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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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hbackeer"nbc gh ninetly wiws" th ka note sw, re inportnig tofrght om nc maerhestw , ne shhampire. >> od> goni everong fm hemanc.ster w asune cownt do to tu y'esdas rs fiimt prinary the onnatie , th tipolifical heght is wi grong in sicrea inglysenten. na doruld tonmp cestinu eato ld pothe hells bure, t o wh will staked,econrd thi, or fo ?urth y todacathe atndide o wh adrew lo at oftittenon co omingf ut o , iowao marco,rubi is fa acing ur flf ry ockattas. onand d theraemoctic si de, be srniersanded tolme da to y he in thhiks tces ra is mu loch cser tthanolhe phals tt ow sh him ah ofead la hilry cl n intoby do dubles.igit avwe hl e alt of i recover d fo toyou t nighnnbegiing wi heth t pu reanblice racand nb gac's be gu retierz. ga be. r >>teeporatr: ke, go veod e.ning owfolldaing n ys othe ri se, o marco rubionwas fe detonse day af ruter g nnint righ to inis chr ri ch.stie the crowd at this r supe bowl h watcy partrenow ady fo r ot anmaher r joowshwndo on tu y.esda
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fu oturee n th nelida, torcy mao ru dobio d uble , downyisao ng s what e if h stickso tria scpt? >> s it'reinteg stin rthat ight anow, lfters ast' t,nigh y oh,ou sa heid t same thing e threour fo imur ti'es, inm gog s tot ay i n.agai uli woy d pa tthemo ep keni runhang tipt cl usbecaate th'st whai li bepaeve nassio.tely r >>teeporutr: bio rub edseemtl ratured ding last night'seb d ate, atrepething mee sa he red arse flineour ti mes. >> 's letpe discel on foand alr l with this iofictatn thac bark ob doama t esn' know hwhatdoe's ing. is thio notatn th ckbarama obasn doe't kn haow w'st heng doi. anyone that believ es ckbarama oba't isn in doatg whs he'g doin uron p dpose'toesn de unndrsta. t >> ihere, t isthe me zemori-sd 25d econ speech. th itere is, ybeverody. >> reporter:ub r io's aicampaygn s s he ex celled on other ecsubjucts s h as igforelin pocy. >> ro ter nristnsatio. r >>teeporutr: bis h op nepos nte aranbrngdi hi im anernexpedienc bo rot. e thtahashg ub #ritioblenz tr ding ocon smeial dia. >> hi i thenk tle who ce rang chaased lt gh nit. usbecau e yo tknowhere wa mas a amrch t ongs isomee n thtechatring cl toass in anot na serutor bio. i k thinr afte last t,night' thaers ov.
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stchrijeie, shb bu, d an kjohnh asic intoutecg exutive ex ripeceen. t bu dit'sd onalp trum wh sto's thill e on frnnt-ruerer h ae by mwiden.argi s histlates jabat bu resh dpew re ated bo os. >> iequt. [ ngbooi ] a>>ot lf ometi as, oflot es tim -- r >>teeporn r: ot"mee the s"pres he sc ded ribehehow 'd fi teght isrrorts. >> ou i wrild bacng bk te wardrboa aing,'dnd i g brin abackl helof a lo rst woane th te wardrboa ing. ha>> wtht's rse wot? >> i'm not going to de ifine yt ton ou o pthisamrogrt , bui would be very mu ichn vo fa gr of boingd eyon rbwateinoardg. r >>teeporodr: teday t uz cret greed vs.oter k>> iinow av h ae de bbate gut ioot t t gethisan f tasy bafoothill tng ghrit. >> or rep ater:s a pe suc r paunannoced is thn plaunto rs thi gaad a rinstioub tonight during the pesubor .wl despite the attacks ru drbio ew pdacke cr aowdset on ofis h ev , entsyoone g un woman erovmewheld, ma ilny w tlingo loover rok a ough tedeba. i >>hi t ankot lf o
