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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 9, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. y,he'm ira lcwee om "tod manemo"y. lcwee om ctomeracari. heotper leopt wanakto me ie frnds. i' stm juin try sg toyoave meu so y.mone obmy j't isnt jusntto einerta t buoato cndch ach tea h youow h toe andlmathe .rket mcall 1e at-7-800nb43-cc. t or mweetime @jercram. ywhene ou'r alosta t sereyou' wa aleays sngrchi a force pie of la o nd t yrestweour heary .ad we can't find much. at thhy's wa on whday there e pldow d ungepo178 , intss&p 1. an42% e d thaqnasde nosd dive 1. al82% ghthouse tho u arep su ntbstay iall tfromowhe ls. h wetoave ba go o ck tthe ch isecklt. onthe cre i d eate mlast onth utold bs toree caanful t d nobe esaggr.sive sbe ar elleerrathn thayea bur to inen strgth. efto r wreshvee han beeg usina ec cht.klis
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in pa. on hee, t h fedo as t cgivetylari t aboue whertait swinds th ra g isinreinteatst res. e th mrealt arkeslhas sowedince de ercemb e butymmplohaent sn't e as wfrsaw .iday th aat's r bign easoavthe eserag bhavesleen d.amme isfed a in .bind we e havunlow oyempl.ment atheyorre w aried tbouthe ec y onom hoverngeati. ne jallt yeraen tthces nge coress on ne wed.sday co se, ndlyeewe nsod reonlutis of tipoliuncal aicertnty. on e thef ve onethe mpw hae shir im prisary ua sit itions te deatriorroed fenm wh we cr d eatechthe isecklt. avwe h ie nowhdea e o th idcand watesbeill t andhe po onsiti bs onsioth hades ve ha edrdenin agausst bs.ines neanyote lis tningllo hiary cl n intoizreal sesesanhe wo ts t td ourno beanie s idersntn coempt fo llr waee strict whanh mes co ptntem y forpoour lirtfoo. bad. k'checres a o al d,thirne we hied co na tget ad rey.
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c no.heck st jues a rpite. fo , urthmma coy oditombott. i all sacan ty isarhey yie trng rd ha. ardoll. in pot. oi edl ne ss tolitabize. cr ude has been trying to make a st d an30at $. do i knn't hyow wsh it houldold he re. l oibehas cten a--ing ac it ts t bu nit'staot sble. th e e clwadelalire cn ne ie crud co uentin as to tmassimhe l ited nepartpsrshi. b nom ottoigin sht. th dge hende fud s an fporte oall maowe rsnagee likhoto seyw th oneedxpil eurose. wsix,nte wase to mee so pr imenovem tt ineohe gtipolical e.scen th asis wro a p wblemnohen rth a koreodexplhaed wopt pele th t ougha was oghydromen bb. e thh nortaekorecan i wn'tsere t at i awithke rocunt lach. heno corck ft thabox. we d neezothe cmbieniompautes p
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c inpehesa iake,unt pl33ges on erconct ns id coulg stru ptollay ma a tyturit thas comenedue xt mo nth. ch apeskeeail wvel haip a rple ef ofectnyn mapa com aniesnd nk ba is ifn't caist rapie catal. we e havatto wecch b iause at is improxcaate ofuse w theeseakns u yoinsaw o theatil pndch a in fi e.nanc erwe wpie hoo ng treget leaf om fr s the fuperinreakrog stng do .llar iheresus a serpri. usbeca te ofeche d ilinee n th ardollsu vere s th teurohe ex gechane ratacis bk. at thos's pe.itiv ievene f thardollns meaon strg rs vethus ourer cierencs. ca i can't n ll aclall ear. it ld woua be lofabuhaus cnge fo ter iniornatconal iempan s in phthe cearmaaluticus indtry. it es makbu me h llisrdtowa the umconsacer pd kages.good kei lise thock stos. wi i hesh tla dolulr wot d ge erweakth so rre cuesenciw kno ab thout se pet o bun'i wot if snenf whs it'anunchyeged ar
