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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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aland s saye thsystem behind it isall in movstg eaay tod. > >>ndsecoug thohts? do tnald srumps peakabout out hewhy h mayloave hest te racin wa io. i >>nk thico it hauld eeve bn e thbade.te th i soink eome parple e ppdisantoi iedid dt n' tdo he bade. te w>>lle'al ttok ru t tmps hi mo inrnd g an ahavee liv co sanver wtionbeith rnie ersands. llwie hntcot ess hiownarrs los to hillary cntlion? > >>rspe tonpeo onrsa , w neview z onika. ey th s haditex wpah a nertr who contracted it overseas? tis dheeais msee orngdas erou pthane eoplrsunde?tand d>> it idn' hkiller. t >>eohe pveple orsus.j. sosimpemn prs iereavto re re s,view n butorot f f they amil onof rdm golan. >> i'm forced now to have to en tdurehat. kwhatolim g sdmanthays rse fit
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da todny wey,esdaru feb3rary d, 20 16. fr bcom ns, newhi tiss "t ayodwi" mtht atuelaanr d savannah guthrie live from st 1udio ra infeocke pller. laza >> d gooinmornveg, ee.ryon lc wetoome da "ton y" oa eswednmoday g.rnin s let' pjusthaut ttet sae llit e imag ubackp. u yojucan hist thenk ts re i innothodg gout abot thaemsyst ngmovios acre s thtrcouny. >> no. t a loheof tnt couavry he al y read dbeenngealih witndit a i k thin'rtheyine go sg tot ee i heon t east coast today too. gr ouab ybrr um.ella wethe r atheheis t s top.tory orstsym emstmp itiac tngs en of outhndsas. bl diin wngdsincr as ose th mi t dwesamto dg aginadtorninoes sothe uth. s nbc'b jacocoras s ne iin ll coilinsvmile, sissis tppi,his mo g.rnin b,jacod gooinmorng. r >>teeporoor: grnd moing. e thes mwereeronstna tor does le g avinndbehire ince diblgedama hein takir we. is th t wasirhe fapst b tist ur chn ch iincolllesvil, ss mippissiori, tghn riart apt. e th broof rlown oightff.
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lyfamie werl stildeinsi. fa o ce t wfacea ith temonsr rn toado. or stasm chruers g nninthfor eir li ves. g >>o,o, g g go,o.o, g r >>teeporher: tst twier ho tcpsco thingghhrou a ne orighb ahoodolnd c cleges ampu in al rurba alahima wn le i co svllin, illeismissi,sipp a di hrectit. ne a orighb dhoodatecimed. tw doo n zemehodas gemaord rodestyed. th rse fiptt bachist nurchext or dope rip hd in alf. y >>anou c t seeomhe ce plet stdevan atiourof orc chuh. uit'sienbele.vabl >> or rep wter: philer astoe wayn s rickhiand mis faerly wile stl si inde. y >> m awife and iy nd mcason me ov o er tchthe burchseecau we ha cvedeinblr k ocllwaans d fo a und aroomotnd ger und the desk and within seconds stuff testarlld faeving heerywre. ep>> rr:ortee mor athanen doz rntooeadres rtpo iedthn soe h.ut pa orta f ssmae ivntwi serrmto th aato lsm putemethd mie esdwt with heavy snow and high winds.
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st m'orpas .th mesoos lg inerevhiyt bng tuthe cl s otheheon tacir bks. heot nrsrlealoy ngsit la r tedatonay onti walthea er rvsee icrefostcas erllwie bt ou to ur sy vee thmada agewis ll osthwhe veo lith in ave heily da d magehbneigodorhoin behe d th chchur. an med moagnts wao i tlkedghhrou is thbl rubthe wi p ther astoand hi mis faly. ey thwe sho td meeshe ddek unr ic wheyh the wernghidi t forhe du onratith of ore stm. ey thd sai ptheyd,laye s godave us d , an stheyhaay t dt heid. , mattnnsavaah. j>>obacas rn,coha t ynk vouy er chmu. >> e' walll t ak tooul abost the msstora in lecoupmi of s.nute > >>s let' tturne o th idpresalentie. rac th nde caesidat s arengettiir the tssighth on xte neze prith in e mp ca, aignhanew irmpshe. min at omenl we'l ttalknao dold tr anump rnd beanie s, dersthe on frnnt-ruiners g theterani e,stat l but fet's girstheet t te lan st o rboth.aces be inginnthg wi's nbcst krien we .lker s she'ricoveheng te raceebetwn ersandd s antoclinn.
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r >>teeporatr: moot, grnd moing outo y. be srniersande a hasbl doue di legit vead ollr hiclary n into re hene in mpw hae,shir s buthe wo isn thte stak bac00in 2 8 so sh tre's tyingnvo co vinces,oter cl ing udinhiat tmps ca eaignvent re hede in larry toter noday t to un cor t heout. e tht fighnefor mpw hae shirnow in h hig.gear bo emth dtiocrandc caesidat aicampg gnin ilatethnto ghe nit. >> io in e wa w otooke n th most po ulwerfit pol oicalizrgann atio t inouhe c.ntry i >>e hopwiyou holl cwiose th th bor yout hearyoand inur md. r >>teeport r: is comeheon t el he as ofd harhtfougtl bate in io wa. cl n intongedgide sany rs ba ir ha. ueon t ssdaylahe c vimedryicto. a>> indm a tsoilhrd le ithat'm mi coo ng thanew irmpshtee afr nnwig inwaio! >> reporter: clinton cr inngeasiryly ttoing i tapnto prthe ssogreidive eals elprop slingrsandege sur. >> i am a progreivsso e whs like
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i' tum ac aallygr proveessi who ke li ms toprake ssogrenn, fuy in thg. >>ep rr:orte s butrsande is so rengnatih witg younrsvote in y a watoclinn'n ist. he t bea84her 14 to th% wit tha ou gr ip in owa. >> or rep dter:itoes ce conourn y ywheneaou r slize nhe'sot co tinnecitng wunh yoteg vors? t>> i ihinkllt wie comndarou th ree mot thayothe voung te enlist hs toryillant clii on, in theyk thl 'larsttot reo izale th heat sgo is toing th be e ca atndidate th g canhiet tngs ne do t for hem. r >>teeporn r: iersandmes so mo des cratseare feingbalashcks to ar bk acamobs a'peap ialn 20 .08 rmfo persirentdeil bcll toinisn smdisiis tnghat. >> ac baramk ob na iserot bnie sa s.nder >> or rep bter:anut s hdersas en zeergi ad anofrmy po sups.rter ewin nps ham, hirebahis rdckya, he p 's uouby ddible .gits prhis e omisakof toning the blestaenishmrit st akingd cor wi ithe pd bdepen whnts e o ar ke rey he. nd saarers g guin the'snlhe oy prealesrogr isivee n th aracend ex flhiing scs mu les. e >> wn begapothe calitil
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ijustw n neshhampbuire l t al tovercohis y.untr ep>> rr:ortede sanamrs cn paig cioffiteals e ll m mthisngorni rtheyd aiseil$3 m ilione n th24 ur hotes afwar ioe , th most si hngleinaul d oneoray ft tha aicampgn. se arcretiny clcaton gnmpaires he n inamew hrepshiay tod h buter sb hu fand,r ormeidpresbient ll cl n,intol wilambe cnipaign ng i ut soroh ca, linastthe thate at vo aftes neter mpw hae shirand th wat's shereashe hiz a se eabl .lead , mattnnsavaah. >> st krielen w tker, yhankou ve ucry mh. wi s th u hfromomis hate st e of t.verm se r,natod gooinmorng. go o od tyosee u. oo>> grnd mo ing. >> r thetsesulio in erwa w e as cl asose y thed coulbe. io ffwa olsiciae hav imadet fi of.cial th ayey sla hilliry c intone s th erwinn. do a yout ccep?that ur>> se. enshe p ds uingettoug ab t 22 le des,gatege we out ab t 20 gadeletes. we rt stahaed tmpt ca aaign bout o 40 pr 50s oint.down
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. 1% oualtho gh t ytellheou tth tru 's it 1 notsu00% e re w'tdidn win t'it i ds sodapli ted. we ee ffal asntc.ti c wea ame wlongn ay i.iowa w noe we'rewin nps ham.hire avwe hloe a mt oftuomenm. ea>> ricl qu wkly, youldou nt cothest reose s?sult w >> le'rengookiit at ht rig w. no bu e t thrtimpopoant isint t tha heat t o ende f thweday e cam fr owom n therealo retaly sd rtle e threentild wor. we k tooheon tt mosrfpoweul li pol ticaniorgaonzatith in e un siteds tatemeof a aricand, knyou neow, warlyhaon tcet ra. l >> pet'supick th on at, se r natoersands. u yoedrais m $20onilli in ja y.nuar ur yopa camsaign ouys yse raid $3 mi n lliohein tt lasou36 hrs. so m youinove ewto nps ham hire th wiig a bd leahein tls pol as th cae ndidate from the ne hbiginorstg e atand with more mo inney b thethank hean td hea w ofyohat llu caheed tge bigst po calitigal ortinizan on i this
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n >>o,o, n i no,nto. ma matt, thtt, nat'sorot c.rect hi y llartoclins n hapea suc.r pa i >>er undd stan.that t in oermse f thaicamp gn's re diinct fnganci. t >>dohat t esn'ermatt. u yo ahaveer sup w pac hhichas mi$25 y in cl 1ton,ll5 micoion fmingrom wa trll seet. ou mpr ca caignibontrnsutio are 7 $2ceapiein comomg fr 3.5 ll miinion dudivial co buntris.tion , also wwhen ie gonento w shhamp lire, net'sorot f get, arhilliny clwoton w n ne shhampinire 8. 200 hashe ves a trry song or zagani.tion huher d sbantwran mpo cas aign e.ther i >>er undd stan, thattosenar, gibut whven heat tcu cirncmstaes e art righ wnow, aouldinnythg ss len thasoa rengundito vicry in h newhiampse re b ppdisainointr g foyou? at>> mhat, tjut's edst malia tk, u yo?know er evaty stu e yoo,go tt' thas at wh m the sediaays. at whpe hapn ns i?iowa wh apat h ipensw n neshhampire? vit'simery anportr t fous. we t waninto w it. th e'en woire go ng tdaneva. en thre we'ng goiso to uth
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sc win.onsi y evere statmpis intorta. e we'rhiin tces rare to enprest rk wopeing wople shoseartandd of vi lin ng i smanys ensegohas ne wn do a, inio naticn whs h ha ivmasscoe inndme alt weah eq intyuali a andru corpt ca gnmpaian finysce stem. e we'rg gointhall y e waheto t nv coonenti. we av hthe mee mo.ntum th i peink aopleirre tf ed o ta eshmblispoent csliti and ta eshmblisecent iconoms. s >>orenatt', lelks taut abo is thue issel of biecta.lity sit'shiomethang tllt hiary cl n intoesraisot a lth on e ai trl. melet i put yt to dou areiffent y waerin tf ms oher el biecta.lity heon tue isshe of mar e-ils veyou'd saireyou'k sicof inhearoug abemt th. yo idu sais it er a s iious ssue t bue'therprs a s ocesseand t at thde asi. le at meousk ys thieainstd. sh douldraemocvotic mtersg akin de a oncisiwe betilen h lary toclind n aniebernde sanrs ct fahaor t?t in sh touldcohey ernsid f theact th hiat t as issun ise e shs face fo ttr ber er oe wors wover hich sh s e haonno c.trol es doaf it hfectleer eilctabity?
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esissuec affect ellitabindty a at whil i wlll te i youo s tw gsthin. nu omberifne, l youatook the ma uptch-ls polt tha thave aken ac plcee re, ntlyiebernde sanrs ag t ainsblrepu cicandaandi tes, a weoire derng very, vlly we. we t beatrmr. byump ho a wle alot, m lotthore ilan h lary toclinn. se ocondl,f aloc dem wratsin wh oten vurer t inoutghs hi. re icpublwians enn wher vot outurn lt isow. i k thincaour gnmpai t hashe en tergyllo rarky wopeing , ople dd milale ceoss p yple, oung lepeop. gh hier votno turweut, t winhe ge l neratielecon. al ctl fa eors, ivery issue s an e issuonof craside ftionor vo . ters a >> t lottco waerh ov the mi coayng ds. se r natoersande s, wecappr iate ur yoe tim mthisngorni. an therks vchy mu. t >> yhankou. > >>ovwe mw e noheto t pu reanblicons, dtrald ump oklog in rtooueb indnen w shhampafire a ter ndsecoce pla fi inishwan ioin laymeg so of th ble amone d hisioecis n to ipskas lwet 'sekeb 'rwegoe g in ttok al mto tr.mpru li trve st aighd.ahea fi lrst, get's no to pbc's eter analexder. he m hasonore r theliepubcan ra ce. r,peted gooinmorng. ep>> rr:ortean sav gnah,ood
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ouof cherse al is oul abt nn wiing. do tnald irumpyis tro ng tget ba o ck terit h ne inew ha irmpshe. he ow's nnp downglayi d hist efea owin ia. um trgop's toing y relhion ts e'statsss le- ee -less less evangicel he d tolrtrepo hers,lle wi fix 'siowata miske. >> or rep hter:inere l theive ee frdi or ate stnae doruld tmp's mp ca iaignrys veh muce.aliv >> re thee wereo17 pwhple e en w ar st nted,ouow ye hav11. i icomecon se, ndi'm not humiliated. r>>orepr:temp truki mocng po rethrts owat idea ma a him lo anser rcd mabio ruo o wh shfinihied t wrd ar.inne >> ne win tr ofighe nmaht, rco ru bio. p,trumil humd.iate ep>> rr:orte a butlso owackninledgs g hincabse te athe x fo dnewse ebat wlastmaeek y ha aveecffd tee thtcou ome. >> hi i tt nk id coul bhaveeen th bae dete. i think some peoplwee re di oisapp tntedi hat 'tdidnin go e thdebate. >> or rep oter:igvernruht tmp qu y icklrnretuo ed tfahis armili
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cr uz. >> t wha okindopf peo le dwe rhavengunni o fore?ffic itno, on's hy estllyrealal, rely ondish aest, tnd i ihinkw kno wh y. u yo wknowhy? ca beheuse b wasinorn ad cana. he et gths noe nami, tion'rtheye go g in sto hue [isle b ]epff o. >> or rep fter: oreshisff h, win uz croo is neilg mpw hae shirand cmorervonsee ativh sout caliroitna, ims prtwary eko wes ay aw. >> t last nigheawe h hrd al owel mi corong fe m thmapotoc. >> or rep mter:hieanwa le, trio ovof grserno s allngtakiir the aiclms here are setting their tssighea on thch onder a on ma rurco bio. ckristihristhe wi's nbcly kel do o'l.nnel >> ki he f nd ondremi os mee f th bo ty inubhe bble. yo u know, he never answers qutiesons. i hewas alerys vnty coedroll. bothe ty inubhe bhable gs toet t ouheof tbl bub ye ifanou wt to rebe pntsideth of ite uned st . ates >> or rep rter:'subiout rebtal th wie gaberguti rez. >> hi i tt'nk iens beou a tgh lecoupda of ndys ay' theotre n in dollg we. some peoe plt reacy badlto ad itversy.
