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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> ig rt hw noachild dead and a ivdr oer tn lheseoo. police investigate a dy eadlhit and. run take the 215, the slown dowyou neoed tno kouw abtta sinrtg motoowrr. andn olyne o cyit can ytpeonan mngni andhe ten drve brcon goset s aeupbor wl awere liven isan fisrancco, ne lws 3ive a11t ta stsrow n. n >>s ew s3rttas rhig nt.ow g >>oodve e,ning j i'meff insittng i forer gard. suboper swly unda eisg ndinon a ads anddl deatey no h ieren our llva aey,oa twrr yeald oir gl swail ktoled htnig a sfterhe was t hiby an va inor nasth lga ves anamt hun isde unray w at thus this hfoour er thve drithr. is oisur topry stoig tonatht 11. nathanil oneoi jns us in a
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atwh hnappe here? t >> yhatoung two year old li gttleirlas wt hi andle kild debi ari dver. th wereaere lot ofng you,al sml ilchdren o whonftee com outn ad play. hetve drirti con tnueao tkef, of ipo skeit wht thagyounir gl's motherig tonht. esh isio obvuslyar hetro bken, t aake ln.iste t >> makebyy bam fro mde an you just, l,ike l teaveshat' ald chi uyok tooro fm me. n mowyba 'sbyon gfe or the rest yof me. lif ni dono't katw wh too, d i'm ilstl in s.hock >> t andakeoo lk,s thi ios tw arye oldly evenre gene. theam fily crmonfinis to tghthat she was hit and kiledl by h ait d annru dverir tish evening. it
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ndarou45 5 nlear akeea mdd an ospacle. swern itas h by aan m indrivg at whie, wwlindoess van thwho onen cedtinu andk too off roth tughhegh neiooborhd. elevyn wasen tak to thepi hostal fbyyamilre whehe sat lieer dd nbutowhe ts re i ma hanunt un wderooay l fkingheor tri dver gowho ty awa. stlioen t howol pice are debscriingm. hi t >>hene witsses htoave ld ust a isthin poth tat ourpe susct suipbscr itions apa hisnice mal hin0is 4s with flaciaai hr. he wrias dvinga te whian panel v that n hado wwindos. t >>ehhe v ticle whatasnv idolve t whathite wwlindoess van theey'rin ask fgouor y toal cl po.lice fa amilylsoer vary het bnroke dbutraespe tteo ghet tes peron who ispo reslensib for kngilli tthatwor yea oldi lttle en.vely ingettg that pn ersothoff e rest aetsaknd m tinghem actacounfoble har wapt hedpen hebure, t j,eff jheust art
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ghtonit. ha>> wt ara t.gedy nktha v youeryuc mh. atth a hitndun r, f, olksmunfop ta illyts no thenl oyal fatity tot.nigh mes tro'stinveinigat cg arash thilat kled m aotor cstycli totnigh. lipoayce s theecyclra cshed inato ic vehlet and ad braley tnearhe nerorth5n 21 and tudecar. ethve drifr o theor mote cyclwas deadth at e s,ceneli poce are stillnv igaestigtint tha c.rash we hnoave other dlsetai atis th mtie. psuower bl 50 endedut abor fou ouhrs. ago 3000,00i vis itorsnwn to,w la enemforcentno kwst thahoalcol aist par of theti fesesviti. rtunfoeunatomly sepl peoye ma oochose tnk dri aetnd gin behd thhee wel. thwit tha inin md,a locl agesencie havpp steedp u their trpa tolooo lrk fo peeopl drinking andri dnvigon tt.igh o'metres bennd congucti a dui checko p aintte bluia ddmon and cadetur. th sisedtartu abo00t 6:. p.m igtonht. metrope scacifillylo cse that eaarau becseic poleav he nedotic
