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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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o metr utold k ajust few teminu ago. >> le ma f ande emalerw e in pithe ckupuctrhk, tote sh was d fire tfrom tckup ruckr to th om.yard of g two ma anles d ignes hbord hearthe e av nd [irnisce] able >> ol phaice gve a oodl oidea f o wh theyaoke lofing to t,nighy thesay ppit a ears all he threlepeopw kneomun each r.othe d n ann wome thata em iwere n e thuppickk trucl stilheon t e loosghtonit.elo rtrepoliing oneykelsma tho s ow kn ree. >> ho ancanjuand s st as i wadoya vi haetng molro pwele cal d t outo baa obnk r oberyn th e ll vawheys ere. i esam j sicae.moor . w itas atwhpe hap aned fter the he tightishat incausjg maor now. we 'rektracthing e eabr king
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. is th is erwh ae itegll ban is af ooternn. is thk banwas bbrothed, ie crme ut he re l untit abououan hr ago, thand h rougwhheat tuly cod . e th ibankows nse clod thand ey sa heid t bbrodiers etd g aw ay in c thear. ey thd flelylike weunstbo d, th en soonuth le valy vi ew be fore theygo tt onelhe b tway an atd thwh is ere llit a pp ha.ened it sh craboed aut ofivever se n le mis frheom w are im stngandi tw beeen der catuand buo.ffal crthe ash wae s thecsuspt's ca wer, no do owt kn w ho many lepeop reweol invbuved t cwe an yo wu itas mohare te.n on we ndonoot ke w thatstf us o the spsu aectsbure t e thh cras
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ues. t me co us tos, vihaetng mro in igvestn atioa for bank errobbisy th noootern n. bt. we e aringettrdg wo una atth the r o upe n th215 year during and o. >> nc ar ho2:ti yme aou re kima angoi plent sspetyf ohe t 21 is5 venea r cnpi tics hi af rnten oopeesalci nlyr eae th rpainoort haw t the er is outrleblaouwet .st >> s yeraonver s the cene at we e werintalkerg ove here th be215 n tweeduo rang and ffbuo,alap h tpysao ity ad h be enmpcotele clyarled eout of the way. in fact there was sca e enerth e th sslee wouscthr sce e en wi urth ocameras and we cannot find a spot with marking tha t th uey tsesoo uaksop omethf tine hadroy wa so isos t'ligo tods hi aisl l cleared but it does not mean you're out heof t w youd.oul if u yoincontue oeach 2ther 15
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alactuly red latethto e ba ckup olwe tu d yoenyeout daster y on pero es 21the t5 atirhe a port eal ecconn tor. it ac is ftivee t thh crase scenr is -o oute-f-thiend angsthin re aedturnno to rmalo the cnso esuthwr t fo now. to llm ho 2chorow: n la res tive of anr--yeamaold n o whlls kiy ed bn ow erfath arereg elin fromthe enviolhace tott sh in the lyfami . >>an: chor theridist ct at eytorn soad i me a cden isio o as tde aetwhthher the fas ap ar cu acofsed ot shohiing n s so ltaarch ges. po lices ar2-ye d-oldels hi dad be tforetan reedliat . >> 2chornt: a onios join us, an o,toni oudo yw kno whenth e st dit ricrnattoiley wkel ma a isdeconion de uarch ges? os>> n isleot cndar an whe q at o p sideciilon wbel ad m e. we er wldtoha ttht esalthfa er wa wns donde sus ay a ca agn imtine flyfami b hasonce s atorn bparte y thh deat of o r theiea22-yd r-ol >>22the r--yeawaold e s th cudrchil en. th ded ribe amore tovilo ng ma n.
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atookg long ntine knifand bestabs d hierfath . t athe tamoundgin ee .home stheyaid the efathllr puuted o a vd n an hshotcughthoun ts o lecet on . he sustlo l his ife. >> ifhorr ied,i onve n e t ofhe yetwo i'ars eve ben in th veere iry nce lepeop and r nevea had leprobtm wih nya of th em. >> steve wasts ho ed a thanksgiving for emth . r hembemeers lktatoing e th 22 r--yea old. >> i t melhim yeast ar th e us hod e ant i methdee olf st o the sun,eehe svemed o ce t me. >> e o ons know whatspd arke the contnfroonati eebetw n th fander a son. so mcial, ediafay milermembs ex s presssa lo . e on saidstrepe in myace aooobl d s co , usinprour s ayer willadheof ts ve la ndsh aer othokcebosa mes fr isom h s and "aid,aoeesw t ar smvit losohandepme nhew ha ass ponsed .
