> ,okayst firf o all,e wak f ed wourhray tough it. we talkut abo dreiffent ceslass d ann sigp u asim me for e.on n i kevernewny agthinut abo .it hayou ove t do this. es three a -- >> memi? t >> ahesehere t 9ea-ydsr-ol. t no big coitmpetion. ait's fasari. reyou' alln ir a caitand 's bu mpy. it e'd b like,oo l okut te o th , lefte'thers a e ryon..lion veswerth to e ghrit. yo u'rein mimndg a i'mli yelng at yo u. >> et mhod tiacng. >> re the's water and'r youe en dr achedrand csho intthe . tree gu>> cys,ome .on >> 'r youeli cgmbin a . rope
9:33 am
>>o n rope. >> oh. t >> kheids l iikedt so r.fa w >> ne'reot cutut oor f mi.ming >>ha tt'shy wou y be n fen,ldmank tha you so much. >> weno kw whathi tims me s.mean at>> cch up"ssterore" monday gh nits, 008:, 007:en ctraln o c. nb i oi'm j tningheks ranf o la agdy gnda a raoph. ey th a'rentll io kibang. i' mea lgrnin toe bakad brend a ke ma mahomede pasta for you for rouex nt ptyar. st tcreh ug co..hingff.sni..ling. d aninwishu g yod coul istayn albed y.l da enwhr you icoldiss th.. bad. ou...yd neethnew afer luexespraxsm. thaferxplu emaressmbx co..ines. ximam mungstreedth mesicin laavaiwible t thoupra ipescr..tion. .t ..gho fiurt yost word col andsyflu msmpto...
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9:37 am
ittry w! it iorksn wetwo oreks it'ees fr. no dan n thcie outi dcable csh coard meserin vndy hathy wiba cash twicck pe onesurchas. rn eawh once ben you anuy,aid agoun as y pay. th cat'sbaash owck n, caand acsh baik agten lar. it's h cas\jback d vu. e thouciti dshble cad. car e tharonly c ld thatyou ets ea h rn caswiback tn evce o eryhapurcse wi % th 1ouwhen ynd buy a as 1%payou y. th twiaywo wars to eitn, es a mak o lotr f othe cardsem oseidne sed. >> et> l's r get.eady mit'suey t sdayd.tren ian c notlie,'m i a feoodi and i ve lo my ks.carb mahome fde, breshread is a ak we.ness widanteo tea l lrnike the lt mulei-tantedad lgay ga who
9:38 am
r hein makg a.past de ma me jes.alou 'r wee going toea l trnoe mak kquic and easy,ic deliousre bad an d stpaa. i ho swedy mce spiac rk on st inm.agra vei ha- a - i't donw knoow h el atabort e iis. i ahave lot oftu snff i erthe. ian wtedo t put ito t good i' veee bnol td ifou ye'r g areat co yook, ou're nftenot aat gre ke bar. >> re the l's aeittlth truo t th at. ngbaki is soio rat oredient. hayou veo tbe sfipeciitc weh th o.rati li squid and dryre ingtsdiene hav eto bea mdsure out. pe uople ssescalet ae hom to me easurhe txa ect ouamnt. >> ou ye havavto he e th pmequi ent. ol f alowip rece ifou y're st ju gngettirt stao ed tthe e.te ou>> y sstuggene oth of ese. d>> io. e usre a bad makerau bec iset'll mimaxiouze yimr te ien th hekitcn. r fo you andou yr ,kids if you nt wa to get intota pas kimang, lit'l dohe tob j for u.yo t >>ishis $99. th rie tp ofak b ingeabrd, you
9:39 am
t pu the dry firstnd ak wor t upo e th lis.quid h we aave leittl bitf o olive oil. we 'reak m aingea bulutifli ove oi l seromary d.brea ewe'rng goi to -- oh, heree w . go ou>> yut pll a of that inhe t dbrea chmaine? >> it'llp bee andle artn wheou y ca n put inr youdd a th gecarli ,salt the rorysema. w >>shat' oneip t out ofti getng g a boodreadak mer wed nee to kn ow? >> rn leaow h toad kneou yr br ead. th sis ire where we'ng goi to do it over .here putlo fur on aar mble or cngutti d.boar ma hike tse hol .here tw o eggs in th ere. ad>> m ae nnfuel. >> 'r youoie gng to workhe t ou flntr ieo th .eggs th sis ing goi to get messy real ic quk. bu uildp your h.doug if you want ate sald bread, add tsaltoak me itor me flavorful. >> the need for knead.
9:40 am
>> nearly, i need help. >> you can't be afraid to work with it. >> get in there. >> et gn ihe trel rea odgo. reyou'ng goi to endp u- - ouobvi ysly,anou cal st it, kblac pe,pper wvehateour yr orflav y is wou tanto add. is th w is ihat etnds upki loo ng fo r. >> l i'ltiprac ce traho wtp ih wit aoi mst paper we torl o plc.asti t lere it st 20 teminus. th ouen y cank worit wh it. 'r weoie g tng moovek bac rehe. i >>'mov mingac bk erthe. >> thatoo lks . good >>hi t ls isikeea rl kenitch fe li at my house. >> you can cut it inal h f or finto our. s>>ostugge one ofhe tse? i ahave hekitc. naid hi>> ts isea rlly goodf i you nd ha. o >>ne pastaip t well a sdhoul li ve erthe? >> shgo y,ou canto sret i for twoay dsf i it's h.fres t le it dry on theac bk of your ag spi.hett cyoutoan s iretp u tohr tee nt moths ae hom and use it r.late 'l>> iosl ptou yrs tip one her
9:41 am
ciespe tallyhisio ravli pereci. to coday.odm/fo a forhell t ci repes. i' osll pomt sfe o myre bad
9:42 am
th sis i od"t oay"nbc n. ig b evtenas lt t.nigh >> ie hop theio natnal minagaze aw ardsor fri pnt and media was esreprd.ente t >>shat't whare we'in takgy awa
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