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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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es guhos w d is toinghe esdish. >>de harorst wkingan mn iw sho bu sssine. >> guess i whosoi dng the esdish. >> arspg.klin ar spg.klin er>> vniy ce. t >> hanku,yo .al u' yootre n they onlne oit wh a ow shou, y owkn. >>an,yway we, o,toav he a fun da ecy b tausehat guyve or t here eris hite wh us again. >>ol cin quinn. >>eb som hodyigh upec b tausehis gu sy i rehe, ,likery eve week. e>> has h a showal cled "top ,"show and he has a pair of cuhand affs,e'nd woire gong t ha urve o w wayith m.hi >> h ore isoi gong t have his y wah wit. us e on or the heotr. h >>yoave eru evam drefed o nn wi tingothe l ateryndov ming to in aig b nsman,io we'll introduceou y to a couple ttha jdid ustatth. 'l wehol s ywou these houha tt ey thec d oidednnd a what they edpassup . >> t' thasin kd of n.fu pe aoplelare pying aot l s ince lthat hastuge wi,nnerre ermemb? >> ahye. w >>e'llw shoou yow ho t add a uc tofh o luxe to your e,hous and h heaske word withe somheof t
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me ti,ro fm mh ariarecay, michael ckjason. yo ghu miemt rrembe a hims a dg june o "x ctfaor," but is he a le argendusy mic ucproder. >> l.a. .reid a >>ll reaicy ne >> so.nice rehe dsses so- - zoog he ist jus like ecperf.tion ll>> a ghrit. wo yould aru core fe somds wor of omwisd? 'm>> idy rea, e.hodi >> licon, manaste. >> stnamae. lo>> cse your .eyes u yoer nevno kw howon stroug y e aril untng beion strgs ithe conlyehoic you veha. >>y m fatevori,as i w hiingf o yourndfrie. ha>> tyonk u. y >>our ndfrie, jill, howon strg e sh awase'nd walll t akbout her usin j at ndseco. >> we l aostoo grid fendhe wre ed he. 'r weoie gong tk talut abohe r. >> w,no klimmet lasghni tt,here wa ts avto docr ren.unio
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ki maheng tnd rounds a b haseen so nnfuy. u yos guyem rembere hrt staned i .r "e." e>> has h a newie movle cald ai "hl ascear." ot>> bfh o themwe shopd u t o ve sa y'jimms .life le tt'sa ake .look >> ,oh my god,'m i g.dyin h >>se i -- iel toul y ,whate h iscr ngashi. hi sid kneys arett shuingdo wn. >>rg oan fae.ilur >>up ser ntvelaricur hytaccrr w th mia. >> h you taveeto g him to ra 'spperli deght. >> youem remberha wty theau tght o us tnvic med alsc.hool ve gi t himhe ppraer's det.ligh ip h -hop y ou't donp sto rock it up -- >> i'm e.aliv >> e, set thald woul kil, meut b m ithiade ivm ale. >>pe rapder's t.ligh
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>> ian c't -- p,hi hip, hip ety ho onp dto't sp arngockiil unt btheangan bogg bondie a j upump th eoo b wgieithhe tth rhym of the ogboety beat. gu ess,what ama,eric weov le u. yo c>> i ran'tbeememrrg geoe oo cl kney anowshell t rdwos. i >>'t can bveelieou y .do >>ha tt's of ne otheso reans i love ooclney. >>th we t oughlepeopsu vers o.j. si nmpso s wasintarttog t.nigh t'>> ins o ,hulu outh sgh,o you can watch .it ybever wodyasho hn see, it and i ow kne sompl peohoe we havee sn wthe holeg,thinai st d i is cr inleedib. e thin actsg i nsintee. an am wda,sho i o oneurf o tv iccritovs, lt.ed i avwe hnee oth of cee s fnesrom st lagh nit's epe.isod it ho sdweci marlaa crkis lngteni j. hi sir f istvinterew wliith s. ke talo a ok. >> t whaut abo youref ltan h d th ere? w ho douid y t get hatin?jury >> i't don .know fi trst iime was in icchago.
