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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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it wutho wainrng, tornadoesea tr across th soe h.ut a church torn apart as pe ioplee nsidedpray r for > >>piwiutng ozi ka. e th traceoom cbat the vi s ru iatts soceur. da ys before millions of tourissttt aend one t ofhe rlwod's bstigge celebrations. and the hidden war beinfog iughtn co itmmunies amid an id ep temicishat he t nu omberonne c fcernor te von rs inathe 'stion t "nightlyew n bs"inegs right now. a>>ounnerncom: fr nbc wnews orld quheadrsarten i new ,yorks this ic "nb tlnighwsy neth" wi st leoler ht. >> od> goni eveng. fa acingri pmary sh wnowdo inew n mp hae shir sjustix da roys fm now,on dald tr isump tngalkibo aut a dor -oveinow ia er wh ce heame in se pcond blaced ehin crted uz. he 's ainccusgru cz o f inplayrtg diriy tcks to l puloff aymond's n. wi bu umt trnop's t the on anly ctedida disounffng out abo
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or st tmingghhrou new shhampireh wit ad win at his back, and a target on his back. hall tie uellss remo. r >>teeporhir: wle re icpublpuans hesh aad inew n shhamp ire, lddonamp trurk spaing a fenew itud we h th whman ato be him e.ther tohe st,le i ad,ding either a newle enctio ou shakld tace ple or cr ruzules atsre llnuieifd. it ne's of o trump's harshest attacks after one of hisos m t iogracomus m. ents w>> i tanto racongtetula. ted en>> brs caon's aicampgnus accing cruz festafrers forir dty ic trks. tr caump g llinotit ver au frd onto bosn he ralddirao. o >>fne o the most di ussgngtihi ts ngvei' erevee sn. ey thd saiashe w it qu ttinghee rac and vote for m.hi thhas isss cro tedhe ne li foru?yo >> stlien, lddona's in ltsut s ge amorend mo re sthyiceral. th ree mo and more up t se
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i >>nk thihe ty're ve fury nny. wa i pke u every day an ugd la th athe la testng thion dald s hatweeted. cabeheuse os's ling it . r >>teeporrur: cz n' isdet uny r an stinveioigatutn, b te laay todso caridn sa nhe'sauot lg.ghin i >>clt's peear ople ietrd to take advantage of the si iotuatn. who tried to distort fo iniormatn. r >>teeporrur: c z's lsrivain pilong . u >>atltim iely think g itbaoes o ck t iwhat saidfobere, a willingness to say or nydo ag,thin inhi ts , caseadspre aal fse r rumot abou ben rsca. on r>>orepr:teco mar bi ruruo, tndmp a the oreste f thdfiel cu foonsed or zaganiontitr, pum ef beuping hish wit se phven one nkbas, lu vorsnteem fro four esstate. her thero funnt-rsoner nadominnt ien rect ll pooms, se blestaenishmt nd caesidat n maya eed ha nd. an d jebh buss i agskin itfor . t >>t o ge ibackn the si bu onesseaf cr ating pmorefueacerll wod. ea pllase cp. >> or rep tter:htonig sh bu t andeshe r t of rehis icpublivan rals ve ha l aeittls les co itmpetion.
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pe ex tctedoro dp out ni to aght,ndd ranl pau sp sud endehis cigampan to day. ma fny ois hac bkersn i ne mpw haeshir here peexedcto tt shif r theiorsuppt to ted . cruz al>> hjalie n,ckso an thu.k yo th deraemocts are ad tringe somf oir the ar sh apestksttac yet ewin nps ham.hire e thersands campai sd othe g aug he fu aind-r bsing oost rafte the uscauc$3es, iomill jn in24ust ur hos. we m getorero fc'm nbs dr anitea ml.chel >> om i cree hel wel -- r>>teeporher: t mo deiccrattl bate in hanew irmpsh e is inheat, g up twithhe ca atndidodes toiay gng r afte oeachthers a ne bever . fore o >> spei hoke we ep it on the is,sues ca beifuse t' isbo aut ou cor re rds,hey, i'm in go wg toyin b a nd lae.slid fi amor a tiposive, pr ssogree,ivco eminoc ag .enda ep>> rr:ortein takg ataim thean sders mm cotoent nbc'sas cey hu ftnt alier c nton edcallse herlf a og privresse. d >>u o yok thin arhilliny cliston a reproge?ssiv