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i twanteco ch ok itlmff aost. ni wene, t waneeto se mora.m & y.sorr r .none te rn, an eturheto tlt heapohy i etmark. rg i e thernoare s. ipo th s is iofone w the worstvee ha .seen d bathfor ice un.orns we11, a ared fraieaof pn ks i ecthe y.onom h webeave ooen l akingoct stks of l cele phonrsmakees, awome an med hold buifoers e r th sign bof am ottoe.mayb . no atnot . all ksstocp keeinfallg. we e havonto wifder the raaircycft cs le ingtaki a break. cat n'rdaffolo to hase te.t on c we tan'ta ake k.brea , 12 nweeed sentiment to get tinegave. su stre, aocksowre dn. e thjodow innes ridustveal arage ha tsn't oakenheut tua janry lo ws. we 't donw knoe if wsoare ld yet. it ms seeat negbuive t t noghenou avto s te onmphe intortake mart bo wttom whichleouldui acqre ne vegatiil oscr latorefigu. w no hit'sngangi in. un evbeli.ably
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ce fa, bookonamazt , nek flicand go noglelpow aitha b. stthe aockst re aapthe ex. th isere le no shaderowip n ce exolpt gwhdle isich whn't at anwe w st toee. ld goon is e. fir mia re ondery f whanwe wt to shaveinome p thefoort alle .owes na fiwally o nt tsosee f me othe fa tevoritl mosmey do stic ancompdoies being btterseecau o ofil. we e hav tgoneghhrouug a hrte pa arof es ningonseas o and ther cthanx loroomno cespanie hav ex enperia ced k breahein c aper ligasor ne o.fuel aumy dteghanr i d idpa.8 1fo2 r regular gasoline. we gh bouo t tweecoff ds at utch br twos, umo u ma weybe th're lye on two fibeneieciar ts ofeche d olinef el fuce pris. it i putget to, thereli fe mp cod elleddto aew a n. box ernumb c 15,t rediesissud neeto r beveesold.
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c istorediecrs bhaome trdero bcomey. at s thetiame thme, isere al tot afear tbouturhe en opeas bank d anitcredue isseys th h mayave. lo t ok astthe prock .ices th eney wrot ththugh 09e 20s. low isthe issue nt fro c andr.ente d coulwhoverohelm m itethifs ey ar cen'tularef. tt boinom le. h we'tavenn foufoour g otin usbeca he we'tavenn bee tableo ec chf k ofs.boxe ddwe a ted a ooxicne. y i sacayou bbn nit le athe st oocksmpf cos aniee youllyreal li utke bwe if ly ralu , yo need to l selthsome ring, caiseash. ge adt rer y for lowek stoc espric. er the e arennot cough mheckarks to e makonme cntfideha we ve a brealm ottooualthe gh wd coul ge a t aitrngniou be ncteafthr e mi leddf odatobey uscawee are ce nlrtaie y dur aftehithe s deou onactith of ste la d feways.
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ybmaa e stpohe le s t' tgoneo iilcon ilne. >> im jch, otip slerehaars e emseglinsey inllfog har olff wh tatwehey ivre f se toix nt mogohs a. t isa his tgoodtoime s buyome? >> he thay a d g bietmeg indatoy. i leut'm p atingf halk checup th nere, fot achull eck. eli fefi con cdenttlhipo oe isn e thbacomeck. wa i yis tro ng t imakesot ou y ulcoged itt 40 at 0. bei'm gring eedy. ini thu k yobucan ipy ch otle usbecae e thnebad s ws iout. ini the k th ngoodisews n't. t' le ts gon o beexin tas. >> al cr:leoo bah-y. >> -y booah. al>> c iler:oo'm l akingt ll giead. od goce priea to ngrn itis rao mp co tarede o thstindury. ig>> rht. c >>r:alleh higinmargd s an re rntun oveinmest.nt nscoeridg ine thlipocatihel ad ndwiiss hi ta s odgoim ttoe bu y? >> as i wng goisa to iy ift re wefon't e r thtipolihecal ad wi s nd witldoue. b th aey jret
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ar phutmaces.ical sti'm liruggveng oe r thngstro oo-- g hd tosoave inmethg si po ttivey.o sa euthe earo yerr ovr yeais mo alncst uedhang. e thklchecstist reill .igns l untiaiwe rasse cush, jt be fucarel. ma niybe abbleoct stouks ye. lik urno hry. inlook sg toifell go it es hi .gher in thoogs limk gr. cui'm g ttin topenadhe c tavero ge set a ofnse t wha wwent.rong it a wasgh rou o daye n th agaveres. do min't hyss w w thecoest isast bethe oast corst fin buyg po opitrtunies. uli coe d usfocali drniainreamg. i' ttm pulaing eest wk's in ietervn ws ipeperse ctiv cu fo osingocn sto ks th.watc k stic cwithr.rame nn>> aerouncn': dot miss a second o"mf onad mey." fo owllji @ramcr me ha qve aiouestn?