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rethe t inhet. pas llwe b,oroncs fanou rnd the rwondld a eiaspecllyn ierdenv nito aghtre craeleb.ting eithrm tea is the ciohampn of ofprsiesnaoloo faltbl. fans preouind ttoeh seetrts of denver. istha wsve denr's t shirduper bowlmp chahiionsp. lipoayce she teb celonratie wer spedirit buteo pplee wer jen reelal whal-beved. tharere wae al as foisr drordely conduct, but no major problems. it was a much different scene in charlotte where panther fans were unrsdendtalab syduubde buts a thwihe tit cy ofen dr,ve fans kept control after the defeat. the second disapinpot tmenfor ethy citofha cterlot. ethth panersso al lsuost per bo8wl 3n i00 24. onthe oerot ne, n uh,orth roca'slinaov gorern - wasis - h r ca rwasear ednde as het lef gtheamele at vist madiuut oside
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the gnooveridr sa he has some pain bute h declined medical treeatmnt. well,hi w tlehe bosronc arem fro vedendr an thean ps ther farerom chtarlohete tvi pri olegef sthoing tuphe soer bwlen wot t thye baa. are anfsn i fsanisrancavco hen bee cealebr atingeell wkon lg,nd a wsneer 3 s agiolavae livor f us in santala crita wreith oactin ofrhom tseky luc ehnoug to go to thmee ga. omspee ople h,appye somew somhat ,sader sgio .,ig rht? a >>utbsol jely,.eff awhate gamit. was atth young c catam nnewto aiagpenst yton mnganni. itn' wastto pey'ningsre gstate megat in heor w,ldhe tef dnsee donamiedtea ny rlomfrta s trto fishni. engyerns ideihe tta sumdi ilftse wa usl.nrea ni dono't kfw i s youawt tha lady gaager prmfoncaeun sghe t tina aonalemnthll reay a teifrr wicayo tta srt s thehow ethre.
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ethan fs iidnse we erlal soabtelulynt itho isa witas the dveneran fs leceatbrngion thtig. rehen intsaa crala, srphveii.lg nsa fisrancco. auwe cght utp wih f aew fans to thget eir ththoug ts onhea gme. >> ll aho t oseerthms teay tr nextr yea. >> um nrbene o denefseom dininatg nrumbe one oseffen. t >> i vwasery eonmotial. iea mn,ur ole whoil famasy h beenuc ssth onrgro bcons. a >>ot l ofap henpy dver fweans asawot l of sadol carinaan fs ma tkingheira wy.
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s tpokeyo jaow dn at s the -uper - . ashe wli telng me atbouf o the p80nterce of m theoneywa s on ethth paners. svega did py rett twellhis wed.eken e>> yyoah, uw kno,gi sero, i thopehat' guyslu bend ang orae inpates com offe' hins gogo t ahavegh rou day arkt wo au[lrghte] iv>> l se inraan fscncihao, tnks much. apiaprecllte ar youk wors thi . week allig rht,f iyou take e th a215nd at lof ousua actlly doet g r feadyor a swlo down eaoust bndin beggninom tworro mongrnir neae thir aport nncor.ecto ithisrts pa of tbihat g oncornectje pro wct, ihichs mpcolyleteed r hoingowe thd roa frckom marennn coectd saimfro eth15 2 t forhe n15ext th mons, ingoog tse lo anst ea bounde lan bentwee stunse w andarmpr s. ings
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mothnws lehire cws bilud lifacis,tie aew n raietngnial wl an adew nam rp. thent e pirectroje't wone b nifished u tntilheal fl of7. 201 'shere q aiouestn, howow lil wl eyth goad ahe here ons new3 litve a1, 1 gas psrice areti sll fagllinos acrhes tti naon and heern ilasas veg. pl sus,tand offit wh nhort reko ta,he worldal t tkingough in w theake ofew nea thrnts ad a keroct lh aunc tfromheon lmeg-ti nemis. ef>> j hf, iaveo nideaha wthe t reoverd erover und wnas ohe ter sup bowl to bday,ut ikn do owha tt we emadt i over0- 7eedegrs. 71re-degeres he in vs.ega twha arehe ts oddofs u doing it n?agai you b oetn iont h te fecort asup eaah.d j >>, erryksthanh muc. micoupng inrt spos, datomining dee,fensl wil tuphe ser blowow h thero bosncwe arelebo t mpcoteleylhu stn dowthe