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ey th't don c getd c toe hanginmy md. r >>teeporher: trere a il stlol a vt ofs oter f upraor gerbs he. w a ne opollodut tay fr onom mh mout eruniv ssity thowshat ab haout f lf o blrepu picanryrima te von rs istthe ate n ofamew hrepshiti sll ve ha d notedecida on idcandate. t >>s hankucso mh. a ndgroue gamhere in h newhiampsre in iftensfoied e r th crdemoasats l wel y toda bwithe erni ersandlds hoa ing ancomm ldinginead new ha irmpshe. ll hiclary n into amade tsidetorip day. etwe ge morheon t mo des crat kfromenrist erwelk. >> or rep wter:twith o ys dail unt n theew ha irmpshime prary, secraretcly toinn ki ta dng ar etouy toda to ap a b ctisth hurcin rg laely caafriern-am ican t,flinhi mic gan, ctimpay ed bxia toc te waisr cris. hi>> t ns iseaot nrly un ptacce oableonr wrg, ou tht gh iotis bh. atwhap hnepeind nt fli is mm ialor. >> reporter: clinton's si visit deedgno t
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in s keys tate like south carolina. critical if she loses ne mpw hae.shir t buclthe nsinto aren't ginivupg n o th ane grstite ntvolu aeersoire gng do o or t.door suher atrrog e in f,chieme forr president bill in cl rton,isemin cing t aboustthe whate ere he ou famdusly bbed elhimse f thbacomeck ki eld, h tpingo ta ca hpulto im tthe pr enesidcy. >> s thi99is 1 2 on oisterds. yo edu nere to d sponon st oier, dsd anu'yo ll venerer etgrt. i r>>orepr:teil hryla cltoinain trerls bnie sa s nderhein tte sta, cl ing uding amonn,wome cland n intoheon t ta attrck, tyingo t painersand ws aseek oron f peigny.olic he>> teare rislly n't an ndy kifo of n reig cypoliwo nethark tt is su tipporndng a siadvienng s ator sa s.nder r >>teeporanr: s ders ngfirik bacheon t ai tr nl inew ha irmpshe. w >>heas t i warn aq ir. wa i ghs ri tt onhat is sue. hi arllcly toinwan s wrong. >> or rep hter:ngaili om frgh neingbori vermont, sanders is leading clinton by double digits in the tela pstlsol.
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peexenri hcee,er wa nggier hwn o comeback in 2008, at bebaing orack.bama wi 8 th 4s hour t'tilhe im pr mary,voany ters l stilngmakith up eir mi nds. wh gat's toinglpo he u yo tmakehat de oncisi? i >>ll reaedy ne to lo gaok at in athe eaclain prr raoganm d e ththheall. bil e thosthare o e tw gsthint tharei'm ally lo g okinat. >> or rep nter:ow, wh seile r natoersands il sts l hazea si able hlead sere,taecrery cl n intopihas uckedp ve seinn pon ts ithe pa ewst fs. day .kate ri>> k wstenr elkehere in ch manr.este be srniersande de maui a qetck dour ou nt ofamew hrepshi w astoell y nework ci o ty tarappe on "s daaturghy nivet li" st laht nigng alo side lhost darry.avid 3 bya.:00 sam., s nder bawas erck h ne inew ha irmpshe. ca i uughtthp wi him mthisngorni a andsked ab a out e rangof ecsubjrots fs m hi " "snl tstartourn the ba fttleheor tal feme te vo. de mae leinigalbrht, fo srmertaecref ry o at stase, wng doi an ev foent llr hiary cl n,into s andaihe sd er tha e's iaspecl ac pl he infoell r me woo n wht don' help r othen.wome s she'intalkoug abt