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nd se a jimman e-o il t madmeyonnb@ccoc. gm orusive a ca t ll a0-1-80cn743-bc.
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ttbe terfihan shni. ade.casc hea t artaat dcksn'toear c eif un you rryda evey, or if you're young or old. no matter who u yoare a heart attack can happen thouwiwat ing.rn youife 'vd aha ar hetat atck, a asbayer repirin n gime ca lpn here pvent he anote.r on sur be te to yalk to our or bdocte eforgiyou ben iran aspegimin ren.
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ll fue borstcsi doyle aning to auofpsy t wha wwent arongt nk li aedinabnd t.leau lp hereing tecruiinrs fb d jo inopengs. li innked a wash higngflyick sto cathe ofuse th dealy, onke lood t ateahe he dlinernumb ts inhe pa uast q trtereshe r wultsere ki f nd od.soli ywhenheou cutck o g thencuidae, le sad s an iearnfongs streca for 20 er16 wwee lothrer alan wl re staset wec exp.ting cothe y mpan $lostil11 m lion iobill mn oft arketacapitilizaon a ingl sinsse seion. lit'sfiike g ndintuligaarre mks a ony bodxtto ethend e ta me.phor
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ti opicmistca we gen't pet wid t. ou n' do st beisurpro ed tfosee rced he fudge elnd s.ling fithe crm'sbiredi ilityots sh l untieewe set a bquter th usey jpot re srtedt o nofor an r othee threhsmont. w hot aboueatablftu so.ware cothe y mpanexis n nt tongothi in mo comthn wike lin.d in s it ia not lemobiia socayl pl at . all s it i adatatinalycs. at whhe's tse caude of heath re. th hee liad nnebeum frsm roe th qu r arteedlooky. oka e thanguida ce, stdisaorer f th bo n thequext r artefuand ll 20 is16 fyecal ar. as ly anas stllfell ave or th seemeslvo twndoe gradthe st itock se clo td atowhe lest le evvel nder aco it uentind da towny dorl nea%.y 10 heon tfe cone renc call ma menagecknt aednowlthged e ai avlilabif ty op cheaenlow d od pr wuctslaas pg nninloon swer gr wowththith o e cengsayi the
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d an wtheyceill nlrtaiaby gr so arme manket ved hae som essuccs. be tyondtahat u bleaa saw lldese atradiion. ju oest d ssn'trieem ght. it do is rown f% m 57hein t ioprevuaus q.rter exthe ngistito cus wmers boulde mo aure cs tiou cwithmeustondrs a ey th s are gtillg ivin mthemore bu sssine. no qt aslyuickth as seey u.d to il whble tas eau'rnintenaatiol si bu wnesstras sthong lke bu of sa coles rome fe m th au.s.nd ca wnada ghichatrew . 35% owi knas, meutly bn dow from om fr p theoureviars qut. bl tas eau'thgrowde is raceleting thand tat'spphe oe osithaof wt swallt trees.want mo maney rsnagel wilfopay r ce actileraevng r genueh rowtbut t don' wknowtohat wi do th de racele stingeyo thl selit. ta u blea vis ae,iabll welrun ancompt y noingrowkeg lius it ed a torond giswth r then easoto ow .n it th wat'shehy th higthgrow rf pencormanae ma ogerst.wn i
