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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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rungnni. bu11t 9 a11nd 3 smyste asre dunn wndoe. her 911l cals areng beiw ansered by spdiheatcnrs ien hondersd an rtnohas las veg. esther aeon centingcy p ilansn cahese tys s gtemso ,downhi wch we'red toly thehave not been. iof yul cal 9yo11, iu wll get a atdispcher i butilt wle comat a ydela d and kon't hnowonow lg ethay delsre aho or won lheg t ladeilys wlt. las 'sitom sinethg v lasegaset mro foficerar lryat hdfielay ss is a sveryuserio stiituaon. >> is th a is big ie.ssu i't canes strst tharewe a fixed. wee havri a cltica intrfrasreuctu going down like thndis as it' a croncen. wwe tanto make suren whepl peoe ca11ll 9u, yo will geteo somne on theer oth sopl peoeh witue trme ecirgenes, call. wee havic offoners he tre stets >> or rep tter: bheyveelie a is chteginolocal i.ssue play.
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ott geis th done. t hhey tope go iettve solyd b the endofe thig nht. bheut toy d h notave any arguesanteer he. si.gnal ouif ye hav a linon-hrfe-tnieatemeng ecyrgen atheyrgre u yingou tool hd off. thiley wotl n bedi senng ceoffiors te nonenmergcy atsitu.ions again,11 9/311ys stemsow dn. 911al clsei bng arensweind hesonderndn a north legas vas. john torrean,s new 3. t >> yhankorou f that. >> ot> an bherigou annenncemt mfromgmor rests. isthe onl wilff aectun hsdredf o plems.oyee ea>> yirh, fhest tyec ddideo t ketaw aay spaelf-grkin forre fe danow ny the are mgakin ceshang to the valetki parng. rdgera isn dowr neada manlay cthenompay isoi gngo t tsoueource valtar pkingo t otanherpa comny. >> or rep ter:, well'thatigs rht, jim.
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drsivernd fout out tha atheyre gbrin iingnn asi outdepa comny to run allar p-rkingedelat rvse,icesnc inludigal vet,he tse chsangell wie takla povce heer t co oursehef t ncoext uple of mo.nths oppreserti. relycenth, tome cypanou annnced a newki parng feean pl. noew ww kno theam ne of the mpcothany ilat wunl rt. i splu puts of ohi co.cag mgmou wotld no g on craame but debscriheed tom cpany a hsgavin dedecafs oer expeienc a and itcomm tmentueo gstvi serce llexcee.enc ethosec dir atlytffecyed b the anchge,bo a00ut 4et val emeeployts ae ninmg m prtropeies who will now beecom a part of sp plus. [ud inaible ] v>> eoderyb iy isnbo lim. ep>> rr:orte s mgm taidalhe vet lwiel be abl top kee their niseyorit t andhe w pay boulde
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erthae wos nti menfon o howip ts ulwode bac fedtor in. ou>> yt ge theet valer s avicend you getre t catedaiertn ways. r >>teepornr: i s atetaenm stnte toew ns, 3 mgmai s idnk seeing ptoderovi theal ideu soltion for ourto cuss,merr ouem eeploys andou rom c,panye wet dneermid thees brat pectic atoperionf o our ecenhand pnarkig fiacilties irrequed e anrtxped han. eythve haad decnes i the duinstryro pngvidiki parng rvse ficesucor shve entss ahe t rsupeow bl,ly osmpicnd aor wld cu wp asell as saleverig heh-nd uncotry. aned wus jt aom m aentgoea hrd omfrne o ofhe tgm mmp eeloye va aletsndhe t tyell usha tt eyther undndsta thathe t poonsitiuc stretur g isgoin to gechan. rfomp exale, theke ticter tak poonsiti g isoingy awa andal l tofhea v wletsille ble titds a
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ciinaldent ily,u shold monenti, inllitiay, l,uxor eixcal abernd uscircrc ciius w nllot be ctaffeeced b tause aheyreer und a unniotr conact that is still notir exped. soeg ntiotia fonsoros the date. thisis s atorye' wrebv oliousy owfolling. jinm a jdcaessick, ba to ynou i thedi stuo. ll>> agh rit. anthouk y. >> > ahe fatutr ok wal wingith hisea 4-ydr-olau drghte is .her cepoli t sayheir gl'so m wtheras rpat ofhe tur mder plot. policeou ann kncedalrystic gue danr hefr boy, iendtedeon mcolerean ade unres arrtha crged in m thesan'de murr. lfamiybe memrs sayye 26-lar-od njohnany hasey wk walingh wit shi-y 4olear-ckd ba t tohe mo'stherpa antrtmear nehe t salameve dri. police sayte afr theho sg,otin takrysuil gndce ant deoole ceman kcoo toko w offith the ltlite girl.