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en wh shenn aesounc at thhe ss i aro pud mo tedera. en thue i gss sshe' not a prssogre ive. t>> i ihinkst wa a go dod fayor pr reogivss weshen i helped to get 8 llmin iodskiea hhlt reca. >> ep rteor r:avdioing an embarrassing defeat in waio,li cnton cesom to n hewpsamrehi behind by double di .gits shcan pee reat her c2008acomebnk wi over ckbarama oba. i >>te lisnedo t you. d anhein t prs,oces i d founwnmy oce voi. >> reporter: this time her campaign is trying owto lerec expontati s nsagait themo vernt se tonar. >> hi tiss s aepte climb in new mp hae.shir ithisrns beie ersands' yabackrd. >> or rep tter:hat pr edomptde sano rs t clsay n intowas ltinsu ningew ha irmpshtee vors. >> hi i thank tt ar ntgumeth is lye on re wasone're doing we llop hlyefule her in hanew irmpsh e is usbeca're weome fr a ig neinhborg atste, is not talotly tr. ue r>>orepr:te attacking r her fokima bng ig y monehein t pastro fm id pa eesp.ches to l waletstreks ban
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'v>> ite go a real leprobmit wh .that >> or rep tter:he pr reessu o isn sa s.nder e if hn'does wt doell re hee, thoa retd gs to r ughehifor m in daneva,ou sarth caolin an dey bonond er sup es tuwiday orth me no miesritiny, ma ck bacling n.into d antot,nighl bil toclinn is cigampaning s in couthinarolra fo wihis fe. asde san hrsasus jt be acomegh touer al cherleng g, heot etsecrvi serce pr tiotecoron f the t firs ttime.oday andoz dens of conlint ai hades veve dri fnrom klbrooowyn nbe to th wi i herrn he aicampgn. sh e isel dgayin a ndfuai-rngsiri ttop bo astontand s iyingn hanew irmpshw e no ugthroe h tharprimy. >> re andtca mi hell twithheeb date stage hi beernd h. a mire,nderhu cck todd an dhe racldo madilw wl de mo trateheat debe to owmorrht nigm fro unthe siiverfty o new shhampeirn iamdurh at 9: as00 e tternime. >> te> la word that the incrimexal sual as t saul acasestgain co anmedil bily cosb mwillfoove d.rwar ju a hadge tsnhrowut o aen defotse mion to
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s date tbacko .2004 c nbhastepgonie isks idoutse e ththcourouse in rrnownisto, pe lvnnsy.ania st niephae? r >>teeporoor: gd en ev ling,r.este , welldethe efensm tea r foby cos wasry ting g toets thi case th rownt.ou th ise dttricor attney 00in 25 pseromi tdheir ntcliet tha heou wld rneve be crghaed imcralin fly torhe xuse aalauss oltf an eadr. te inllhig tmo getet s r focia l visipoonti. wehor,vehe t jgeud reheea h trdwo flul days of testonimyro fm atth district attorney saying that he alactu dlyt idn'find en eoughncvidee to os pre ecutcathe se. an hed ao lsidsae h ntwa tedo catre aen environment to give andrea some form of justice,ut b maulti ttelyudhe jge de d cide tthat whereas t no allctuay a bngindi ispromt e noto ecpros aute,hind ts se cal wilgo fod.rwar u yoexcan pectsb coy's te o am talappet tha sidecion. s >>antephie skgo , k than you. no tw tohe mridai st myovery haer wewt bl ana gilet ho t inhe de si of ase pasnger
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it ld coue hav abeen rr ho aificenccidutt, b th arere gengrowi fe itars c aouldlso bhavecaeen busedy a bo nbmb o.oard g we tetheat l oestn e thstinveioigatnro fm c'nbs kier simmons. >> ep rteor tr: he moments after an explosion ripped a hole in the side of a sspageenair masks descend from 12,000 feet. stmoas pngseser st ngunnially cm. i >>rd hea aig b .bang esmok erupted. you know,e w cldoutn' se yte an fhing aor few se s.cond r >>teeporonr: t ight rtexpee s aryistudng th age imores fue cls. i >>t'sde evincem fro thetu picresm fro the ex ioplosppn haened in side out. ooit likks let i ig oredinatid insehe t bi can. >> or rep cter: iouldt ve han beeab bomr o a il faofure theanple? a 74om7 fr hulonolu st lot par ofts i pa gessenorrs tomn fr