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ca jord, ashn kriich tsingo co seland pn ce i pmany, ollsnow g vyina for kobreaomut m ent. m >>ney todi is enffert. ait'se tonncof ivelusi.ness it t's aofone pi heleong ptople upget . r >>teeporher: tto botnem li is reyou' g not noingivegate ai agyonst ppur otsonenau becse thyou think nat'sheot tht rig ne to t forarhe pty? >> or repter: . >> l, wels it'junot otst n the t righ ftoneheor tty par's, it t norithe toght orne f me. ep>> rr:orteat senanor ruld pa s haensusphided mps ca waigne've le d arne mthisngorni. 's hepp droouing tt ofache re af a ter h fifte placshfini in io wa. in s the htatepoe's g llin ug ro2 hly %.or 3 taidsusell l paunohas ns pla m toanake doy enenrsemfot bere vothe n te i sthis.tate ngcomine up xt. >> nk tha ms so uch. >> na> doruld ts mp iheon tne pho uwithw.s no trmr. gump,moood g.rnin h>> itoave , saynnsavandah a i re weki talng. yo enu whwe we n re i oiowan mo mndayngorni w andree weh bot li a sttleisurprt ed aunhow der st aatedubnd s yduedouou s nded t onirhe at thainmorng. mehad s mberouof yamr teen giv
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tcomeevhat g eninhaat tint pot? n >>o. m i' tjustg ryine to btta lile bi mot ureerndta sd.te psomee eopl tlike shat,ome op peonle dac't, lytuald,, an no, i t don'k thinso. atnot . all me i i an, k,thin k you wnow,hen it es comio to i wa, nowas t su tosedeno evth go ere. a oflot pl peooue thi ght wo 'tuldnwe do n ll i aiowa nd i amadeis dectoion be go e causi kn omow s te ofeohe p tple,rehey' ea gropt pele. i and icamecon send. an oud, yw, knoch whia is good shfini. ani meu , yo 1haveop1 pendle a styou d artewioff 1 ca i n me indseco. >> t whaoudo ynk thiap hd?pene ydo tounkhit is wae th gaorzanionti? >> i don't know. i don't know. dni dios't l me byanuch god i t re moes vot. r othe tthani ed, mogot otre ves an thbo anyn dy ihithe y storof e th ciowas,aucuub repnslica, d, an k you inow, a goty verlot v of.otes icameson a selid acondhend t rs pehaon tmet cath in ird, rc ma go, aguood uty, bco mar icameirn thd d an mtheyitade un soked liha he e d onheof t ea grvit iector as ofimll te. th erey wyie sahang wgrt a eat ctviy ord ani came in second and bo noaidy s wd it vas aryicto. i sos t wa osortraf st nge.
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ct fat thalepeope werngsayi th asis was devngtatiyo to u. wo i aguld wiree hath tt. i rewas g adint a loneonli st yey,erda t mr., rumpthand e ogist sf itd eemee to b nthatow e we'rg goininto ft d ou what do tnald irumpdes ma of. do e es h thaveuthe gs? do e es h thaveeahe ho rt tt figh lthisfiong ght? ho ulw wou d yoeranswt tha tiqueson? >> l, wele i'v wbeennginni all my e, lift. mat th wat'si'hat onve de. 'l wee l se hwhatnsappe. i' inm doryg vel welewin n mp hae.shir knyou thow, asat wpo suptosed m bersy fiopt stll reandy, a i in thm k i'ou-- yw, kno v i'mery hadiy i e d the wholg thinin io ecwa b iausee camecin sond. ok lobe, i lat af ot otosenars, a oflot er gov.nors th o ey droit piofessy.nall ni've deverthone efis bore. noi'm prt a siofes onal tipoli acian cnd iinome on secd thand oney d't. it s wasa uch stbig i ory came s ind.econ n'i doowt kn. why i acwas lytuali semsfsatiied wi i gu i oness lle poe camsaout ying i t mighitwin 4 by por 5s oint yand,noou khaw, tdnt di't ha .ppen i k thinuscaucrees ad harto po y ll bwathe y. w>> ioias go ng tg brin uthatp
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's itig a btu feaf re o syourtump sp cheean, a d t lo poflsolno, t tjustdehe "ins moeges rr"iste t but a lohoof tolse padls h you wi g.nnin yhaveosou litt fa th inolhe pls a atll? >> hi i thenk wu n yotoget ll poa ing uscauc's, ity ver ug toh. 's ith muc cmoreexompl. it ar's htoder l poluca caus. , noa i'm evbelin er is pollbut ini thenk whco it tomes a k thin pit'sblrobardy ha to po ll. y togaou ai'in, rem su. an thu.k yo t >>orhe mdee unatr stuced sk ed dual donumd trp. mr um. trhap, tounk y y forour ti me. t >> yhankerou vchy mu. th arere w e nes fear over tzikamohis g.rnin thhealic off iialslln daas rtrepoa ing onpersre the has be icometenfecthd wi v the irus ugthroxuh seonal c. tact >> this is a first here in t he s. u.d amiouthe aktbret thais no inw bellg ca ged al lobathheal er emy.genc dr ta. naalie za ar is nt cotoribur. wh ren ithead t is iedjump off th gee pa.
7:17 am
xu se tallymirans.tted is t thacefor n?rtai dwhatthoes eaat mr n fothe sp oreade f ths?viru >> y thefaare cirlyinertat tha t isashe ce. hthey'tavend tolheus t o sexf e thlepeop. yet th avey h fen't cullyrmonfied, t' ley,s sat thae ther'twasn an r otheuimosqutto bst, liiten, s wacothe t ntac pof an ersowho ha afd frenld vlaezue who co ctntraheed ta ziks viruand ouwithy t anenevidf ce oa sq mo buito ite. >> ha wwot s rriebome ahaut tt is u yo utold ts inashe patt th ny math of ope pehole we havthe ru vie s arptasymicomat. >> e zbldohow g yououo abt pr tiotecoung yf rselridung alsexuta conct. ouobvicosly s,ndom, oneifbut doyou knn't heow ter othso pern ouor ye havrythe sse ru? r >>.ight th wat's wheree e art righnow. e ths cdc'frdr. n iedeeryestday de mave it very, lery chaar tt r theigecharth in coe up ming idays -s to t- isveo gi the anguidowce nth to ere am ican pe aople wboutthhat hoey sbeuld do ining ti parr culaalsexuly veactitn parofers en wom m whoay itbe eprher ntegnatr or tyingo co bereme pt.gnan
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th hiat t ns isurot sinprisg. 's itta cer uinlyconwelewme ns thbut s is ithnot rse fit do ntcumeased c se ofl exua tr isansm.sion h we cad ainase 8. 200 lswe ad o haenevidhace trut vis becan nd fouse in anmen d in e.urin i k thinrtimpoy antlto it ree,erat m themoain f de o tr isansm isionils stoul thtoght osbe mo quits.bite thbut oeis diss ranee a w nc cofoern opr peanle, wid i ll so alnt poi t outinhat la engnd atheydylreae havota pr iocoln pl thace f at ihayou ve a cu doedmentec inf, tionmathe n is eato wcor a fndomixor sth mons. t if'shereos expwiure t thou medocu intedtinfecweon, g arin omcondr s fonta mo ch isnturrely ei thidr gue.elin agso, tain,exhe n tt --he gecharth of c e cdngcomiis up etto gmu as nfch itiormaboon aut ho ngw lo v the ciruse an b seen or re excinted ua sexcrl sensetio an ind rmfohe t girdauie ncsebad up haon towt kne.ledg >> ov mg inorsty. . drarazth, k anu.yo >> le> s t'inswing hi ts di mr ke. ro hr istoere k talt abou bithe org stms. >> t' thaghs rit.
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it . we ea alrawdy st whasothe rnuthe rt pa. did rt no phern aart, o lotowf sn. inlookomg frin msone ttao mi adwe hwh anyfrere tom 4o 8 esinchsn of ndow are theti's sll me sot lef aoverats thte sysm s pullndup ay awa cintoa.anad t buhein tnt mea wime, e're hiwatching tw s noloand t ok a e thershowd s andethunrmrstos. we go've met sovi heaer un thtodersdorms o wn tsothe uth. ait'sdylreang goibe to in makg it y s wa tintoewhe nk yor city ar n ea inethe evxt s heral.ours lo orok for majgh flilat deys ca beofuse r theanain n.d wi onbost a midnofteron. e as w fmoveerurthth to ute soh yo lu'llatook s theg tronmsstor fr tlom a mantag akinwaits omy fr sojacklenvilar, chonlest. hethe raavy anins ord stilms wl inrema f fordalori t andhe co ast. 'l wee l sericleaatng ler to owmorr. d floohewatctes exg ndin nfromew rs jelley a w thentay ioro flida. ok lofl at a oridinand to hesouteorn g.rgia we ta're g lkint abouheanywre om fro 5 tch6 inf es o rain be tforeishis o allinver the 4nextho8 s.ur e we'rg goinetto gyo to ocur lal
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7:21 am
c gomin ,up anxp eonlosi ried aol heth in ide se of a eplan mid igflht. uwaitntil youee s theid veo fr nom o arbod, showing how calm ss parsenge reedmain during an em geerync lainndg. ea rioctn ttho e premiere of the contrersiovewal ner sies "t eohe ppleer vsus o.j. simpson." at wh g ronanoldmis's ster says ho oollywd is gtietng wrg.on
7:22 am
c.nb >> us> jt d,aheaou y mightan wt to ck cheou yrke pocndts a dr s.awer the wnginni $63 mliilonot ltery
7:23 am
t toanhe wome in th mi 'sd-90to showser..pp. you're ime 's tetto sbi this e.rd fre b hoted, loodkchecnd it a. see.. ot ger a fevf o..103. infeelhu' ?ngry how 'bout a donut? 'm h iloot bi'oded.. mt hooodebl d! he whet r it's -y30rs oeald 0-or 3lddays o, ca wrmaxapill seprai it in a tts li le as m 30es.inut enand thon your concly wiern ll be w to hond speca the sh. ra d. wh ouen ye maka wpb&jsmith keucr' s, atth'ths die erffceen twben eediorrynave edary
7:24 am
ay. usbecathe wiam a nkee lism r'ucke is,s t hae to b.good all year long. you put the time in. u yothput rke wo in. y dandin a o day.ut heso wurn yo r taxdefunar s,rivee makmothe f st oit. prlow oicesn ytever yhingeeou nd to put the fun in yo turefax rund. hay ppx tafureaynd sfr wommaal.rt .>> : kimis it 7:26n os thi dn wey esdamog.rnin hi, d m an wdanaragnee livn o news 3.>> a: dan's letet g a cckhe of ou rth wearoer fmeo metgirolost y kellancurr, y,he llke
7:25 am
zifreerng o at finreezng i many tilocaonsn ithele valy in includumg sinmerl andt athe fr ngeezirk mand, a utsot,heas ngcomi in at 31 des.gree sit ill sting goio tbe b elow nothe rmaldatoy,ny sun iesks, t lighs,wind ah higod tay of 50,bu tk loot ahe tt resth of e re fo,castun seshinou thrgh 7-daype riodh wit 60s o tnap for ek weend andve e unpper 60s next we ek.>> im a lgovin th at! not too upsett wha is hniappeng on the adros,s it' busy but th no tingucoo muth of othe naordiryn othe indboun 95 inlookg to thegh spa betti owl and the5 1 from the.s f.aca.t. m n owou sunthbo d15, whichre we' us oed th tat andth soudboun 15 in hrsendeon in ywello and uninbod the farnd e oef th ag spi hett,bowl 11 teminus,ot n d, ba a kimnd .dana im>> kha: tnk you, an>> deta: m iroses invtitigang
7:26 am
enhappfing hiveours agoho cse to rl chanestond a fntremo and he edcall peolic sgayin head hee bn ot sh andn i all 12ts shoir fed afrom n,gu the sctuspes il sil t onhe osloe.we 'llav hee morrminfonatio on sthistoryit addliona eonditis n ofews 3om cuping er lat y.toda im>> ke : w twantoiv goue y a ad he ts-up thatroomororw mning en wh youa w ukep with us, w e ve ha asu conmer rtsepor usexcl oiven ak "w we upthith gne wa aers"boutth epa prered foods youuy b and w ho freshre a they 's coienvennt,ry evegthins i di ucedp anddy rea to ,go but umconseper rortsas ht jus done ra>> chaeoul: y're notny sun anderson. >> i amun sanny onders no anr:uncebl douee th nny,
7:27 am
et swe i ee fl good today > >>307:ow nit, w'sneedaysd rnmog,inhe trd 3f obrferyua, .2016 e ther his a cappy orowdr n ou a.plaz u yogemay lit a wttletoet, o. t we thinkaihe r hn isd eadeour wa y. a >>utbsol ely.
7:28 am
k he inowshet's g adinwaour y. > >>inlook tg ateahe hesdlin da toy. g >>o,o, g g go,o!o, g >> er sevore stroms b ught da ngmagina tor tdoesrto pa s of e thh,soutlu inc tdingonhis e in al a.abam se l veradibuilwengs amre d.aged illucko y, nriinjuepes rd.orte th amat sste sylaem bednket the mi t dwesnoin sw. eowhitonut conditi s in mi esnna,otea lngdio tndhudsre of id acc. ents > >>idpresalentidi cans dateare sp inreadt g oussacro new shhamptoire day. th e pryrimare thes i just six da ways aw.y no d ahea rof a iallylfn mi ord, na doruld taimp ss d hisidecion top skit las ekwe'sep rcaublin tedeba h maycoave buntritoted s hindsecoce plais finerh the. heon ter othe, sidni bere nd saisers run't olingut co tintesheng ta iowtielecon re s.sult alwe ttoked e himerarli. >> re we' lngooki att iht rig bnow,ut tmphe intortaoi pnt is, heat t end oef th day, w ceame om frhe nowo re tlyrealrt stale th tie enorre wld. an>> s aderslind c wntonfaill ce
7:29 am
rrtomoigow nht. he oalthiafficn ls iasdall e arrtrepoaning rm alaneing w se cazi of ka. re heha's weyt thsa're .ying pa a t tienedtestit posafive ter vi haexng sh witonsomeo e wh racont tctedirhe vn us i zuveneela. i ite s tht firs cu.s.ofase zi n ka ionsomeo e whnohas t av tr oeleddeutsis thitrcouny. > >> talsomohis g,rnin a frighteng inensc ae ongh flit er ov.seas an lo exp bsionedlastol a h e in th dee sia of e.plan in ibcredsoly, asme persengo s wh we n re od boarheat te timedpull thout ceeir holl pannes d re edcord e theenmergancy l.ding nb kec's imir s hmonsoras m e on sthis.tory mgoodngorni. >> s hi,naavanooh, grnd moing. reyou'e fivteminutos in a fl wightanhen lo exp rsiona ips ho nle i the c oabine f th raaircouft ytr're inavel.g in u'yo sll hee powseaserngs re teacwhd tent happhaedenn oa co ermmalcili ft gh tonsdue. ay >>ep rteor ar:nie eer calm as it
7:30 am
oxygen masks. a ol he ithn e seid of eth cabin, visible from inside the cabin. passengers are lucky to be iv alhie, witle wesness a say man on e firas wke suct d ou4,at 1000 fe et. th waere tes a lerriblo exp, sion loa piidt saco, acg rdin to a panewsper. i k thinasit wom a bb. e thusairb 132 is oteperady b lodaalli airnes. h it nasot crmonfiedhe t c ause heof t osexpl bion,utm fro ts ou bide,lackoo stan c be seen from theel fusage. it t had fakensorom a,malire whe al da qaeit mil aantsagre wing wa r. ylast aear,pe sus ictedbosis mb bl ewrt apa athnoeter jeg in ypt. e thplexivos hesdeidinn s aa od ca in,s th tise,imff oiaic slsay one passenger was kill aed tnd wo th boe odya f -y55r-ead oln ma sc diedover on the ground, th ghoutot av hlle faroen fe m th ai r. wh moile f st orethe edliev
7:31 am
after a terrifying ordeal. one saying, i think we were all s in.hock t >>mohis g,rninic off iialsn ma sosalia ery th ne isido evence of ri a cl minaheact re. t, bus, guys thienhappefed bore. un aitedneirliets jac bk in 1989 ov er wahaii,t parheof t se fu wlageipas rouped t. a enpasswager lls puuted o. er tha e's urpictere th te ofhe in ibcredcele shene watn th ha.ened th is meti,ha wt'sll reay un st ininge s ththway e ss parsengect reaed. th erey wste juca so gulm, ys. e'>> weeve bndn kide of ngbati at whwo we hauld onve d ae in mi sisilar iotuatn. ini thbok nonody kntws ut il i alactuaply h. pens c>> i ian'tnemagi. o >> trdreco m thet omenheon t ce holl pthne, -at's- 'd>> isa be myingayy pr ers. >> r, keink thaou yer vmuy . ch > >>t'leges a t k checheof t heweatw r no afroml. nn>> aerouncda: towey's r atheis ou brtoght b yourey jahed, t ll ga oeriawef jelry. me coto in foday e r thpione ece of el jewhary tt will take her breath away. >> so's, itoi gong t beet w
7:32 am
as le'st itng goibe to m warfor no w. 'sthatau bece'se wotve g the rm waw floirof a. w ne cyorktoity 5day,8. 65 d. in c. ar che,lott 68. t bu ,looky bri fday we'ren dow 4 n 31 iinburl.gton c. d.., 47 ev cld,elan 40. re hees com c theaiold r. ld copl supt y ou.west 's itng goibe to in maks g itmove sl towlye o th.east withpe temreratuats thp droback in heto t i 20snnn milieapos. lo s w 30hiin c.cago 30mid- os in.maha st reth of y e day,todaar we e lo g okinheat t w wetereath al thong ste east coa. ic x y miouas y t gete o thh.nort re mo w wetereath w and indy co ionditn ns ipathe c cifi rt not.hwes th wat'ss hat'g goinroon aund
7:33 am
a >> t' thaurs yoes latatt wer.he matt? >> al, thanks very much. > >>mico ung dp, hidsie inkt? the attempt worth $25,000. on se rospon re prts,onets a e.plan hiis tscs a ?am >> good morning. i'm ffjeos coming up,ee mty mmo eonti al ppsut oriman, alryro. it as was etoy et ger h ce l alhai tod o ds wallfiut o a upco flemsornl oe ind annedo. t buisths eamy ts m wa aeventoble a get g pi pon alane. s,ye that's a real-life pig. wh ey somerts exp sayhe e te ntir st sy outem'sf ontroco cl,ing om up . ewyour jarelry we...drob re jagad the olleriawelrf jey... for the ultimate selection of levian. ly loniaev masn,rstef je olrwe deysign for centuries... ma jewekes wilry th atchocolamone dids.go
7:34 am
his ke ttelimiiod editen piecyou oncan d ly finedat jar. ki maiang levesn the ial sent part jof her wewelryobe.ardr that hy's we ... sho went td.jare pimy opaoid edin mioicat navlee es minfeelg cklop!ed u iomillf pens o aopleimre estated suf tofrfer om id-iopioednducip constation, oic, caused by the opios thid ueyse to mane agronichpac .in al rely? oi ac isre diffee nt typ of ticons.pation op s ioidk blocinpana sig,lsbu eyt thls can ak o blocvityacti bin theel.ow it's been a real struggle in to fliefd re. u yotoready nt paia endifferurt pict e? yeah! t talk do yourrocto t oiabouc presand ticripon tmtreatient opons. on i'm it! o wh dknew aatesasnd chews edmashet togcoher tauld liste a keiecook?