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an wd iunas r ningar,ound and i e broka glass. ah ye. en th ofne o your guyst jus llca.ed alactu ily, cut it fobere. yb maope i ienedt. t >>shat'. it >> llwe, i can't .tell d diuthe c h his iandn los an sgele i orn icchago? how dide h ienjur mshielf? y wh didhe ts cop tatoler?e it e>> h t ishe icjue. he rdushee morthan 02,00ar y ds nein ose .ason i >>av heo n ideaha what tt s,meant, bu you know w ihat,t ou sht ldn'ermatt. g hewaot athy witi beaheng r. i hets nong goi t goety await wh ll ki ingher. ot>> n so .fast th oat,urf co wse,as sarah pa n,ulsot beswn kno for ri"ame hcanrorro orsty." >> t thawas cubadi j inplayo.g j. >> the edepisoed end with o.j. tt ge iing hntois boronc and indrivwag aoy t avoidti getng re ar.sted llwe aem remthber at. >> t' thaos s- - ahye t,ishis lyrealng bri aing o loteof pple ck ba tothat. l>> afot o us't donan wtgo to .back osome wf us ierevenvol-d - not in it, t,bu you ,know fdsrien th wie somheof top pele. >> g you uys.were
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wh yereweou re. ay ok. d ann whe v thecterdie cam wndo. so inmethgo t look frdorwa to. do k youannow y ybodiswho a fa st lktaer, ?hoda >> i talkt fas >> we .do i thinky' thereki tal angutbo -- da,da, da, ,da da. >> aew n y.stud is th w is thereashe ftke talrs li ave,oure yad rey? acmasstthuseums, nthber ree. mi otnnesuma, n bertwo. tandheas f ttestngalkite sta in th e ud niteesstat ofme arica -- >> wn'e doeet n adru dm .roll >>yes, we do. >> onoreg. >> why? >> in coloe dsn't e.agre wh y? >>in mtaneso and onoreg? me co on. >> what duo yon meae com on? n >>orew yask h to beum n ber e. on ew>> nk yor t haso bebe numr one. >> d howuo yosu meaomre sngethi li hake t tywanay? e thwe slostke talrs -- tishis t nopr surgisin -- s outh ro ca,linais lou,ianand a ismissi.sipp >> loanuisia. t >>hahey ve a ntgeyilitbo a ut dthem ownerthe. t >>'shere ahy rthm of the ut so chernsitiet' tha ssoh muc tt besoer memetisns, i't ?it
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>> sinpeakgf o amewesoes, gus wh s o wagaon aasin lt night. >> ie havhi notng to doit wh .this ss caidy grdiffo wask bacn o e.t. ho gstiner supl bowve co.rage it wasfl ned mia y.da re he l's aeittl bit of her pe apcearan. >>well, ist way m veryir fst pesubor mwl ediay.da t leoume cownt dhen t y.craz er thse wa auy gn i a s.dres wl sfu ,knowe' wrero fm angermy, an idnma gerny weay s wey onl igetvinter hewserem fro ot fo iballef w lookik le you. >> re thee werpe puptsnd a i ca rn'tyealler unddstanhy w th weere re pppuets,or nid d they ea spenk h.glis dwhat toes hhisave to doh wit sthe uper?bowl >> on i dhi't thenk sw kne what e sh gwasngettio inthe w snhe id sahe were h to this. he>> wsre ito peyn inmanng? wo i lould ove ter int viewm.hi a >>ep laurechrin toed t have n fuh withe r. >> pseropod to her. >> she had aat gre .time ve loly cotsmmen. ytodano is nlt oye win day dn wey,esda i but ht'sump day
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e >> w ahaveer supl bow mm coalercit thajuwas st asreleaned, td iit f rshtig in is th nela. it'sal cled anrye.vill atakeok lo. t whama a han, wt a n,ma w ahat tymighd goo man yes, hes i w ahat n,mat wha an, ma what a ma n,ha wt aig myhtoo gdan m say it again now t wha a man, what aan mat, wh a gh miooty gand m >> m inyfa ce. >> too agsigresve. >> a carha tt d'toesn get radist.cted auto eenmergcyra bking with stpede driantietecon. on a theewll nyu hndai ntallara. >> ,oh ahye. >> he does ttha ltlit -e-t tha li -ttle- >> t whaoe des h do? >> t thalo ok. e>> hoe d hsn'tave to do an ngythi. >> bno, hut iesmu comtinica ng with .me >> with you? >> thattl lite- - >> td he ayouoore t funny. ha>> tst wa .cute n >>extee we'k wll do ape scial
