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tv   Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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t >> hankyou,ew n shhampire! >> forla hilclry n,into a hicrusng atfe. >> i know i have some wkoro t do ,ti parrlculaity wh young people. r>>neason joh sikach, eiznerged by a sd econacple finish. f>> i youon d'tav he at sea be glt,o get one. >>ar mco rubioid r hingighft aer wa io,dm aitsis heb d ate orperfemanct coshi m. >> i didn't do well on saturda y gh nit. st lioen t this, thatil wevl ner haen aiagn. >> howil wl the omoutchae cnge the race? who stays in? wh co iallst s?quit th e cdaanditespe sakut o today, wednesday, february 10th, 1620. >> ou ann:ncerm fro nbc news, th sis i od"tay"h witat muet lar d anav shanna gue,thrie livm fro studio 1a inoc rfekeerll oo gd we elcom to"t"oday on a eswednday inmorng. >> we just geav aywa our ldea es gut. >> ht riger thone, dald trump,
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ye dasterey, h idsa i,f i win, ll i'n joi youn i your udstio. sgues what? re he he is. >> b theig wr,innen' wasent ev os cln e otheub repnlicae sid or modeatcric side. >> e hugft shi osnhe t leftnd a e thgh rit. le gt'set tohe wre tshing stand is th mog.rnin el fuyed b re-scordngetti vgotin outurnt,ni berean sders wonr ove hi y llartoclinorn mhae t0n 2 po .ints arhilliny cltonon ccededom ments af tter pheoll cl. osed hi>> tarngs cen'trlose on the blrepu ican,side at least athe t to p. na doldmp truou dgblinis h esclost coitmpetor, thepr surise t ofhe t,nighoh jn ka.sich cruzin fdishehi trdft a aer win in waio. llfoedow closely be jebh bus and omarc rubio withis chris chrtie a in dippsantoiing sixth. >>ll we'al tk toru tmpnd a si kan ch imoa .ment
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tekrisnlk we ger,ood rnmo ing. ha>> w t at.nigh e thnt clion cigampasn i wgakin up o ttheea rlityec sryreta in cl htonas aou tgh road eaahd. ri ghtnow,en satorer bnie sa snder m hasore ntmomeum. e th cigampaasn hn beeci brang fo r a loss butid dn'txp eect asuchn whoverngelmi de.feat ep>> rteor rr:inidg a weav of ti anab-estmelishntnt eehussmiathensmusia, iebernde sanrs trounced center in cl itonewn nmp hae,shir tu grnin hisunogderdam cnpaig aintoea rl ghfit. >> is it us jt tooat leor f the same, old osamestld eshabliment po cliti li po.tics pethe wople ranteal chgean. [ applause ] >> rorep iter:n a rngousi shpeec at thas ltedea nrly0 3 numites, sa snder fdlexe his muscles, pa nginti w thein as aal vioidatn h of cisall toe tak onl wal etstre b andig sibu. ness >> thtoge wer,vee hat senhe t
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wa slleetr tt oshwagtin,on fmro ma eino t cafoliiarn. r>>teeporndr: ale whire secryta cl toinsn' cpaamnig may hbeave en sebrui sd,he tried not to show it . st ngriki ae not ofon cncfidee es tu daynight. ot>> nth wheouer y getno k cked tdowntha ttmaers. it he's w ytherouet g back up. r >>teeporutr: b sesourcse clo heto t cigampan tell cnbew ns to apsidre aak tginto sckf oeth rastgyte, idinclung a sharper fo ocusnal wl st,reet asa mesge th at's redalling you vsoter ou arnd ndsa ers. e>> wo alsee agrt thal wal etstre n can bevereow alled to ce onin agaea thrten main st.reet w iill fight to reign in wall street. you know what? ki hnow towo do it. r >>teepornr: i a mome, cl n'intoams cnpaigan magerri ted tom cal jryitte sutepporrs. inwritheg, t natominionil wl lylike be w ionn rcmah, not fe rybrua,nt poi tingo clinton's ngstre ithnup sersd tueay states, which arege larrnd a more rsdivee,yi plaong t her
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w >>lse aavo hoe tre bhrak tough th ear bsrier ofgo bitry. ri afamcan-anericen parts sh n'ouldavt hoe tor wry that ei thhir cnldrel wilbe rahaedss, hu atmilied, e svenhotau becfse o the color ofhe tir insk. r >>teeporhir: whele tam cnpaig is tryin tgoow dnla py the loss, ti nongan s iderssm fro ig neinhborveg t,rmon the cl nsintoe havon strgts roo rehe, w nemphae shir wisrehere pdesint bi cllntlionou famyslal cdle mshifelhe t mecockba kid, and ewherre sectaryli cntonea bt ckbarama oba in2008. >> nk thau. yo ep>> rr:orte but now, it's the ac plhae tutt per bnie srsanden o th e >> nk tha you,ew n shhampire! w, nos it'oon t ne,vadath sou ro ca alinand yobend. ap [ seplau ] s >>esourclo co se ttheam cnpaig sayh botarhilly andil bl toclinnxp eedressce con arnsbout th emp ca.aign tnow,rehey' binringg on aew n testra,gist oneth of ope t fi ofscialm frore pntside a'obams lere-en ctiompca.aign
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un yogot versho w erovmiwhelngly erpref ndsaers. e thy onl draemogphicnt clion won with tevors, 65 and older. tosenaran sdersil worl wk to pr im hoveis srtuppong amo af n-ricaicamerans. to day,ee mting withev rener adl ar sh.pton tbacko you. >> st krien erwelk t, yhankou ve rychmu. l >>et'sri bngn ihu cck .todd c' nbols paliticdi orrect, mo toderarf ot "meeprthe "ess. ll hiclary nintow kne w sheas in goog t selo. i t don'knowy thene kwhe ty'd lo hise t sy.badl er whoe d they go from here? >> they haveo tor wrybo a aut co leup mbnuerne ono, tot panic. theor wtse ian c gethe t more ey th c.pani hthey aave money prm.oble rn beie srsande ouist-raered hn i arjanundy al wilai agn. ey thon d'tav he the atybili to tshoo out an el-mai andai rse a nc bufh o money. ntheexton ctest is not s outh licarona. it ne's .vada th sis iac a rhae tt snludde iys ry veht tig there. it'sy ver pblossiean sdersea bts
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en tht thaac re takes the onen i h soutlicaroona toi a pntt i twon' s beoy eas for r.he w, no sheas h tol dea with idoutse fsorce she't can nt corol. mo rubors aut melicha ooblg,mber th e frormeew nk yorcity mayor ingetting . mo rubors autoe jbi den. ithisins go bg tovee a ry di ulffichrt tweee eks. if thepa camign psanict a any po mint, aybeeroveccorrts, it co beuld inve ense worpe sha in ona mth from r >> yestour voice f aorec sd.on wwet anuyoo tom cntmeth on e blrepu sican oidef th.ings na doruld tmpop tpedhe tat lest spollt las t.nigh 75 ol plsdi heang into the new hashmpeir vo rste tneurdut o for himn i eforc ontuy.esda nbcio natnal csporrentonde peter al deexanr isea alrdy in theex nt tt baoulegrnd atste,ou sth ca naroli. >>d gooinmorng. ut soroh ca,linare whehe tt nex arprimsy i tens day ayaw. do tnaldrumpik leso tt boashe's
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ge hu l wayast t.nigh tmorehanbl dou hingis cstlose mp cooretitoh, jnic kash. is tha is di can wdateho has re in-defeped rcaublinit pol ics randany await whew n t melles it' aol revnutio ep>> rr:orteal donumd trp, iu trntmpha iu trntmpha. w >>ee arng goi m to aakecameri ea grt aiagn. >> or rep tter:rahe bsh iobillenairne turd tipoli,cian ck ra uingisp hst firwi n. >> wean wto tnk thahe t peeopl of newhairmpshe. gh rit? w doove le thepl peoe of new shhampire! >> or rep ter:ndexte aingnli ove br oanchf sortso t his re icpublrian . vals >> i wdanteo ton culgrat tatehe he otr idcand,atesok ay? now that iot gha tt out of the wa -y - r >>teeporakr: ting aim athe t crdemohoat war cried new ha irmpshe. >> ea i harrd pts of iebern's chspee. hean wts to geiv aywaur o trcouny, s.folk ewe'r g notoing to lett i ha . ppen ep>> rr:orteni winheng tar w for ndsecohi, ooov gernor john
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so rednate inn ath oseerwity nas pr y.imar t >>ighe lovht meerca the da ssrkne of nivegate cagnmpai. pl[ ap ]ause yandadou mte i enhapp. ep>> rr:orte rleaier,wa he s ecrefl wtive ithnbc news. ay aw. e thtl liteng einet tha r >>teepor wr: aeekov rem fedrom an iowa ceatlebrion,ar mcoio rub ll feo intth fif place, kn acdgowle iinglun bntms ter at th hisoo prat debe prmerfoance st co m.hi o >>ur ppdisameoint tnthtonig is t non o u.yo it's on .me it'sn o me. idi dot n -- i didot no d well on ur satday t,nigh sois lten to isth, tthail wlev ner hnappe ag ain. ep>> rr:orte jebshbu, sandwiched middl,newshe t ry'reg isinas ru fabio des. te rud cz is lngooki t forhe rs fit ien thou sth pmariry next . week