7:35 am
, nopeiecook. ir wed. lar.rabad foo fmadeforom od. e th dcitie oubl cashd carscome v inhaery windy asth cckh bae twicurchon p.ases oncearnene whuy you bd , ann asagai p youay. 'sthath cas nback ow, d an bcashagack laain ter. asit's c dh back vu.\j th de citie caoublarsh cd. th ce onlythatard s letyou asearn cck th ba owiceyn everrc puhase 1 with y% whenuy aou b1%nd u as yopay. wi wth two eays to arn,akit motes a lhe of otrdsr case sem oneided. ad ntve furesm ro99$5, us upltop 30 $to0 pe satnd . sea co eeme srok the riyal can.bbea bo nok, owfeofenr sdsn.oo ni -svea in howerdy lbon.otio t i firs..wash i. theny applo it tetmy w skin.
7:36 am
i icquy klnsriofe f. and i'm ready to go. veniina ho-sr wedyboot lnio i--thn boe ldyiootain ceannoun ment:is sth ptorms romisethto be eggbi test ofecadhe de.wi alth totumul accnatio u ofhrp to f adrolls wie b shutdoefwn indy.initel d scanolhoare s oscl.ed bellcampou's sgrps go eat th a wid colniand a .ce red made r foreaeal, r.l life pe toplealhink canifornilives ou in rer own ality.with h ourn eads iouthe clds. alikech bunsp of caace .dets huh? atwh? i've drawn ala bwhnk. y at's m?line ec[dir: tor]t!rese mayb de we io livefan a y.ntas.. .i..r n ouliown bttlee.ubbl justan hn' ogi!ut i as're f weconot lympletewn doeart to h. but ajust o bunchmef drears?no ! way wee ju'r lste evikyoer elsnee. you owknaver, e
7:37 am
odyour bmay was or de f tbetterthhings an marheuid fobe are yournd yourheu lomatogist move a to icbiolog, if ask janz xelri is r ght foyou.xe isljanz mall a sl pil fo tsr adul withderamoo te t rseverea whfor hoom metatetrexdi wod not l.rk wel ljxen anz caceredu in jo at painllnd sweing s in a alittlewes two eks, heand p lp storfurthe jo daint mage. ljanxen z cayolower abur y toilitht figti infecons, udinclbeing tuisrculos. riseomous, s etimestal factinfeions, malympho, otheand ncr caveers hane happe d. stdon't ljart xeanz ouif yan have ecti infon. te tars intomahe sch esor inttines, low d bloooucell cnts, hiand livghereser tndts ach teolesverol lels hhaved.appene dyourr shocto ouldorperfd m bloostest re befota you srt d ane whilngtakija xelnz, an nid mocetor n rtair lives.test te oull yorr doct if wereyou a in region where fungal inctfens aio cremon,om ifand av you htbe had , he
7:38 am
reor a t pronecto infe.ions z xeljanreducan ce sythe omptoms,f ra wevenut rk youratolheumtogis t abouz.xeljan >> e'> wrek bac at .7:40 thisor m oningn rnosse rtrepos, rl aiineas persengsbu a tsinghe sy tstemt o gertheis pet on fl sight for eefr. j >>effse rosn and hism tea ovdiscuser jowt has eyt i tiso ge nt ama aninl o arbod. ff jeoo, gd mngorni to u.yo g >>ood inmorng. we caiompl anbout leg omro , ri ght? it he's tst lea ofr youue isss on nyour extigflht. at wh ifou y got ooan brd and er thse wa aia mintureor hse or arkangooit s ntingtoext , you oaencrgchinn o syour?pace evbeli oe itt,r nos it' hag.enin cyourian blmng a aostnyma ani l on a anple,lo as sng ay theare ifcert aiedns a otemliona suortan .imal bmuste h tardoet g one of tseho fiofalci ttles,er ghrit? ckbu leup. yo wuon't bveeliet wha weot g on arbod.
7:39 am
from dsog to really big gsdo. ev en turkeys, sitting in coach. this recent photo going viral. they d'tonee nd a ettick. ey the havet som hingttbeer. an ioemotnal support vestnd a fi ofcialte letomr fren a mtal he althesprofalsion. >>na ss,keir b, dsgspi. >> ep rteor sr:e omigflht atten at ndtetsanre amo y>> gou oet tn ahecrirtafse the adayshend tin cab looks like a rnbardya. >> reporter: there are legititemaas c oesf ppleoe who need an emiootlnaup srtpo pet, but tooof ten, pngasse aersre inabusheg t stsyem. oit'sf ut orocontl. >> en oftt', ibos aheut t money. eonay w to tveral whit a pet on so meir anelis can be up to $600. if tthani almas ies dteignasd a an emiootlna support analim i,t gets to come with you for free. >> reporter: so how easy is it? there arele pntyf o wteebsis fe ofring esa ceicrtifnsatio. l al h you taveoo ds i fillut o a qu tiesonnaire. >> what typ oefma ani dlu o yo ve ha? g. do r >>teeporr: io gneonli d ando . it
7:40 am
pisleeesng lhas tn uausl? te ofn. w i oorkn ani morng show. >> a c fewslickla ter. >> .book jeffrey, you are a good ca atndidore f an otemnaiol su tppor alanim. gr eat. >> or rep fter:or $1 i50, get it. then they el-mai mehi ts of alficiet lterro fm a rlea me hntalhealt professional. i never met whit her. i never even spoke to r.he >> come .on r>>orepr:teef beorou yno kw ,it mi' finlywig th ryro. >> 'm ioa binrd tgheli ftghnd a th deyn'id atsk tseo tehe letter. no problems. no questions asked. >> ep rteor ar: bndauecseor ry is an emotional spouprt analim s,he can ride in my lap. no crate qureedir. >>ta syn oy m se,at ro.ry r>>orepr:ten i ctfa, we take otw flights. >> we're going up. >> reporter: the rlaiein nerev as ks a g.thin >> so i justle f wwith ado g. 'r weoie gong tp ram this up. th iis ps mycerodur liy.ndse aryou eti cergfyin afe difrent animal. whatndki? i >> cfiertied an ioemotnal su tpporg. pi
7:41 am
>> did you have toee mt any?ybod >> o. n >> am s wehit a g?do >> exactly. >> you're going to fly with a g.pi >> ur se inth g. r>>orepr:teha tst' enspr,ce a 3 month oldot pllbey pig. we borrowed himro f am pig farm. mereermbe', hws no an emiootlna su orppt imanal. at cu se,rity the agent asks for proof. >> thank you. >> reporter: no prleobm. re mbme,ere wvehaha t streect we onap, the leertt. >> e' wre r>>orepr:ten o bod,ar sncpeer ge ttso sitn or hep,lato o. p>>ign o a plane. >> reporter: thi psig flies unro diptr. on the second leg, agents ask lindsey for the letter athe t .gate cespenrs getht rig on >> ppleo aereef ditinyel abusing thete sysm. s wet ee iy ever day. >> reporter: disability expert s osayurer exptsimenho swingow h outf oon ctrolt' is be. come he>> trere apl peoate wgchin th igis rowht n whoo d yisa,ngho wm ai hurting?
7:42 am
aaser pnsoit wh disability, and it can be consequences for tseho who need the analims. >> reporter: until trehe's a accrowkd tn,s hiulco sd bengitti tnextouo y y onour next igflht. >> theig p isut ceth .ough heby t way,el dtaol td i usts cipolirees a aedlignit wh de feraleg rioulatnsnd aft oen ewreviem th. re inservheg tig ro ht tuaevalte ea cach se. pe exsarts e y th wbesto ay tget th ndis uoner ctrol is dopevel a st rdandaizedti certificaon emsystre wheer ownse hav toee mt th wi theto docrs to provehe ty ed ne. it er th ae's tlsohess iue ofet safy re he. ot emlionapo suprtni alsmare a no t ruieqdre toav he anyor flma aitr,ninge lik anwr,gler for am exple. th wat's'mhy i ien th oerang .room glwranser ing bei tedrain as a se icrv eanalim. th e er ais dfeifncreeet benwe se icrveni alsma and otemnaiol su orppt analims. anwrergls ier heet gngti eth emiootlnaup srtpo imanals, be ecausy then' aret trd,ainean c beru dise ptivin fls.ight e ther awasas ce of a dog that twenteo thhr batoomth in e sl aie. d ha toak men a eenmergcy inlandg. >> lyreal?
7:43 am
>> nk tha awhat pbouteeoplh wit rgalleies? >> t' thahes ter oth g.thin ey th't won s yerveounu peatsn o a ne plaf i sodomebasy h an le alrgy. if h you aavenll a tergyeo th do g,ou y't cano d ainnythg about b itseecaus it'on cresided you ahave bidisalityn wheou y get th e ttleer. >> ms see way out of hand. >> .yeah >> ffje,ha tounk yy ver .much >> >om cing upn o pop t,star why u'yo areutbo tseo e a whole lot l ofady gaga. pl us,so carn is back. y! ya i,>> h a howoure y? h >>ase hbe a hind thece snes alook wthatl wilhaveou y ta g.lkin he llo, ca.rson ri tgher aft ngwith iredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste utof nlael
7:44 am
ma anykeay d pan akecaay w dhitnute a llspre- tadpyhe hap! st[ indi coninctatversions ] al swayslaet a pce the atne diner tabl fo mr goodrs.anne st teay seakid, nap youn onpr la boand elt yows aidur s es. d re anermembti, mealme is r fournoenishm nt,ngothior m e. let the micuslay, p he w'tonet a gy wa us j tt keeproovhe gnde, an the l he'l bcometoack a you gain l t plet i ay
7:45 am
at ba ally bnk, nohesranceq guals rreat.ates it'fas a ct. ndkili of acke vnsatioeq geual g ttiniecarrayd aw .re moac pro stivengelli . dwhatu o yok thinalmich ? rei ag e. let't s gethout ere. t' lemes heet teose pple. s n'tariit at bylima hbu n elene an std out. by n. desig that ee fng rliapecred.tu dbyesign. lo t ok a sthis fweetace. swesoet.
7:46 am
flaoey,haky, oappy. tstster l.rude i ahavehmst a... .o.. onenyf maie pinces y mli .fe heso wmyn hm astsya msmptoep kcot ngmik bac y on mnglom -terntco roldime,cine i ttalkedoco my dandtor un fossd a mipiing ece asin my trethmantatme. on lyce-daipr breo ts aevenasthmmp sytoms. breo fo is tsr adul th wihm astwea not trll condolle on g- a lon asttermcohma ntrolcimedine, li inke an cohaled ostertic.roid eobr r won't aeplacecue resha inler r su fo bddenhireatroblng p ems. obreo upensrwp ai hays toelp prov imeae brfothing llr a fu ho 24urs. br taeo contyins a f mepe onedici ncthat ies treasishe reak of dth stfrom aprobhma lems d ancrmay inheease tk risof os htapizaliontin i ilch adrendond aenlescts. br s eo it nopefor whooplese iasthma cs wellolleontr ad on lo m ng-ter casthmaol ontrdimecine, li inke an cohaled ostertic. roid ce onas your is thma wellllcontroed, ocyour dwilltor id decoue if y n stca bopanreo esd pra cribe ff dit eren casthmaol ontrcimedine, li inke an cohaled osrticidtero. otdo ne br takoreo m e thanespredcrib. e yo seocur d ytor ifthour asma es n dompot ir rove oorgets wse. as dk yourifoctor hour 24-o bre
7:47 am
f see ire eyou'blligi e for 12 m s ontht free a.cmybreoom. >> e'> wacre bkt a 507:. ca ,rsonth is yoat u? t'>> is me. >> 'v youome c eback. wese misd you. >> is it i. an thu.k yo w >> yerendou uheer t heweatr? i >>s. wa el fe ingbe. tter oo>> gd to have you. back pp>> aatreciite . lepeopli onneal tkingbo aut sfox' pctrodu oionf as"gree." ydidou see ?it w itas beunabliev wle, thathey we blre aoe t . do
7:48 am
ew>> nid veo hocas smeial india awe. atheiassocte dtoirecrf othe ow sh ises ribponsle for dicoorngnati the caamerov mes to th e atbes. e shre shaisd thin behd the sc esen devio. is th w is ihattke lood like in e thtr conol room dgurin "gereas ve li." >>o,tw, twothree, four. on e,o,tw eltwve,rt thieen. tw o ,bars threeea bts. two,two, three, four. e,on two, rethe, a. ve fi bars. e,thre , four, fivetwo, rethe, urfo. >> ow hoo c ils th?at ha tvingimhe tingow ditn wh all th e c.musi ll ca tinghe cas,meraet ltinghe t ot shivs lore f beats,in givg the pe orrfrsmehe t tireim on the re scen. th ore chapeogrhyad h peeopl ow bln .away a ot l of her fooacebrik fends mm congenti.
7:49 am
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7:50 am
bl ng geediums? ma you ink y th ait'sre f sult ohingbrus h tooard. nit'sot. sit's a ign ofearl m y guediseas h whiccayou lpn heer rev se ngby usiteri lisne ded adouto yhir brus roungtine erinlist ke pills uto 9% o 99.rmf ges and helps reverse early gum disease in justwt weeko s. li erstein power to your mouth ryalso tteri lis fne loss.