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thaney cel't bievehi t hsenapped htrig in ft ronof theea 4-ydr-ol ttliirle gl itt jusl kil me, you ,knows he't noup sd poseto be , dead tinheun grod. >> i l skehe dn'id etnvea hve teh t hear btoe leikt' thas-- my awhatbout? her youw, knoe' shons gemna rrembe atth. 4-aryeld-o asrear smt. ot>> bush sspect areng beild he athe ten honderset donenti ntceoner ur mderha cs.rge > >>ometri poleece ndou yr help tock tran dow a barurgl beefor trhe ssike a.gain cepoli say thisn ma broke into a homer neand grayo cann ande lon unmo atain fewk wees ago. eythnk thi he maya hveto slen inthrogs fmai meslbox t inhe air area. he wasee sn ginett agway in a lexuss crorsoveic vehitle wh a woman. if you recognize himl cal imcrppesto aerst02 7-5-385555. we g'rengetti new inaform ation tboutrahe chash tt llkiedwo teo pplend ahu stow dn th5e 21 bayeltw forou hrs yedastery.
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thereow n. erth ne'so derivid benetwe eaunstbondd a wboestund fitrafc. r >>teeporear: yesh, jasic roerr. isth a is cruonstnctione sco and wlile b --e zonnd all wie b tiunatl leum smer. nymave drirsay sy thel wilo g ooutfhe t wirayo tvo aid this. rtrobehe hugs says it's nyearl o45% hfisin busess. theiv deleseriue reqdstem fro phisizzaop shn oli aante rkpa bwayutit wh cruonstoncti incont ouingut onea nyrb15 2- - sspo.ible >> or rep -ter:is- hve driors g ltbeway. th>> ey do go dreiffentou rtes ify thee havo, t ddiepenng upon thaye d or the ntighec espyiall theie busres tim of theht nig or tday wheyillak te anlt ateerna eroutau bec ose tfheaf syet peas.ct r>>orepr:ten oon my,dano aerth tricagxa elempf o what can enhapp.
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amarini denass wd heaing boeastund21 on 5 when she ddsuenlyro c ossedverhe tou dble llyeowin le. he>> sl faioed tai mnntai her lane and she oorvercerectd incaus hgoer t go into oinncomg fitrafcch whiul wod be the bowest lundane. ep>> rr:orte c her saredlamm oint aus lexve drin by 38r--yeaoldra tcyic mhael mpsi.son thbove drirs d.ied ptwoeeopl a in thirdar c that dncoulvo't a tidheid acc aentnd hitni dens'sc buike wer rinjued. ootrpersoi pnt outhi ts is a nscotruction zone. p>>pleo fe olyn the1 25. r>>orepr:ten a uivndeidd highway with noar bsrier sowhat bevereetwenas etnd a weunstbod vleehics. i >>st i ast conioructn zone. 4it'sle5 mins ar hou tghhrou e.ther eoso p npleeed to take extra recahe wnhe ty go trohhug there. >> or rep ater:nfnd unaortu,tely it'st no f theirstid accent of kitsind t inhisea ar. inct o,oberot anherea hd-on llconisior neaan alitear pykwa killedn oe pnersond a in cede,mber a ppicku cerossnd ito