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i >>nk thit' tha s an unfounrte atatstenemt. me wooun shelld hp wo men. wo shmen houldelp men, me oun shelld hmep won. aweowre nki talng ab thout ese prt idenof e thedunitte stands, a pe sopled houl make r theisideciason bed w onheho tiny thn k ca do j theesob bt. y >>e ou'v tbeeng akin hsomefoeat rer foign po .licy dwhatu o yotosay iccrito s whyosay u n' dovet hawl kno?edge hi>> t ws isi hat say. i asay,'s, it ns no.ense y,i sait b, he's t me saum argusent ed ag t ainsckbarama oba 2 in008. wh to issehis r,nato is thng youat senor? oehe d hsn'tanave y riexpe wenceith fo n reigcypoli. dn dior't wenk th. n' workt wo. now dlthird y an most rtimpoy,antl m theost im anportret foign li posscy in ue ithe rnmodeto hisf ry othis co y untrthwas r e wain aq ir. ay ok? t no donly vid iote ag t ains wthatar, wh h ics wae thghrit te vohe, i llpedead th poe oponsitith to at r. wa h >>onold . it waec a sond! ee[ chndrs a pl ap ]ause e >> w jwereust ta g ablkinout
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h,coug ahand ske. >> y areurou s e it 'twasnou a cndgh a a wi ndpe aha a ske? n>> no,o. >> re aou y f a oanf "c yourb ur en iathussm?" >> ho i t iughts t wa ofone b theest pr msograun arod. lo i itved . y >>seou u wd to atch it? >> . yes hi>> tsts muso be rt of re suroral f, youto ve hary larid davng doi onyou tu "sa nrdayight li ve"? >> re suroual we ld ban rsundemetatent. >> l i'l mhaveofore i myvinteritew wh rn beanie s ders to owmorrms on nbc on ree mot fac to idconss er arsvote theadheo tol pls tu y esda smoreisnow t onayhe wer hnde a ugthro nhoutew en d,glandv aieisors an rnd wa iingsffn eect fr ewom nk yorthall e y wao up temainor f nethe ayxt d or so. e therdcoule b iz bl czardtiondiinons s partof caloast ma hussacs,sett ss po siblenow atsmoun e rang tfromowo tou fr ch inesn i newrkyo, ur fose to inven ches in an mtechesrew n mp hae shirupand a to ifootymn pl, outh acmasstthuses. > >>theea rnsctioe wer sw anift rod stodng tay af noter korth rea la edunchoc a r tkethat th n.e u.ur secyit co l unciedcall a da oungerves moar towd lf go omentnuf a rclea ap wedeons rylive
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itfor rts pa u the.s. wa ornedfer sious co uenseq.nces etwe ge morghtonit om frly kelon o'd.nell r >>teeporrar: b zen national pride today tinlyighttr condolle esimagle, ceiobratn in no korth rea. nd cotiemnat on athe un nitednsatio. hi>> t ts islyotal tr ouusageo. and ceunacleptab. r >>teeporear: lder ki ngm jo-un defdie the d worlnagaiit wh the gaillengl lo of a long ngraroe etck. ju ast selattelihe ty id sa. teaffor nurleucar st tehes, teg risime evbelio ed tbe uipursng smsysteha tt co d ullider vea cl nuweear gaponreat st dis,ance in vi ioolatn of mtiulepl u. ren. tisoluons. t soheur secity co l uncillca aedn em geery ncetmeg,in ra fre aor suaynd. >> he t crenoanet b si bu anessuss ual. >> mb adoassarsm fro e th,u.s. janap and so kouth sarea y all5 1 me mberio natnsde conmn e thh'norts rteepead atviol, ionsand
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sa onnctis. a >>s a rekoitan, is asad,tlmoshe pattic to rg uthe ste eat ce atlebr oionse n th etstresf ogypyonang. >> sthamanowa perd sai hi ntgh io's co atoperision it cr aicaleend no ds t gnrecothize ope sce of th ree that. >> wi we omll ce fo arrwwid sthetomnghi ug toh. w wecoill orme f ward swithhiometng recompivhense. r >>teeporr: staecrery s of jtateohnry ker edwork p thes hone y todaeato ressur li aljaes, pan and h souta kore tthathe edunitte stalls wi fe dehend taim aganst h nortankoreea thrt, an ad in new lodevet,pmenks tal ll wiin begco to ernsid tt seuping n a acamerin made analti-biclist ilmissfee desynse stem ov heer tea korn ni pea.nsul te ka? k >>elly one'don illn inwash tgtonhtonig. > >>datwo ftys aer th owat pl erfu hqeart iuaken serouthn antaiw theth deaol tl t is atleas 32 lepeop. re mon tha170e hav en becu resroed fem th inremas of aig hseh-ri ap enartmilt bu ding