7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
. im>> k i: its 567:n os thi erwond fuleswedn day! ankim nad dane wagerr ht e athe at stion.>> a: dan's lett ge a check of ethor fasec wthitet mroeogilost ll kerry cuan, itoo lkeder v y rclea outhe tre right no w. >> ,yeaht ike lood bifeautul if reyou'ti situtng osideoo lking touthe wi.ndow ertempe-atur,wiset iis ilchly, m,prim still at6 2 desegre and me tesqui, yeou'rht rigth at e
7:54 am
w in v lasegas datoy, were a ctexpeing a highht rigro aund 50 eedegrs,ut b thats i still0 1 gr deeesel bveow a tragehis time of y thebuear het tt resth of e 7- day refo,cast we'll be biclimngac bkve abora avendge a up per0s 6 byex nt .week ot>> noo t badth on e roads with anid acc oentn hndacieat wes of b15ut onhe t fayreew seitlf, in dogus jint fe oen thin dboun co emmut on i-15nd a tranopica. t inhe wlbo, sybu b,ut notoo t d baom cingro fm hrsendeon and velas bogas arulevdd an the rothe ctdire tion,he heavy, av heray tvel on5 1 utsondhbou. ,that my ndfrie, is a slow utcommroe fram cigo t the .15 thatl wil take atl lithie wle d an fereez .up >> tom,re toumends jobn ohe t o videtvaul i andn case you ss mied ,its it' been ralibece, th
7:55 am
e theg lryenda rtenter.aine an>> dura: tutns oh he asie ts to the mob. and mewhane,ilet mros i ve inatstigaing de murear nr onfrem atnd archonlest.a manle cald 911ay sing he had be ent sho mplultie metis.12 ts shoe werir f iedn tr meto go to the e.scen eth psoer wnho pleuld the triggers i stillt a e.larg f iou yw kno hianytng, call e crimopst.pers im>> knd: aor tomorrow mning wh ouen ye wak uph wit us,er he we g foor thet las de,cadey the dhaveone the > >aerach yl:eou'r notny sun anderson. >>m i a s unnyrsande n>> acenounour: dthble ubt^tunnsu y,
7:56 am
we>> set i now'm on the idoutse i om>> cuping e , thoppe vlesuers o. sj.psim.on 20 years after the trial ldunfon ed oveliv, the tra d ma
7:57 am
roconty.vers al>> winked on what we believe wa rrs a horiific cand me, he 'tdidn run. t >>puhen g ttiniamarro ge tthe te st. >> o foronthne m'r, wedie spenng half owhf e at d ur>> oen fri adsctually gave us batheir fby4 or 2urhos. e'>> weell mcot a wupleho de d cideutto pms thes elveheto t la reshtioninip rr gefobere inwalkwng do a theleis. >> t anddvhe areentua of tilifeme. ah ofead d col'splayft halime pe orrfe mancheof ter supl, bow me jards coivon ghres caris mtin a tridemeo re.mber >> he tes rt?ul
7:58 am
h>>y olw,cot' imys 0t 6h birthday. i>> i'mnen rkw yoce to atlebre my th birwiday atth mlat uer. y >> mtibeauliful n fe i rose , dalefocali.rnia >> hi to everybody back home in >> good morning. >> ac bonk w aneedsday morning. it he's trd thi o daybrf fe, uary .2016 p asctrediy ed bowour . n mr r,roke r thehaain ris arinved nothe asrthehat, tgot's toing gechan. e'>> wetll ge morouof yr fo strecait a lbitle t. calsog omin mjilln artieris he. th rge ba tainsarhat be soig e' sheas br okingheut tnd blifold e so wt don' wknows hat'ngcomi, an ild st bl toe.
7:59 am
il>> je l, bfucarel. n' dockt bain up heto te firwith e thdfblinold. s>> ahects and cooks, tiffany enthesin is k ourenitch. e shthhas tie ul smaterslide for r our supe bbowlash. p >>d ulle sporkrslide. ea grt. >> st firta, nahalie chs a oneck e thsttop s orieheof t. day >> d gooinmorng. aonce wgainleith hass twen a ek ti une l thhanew irmpshime prary, lddonamp truba is n ck othe at gtack aoing ifterwiowa , nner te uzd cr. at a new hampshireal ruely tsday gh nirut, talmp ctrled oouzuzcr ondishest. rl eaonier ay todt matd aske p trume if hthhas are her t foa olprgeonprd arimfiy >> e i'v wbeennginni m ally fe li. 'sthatt wha di'veone. m i'g doin iwellw n neshhampire. th asat wpo suptosed my be st fir stop, really, and i think m i' ry vepy hapid i d w the tholehing in a, iowau bec cse iiname co send. ru>> cldz topo sups rter at a ur chn ch odatues ny inew
8:00 am
co vansers tivethare ese on who ll wier det tminevehe el ntua nenomie. rn beanie s idersshowa g owin en zeergis d hiorsupp itersw n ne shhampire. po gills imve hol a seaid l d in th ane grstite ate. is thni more ng wd askeifhim hi y llartoclinonn's g goinile-ma an scisdal is an vosue ters ns co widererheth's she ec ele.tabl >> hi i turnk opa camhaign e s th en tergyllo rarky wopeing , ople lemiddss clapl peooue, yng pe , ople vhigh toteruturno. wwe tinhe general election. albut ctl fa eors, ivery issues ssan if ue oidconsioeratr n fo rsvote. li>> c cntonedlaimto vicy ry b slthe stimmema of s rginowin ia. sh pee ap iaredw n neshhamponire es tuday. we he're g arinfrnow heom t mo other-yf 13olear-cod nile le whvel s o wad foun dead sa ayturdys, daer aft di easapp fringherom vir inrg ia meho. vitwo iarginh tecenstudrets a
8:01 am
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8:02 am
or aliginhaly c wrgedheith glpin inhelpn gize ahaur tfterhe at deuth, atihoriowes n s sayhe wa os in.n it >> ac an orcessfoy behere tt fac t toirhe fegst dmuree orderf co nile. >> th neif er o hthemenave d tere a .plea mathe ldn to p thee,olic i be e lievtrthe cauth t n seme fr ee. ic>> ntoole d uche pmanye eopl ugthro hhouthoer sifrt le. n'i ca tt dopahat rt. >> t jus asuchgi traorc stndy, a lenicoot's msaher haid tt usbecar e hehtdaugader hrs sca e shbuwas d llieheto tnt poi erwhshe woe d uln ofte hkeeper da erughtho at me. ibterrle. > >>foa errmro pcuser to ton he bi cllbyosex sss altauas cide sa he so pery nallevbeli tingshe cu acwhser heen sd saihashe d be naen iprpprolyiatech tou bedy
8:03 am
ca erstai shed id dot nri b ng charges cabee us fhet ele th woman might not be a credible tr wiial s.tnes lshe ayso sabe he eslievma he de bia g ndinalverbl dea that ldshiesbs coomy frse prooncuti. y cosbskis aa ing e judghrto tow out the case. > >>sma l alanplmae n de a geemerlancy g ndinueon t dsdayue pto aemroblh witlathe g ndin .gear pithe cilot d rcleaithe t rpor fo o r tws hourrnbug inelfuth, en l hed anden it inea byarag ln.oo geemercrncy puews tlledhe un reinjulod piomt fr w the.ater anthulkf olyy.ka sc ary. >> nk tha. you well, the highly anticipated ni miie serhes, tpl peorse veus so.j.onimpsmi pre leredast ni ght. s>> ag trontireacroon fe m th lepeopth at nte cef er othe ca se. rg moatan w tchedirhe fpist esode wi neth oth of cte vi im's lifamies. mgoodngorni. t >>s hat't.righ
8:04 am
i dosat itwn wm h kimagoldn wh brose r othekiwas alled long th wi f hisd,rienol nicowe brn .sims si sompn. sashe heys st fel asickayll d inknowr g helyfamiai's puln wod asbe cckt bath in ote spt.ligh >> 'm ior fd ce etourndthe is ekweft a r>>orepr:tehe sev n gers etedus t tomahe if ge obrher r'othes dy bong lyith on oue grnd. >> i've seen the images a outhndsaes tim. lemiddth of dae gy,etting my lkmind ahe t ireist . r >>teeporndr: a w nowthith e w ne sminis,erie p thee eopl ve orsussi.j. n,mpso she roconf wntedanith r othefupainl do osefaf act fndtiic.on >> w ih iserthcoe d ul abe that's fact, that's truthful. th idat dhan't .ppen ep>> rr:orte t the bruthenetwe tr anuth led tabl is , urrywebut kn sowpsim won aasuicqedtt of ermurdth in cre inim cale ast bu
8:05 am
re und lated armeerrobbd y an shthe arow eraned evve r iews fr riom c.tics powerfullyez ran in oud abt. it ne's oth of ste mope comg llin ratv dinmas en recmot mendry a vi s ewer tseemreo age. be ilst p'vot iene seag in es. gu i'ess avll h we to eatch very ekwe. ksthan., fx apperhlps he ting,tahe sr st d uddes cast klikejeris nner an hnd joconie n.chra bu m t kimagolds n hat spen21 ar yeits wrthing ore st ty ofhe e onaccharwhter r o foher ma s tter.most ha>> wtht i isink ng goilo to st is t tharomy b wtheroias d ng a dgoodaneed lkd wan ed ihaon wt we ie belasve wor a hc rifie,crim heand n' didn.t ru ey th't donw sho ithatisn th. th eaat rsully cks. romy b cther houldruave d n an ve sas d hiliown ndfe ast he ayed h tohielp ies frnd. i pwante eoplemto rr embemy
8:06 am
w >>ace reouhed ot to.j. sosimpton at wrneyaiho sd sosimps n hasenot heen tw sho t buarappedis inenfferout abt s hiraportyal. ll>> aht rig. mo , rgank thanveyou ucry mh. >> in com ng up wext, se'll hift ge anars k d asquthe onestild cou beyou ti sitn ng o ma 63onilli fo unrtane nod knt iowt. e thchsearut abo l ateot ry ti tckets hat'g goinxpto eire. >> plus another new and clexivusfie t rs alooke t th pesuowrbadl t thaybeverelody se bwilllke taabing onout da suny. a >>upnd sdeermocrl seets. y tr ftoouind att whep sker s he inlookkeg lit. tha prlow oicesn ytever yhingeeou nd
8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
da to sy'ssteal and aldes. emsesan rmdo but'l ilve i'd smoketa loan ad quit, lot debut en nowd w nothi use is. the denicoparm cq tch, with unique exndteed asrelechnoe te,logy lps heenprevurt the ge moto s dke allay. wa i s nt thitime to b le mymeast ti. 'sthat i c whyehoos nicoderm cq.
8:10 am
. . . . . . . . . gin an a inspiren regim. ye bapirir asn. pia tylecal magu pen ins showlovehis by er offthe ing mafe...le a pebble. msomepengale , uinsr.howeve.. ara lie lettmart s erthanth althis v'sentine... day neeveryoes lovgia mft froje kay rs.wele p save u0% oto 3n dselectsiamondin r m.hyth s ituocontintius moatchon ciges lfrht ryom evele. angat th kay, mbere nue ony jewelr store amein..rica. appand,tlarenrcy antatica. er evssy kis beginaywith k . >> > >> timeor f ael wcomeac bk
8:11 am
>> wert sta with a quties,on ul coud yoe bsi misng out oen th hu ge foe?rtun lo ytteric off iialsn coralif nia are shiearcorng f the wrinne of a pesurlot toes plu ettick. no oasne he comarforwd d antime is un rning out. e th dineadle to comeor f iwards 5: 00 5:or tomrow. th ayey s c thelocks i cktiing. pu icblse icrve,he c ickt out. eth hot tkeictas wol sdas lt au .gust wereou yt a a 7/11 in the atchs at chthsworgh neiooborhd of ca rnlifoia? if ,so get ttho ete lotryic offe by 5:00 rrtomoow. it ld wou behe t lstarge un meclaiizd prne ial corifani lo ytter sthiory. nif oone cslaim ,it its goe to pu blic hoscols.
8:12 am
lo uncked rehe. he>> t py'reblrobay cngallihe t it swarchboghd rit t >>heyil wl be i >>op he sodomeby comes rw fo bard,ut if t,no thech sool ridistcts. >> o onee f thgthin- -ha we t ar thehi tthngs akat mu e yo iehappn st i alifendha wtak mes you miblserae? e'thers aew ntu sdyt thaom ces fr heom t lnondo slchoof o omeconics. to g ppin lthe oistfng this that ke mapl peoe miblserae,ng lyi isicknbe d. at thes mak see.ns t buss guet wha camen iig rht r afteit? in goog t rkwo. oi>> gng to rkwo. >> tt'has a sadme comyntarn whe yo hiu tbonk aut it. ly ining bed s aickndhe tn going orto w tk asexhe ne?t on osomether noanesyanc,pl peoe do lin't keti wainng i ,line mm cog,utinki worng onou yr ncfinabues, t it wtasn'll am doo gland oom. fo e r th tgoods hingin lifer, pe sopleaid sex,yi plang ssport and insingg. >> re the you go. >> okay. a>>ll ghrit.
8:13 am
rs ca yon,eou'r aol g afernd i am. an incredible putt on the basketball court. a prool grfeet rneurd to grgeoia chten o tsdueayo tak me a -f 90oott putn oeth hardwood. sunk it. that gset $2005,0n iui tontior f a enstudt. le t'soo ltk a that again. 90 feet. >> did he play a break? a little left to right. >> ihi tnkt ien wt rasthtig. he's known for hispu g.ttin w>>shat' theon lgestt put veyou' ?sunk n >>ot 90 etfe. at it. >> 2500$,0 in iotuitn. t no >> nowo t onef otheos mt ve coted jobs in music. ca rsonl wil getth to eto botm of it. >> 's let starth witad lgay ga d an her super gig on datuesy. e' shell ber pinformheg t
8:14 am
e'shll be jdoine by anar osc erwinn. at th'sot nll aor f lady gaga. thelo folwingk weehe s'll rf peaorm ri tbuteo solor fid dav bo wie. >> oneth of ree gateg rretsne o wahad she s wasig sned to a rdrecotr conact andy the let her go. liunbeleevab. >>ne gwyth powaltr ongpeni up ou abrt he t.spli e we'rlstily verh muc a fa.mily en evug thoeh w't done hav a ro icmant reonlati,ship youe' hs li ke a hebrotr. is t thard weior f odanyby? >>ha tt's ait ltle weird. >> is chr rtmain,e h did a leittl
8:15 am
>> e wgh plitav he to sfotop r e tht.nigh >> i mean,es jamdo corn just -- its getbe .tter he'sti hosng the nytos. s >>uch a huge pealrsonity. >> s he'ng doihe t chris mnarti .part hr>> cisar mtin isoi dng to ck bandgrou. h >> ae's j ooyen th stage. >> s it'e lik he's best fdsrien wi veth edyrybon ie thcar. >> ie likr you gllravey e.voic i e lik it. >> al. >> nk tha you very much. >>re appeciat .it w noe mor ofur ok wee long
8:16 am
y'todasup sower boml ciamerc l ck kioff. th exc evelusi firstoo lk at this nd su may'sustee s ad. da to cy'srcommeial comesro fm mo inunta dew. itea fsture a chant youon w b'te le ab to getut o ofr you head. >> man, i m jightchust ill to t.nigh >>up ppy myonke .baby pu ppy myonke baby. ypuppon myke byba. puyon mkey baby. pu ppyon mkey .baby ypupp myonke .baby >> maiountn dewk kic start. w, de e,juicic kk >>py pup ymonekey. >> itck sti isnr you .head >> whos sit ainm roo andhi tnks t abou?that c>>an we get the puppy myonke
8:17 am
>> se the arehi t tngshat are abprobly allig hhlyea sdrche on e thtein.rnet >>t' thas ldwi. l we'lhave morelu excsive ercomms cialrrtomoerow hne o datoy. >> ppyupon myke >>et l'set g ahe cckn othe at weher. >> an i cet't gt iut o of my .head craingomin .down ow sno tthe h.nort av heierho swersnd a un thtoderspurms gshinhr t ough ntheorew yka are and the henortasthr toughod tayo int th ftis aonerno. ge g ttinyread c toausebl pro ems intl aantand ahe t south ernaste at iclant coast. oo fl idingins go bg toen a su ise. oo fldat w fchesnorom nrthew je rsey t allayhe wfl to a.orid geyou to intthelo frida ni pea,nsulo intthe nhpae,andl ve fisi to xhe incfs o inra. e tht resf othe uncotry, more av hendy wi andai rndn a .snow ve motos in theac pific rt not.hwes ecmids otione f thcoy,untr a lelittn othe chili side.
8:18 am
rm waerea wther ie n th, eastbut a >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. time for more of our special se .ries supermodels, where are they now. nivero wcaebbas whe t first ri afamcan anericel modo t land anxc esiluve l.mode >>e w ctaugh up toha ctbo aut ve li andbe .auty >> ea butys i alheth. the besthi tngou yan cos pblsi y fdoor yeloursf is to be healthy. >> with aee carrpa sgnnin 30
8:19 am
lu fgs o be.auty in 1992, the suodpermelam bece th fe wirstoman ofor col toig sn an esixcluvetr conactit wh a ma joros ccmeti ancomp y, firede wninghat i mteantbe to tibeauful. >> t was ahereom ment that you re edaliz'v ie got it? >> i'm still trying to convince se myhalf tit actually have .it >> aav fored runwayes drigneor f ma shny, e says her success was the result of peeopl rniecogzing the drive andal tent in her. ow shuping . andli sminghe wnou yl. fai laand ngughin wheyou ccsueed. and srihang whenou ye hav ou engh. h >>iger bgest amch, pionher th moer,ie a lanutent konlelcorn l in arthe my. >> a wellav he at par of us at thra's palctic and aar p tthat ea drms.