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ovmakeaner, fd iou y andr you si icgnif oantther are in sttereed, go to gkl & an itd h the cctonne ttbuon. we ld woue lov h to yave couome d on aown bnde made ,over baby. >> yeah. ou>> y h'll tave fo oillut a aformnd sends say a o.phot ne fi. weo alsee nd you -- eonveryase h sta ory. or sties, pl, easeyou .guys yifouav he anpi insonratial st oorynr a beunablievtole sry ke li o thenee w hadt lask wee wh aere youngan m found his ol bialogic mom andhe tnis h bi icologaral p gentsotar mried dedecafts aheer tvey ga u himp fo r adonopti. y ifou gotet somhing like that ly ingouarnd, peleas go tohe t same wee.bsit ni'moiot gngsa to ty iga ain. j>> iust want toe giv ack qui uttriboe t aen frif d othe owsh. er the's a bifeautirul glam ned ll ji inbrazcoski-lynnol. w ient t tohe cnayme lais nds, iand met hernd a herut bea iful anhusbard bn t i they,lobbnd a erwe whae cgttin andta g.lkin i ed lik her so chmu. i ug thoheht so's s sweet ando s full of ,lifend a w she asg,youn
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en whas i win givheg t sp,eech i me re imber ldocke eyeh wit her, an d iho t wughthym a ip u here d an whysn i't shep u here? i d sai can i say soinmethg? j iust mets thiea rllyoo cl rl gi. e' sh bs atrigh t.ligh e sh hash suce lif inr.he sh ame cpe u and spoke. iw kne nngothiut abo r.he sh ame cpe u to the umpodid, an th asis wrs yea aago,hend sd sai e thto docolrs t mde i haveee thr mo tnthso ,livend a sheai sutd b wa i ont tl telyou thsomeing. i e hav thees btba husn nd ithe wo rld. st andup, bart. ev neeryo apdeplaud. e shd sai i'mor w hkingard to lp heer oth pe,ople ahend sd sai i'mhe t ieluckomst wann ithe om ro. l idooke at her, s andhe s.wa ,like youw kno when youl fee -likehe- ss. wa s >>hexu eded roswi. sh se waea a bulutif pe.rson s >>ashe wbe fuautil. iea lrned yrdesteayt tha she ss pawaed ayte yesrday inmorng, an hed st lefin behod sy man ie frnds andeo p wpleovho l ed he r. h weerad hn o theho scow a uple imof tes. th s is i swhathe said back enth. i>> sytaos pivit beauecse to me like it's the word .life
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>> ifou y had the medical prleob tmsthail jl has, who dnwoule't b snghakihe tir fist odat gin sayg why me? bu ott n r.he >> yusou jket tave e mryenom t, d anu yoerchh is, itdanon d 't rrwoaby t ou sthe ttuff yhatou ca n't.have sfocu onha wt you do veha. >> j she ustvelis, and you go, ,oh'l il heav wtha s'she >> go , girl. >> herom mte wro oner h ce fa pbook tagehater hgh dauter en sphet tt pasix snd aal a hf ye arstl bat hinger lnil wessith gr ace,rmdeteioinat n,r,humo and rogene.sity she says our jellyea bn wbeill gr yeatlse misd by fyamil and fr siend s ashe's tedouch tlcoun er ev hyoneeeas b inn awe ofer h tybeauh botid inse andou t, and as er h ermoth, w sheyas mt bes ie fr mnd, ynfcot,idane lov of my li fe. he igr lhtl wil cnuonti teo e.shin ur>> oov l aendye praors t her mi faly. ok ay. >> s ihene o of new york's ne fist. we t'rengalkiut abo colin inqun. w >> ahat e.segu >> d fin out why he h toldshe key
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>> nekleex, pe,leas y.jerr k thansoyou h. muc oy>> b'r, we te inleroub. e i drivracea ve ai have drir. namehis ca is rl. t bu nthat'stot whawe a avll home in cmon. t wetoalked our ors doctt aboutmtreaent wi elth ltxare is o enprov toeatrd t an rhelpeeduc skthe rit of dv andlope btsod clo. xa reltoalso is ve proren to heduce tis r sk ofoktre in eo pwiple ath fib,noust ca bedy a t hearlvvaobe prm.le opfor peh le wit afibrr cuweently ll d managefaon warrin, e therimitis led rm infoonation how oxarelt andwarf carin iomparen re ngduciis the rtrk of soke. u knyotaow, arking w farin,had i eato d tl withhat ood blintesting route. i dncoulav't hale a hesathy whenlad ieverd. wante i fod unotheanwar y. ye eaah, trt tmenthwito xarel . safhey,fiety rst. ke lilo all bhiod ts,nner t don'akstop treing xa lto thwitaout inlk yg torou ctdoasor, hi tys ma crin yeaser ou orisk a f d bloor clot o.stroke il whnge takima, you y sebruiea more ndsily a tit mayngake loor er fbl teeding.o stop xare ltonc may iyorease ursk rif odiblee inguf yo take er cin xa ltre oan cau cerse s iousan rd incaare ses, ta faeel bl.ding
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h athireillsm, far i spicees thsp ofice e. lif th wat'surhy oftsm craeaen sevson usery saperfage y.ectl so y anou cou coax t t greaor hi shlle fair. rmcausbe'se itrt wog h doint.righ at hi hillsm,re farre's the a oreasonw ur sloted roaseyturkst taree so fsh