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ny mae morstare ill ap trped. ykellob caiell thtonig heon tff etoort d fin smorevourvirs. >> or rep hter:inang th e,erhe t rcues er yssa. "w ree'lm at oserth"e. af r teinbeg tppraed fo mre oranth 24 ho s,urhi tmas n is finay llfrd,eenj iedur aontr schet, ert bu ivale. uerescelrs b mieveore th 00an 1pl peoree a st ill edburi. y,todae mor ctvis.orie ba bbyugro ohtut iv alnde, as thilelitt .girl eabut igch d is erdangous. th ebl rubse i st lidrilorng f one rv su civor pouldut an r otheheor t re rsscuems thes elvein rm haay's w. ta anin's mayor says it's taking eight to ten hours toea rch chea person. twhenhe 6. eauarthqke ckstruve, seral bu ngildilts titeed, n um cr, blednobut s ne a asbig s. thi th mentounai ofeb dris igso hh,od bs ieveha to bete lifd out by an cre. la restive wngaiti to
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w.belo isthot mrhe dsnoe't know ifer h -y 20olear-n d sois al ive. lifami wesedorri and ie gr ovingn iwtaan's esbiggt family ho y,lida the lunar new ar ye. da tocey's atlebr ions onare ld ho. 's iten momts like es thate th oerffop he ei thver loesd onl wil bees rcued onso. ke lly bico,ella nbc ws ne. o >>f ne othege bigst risecupety oonratis of th are ye is under way no rt fa froanm s cifransco,al t king t abousuthe boper wl. th y e ba iareas oo flwided otth ny onl ffansarrom toundhe co y untrabut si masve te f am olaw en emforcent miguel almague r pores rton the challenge of keeping erevneyoaf se. >> reporter:hi tiss wh taty hemecaor f. 70,000 people stamreg intoinev ls i' iustadm. lla mimoion ilre fling th sae frn ciano scy ba eaaral, eyl oesthn e pe suwlr bo n butot erevneyoer hwie blle wa ngtchi g theame. he>> t are's o tonf
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reheva in s riou ca cipaesti. r>>orepr:tehi ts officer is witsah n fr ciano scd.p. eithter oamf ta alcticde, unerrcov d anifunmeorofd cefirs sc nian tng chewdro. >> ot nnghian com crepa heto tli milofons op pehale te t arngcomi .here ep>> rr:orte t heream, on te of0 he 6ciagenes cu se tringamhe ge. t >>eche sy uritis ju opst tch not. m>>esake melfeaf se. it w'st hau yontwa. wit'syohat peu exct. r >>teeporodr: t ay a fi brnal ngiefi in this ancommntd cen er ian un lodisclosed oncati. s unitpaare litrolng th bae any lod l ca wa rwtes,aynd aly fg in uinsoniinn blackhawks crisscrossing the air. customs and border protection blackhawks like these will often rkwon iemtandin durg e thr supe.bowl they are some of the most highly qualified r aianteams re iywhen e cothy.untr th cois icinic akty mes it ym a stabolic rget, e onicdifftoult ot prect. slevi'sum itadi s 45 miles from san fr ciano, ascpr slingaw ea warh it shonoagrte