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th tre icag loss." theridistct toateyrns iilstsadedici ng etwhr he toarch tge fheheat\l m e wi isth hth dea . l ev stvee neonvisihied tson .ty f pe olyfami t and he si metusog thin tlike uld ha ippene n thten mifa ly. th ysalwaea app mr toe to b wvery delviloamng f ily. >> g c theeroron cs rsceoffill sti atha t s noasreleheed tic off ial eca ofuse e mor.step ouit cbeld tforeeytornes mak the de oncisi re inportveg lie fotoan nio ca lostelv^ 3news a >>r ncho ghtoniest nthor las bo s vegacepoli s areortl il searching for a driver who t hi d anikiedll atwo-year-old girl. >> ho ancevr: n elynegreed die aysund t nighr aftewashe s hit by a a mn ivdra ing van. policsae thy e ivdr,er a sphiican n ma hin 4is 0sta syed at s the fcene0 or 1amiantes d nd thenu otook ff. if you aknowthnyg,inal c up on st rsoppe38702-555-55 . > >>e thupco aleusccri_ of
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chsfa -theruerfathfr in ofont . chhis soild e ey'r not gu .iltyeviepkemi in onnd of e thecsusps ts i7une yo g rl gimother. de drane leconmand ary calst bo h teapld det notyguilth in e oo sh dting oeathf mathe n. e the judgsa hid berl il is $3 005,an0 n d calad pai in s cash because she is consideder omana rflight isk. de y co n lemangis beiwi held t thou inoil ba . ima prely inarinhearisg th rig m>roht f m theennbegi ing, ve haen tbeighe hinhest e th ll haths for e s pollotdo nan me yt an. hing y ifou g not, et upiedot t ge anout ,t don'vo . a >>r:nchoeyd th. did igniwsneno is llw ca nald p trum thesi gerwinn t invote l- alrtimponeant mphae shir arprimy. >> ho anc r 2: andthmee na him l totastco t--emhe dtsocra is rn beanie s dersexedpectbe to e therwinn . v sorerly s sultadio.micon ng i bathe onsed je prou i ne kstwor m areg akinel cthis
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we sh're g owin lyourpiife g ckin berd fireroup cf wd on be srniersandertrepo ers, orsupp rtersr,athe ijuste n th onewsf thcaeir atndids e ha co utme oto on n p ieith r nt co est. >> chan tor: olhe pls rewe he scd duleto oscl ue itbep i en d soe oublerwe we tcwa lhing ive se en ajust 3bout0 mi tes be tforerove bstadca tlinerahe tck rdrecos car are yi tro ng tinget ngtryima to ke it inor befe e thadde sline o, di d ahavenc cha e to go? we - are- e we'rkitracheng t pr ryimas.sult ba ye>> ss hee aw minrunnomg fr n theooewsr m d anas at iquhow y ickl ili awe re ge g ttinre thesrefigud s an? cu doedmentl, poice crrsuise re weng bei uso ed tpelet ople ow knre whee thvo ltinganine d . itenevo befhere t s^vonal te as^ nenbc epws r nortshaow tth ecprojcifmodeiccratne winen of prthe y imarsa, erss look likee thwigop nneraiag n na doruld tmp.e ong thinois fr certain, whatever pehapn ns i new hairmpshn e ca havebia g pa imhect t ssleac impout abt what happedenat l erth misthon . yo u casen e e thouturnt in
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>>eso nshhampisire e mad up th eir tmind wodayo ho t vote for. >> am i toy talldedecid with ru10 ctoise hieak os df.msel plaan atd thho's wot i vfo neyo n t melii beineve at be srnies tandafor fnd i d ithatd neeoto gy th m iebela do>> naldn trhep, a is si bumanesse n, hllte ls it ike it is. >> dotra p trumd coulescor hirss fi t er evtielecheon wd n an ter acre inpeatitlgarsty la ndec t,nigh -- >>enwhou y t ge bto e pr idest en jort usfobeoure y ee be re pntsen iuryott audit e nbr wi cllnghavee mryh.uc >>rcma o m rubio, casey, cruz and busch e are to bp'trumnns eade atmocrla hilliry c inton s nd pi ho tnggeo sit lengig ds it-- >> we're going to work until e thstlaor wisd cast.