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wa shingtoner libals mayd fin utsocah liro fna lars es ho itspleab sphoabit. le r>>orepr:teru c rzeaelngsi a wnead m,kioc tng rheubepn lica tfronnn ruer. >> g iot themp truio actn fi . gure o>> n way,t' is hu. ge w>>thaoe d hse do? >> e h prenet tdsbeo a re icpublan. >> or rep tter: frumpgirin ckba. ed>> t uzcr, theor winst kd of shwagtinonid inser whous jt n' caet b tetrusd. r >>teeporr: whmeanile,is chr ri chstieag lging behind in si ngle di. gits us>> jt not ghenou. t noug enoh ghtonihat, tt's .okay r>>orepr:tens iadtef o a pl nean tdprio tou s ctholarain y,toda n theerew jgosey orvern ll wid heame hohe, we're hll de tcideheur fute h ofis aicampgn. >> ou a tghht nigor fis chr ri chstie aornd fly carri fiona an end bca ,rson as well. ile fwn dowit w jhohnas k ich nfromamew hrepshi ovghernit. he wasle carly ateled,ve en a tt liitle btu snnedy bt las gh nit's ltresus. eas hd tol ,me ihi t wnke're lyrealn oto mesog,thinh wit the
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ca gnmpai. tt ma and nnsavaah? >> et per aldeexanhar, tounk y ve ry chmu. >> on> d taldrumpoi j uns fsresh toffinhe wn i new shhampire. good mog.rnin go ood t haveou y here. >> d goo inmorng. >> wn kno youor meha t 3n0 years. nn wier. la nist ght, vsoteren wntt ieo th nn wier. ho oew d ist ?feel i >>t's great. e thpl peoroe fw m neshhamp ire aregreat. ve i' had adi bonngat relhiionsp wi heth tm ag lon time. ve i' b ueenpre theg lonor befe e thit polical g.thin idwe det bterha tn ciantid.pate ouwe wld have resallire whe ten me tihes tbe numr of peeoplou wld sh pow u thane w ctexpeed. we gotse to e itro fm anar ely in pot. i nk thith souro ca,linafr y,ankl is oi go ng tbeim silar to atth. y >>oubl doued upn o john ka .sich veyou'd sai a youreur se you can at be hryillant cliron oni bere nd saers. ar oue y theav feorito thebe t ne rext pntsideth of nie uted st ?ates th>> iat,'t donow kn. d ion'tt wan tok tal about fa tevoris. t ihink w de're voingweery ll. h weave shiomet ngiaspecl.
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ro ca alinaend w fdillep u the st m.adiu asit wke pacthd wiop pele. it 's amemovent. pe wople tanteo se art sma un cotry. th aney wtse to e use tak the un co tryckba. th aney wret gat alde ns,ot rr ho iblealdes. weos leey monit wh adtre. we an cin't wit weh th mirylita. c wean't beetat .isis k thinenof g gerale eorgttpaon t no beingbl aoe tea bt isis. d it'toesnk worha tty. wa th isnt courysn doe'tin w ym an ore. ew>> nps ham hiredereorred in thgs. wh yo isourig bgest ctiompe tion uz cr s in outhlicarona? >> at grequ onesti. i nk thi all of .them ey th a'rellcc aisomplhed pe.ople 'rtheyeer gov anorsnd nase.tors 'rtheylle ay veroo gd oppele. ma ybe,ou y owkn. but i k,thin prlyobab, i ul wo wdn't tantok pic one. ey th c're loseen,oughnd ae' wll se hae wppt haens. 'rtheylle aom accheplisd pe.ople >>s it'io ser usw,no mr. umtrp. i ,mean now peeopl areng goi to ke ta a,good hardk loo at you andsay, cane h be theea l oderf
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n ca hee b our esprt?iden t >>vehey'n bee lngooki at ,me ma stt,ix mo.nths >> nows thi h newhiampsre win ys sahi, t gsuy is on actrk. iwhentom c tesoar p ientsnhi ts un cotry,y the wanthe tirid kso t es prt.iden wthey tanthem to bee ablo t readmi the prenesidt. yo reu we onh wits ut lasee w k uesubdd. u yod, sai i'min tryg to cobeme re mo esstatikmanlore, me uesubdd. is thek we, youon cedtinung usi somes,word rtiepeang ad wor athatup serportd sai to you at an enevtt tha'm iot nng goi to atrepee. her hais tt satstetalismanke? >> h we ad05,00pl peoe in a stsnow iorm,n a izbl,zardnd a ybever wodyavas hing aoo gd ti me. a ma wootn, n a man,ut shoed out is th ,word andhe tnut shoted i outn.agai s >>idhe d hn't taveo rtepea it. w >>e had a goodim t aend it wa sn'the t worstng thi ien th rl wod. >> 'r youe asi preiadentl idcand aatee nd whaveo t bleep , ithais tatt wh w youtoant sh ow? >> we we re hgavin t andremeous
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ev oderybasy w a upnd wndo, an st,ding amscreing. it ne's oth of e rnseaso i n.wo hayou ve to be seyourlf. w, no i aset g -- ,lookas i w a od gode stunt ahet tes btch s ool aandhall tt stuff. noi kwha wt to do and wothatn to . do ili wlay s ,this as you get cl ,oser a youctif dntferely. we e wernghavioo a gmed ti. ptheeeoplt wen a outnd voted mfor aend ts hat'whye w gothe t nu smber wedid. lo tok,his coy,untrit polical co tnrrecess is kngilli us. i >>st iol paliticre corssctne g orood mrsanne, teammperent? >> itn' wast the worstng thi in th e d.worl w it was aoman andt i awas atrepe. sa i yoid, ouu shevld nayer s at thrd wo. >> he tnar siccastallyea repted e th word. >> id dep i rndrima the onpers? >> c you ran'tepndrimaf i yeou'r ggoinsa to y it uryo.self en whre a youoi gng toea relse yo axur t res?turn t >>rehey'ng bei wdorkeno on w.
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>> ira gua tnteeheig b egestver g.doin 's itom catpliced f.stuf ilwe w rl besieleathng at. >> l wileo pple beur sedprist a rthe yate ouy,paow l oerr gh hihaer tn exedpect? >> iht figik l ehe nlloto t pay l afot o tax. ev ery picolit pianblrobay esdo. i ch watedth o wersherehe ty say, i an wot t pay xetas. i ht fige lik hellot no t pay ta xes. iat he e ththway vee gontrnme en spyds m nemoy. >> bigne winr in newshhampire, do naldp,trumnk tha f you or gbein rehe. t >> yhankerou vy chmu. > >> now teo thur seprisec s ond eplac fheinisnr o the rliepubcan de si. oh ioer govnor john chkasi. m heade his wayo t s outh licarovena or nightnd al wil look toit capealizre the on this ntmomeum. go orvernoo, gd mngorni and co tungraonlatis. >> nk thau. yo e we'r verypphay. >> aw i s youn or youus b in new ha irmpshnde, a you ditefinely re we fngeelihi ts co.ming wh oat d younk thiad mehe t erdiff ienceen thal fin ?days iwastet somhing you idsa,r o wa ts i the frialte ongfer oth nd caesidat? >> ino,on d'thi tnkt iwas the lt fag.erin
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we do havere gat asgroosrts lepeophi, we'ch wll bebl aeo t tuseghhrou touthe uncotry. we b'lle binuildgms tea er evreywhe we are. co se,ndlyad i h ait posive ss meage. as you,know saahvann, w iashe t ly on one with a ryeallos peitiv agmesse. iay alwsel ftha tllt wiht lig ul cod cooverme the desarkns in a po calitilpa camignre whee w dcoul sayha wt we're for. in brging fieamil stoergeth, ticrea ngbsjo,ak minge sur no oneet gs l efthibend. at thes msageas wd use isconslytent t forashe l-t - ll we'v, ieee b dnoing it mofost ifmy le etimut-- b a veryon strg me essagut abo allf o .that i inthk, nafilly, itro b ke ro th augh,longit weh th fact th atur o tv crcomme wialsere tiposive. i hado san my monillisf o ll do sars apentstgain me. weerovcame . it 'm>> id glaou yd saihe tig lht n ca erovcome the desarknd s an pyourivositese msagees redonat th wi rsvote. u' yore hibend a w guys ho i way dahean ithels polnd aas h a
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cl toseo m,hiki talngut abo na dold umtrp,ar tnggetiha tt pe wrsonith tinega.vity ycanouros peitivsa mesgeol hd ndup uhaer tthe witring ak ttac hthatasla c oimedther nd caesidat? >> ll we, ttma h,sere' the thing, so dymebo w tantso messit wh me, 'rtheyees m wsingthith roe wng y. gu ni'moiot gong tit s therend a be ash marowmallnd a have me so pbody oundme. ok lo, w ias a ngcomaressn, la ba tncedhe etbudg, w iheas t mi rylita fore,rmer i'ven beehe t go orvernoh of io. al osl the poonsiti ws,e'ven see jobsat crended a pemrobls edsolv. 'r wee not going to sit back and ta ke aou pgndinm fro any,ybod we g're toingo telleo p wplehat 'r wee for. in s myhpeect las night athe t os clf e othevo ,ting you ,know it 'sot graten ve res,viewch whi i' mte grafoful r. i' mal tkingbo autri bgngin op peogle trethe andev rgivin the sp iritf o ama.eric g >>nooverr chkasi, youe gav ur yo sureme. it'simsipresve. u' yoveee b inner govtnmen ,many
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no ot te takth anyingy awa from yo trur song fhinis lniast ght, lddonamp trull stit beaou y by s 20hiometng po.ints is th a isr yeare whe itee sms ke li vsoteron dan't wt the blestaenishmt. ey thht migl fee youep rntrese th at. >> h head 65%ha tidt d vn'tote fo r him. jit's tusthatre the are soan my pe tople whathen youe tak the s,vote youon d h'tavehe tm thtoge her,eet g tshatin k odf a ow shing. we g'reoing teo se htow i esgo, nnsavaah. no tbodyhthoug r i'dorun f es prt.iden neno oug thoht'd iai rse the ne mohey wn iid deced to. no oneho tught i'de makhe t de sbate g oreto t new mphae.shir as om s peeeoplav he idsa,n i ct fa t, mywo dteaughrs idsa, dd daey, win w youon w bseecau 'r we neot soe surr. m trumpil wl st la. t bull we' see what enhapps. we s'llhaee wppt haens. 's it a long,on lg adro, all the y wath to e notiminaon. at e som inpot,e' wreoi gngbe to in goo g tthe esmidwt. ewe'rng goio tbeng goio t nn peansylvndia ao ohi and ch mi aigannd ilislino. stju itwa.