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.anne erdrives wk taloed t sayey th do rrwoy. t>> ai nght, i am. tagh nitt' is notry vell we lit. so you never know wyohat ure a go cnnaome up on on the 215. ep>> rr:orteor acc tdingo a tycounke sponsma thiset strch t won'be all fuyid divedhw higay tiunatl lem sumer. tiunhl ten,he t cruonstnctio zoilne wel b inla pce. danot mstorires arg uedto se u extreme conauti. danil unt then, itinvesrsgato saretill tgryin to feigur out tlexachy wyni den cs'sarft dried danx eyactlo hwt fash eacar c swaoi gng. porengrtiiv lne ohe t15 2, nidese roschor few ns. 3 back to. >> you thank. you >> w> ne at0 6:0, s onetaten dow danen depdingn upohe tar pty, oner owo tta s lteseftef bore the vgotin comeso tev nada. ios wa iinhe t hristoy bs.ook no wbodyas wiatchng more fucare tlly thanheca lol st.ates
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beat forus ig tonhthe tda y teafr. oo>> gved e,ning. jim fafew ohe toc lalam cnspaig to dayareay sing io tould y so. slet'iv g cekhuc todd the the tfirsd. wor an>> sders has aot shn i daneva. llhi caryolintann wtots u ptan aextrff eort into this. r >>teeportor: pmerez ise her at aor lab pehon bank for llhiary conlint. >> h i'mere on my ownim te cabe susetecrearyli cntonan wts toul mstitak. re>> bnathig aig bh sig of re.lief kthan, you i.owa iebernde sanrs. withnd saersdi leang in w neshhampire, thete conost cmes e.her fornt clions thidcoul bee mor iefrndiv leur tf. n >>daevath is eir fstta ste ewhere wen dp uav hing aot ving potipulahon tat ryeall mrsirro ama.eric >> f asor rliepub cans-- 'm>> ili feengfi con tdented
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ep>> rr:orte didru csz' guy nail itre ptidicng themp tru of the umtrp? th>> ie bueg qnstios inagone b tuornutnd a it jt usoloks leik i think most of thepa camignl fee keliur t wnout bille lowe. her r >>teeporrr: caduz h a great grndoue gam,ti getnger vot tso ucaucs. t'>> isd. goo it'sid sol. e>> rerport c: ifzrus i crsiui -ng- t >>thhis isthsis i theo mment eythd saiou wldev nerap hpen. r >>teeporher: tpa cam signays ru hbioas a mneachi in peolic wthatill dveelir. he>> tsre iom a mumentt tha he ghas foingrorwad. hi t iinkllt wi beme tres.ndou i>> h, donthis isar mk husotchialn c.ling
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vo ftesor r.ubio >> ut aboal donrud tmp. he a'sner entintaing. guy el>> whel, tub repnlicac cauus hris teeks weeom frod tay. theem dtiocracau ccuss i two ekweros fmat sy.urda backo tou y. w >>noe kouw yll wi be kngeepi ta obsn ethverying, j eff,kthan you. th ie cty of legas vas edpass. nohew tnt couy isnk thiingou abt .it al>> t akingboutan bningel sling analim fsromre bseder. al heso aad a plaopuarr pk trdashet monhs ago. ne aws 3skedhe to cunty what co buldone doe t cnlea it upnd a ghtoniet, we arin seeg the prssogre. th ine wdsre a gwione yoth u ethbut c thehill is. on ilit wl be ae- boncoldrt sta to your wsdednenday aer wh ge weo from te.her syour-devenoray ft ecasngcomi .up >> d> anrm alaings. new jnotustom fros mtoquies. wnowee'rrn leainghe ta zik ruvins ca bera tttnsmihred tough ait'sdlreayap hd penehin te u.s.