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>> i'm going to take a nice quiet walk. >> e f thtosenae ns h will e l trockemhe dtiocraa ent. ene pand aak speofing lockro ing, yo ulu coy.d sa th\ srnieerandle s . of yo crur s, eenddep trum sandrsande inwinnw g nemphae shirracco ding to n nbc ews. so ho tw do heserefigul s al workou t? 'r weie stll coyitallheng t mb nuriers noght e w, wsacan y do d y earl tboth trunkcirounisng htor ,tru esnearvat ris.l senedor t m bcruzsty jupe 20 tarcen ge spo .ints an r d fodethe atmocr s is exas oi20 ponnts ^n agai nnbc ewsa po reg rtinoja prd ecte de atmocrinic winner ri a p, mary nd saaners e d thwigop inner n pry imar m. a >>r:ncho nempw haeshir vo htersa ave t greatr ack
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re icpubloman n.inee a>>r ncho to2: men ntio u.s.ser nato ted cr t uz isol welowin i a isno ifin flath phein ty bod new mp hae shirn so ithe ea rly bo ats. we llwip keek tracof e th ltresuors f yo u. >> ho ancr: e we'rkitracheng t ltresud s anilwe wl othemr n ou itwebse w.ww3lnewsm v.cofor o-up-tmithe- nuteanhaarprim y mp updates. eabe ro dy tcrdemo aticca nc idcand batese erniersandd s an ashi llary clinton are focusing t o os nethe cvadas aucuh whic is a ar: fweekthrom atis sy.urda s th bo p areinlanntrg a o ip t our state this wkeeeclnd, n into on tu sa ardayunnd s day. be srnieeha not an utoldacs exwhtly e en h bwill e e re he w butlle wip kee you st pos ed a cbothdaandifrtes om ethanr pl s. >>oranchf: i youo anpl on ngtakit parygodanevapa com ec eltwted eko wes johato t t rm stregi aeredres a icpubl d mo des cratrecan tegise r th sameo c y daheas tcu caud beocto ar 20en agaiubrepn licac uscaucfo is ver ery rd23 . >> >om cuping be he gan toe tak myour oneyde misinakthg unds ssacro the rboniom k fe. ne e, fivht eig. a.m3e
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a >>r nchoan2: wed av hale l enbe l inine itwafoing ur hors t atmvhe d . ve fi, e th-mhalfonilli do llar tisoluon junnst aedounc to try an ked ma thelitane s.rter >> d anr othebefuauti lly
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swillu yoe th j >> wim: omelce , backneyou ed to owknt thaama sc kimatsng i u ronds inrk clan couty ri ght no eyw pring onr you fearof ge g ttinstarreed. j >>caessiit: tsstarh wit a on phe caarll tnggeti dictstri ur cot ju.rors 3news okspthe wie onwowhman o ld to us shlie be evedthe car lle was tilegi.mate sh>> are sce ed mso de>> bra hnjoisson inarte s. >>i outhi ght inwas tre,oubl re i allyd.di af>> rteg ttin pthis hone la b ll ca . qu nd mooray m.ning seth mpat intortate mat ar is rinwa t rranfoout r r hestarre are y t noinshow fg upuror jss.duty cauna new. te i >> nodid ntt wago to to in joer nevn beeoeto j . >>e y sh
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in be$2g a ne. dij i >> nohad e, cluev how er, qu twithmohat ney. .>> hn josason heid tle cal r un soleded git. >>adhe htr a sstong voern ice aba knyou ndow aha he erd evngythima, , juste thernowas p skiisor m s deci isin hroole e.utin aden hal a c j o, s ernumb >> a he hskedgo to gtkmar or th smige to t a rtced ifie ckche. >> so as ason my suisperv or co mesckbail i wvel gi u yo a ll cak bac to ytellheou wtore ke tato it . >> anthd coe t uryssa -- >> is aco leteamsc . e thtcours do w notthork at wa y. >>taeldo we r noth eaccorianout d ab grpl peohth tr st o thask em foner mo y. >>e thxtneim tyoe geu a t llcath, mat sayeme lit ke iis of alfici . dg juyse sa tonescon ct. >> a is , hoaxeldymebo