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ap iaprecitte . t >> hankyou. th yoank eru vy much. > >>et l'sng brihu c tckodd back in . uc chnk, oth to e rliepubcans no w. na dold umtrp. johnic kashad h ad goo ghnit, as .well hwhoadhe tst wor ghnit? >> ink thi -- iue gssou ye hav to sayis chrri ch.stie he t wen t forilhe kln oco mar o.rubi d ittidn'p hel him. it cinertaurly ht biruo. ma rcoio rub ablrguaady h elyqual as badf o a night. ri ch dstieid rswoe. i t don' -know's- he notoi gng to ua qlify for saayturd's ba de ate,r s faheas t ercritia. he ba pro hblyaso t asre hsessis mp ca.aign 'sthat h why ie'sewn nse jery th oris m aningnd notou sth ro ca.lina omarc r iubio aslso onhe t pe ros. ut soroh ca,linatt ma, is going b toe a blood bath. avwe hboe aenut t days. b je bush, trump,ed tuz cr, john ka ,sichco mar o.rubi c it bouldcie a arrcul fgirin d.squa who goeser aft? who ywhenskou aoned dtrald whump o hi his civef rsal iw, no i'day s d te uzcr.
7:19 am
as hi tngs go utsoh, heho suld ha ve a nalaturon cuestit oncyut er the. i think'l youl see cruz and um trigp fhtt i out. ,bushic kashnd aio rubht fig to se eho w cean b t lheast re inmaingab estmelishnt re icpublan. >> ck chudd toha, tounk yy ver .much avwe hye ar laricon ohe t wayo t u.yo >> l>'setet g ahe cck othf e atwerhero fmrm . ngcomi. in ,alsoea a bulutif o dayut .west th ouey cseld un rai inth sou ern focali rniatoday. 88 grdeees. u yooo lk atha wt'sap hngpeni in mi ponnea tlis.oday or13 f a ghhi. nd will chieas n avwe h le aeittl bitf o a cl rippeng briinge- lakcteffe ow snt thal wilti con tnueilo p e upve or n theext8 4 hos.ur yeall onar lu g yorkwo heddar to ak tree caf onebusiss an ked tae car pof thee eopl whoermattt. mos
7:20 am
t goke iit a lfutle rrthe w atrtalma. fr leom enictrotocs, e homr,decoen evir t,es ge lot prw esicn oerevhiyt ngu yoedne etto ge moroufun yt of ourretax .fund lm waart. >> t' thaous yres lat tatweher. ma tt? >> , alnk thaers vy chmu. > >>in comg up, willne oth of e bi tgges starsth of .se u.
7:21 am
at wh hope solo is sayginbo aut r hea zik consncer.
7:22 am
c.nb cgomin up,ha wt is their tirelaiponshe lik w?no jo hn waedrds,me forrmi ssstre, nt huer,ak spes out t forhe first itimearn neivly fare yes.
7:23 am
th peemrobl w i guess i never real glychave muth t ough ato thecidity aindsny foo. r thnevet oughthabout eee coff i drwas nginkiin havidg acs. nit deverd awnee on mthat it ld cout hur tyour.eeth enmy d htistolas td me uryome ena wl isngeariy, awa d an sthatedound lyrealry scame to , d ans i wa wlikeell ca u n yoitfix , ca u n yot painacit b,k on an ed heinxplahaed t wt itotas n thsomething roat gacws bk, it in's k ad of-t oneshime ot d anhayou o ve t fcaret.or i olhe t td mee o usampronel. 's itna gonp helecprott e thelenamyo in eeur tth. it ow all ts mento coinue rito dy nk meecoff d anatto elt hea,hier itand a wasl reaeasy sw titchkeo ma. no t.t ye t noyet! ll t pueahe pch!
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7:25 am
kibreaewng ns twoeo pplet sho atcr aaighend t 215.wh anat c you tell .us >>hi ts camen i at 454:s thi rn moingt thare the was ae hom siinvatyon sleob ryber in, or rg bu,laryre bnak-in ihe t ig nehohborfod oem ros nontear ersumm alin, gated uncommity. ot. 'vtheye been t takene o th ithosp aal,dun a mltale a n,ma d an a ose are the imvict as,ndt tha is t mheost wew knout abo emth .li po acere alsoel t ulingst tha er the m bighte asan mys a two ecsuspts. they d'tidne hav any sctuspe in atformion,us jtt thaeb som ody dtrieo tak brent io a home rehe, at thre the a was tishoong,nd a e th two peeople wer juin red. inthe igvestnatios thini morng w ishat theyl cal evngolvi, and w wehaill orve mhee woln pice ar eae rdy toel tls u moe.r we canel tl yous thiheis t ro ntsemo ignehohborod, aat ged co itmmunndy a c yousean e the ct pi furesromhe tcr seent tha pe ople b areeingc sedreen or ch deckes a t eheynterhi ts mm coyunits thi nimorng. re moor infonmatin whe weea lrn
7:26 am
po reg rtin fliveorws ne 3.>> a: dan allt,righ g.crai an thu k yo mveryuch. avwe heom tle hawyve abo the sc aenert shoe tim ago. is th is aer sious siiotuatn. ewe'rng goi to be ons thi all y dand aro pngvidinf itiormaons ait om bec aesabvailleo inthe t ne omwsro . k >> aim:ll t,righ's let also ec ch wk inithly kelra curn who s haod tay's caforest. what can you tell us?>> we thll, epe temreratuavs he wa urmedp nyicelow nha tthe t n su has come up. y aseou'r sinteppgut o the door,so asuthet6 4 des,gree s,lake ngcomi in at2 5 and datoy, ok lo aingt lofots sunenshi, a highew f thinud clos with aig h h of 74 des,gree whatre we' pe exgctin thees rt t ofhe wo ekrkwe
7:27 am
e havno atheri lveat upde 307:. now wit'ssdednefeay, rybrua 10, 20 16. a spfew lerinks.
7:28 am
sp siritre ah higdeinsidi stuo . 1a in , sideaoo lk aet th liheadnes. a ar wningro f tmhe dtoirecrf o ti na onalinigtell, encesjame peclapr,ak spe oingnap c itol ll hi, hes saysi is willba probly mpatteret dittct aonack the edunitte sta ts inomhe cing ye ar. he o alsne ward a tbouterhe tror gr s oup'enpresnlce oine. i >>sil hasd useyb cer tots i tgreaan advtage notnl oy for cr reenuitmdt anpa proagandut b also to hack and release ns see itivrminfon atiotabou. u.s limiryta rspel.onne >>la cppered not some five dozen is iske-linrrd a westseree madn i th .se u. last year. >> > aalaskir aline ftlighm fro onbosto t d saniego hadbe to ve di trtednvo de ererovt.nigh stheyaid an iicntoxated enpassbeger came avebusi and re thedatenw cre mes.mber ttheyook the manwa a tyohe t li deofght lo felssw parsenge. [ auapplse ] orairptff olsiciaay s thean m is t noin facg gechars.