8:20 am
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8:21 am
isou yav heo tbe ryeall re sispontoble p theeeopl who workun arodyo u,h wityo u,or f yo u,nd uer you, bseecaury eveone tscounyo on u. >> so when people say veronica we bb,re whe is she now, how do you answert tha esqu?tion he>> som's he and y,happsi raing a mifaly, andss bleo ed tblbe ae d to.o so >> 's shels ao sngtayi .busy sh e's is byeaut erditof o as is ga ma.zine s she'alsood mngelli on herwn o te rms. he reg lacy isea rllyt jus gi beg,nninhe s >>cool. s >>o tibeauful. oncarser, ov to you. >> nk tha. you mi cong ue p, whaven a oscar wi nneral tking about minakg hi orst oyn oabr.dway
8:22 am
at weher. >> elb1 ht lo iis dnwey esda inmorng itand da is y. >> kim:nd aim intate des tail t abouhow cot ld iutis o.side
8:23 am
edwarm up coa ouplegrf deees om frli earhier ts rnmobuing t i its ilstill ch ly.lo ok tatumhe n, bersnrsu36ise gr deees yoand lu'rengooki at 35 t andighe hh to80day de s greethbut s at i d10esegre lo bew rmnooral fs thino.rmal olotsf sunenshiw knoall week .long to owmorr-5 mid0s and th0sen 6 tt geing toin w thendeeke and en evrt fliing 7 an>> da: l ithove e 60des gree ueby t.sday>m:> kini a ce no abticearle w.m-upan d by 3newse livatn nooigwe mht ha iveornftima onabwhout at we nt wrthong hee otr day. w weyoant u tow kno 9that -1-1 31and st1 syems wthatshere ut do wn ouckr baan up d rug nnin thisinmorng. fi ofs cialaryie sahang tt trmeo er emy gencllcaen cr tepestopd ivrececaing lls ouar:3nd 30 m. p. eryest ey reare inroutrtg noh las ve angas d erhend 1 e 31caatlls us a by gnsi watro s un tablespo reond to e thosnenoenmergalcy cls t bu
8:24 am
on .line dtheyo sunot t spec foulpl ay bu eyt th did ahavecu hicthp wi th ste syefem bore ban ck i.june ag deain s tailedheadr you way an d 3newse livat onno. d >> ana:weand l arengooki rw fotoard or tomrow rnmoweing pe ho youkewawi up heth t gn wa f me ostthe t udenr supewlbo s advehae comomfr --it dor os cr d ashee thescontd t anthe er do o wn tthe fithnal wiree th withe annernd thadeir e s ar willbeho s ownsun .ndaye w pwillewrevi tthisoromw ro inmorng. k >> im: thand s is ithe stla ar yes thi willbe l theast alinstt.lmen and talsoroomorw rnmog inenwh u yowa ukewip tthhe was,gner od fot thayondu fith in e rmsupet.arke
8:25 am
al hey th> ch> raael:'r youeot n s unny anderson. >> i amun sanny onders no anr:uncebl douee th nny, ubdoapereci . s >>weet >> g>doo morning. 8:30 now. it's wednesday, february 3rd, 1620. 's itrt staingo t get wetut o re he o onur plaza.
8:26 am
>> om> c ing,up in,sideha we ve pi luta g'nyono. sshe'in takerg ht besal tents to br ayoadw t forhey verst fir me ti. 'l weall tok t herbo autt thand a t ge herak tne ohi ts 'syear ca osrs. >> pl> wus,ell reay have no idea iwhatsbo aut tope hapn to usn i ea stndls a deals. l al k wenows iil jl is rehe. e' shros bught usli bldndfosnd a omprinis ugs rgbansai. we av h teoig feurut oha wt ty he ar e. ha wst' bteetthr anhe tyater ts to? tswee pootat .tots at thne's oth of ehi tngs that fo rmerav"sed byhe t "bell star an d nheow cf stifftii ffanssthieen ha ors f. us in>> wdyon conditins i new anengld. ul coved hapo airelrt days from neyow arknd bnosto to ata.lant ewe'rki loong at wetth weaer in th ace pificth norwesth wit un motain owsns. mo to,rrow then rai movesff o omostef tht eas t.coas ou thhegh tth sou ieastski loong atet w heweatr.
8:27 am
flookor lefake- sfectnow ow sh aersdroun g thereat lakes. su anny ndmild. tcstre fhingthrom e gulf coast in heto t hwsoutest. lwe'l seeun seshin ien th no asrthet later on rrtomoow. at th'st' whaois gnng o a ha>> t yt'sour ltates heweatr. sa nnva?ah >>al, tnkhaou yo s up laityo n'ongs i btes known for her breakout role in if the 12 years a slave," which earned her an oscar in 2014.
8:28 am
he ard,ofst "arar whes: tce for ak aw"ens. snow, ahe'sgddin m oneore ac licompntshme. e' sheas hding to bwaroadory f a st ngarriol r e in"eseclipd." go od mog.rnin od gose to e you. oo>> gdse to e you. >> iw knoou y'reit excedut abo in beng o dwbroaay. yo osu pted anra adoble clip on stinraag wm,chhi it wan tayo pl gh riw t noforve ebory. dy >> y?read en opr you eyes. >> .okay it'sre al! h,>> ogo my sh. >> r youe nam inli .ghts is itit exc tingo beeb dgutin on oa br?dway t>> ial rely,ea rlly is. i mean, i deundirstuedhe tir gl atal yeer reptoryhe t iatern 20 09,he te rol ila py i tnhe ow sh. r ibeememakr ming a pseromi to se myhalf tt iad h toy pla this le ro. e tht fact thaet i go t play this arolend i get to do int o
8:29 am
i ld coue haved ask for. >>ou y a arencc aisompl shedtage tr ac aess,hand t at'sllctuay yo ur baouckgrnd. you w tento yale slchoo of dr ama. is re the aif dntfere feeln whe it 's dwbroaay,hi wisch y,ou kn fow,nor a r,actohe t luabsoyote, owu kn e --lyxact at wh w you tanto do? y >>ou owkn, for me, iid d ladispty a the pcubli t foren we eks. i' lam gd i g aot test runf o gdoin t shishowff o dwbroaay. inow,'mll reay eedxcito t be tableore sha it with a lrarge enaudice. in s thi crinlyedibut beaiful th r,eate theol gden thr.eate it's such a great, iatntime ac spe. ve i'it visted i and i can'tt wai eeto st wha w cillome of . it t'>> is avy hea pitoc. i ,meanhi ts isbo aut women in th edl mide oef ther libianiv cil wa r. ll te mebo a yutour role and why u yohi tnks thiisn a itampornt st toryo tell. s >> toishis n a crinleedib ystorut abose thee fivom wennd a ho hew tyl deait wh rtwaime.
8:30 am
la test isincluonnt io ael reb co demmanr's p,grouf i y ou.will sh te'she unyo.gest sh e's5 1nd a justne joids thi mp co.ound ait's hbout sowhe deals with th ewis ne liff o being at war, of ng bei in ptcay.ivit it'steinnse. 's itea rlly y.funn 's itl ful of ensuspse,nd a i t's very vimong. it 'sxh einaustog to dry eve day, t bus it'h suc a joy. ll>> aal feme . cast ll>> aem fale stca. >>em f alewrplayite. wo funderoul, ye hav that. th sere' asolso h muc atalk bout othescars t andheon certrovsy e.ther sh anorth adedssc oars so white. at wh do youhi tnk as sodomeby wh ono w anar oscnd a hason de we n ll i theduin.stry dwhato you feelbo a wuthat pe oplere ain sayoug abist th ar ye 'sos?cars >> ihi tnk i at isym s optomf me sogthinse el. hii tnk whatar we ein askgor f
8:31 am
,told for isinclu ionen th iestorhas tet arld to. i nk thi atth,ou y owkn,t' is go orod f o allf ,us whene wr hea a iv d nerserumbe of sestori and ar ble ae toer expeiencor me di itversy. mit'sreore tfleceivth of e wo wrldive le in. 'sthatt wha welt uelimatnty wa, f isor aer divsity ofri stooes t be ldto. o >>en th one hand, yeou'v d one bwelly hwoolly odansts,dardny a anstrdda bs, iutts iom sngethi u yo can terela to? are therees rol youh wis w ould ycomeour way that youav hen't tt goo en te?se >> il fee ryeall gfuratelbe to in the pioositn that id fin se mylf, where i can use the tt lieile wghtav i he to get st soriet tha i feel are ldunto or et y to bed tole mad and nedo. r foplexame,it wh "eipcl edseip"ecl"sed, is th s ishiometng iro bughto t ttheableau bectse iov m mede in aya whe w irete wanod tfo perrm it s andharet i with oppele. i l feet' thahes te rol i can pl ay. >> fi y,nall h iave to ask you ou abtst "arar ws."
8:32 am
e thes rt of ?us ywereou soit excedo tbe in ?it >> now i .am n >>ouow y'reic offyiall- - 'm>> i a bfiona de .nerd i goro aund with a strtormroope d an all . that ha>> tounk y so much. al gways toodoat cch upit wh u. yo cl "ed"ipsens open o bwaroady rc mah 6th. >> p > unext, we will reveal the re aasonll of t ahemre in bldedfold. ll jiti marsn ing goi to reveal a sp leciaal stends a
8:33 am
nbc. w be'reackh witn a a nllew st aealsnd deals. forso reansun nknow to all of , usl jil mnarti hasid deced we sh bouldeli bldndfoored f this. >> 8:39ms see like ad goo time e to bdfblind.olde he>> tsre i a mdethoo t my ma s.dnes we e havls dea to get .cozy p to roveit, you can ousnly e
8:34 am
tyouhe deal. si'llit you down. no,no, no. al ghl rit. u' yoinre kfd ong goi s toit on er evngythi. aso iinm go g toesprentou y wi omth sngethi aound yl telme wh ouat ynk thiis it . ld ho on oneon secd. w >>s hat'enhapping? is thli is fke ahrur tfow oe som nd ki. >> ayok. wh atut abo theer oth one? >>ha wtyo do u,meanhe t other e? on he>> tre's two rehe. i >> at's owpill. >> e takou yr bfolindld f.of >> ho trese a pis.llow t'>> is xelu ffuaux r llpiows. re ,tail $19.19.9 >> o cimovermi'er covned i this i >>omt ces in a vtyarie of lo cors. ilreta, $9.11.99 al de is $35or f chea, 71%of f. me cons ife difrent co.lors
8:35 am
i >> at is rug butou yan c aols put it on ach cou as an atccen or llpiow. >> allt.righ t>> hankyou. >> ca,rsont' thas sharp. on>> d'tay s .that y >>ours- - holdn o one cosend. >> s thiis nice. w>>hat douo yan wet m to say, th e fa?bric ha>> w dto you think it is? ep el?hant ha>> wndt ki of fur? >> t whad kin of emit? >> s it' a bigapwrg.thin a cerashme inthg. >> ghrit. >> i'm right? >> s it'iaalic adams aalpac th .rows if35 dntfereor col asnd tt pa.erns evwhatater m -ches- >> on i dno't kfw i id neet i th wi r thengoari fire,ut bs it' ve ryceni. >> t' iots h n weeed mos'res. ilreta, $3.98
8:36 am
>> mgovin on,om coe t linatae. >>re whe are you. hi>> ts may b aeit ltle hot and htfrigg.enin >> wow. >> ha wt do we inthk? >>om se sortf ooz cysh irt, sw r.eate trigh rehe. >>'s leto g down .here t >>ishis .silk >> what do we k?thin >> a knit. hii tnks it' aam paj-a - t >>hree for rethe. th e pjrl haow. ta re il,,$138wo t e.piec ft so .knit yo veu enot g the fa.bric ma n de i the,u.s. re,tail 38$1. de al is $42or f theset. %70of f. >> cozy. >> ksthan. re hee his. >> e her he .is i' tmhene o wthith e inbloldfd. >>ghrit?
8:37 am
dblin ntmome. >> oh. >>s it' a bad joke. 's ite lik a, i't don owkn, sc arf? >> blolindfd, seglass. >> ceni. >> off. iri tedo tck tri u.yo >> ian cet't gt i f.of i >>a t's f.scar o >>h. y >>otou g. it wo>> w. >> tareil, $138m fro gamanischo. al de is $39. v >>ery ceni. >> d gooea dl. >> now, nnsavaah. nieed tour tn you ar.ound >> ayok. t >>wahis s hgidin fobere. so e'meons obbo. n >>ote. m f >> leelsa ike oncotte. rob t >>yoake liur bldndfo off.
8:38 am
di dve edyrybok? pee >> rrsoy, iav hen't met u.yo tfirs trintioduc ion,t wenht rig t tohe .boob >> r.a.i.l. beros. $3 nd48 ahe tl dea is $69. >>oo i tlik a ttle snap nap. ha>> tst way ver .cool >> tubathb? t >>wahis s ffdit.eren t >>heil plowsnd a rugs or ro throws fm .luxe e thow thrm froci aliama ads al paca pa alca. pa s,jama therv scandes a i. m. l.a..robe ch oeckut y.toda fcom morore in rmfoioat n. om cginp une ,xtou cld yrou tirelaiponshvi survehe t rrmageia te?st owhyoune cple putms theselve really through the rringe on rp pu toseeto gdy rea for rr ma.iage fi hirst, ts is ay"tod o"n nbc.
8:39 am
or hoah! w be'reack at 8:46 with an po imtrtanes qu.tion dhowouo yw knof i the pn erso reyou'in datsg i the one? j >>illre andws asndok bro lv siaga-braat creed0 4es dato t si temula thell chaenge ofea rl rr ma aiageetnd dneermiir the fa te. >> o.hell i'm k.broo >> o,hell i'm jill. >>ar we ehe t ce ouplndbehi if th rre ma tiage est. 0>> 4s dayve o area y tro urmease aif leetimf o co br anook lld jied date fivarr ye s,year eltravheed tld wor l andived to ergeth. e onst que ioninremaed unaicertn. ul wohed tyak te the ntex big tstepheogetndr a cobemeba husnd d an ?wife m >> oanyef thng this that maulti btely ureakp magarries ar reyealld har to picracte for un ytil'roue married. >> we wanted to step back and pr reessut tes our relationship. >> reporter: fromin fcean tso fa ,mily t thetaest dckless i ues cthat manake or break a rr ma. iage or>> f oneh,montar we e en sp hding oalff what we
8:40 am
>> or f a month, we sedwapp itcredrd cas. >> ng goi on aun lche datit w h our s.ex >> or rep tter:heyoc dteumend th jeireyournng alo the way. >>ul sim tatehe eauxhiost onf wne ntpare,hoodre we' notoi gng to let olvurselees sep for more th hran ttree staigh hours. teach wimee'reok wenp, ue' wll opullnut act aitiv aynd have to complete it before w te god.o be we ndeede a baby, so we had a 12 po undat wloermen to beur o wb neorn t forhewe ek. >> meleq rduire a lot of at iotentn. >> f ourdsriene gav t usheir by ba. 9 month oldk jac for 24ou hrsn i r ouca . re >> press a onbutt? ep>> rr:ortee somts tes led to a fewla ughs. >> we're gngoio tan hfdcuf rs ouselveo t eacher oth f4 or 2 s.hour r >>teeporomr: seo ts.tear o>> d we wanto t atalk bout th is? he>> t tshingt thare sca us, 'r weale t akingboutm the in a way atthyo in ayur d d toay ,lifet ioe d'tsnom ce . up
8:41 am
mo reer ctytainor befkie taheng t sbigtep tdowarev forer m ight findhe t dseesat efusul, too. ro>> bndok a ,jillho autrs of he "tar meriag stte," are with us now. sp roileal ert, did it ?work yoare rru mad.y sn w >>e,e arah ye. d >>ouo ynk thing goi tghhrou e thts tesla cedrifi tshing for yo u? >>soablylute. >> yeah. >> d we'n beein datg aew frs yea bu itt wh a yeonar-lgre bakup in th e lemidd. wech reaed a place where a lot of ou c dpleso. l weeaove thch outer b d howoes th oue cpleno k hwow tllhey' be at rrma,iagen whehi tngsha tt tr pip u magerria, youon d't ex enperihece woun y 'rengdati. ra gisin a fa,mily cniombi ng mo ney. th tese mestsade itas e fieror us toak me the epst. w >> fhoseaultas w the brp?eaku , no i'm inkiddg. >> d reahe tk. boo hi>> wasch w m the ost lechalgngine dat for you two? >> ne oth of e earlyat d weseid d afor month, weed tri l toive on lf ha ofha wt wema norlly d.spen lepeopy, sa money is aou tgh in thng ill lareshtionips.