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>> li we n ve ian un aicertrln wondd, a evthe tentshat ha edppensa in n rn benoardi i andn paris have certainly ma s de u cmorectonneed t tobihe f t, tohe no rnrtheif cala orni girealonnt ielligence center. >> reporter: together os thene ag fciesace th gge biseest tycuri ch leale ng tof yher.ea e onamtero pctteg ina se ofa an fdus ngri a game where the stakes co 'tuldnhi be .gher fbthe li isngeadi the op ioeratren heth on e ndgrou. ey th t say ihere s no kn own kr ibls re ibcredle skri. ey tho als shaay tt le vi's sumtadi may be e onheof taf sest esplacbe to ig tonht an reywheth in e un cotry. >> en> whgh "nitly wsneco" innts ueisth su ayndro fnem w hampshire, beyond the qu ssintealenti new anenglaud behety t ru st eggleedndur byo s ma amny fs > >>and r,late how th oweir ean crtytivi h isngelpie someo pple wh e o areither mehossler ovili ng
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gr r eateessuccs.anso my me esssag t butalhey l
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ripaiss li > >>e we'r wbackanith e issu hthathoits me fo ir anasncreing nu ombermif fa iliesn is thte sta. pian ec demierof hoin d anidopioic add.tion prthe enesid tial ca atndidaves hkee tan te noit of . crted t uz alast gh nidet's bate ridesc hbingatis le lfhate sisr's ex enperice. he n re ihanew irmpshe, u yot don' thaveoko lo tofar d finlifamies aksh tentho r eireco. >> ll aig rbuht, y.dd owshs uatwhou ye 'v t.go >> reporter: kelly and radou neverxp ed ecte e to bngcari t forheir
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la , ndonr afteinraisg ur fols girth of eir ow n. t buinnothoug abe t th slasteaix yasrs h en bedi prelectab. ei thder elsast, rah, nt wem frotopot pa llinkitoers en sp $dinga 100 onday inhero. w >> dhereouid y get th onat mey? >> ot a ldi of enffert in thgs. listeaonng mey, os prtitituysng m elf, me sog thinnoi'm t pr ofoud t , bud i diit iwhen u wasngsi. >> t andthhen e anunplprned ncegnay. i >> h wasg opinthe ba ouby wctld ay uall he erlp hd , an ithent ok loiked l we itas. bu ent ther lat s on,he utoldats thry eve day fo r r heakto tree ca l ofn,ando w she ould ve hage to ght hi at so oime pnt. >> d theseiseaso is ro stng. ep>> rr:ortet' thas en whly kel r andadu to usok c atodyennd st sa h ra ftorilo fda or eatrentmt. th sey tayrehere aew f tiops on nin ew hampshire. t innohe svew-cored wo hods,n eroihas fo a und hofootld. >> hi i think t s is rtimpoant. >> iwht's tuy sarday tothe f wn o
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de ngbatiti putsing ade 00$50,r 0 fo secoun.ling ljohnrre faisier on th hoe scoaol bndrd a op pr tosedeahe m.sure d>> i won'ttoant vehaeo pe plmecoo t yous, owu knly, on the wn toe sidheor t olschoe sidsaand y, lo whok, reat a you gu oiys dbong ahiut ts i and t don' twanto sa thy noing. r >>teeporarr: sasah h sbeen foberoror me an thda 90 ys. >> ou in alr re ity, walsod e haomto ce to te wirms s th ishe co diuld e. y >>tiou shill tnk at th? now >> h, yeaau bect'se is enhappeving daery y ar hound aere,ernd h friends, and people, ntpare ks we hnow,ave lo hist cn.ldre r >>teeporo r: s what is n the90ext s day ok loe? lik op>> hlyefulsa be ving up a force plai so ca t n geodcustcky ba imof hd , ananhe c li itve w.h me weand s can atart new , lifehuh? t >>amhe fagily reed hato shere ttoir sry in h the oopesf sp ing irinrsothe to ge lpt hed , anhawe tnk em th. > >>'rwebae icka n ntmomeh witena sce at th a had o lotf op peorle w tried, oday
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it me seed. > >>o what dyouo ds a a journalist -- >> you know where her mother is? >> as a parent, how do you tell the story? th iis'tsnus jnet .ws ithisops pe le's cthis hhild jasust be roen b aughtscros e she couldn't wkaln o rhe own.