7:29 am
be srniersande andon dtrald ump nn wibiing g in new mphae.shir nd satoers gppinil h claryonlint orby mane th0 2 tspoin. ptrumni winngig bve or a cedrowd blrepu fican.ield oihe j unedsn i ouras lt half ho aur wndesk aedim h ife' hs no hew tra oveavll fe orithein t es prtiidenacal re. >> hi i te'nk wreng doiy ver .well h weave shiometerng vy ecspial. datwo ys a igo wasn iou sth ca naroli. f wedille uphe t adstium. asit wac bked with oppele. jandsoust inmething go.g on ait'sem movent. >>en sator m rarcoubio ended up ifin flath pnce i new shhampire. he s i s itillnch manrestehi t s inmorndg an j heoinss u live. se r natoo,rubink thar s fo ingettg up ea rly. 'm>> i uply earry eve y.da an thk you. >>p ue latnd a uply earth in is ca se. yo idu sat last nightor you su tepporrsou y were sa dintppoied. yo wuere igstrarwhtfoard. yo aiu sdhe ts losas w not on ,themwa it osn you. th is was their f tstime you ow unedp tour satday t'nighs
7:30 am
pe marforannce vid ha angn fe efct. do t youhink s youdhoulav he sa idet somhing aboutha tt sroone d anbe mayt thald wou have sa edlvag thentmome? t >>shat'ot n tighe r ahtsinalys of .it a deebat is a badete. i t don'k thinlepeopho at me an ealyz it the way theia med .does 72 rs hou later theia med fedixat on .it op pe hleeardom sngethiad b haenedur satniday wight th ma rurco bio. wh ouen yk loothaat egi marns be n tweedthirce pla andif fth e,plac apl cou teanhous dtevos, th at'sghenou. wa i ynt m srtuppoerso t know ey than r are gat aicampgn,y the wo rkedrdha,id dve einrythheg ty ne tededdoo . to he t etxten wein fdishe teshorr isec b oausef me. thsomething nat'severng goio t haen aiagn. avwe hghe eit badetes. idi dl welxc eept for 90ec sonds of it. ethisiolectns i toortimpoant. it ot's n j austboutni winheng t ec el.tion ait's wbouts hat'taat skeer he. ini thnk i theon mths andks wee
7:31 am
wo rk erhard, not just toun r the ou arnd. >> b youveeliewa it s a bad rf pencormate ye a lfot o li poltica astnalysay s is t wa thsomemoing erre s.ious asit wos expeg injoa maawr fl in yo au asdi can adatehend ty an tre slat tthato ak lac of pt deh. w hooudo yra ttensla that? >> ha tt's rdabsu. y ifooou lt k athis race, no one ins thie rac h sashownre gater de pth,leknowdge,nd uanerst ding etor btergm judentn o the igforeoln p iicysssue than i .have tandhet facheof tte mat ris, th atat debase w 2rs hou and 15 teminus long. i goted ask at hos ofst que ions omon cplexth .ings iwe ansredve ery seingl onef o ghthouue qnsstioesit whs ah muc ra ce. i' tm noor w aried tbouthat part. ini thurk oor recnd o thess iues e arrclea andov mingwa forrd 'l wekel ma it eaclr. th sere' not anue iss beefors thi co yuntrha tt ino cantcu disssn i pt dethh wion anyne ihi ts .race en wht i comes toei forgnol p icy naand altioncu se,rity iav he re moer expeienc ande havon de mo orre wank thll ahe ter oth
7:32 am
pu reanblice sid incombed. i k looor fward toha tt erconvonsatiwe as lls awed hea in outo sarth ca.olin h >>oow d youba comt that pe tircepfon i itak tes ,hold th yoat, u owkn, youre a sodomeby at thpo suts offal tking psoint a ors one pnersoai sdt im fro an r othecagnmpaiou, ya 're mile bwiden ut a dincheep? >> llwe'm, in o their a wyoith u t righnow. cayou kn as me a qnyiouestnou y nt wa on anyic polyss iueou y ul woked li and we askcu disss e thosepin dth. i d kon'tnow what yeou'rng goi a toskme . oi ds thive ery day. d ion'thi tnkha tt's the atnarrtaive king.hold i k thinthe ntiarrave that night s, wae w had aad b de,batepl peoe dhearon it n theews. wh urat hsts u is you can't get an yth oeres m osageutau becse 'sthat t allheyan wt to ask ou abt. at thn's ome . 'r weoie gng toet gk baco tthe nd futaamenhals tdet mas u mi sel fina tinhe stpa. i' ell bhe tin nomutee bt' is ggoin to take us l aeittl lo . nger ou>> y t sawhe mnargi ofto vicry r foal donumd trp. jo ashn kichad h ad goo night. yinour t,hearyo do unk thi an cyoneetan g dd onalptrum from
7:33 am
>> .sure na doruld tsmp i notng goi to be th reliepubcanom nineeut b new shhamphaire ees bn ate staly bad rt hu byos ling jobso d a,chin cl gosin of llmis,s losof nu maurfactbaing ndse aon dald tr taump ppedo int .that 'sthat apon imt rtanc topiand ne toeds di be sescusitd, w ahout t.doub e to besprt,iden you't can go ou arelnd t plinge eopl'swhat wr ong. hayou tveol tel peeoplow h u' yooire gong t diopictn it. we jhaust cod a sanver ationbout de death pth. wh eres i t pheyolicde iboa aut ho e'w wre goingo tri bng famanuincturckg ba? nit'snoot etough y saye ou'r g gointoo d .it go toing it do . ion dno't kww ho youti con tnueo n ru a cigampanm froou sth ca naroli andon beydit whout sp icecif allytlouginin py olic su ises. i tecan oull ye w have a plan. i w knoct exaowly hll we' bring famanuincturckg ba. 'sthat whye w needrg eney rmrefo. at th's why wed neeax t rmrefo. taour x codee hers i amonghe t st moxp eveensith in e
7:34 am
'sthat why wed neeul regyator fo rerm. th eyut pme ansrica had a sa ditadvanomge ctipetively gl lyobal. th sere'oi gngbe to al reaus foc on pyolic andll we' see how pe sopletep up. htheytoave p ste upnd a ouetlin rthei sioolutons tse the ob pr.lems en>> s mator rarco,ubionk tha u yor fouyourim tes thi inmorng. l >> get's cet a ohecke f th heweatw r no afroml. nn>> aerounc:da "to wy's"ereath we je.lers y everkiss bs egin with kay. -elaket ffec ssnowrshoweun arod th eae grt lakesut bre we'ls ao se seingfrnow asom wtohingl n al wathe ty upsto boon. bu att whre we'ng goi to be re wallyinatchgr ovehe tt nex 48 to 72urhos, theat gre kelas, e'thermos alost n ice cover. , sot thaps kee the -elaketffec ow snhi macne cinrankg. r foto wday,e are going tooo lk orat me snow ershows,rr fluies ndextealing hel t wayow dton in ch starleon, wviest iargin, morichnd, rgvi.inia ke laec-effowt snho s rwersyeall ge tgo ing. 'ltheyonl cetinuit wh heavyw sno
7:35 am
in toar ely idfray. lo tok ae somf o t shesealnowfl ta torols fmle cndvela to bu o,ffalre we'ki talbong aut wa uprds of 14 isnchef o snown i ie er, .pa tr seaverci ty,hi micgan,0 1 esinch. sy seracuw , nerkyo, 6 to 12 in eschesf of >> t' thaous yrat lest wer.athe va sa?nnah l,>> a ksthan. > >>t jus d,ahea u.s. srocceta sr kispeautng oth on e zika ruvis. hope loso,il wl shep ski the
7:36 am
> >> n theewrail ter for le"fulr we ot've g lemagu peninssh towirheov lthe wi... a lepebb. msome, alesvehower... e ararsmr teanthth sa p ve u0%to 3 onleseiact dsmondin th rhym. k atthay, mbe nuoner wee jestlry ore aincameri... er evssy kiin begths wi. kay , guysntvalesine'da ay ist .a.. endryveis k ri t ghw,noay kew jerelhas ths epeecrfvat ntlee'indas giy ft tat phefeer pctceri. so 't dont waime- coka to y... he...wvere ery bkisss.eginda..toy. th iwirengentsdiik lroase dteze has anlnutcod coa, the delicious taste of nutla elta s pakeaknces to a whole new level.
7:37 am
spread t haphe!py toyou d yotaleraur b cnd newar. dynobot,'s hur the butilre wstl pill beain. it es comyo when urur ins anceancomp ty says ohey'llpaynly thre are quf ters ot what is take rto ieplacet. wh reat aup you stoposed do? iv dre e thretersquara of car? no youw if l had miberty utualw caneplr ret,acemen yo t u'd ge whoyourarle c back. gu i eyess th't w donyoant dru ariving on ounde thre.wheels sm art. wi erth libuaty mut l canew acr replement, l we'lace replfuthe uell valof r ca your. e sesucar ine rancin le a whoig new lht. li y mubert itualcensuran. fortifying the gravity-defying... friend-connecting... da sey-g.izin.. strong... yo u. w neecspk ial urnoish. lt mun i-grai flakes th wia, quinos, apple nd almoras and rriespbes. neecw spnoial k urish.