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aysth wit us. w >>meelcoac bk, anzi amang story of svurvitwal, o peeopl eonnd fouel shided u tnderhe bofdy ohe r hndusbae wer llpu -ed -m fro apl topiged hh seri inw taian two days after a rfpoweulth earequakhe thare tt killed atea lst6. 3 screuerse hav alsond fou signs lofife from aom w8an 2r yeald o nwoma 8 and yreald oir gtil sll nscosciout bu tedrapp. he t city wasar hdestit h by t.4he 6 e,quakt ast leae ninui binldgs trehela col,psediv fe ostherre a inge danfr oli falng. newur slaveilnceta fooge reedleasll alegedy s thowswoen m awithap lthtop at may have ntco aaindom bb that edexplodn i eta j linerr ovefr aica. seg ttin btheoomb ffns ithide at
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epass ongerfut ohe t pnela and edforcn ageemerncy saitecuryam caert a their aport where theli f tghtook offws sho otw, menone in aann orgest ve, anrothear weing b alue s ohirtn e th rfar oightef th sn,cree one heof tsm iel bveie td boen a aitrpormp ee.loye theeo videa ld to thees arrot s fa sr ofixpl peoe. iotensrens ah higet bween the rwondld aor nthko rea, a ifterts ekweendoc rketau lnch theor nth aiclms l thehaunc bedoost the salitelten itoit orb. mufch o therest of thedworl blnseefs thiaactully was a test of ake rocatt th c pouldo po tepollntiary cary a nuclear weapon tusho oandsfe mils. ethn uec sy uritcicounlle cald etht tesa droangeuse. mov the. u.sswant sioanctns astgain thnor k.orea >> e onsteplo cser tos it ardecledoa gl of dopeveling clnuearps ti iconterenntintal libo msticleissinds a c wetanno
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>> anditfor sar pt, northor kea ldhead parndes ael catebrions ytodark ma winghat ital cls a naaltionie achntveme. mehian wsole uthor kwaean r psshiir foned ath nor knorea atbot thaer entedis ddpute wa btersenetweho tse two oucesntrire. pntside obamaas h oalsk spoenh withi cna's prenesidbot aheut tun lacht. p china is north k'soreas cloest ,allyut bsi pre odent sbamaays the.s u. andna chii w wllork toergeth to deal w tithhis rethat. baerck hne i u the.s., aernoth ndrouf ocoldth weaer is peexdcte h toheit tt easst coa. fostreca sersaay p ortsewf n anengldou c gldethe tru bnt of the snow srmtoha tst' hdieang for that area ch. a blizzard warning has been issued for the south east acmasstthuseous, sthas etern ssmaseachu ittsdnclu cing capeod dan the idsslan upo t 1ch8-ines ofno s cwouldal foml fr myonda inmornhrg t toughheve egnin tewhi out ctiondionsd an0- 4emil peour hinr wds arexp ed ecteas a sureult p sbliclschoo inos bton
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be cdlose onda mony hsit the opoen radun to rcovede hidmn ge in ourer vy oacwn bkd yar, in hisec 3-ds,iriek see - - secrets o tfhe deres.t w>>ree'ac b ok ton rheadoga ain an tdish teim wree'ou sthla of s gaves on tohe mstam fu.ous s. hiy,ghwaut ro6.e 6 pehoyfullre the are aot l of seetcros hute eras wl.el our fstirr stoys aironon mday, wand hee opatth youil wl jnoi usn. the ll>> aht rigf, ire the is a eplact thaou y'de lik to see arger vd,isit head o tour ittwter page,s3 newlv,r owe tet ragerd personally wee arco of eursr youth weaer aurithoty. got aul poparuy git w rh meight ,nowea bulutifda suny ty.oda gfeltreatut oside tayod. t>> i ryeall. did it was aubel,tifu wtasn' it?. p