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e reths sultmeare sotothing savo r. hillshire rm. fausbeca e it'sh wortg ridoinght. >> you mightw knool cinnn qui fbestrom hisim tein behhed t ch anesor dstk ho"wing ndeeke teupdan" o nl"s." >> ou y don'te hav aet bter urpicte? a >>ndor meen rec ftlyorla pying aimhe wre i scr'hume dsad in st la ersumm'sck bloerbust in"tra ec wrk." >> h nowase hea s tsonwof ois h fu wnnyereb s ciesop showhi wch ve giss u ain behd thece snes lo t ok athe making of a ctfinaio plicole amdra. >>.okay at wh is onwrg? th cee seene nds thsomeing. >> no, ion d t'tnkhi it does. >> t wha am issmiing? ou>> y needn a acobstle. ho w about a cold? a>> co?ld
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t>> i't won beis dactrngtit a l. al hi>> t as isas tk force. ewe'rng goi toin fm.d hi ou>> yow kn, he dsnoe't really -- >> i'm sorry. bu dtyoo hueav a ldco? >>cut, cut. en sce. n' dot ovimprff o oft wha hes i do ing. >> ks looe lik n.fu ll heo, colin. wh rey a you?back >> hi, esladi. >> so seawon t is cg ominup. y >>otou g red.newe >> ahye. >> s it'tt prey omawese. >>.yeah re>> a you freer onhe t web? ca un yo w dovehateer thk hec you wa nt? >> .yeah n >>neo ols telou yt wha to do? n >>neo ols tel yout wha to .do >> lyreal? ot>> n a monilli inop.ions >> se whoni opionsyo do u care t?abou >> nemi. yo guu ys. >> we're big. ah ye. 'r weghe tit. .yeah ou>> y getel c tebsmeo coth on e web. th aat's big deal. yo t u gey jerrfeseinld. >> he ty't done hav to goer vy r. fa ow>> ho d gyouethe t gse tuys o yjoin oounhe t show? >> h eac one tlpraty, at'nd is on te of thoseshingre whe you
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ve ha you to askm theor f ae fak da ante, hed t ynousk a for a dfakeate ictwnde, an the ey th l'redockey manor f the th ird one. t if shey yay fesorhe tst fir e, onn the'r youe wescred. >>.oh do r youyealler unddstan? it no>> . >> i't donei .ther >> i'may sing i trickhe tmo s thenhe trd thie tim theyee fl ba d. >> w how youldouet gto us o ben ur yoow sh? i >>ld woul tel u,yo y,here we' sh ngootit nexnt moh. >>,ohe w t.can' cawe n't. he>> tn aon m fthromow n- - a nt moroh f nmow iel tl you we're oo sh tingaiagn. >> o, n h you tave hath.lunc mbremeer? >> t the hird,time i igo, e hat k toeepin askg u,yo bute' wll sh ootth in edi stuo rightft aer yo hour sndw a i ttakes 20 mi s,nutech whi t itakesee thr ur houts, b you say 20 mis,nute d ann the -- >>pl peooe d it? >> resu,y the .do ltheyove me. ou>> y gotry jer seleinfd too d . it e>> m j and aerryre tight. >> balasicly youal c ylour ie frnds. t' lees b ho.nest al>> cnl i fa.vors ll>> ari ght. ewhatlse y areorou wking on? >> s it'ot n ghenou?
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>> i justid d mytl litewe nk yor y.stor avi h ce ae ouplroof inns i the re fi. t >> mhateanshi notng. yo otu g nog.thin >> i got enplty. i n gotngothi ibtangnole, . >>o s youe havan hfsdcufo t your fhandor a re.ason os>> mtpl peoe ,do .hoda ou>> y al ghl rit. w >>e'reng goio t do mesog.thin e'>> wreng goi toer aft co cimmeral. we go're taing bke a.reak e'>> woire dng twome segsntit wh m. hi it>> weh thdc han.uffs e we'rg goinlato pgay a f me o adcharesh wit those. >> an hfsdcuf and llliiana has ot heran rom vtictialen dne'say wr dz. we be'll ht rigk. bac at thig's nea tiw ac dveaily moisturizer to brighten dull skin. ck pah ed witoxidanti antn vitamindc, e aive actlha. s it doe more moithanizsture,it ctiv ay eloothsm,esboos rtsiancade,
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>> > .oh >>e' wacre b wkithhe tta sr of op"c sowsh"ol cin he is going to get us ha ffndcued. >> they onlay we h isng goi to gi ves u the key isf ihi katnde a ani cct a out -- >> .wait is s thi the right? >> t in'wosht .ut n>> yo, gou tot dooha tont e. it et's bter. >> h you tave doo -- >> tlexacy. >> id neet i -- >> f unnyinthg. h >> weree go. >> yeou'roi gngbe to s.orry er>> h we'sshat'oi gngo t enhapp. co lin has got in thatat hhe tre ar ive fope c owshs. ?okay a weoire gong tss gue ,themnd a we g're toingcto a itut o to ergeth. 'r weoie go ng tplay cdeharas th wi u,yo okay? >> duo yote wha yverou ntwa.