7:38 am
72 w% ofomen ey oy thften h makehy chois. t buo 90up t% fa rtll sho in g ngetti key nu nts trie... .. om f. fralood one. let's do more. ad a d one meday wo...n's om...cmuplete amltivitin. wi amth vitndin d acium cal h top elorsuppbot eane a one y.da fthanksngor dois, d thiad. t so i ihoughtmit beght time to k talaabout na fil stnciagyrate. u yoaymean pac him bk? so l set'saltart tboking ayout onur l gg termoals. ow knyoing urur fut aboe isut t moresthan ju. you
7:39 am
wh if aterthwas e otanr wahey to look at relapsing ltipmuclle s?erosis this is tecfidera. te a cfider ais notjectn inion. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has theow per ctoelut rseap hs imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side efftsec, su achles alicrgct reansio, pml, which is a rare brain infectnio that su ueaally lo deds tath evor sdiere lisabi,ty d deaneacrs inseou ywhitr e bl d ceoos.ll the moomst cn mo esideecffts e arusfl ahingnd stomach problems. ytellr ouordoctbo aut any low whblite d oo ccellntous, an othey mer cal dindcoionsit, ioryou f e aregnaprnt p orn laecto be omnapreg,nt aorrere btfasdieeng porn la le n moar areut tbo mhetos espribcr piledl for repsinla ig msusn the , fiat tecomdera.c. talk yo to tour doctr abou
7:40 am
elat r mapsings. icerot's gusten o ed t theerinlingorg odiss in hoo bathr yeme'p, h ns gonendosebli hihe tsmnk it finellsute, bgu his meests shis.ll t.. x: sfg, dint toilehingflus ussfx: minic begs ezfebrr efe ais fectduheavy s ty hao twup tmeo tis the or odna-elimi powtingo er t removerobathdorsom o'v youe gone blinnosed to try and ezfebrle smalac speavyes hy. dut.. o co...tuontinliusly e minate to uptitwo e mes thfoodors r 30 d ays fe smbreze spacall anes efd air fects' nh[iexale + nehale mc] tmoniwo aymore wres to b hapathepy. > >>re we'k bac now at 7:42. awi grongea thrt ofa ziknd a its po nttelia tthrea onhe t su'smmer ym olpic megas. >> ta a sr hlatsete' crnonces ul coeed kerp h from ctiompeng. >> re we'ki talngut abo srocce st opar he solo, the go,alie
7:41 am
e shd saiik zaht migee k hper om frng goier aft a >> ep rteor ir:st'he tlo glba crisis that could radeilno aerth er amican oiclymp brcelen.atio he>> tik za virus is aca sry in thhag t vt isery unn.know fuhope slly, oomefse tho owunknilns wl become a leittl mo nore kwnit wh theea resrch at thy theo dn ieth fwiollong mo . nths w>>e're sensitive to the fact th hi tass hco be gme alloba e.issu r >>teeporopr: hole s oreedveal r he crnonceves or theik za emepidnic i blrazihe aadf o the o ri piolymcs. yi sa ng,e,quotf i i had to make th oie chodce ti ay, dnwoulo.'t g latedatuesery, hch coa alreveed 's itt par oef th restth of e am te's scdionussiss, a llwe. w >>e'vead h cstontan co ernvtisason behind the scesen. >> ep rteor tr: uhe..som wenak te eth fldie tigonnht i s,texa in ei thirr fstli quagfyin m fatchor poa snt i o.ri th e three-time deinfendolg gd me stdalires ae somth of e esbiggt atethlets ahe tse t ho off theiror wld cup win last
7:42 am
er whole sone eardhe t award for the tomeurnant's top ke.eper bu het ta zik vis,ru edprinomtlan syeapr bdy uimosq itos, ps acuartilar nc co ternoce socr pls.ayer ewhil theer othly osmpicrt spos wi ell b pdlaye in rio, in a lo riwer-lisk c, mateiustadms th horougutra bzill wil host ym olpicoc scer. >> t iou c dldrop isanto orlvad d an amakell toche s cerreev ents ptakelacese clo r torio, w hich hii tnks i a wise sidecion. >> or rep tter:he ccdea relsed guidelines foren womho w o arer tplano cobeme egpr,nant bseecau heof tth biret dectss ateociad th wi .zika at 34,ol so is cgitin fyamil co nsncer,in saygal femele athtes ldshou b notece forod te mak a de oncisi that wouldri sac fice hthehealt of a d.chil h >>oow dhe tth aslete feel
7:43 am
ithisoms sngethit' thasle carly uga heon ccern to her ander oth erplayns o the u.s. n'womes ti na sonalrocce team. >> u olyicmi comttee sa t id iislo cselyit mongorin e th tusin.atio s. u. ersocc, e,quot the syafet of our atethle asndta sffs iur o eshight pitriorndy are we' ki taheng tes nec saryaupr ec pronautis. e thly osmpicpe hapnn i au.gust it'sic typally ercool, drier co iondithens wnqu mos ditos on't d.bree i >>tht's une aintcerty. i >> at's t loto t hinkouabt. >> >om cing ,upe' woll dop p t. star tell yboou a nut aioew bic pk on ethif l oefon ddal tmpruro f m th e f oolksfny funr o die. it wail unt you seeho w isth in e arstngri . role he selinle isn ieth orange omroh wit utyosube'ig bstge st ,ar m i' mphillsickepron, lfo ri pso aaticitrthris edcausnt join. pai
7:44 am
d i anwowas rriedt about dajoin.mage my tor doc saidt joinropain fm ra th ouat cy ld onlrsget woe. resche pd ribe enbrelelto hlievp reine pa heand p lp stoher furtgedama. menbreloweray lr youil ab fity to infightonectis. ev ncents i ludingfectin, ionsultubercosis, mpho lyotma, ncher caerers, n vousemsystlo and borod disders and rgallectic reaions occhaved.urre lltedo your fctor iyou' eeve bpln someace er whngale fuin nsfectioom are cmon, or u' if yo preneroo t infections, have cuts or ses,or ve h haepad h batitis b, have eentetreahed for ilart faure, i orhaf you sive pert festen ver,ngbruisidi, bleeor png, esalens. t don'arstt enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. pajoint ndin aag dame... n cae go sas enk how canbrelp helli reineve joint pa heand p lp stot dajoin.mage brelene , th onumberne
7:45 am
wh ou'ren yvie lihng witdi es, abetdysteaci is ex.ting ly onrn glucehas a carbsteady, incllyicalro p hven toelp mi bnimize sugloodpiar skes.