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01in 21, a sweouthst ig flroht fmen phoix to crsaenam ltot osrtpa of r itsf.oo me fatal etigu was bl .amed thentt aedempt rr tem,orisha ricrd reid trying to de tetonaxp evelosisn i hi s shoes. inand 0920, a de t-troid bounplane, dhixp esilosve inis h de unr.rwea theic deve ilfaed. in solimaa, tyhed tol nb wsc ne nohr sneapl has been found and the cause is unclear. bu tht eou crynts i home to al qa a-ednkli ed extremists, dansi is claimed its bomb blew apart a jet in egypt stlaye .ar peexsrt h sayhiad ts plane beenin fly ag at erhighit alt ouderhe t ex ioploscun oc rred erclosth to ele fu ta inks,t mavay he ersuffheed te sam stcataicrophe. fat nenbc ws, onlond. > >>ssacro the utsoh, mi nslliope of aoplere ci faevng sere wereath ce onin agaer aft a esserito of oernads
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ma daasge lght nit. as snbc'ac jobas rcon rtrepones, oth of e rd hahiest eat ars was th ale smln tow of ll coilinsvle, mi sissis ppi. ep>> rr:ortere the was no e timeto b idafra, ma ayny snl, oyim te to n. ru hi>> tors doe heris stjulo bwn t.ou >> reporter: pastor wa rdeksic h andis fe wiie julpe jumd de under a ndsk a ay pred. wh s at itheye prar? l >> sord,usave . ve sa . us ha>> tt'sha wt she pr .ayed , just, lord saveus. d anhe d.di ep>> rr:orte the chchurre whey thewere di hing, weho wver,as no t al rel theui bgsldin rn to to sh.reds fobut er thai flthfu at ir fst baisptt, er th ae isso lesnn i e thlerubb. t >>s hat' twhathis st s orm't.abou e we'rg goineato lrn to k wal gwith aod,nd yo gu'reoingo te se etwhr heweea ryll libee evatwhe w say we libee.ev >> ep rorter: a nearby neighborhood in shambles. for some, trehe is little wthorsa ngvi. vicky and her husband
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>> hi ts is the shworkop. >> or rep tter:nlhe oy uroomchntou-ed - us>> jt a .roar d ant a loof akshing. ep>> rr:orte and reseveth weaser i on th e .move as flooh fltcd wa hes waand gsrnin fore mor 2thanll0 miion am anericons ale g th east t.coas wi th eowhitut co ionditndns a icy ro s adin sthou koda,ta ll fog owin odaysf heavy snow. in the h,soutoz dens ofam dagedr o de rostd yemeho as,nd fl ngoodi leftds roa this 92-year-oldad h eto bes rcuedm fro her me hobo by at. wi oull yui rebld ?it >> oh, yeah,ll we' ilrebud. r >>teeporn r: i ll coilinsvthle, ey su edrvivor a t nado th ates doytred tirhe ch ,urchos lingos almt ev yternghi. nobut the tir itfah. o >>h, my gosh. ithisghs risit inde ou usr hoe. r >>teeporonr: t ight in a region realy adso ba ertt bedyer seve heweather, trere a new re s portorof tesnado. e th seeverea w ther atthreti cong nuin nioverght. ca lothl auieority s sa it is inamazng, i all
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in thesouth,od noby s ha rbeenteepord ju inorred le kild. erlest? j >>acobas rcon ghtonihat, t nks. wi ikth zsea cas on rithe nse i idflora, to day gnooverrk ric sc deott edclar a pu hblich ealt geemerinncy r fou un co.ties e while'therncs coern ab touthe virus' ctimpa on theme sumr ym ol ipicsn o,ri br iaazilfin ofs cial ahavee mored immiate al che,lengro pintectg e thiomillns of ur toistsiv arring for ivcarnthale eeis wk. e thrtrepom frothe ci haty ttht's e ic epr entehiof ts tb ou.reak r >>teeport'r: is just after dawn, andhe t tt basle i rinagg against the zika-carrying mosquito. he dalthtmeparent rk woarers wimed th ta funks ll of st peesicidin racgo t yspraee strtsnd a parks. he>> tos moequithas tt y flndaroul wilbe de . ad r>>orepr:tett akiacng th e mquosoitro pembl he irea s gbi pr riio, tycabee usisth ekwed enesthste etres
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re mon thall1 miion lepeop. th wiprout tiotecon, al tl ofhem are e thesistournets kw e ths,risk c butame an .yway i >>'m ungsi bug saypr to try tove prent ge g ttin bit. ep>> rteor hr:s e' ingotog ee nitd . li anke my sqmoesuito, they breed this water fandislourh in sa unrynitand consitio. unlike other uimosq, toesthis ec spies bites during th dae iny east odf sp inikatg aw dann d aitolsiv lesns ieid homes. d an scanveurvi under be onds, s,wallnd a in cl s.oset eo>> pprple e ovidit wi veth einryth g it s.need acin fout, yen oft ll wi f not tindshi uimosqnlto uess erths e'laa erg eugnoh mahupon lapuontio t su n staiit. ep>> rr:ortese the mo tosquieres we de wiadspreth in e icameruras dthing e 30 19s. aggrsies cvetron ol rteffoncs, ingludi the in ctseidice ddt, dr caasticully eit thr po tipulay on bthe 0 '7s. t buthnow e ey'r insurgaig agn. to thday tte bale plan om frlt heahff olsicia osin lge anles. >> li eteminaqu mosito