10:22 am
ok ay. y?read h.watc ay ok. .okay >> ,pull ,pull llpu. >> okay. >> c you tan'talk. >> okay. >> d howouo y sayme rhy swith? >> d howuo yo sayme rhys ?with >> youno cant lkta. >> drt.agne t >>wahat s rrho.ible ok>> ay. we got it. ok ay. wa it. no . hi>> t ns isot inworkg. >>ai hawi -0five. i >>'m rrsoy. hyouave m too suchtuff there. i' som rry. >> .okay go. >> oh. >> pdny .blue >> h, oh. yea t >>he badge. >> warm. he>> tro i nbadge. th ade bgen o the t.ches e thas bre-t - the badge. e thie shld. the ldshie. >> hi>> t ss isexo ngciti. >> l iwhike oden hepa kes
10:23 am
>> 'r youe a notedllow. >>no. >> atwh.ever oh>> ,pl.ease ow>> h iss thi everoi gng to haen? >> nypd uebl. erdagg. the.stab n. gu e.knif kn ife. e.blad eblad 2. >> ,oh lord. >> vener. ne ver. >> first rdwo. idsuice. ll ki. .kill t.shoo ll ki. oh ! t goheo tt nex e.on rosf torehere ao nre mo. >> yes,he tre is. s >>top tag.lkin >> okay. oh ,hi t -s is- >> oh. t >>he .arch th e h.marc pd ny blue. >> no . hr>> teeds wor. i >> ts it ohreer o?tw >> blue ooblds. >> ihi tnk tmihat ghte bne o rd wo. b >>lue blood.
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10:26 am
> >>s it' wines day wedadnesy, an e'd weare r tdyola py "who ,"knew s and tinceheer supl bow t is hisndsu way,eug thotht i wo beuld t funeso ttou yr owkndgleofe he tig b game. da ho isos acrs theee strtth at e op sh at 30k rocea rdy to hand t ou 00$1 tony abody whoet g tshe es qustiongh rindt, a t for hose thatt,don'ou y'reoi gng to get
10:27 am
?okay re heit wh mes i nbcpo srts oranche dav gsbrig. he y, dave. go o od tyosee u. >> at gre s toyoee u. gr teat o >>dahoou, y got tirhe fst i >>re'm ady. wh at'sou yram ne? >> ciy.nd >>he w are yreou fr?om >> coecnncutit. >> d i'tonno kwf i y couanee s nourew .digs it's ale whoew n world. ex eicludng s uperbo wwls,hat or sp etingvent hasad h theos mt tvwe viers ien thte unid atstes? ex dcluser supwl bo. i ishet tly ompic won'me fsurige inskatg, nba nafil,r o ncaasr ri splunt cupb c se?ries >> the nrascapr sintb clu esseri. bu [ zzer ] >> itwa, wait,wa it. ye .ah >>ve einrythsg i revelati. w >> leoveca nasnr o nbc, but, 19 94. ha rd to bveelie ist war fou ho tursape ded.laye p to fmoive atst w pchedamrogrs s ins portorhisty.
10:28 am
rr ke,iganya tanar hding he sc.dule n sevesweeker aft a thekttac she ca me ckba, wonhe t srilve l.meda omawesmoe .ment >> you ,know ias ps dhyorot mi hallld chi hhoodevome daery y. lo i -ved- i .know w >>shat' your ?name d >>uane lkwaer. fw loohe wrere a you ?from >> wadelare. >> of secour y,ou are. riall ght. wheree go. tthiseam has won theos mupt ser wl boha cnsmpiohips in its an frechisst hiory. is t itewhe nla engnd trpatsio, e than sra fisncco9e 4rs, or pi urttsbghst rseele? >>ts pithburg strseele. be [ ll ] es>> ys!, ye yogot u $100. ou>> yne kw t hatone. >> .no i ld wou haved sai the pat otwrs. d itidn' know atth. >> potatri hsave wonou frce sin 01 20ut, b the serteels have won si fx o theig ehty' theveye plad in . ey th f wonour in a x-si syearpan t inhe 7019s. tthe twoeamsth in iser sup wl bo,th pan hersnoave ont w a su boper wl. thenc broavos he won >> ahye. i' map hpy for thean psther and
10:29 am
sit'sore g tato go. >> y onl 20rs yea d,olo s it's lstil -- >> yeah. >>s it' new. s. ye >> ayok. l alt,righde ho. >>ha wt is your ?name >> mia.kael he>> wrere a you omfr? >> luco.mbia >>n i 2015s thi brandup sower bl r adveeceihed t hstighein ratg on he t aus tayod ad meterie vwer ll po. do s,rito eibudw oser,r atfi? >>,ohy m negoodss. wa ts i fiat? s wa it? oh , wait. >> !yeah >> ry eve wbodyantser hk. boo t >> inowas t .fiat th keginf oee bsrs i thein kg of pe suwlr bo ads. dw bureise f wonor therd thi st htraig .year f13 ohe tas l 1t6ea yrs w ith rtheit los dogad. >> t tha mwasyor fav ite.ever th eey'r not dngoini alsmaga ain. >> s it'ea a tr they t hadoshe ltup ppy who fo hund wisay .home >> and theor h wse saso pphay. >> yes. e thehorse cam to hisef d ense
10:30 am
hi ndm, ay the wdalke himac bok t s hian hedsom r.owne ar te rkjeer. i >>st waer a pfect mmcoalerci. >> ist wa are gat ad. >> let's go back to aat gre wo man. >> se we coe a oupleemf th. lo wokt'han s i theowwind, .kath alookhit t splace. it il's fledh wit .us l alt.righ at whou's yr ?name >> erkimbly. >> re whe y are oufrom? >> okspane, shwaoningt. >> okspane. he ere w .go eth vceinom libardro t iphys bmadeyha wt jryewel mpcoy?an yka wejeerlls, ja ored,r antiffy? >> tiy.ffan [ ding ] >>.okay a >>rill ght, .hoda th yoank u, ybeverody. ff ti any,yeah. lo o tiy'ffans madeve e sry uper tbowlyrophn whe ist wale cald e thld wortb foo calliohamppnshi tr ,ophyna re tmedheba lomrdi op trhy in 1970 r,aftef osecour, th ate lree gatke pacrsin vce arlombhed i itsen sev inpots, a22 nd a ihalfsnche s ofinterlg lvsier. i >> s've eenemth. ah ye. >>t' is a aubety. ha ouve yd hel it up?