7:46 am
omwelcrde aboaar my st.ship oy ahys, mate! ulit's f thil ofi ngs .love.. frand thee of dings i.on't ljustchexike ea cerl. it ful'sofl tuff s p we nirateseed. artnoiaificorl flavans, 's gd itn-lutefree. up, eat eame hrties! ikeepwn!t do ar r.rr yo ke mu taeay awaso.. houg i t'dht iur retthn fae r.vo j atweared, se only one ll e piecelof jewry r vafontlee's iny.da.. e the on pthatyouts rtur heahe in har nds. it and ti's wai fngouor y... at ar j.ed co irvergkel maawles fls ss aeasy onas... "tre.... u"..three. n withrublew tprend imer pr eps and smooths skin an led trubeund makp enbl fdseslawlysl usplew t nblrud enblh anusbrd zeron
7:47 am
d [lou rengineng]evvi ulpowerf. mic ck cheasa by d efx by ig desn. at fthliee by d n.esig o helle!my lovth ame e flutis o... h. ugy ..todaflamthe oe isut, tomo owrry at mdetitu... o.antonint a.onio ovthe ste. 's itor not w.king becamp mll'swaicro sveable.oups fmadeeaor real, rfel li. ig
7:48 am
. jason.o what dmeanyou ? w weryere ve boy bads. ex al'sa whatthe in ?news ex ale'a: here nes th"aws, balecn ldwijaand scson tzhwarman we eere sonn mopaing zzparabai.n ldwiw threshhis toe a otphphograbeers mforeg aakinn ru".for it p myshoor ca wilexa,u l yoanorder other of paircibresanis. dereorrering b ssciani.ocksok isteay ln... yocan su sendwyome laor ers thsomeing?(m ng)oani .a ..lec? >> e > whave aeb celrityr ove in th rae o ngeroom > >>.ot nt jus ch, anelalso the ki fng o utyoube. mgoodngorni. i >>'moi jned byou ytube ya rolty. erbettwn kno as- - ou>> y are ltroyay. h he toldsheec rord for theos mt ut yoube sriubscbers ien thld wor th wir ove 42li milon su ibbscrers. ca un yon evep wrar youin md ou arnd atth, 42 llmiion? >> ot n bad, t?righ >> i said cutieie p but how do
7:49 am
>> ou i ct ldn' i weso, ul sholkd taut abo the tfacthat o onef yrouig bstge hi sts i -- you playeo vid megas, u yoer offor colful cntommeary d aneo p wpleatch you .play dowhy t you phinke eoplare ca atptived by ?this t>> ihinkpl peoeee f al co tinnecoon t .me e we'rjustgi hanng outth on e hcoacyi planges gam geto. ther >> i readr youid veosav h beeen ew viedve or 11il blionh wit a "b ". >> it is t tha nyma? a >> yreouma azed yourby hob has tu irnedanto su s?cces t'>> ichs su aam dreo t b e inplaymeg gaors f a li.ving s itedtart as fun and now i'm he re. >> ou y have your neww sho em prngieri datoy. h heasid veoam g fesrom the georanm. roo
7:50 am
u yoogo t theda "tohoy" sw ut yoube nechanl. ltkech wdi melet m putpey pawnr do. iepewd pie. ha>> tounk yy ver.much co ming up,ta sr po,wers pepeneloz an cruand ryld reyno s. fi yorst alur loc news. se sly?riou 'l we il givefot a 6 r oscompition. ar scy. wo haw, wout ab t justttin pufag a ir, h nopraggle on tice inhe wdow? no nyt zah? enoug mesometibes the ealsst d
7:51 am
fortifying the gravity-defying... friend-connecting... da iziny-se..g. strong... yo u. w neecspk ial urnoish. lt mun i-grai flakes th wia, quinos, apple nd almoras and rriespbes. neecw spnoial k urish. ifforty. l alonyear lu wog yo hrkedard ttoe caak orebusif ssne an tad arke cofe p thepleooe whma mttert.os
7:52 am
mago it it a lrttle fu heralat w.mart efromnilectro hcs, todecoome evr, esen tir, get low prices on everytng hiu yoedne etto ge moroufun yt ofr oux tafundre. art.walm t withain he pswand elling m ofderay moo te tsevere euma rh atoidisrthrit... di orbjnary o oftectseeen smed... timi inngdati. in dothg somemping si.le.. t meanringenduot a lf oinpa. r ifhaa is cyonging iewur v ryof evethinday gs orencia may help. or cia ens workendiffertly ar by tng agetirc soue of earl ra y in t nfhe iiolammatesn procs. for , manya orenciesprovid of sy ra .mptoms elit's hw ped neatiera pnts thosand t e no ehelpednough by er t othmereatnts. n doe ot taka orenciwithan biother ic mologinedicrae for du an e toeaincrsksed ri of io serecus inftion. s seriou effsidetsecan o curcc udincltaing factl infe.ions se cayms of laphom and clungancer
7:53 am
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7:54 am
near srlummeingh rouly near de isertnnnd a hlauaipa on ga grdenlen tr meeco rdeive aal clt tha therewa s a eabr,k-in andwo tpl peo e re weid insehe t home, a man and a waere s aot sho aing bndoth wereen takth to spe ho witalhereth reey a being trd.eate as for ape susctr o sutsspec, ss po mibly torehan one,et mro ha nsot genivs u any iornftimaon ouab at dcrestiip oonrho w teshe oppeler o psoern mhtigbe . we e'rec expting toea lrnor men o atth ait b lar,te but for now, we nca cfionrmha tt treheas w a ho meak bre-in ons thi ig nehohbornod ode garnn gle .lane ptwoeeoplth at eos hlpitaer aft sainhootgt a the .home noor infonmati on theea srch for aus spectr o sutsspec.i' m craig froigueor rep ltingivefo ewr ns. 3 an>> dsa: it tha a gated mm coyunit'r youeta sgndinn i tfron ?of if so, howe wer t sheerhoots ab le to get in there?>> rtcey,ainlre the w boulde a se onsefec syuriteo p hpleave li vingn iaed gat coitmmun
7:55 am
moroseignt r hhtere bdehin me. gtheateslo cndse ape on for ea ch pnersot thant eers or av le bes,ut we't donav heny a fo iniormatnbo a hutow this rs peon,us s opectrpe suscts as it 'sng beier tmedou wavld he tmadeheiray w in.side an>> dhaa: tnk you, craig. il stl l aotf o qiouestnsnd a lwe'lop hlyeful getho tse eranswed aes thay d vede.lops im>> ket: let's g ack qui check of theec for basteeforot a l of gyouet t outhe ordo . t >>s hat'ghrit, ysgu. e thpe temreratures a wngarmi up in there aa lngookit a 57 eedegr is bnerouldy citnd an i
7:56 am
atl wil tie the core,rdnd a 7474 e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin th e real world. the grandmother o whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a single mom who desrapelyte ednea s isracae t n'itwa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. c weakan male regr proriess ghtw nopefor aopleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
7:57 am
it's 8:00 on "tayod." micong up, thera gnite state has spoken. >> tnkha you,ew n hampshire! >> ha t nkyou,ha tnk u,yoew n
7:58 am
>> is decives win and surprising su irgesen th h newhiampsre pr ieimars. w ho thees rults will change the races ahe t cdaandi ntesovow me oon tth sou roca.lina t hen elrile's retivela ons. >> this is not avo frilous tirelaiponsh. i,meane w twereheogetorr f nine aryes. 'r weote n thtogeer,ut be w still lo ve each otr.he >> jnoh edwards'or fmer mi rest,ssll riee hu,nter sspeak aoutbout the scandal that ghbrouowt dn his wtehi hseou bid, and veresalbo autha wt rthei rioelatpnshi is like to y.da t kalo t me baby >> t> i may be cold outside but tethe atmperisure in ris g in stud iostud .1a rryanldeynoss ier hite whhe t st yorf on a unlikely >> surhpeoer ndlaing. at thard's h onou yr s.knee >> nd azo "r olande2"'sdi leang dyla, paopenele ,cruz gesivs u rhees btlu be >> 's shet. ho i ru tst r.he
7:59 am
10th, 2016. >> llheo! >> i'm6 4 y.toda >> celebrating myir bdathyt a e th ay"tod" . show t'>> iys m birthday. we're back at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 10th of february, 2016. an ed th imencleeant w htheras ri ar ivedewn nk yorcity. hiis tais rrn o snow? hi>> t s is.snow >> ahye? >> ahye, a mix ybmae. >> mi sty. >>t iis atl lite mi sty. om>> cing ,up vainlent de'say om fr a therdwkwain beg tningo e thtoall omo cabfortle stage. avwe hhee t uatltimife gtde gui fo nyr age sta ofr you tirelaiponsh. t >> chatoman cne iha ndy. >> > t,firs let'set g the rn mos ing'topri storoes fm ta na wlie,sho ins i widehere 's ite nic and warm. >> yes, it .is
8:00 am
t inhe ,newsep rcaublinan dold tr aumpemnd dtocrani bere sa snder are hgopin toui bld ntmomeroum fmir thes win inew n mp haeshir t onayuesd as r theace ve mo tseo thth sou and .west pe terle aerxand is inou sth ca naroliea alrordy f t ushis rn moing. pe gter,ood mog.rnin >>hey, tanalie,d goo inmorng. it c's aold one inou s th rocanali b,uthi tngsl wil heat up quy.ickl re he l's a aookhet tum n bers fromrn oveight in new shhampire. a ec rord outurnt fnguelini bere ersandsad ahe ofla hilliry cnton by e morn tha 20 inpots. on r theliepubsican dode, nald ptrume morn thabl dou uingisp h cl toses coitmpet jor,ohn ka.sich hoa stcr aosshe t bow atot bh po calitil pas.rtie bo thol palitic esistablhments. >> ,oh wow. wow,w,wo w.wo ep>> rr:orte h newhiampsre th ngrowi a whrenc ithnto e tipoli mcalneachi yet aiagn. do tnaldrump and bernie sanders, idealogical opposites, both inleadg pouopuls cigampans atth, ri ghtnow, are rgidin .high
8:01 am
thwin oris mgnin onda "toy." >> ai i se d w gwere toing doo ll we w ande did bretten tha 's it a memovent. trcouny. un cotry . back ep>> rr:orteth on e draemoctic si de -- >> t whaer votse hern i new ha irmpshnfe coedirmig tonsht i snothortth of eeg bnginni of a ap [ plause ] >> reporter: sanders taking a victoryap l. il while h claryonlintee stomed ac leknow sdgehe'sn ie mor heanotr lbaong fttleheor t no, mma'a snags-- nanomi. tion h>> i waveork to do, pa ulrtic warly yith ounglepeop. iil wlea reptga ain -- [ auapplse ] -- n eve t ifarhey ote n ppsutiornge m now, iup sport .them ep>> rr:ortele whiru tmp won new ha irmpshye b ae widar m tgin,he re icpublacan rse wao alske shan up by theud sdene ratf o marco ru wbioamho cne i fifth, kn acdgowle hingoois prat deb e orperfemanct las wed.eken
8:02 am
t no on, you it'sn o me. oit'sn me. i did not- - i n dido ot d well sonuratyda stlieno t th,isha ttl wiler nev ha ppen again. >> reporter:nn stuing risef o gohionooverhnr josi kach, mi cong in ndseco. >>e,maybt jus e,maybe ware tu inrn tghe peag on aar dk ptar aofrimenca tipolics. >> or repter: khasicop h hing is ngstro snghowin ithera gnite st wate bill hoostim ashe t in maamstrelt atiernaveo t umtrp. b >>oiy dng as w aells we veha, i nk thill it'e hav a l ootf op peanle wtingo t t aakeea st at th e e.tabl st mo of thosepl peoen' aret go fingonor dald p.trum ey th n'reot going there. >> for pureanblic ss, outh st ate. no enw ts dayaw ay. is thte sta isng goio tbe a war. na doruld tmp and ted ,cruz al yreadat bgtlin it out. no o t tiomentn o,rubih busnd a ka ,sich w whoillht figng thi s out,here as well. iw flen dow toou sarth caolin th win johic kasash lt t,nighho w kn acdgowleheed tll chasengee h
8:03 am
bu t ,says w je'll kusteep giplugng. na e,talik bac tou.yo t >>ishat the rpete aldeexanr, tshanko s much. >> >sk alaair aslinegh flirot fm st boon to d saniegoas wiv dderte datuesigy nhtec b oausehaf wt e th inairle callsn ant iatoxiced enpass wgeradho me threats. heot prngasseersla appudeds a po lice redemov the mano she t htfligou cld ntco.inue anpo airrt esspok smanaid the deinciasnt w a cmeustorvi serce eissu n andorg chaeres we d.file dowowntnve denasr w a sea of or angend alu be asn a eatstimed 1 li milon fanser cheedhe tir su r pewlbo cmphast a the parade. th e lbaomird trophy was hstoied ain feir trk.uc ethig bstge sutepporr,es mil the otmasc,or savinghe ten momrot fm his lfse-propelled reclining ch >> ow ho d youet g that job? >> he rvdeseed it.