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de athydr-ed - >> th> wis tas shenece bon ae ridgenin ctral lo tndonmohis g rnin en whde suda nly do -dublekeecbur s ex odpl aed cndghaut fi re. yas mouhtigma i, gine oppe wle sho iawwet re al mear fd,riea ng another terrorist at .tack tu ourns wt it as a t stunanfor om upcing mo vie. e whilcenotires we po edstn ie theaar d aheaimof tote, n er evy ybodthgot e ss meage. in ow a tn in henorttarn iodly tay, oda foht figt tha te dacks bath to e mi addleges. nd hu oredsopf pele ocameorut f the ba ottlee f thgeorans, erwhtee s ammpcoe et ag nsaieat ocherth. it ar's p tt ofhe to awn'sl nnuaivcarnal st feieivitd s an earecrthtes e
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lia ruyrng tmaant ny hu dsndreye of agars o. > >>frand riom a zona ghtoni st, a ttoryhat en elds wr l foppa puy at th l hadheost y.r wa iedott s, as nhe'sow kn wown,poas s ottedn hi a y ghwaanmedi in ph x oeniwetwo ageks o. e the scenedpickby up a fitrafmec cara. e shs waketainn y ban an alimes re cu organizationnd a0 5 oppe elerexpedss te in irestopn ad ting her. th cke luesy one wera ti recored wupleho pl o an tdoget attie crmihiocanp tad sog th heat s't won get alost.gain > >>d an nupt,exar hry sm h itthwior a pt trai
5:51 pm
startis. >> e> asboverydy s,know c arte an b up inliftndg, a a for ou gr pp ofe eoplwho e arlehomer ss onglivi dwithilisabs itiein bothe aston irea,t is ei thn r owthart s at i idprova ing ettick to a erbette lifksthan to ro a p tgramhat he thlps ndem aer oths e see valuhein tir cr vieatity. rr haity smkeh tas a lo onok t aighte t th ar oft p theblossie. >> or rep oter:n a re acentnofteron, ar stist bcottttenne sc did ussewohis rk wi evth s aeralerdmirs. >> as i blyicalte wand s tohaee w wt it ould l beike to do a star arstrsbupat erttfrn om th cee ontere f th icpartinipatg. a >>s crosrothe om, th rtis aheist anld fs t inl.hral hi>> ters ens gizeme, ma mekes l fee okindf re moed tun in. >> a then rt i this p-po gupleal iryn ca rimbe,dg ma acsssehus,tts i notable for one very im anportast reon. ea rtch aisist he eitr me ho olesssar di.bled wh hien tens opp ed u d ancayou n,me i and
5:52 pm
on he tal w wl,t has wa l itike? i>>ee shi tbas ernn wi pth areictu of my aself lnd ae ittl bi d o an tit'sirhe fst in thseg i ene wh i wa n lk idothe or. i juwas ikst le e- awckstru. k >> zittyasen hn bee ho ssmelece sinh hig olscho. e' shtts baled pr deonessixi, anety an cod alabhol use. e sh tusedllo se her frart bom aetlank in onbostmo comn. u' yootre na on keblanymt anore. >> e. nop he>> t s arts peak mevolus. gi vving toiceo a ch ofoir tr conoributs wh woose ourk wld ot rwhee isgo un cenotid. is thno is t an er ex icisetrn al.uism ithisbus a sssine. ne>> oou of alr gos is to nv reisoent cial rpente ariserend cate bs jote insf ad o ea cr htingutandos be e caus'sthat the maultiigte d.nity iz>> ler pow ts ishe ce d o andefoun ar ofrt ft liing. e' shens beki worng wi heth tel homfoess r ne nirs yea. m >>iny mal goao is t pgivee eoplr thei t firsk breausbecae ey then havad't h a br eak. >> or rep ater:rt li g ftinetmarke s th t arspand tlitshe pr dsoceeh witthe
5:53 pm
ergally. ot scnnt bewaett as in teshelenr wheo somne to imld hut abo. liz aw drsiing hence a was akid,asrt wut abo all he l hadeft. >> s it'edturno int tmorei han ctexpeed. roit pd videitme wh a li atght e thef nd o th nne tuel. >> tt sco h hasngousi w nohoand orpe f the refutu. r>>lieangzihe t ta ntleins ve eonrye ndarouan us atd th er ev cyonean ricont bbuteseecau i th think oat's ften reignod. r >>teeporrtr: a can in irspuse . r foowa grnuing mber omof hs elesand bldisaited, 's pr inovidemg th sh r.elte y harrh,smit n nbcews, mbcadgri e, ssmaseachutts. > >>lysimput bea, iful an atd th"n is bc ni y ghtl" newsthfor is nd suigay nht. le hsterwiolt e ll b thereroomorw. m i' skatenow re inportomg fr new shhampire. fo l r als of u aheret
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