10:31 am
he day, ve,at gre to see you. megaus micro pcedu rl.a. rdei is he .re uspl,ou yon d'te hav tbeo a lo ytterne winro t live like e.on lwe'lw shoou y someil m lion ardollas ide to create your eadrhom rmehtigft a ters.hi ,looke thaswolf wfing huf andg.puffin ke y lio ou dmesometiras, g?ndpa ll ween y, whavou h,e copd c ite haan bo rd te.breath it e can bo hard tair get out, h whickecan mahard it ato i also i tto mked cty door. e sh...said symb t icorhecould lp you the breaerbett, artistitng wmihin 5 nutes. mb sydoicort t reesn'eplac re a inhscuealer r fo ssuddens.ymptom mb syt heicorprlps ovide if signt imicanemprovent y oflungour ct funion. sy ort mbicoris f copd, in includrog chbrnic itonchis and emphysema. sitd houlbenot en tak mo n re thae a twicday. mbsycoicort fntainsteroormol. medi s cineorlike flmotero in tcreasek he riseathof d fr hmom astoblea prms. sy t mbicorincrmay ease ryour lisk offeung inns,ctio os osteoporis, meand so pro eyes.blem yo ldu shouyo tell octour dr y ifave ou hara heitt condion igh or hd bloorepressu
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10:34 am
>> au> mavb he i a poalwerbl ettick y inoural wletin hopog t twinhe pojackt. >> n eve if you don't, you ob pr dablyedreamut abot wha you ul wood dh wit the nemoy, even if u yo ever won. f >> i dyour ireamdenclu bs aig tibeau ful,homell we'w sho you w hocr to aeateur lux sious pace on a smallud bgeth wit my erlottyre dam homeos hvit dad stbromad. >> t wha f aunho swor fou yo t st ho. s >>fuo n. geto tbe aar pt of onsomee's re ally ueniqu wtheyilin mslion andli mil ons doof s.llar an>> my ofhe tmom ce fromy ver lehumb nnbegi,ingsri ght? ll>> af o emth.
10:35 am
>> s thiouis yrir fst co,uple an hed toty g toee see thr erdiffhoent mes,t?righ u yo g are toingoes decrib them toanus, e'd woire gng tory to t refigu w out ohichhene tosy che. c >>ctorre. a >>e re wg goinooto l wk athat th amey come frst fir. >> te whaver y t>>s hi wistha ty hemeca omfr. wit vasyer hblume beginnings. abprobly 1,200ar sque etfe. ey thse raide fivhi cnldre erthe. >> wow. od go for them. >> neinsa. in .sane tand wheyon 80$1 min.llio er>> h te'she firste homt tha ey thck cheed out. 's itle calhed t breow c stranch. te sll uut abos thi one. >> betiaul.fu wit sas oetn a wit aasolbseluty dha aom cetple abiraan ncrah. it d,ha ,likeas msun amo otsf ac e.reag asit wun st.ning i anme, from top to ombott. it e hadthverying thathe ty edneed andntwaed. asit w eogorgus. >> a howre their kids,th by e y? wa e ary the grown? he>> t gy're.rown ti'llyoell stu a abory t oueon th
10:36 am
se cond home. >> tibeauful. it c wasetomplely inmaedtain. w itloas cser to ,l.a.o s ist wa a lelitte mor peexe,nsiv butt i swabs autolyel eogorgus. it hadwi ngs. it leritlyal had, li,ke ngwis. >> ha wt dyoo uanme? y>>ou walk in andwa it s like -- the east wingnd aes wt ngwi andth sou wing. >> okay. a >>nd lylast, t'shere shiometng ll caheed tle eagre's cst. >> e'eagls t.cres >> bett i has are gat ewvi. t >>wahis ns o topf o a mo inuntad , anthis laliterly ca itme w sh anow owpl. i >> tstha a mieov thr?eate h >>as aie mov thr.eate wh>> at? >> had a rkwotou omro. it it lalerlyas w like a lodge. li lltera y ae.lodg >> i bet iw kno which onehe ty edpick. w >>hichne o wouldou y oochse? >> if ie wer emth? oh hi, wnech o w ioulds? hoo hi>> wo ch dthyou think ey ch ose? t>> i think cheyhose rese,nity e thon secd one. ec>> s ondone. .okay w>> i houldave cnhose thest fir on er o thehi trd one. dwhatuo yonk thi twohey uld
10:37 am
i >>'t donw kno the pe,ople ho da. >> ou y are ally b uryo.self >> onale. >> their fst twose hou wsere tabou 2.5o t m$3.5onilli. e thon secoud hasse w $5 llmiion. hi>> wnech o dheid thoy cose .in ea>> sgle' >> he tas lont e. >> he tas l te.on $5llmiion. it was azaming. te liyrall -- he>> ty'll beap hpy e.ther ow>> h w can te dofohat r r ou miown blseratte lilile ves? >> allt.righ we 't donav he mabiser leli ves, but -- >> i do. >>ou yri're ght. a >>at greay w t aoddn a pe exensivk loo a tooony rm is -- ovi le .it >> ses.cond . go ou>> y t aakeernothll smace pie of inmoldg, and youai pnt the ywdrlaln ibe eetw an, indt lksoo keliou ye'roi g tngoav heer vy ex nspee,iver v yaubefutil. w >>hat did you door fhe tse ro oms? >> e woo tkwo t refo afursnd we setd i thtogeer. ke ta t itor youoc lal dry neclear.