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neshind a1- 7eedegrs? >> hi notng. t >>wahat s ahe rcatoril tiqueson. yottu goova le iret mof o the same r tightghhrouen val'stine day. u'yore going tlio keh tis refo.cast api o youik leod tay. lotok ahi t hs,eert i is in onmoti, allctuae y th tonlyhing moving there theom autesobil alrely wtasn'th anygoing ing on aiupstrs. we 've agot b bigleubbf ohigh supresnre ihe ttm aerosphhe tat ison cltrol oingurma clite and anthouk yry veuc mh w te'llake it. -d57esegrere curyntln dowon the s lasvegatr sip. ndwiows d tn,heren a,yway flyair igneglent ngieglible. ghthou we havead hme so lilocazedin w bdsnlowig in the t15omi 20-leho an ur r.ange llwe' taake k loot aou r wereath bug nretwok in aom m.ent lookss preure 3-i2.27snche erhigh, s 3till0.36v oer at sun
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-d58esegret ave irson enelem.tary andit isde 52-sgreeun arod hesoutrnev nada. 2p9 u athe t mt.ha ctorlesn e,lodg upha ttde 20-sgree at umpahralp vleyig hndh, a p aair of s iixesn lliaughn. we t'll aalkbout a lakein wd viad dsoryown allig r50ht, sre ptty much orunifmos acrs theal vley. herere aou yrin wded spess she il16-mnes aou hr atte cenlnnia hi jlls,weust ownt dn to 9, eclos to 20ow nin up the north west vy.alle heso trere a somela isoted ocpoket fds winun aroed th oregin. teatmperures todayre a 71. we ehven aad 75el in a dordo in rtnoash leg vas. 72sa at md boyand antliaiit hs . 73n trr itea ryll q waseuit tibeauful. wealst vsiley f de ostthe iaten 6had0sou y'll beom cuping rebefo w theeeks i. out 53
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the hour,re fgezinoi pnt. sit's 6ixty6 in. l.a a8 nd 2up in s thealt lakeal vley rrtomoow. anrothein w 7ner, -1 -et somghin in meteorology cleald rspencistefe, is it'ne71 oay d andhi notng'sng chaing,et l's gjusto ftor i a. gain l bigow ooutver thees lakha tt's the onef jefho swed youov ming watonerd wla engnd, zablizikrd-lone conditis oout t wethe ost tfhe lakes and otanrheow l t offhest coa bring smgo smeho srwect aitivy. d aryndil mdo fr us. clear seskion tt ighwithhe t rcleak souies trraempeestur llwi bepp dro jingust aad t, ilstel b ait ltlell chi6y, 3 in hrpaumpnd a o 22nou minnta. ghhisom tw,orro t 65o 70, -d71eegrege ran, eloven w 70s. the wdins i rerefceenowd dn the ldo rlod r oiver vyalle and also veoker la mead. allig r42ht, t forhern ovetigh w,loth norez bre iesn encvidee moto,rrowki lootng a athnoer
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sunny, very panleastth wi mpteurerat pesngeaki in l theow 70s.he tes wtle valyay my sta hein t 60sut b t'lheyl be upper s.60 64 foras veg by noon. 61 by 7p.:00 m. da7-yor ft,ecasen sev assscro the b woardithpe temreratus niover lghtowsis ring tghhrou eth 40s. ali cl thata fcaore ystou can fainll ov lite w ahnd opapprelriatty is endon vainlente'say d. >>rgno atumenm fro me. io lowve l0s 7, bifeautul. 'l>> ikel ta e itveryim te. >> ry jerha, tnk. you ipch sotleestorl wile bni openg atle tromoroow sto ssre can hold a meeting with their staff. stores willot nn opeti unl p3:00m.. rmnolyalhe t oynpe at1 1. the company's dngoi tsohis st coresalan tok tlo empyees oabut theec rfoent odca sre there e and.ol cuti o bkrea actred bkac tohi ce.potl cioffials withh cotiple say gmanawiers alll tbok autch sange igto thten their fdoo setafy measus re eandyemploes will be