8:42 am
ythenetou gnt iot ind a atlmos diimmey,atelre the wasiotensn. w we'teren gngettilo ang so .well c iamey awaro fham tont mth th nginkiha, i lve af ot o ecresport f t how toughhose ntmomeans c f beor aea hlthy la reshtionip. >> ch whit tesyowas ur vofa?rite w >> deid -- a lot were mp cotelicad. e on wassi,mple weid dn'tse u ec elictronors f a week idoutse of k wor s.hour it wasrenglaxi. s ilept beertt. wene concted iln al thes way a co uple ecconnts. it a wasd goo ekwe. d >>o younk this thi wouldk wor r fo evoderyby? do you rmeecomnd all peeopl nt coatempl mingagarrirye t a ve nrsioth of is? >> so ablylute. so aat great de wece rndomme for pe ,oplet wha d weid, weec rdorde f aight andis ldteneo t ou verselacs bbok a autee wk te larn whee w cdoole off. >> t' thas coeouragus. >> ns tur out, ik tal a t.lo oni d l't betrooket g ahell t sword in. weec rndommery eve goneive me sogthine likt tha ashot. c itan . help >> ihi tnk the mostor imp tant gthinid i d for uss in whee w twentghhrou the ssftresular pts
8:43 am
awe'ddylrealt deah wit isth. long be eforerwe wgae en ged, hwe'd cad arsonven atiot abou rethe onligid we'e raisrou .kids the prtienupal reagt,emen inraisg kids. >> t whaou cld youot n have pr edeparr? fo >>ti wring aoo bk geto.ther ki g.ddin i >> at'sat gre eaid. >>he t book isal c led"the rr maiage stte." ji ndll a brook, t hank you. ha>> tyonk u. >> >fa tifhini tnesse iser heo t amake reecip forou yrup ser bo wl y.part e' shll te ake thrtpatoy he t ne lxtelev. >> >rsfi tt,s hi isod"t"ayn o c.nb th ere am picane eopltcan'af tfordito wa i for tdeashatso gound n od or,pape w but illr neve imaket in e threal world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa.
8:44 am
a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppe aleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
8:45 am
> >>is it 528:. we 'rek bac withur o today food un contdow to s buper owl50. ev yoer knewsnohe tck snas are btheestt parf othe game, gh rit? ff tiani ssthieen, s otarf av"sed by the ,"bell "9"0210 and te"whi co ."llar sh he's oostfnn "dit er afftiani antiff"i's. bi've leenngookiwa forord t is th all morning. we 're mgakin pdullek por id slers. >> t whao i ds i a dry rub. ill reahiy tnk matarin yingour pu plledorkov gherni lt,eittl pl casti wrap. vei ha sdmoke ikpapra, raregul ikpapra. >> t whywo ndkis? t >>heki smo onessf amo sked ikpaprt'a, is inamazg, t?righ ha i veni oon wdpoer, gcarli po ,wder n.cumi
8:46 am
>>ak m seurer you pdullek por is rsupery d be eforyouat p i itn er the. >> iss thim roo ertempe?atur >> exy.actl is th a isdylrea done. u youa act tllyaket i and you at fl itentnd a ryeall w torkhat rdry aubllve or it. en th put plaicstra wp on andn i th efr. idge ha>> wutt c ofor pk is ?that t >>ishis he tle puld pork. is th a isllctuahay wtre we' go ing to do is -- t >>he sherould? >> yes. you wtan the fatn o itec b ause wwhate'reng goio to d is ac lytualoi gng toti surck o nsonio inhere. th sis ilo a sw ercook. w >>ee lovhe tw slo ercook. >>me, too. vi hawong ts kid and atl lite baby, absolutely. >>t.grea w >>tie s tckhis in. yo anu w ttheat fid se up. >>why? he>> t fatid se ,upha wt you nt wa, teliy,rall thevo flaror fm e th i fat gsoingo t goou thrgh th mee at. >> okay. ysure oudo. >>os oppedo t it sngittith in e tfat,his way, its goe tghhrou . it he>> takn te chicken otbrh. >> t' thalls a you edne? >> the osnionl wil t,sweas a ll we.
8:47 am
>> w dovee ha guysns dowstair to ta stetest? w >> qe'reuiet down .here oe>> dats thn meaou ye hav adalreoty g itennto isth? >>ahye. i >>t's t.grea a >>sl i ale puldk por peexrt. >> re?ally at wh y doou inthk, al? >>ea rlly teicrrif. >>ksthan, .al ire appeciat . it ic>> ne kick. >> s thil wily sta iren he 5 for 7 tors hou on .high ovwe cer atthf , ourcose. ma kee sur -- t >>ishis t wha it looksik l e iwhent's fiednish. >>ghrit. ipullt arapt. th iis ws thereheul pledk por co mesfrom. wh e'at w greoing to doo alss i rasepallte a the jsuice rwafte.ards agethall tt t.ou y >>eou'vra d tinedhat intos thi cuprehe? >> s it' aat f paser.rato ha tndy fhingheor t tckihen. i use itte qui n.ofte pu hall ttpa art. i' akve theen t ioonns. ad hid ts ande tak ourpp ale ci dereg vinndar a brown r.suga th yoank u. vei hafo a rk. >> s it' okay. ewe'r allen frids.
8:48 am
l >>eittl pppeer. ac extly. wthenedd a t bhisack in. wthen ge're toingond ble it. >> d youo that. i make aes ms with th ese. >> we'll prdetens it' alln i e.ther >>se hou the tw'she nsconcistey? >> well, you'repo suptosed e hav imoren erthe. >> 's let prdetene w did . this ou>> yl pul itrt apand ahi ts is wh wereee ar .here mo steo pple use cgeabba o tnheir pu lledor pk. is thbr is uszsels utspros. >> alher.thie it'sgood. >> le apper cid varineg. yo masennai. t>>n he bweicaslyalss ableme othennbu .ns e thul ppoled ndrk a b thezrussels sp rout s. ee swet potatoer tat tsto. >> azam ing. ov>> lite .
8:49 am
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8:50 am
in th s e 20 stlaht nig. d antoteday atmper urese ar l stil0 at 5eedegrs. l weots unof se shinbut le t's lo t ok athe oreste f th.week s 60 o aree n thway aiwe wr t fo the enweekd. d >> ana:thoris m ning -- im>> k a: im oscr fsingrsinge nghopit thaheis t .case an>> dula: wod whelp hen pe oplewap ke u twithhe erwagns mo to rrowrnmoing atthe som of th ose suboper dswl ae comomfr at ameur mafilm.kers and todoriass crthhed e esconthit, t s is10the ndth a na fil yef ar o.this l we'l ahavee livevpr iew to owmorr enwh w youupake thwi us . k >> aim: nd weke spoh witthe pe exatrts su conmer poreanrts d ey th veha ppre-rerepaodd fo atthou yan cet gn ithcae lol rmsupet.arke theyarome fr ssoupmaome jor nschai a andeys th otdo ne hav the itnutrl ionala, bels they tell tusthhat ouey fnd ine som heof te morpupoitlar ems. so ilme wt l gea umthp bs uand
8:51 am
mu chso this morning on "today's take," christina on tayod's takes chris in a ui ag blera oacknhe t voicend a carren catching up with the judges. enth yreou a in for a road tr heip wen w show you carpool karaoke with ldcoaypl. >> an> d the fstiroo lkt aeth sur pewlbo
8:52 am
>> ou ann:ncer from nbc wsne, th iiss "datos"y' keta. wi th al roker,al natie ramoles, wi llie geistnd a camryn llha. li rofe fm sditu1-o aa. >> el wmeco to "dato oy"n we esdny damoinrng,t' iseb farruy d3r, 20.16 ce niwd cro tsouiden oplour aza th mois g.rnin i' mil wlie a wlongithal natie ta ndmarian on ig asstnmenn ill a ptheicolitctal aion is going on ri ght now. yodid uuy gs see thisne pla vi deo? >> s thiis aom ciamerc alanirple th wi b aig hole in itsid se te afr anlo expsionor f acedn em ncergeany ldinge fivin m utes raftee tak. off dit'soal aiesrlin,ad h it tenak f ofomfrn a apoirrtn iwimo ng asleoeh sh on it'say w to buja.ti fiofalcisas ony e pseaserngas w killed andwo tur injed. wi setnesais clmam a sn wa sducke
8:53 am
intellg a wsner,pape e,quot i k thinasit w a.bomb th aue csef othexp eonlosi has no tt yen bee comenfird. st laad i hee snhe tyn' hadt irconfthmed deat ath,be may e we'vjunat ded ,that ,guys i t don'.know yboy,ooou lkt atheid veo in tsidehe plane,oi kntet gve or howm calve eborydy was ashe ty lmfi iedn on tirhe onph. es y>> aouuactyll gotp u and wa edlkar ndou. now, is that still in the air wh teny'hereoi dng th?at >>t' isha tst' in the air. you can soe h th. at a>>e holn ithe anpl e. l>>k ooheat t uli wo sd beg ayinmy erprays, i d woul becr.ying ime wan,ree weal t kingouabt, you owknou, ye hav ahad ceoupl of peexceriens, al. >> t jus a fewon mths agoe whad a alrely,ll reay badem attpt -- li hrke tee aptttemed lngandis at jf ndk a ict ayuallro wte out a xt tet thasi wady reao t hit se ond t -- for dahebor and the ds kiau becse iho tughts thi tmigh not end llwe. i >>tes rachr t youghour m ind. ha>> wult wou d yondo ise tho me monts? >> on i dhi't tnk iou wldl pul ou yt m phonend aec rordt' whas go oning un arod me. th i iinkou weld b --
8:54 am
an plhee terre wthe oeoer pple tt siining ir thets sea lycalm, no yliel, ng snoeacrngmi. >> be mayng doiha tt resemov -- ta s ke oit snepte aw,ay ion d 't owkn. >> hi i thenk trey wesh in k ocas we ea h frdmro one othf e pa gesseni rs, k thineawe hrd in th e eerarli ecpie, saidt tha ptheyblrobarey we alla in lelitt o bitocf shk atha wst wa hag.enin t >>wehey ucre lkyy theen wer't up h hig ouengh. if aol hews blo lthike t at a 0035,0t fee it's erov. th adey ht jusn takeoffiv fe nu miagtes eyo the werunfortate in t tharet.spec w >>ote gnth itieresngs new ab thout e nnaatiothl anem being su ngt a sthe buperowl byon ne he othar tn lady gaga. heanotddr anitioo t this al arl-stin le up. yo veu ha plcolday,ey bonce pe mirforurng ding tihalf gme,ot togi imaney thewillro pybabl ad d aew for meef bores thi nd su ay'sgame. >> you openh wit ,gaga g youet ha melfti. t bywahe y,he tsre i a great y>>. es >> edpronictis. >> re we'ng doi ourdi prensctio adalrey.
8:55 am
i an wt pn eytoinmann gg toto ou ngstro. i >>nk this it'ancam hed t nt pa bherswoy t toowuchdns. >> i'de lov for thenc brooos t awinndor fey pmaton g nninibut - be - cobrons . fans >> let'so go t one oef th rtexpes,y ozz theri g bslyear sechoones o of twoes cak in his ge ca. st yeyerday ozzen witt wh- - >> - >>he- t cobrons. >> the onbrcos. th at'sright. in en rectrs yeay ozz hasad h only onero wicng pk. >> kn he keocbod oththf b>> hute ended upat eing the br s onco. cake >> oh, okay. >> s doe ari g bzzlyearoy enj a ke ca? i w tould hhink me isofore a re dt meain kdf o . cake a ernother supl bow esixcluve oad t ieprevew, wt wan youo t hwatc itnd an the use the time unon s fdayor ahr batoom br ineak- stead. th is haiyund add srstain kev rt has a an ovoterprveecti d.da kchec it out. ou>> yoo lk odgo.
8:56 am
>> y,he soou y t are gheuy hy>> w . ep hy>> w't don yoou gad ahe and ek ti my new car. >> anth,ks pspo. >> go eaahd, .baby bo om. >> or favite spot,av feorit rlgi. >> y'rouees mngsi whit thero wng dd day. >> t i'mgakin you home. >> ? why ar>> cde finrn o theyu hndai sigenes. >> k bacso onso? >>e her you ,go b >>seecau aad das hot go t do wh at a dad h gasoto t do. >> y,honeha wt y didouuy gs do ghtonit? >> t thais .good i e likatth. i >>e lov that. >> fatintasc.
8:57 am
'swhatin com wg up sith buperowl wandeal t akedbout coayldpl. pe suwlr boft halimeer perform schriar m jtindoineam jesor cdon for apo carolao karkead ahe of ngmaki w hisay teo thdi staumn o e th ,late late show. atakeoo lkt arthei roadp tri heto ter supl. bow wwoo oo >> youo d ad gooic mk ggjaer. >> ov i l geoingo t seehe t inrollstg . ones >> sayha tt ask micja. gger >> t ihinky mor favite bando t ndgo a see ishe t st.ones l i oveit. l ioveng goio tee she tm heanywre. >> oo lk atht at. n sacifranhasco ts. >> 's let get . them >>e her we go. me co, onou y've got it. u' yo gveot th. is ye>> ah. >> i ,meanou yon doo't l tkhis he avy, aclytual. putr you wings on me
8:58 am
putn o a sonymphy cshherils belre a rngingi w >>hat it? >>,no a few ischerhed, is it whnot sat i ?it >> f aew ischer hed. it>> lbetle arlls e rig.ngin l >> get'so with. it ha>> wt is it, outhgh. >> sn doema't . tter >> no, it . does t'>> is c.musi i >>r hea jaleruselem brels a ri g.ngin t >>shat't whangi si. t >>s hat' ywhatinou sg. >> c youan singte whaver you li ke i hearhe cedrish leittlls bel ar ein rging > >>ie lov it. g it yives aoun ,idea o,to chris ma 'srtinso pertynalich whi i th a ink olotfeo pple- - t ihink some peeople werlike ldco,play do i knn't foow, trheup ser bo buwl, u t yorecan ssst a ured git's toing ao bennc iblredie ow sh. fa ce. >> s. ye fuso n. >> s thiis a manti sllnj egoyin hwhatese doov, lest whae' hs do ing. su ch aen talted s iaw him on bwaroadndy ais he
8:59 am
>> is he ng goi tot hos the ny to'she tsty juou ann nced eryestday. th ree psvioune oh wit adeleas w in ibcredle. no u w yo bhavetoack k bacde ale an rid chs rtmain. >> liunbeleevab. i ittes ininrestatg th allhr tee la ntehtigs guy areed nam mejas. >>ru te. >> sh he jouldbeust come ji mmy. im>> jmy rdcoon, fnallo and ki . mmel he>> tth ird. >>ay todth is y e daofsix our 25s day ofe givay a ws on bofaceok. anwe wtou yo tgoo t cefaokboom.cod/t'sayak tde an ke li us. y todayould couik le a tripo t w bo,fortor nth canaroli. ithiss a gouorgears ptth of e is brcrtol lystast coa. u yoandue gstou c sldpend four n. in all right? so cefa.cbookodom/t ay'sketa, like,useg rriste for the sw taeepskes. we ou wovld le- - velo, loveo t ageternoth 0020,0 ppleoe up datoy. we didve or 2000,0 styedaer y. >> >> ef beore wo dhe tea werth le s t'stju check it out right
9:00 am
lsoet's -- wrehere ae w rhtig no w? 00132,0. >> 's lete. se l >>et's 00133,0. me co, on folks,od t'say keta. ayok. cefaokboom.cod/t'sayak te. ji y,mmar culef erthe. ayok. ve ry ni.ce th iissim jmy ceor n,bega not to be cseonfudit whim jmyim kmel or mmjiy flealnr omy jim rdcoon. e thergoyou . le sht's ow youha we t w have g goinon. h we tavehisin le of sgtron st ,ormsn rai isea alrdyin movg in to y nework butev sere at we aher,tatlanig rhtow n has typretd gooorstms,wi we ll pr lyobabee s some artirpoel days hiin tshi t ingen thex n htour or two. ma fljor dightselay li.kely inwash, gton,d.c.s it' iner he mi nidmor bng,nosto itil wl be ftmidaonerno and it keeps sh pu iingnse thotr song sstorm pu g shininto lechar,ston on rdtowaac jvikson hlle, reavyain an ord storms fri flondda a the ca narolias cot. t byroomorw weoo l fkorle cgarin heren ithe rtnot.heas oo fltcd wahesxt engendim fro new
9:01 am
29pl peoe --9 2 monillipl peoe at risk for theselo swov m ing ershowds an unthtodersrms,ts par t ofhelo fridaha panndle 5of to chinineses a l>>'setit hhe t button again, see how many of you -- bo!om atth's .it's take. gireerstor fhe t eeswkepstas. rtnocah liro,na gouorge ps oartf e th coy.untr
9:02 am
e.ther k >> geep toing o cefaokboom.cod/t'say keta. j ust a, heade we'rwa feee wk aw roay fasm seenon tf othe "v "oicend a ruret onfhr cnaisti leaguisra a h.coac ca rsonat c uchespit ws h hi crew r afte.this mmmm mm ugmm, lahter mm mmm, mm mm , mmmmmmm mmmm, m mmmmmm, m mmmm yommmm, plait e'therghs a liluter, fr waffiefoyyor everenne to greejoy yokgurt. ai yopleek t grwh100 ips! gi rave extex. get tra.