10:38 am
>> x fau furdeoulicis.snes w >>hat dido dwiyou hith tgs ru hdownere? >> se the a arellctuao y tw rugs toput ergeth. y ifanou cuy't b one wrug,hy nottwo, e,threr o four a nd etcarppe tauc, dt peta. >>wow, david. h >>yoave omu sice ne arkrtwo in e th.back ri>> p fntedthrom e inentert. sy ea. u yosecan t'e, ils al gidital. y >>anou cd fin out moreut abo tallhattu sff on my lryotte dr heamomeda friy n oightn tvhg. >> looks for levae'ntins day, d an hist gif is dveisco nringew ta .lent mtheehan b tindhe music, l.a. id re. s hesharee somiestors. i >>bit's abg, by. a >> tfterhis. s it'aball thout asat b s i and rrwas wo iedt aboudajoint mage. docmysator joid inint pam ra fro acan ben of sigst exiing dajoint mage couthatnlld owoy get rse. rehe pbed scrielenbr h tolielp repaineve d antohelp shep furtmager da.
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. . . . . . . . . . . . th lte resusos are thmetoing savor.
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10:42 am
i ts he mheanin behdom se of th e bstiggeam n iesnus mic and mesof oethos mtop parulon sgs ev er reedcord. w >>ee arta g,lkin of urco se, taboua. l. idre. >>e wov lehi m. h >>ase hor wwiked heth t's who o whof ta.lent mi aechjal sockn,tn whiey
10:43 am
st ju toam ne a w.fe >> l.a.s iin havuig qhete t ca ,reer and heri w atesll about it n i his newoo bk in"sog t me, my ry sto of making muc,si infindg gima ac,nd shiearcorng f o wh is next." he>> tle tits i angs lo t ashe .book ha>> tst waea gry t, bwathe y. >> hodand a iot b fhoundhi ts ok bo to be fatintasc. al reinly sttereing. er evngythi youmi prose ont tha ve cor. yo elu d iiverisn thok bo. ev oren fpl peoote nn i mtheusic si bu.ness t>> ihinkn wheou y lniste to th ame nhaes te t w twerengalki ou ab jt,feennir z,lopeih r, anna aemichckl ja son,eejayz,ia marh re cahey, tlly aav he a tdhrea at ths runou thrgh emth. a il sim tthatdhrea- - >> t whait is ? te ll me. >> it's a.l. reid. >>oh,e com on. i .wish >> is it you. e'theroms sngethibo aut it. wh ouen yr heanga so y, doou th think aat'st, hit' thas a t, hit' thas a t?hi >> c ianre pttyuc m htell. 's itte ininrestg.