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un r.clea af thter gee hulo selriff fday co uintino ng tb climy todaitand wa wns dole tabraau tnodes w at im53 texes nart year's egsn in do rown f bm 90e eforquthe y.pric e therloare icw prmpe cooretits ngcomi in. pe s rhaphoit sbeuld ap cheer. be a rtteromun c wpanyexith po su o re td clouelis s aling t 55 s times.earn th eeat sroms wo ng tme. th dee olmpr cos anie like osmicrseoft orll fti 16 eames rn .ings 'sthatra atte m eatablouu she ld beebetwe n th sotwo re themo is owre dden si. th n e pionactim froedlinkndin a eatabls u wailmercess. idconspler sunk. th eley hmpp cos anien clea data eain rmel ti. rtheyseelea dd noa at fondariy
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meslamaid agdan to%.y 12 ca ofuse th dea s fork,plunlt gui ssby atiociaon. ta u bleawasofts re iinhurtg er ev iyonee n the spacas in orvest wings torryndhe iy ustr n is ibltroue. li inkedd n aneatable u arin tr e.oubl wethe ssakneat cre sed aofell f t inhohe wigle howh grohth cort r foalsociou, cld d anytanalics. otthe coher iempany s maoibe dng ne fi. yebut sslp inuued s mberaymidd. t nonggivico me t.mfor hayou o ve te tradtllighy. th reey at jusdatoo isrn rky. th wiere e ll bmea tin whethe se g llinveis oner do i andt ul co sd begioon thven rne caage. ay sted tun. t buyenot t. ch mue mormomad y neeaahd. m i'vigi yngheou tt pos game wr p.ap u do min't y ss m otakeatn whht mig orbe wwnth oing. th wen ireill wvealcohat beuld e thlesingt mosrtimpofaant ctor fo llr waee strint gorwg foard. cyouresallsid rape firin ni tos ght'ioedit tn ofhe
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wh doy yon't icu stthk wime crar. i ulco't sdneple d ant upgen ime.ti th ouen i fvend ale pm. aleve pm is the only one to coinmba sae lefe s pep aidlus hthe 12painour ie relving ng stref alth oeve. m i'back. al feve pm betor aamter . sstress.weat c itpean hapimn anyt anye toone. ssstreat i sweffs ditherent dian or swenaryitat, s smellworse. get 4 times the otpr ectionainsagret statss swe. swithclecret sinicalgthtrenin e visiblansolid ear d clgel. ajillatnd k e e usmethe sahwas disher. sa eterme bu jt onlyendsill up etwith wotty, spss glaes. a katefinidds etsh j -dry th wie po fivacwer tions
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>> lc> wetoome c cnbmaone rket t ineahe hf rt ofrsan scancio. >> ar we t e no tjustforansg rmin wothe ofrld at creive. rewe ain moverg evsiy bu tnesso li onne. >> a in mefrag mntedt arkelepeop tturnano brheds tuly cousd trt.