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during thisnc ienidt. presic hinoverg r 3ound0 basuck rrbael. plunging o pilcerihas hve aad igbmp it ac fonanincial markets. that's bn eegoodor f us. thave eeragic pr oef gasas h opdrd pegheit ntces nnaatiol over the past two weeks. it's wno dtoown uh autbouc bk 74 a gallon nnaatiolly. pthericero dyp maon cuetin as udcrile ont cosinueon cestinu cnuontieso t s.lide someta snstio atare sngrtio t hagave snd uwoer t buck as ga,llonst ju do sshome ngoppi urond. let's float overo tmb aeron dix forrt spos. ef>> jf,or mfee ofnse in the alhfim te showf orsupeow bl 50 thnan ihe t w dholeangam ge. onem' teas ditebilgatinen defse athtld woul pul ohiff ts ctviyor. th pethanseran d cam nnewto osclted ahe t 5 tano 5 d a half point fvoateri. and future hall of feramey pnto mag.nnin tfirsua qerrt, pthans eratril
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neonwtip trva by nughl miler, jaoncksov reciters ie n thend zoneandha tst' a tchouwdon. cobron lsead 1z0-.ip sonecdua qerrt now,0- 1 f7,rcoed to pt,unen dr'ves jdaorn nwoorod to receive, now norwood taking off. flies 6ya1-s,rdhe t lgeon pstntu turernn ipesurow blis hrtoy and atth wloudet sp ua erdenvld fie tgoaloe makt i3- 17,ro boncs. urfothar quter,ar cnaolin dowby si x,mca newton under pretion, sl sip aeng. again by vghaun mleilr. deernv,v tcorersve it, cam newton favored to win sup berlow mv. p robosnc win4- 2.10 nnma dingisid gtu enogh to get cbatrk. srn ius jt his second super bowl championship, possibly his last game. here he is on the retirement
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inducted hall ofam fcoe cha tnyo ngduoley fedlowde by rnve baline bckeronrand malarshl. who gatraduiged rht herem fro laseg vas. o >>ayne w t orheer oth, and so thi t ough wthatasod godv aice kto oindf lhiet t ssinkn. i bit'seen ant emoliona week,n a emnotioalig nanht, tdheht nig's stjuin beg.ning l iookwa forrd toel cteebrahi wity ng mndfries dan fyamil, and um, i, uh, i kthinl i'le taksomei tme arfte atth l and iiked sai'm ing goi otnj e oyethig nht, take it one estatp a tmei. > > fieel amazing. ,.uh mi' sod glatopeynot g his sedcon tphroy. hetec sdonin rg,t i'sm ainaz g. mi't a aos lfos r wdsor. >> ow hbo a tutshief dseeny, ou wrkeeadav hocac bkre then o onnewtl al gameon lg. w >>e'rehe tt bes dseefen t inhe
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nwaots tk tal oseffen w buthen yoveu ha aen defsea tht is as atihletsc ae w are,e w force turn o, versin, mea how duo yo ost tphat? howo dou yet ghr tghou that? >> ea y th,hean perths camew nton csuren'ouldt feigur it o.ut ghvauiln m wleron the super bwlo mvpon thtig, fceortwd oum flebs, tw aond h alfaac sks at the ldgo nengug hetepe odne at the 25-1 favorite to win super bowl mvp. tony miller over there tells us it was down to 20-1, they - - kicked on isth oe.n >> s it'e nic toee sto peyn nnma iing,ef h doeset r,ire i me tan, ihiss a g wreatay too g out. uyow, knoco of ursebv oliousy. goorod f. him >> oh,h. yea heot's nmi comgttina to nns awer justet y. ays hse'sot g to drinkom seee br rebefoat th. han>> touk y ryh. muc ap tpreciae it. maybre fo o somefou i yt t washe
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ethme comlsrcia. wego're tinglo tabok atheut on es youiked lnd athe ne oyous di'tdn. ne axtt 11. an>> cenounovr: mvee orte mysry ta r.ste ec[rrdog]in
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es gus theue g e itchswce to innturylm k pristv, t and gemethe saat c greelhanncas gible s veveyou, thwihaout tvingalo dewi leth cab. s ye and? ..and.e's there wholvrhome d. onplus tn s of ond odemansptio ouso y wat canhach wtever,ev when er.yes and? dowhy uy you gkes ayinep satg th? it f's the rulirst empof i ing say a"yesnd," we accept threale crity eated o byomedur crty papaners, ul.s, ye, rightow.i kn oudo y?