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9:05 am
as t fas aas two a hndf alysda en what used fir theigst sn. n learrehow abtartva s ws toork do ton't ough itut, ockn ok it, utfast. brwith aa.ev >> 'm> ier he at theho sp at nbc ud st iiosn0 3 .rock t ge adrey, .fans lynearre he. th lie bnd diaus,tion beattl ro ,unds get uwandereby fyruar th 29. rs caon ,daly our man at ay"tod" an dth ,eirsgh cau utpit wh ig rening coachda am vilene. al sola bke tosheln, pelharrl wi lliams and christina aguilera, making her return to theha cir teafar ea snso off. >> you guyser we ally ver pu po alarndel ctiebriefes b ore sthishow iwhats it likeo tbeou famnds a essucc osfulhin a t tiselev ion sh ow? wh sat it tha sssucceik le?
9:06 am
si bu tnessino thk, a bisleelli'a be tv pe onrsitaly. it av gee m a chance to give back to people with drmsea l,eike m micong up. little did we know itou w blde as successful as it s.wa >> now yeou'r back. te hell tseuy gsha wte lifis li utke o osideisf thw. sho at wh i wasikt l teto no do it? w >>shat' it like idoutsf e othe sh ow, richa?stin n >> i rtheeal rlwod,he t re's aairnd treesnd a pe. ople >> whoa, ezge. ni'veeverea hrdf o the.os >> ou ye'r hinavg as mhuc fun as u yorewero f dmay on e. n>>eon ofs u wldoue boi dng this if it wasn' tn.fu >> right. >> we laugh a lot. y>>ouee fl ftli.ed yo tcu waoph pehale cnge,vo eelv and owgr. e'theroms sngethi t inhat oc pr tesshat ian c g'tet heanywre .else ou>> y're nowe moram fousha tn yb an odyrehe. i >>'t donw knout abo atth. >> what doest thae risl fee ?like oit's bnlyfieen ve ye ars. >> the uatltime "v"oice d,go bl shake n.elto y >>eou'r a godng amost almorts.
9:07 am
tnigh w ande hado t pick the st rentaura w weent to based on hewhet nr orlaot bouke calld wk ro ththugh keenitch to getnt io e thaurest brantseecaupa of p rapapazzi pa pai.razz i >>t's tsnu. of ur co ase,ts thi point, no ermattt whaov mes i make or any de oncisi i kemat', isnd uer the cr mipeosco. mb cliry eveou mnntai re>> aou y irenspidy b yourm tea ev er? >> co of .urse oni w last onseas. ev seryneaso isfe ssomenseaso i don'tav he to ac coth a all usbecae, ,like i feelik le iw kne jnordath smi wa soi gng toin whe t wlehoim te. >> a youorre meon cedcernh wit pe sopleintickrog a aundnd nghavi aoo gd time. omif seoneal stes one ofou yr pe ,ople yeou'r ha ppy. >> t' i sunpopular and comes off weird, like what? >> i don't think it esdo. >> he tasre w ae nic mtomen
9:08 am
yo uxc eedhang pasletransiend a u yod saiet somhing y.funn yo u idsa, chinrist wa,e'veom ce a g lon wayro fm sneaso one. >> he told me i havehe tne winr s >>he . does w>> iasry ting toiv ge y mouy mo st ht,onesin againgenunde a ar hettfel viadce. >> on hleorab man, ttha ndgahi. >> w you tritehosees vot down? >> et somimest' is the way he's dr d,esse his irha. st eamom c oesut ofy m rsea,e lik anso my inthgs. it ik's l -e- s >>imomet iest's notha w btlake isin sayhag tt's nnfuy. 's itr you reonacti. 's it 'sadam acreonti. ethac f oef keli,ma n. t'>> ihes tac lkf o arewassnef o l al tshingun arod m.hi it's like a joket thay mut o of to uchle uncou wld . make f>> ieelik le h iave a responsilibity on t shishow to tpoin outid rouiculs.snes >> gu,ys iyof weu reun rning for idpres oent,ef th other accohes, o whld wouou yr rngunni mate be and why? bl>> ake.
9:09 am
>> id nee girl power. p >>deresint stchriina? >> well,ou cntryun rs a lotf o the coy.untr >> iou wtldn' run. n >>ot nnrug?in >> i would rather heavny a he ot-r - >>oo gd ouengh. aymond. o whisit excedut aboth is? uafebrry 29th. er evyybodex d?cite its air mysonda andue ts sdayat 8: 00 steaern. e thbured . tton ha>> t nks. co mingup, ne"sto cold" ev ste inaust. ggoin f toind outho w is up for tt puusing th to ste te. at wh w areine doreg he? fl oor. it 's a heavydb sanag. ewe'rng goi teo seha wtou y got. t >> ihink got ?it >> ian wt thet bes yougo t, ok ay? >> okay. >> pl sime ghenou? 'l>> il go head toea hdh witmy
9:10 am
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se s riouicallergio reactns, neand ww orniorseng he ilart faure. be refore tnt, atme get ftestedb.or t te r ll youor idoctf yo eeu've b aren toas e wheraicertngn fu al in iofectrens amo comn, ifand 'v youe tbhad pa, hes titib, e arone pr itoectinfs,on h orflave keu-li mp sy or tomss.sore do t n'arsthumit irayouf vehan in waornt mf?e proo as yok heur ratumisolog t ouabhut rami. humira. ths is i bmyofody ro pof! wish r youskin bocould unce lback ike it tused o?ne nautroge hydrot waboosgeter l. thwiro hyaluidnic ac luit pskmps lsin celh wit in hytense iondratd anitlocks in. for lesupphy, sdratedkin. o hydrboost. omfreutr nenoga ther s e'stora y behind the fresh taste ofil phphiaadelam cree. chees mak we de itusaily esing frcal h lo,milk crerealanam, lud abso tely prenoatservives. when it cosme f toshrete tas, innothelseg as ttes like philahidelpa. n i amerevet gngtiri mar.ed ve ne anteguared.
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anthyok u. e we'rr haneve kvingids. m.mmm-mm e.breath lo i ivet here. nwe are movevertoing su the burbs. re nwe a gever oetting ne ofe (mthosaniniv). awe nreerevavin hang heotkir d. i'm pregnant. nevi ameter lo.ting g alfor nel the n vers i, lifee stats farm ithere. >> > wwel half oam fer "sneto ld cote" sve inaust,in fngishi f of one oenpponftt aer athnoer with ato sne cold unstner. >> now, he hosts "thero bn ke ulskl challenge," shoatt is h ranch in xates, where co esntnttadus ike otutve or a $10,000ze pri. t >> cheseenhallges with not for th aie ffnt o heartr o sth.omac >>no,y the 'taren. s >> teveinaust, lcweome. od gose to e you. >>nk thaors f hgavin me. >> howid dou yom cep u -- you
9:14 am
youran rch. ho d w dicoyou pme uh wit the lechal ngesthlvemsees? >> i was hngosti a show on cmt an d idsa,s thiis great. i e lovom ctipetion. he y-avtydu coetmpioitn. i ui blt aar ceer based on being tough. so there was nothing likero bnke sk lulha cenll ogen tv. we pitched this idea to cmt and they wanted to make it tougher than iad h vienedsion t ito be. i e givm there c fdit oratth. heat t endth of e day, g you aet bu oncheof pple cgomin uph wit ttheesough ttshinge w canut p he ot hrumanng beisnt io mp coioetitgan a einstachth oer .with each y,dahr teend roufs o co itmpetion. if you ywin,ouck sti aunrod and if ou y lose, youo gho me. at e the ondef th y,da the last rs petaon sgndinak tesn o my st ob acleurcose, thell sku bu .ster sit iig des tnedo akttacve ery opartouf yrbo dy. >> keyis. >> b youeat that,ou y get $1 0.0,00 y >>eou'rri scang me adalrey. >> 's let !go >> s it' h.toug so f me o btheestth asleteth in e ti naomon ce outhe tre and set th abe torle fm the to d tohe be sty the can.
9:15 am
>> theen wom are ssbada ,. yeah ou>> ye hav all cha fengeor ll windie a linatae. >> d howouid yet g out of ?this >>'m ioi dng mmcoryenta. a >>ll t.righ >>rt sho venedonersi. is th isng goio tbe ea.sier theke bronll sku chngallee, no gthin is syea. ha>> w dtoy the thaveo do? >> h.uh-o s >>oohe thek tes sho off. itt jusot g . real ul>> phel tsedb hanagscr aoss th fle oor. theke brokun sll lechal inge,t wo beuld gh touhaer tn that. bu hteere wearn i norew yk ty ci. o >>oun yr ma grk,et t,se go! >>,pull pull, llpu. keepllpuing. lalhe t way ac. ross >> wow,na e.tali >>at nalie nswi. >>wow. >> imsipres. ve y>>ouou w gldop ste down the ro ad. >> in so b then rokel,skul at th's ards hait as s. get 'swhat thezi cra testhingeo pple do?
9:16 am
th wit wat - en- tritch wh r.wate yo uav he too gg rin the .bell 's itd hea to .head op pele y,sas it' cool,e lik icamer naninja rrwaior. no ot s stfa. isths iea h tdoea hd astgain ot an hher umanbeing. if you win, ytiou sck ar.ound ouif y lo gse,o .home st ob aclesecour. tr y. >> l i'l fly youst firss cla out th iereouf y wtoant i tryt. >> i wantbe to n ithere t nch withyou. >> ig i d the chtren. >>"bnrokell sku lechal nge" aysundht nigs cmt. ac>> bftk aouer yr l nocalews an atd weher. it ld wout juso be sfupainl d anuli co edn'tdrven itink . uli woked lios almt oo sce t thovice er trand sy tot ip i sveryylowl haso t wt itn'ouldigt tr gerpathe in. at thhe's wren i edalizad i h toomdo sngethi. enmy d rtistmeecom tndedhat i seuse ynnsode. ini thatk thso sendyne s ha gbeenreat t in oermsduf recing th nse seititivd y anpain ithat e wasiexperg.ncin w non i caicput me intey war. odsensabyne tesoluorly wks,
9:17 am
. . . . . . . does youmar emkeup r taovert ke if?all ofev kissery of-pro, oocry-prf, stay-proof look? ne routna geak mp reeur movedoes. it erases 99of% yourst smoortubbupn make owith towneetelte. ne med anyprooore anf th that?
9:18 am
>> >in takg ak loot a the > >> tgakin ak loo at the he neadlis. re mo llfaoutm frotheec rent. e coli neirurovus teupdaros fm ch leipot. th e cnyompas sayts i engarnis dr d oppe36% inan juary onop tf o althe most %15p dron ithe thfour qeruart last .year otchipaile shed tpe sco of a
9:19 am
be ayond seingles rantaur itn focali.rnia sit i a nowio nate nwid stinveioigatn. > >>onamazep rdlorte hyas big s planpeto ooon bkre storos aund th e u.s. he "tl waletstrern jouisal" qu g otin theceo of aar lge mall sa ying am'sazonoa gl is tope on t300o 400k boo orstes. cthenyompane opetsd ist fir stbookinore em nov iberntt seale incallg it asi phycalen ext sion of o neth of e d'worl msost lapopures mngsagi sceerviass h ju itst h aor maj stmileone. at wh's apps sayt i hasch reaed 1 iobillctn aive usersro aund the wo rld. at thbo's aut 1 ofry eve 7 peeopl heon t pl.anet at whpp's a iswn oed byac fkeboo d anh wit itse urs can make free ph one s,callen sd xttes, video an dex tsst me aagesernywh e in wothe d.rl it delivers aamn inazg 42 billion messages a da y. > >> wit aas vyer cselo clal for a filamy inng endlan whe their r cawentut o of col,ntroli fpped aoverhend tnpe sdow dnhe t hi y ghwaonts ioo rf in a swehor
9:20 am
hits itotanr hercan o the y.wa l algh caunt o the dashboard ca mera of aru tckha twat s al mosthit. l alee thr ppleoe in that updesi wn do carur sdvive idinclung a by ba w whoas rtunhu. > >>e tim isni runngut o for oe whbover aughtni winng ca rnlifootia lteryke tictt las gu aust. th ice tketor w ath sertagg ing 3 $6li milon butt il wilom bece hlwort uesssnles thein wner rn tuts i in by troomorw te afn.rnoo theer supot lto tticke was ug bonht i aon cenvenicere sto idoutsfe o losans.gele if od nobhoy sws up by the ad de lineghthoue, th wrinne se los allha t tnemoy. > >>et l'set g ahe cckth of e we ratheht rig nowm fro mr. ro ker. hey, al. >> he td goong this i it goes to li caiafornli pub sclschoo if ey th't don th at'sgood.