5:14 pm>> ws 3. >> m: ji prenesidbat o ma'ssn l .1 $4ll triion ssmetoage co ssngree thnew dgbulaet p n is ma ikingouts rnds onit cap al he althanpud reanblic laerwmak s re a aly readctrejeing it . j >>caessihand tclt in udes se r nato hdeanr elleus tes he dgbu aet ndputht use - - us rt fuinher to de bt. -- e thbu pdgetd ricemeat be e causcoa resmbnuhaer t t cl in audes6 $2.liil tonx a crinseeav o terhextneec rth ane pllu inclag chin a eene t w loonwar ce canngghti ob glg rmintand s.vice i$>> : jim t andmvhe dgo is ing lia onysne s ithatpps su osedn orte the twait ime. aifthno pergrro wam daschit ed g la wstk eecabee us ofobprmsle . pn >> es jcasi a: eegrtod ou p r r remoon m ieyo nte thstsy em st dm w a fes hour ago. en muhow onch m ey? l t aboulfa hami $1 n.llio^ the dmv blames the more te
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r. e thprbig m oblek checroin fhome but did not show up for their mpoapd inte timeelonicwhdeh mae ths line erlong . a d w anovimpriovers n is sis. >> ow> n atfireve, tigulang th lvemsen es ig a bi nt corsrovey.a ca sa qu ntreces mastishoohangs hi om pr pptedderesibant o ma's ke mayos ano ne tthbuy n e gu notray r is inlookheto tue issa gu renglatilvemsenles o s hiiaspecl rtrepobs, weite we s.apon >> ghtoniuyt, b ingnsguck qui d an easyneonlies sal thwia out ba beckhenc, r ithas ppen iheren ne .vada t is ia igoodordea a rm erdangprous ceactiw honsgu n lear que ac iiredpos a caliti l dosue atmin e gepand adinnertable conversations. we will tell you w hon gursbuye e ar nowin l theoine f htsig r fonslicee erdealhes, tp peole edtaskh witinsolvg escrim . >>ani c an ysweradour , hapurchese trom fm yo u.
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no ckbandgrouck che nd cod.ucte i now abusy ilite,crim law rcenfot emencar core dvers one in a imcr e. ey thac tre , it'rtheyt e no in go tg to iracet ckbame to . >>u yo salsohaee wt ppha ens wh e en wkease d thnonlie de s alertabou insellng gus to , b noroackgund ch neck,eao id . itis c allg ominn up imy ec spreial t,por bswe ite we nsapo. ly onig tononht wsne 3. . dos io[audt] losdi [auninstlo ]
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w hot abouthe po cllen?ount now stveill arry einly th onseas w bute alare swaysg eein tolow er modate le ovelsh,f as ce andar und j.iper th bie thg gins imuerlb iry s t noowshupn et ynd ath iatofs d co seurhe witn s gete to be s rs wo t. re heho is e w thr othef halla li tves,laime- pseefr comcahi go i itldcond at i wis eterthe. te atmper buresy arelgeg ttin e abovre fason wor a hileto day an acd bwnk do t thetheam ey go . ad re ablerrectud , ane llbe y lo tok a thepasuluay bie sk da tooty, nh mucwihind w ch wo bulde ceni o anden th la ke it ls feem waren tough o go k chec oitutut b thetewa r mp teurerate sis atilld roun50 de s.gree neardoel trado hereecch iking n at70 deesgreht rig, nowxtne e toinxisthesoutigrn hdshlanld itand c isd ooleor idownu f yo twantn thuse rde woed ear is 65 . ul bo der 6city6 grde ees. th ste re ofe thertempesatur ro achess tle valy st tting o
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e thdodestsiorighbd hoollsti hein ter low, 70serwn ft om-iel de la mf coblorta ty inmihe s d-70 lestthe m adiu 3. te afher t llvapaey, phrum d i 66n deboulndr a sqme uite ngcomi in 6 73. al. fo her t stnurip y rser thatwe ve han beehein t s 70 an this enweek d wet migh amake o run reg is ns coivecutyse dath in s e 70 in nuafebr ry. to owmorrrt staun aro0 d 5no de s,greewo we rk waour ty up o e thr uppe 60s by nclue htim and th en ibpossidly m -70smaand ny va lleypaorighbmos to.rrow70 cewi otll ne havwaany t y, i will raivan f e le mir s pe.hour agchicheo, tss le s it i very y verlychil . un ch k ofthune co try. th at ist whappha wenedhen yo cu'reanold d atheymire ld. we vehan seewathe rm r ai work its y wandin awi it ll nt co.inue