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th atea mnsin takg ck bu fets,r lowepo,ts h,tras ycrepseshabl an ttd geriing df o em th. st ngandier wat is wh ereos moequitays l r >>teeporr: sc isientayts s the ttho ierget itsn ilbraz andseele,wher there gater risks th ese mitosqucaoes n re spisad d.ease nenbc brws, .azil re alat ester hei rtrobest dur is now stone loep ctoser a rsduplt deeadui glty in new orleans today itoeglllyal ssposies ang th gue wan fos d unenwh rsduwat srr atees d stlaar m och out f nccon er wheldoule fe th e cotruny. deuna r eapl de,al du t rsllwie b se enntd ce mtoe oranth veseyen s arin ispr.on citldouls aclo rea e thy wa rtourethin m lto aoselng tes foeac iatrfol trhe 2000 ermurdfr of siendusan be .rman still ahead to ghni tt,heea dydl emepideaic t ring lifamipaes anrt i new hampshire. and thcre iaucrol le it la's p oyingen th mp ca taign. rail al thso, isere a 3 $6llmin iottloy er
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t ouasto c.h it >> lc> webaome ck. wi llth as eyen o new ha irmpshe'e, wre tu g rninspthe ghotlit a onor majbl proem hi g ttin ihome tntha st ate. w neshhamphaire e s on heof the higst drug di adn ctios rateper ca ipitahen t onnati. d aninpollg inec rent mo hnthshoas sruwn dg us abe ishe top t co n ncerg amonrsvote th ere. nb cs newio natnal co porrestnden k ate tsnow walks aith mi faly looking for
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ca idndesat. r>>orepr:ten ocoa ld urthaysdig n ihtn n ew mphairshe, sanusll aen samuel ander h n,so jo fe,d inr theiatses at j aeb bhus cigampan t,evenve drine her by e on datomining e.issu >> who wldouhi tnk atthhe t cirldhiou wld icstak ndlee ien their arm. ep>> rr:orte w joeas di ad tcted honeroi for six s,year dooversing l at teast hreetimes. t >>s hat'ethreim tes en i upded in the ho alspit. pr i lyobabrd ove osed tmorethhan at. >> l youevive ery ni inght fe ar. si wafr aaido t leave my.home >> or rep tter: heir ihomes ndlodeony,rr a sm all town. bu yt iftaou srt kias angunroatd e'jamis ,cafe you'll find out quickly al emostonveryee her kn soows e meon ggstru wlingith di adn.ctio r ownee jami hturkad f toaire cook re lycent. ro hes in >> iem rind theid ks atthwh, yenouav he an diadioct yn, fouhtig th fat tor rhet es of ur yoe. lif ep>> rr:orteth at e nd lorronderey fi pa dentrtmest, lar yea rtheyndespoo ed t82 er ovs.dose
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remoha tthn eea yr be refo. >> i saw one or two oh ye thar, asat w a t.lo noand wt' isar upwds o ofnelm aostve e ry if sht. er th de isitefinely a pr m.oble r >>teeporowr: nan cle twfor aro yed s ana w ne jdad,oers hea of heanotatr deh of he aroint lmosy ever , weekall of his os clfrest s iend from shighl choodeare ad. ha>> tt's rdha. y >>oukn ow,t jus lo singeo pple th t'at-imps colylete ev prblentae. >> or rep fter:ngindi ea trt tmenin new ha irmpshn e ca stakeix we oreks e. mor it's whyan susnd aoe j e drovilto h lary in cls ton'toclinen th ne xt ghnit. >> t whado yout wan to he roar fchm ea and ev onery e of?them i >> wanot tr heat tha th eey'rng goio to d me sog thin'sthatng goi roto p tvidemereatnt. i wknowee hav so myan he otinr thoigs gnng o in s thirlwod, but at whoi's gn ng i our uncommy it aisar w, to o. we're losing our kids. r>>teepor wr: aar in th ale smwnl tos of new shhampanire yod bend th heat tnty wa the
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ka snte ow, nbc news, lo dendon nrry,ew >> wh> wencoe bmek ac re heig tonaht, e rar