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ourec sndo l loive eeok ltr atr meo adhetequarrs. trme91o's 1e soms iow dn. geemer cncy aallsreei bng diedvert h torsendeonnd aor nth lagas ve pse.olic th1e 31 sm ysteisls ao down. me itro wsinork hgard t foix the leprobm. hetrey ain askgon anye who -hasho- w has al calha tyt ma bnotuie qnte aem ncergeoy t ldhoff ond aai wntt uilat ler nitoght to make thel. cal cl carkyountom ciomissners wereon crisidengol fnglowit sui hwit c theity ofas las veg and bagnnin pet sstorem fro sngelli adogsnd cthats omat croe fm debreer. thbut isere abl proem. ctheyountnk this setats law ohpr tibit fhem dromoingha tt. rgseviio alaas wt at tha scdiioussndn ain is h te st.udio how can the cdoity it and not the cy?ount w >>ell, jim,nt couy anettorys evbeli se atate lawow all tinghe
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patetor stesre pescludhe tm fromak mingu snch a oanrdince. threey a linooktg a agddin esprsetriks p--rere trpress.ikse >> y thee werck stained te cras ethreh hig in then frotoo rm. tinache bkm, rooy the hado fur gsdon i aar lgeen knely b thlvemsees. r >>teeporher: tmi comnssioer scdeedrib t the wime shenenhe wt ato ginroomgm shop shot tha alsold sos. pet >> w itasnh ineumare tntatme. r >>teeporher: seh's b tindhe opprosalo t ricestrt the sale of thesema anils. i >>'t dont wany ant par of ypuppls mil. r>> teeporhir: tss iay alws a encontstiouue iss. es>> ribponsleed breers't don llse to petto sres. >> o aimf thees wnou yig tnhte gsthinp, ut i itsmpac us vserse theoe pple who a brearackyd dibreandng adu pro acingalnims anotd nlo folgwin the. law >> or rep tter:ihe cfty o velas gasse pasd anin ordeanc wthatillit limhe te salf o
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th misan owns ala pet snd itoren ethy cit. >> s mytore iins e thit cy. ouit wld pute moutf o sibus.nes >> or rep ter:ashe wre he po heer stopuptorhe tou csnty' etsffor ba he dreisag wedhat t cheity did. i >>n thihek ty citll wie havto acgo bndk ak loo atir thes. re>> erportun: cotyor attneys ebelivead nevaa lwck bloshe tm omfr catregin a b oan tnhee sal ofta cerinni a.mals aasn analter,tivee thou cnty wi alllso idconser tenighting ru flesor bereedrs pdiroving iman talseto pre stos. >> te wha wvere can do to erproplye make sur pets are gbeine takn andat treed rrcolyect. ep>> rr:orte t atonhe cicluson tof'sodayri hea tng,heou cnty dedcide c toatre t aeor wking group to study t ihessue hefurtr. dweeaid rutch o toe thy cit to nfiutd oir theug tho ohtshen t unco mty'soveay tod. tbuve we'ot nte gotna po resnse by t theimef ois thro bstadca. cbaok t you guys. a >>llig rht. se, rgiokthanou y. > >>icmuss, fan h weave t gheame ploran fs thi y'sear life is befautiul fvaestil. witill take over dowowntn velas gasep sertembd 23r
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isth is theth norar ye forth e enevt. ouabt00 1,000eo pplett adende tlasea yr. aim lteidel rasee of presales cktisetom csers thudayni morng at00 10:. 'weave mde ity eas for youy b ttpuing ank lin o oureb we,sit wsneco3lv.m. g leot p ontyf sinunshe. ilstool rorm f ivempro omentn the traempes.ture a >>lubso.tely mtheitan wh thewe anss r inkevi sojanin. 'sher ovein thews ne 3t weaher ntceer. w >> ge'llhet teme ttuperares imovimpred im--m iedprovt bu prlyobab u notntil l iater tnhe week. ithi's c ollyut sethetu picresn dowin thei hsll ouetsid b oferouldit cyhe wre thotey g q tuitehe atmssor oentf .snow adwe h then raiin the v lasegas eyvall t andinhe whad ttck knoed adownp coufle oes tre, had to wdealitht, tha aew fai rsnbow aander vyap hpy, sfiatised duck. hesre i the vofiew the lags vealas vley and those ertempreatuats th goth t deay testard. eastexpecd urppe 20sun arod