9:21 am
wh gat's ooingron aund the a >> we> we wantou yo tgoo t ce fa.cbookodom/ttaay'ske. tr a itip w6,h 14000 me re,mber toomdd.c ce fa.cbookodom/ttaay'ske. li u i now ylikeou, tana lie. >> i like you too, .al ksthan. > >>tonow he t zaik s.viru as a gngrowiri csisea r ches icameroian susl, jts thiee wks a knyou heow t wldorea hh lt niorgaonzatila decredik za a algloblt heah eremy.genc now tmiransnssioth of e zika vi harus s been crmonfied in9 2 trcounanies der ttoriesri th ugroutho s aouthcameri,at lin icamera,yn polesia and the bbcariean. no iw itirs htingve en crloseo t
9:22 am
ca secq aduire tghhrouua sexl tr isansm isionnla dals uncoty. no aw if zika cinarryg mitosquo bi s teare pangnt mrothe the un cborn childe an batat gre ri sk. ri noght wut abo00 4,0ie bab s in ilbrazne aloh witn bee bornh wit crmiepoclyha. is th is aio serusir bth dtefec th ffat a tectshe n.brai rtexpey s sa fthatoros mteo pple thea zik virus pntresesit wh mildym ssptomlu incding fever, sh ra,oi jntai pn andon c ju tink vvetie tis ork pin eye. someou cesntriep rngorti ain lk eebetwkan zi and ilgu-blainarre sy 'sit rear butt ias het y to be nf codirme t byhe c.c.d. e th h put out a tlrave inwarng tovo aid- - forgn preant wo omenren womin tryg to beecom egprntnao t aidvo ziffka-adecte ar eas. th ayey sha ttom w wenhoav he beenec inftedho suld wait two ar yes to beecomre pt.gnan
9:23 am
. dral natie azarho we hav remo. d >>r. azar has more. t' leals tbok aut theal dlas .case aot l ofeo pple who w'teren yi pangen att ttiono zikaer pced up. cd ccrmonfi isst wa a man or wo wman,one d't know. >> s. ye i >>st wa tmirans fttedrom me sooneua sex wllyho vedisitne o ofhe tse criounthoes wei recved zi ka. wh oeat dats thl telu? yo >>t i givess uor mede evi nce t aboua sciuspi tonhat we've had. th arere ree aladyoc dteumend ca inses the telireratu o,nen i 08 20 of asi phycianho w was in gaseneo l whwasec inf wtedith wzikaamho cace bk teo th u.s. and itenfecd his wife and then re moec ryentl in01 23it weh th lveryarge tboureak innc freh ly poa,nesire the was t aiaahitn n maewhos semen and urinete tesd si po ftiveor zika. thede i tahat itan c be tr itansmwited thlo bod sftrann usio sorlexuaon ctact is notec nriessaly new,un grod kibreaorng, risurp,sing buts a ite stadar e tlierhis inmorng, it's cinertaly ununfortate and we une lcom bnewsseecauhi ts now
9:24 am
ot prs ocolandca prensutiot tha eewe nd tok talut abo inig lht of s thi tbou. reak oe>> ds this anme,r. d araz, so emeonin comgk bacro fmne o of th coese ieuntrths wia zikho suld ma rein anebsti antnd s ifo for ho ngw lo? >> gh rit. we 't don haave ci spefic id gu oancehan tt yetut b we ndinten oin havhag ttn ithe next cgominay ds per dr.ed frien heof t c.c.d. iil wl stateug tho thhat our fr s/iendeacoll iguesgln enand ve ha a pcorotonl ice pla adalrendy, at thahais tt if a whman so ha aum docdentea zik ctinfereion s turnor wveherer he or she is, heho s uuldse a co fndomixor s ntmohs. if aso pern -- if a man has had ntpoteial exreposu,os expure co juuld est bei bngn i anre aa er whe zikas iei bng antrtesmitd, e thom recatmendthion ere iso t wear a cmondo for four weeks, onentmoh. atss iueer he is we don'tno kw w ho tlonghe virus,be nume,r on s is dtilltietecble in slexua etsecr aions endnve if
9:25 am
ca bn ite smtrand?itte rthat nightow is theex n sttep thfor e cdcnd aes rheearcnrs i br tazilryo t toet g asuc mh rminfon atioosas pesibl soha tt th aney cor infmhe tirda guince r fo . us ui>> qckto botmin l beeefore w go rehe. fo eor ppleat wgchin thist a , home chowrnonceedul shod lepeopth in eni ustted batese ab zout rikaight now? >> i think the crnonce htasn' an chalged lt thamuchn i terms of looncatiir, ffst o all. yo owu kn,ra tvelo tre a washere lvirans traiomisssn i onggoin andri bgngink bac thenf ionecti heto tte uniatd stses in a e.issu thone weing n' didt get a cehanc t to aalkboutmu so chod tay is e th ntpoteial,ou y know, suserio co buntri ttion ogun-illoe.barr ithiss aov ming -- >> a mgovin ettarg. >>. yeah th>> sere' aot l more qiouest ns btoe anersw.ed dr . araz,ha t ynk soumuo .ch om cgin up, or"wk aho wil wl licks" made a tv arst. w nos he'ar cving out hisce pla
9:26 am
this."wkoor,"holics anders hmol is arvi c ong hisutla p on cee th big resc.enhe l's aheittle adalthy .viceta e ke cart of whas yomakeu, u.yo ri wnght dour to yon. ski no aveeaily dst moigurizinlo ontih witvi5 nutal ietrnts he for ier althinlook g skinus in je dat ony. av .eeno turanabelly lautifusu re lts generamilll rs isgemovinar cialtifivo flars loand com rs frocereour als. you so l canreove ceal. again!
9:27 am
it s 'cta fa . okindkef lind gra kidsuaeqrels fche tepo suprt. looh, t ok a you, gso treate o seyou! ononeisf thks wor .co n me oin. wero b yughterou hdae toy etto gr yousthoneni opi onouabist th c newar. to p keegsthinia unb sed,we ov remlled a l the.ogos s feel alike. bmw re s mind lme aeittlbi lt ofanike i. aud so is, th carorsuppppts aarle risiop, mens.ap e sh mgetswoe. w. lsit as o ha teenivdrecer toghnoly. eitmuven thtes die ratio unl sethe elat brets akl buced. i' rym veio curhaus w it its. th s is i20the he16 calvy mibu. d an sitlselor f? sitrttaats we ty-nto twvefi. atwh? owoh w. i wmeanalith isl thhn tecy.olog 'sthatam a gane chger. e fl thruu vi bs hits awi, ches,chills feveand r, there's no such thin ag asttle li. flu an eed it n bigds alu soantion: ir antival. so w thhen hie flu ts, ca oull yctr doigor rwayht a
9:28 am
awithalntivirlu tamif. prescription tamiflu is an ir antivtal tha at s tacku the flvirus i atourcts se d he anstlps op it om freadi sprn ng idythe bo . ta u mifl ais fdadpproveto t treathe flu in e peoplweektwo s aof ageernd old e whossympflu tomsar stthted wiin th te lastaywo ds. tbeforeg akinfltamiu, ytellctour do yor ifeou'r eg prnunant, g, hrsin averi sealous heondith cs,tion t orotheake dir mecines. ou dif yopevel an rg alleeactic rion, seve a asre rh, sig orf ns ol unusuaorbehavi, op st taking tamiflu and call ou yorr doctedia imm.tely chilen adrdond atslescenin ticu parlar ma be ay ant crinsed easkri of eizu ss,reonfu consior , normab e th cmostmoom nsi edeectsffre a mild o tderamo ntesea audanvomi ngti. anti-flu a? goivntalir wi tthifamlu. bl geedingums? u ma yoiny th ak it'st resulbrusof thingd.oo har 's n itot. 's a itn siglyof eardi gum e...seas inlister cane(r)p hele.revers.. early gum disease in just o tws.week li e(sterinr).
9:29 am
htweiger watchs s hagechan d.ig weatht werchl-s alwne be ndyo s thelecagr proam tspuhe f tusocn yo ou and not just t nhebeum r ton scahe.le lo wsegheiwht eaile ngti he thiealr, with allew s nrtmaintspo. d anmove more by including fitness winthays watfoork yor u. see how good you'll feel thwihe tew nei wt ghtchewars yobe thendca s proleamgr! in jo fre forwe no and lose 1po0 n unds ous. > >>er andsm holas hn bee st ngeali sscene in s oomeef th sm starte,dg eiestom csedie of th ase lwt fe ye ars. >>uc scessoe dsn'tap hpen niover ght. fi>> arst, look atis h rise. de anrs. it never was atth. at th. r >>teeporndr: aers holmta srted ou t behind the caamer as a wr gitin siasanstt.
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forces with twoel fwlo mecoandis. bl eaknd asoer anndda amev dine to m for the p,groue mal oerrd dycome. >> dealing whit sstresth in e wo r>>orepr:tehe tebir w sserie htcaug thett aonenti of comedy racentl,ea ldingo tthere cnatio of or"wlikohocs." >> e i'vn bee ompredot. se ehe t itsu? >> reporter: the hilariously amuntibisouem teltearkers aren i th eirix sth seonas. >> ou ye'r my eblak is my r >>orepr:tend aser wten oton es guart-st on "thein mdy ecprojt,"s a mindy ngkali'se lov in rete. st >> l wil myouarry me? >> es y, ye s. r>>orepr:tero fm ,tve h moved to ea fture ,filmni joing the ca f st o "thervinte"iew, with ja amesndh. set >> yours is coolnd ain me is ouseris. >> or repter:n the snghariit wh
9:31 am
robert de niro in he"t rninte." >> or f the rdreco, nerev been my turn. >> reporter: aernd ns isow a dyla's man in "howo tbe lesing," pngroviis h work is st ju gngettita s.rted he>> t arere 8 million peoplen i isth ci.ty dssoune lik a lot, right? ha lf are women. he>> tsere a the n?wome >> er andsm holoi jnss u od goo t seeu,yo w >>shat', up ysgu? >> youet twe sedhiometng st yey.erda oi'men th "t"odayw shoor tomrow at 9ish,hi pusngw "hoeto b lesing." ldshouo i g azbl ner,o irsht? i >> sdhowe uph wit no irsht. e ther awast rio for sitecury re s.ason aputhi srt !on i'mkeli, all t.righ >>otprom yingour movie. bu tou y y sayctou ayuall are pr inomotoug yry. bod y >> ieah,mot's orre fod a by da y for me. y >>reou ahi sssrtle a lot in is th new movie. >> ye. ah ou>> y had a lotf ois dinturbg nu cede snesve oher t past, i ldshouy. sa >>. yeah
9:32 am
bo dy. >> av i ho e tbe. it y's m afcrt, you owkn. g i urewp as amm swier andou y we ar eespdos. t i hinkkeliho, tsere aha per ps mtheost erambargssin itoutfs ou t di ha toaeg l up. e >> w jwereust winatchg aoo lk ck ba atou yrer caer. or "wlikohoc or "wlikohohacs" cos be hme ait. th are eerly v osionef th web ri seoues yai s wdasor befer hai dan kema. up ye>> ah. it ee smedik lae if drefent sh.ow >> an c you bveeliere whes it' scome tince dhoseays? >> neho,stly yes. bonlyseecauak ble, adam and ,kylehi i thonk tse guys are az aming. wi th t -heir-'m i rg idinrthei at co s,tail youno katw wh i me an? >> sibe ydes sourkillit wh ac ,ting yeou'r aea btox ber and hayou ve a p?grou >> ofpronessi al,. yeah he>> t group is llcaed, rf pe?ecto haor t tt'sheum alb? >> t' thahes tro g auphend t al bum. wi enth kny de.nnis
9:33 am
t'le tseak a lo.ok inmank od,ut ofin le rrsappet thaon d't ,know my br rsothe andsi s,sterf othe refutu at>> le 0'8s sound to it. >> music orfacty. it 's hip hophi ccagosi de. >> you cant beaox b a lelitt? >> ho witut a doubt. on live vitele. sion >>e rip fruit. i'me her in my tightt sui tsee,hose words ymrhe. >> wast tha it? ha>> tt's ppraing, guys. >> s i'muref ie w h madore time, it ld woue have gon. on >> ,oh yes. >> nseo. >>er ands lmho,re gatse to e you. t"howo be si"nglens ope fe rybrua 12th. tdon's mis "whoorko"lics on
9:34 am
up ,next jimol danre tgatin t uso a livefo percermanhe w wne me cok. bact aboug.dancin w hehinkas tabing sout hits join. but nohew tak'sginoste bio lex,-f d noanciti a rngl eafferdiceenin h jisnt coifoom.rt fethe g elinatoriginthes in areais ... sp s threadhorougheut tbo .dy.. to here, in cidung hilariously high levels of embarrassmentn is sohin. kno het'ws iins workhag by tlookt of t abjecathumilion hion sois cen's fa. weyou mretoade an dilce, ph d. so.ancesh improws jovedomoint cnfort ist 7 jus. day teo oslebi-fx. de t maveo mo. aherersilt pe...e thtctop noam oh tef exstain haperts s meperfor td overhousen t andn staitievaluaons to prove persil delivers a premium clean. 've wedema new ata s witin hsabiwand aoji make t thaouten thansand e.d on pe rorsil pn.clea no yow cau crn teeaou y rn owurtof oalit y oatveliar gn,de arstngtit a2.$1.99 ch 3oose10 of or fav itesnjto en oy oplone ate. pl uusimnledital s adanbrd dseackti
9:35 am
liat oarve g den. r is you so headescongted r it's to eadyodexple? you may be muddling rothh y zy tr rtecto-d fu powerlly yoclear lockur bosed ne and evreli oe yourther lerg almpy sytoms. u so, yobreacan thesi ealler a. day zyrt -dec . at ha the pcormacy r.unte ev ngerythis to kid uch during cold and flu season ickssth witthem. ma ure ke sgethe eyrms thbr homeing 't don a stickround. cl use oroxsi dingnfectict produs. ca be ouse nolsne kilms ger be hatter toxn clor. no t.t ye no t!t ye t pullchhe pea! , mmmmt.yoplai heit's ttle litgsthinfe in li m thatme sake .mileen spheding t wit day nh myiece. t i don'peuse suligrr poorip f, hold ca be duse mys enturewellfit . re tbefo lhosepiittle oueces wget ld etin by ween mesdentur
9:36 am
weventtell finting de letures f inrtood paicles. fjust aabs ew dsuof liper po fgripree c iscaliniprlly tovenalo set ou fmorepaood lertics 'rso you ce morertabomfondle aid confilent whu eae yot. t'so iabs not epout ke myingtu den,res in aboit'seeut kheping t foodiclepartt.s ou petry suligrr poreip fe. sh erouldn's dost ct ju parry ads.arthey cour ry y' fansnspassioho, andpes,am dres maand e,ybha a ce ncat eagrs.tnes .. beca e usouldshs erre mwee adr foeagress.tnot nandr dfuf youdoesker maovup remkeer taall it off?er ev-py kiss,roof cry- f,proo -prostayooof lk? ro neut mgena p reakeur movedoes. it se eraofs 99% yourst smoortubbupn make
9:37 am
ne med anyprooore anf th that? roneut.gena letht momee sntp yotou. t thnolee mis. je the randep gro chewikee 30th a 7e ra-mil nge. e thstmord awa,edre rdwasuing evv er. >> ou ann:ncer thetici crtonce esseri on"today" is plyroud pr teesenod t b youy tici. at>> cchim hrt couid se at a ic knks ,game but y,toda jim do ilanits wh us. 's he e thetixecuhave cn irmaof di masqson guaren ardecaand ble vi 'ssion ceo.
9:38 am
cayou arn he's jimic mus s onome of r you fitavore musics. jdnd a s theghtraiott sht jus asreleed an alm,bu llba!yhoo >>ha t fnksorin hav gus. t >>his has to be a dreame com tr ue,th in e sense that noty onl oudo ye hav thisce suclssfu ba ,ndut bou y oneped for ryeall ge huup gros. u yo jhave cewelgomin .up dihow atd the comup? >> ar we e ndfries. r ouic mus works well geto.ther 'r weeus aco atichend s's tlyotal ou ac. stic >>t' whas theon sgou y'reng goi to do? >>"brette fa ind chchur". >> jdnd a thetr staigh s.shot te betinr fd a ch,urch brette nd fi itn soo bretterc seahou thrhegh t gh liyt b theig l ohtf a si'snner
9:39 am
et b fterind a ch,urchet g on ur yone kes f begor a cehanct juso tan dce swithneomeoho wel bsieve a nd youte betr esconfs, get it f ofr you chest,e giv yeloursf me soes rt wlehi youti sll have e onef lt ve eoun y've goto tiv l weith th ehi tngsha t ytou d,di the cr se yetsou hid ve hean rbfoid t thathe devil gets,word bretted fin a ur ch ch he woun y find a urchch, you wo n'td fin mere the se caul i'le b home, not alone,
9:40 am
a ound yte betr esconfs,et gt i offr you chest e givou yrl souom set resle whi youll sti havene ot lef e yveneou'v got to liveh wit the tshingt thaou y did, the se scret you hid ea h venforbidha tthe tev dil ge tswo,rd bteetrin fd a chchur er nevea mnt to htur no one th in e end,t' thasha wt you ne do a ersinn's past, still gonna pa hey too gdor ldac bk
9:41 am
f ofr you chest geiv yrouou sle somes rhit wle yo tiu slle havne oef lt au cvese e yneou'v gotli to ve twithhihe tngst tha you did there sectsou y hid ea hfoven rbidt tha the devil ts ge rdwo, bretted fin a chchur bteet frdin arc chu h b retted fin arc chuh bretted fin arc chuh pl[ ap ]ause >>jdnd a the sghtrait otsh. an thuk yo so chmu.
9:42 am
t,firss thiis od"tay" on. nbc > >>ov lely esladi. >> llheo, evoderyby. avwe h be aig .show ry very, veg. bi >> guessho w is here, aiagn. >> o?wh >>in col qu inn. ov>> le him.
9:43 am
d ank talut abois h new book. >> ny ate lotryre dam .home >> whone kwer supl bow edn.itio i >>st wa onthere. theyidsa,ck stith to e om pr.pter i'mer tedrifi not .to
9:44 am
a >>fterr youal loc ro fm nbc news tishis "t ayod"it wkah iethee l gfoifrd danod haot kbiv lero fm sdituo i1an rfeockeller a.plaz in>> weay d wedadnesy, febary
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