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rwi rismth pfr tv tuom cen.rylink a >>igll rweht, e lcom,back you owkn a wlongithhe te suprl, bow eabrgkinow dnnd ati crig,quin ofyes rs cou e aspae pogast-ctme ay,ivitig tonht cisoalia med-b auzz w tithalk ouab tthees bdt an thest wor ercommscial. co s mpanieewer pingay llio5 milln-doorars f s 30ndseco aiof r tmei. ken viarhtyi sangh tatv oer otecprvetiad din the first dtea ad. fofsers hiau dsghter'e dat his
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tcanrackhe tngm usihe tar c's find fere.eatur undahyio alsairedno auther sper wlbo fureating arctoy ran redsynolls. aeto gting good resview was theor dsitora ult so aundd. ngduri a dr'octospp ameoint ant, sbhuands eataag b ofdo srito udlondly ahe t wifeom cnsplai to thoe dboc aut what she t haso dealit wh. hein begso tov me c ahipar towds eth wsife'ma stondch a thebaby acre fhesor. it mheoves thehi cpac bk and fthor anaid wchs b theaby go fort, i e thnwomabs gra the canhip d rothtws ic arosshe t romo. sh senudde llyets otu aou ld rescndam a theordoct and ush jbandoin ien th seacrngmi anhed t bsaby' cesrian ce b heard.o now tthe bad. puppy monkey baby ad. eth comiamercl s wasseduppoo t omprtsote i new kick srtta erengy d, rinkwhichbi comnes tamounin duew, fr juiitce, and ffecaine. reappa thently puppyke mony cr d aeepe o lotfeo ppleut. o y
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on,ini t buthat atea lisst atwhpl peoree ayi sangin onle. wego're toing e tak aho srt
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ibackn afe win mesutyo, ur ou>> yw kno fthatngeeli t alloo ,wellhe te mom yntouli reaze you leomft sinethgur dingou yr
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u'yoell n sveree itin aga. inr youc speial report lost agluggei aringd monayht nig at r11ightre hei o onew ns 3, jecassies tak t youo a pelac that'son ge butin defyitelot n rgfoot. >> 'v youroe pybablos lt aag b at onmee ti or aernothat or ea lst kyounow sneomeo whoas h. whatap h tpensheo t one pnterce nthat feverindsts ighy wae? hom tileraveld ale th woay te th tinywn tof ott scoosbor amalaba toin f tdehas mivsear wouehse calel udlancmeidag bggae. the onlyac ftyilif ots id kin in unthe sitedestatnd ab so ig it vecorsn a eirnteit cy boclk. fromig deshaner ndag bs to otcl whing tithaghe t siltln o, orspngtiqu emeipt,n fine art, and electniro gcse,alor you can ndfi itl alt anc uelaimd baggage. >> you know what, most ofhe tm conme ihe tk bac of thet. sea c >>gominmo up nday'l il show yohau w ft iound iny mpe slcia re lportostug l,gageda mony
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an>> ind fallyon ttigh tanhousds okto t totrhe seetsf ont dowown laegs voras f s thedeconnn alua gbiam ge 10k road run was done in cjonctunn ioitwh e thrsupel, bow heenche t name biamg ge0k 1. hetin fishin le was apripropyatel on0 1thee strt d.dt rethe a wasalso htheal and fisstnexp e ao,d naie vnwig pay rtorfhe tup ser blow. somei dd a 5k. there was also aid ks. run the enevent bteefidef benited bitenefed tashe leg vas go todywoho ses, a crihabtale gaortinizahaon ttro psvide dvdisagantahied cenldr areew w n essho andx. so k thanfoyou inr jo uing as. s waalnys o thank. you tgood soee you as aslway. ha>> w gt areat, daygoodor wk wigthin you.
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ese youex nt week. 0 with 4 of megsrninteedet speom frtury cen,linkfa a of mily cfour ban allone at linesathe e,me tim reamst ging,aming, d oroadiownlovng m the ah, rnintereet's g at,but ini th ak haireund mak p awente littlr.too fa , yeahth notat'ski wor i refech pe r thy two-dabeard,horn me-rimsed glass, lejust-shipt-in-rs-caki innda thg. ye miah, i he rss tedumplcr clazy unok.e lo ok ay. " beiapaul gi."matt at th e's the ossenceis rf thole. fe ike el llla hoinywood sider
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