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htcaugvi on deo. >> t> ye aernothry sto in the nfl. ff sug erin frome.ct he wasen k stleabr, ethor fmer qrtuaerback who played 15 seasons in oa ankld, hstouon d anw hwhenee tideddi c ofould n la ercanc,is h brain wa ams ex binedy re chsearaners dho swed he hade,ct bieeldve to c bedause by pe re bated tlowse o th .head >> > in licaiaforn, go od ne/bwsads new st y.or e thodgoew n sis, someone hos lda lo y tterettickth wor 3 $6iomilln. rc pud hase alastt ugus hiat ts el7-even in anlos s.gele 'shere b thead wsne. if thene winoer dsot n sh uowyp b 5:00 mo to, rrowhe or she will fitorfe the check ja t.ckpo > >>xtan elyremeht sig ofout zo ariorna f the rs fimet ti the pcubli g isngetti a video of
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ja iguare n thtrcouny. e thcabig ltivesn i mothe inuntauts soh of tu .cson ashe wgh cau t on racame by ns cotiervatsonis who sayag juarse hav all but dpeisaparedro fm u.the ues. d to ha t bitaloss and po lapuonti coront l. > >>enwhe wmecok bac re heon tight, we take you to washington. wild things are
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we ll. > >>in ay citha tt's ed usst to ar wepo r, inwash hgtonas aea rl atsensonion its s.hand the'sewhe nest mrembe heof tda panam fily at e thonnatial o.zo si ncein mak hgis bl puebic dut, he's ov pr pidedylentf o ramemomoble s,ment and etwe g our own look nitot ghthwiet per alexander. >> rorepr:teme acari's favorite toddler, now adrefoy hir s cl e-osup. at washington's national zoo, we're inside bebe's exhibit, today working on his smdintouch, inasoug r ca ramen,mand a po teli tlyinakag psas sonetweot
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totoy oyccup hi m. r>>orepr:teit wah name that means pr ioec useatrresu, th bisr eais a gift. thfor eli milonsho w re aly adiccld ke stoee m.hi ha>> w tt dohey keli? h>>se' got an open pe onrsitaly. ve iryuenqz ti,ffer vy cu ouri s. mont ahsealr wdyith ghenouda panor ptstrai f toanill bualm. stthe k icof bteutr w no 25unpo,dsut b ilstmel inltg arhe.ts remo imrtpotlany, he inlpscg ntie ists asavesp s.ecie >> t areyhe tiac ve, thare eysl ngeepi? ey thlo're gokint a di inalviduav beh iors eafor ch an,imal but 'rtheysoe alki loo ng owat hy the tein. ract ep>> rr:ortet tha in rateioctben eetwn be be andom mha perps st mo ruinste.ctiv wi othy nl1,800s pa indasen th .wild it es tak ala viloge t ra ise a panda, cl ing udin60 ntvolu oeersifn shts gl toued the panda ca ms. cumetilylous mgakin
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ev tenughohhe s seples 20 rs houay a d. >> there's a lotf o eeslngpi. but thenou yee s bears in bearg bes. >> or rep wter: dhilead re lycent broke the in etterntt, gemoing re an th 55il mlion ewvis, hi oys bea alrdyas h fa ns infatuated, ase h lphesci stiens stketa ndpa oas snepte further from ex titincon. pe ter aldeexanr, nbc , newsinwash gton onnatiooal z. t >>s hat'one cute ba by. >> m > i'erlestt. hol alfor l of ust abc n , newsanthyok fou r wa hitc, ngd anodgo t.nigh ri noght nw os newiv3 le at 6:00 calls for help dedelay. wwhatentng wro? mwhatetro isin saygig tonht
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.park sonow ewme n e andinxcithg tings aapre hngpenir theate thl wili gmananou w sema i- -ne makanou wt tto aakeon secook. > >>tiet ong tnow bl. yodou 'tnav h tessueh t nafireco. thr eaerth aeor mha tn 400 diffentrept onio fsor youo t erwag. an d apo a -logy-n a agypolo freom mtro about t oheeutag sym.ste ies'm jsica me.oor >> m i' jim snyder. tonight metssll sti't can wknowthy iic- - still dn'oest knhyow w it hneapped. 'sit t ouropry sto at0. 6:0 mafatima rahahtull ise livm fro rometea hrtdqua.ers 'rwelae gaud eupack etno's- it ubackd p anburun 'st itd kinof seunngttliy the'tdonow kn why itt went of ep>> rr:ortey thee havn't deintermheed tse cau ysare thelylearchlit
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