10:44 am
hii tfnk oel myssf a --ou yre a in goog tnk thi'm i ryeall y.craz cyoueut m ,openou y knowha wt u' yolld? fin -ya 16olear-d.d ki >> tshat' l mikee. >> t' thast wha myau dteghray s s ab out daho. the malusicte tas of a ea16-ydr-olrl gi. >> >> . >> yavou hrke woited w mh soany gr .eats gamonm thetn whiey ushoton. yo lsu aalo tkbo autt wha you say wa nes o mip,sste t andwahat s ha hvingiter sow d wnithne dia ersawyin duratg thck cra is k.whac >>ia dne srawye is edincr,ible d an ink thi she did an in ibcredjole b. sh se wa anelegt. washe s nssee.itiv idi dn'tno kwha tthi w htneyad somesuises. i us jtid dn't owkn. >> e wer you notnd speing ehnoug me tih wither? yo reu we hn'tngeari ttohe s?ries ou>> yow kn, iav heat gre re tilaiponshuts, bet somimes'm i
10:45 am
wa o nt tgo ooat far into pe 'sople pnaersol lives. >> it wtasn'ou yacr ple. u' yon re astarti. u' yoryre ttoing ab rehatilite he r agime. >> n whet thawas cgomin o outf he mor wuth, yereou t dheregurin th ine ietervw? i >> wasat wgchin o itn caamer heon t mor.nito ha>> widt d you k?thin >> myou mth drd.oppe i ulco'tdnie belitve . , oh my d.go esh n didayot s atth. en th f ieltha tt iai fled her ca be iuseea rllyug thot ht i was lamy poce tte prohect r, right, an od tte prollct a startis,nd a t not jus eexpos them, you ?know i t wan to s tellheny shi agpacke. >> ghrit. >> d i won'tantbo anyody thi tnk ithatt's piexred. >> orxp e yloitour own starti. ha>> tt's nyot m thing. >> melichaks jacon was o onef ur yonds, a youcr des gibe toingo rlneve aand,hend terre w e a lecoup i ofesnter tingiestors. on ase w i dtidn' rzeealiha t t aemichckl jaanson rid pncead h a va rilry. wo yould esu de crib ywhenenou wt inhe t -re- >> ien th 1980sha micacel j kson panderince wer - pop- ablrguay th ige bgestrt a iistsn the world at ar a platicumer ti.
10:46 am
il"thrler" or ur"pple rain." w itaras hod tt bea .them i dtidn'ea rlizet thahe tasre w anyvarilry, and i'mot ne sur th atwa it s aiv r aalrychs mu as asit wic m hhaelgavin aun f mo .ment o>> s m thetomen - was- >> t andomhe m ent ywas,knou ow, e'ther fs asamoueo vid on ut yo oubeamf jeswn bro owshnd, a ch mi waelnas o s wtage jithames n,brow h andnee kriw pnce i wasn the diau,ence and henv i ited ceprin, up and, you know, it sn wa't- - i love pr.ince he a isutbsol melyyor favite starti inhe t d,worl t,righ but it wtasn' his gesreatt y.da aemichotl ge somck chu olesfut o it . h >>se wagl gig aingbout it. yo eau hrd allut aboha tt ,bass nmegy netraindr, a you knewha tt wa s one. ovwe le - w-nte wa remo. >> ou y kwno whols ee we velo? ou r dgou ismorr. d >> won't leoveg douismorr. ou shtt-ou to ugdo. lo fo i y arentou iteerest d aall in ic mus orus jnt i human renatuhi, ts is aat gre book to re ad. a. l.ha, tounk ymu so ch. >> ie lovou y guys.
10:47 am
>> ex n tteim imeco,an i wt ne wi. >> yes, id.ndee >>on day't s .it w heants my stuff. w>> i yantour stuff. w iantr youre sec tucsae. >> m weighte bableo t s ieef yjerr g canetou y a ttbole. es>> bitt wheh t book. we love you. wo i suldheay t tltie, butt' i s o totela. >> vantlee'insif gitts wloh a t
10:48 am
c.nb n.agai h ere we go. wa nt taro het whaewe'r st lig enin?to >> yes,ha wt is it? >> w.wo th sat'sa uch sgoodong. >> o s cute. lieov .it l >>oveev ner fails.
10:49 am
va inlente's ftgi. ithiss a heartdp heahone li sp.tter >> thats ife perorct f you and el jo. ro>> fazm amomon.c. if w youant toe giv a fun rs peizonalifed ghet, tse are afengrited wh aso pernales msage at ths sayay alwns o my t.hear >> myus hbandse us emth. >> nk fraid dt tha ahell t time. he ed lov them. t>>hese areea rlly .cute frompealrsonticreacoons.m. y ifonou dav't he a yfbod,rien yo anu c buy oneor me $9. yo u canto cusmize m.hi yo wau antlo bend y,gu auy g thwi asgls?se dan yanou c put -- he canng bri youlo fwers orri bng you ch atocole. t >>shat' etpathic. i' akll te .it >>nl oy $9. an hid ts is a funif gort fou yr ug da ohteresr bt ndfrie. th aesere iephonas cesro fm sk diinnydoplonn. u yo canus czetomim theit wh
10:50 am
i did xo, orou you co ld d your iainitls. >> y ver.cute et>> lal's touk abt pas.jama th ese areis kins pr jt paamjamasjapamas. an t'd leals tkut abo .this is th isls afro om pe alrsonioizatn cthise,andl c youusan bh itnd a th ouen y pour itr oveou yr rt paner. a leittl ssmaage.
10:51 am
th ere am picane eopltcan'af tfordito wa i for tdeashatso gound n od or,pape w but illr neve imaket in e threal world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespe telyedneras a caise wan't it. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt'tanai wt. anwe ce mak prealgrros esghri tnofow per aopleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
10:52 am
e[chendrs ala app use] nn>> aerouncod: tnay oha racel ra .y.. >> aerachl!
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