8:04 am
>> et l r him, elaxclreine. >>ov leit . >> nae,talink tha v youery .much >> or> f f the tirst iimenar yes, we h'rengearim fro aan wom who pl aayedaj mor rolen ithe 2008 idpresalenti race. >> ie rlle nthuer'sff aairh wit johnar edwdsed end histe whi us hobie d. no hew, s'spe oning upo t steve harvey about theca sndal and wh heat tirel rnsatio ihipse lik y.toda rehe m'sgaor nraordf d. >> er w yeou really inov lite wh hi amtht tie me? >> ,ohy m god, madly in velo. r >>teeporlor: ve, lipo,tics a idtorrai affr. el rihule ,nter f therorme mitt stres j ofohn edsdwar who had a ch wild hhileis wife ebelizath ba dttle ca.ncer re he, debiscriheng tir iraffa. >>t iwas not ari fusvolo tirelaiponsh. w we tereheogetrr foe nin aryes. we n'reot theogetutr be w s till eloveach r.othe >> re?ally es>> yry, veh mucso. >> or rep hter:runted sai t thewo br uokeasp lt uafebr bry,uthe s
8:05 am
cequindwys eards- -ui qnn sees rdedwals al the . time >>s he' aat gre dad. >> d howid you gong alo with it? ho sw wa it esprd enteto you, tthatishis w howe'reng goi to es prent ?this >> t ihthougt iwas in.sane i ug thoheht t wleho tnghi was in .sane wbut why ientng aloh witt i was wa i s adfraiha tyt m ugda,hter wh so wa boun arntt tha ,time ulwo nd hoteav a dad. i soalid dt n'ntwao t hurt odanyby. w itn as i mtheeiddl a of aicamp agn, indid dtn' wtano t hebe t one t boringow dn an reenti cagnmpai. r >>teeporr: edsdwar dtidn' ai clhem tld chi untilwo t years la ter. y>> mre psciou inqun. o wh iov l meoreha tn anyf o you co uld ever inimage. ep>> rr:ortear edwuids q etly ptaccet brarasepa fted hromifis we abeliz teth,hehe mot orf his fo thur oer ilch,dren who would se lo b hereattlh witan ccer in ce de mber2010.
8:06 am
you took aot l of athe y,ou ow kn, a lot of oppele, it'sd har to ivforge. >> im a ryeall sorry. i alrely, ultr dy,idot n m teano hurtany.ybod asi wn't tinhinkg onyf abody but lfmyse. i was autbsolely g.wron luabso. tely er>> he's the -- [ auapplse ] i wthant die au tencearo hes thi afrome mal pectrspeive. sh ne isot medarri tor you man. aryou e. wh at aot lf o woman do isck qui tome blahe ter oth woman. e th guy, john,as h ae roln i is th. r >>teeporunr: hters sayhe s op sts tgryino t cehang lepeop's op nsinio. w >>eae wedther s thetorm and we ocame tuthe other side with bthisifeautchul wild,sho i az aming. i haveivforgen mfysel w ande've mo vedon. ivforgsenes is key. >> or rep fter:or "tayod,"ga morn orradfd, cnb news, los leanges. tired of nerevng bei aebl to us yeroune phohe wn you get a ha t?ircu
8:07 am
> >> opn po start, a new take on th leeiff o dalond umtrp. itwail tlou yee s who is playing the lead lero. > >> andpr sngeadi the love. what happened when hoda and je nna bhusag her pleuld off ndraoms actf o nekindss. fi trst,hese dei d cideelto te l th storyur lof otoife ..gether. ler spoit:alerve we lipp haeverily er aft. at ar j, weednl oselly e pione ec jewofryel... he p...traandole brace t youd crhad eateorjust f her. an'sd itai w fting yor.ou.. .a ja
8:08 am
no mattewho r aryou e hear a att ck ctaan happen without if ou'v yhae d ahe atart ,tack a asbayer n repirin gime n ca phelpnt revean onother e. be to sure k to talr youdo ctor before you begin spiran aegin rimen. yer bariaspin. er arin: depe freshhen t, wi gofirst t max,my m goain tal was ho feed im aitqual.y diet i de d cideeto givhp fres tryet a. : dexters there' chureal nksegof vs etablechicand inken . it ra and,ul: th if ie foods in frthe , idgeknyou t ow ihas frto be esh.
8:09 am
la , diesonwe d't need all this to talk abo ani meo , wh apeestt lihele weyn thgh lau? t ge 13 inte pronctio r foesdrynoms, c,fortan ord odtr con lid unerke ppaiod ds,po thise hain sadpe ps thaveflhin ecex toghnoly. poe iskemamys if leae ersi . e seiz pyour moisetomen p at.coise om. i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent, it dncoul k'tupeep . so witc i stohed po tide ds. e they'rcosuper enncedtrat... i soet get a br ten.clea d vote pro2016 oductyef the ar. iifgot's tot cl be it'ean,gos e t to btide.
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thwiat pteenlrd 2-241 hyand onalurciic ad in l auruxusiore e sesivie blrrcotiec on wofnkris,leor pes skand exin t.ture feel soft, supple insk. onvisie naireacrm. w noscdi overa blvisiury nongishi gel-in-oil night treatment. si viironnaite nu. by co lanme. re eceiva gfreeift. lyonma at .cy's ur yonc skideare atstinion. th tie cibl doushe caar cmed coins y very hand cwithbackash ic twure on p.chases o earnennce wh buy youan, n d agai pas youay. th cat'sbaash owck n, caand acsh baik agten h 's cas d\jbacku. v e th douciticable car e th caronlyatd thyo lets eau ash rn c tbackn wice o everyrchapuse % with 1 youwhen a buy and 1%pas you y. th wiay two w ears ton, esit mak o a lother f otscardem seid one sed. up, eat y.budd'l yougel t itisthe. tim ye
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dot t lentgo u sil io.ay s goi you.t .. arststrot wngh thitste la inggy oener0%f 10 reyou'ng doi it! whole grain quaker oats. ofand yof .u go we're back now. 13 8:. od goim t fehaor wt'sre tgndin da toy. >> st fir, up esqu,tion would you bu y a tticken o this ship? e'theruzs bhiz tsni morng about n ahiew sp set toai sl in 2018. it 's edcall,an titic 2. >> . oh >> ,yeahs an i that tatinic. re he it .is ilit w al beacn explt reica of e th ddoome oceaner lin thatk sun y106ears ago. its veoyag wbeill ro fmna chio t i.duba it 'll be 1et3 feer widha tn the ig or.inal 'l itlcc adaommote 402,0 enpass agersndav hnoe eugh li atfeboors fry evebody on bo ard. >> s.yike om>> seeo pple find the idea
8:12 am
wo>> t years from now. >>l i'lgo. i volumenteer? ka a?rm >> i ulwod. >> ta s ondnhe tow bf oeth ship. >> queen of the world! >> i hope that works out for yo u. >> chinao t i,duba arehe t re i >>'t donow kn. > >> d howo youel cteebra va inlent de'snay iou yr house? g bide al, not a big deal? ot>> n a big . deal t'>> i nsever a big deal. >> t whawas that? >>in hav gfun. >> tanalie. >> i'msu ulyaln i bed by 9:00 is e th alre ity. ha>> tt isea rlly e theris ayt mh that for seingl pe ,ople ntvalesine' day is hard d any' thedat r shertaye hom and be alone. ac lytualot, n ,socc angordi to a ne wve suryro fm o penbltae. i ahaveee fling it's a
8:13 am
>>42% ofgl sine peeopl sayhe ty ok lowa forrd toin dinutg o in le ceiobratfn o ntvalesine' day. an rothe59 %ay s t dheyon'td min se eingpl couesag engne i pd oa,r at linatae'sho use, da, da, da. >> bow ch bickaow w.wo >>he ty't don mind pda at tsable in a aurest. rant ou>> y udpres,'r youeus jt al je ous. o>> d it oneor me . time >>t' thas ayok. r >>beememr a feeew wko, ag we re we tngalkiab tout, aherere a olotfeo p wplehoe hatin havgo t ke mall smak talit weih thair hr yl st aistshet t salon? th isere a newro p tducthat lo alouws y tot texn i e.peac 's itle cald the ic ape. e >> w ohavene . here et>> l's detrmons ate. oo>> likks lehe tap c yeour wea t athe salon,xc eept it has this