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gh hiso congommi thugrolah te ni toanght rld eaowmorr mo g.rnin dei maayin lf er ooucl ds. sh nouldot laonst lt g bua mo sstly dunnyay rrtomoow, ytever ohinge n thfipacis c ha gbeend uttetoout stwe ern ca .nadahade c onasev laen plices seke e attl laportrend att preldy mi a and w fedscloue herre.ther i he rere a l ourtoows t.night un mooids gowng d 2n to7 9, 3 ce de nt bl t anken ow iollinc. tycoun . st jure motoovern , 74anindi sp s ringbithe los ti 70. e in go tg upo 0045ar cle. sky er thule co ad be lecoup of high dscloum fro 4somea.:00 o m. t a7:00 7.m..ll4 wi be h the igh an d mthat-ultithe smrdreco of co , urseinues oushayld st tha ing th deh montebof fy.ruars e so wgrare ngabbi omat sw e lo inhangg enumbrs.
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ugthroh enthe f d othe enweek d er thlle wi sbe ahtlig bapull ck as ge we t itoles vae'ntins y. da bithe g esqu itionn s cawe epke e th 70? . in e th t60s, ghereoes n esuhi y.stor l y rewe aki loot ng aun70 f ad in q lelitt o bitwaf a p rm un agai r foidpresanent yod be nd. >> d wer o ou tpartro akeepor rec d? >>s.ormeteisologosedwantgo to s t ou:0at 3 t0 indrnafte oon ban had ex le. j >>caessiot: gs po7>> eo metgirolo ist: af weo ll d ? eto ergethca we obn pr ablynp qua e famanuerctur 70. l*. im>> jom: cuping 6: at r u yo ehavecover ernsid ed a ir ercareh witenlaw emforc ent, taal cal lopal dentrtmerabare out rto rt stain hir g. _lte yohow n u cathget lle ba 7rro g llinouas ytur fus re a a a li poffce o.icer lo>> si jes aca: e nd w twant o scup ydateowou nth on sue re lts aletonow the mptru*nquheadrsartelddona um trasp hr bjustdeeen edclar e therwinn t oftualpureanblic
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3withtrcenth of t righndbehi chim, aaseyjend b sh buna fimally kingsha g owin 3 at 1rcpe ent. >> : jim umtrtup ac hallyas ledoub wd incasey kae m thde p maca s se iecin splond ace.
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op dralped hel tdoy y soy thethare is meti p the olls wereghriont, dtrald ump wi g nninnethe mpw hae shir arpriminbellg cay ed bnbc anewshend t soasedciates prs en evug thonyh ma s votel stil to be un co ted. he a is p34ntercemo, alst 20 tspoinhe higr anth the onsecacd-ple shfini er. it is t no su.s.orenat ted cr nuz,ebot j , bushrunot bio, hn joic kasn h icoseitnd w h 15 pe t.rcen >> ssje ica:heon t modeiccrat
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ct viory awith 5bout6 rcpe ent of es vot. il h tswitchnturo cek ylintvprism ,and thget ge samehareat csnnelbl cas e give you, ouwithvingt hade to al abwith c d?s an and. er..thole's wh de home vr. tplusof oons man deiond optns so y anou c w watchr,hatevewhen .ever d?yes an y wh gdo you uys skeepthaying at? theit'sst fir rule i ofv.mpro ayby sesing "y and," we t acceprealthe crity eated o byomedur crty papaners, ights, rkn, i ow. do ? you likfeelhoe a d llywoorinside
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>> > binreakg news. c nbnewsje procts be srniersande and lddonamp true hav won e thhanew irmpshe mo deiccrat and blrepu picanririmaes. we e havllit a covered. "nightly news" from
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