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ve>> eeary y hr wedeave relived e threvenew nsrsiosa of les e.forc no er ente priswasoftelre dediver rthatofate ov innn.atio rewe aec a tolhny anch ige tng whethay as lete esdrtos ha cinngthg wae thy ey li ve. s >>boay "h,o-yaea" plse. >> -y booah. t'>> imes tipu to e t th past 'sweeker ints viewin pe ctrspeive. gr d anteencommrots fosm ce of viindi cdualniompaayes m b note at thev relinant en an nmviroent er whe e th rbearfruns .eely wwhenn'e doy t pantatteweion ss mior opptitunis es athall e tteamishat te mat tr isefhe ht st ieca of ossh pnsitio. itdespe e th-osell wff itoant ve gi i youhtnsigo int iwhat d hearusbeca we itt asn'rias gm t as'sodayri teracble wtionould in tedica. acin fmet soth of oce streks a vi moicng nely. gi am toingouo gremp th in s termppof oniortuecty b yauseou n caidconstoer swocks burth ying on w theoway dn. ononee f thksstocul sho d be bo iughteyf th f areg lyinup. e thtoway w buyeseakn ys orou
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rsunde mtand pe asmiresung ak we, nessstnot threng. th rse fioct styok cau bun isy ve zorin. is tha is ancomp ty inwehe set sp f ot onotech wlogycaith l pita erpresonvatiim so anportw t no an pid caaptal iapreconti. o twamstres. w nor ondeitit hig a h th inhe dd mif le oayfridon's cri floda im atmigrion. llloweda mca im ise n thbicat rd fseatecor toghnoly. ve n,rizo n therketwoh witthe st esronggnt sianals std be de s fineessucc as inld worre whe r otheancompinies s ther ecto stare liruggng. he d saiclthe oaimshef otrs li -mke te.obil tevenh hougntsprin' didvet ha ch mu. s seem ilikeult co wd beell ap tepoind. ve n rizos workelclosthy wi pl ape. w itfeill e aturipthe 7hone it quome prtl lend y ans it ia gnsiicift gi thven owe slua val ationhend t mi copgng uderaha tcot d ulceexed
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ap isple o onee f thblownaree pu ch tew.s no ri veovzon heer t d topptisruer reinte istede n thannfl wd ase le d arne nin awoews irthytem fr , idayo!yahoch whi's let say rohe d tppedbohis mb. e >> w wsaidule wookd loit at . th i think are bos d ha been onrespe siblowin hy theare do thing is. ry veib deleleratogy, llyical. h wetoave er undd stantrthe ends we s areg eeinthand sue relts no w. t atighe rriht p tce i hink yimarrp ng u osomee f thtsasse r undeartim onmstrleg's shaderip ul wo ad bed goog thinnvto iest in . >> ou slinds gke a lreen tighto . me twithcahis losh f tw inhe cr alitichn tecy ologzoveri an is mo r nsteo go t inamee n th etmark. vi di, dend.huge orsuppert, tc.rifi ouit sodnds .d oh 's it a all cboutnguttie edg
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ne ouxt we ld bbryum .ands y in mioopinthn wi s the atockt $6 e 7 thndimpebring upeak sn i't re ecfld terrcotlecy. eg gred cree madleit cwiar, th th coe allossba buyn ck i here w. no on te ofoshe mtet inonnse the yonew tork sxcck ee hangumat y ep pr faresheor tn spioff. li i heke tsp pro iectsinn cha thand ste reth of rle wod. coyou heuld rear cheed wn i ll cat ed idiplodng. it gr is g owinerfastn tha many izrealloe al fwing gor aood in scomem.crea it ld couin be in offg. s i wan take twithache tllo be mb nuers. ou ththght erey wdee ai d by otchip wle'seseaknt s butwthe o dhavereiffethnt eos. c kfn is olia sootd fo ting,oo. wiyou ndll ero up g uninrethe st t ofushe bs ines sat aleizab oudiscnt. ch isina s lesr.clea c' kfnus ansoal, f me obathe d
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t huo is slemuddd. di i hdn'tanear ngythid goo ab thout cee reumnt n wbers hich ar boe sualptim. wi heth tna chiin busyoess e u ar ki ma cng ae hang ahereownd n. kf grc's cowth oouldrebscu the neweakntss uizil putza h is fi anxed atd thld couth be e se ca. he ote rwisaryou pie hot'ng is c. kf m yuheis try stot thas workin is thir envntonme. i ifig'm rhaht tzzt pit a huwill pr imyoove n u caitbuy . i tlike lheses.evel cl horox sad ag trontequarthr wi thgrowt' thaces actelera td ashe nt month we on. e ther lis ar argee shararin pt c byctonne t ingghhrouia socl di mea. cl oxors iowknfon inr tinovaon. so h mucinas ltee exnsnsio. qu i onestiwh it len iatook 'sburts. bee
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:38 am
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3:44 am
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3:46 am
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3:47 am
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