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d-miup to per. 20s ethr hea tt ofheal v nleyot itquse aol cd. moinuntalrs ayeadt a5 1. paphrumco is imingn at 40. ofalficih higem ttuperaasre wn't very high. ft46 aher tew lo of. 31 tbackheo te samei nrhghboood rrtomoow. ahend te'n w sll tartin the s30 e andvenit wh the nssu,hine w notngarmi upth at cmuh. mid- to upper 40s. i thin wke'll peak at 5gr0 deees anikd le ty,oda veryi lght s.wind emayb t upout abomi 10 pleser .hour maximum. that's it. soe' wotve gt i aew f csloud trying toor wk t wheiray into stheky. nok luc for them. ethes csloudht mig havete betr luck. threey ae du inor tom nrowhtig danhu tdrsayor mnnig. eythul shoed be gony bur thsday teafn.rnoo fthelowil wlet rtourn he t utsosthwe andha t gt'snaon bring in the wrarmeem ttupera.res agonnve gia us lecoup oayf ds buyt b the efnd o the week we'll tstar s toee the 60s at least in s.ight mppraun dow-- to um prapow dn to
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2 p --rawp down t ao 2 rum 22. thaney,ou sntherig hdshlan. mmsunerli,6, 2 27s ios plesib ovghernit. motorrowle p ontyf sinunshe. no0t 20 2eedegrs. 'lweaxl m outo t0. 5 uryoen sev f-dayasorect't, ias slowro ps.ces rewe' hineadg inhe tre corct. slet'e mak it0. 6 byex ntee wtk ais thi tmee wmay be tgakin about nboeighdsrhoo vinsiti gthe big 7-0. ow>> n a youre tnalkig. >> y nowreou aki talng. >> anal ideru febary mpteurerate. b cillyosb isk bac t inhe newsig tonht. >> he's back in the courtroom, .too lwe'll tel w you hat ahe'sngski uda jgeor fs thie. tim and how a. d.aho w was inff oice mohare tn aec dade agos i aypl aingig b rinole he t case now. >> us> pla, clls c forehang at ouret homownlp balark.
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grup aadest chmasna itchswce to innturylm k pristv, t and gemethe saat c greelhanncas veble giu,s yo with haout o ving t dealth anyes d? thand...where's homeole vr d .plus s tondeof on ptmand o ions cso youchan watteve wha r,erwhenev. anyes d?wh youy dos guyep keg sayin?that
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s by"yaying nd,"es a ccepwe ae t thy realitdcreateby c ourpaomedy , rtners.paul ryes,i ight, know. do ? you likfeelhoe a d llywoorinside
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c anashmld fiehe, tie fndld a cthentonve hionallr thee, macashenn cterer weui b33lt ayersgo a. tatimhe tte, ias won cresided a --mod de morn ceomplx but cyount iscommersioneas hbord anut a atoperingse los osfmi $5 nllio a r yea tandeehe nd topd u tatehe cifay.lit ethsi predentld tohe t cosimmissonert thaas cn hmais in dire nofeed a cash iionfusn. >> ite truly trus id use but cabeofuse theat nofure e th stco t and fheactha t lt afot o
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atrhde sow fliacity,ec espyiall hein t media r,oomst i n'shtaug itprof. tsoshat' theso reaorn f the atoperings. los >> e' herhes tbl proem. esommi comnessio drsoto n suort u thesef ol pubaic tx nemoyo ten reovatas c.hman theyil wl meeth witas las veg's ma tyoralo tke morbo aut moizdernesleiiznghe t f.ield >> mi> cong up --th anoer utso chernoralif jniaail itenma isth on e run. >> s thi d onetidn'a bre okut. het jusal wked. whapat hdpene t andhea rewrdto tge him b backdehin bars. > >>andil bl c bosbyack inrt cou yitrng toon cinvce adg juoe t opdr theha c argesstgainim h. howhe tas ce haneables on
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