8:14 am
cyouan put yourho pne andex tt beand i- antalsocile whiti getng ur yo cuhairt. >> youw knot whae els youan c ? do th that, at, na nah, h, i >>av ge you aoo gd . line >> ion d't get the t.poin y >>anou cte proctou yr onphe. d i'o g likes thithand aie hr llfa osn it. >> . okay nd>> a you canea wr it barackwds tand oakeffe lik a suerperho. >> tlexacy. >>tl litequ rise bardckwas,to o. >> ow> no ttheon dald trump op biic. >> a newie movbo authe tif le of lddonatr ump. th snis i'tou yr talypic opbiic. it comesm frothe folks atny fun or die. yo u'ller nev g tuesshe lia-st st hoar wys plahe tal dond ms hielf. >> t jus a mire,nderou yrti meeng
8:15 am
sh ntipmeor tom arowt 009:. b roterst dur wouldut p theng thi hein tng thi s andyoaid knu'd ow at wh hes.mean the assctre in oviverdre is hamart. u yo ahaveti meengt a noon and reyou' no lronge aeg rreisted mo de. crat s >> i thatit? >> , yessir. >> didou y guess who that is? >> no. >> ie beltve i or not,nn johy . depp y>> b thee.voic t >>gakin theea ld in thisof spo fi olm tk looe lik a 8019s tv vi mof e o the.week is th pjeroct wepas kcrt seoret f hsmont r andseelead tonc coiide wi th mr. p'trums namew hrepshi >> wow. next,he t real tv tevenan fs bhaveeenti waing for. "f rulle ho"use. ondatuesy,et nflixal finly le reedashe t owsh'str r.aile b >>eefor we t,eaav i he ?okay we allti slloo lk go.od lala, la, >> 's letl cal elmichle. w ne. york
8:16 am
>> 'v youote g ,it !dude >>mi lechelf , osecour, a rerefe tnceeo th cctharaer edplay by the olsen s.twin e thtiqueshaon teet kps cgomin wup,illy theom ce ckba? on elslen' owsh, theta srsf o "f rulle ushoaie" sd theoo dr is al oways fpenorhe tm to rerntu. >> >nafiy,llet g adrey, it's back. lett i go, lett io g i m a one wthith ine wd and sk y j >> wust wheneal finotly gt "le o"it g o outurf o heads,he tre's bi g wsne. aic musalda aioptatbon aheut t fi slm iom c tingo brayoadw. hayou omve s tetoime epprare. it 't wonpe hapnnt uil sgprin 1820. ke epgoing. "f n"roze is thehe higstss groing atanimedil fm in orhisty, rn eaing .3$1li bilon woidrldwe. yo nou khew tt las ?part theol cdev nerhe bot mrede an yway >> iam cent ioro w akt 4:30 one mo grnin and binlastg out of his
8:17 am
n>> ihe tyre b seyourlf,in havg aal bl. >> n thenti weh,, na, nah nah. at th u?yo >> ha t ynkouer vy >> mr> . rerok,iv ges u a cckhe of he t atwer.he >> ma n,ha twat s a g poodop st aartnd trngendi. yw an way, ge'veolot cd air. te atmper.ures sfeele lik 2n i loiluisvle. i 27n sojacklenvil. 12 in rispelngfid. te atmper.ures i8nle cndveland aen gre bay. 21n ias wtohingn. an d thed colreair sallyinets aysund inmorng. c weouldet sor recnds i onbost, ne rkw yoy citwaand gtshinndon a an rooke. ou wet ist,t'll be hot. mp teureratn es i the80s. an reywhem fro 10 to0 2re deges ab avove e.erag 'sthatt' whains go ag ond roun cothe y.untr
8:18 am
ne f ck owothe ods. ha>> t yt'sourat lest wer.athe >> ou ann: ncer hshow teart oday rois bughto t youy b quaker. off you go. nothing canng bri usn dow >> now ourci speal se,riesw sho ar het y.toda 'r we sedipreaheng t lovehe aad of levae'ntinays dll aos acrs th e unco try. >> nolyrmale, wp keeod ha and nn jeusa bhag her apart,ut bhi ts rn moing,he t ty'reheogetro t ha gve a oodtime. >> we are. we 't donw kno hows thi enhapped. it ap's hdpeneo t aot l of us, an td ins meamu so ch. so emeons doeet somhing ex unedpectin, kndd a thtfoughul, an td ies mak your daoey, dsn't
8:19 am
we dedecid to meakll ahe t moment hspeapnll ave or n yewkor tyci. >> od tay is goingo tbe an es aw ome day. c>> ian't . wait e >> whave apl an. >> t wha is?it >> p ourlan is,e' wreoi gng to u go rp tom andoyonew srkernd a showm the rmando actsf o nd ki. ness c>> ian't wait. >> yb anody. ju alst wk .up hug rasts.nger t >>mahey oty ne lik it,ut b we're? >> who s!care r >>teeport'r: iaws dn in new yonew srker h arengeadi to work. tit's time sodprea the love. >> n yewkeor lrseov tirhe cfeofe an wdree'oi gngo t pderovis a many as possible. >> free . cups ep>> rr:orte fstir opst,ix sth av . enue ha>> wot d yountwa? >> rglae, no gasur. >> how much is it? ?1.50 noty.toda >> awesome. >> whato d you get? >>y,todat' is free. >> are you wriondehyng wre we' do ginth ?is i>>'mn o a show. >> no, wree' jtus a random act. >> we put a smile onou yr cefa? >>
8:20 am
r>>orepr:teft aer fascaffeinating mi owdten, wd hea .east >> wree' gngoi to comp peleop's ri des to work. >> round trip tietck! >> av he a gdooay dt a work. >> hey, ba!by do ou yan wt ae free ride hom fromwork? >> we a. some ap>> haypy d. >> hiivgh-fe. j iust moveder he to newrkyo. >> ou y did? >> t byhe way,hi t ws ishat ha sppenve eayry dne in rkw yo. i >>lo'm bwn . away ou>> y're nicern tha s an fr >> i don't know that but the'sre >> hug? y,ya awomes e. >>erevneyo, d'tonou y leov a s >>dprea ndki. ness h>>pyap day. veha aon wderful one. >> lnea in. >> bye, ybeverody! ep>> rr:ortes it'im teo tea hd no hrto tur o lyadue qenf o gean slsooch iln haemrl. >> er hwee re a. >> ur oin ksdnesr touug brosht u he .re >> ntex stop, cute dski.
8:21 am
>> re we' here! >> i. h >> i. h >> hi , gu.ys >> ho w lesiko t ?read >> se raiou yr hdan if you leik to read. w>>hoan wts their own cloo book? >> who wants to be pphay? ec b iause'm happy >> or rep hter: tappyo take home aoo bk of their very ow n. >>ha t nkyou, setwe rlgi. >> you meady m da y. >>ha wist haenppg?in gr pou g!hu tgeve orer he. t >>s hiishe tig bgest huge' wve ever had. >> ay s cheddar cheese! ep>> rr:ortehe tig bstge hug, the sweesett slemis from new ie frnds. na fi nlly,orew yk pytresbneria ithospal. >> s thild cou m beavy feorit rt path of dae y. we g'reoingo t go ande giv an thkso teo ppleho w doom se lyrealat gre rkwo. ca n'titwa. >> i can't ei. ther ep>> rr:ortech lun s iset up in a stecre calo.tion nu irsesen thed ptria uictni thgaer for wtha tyhehi tnks i a
8:22 am
>> ! hi >>hi, guys. >> oh, my go. sh >>!hi h>>ow are? you >> na jen and ite wan tdo ceom an d say tnkha you. >> thank you, ysgu s,o chmu. >> ou yor w sko hdarll ahe t me ti. r >>teepororr: f n thesursee her y,todare the s isuch a thing as a free ncluh. >> w weisht i -was- you get a ca yr, gouet a bu t eainst yd,ou get a sawind,ch u yo a get ndsa.wich an thyok u,all,or fve ethrygin yo >> i c'tan believe how nice it is . >> i'moi gngo t dohe t bgeigst se ielfou ye'v erve ense. >> reporter: as if our day ulco'tdnet g beertt, as wree we le g.avin d >>o wvee haoo gd news. >> or rep iter:nal wks an 18-year-old patient. >> i'man crce [ plap ]ause he>> tnl oy psoernho ws i ob pr hablyerappin thaishim myou,ow. i' m --mow. i' hmappy f yorour fa. mily e>> hld coun'tt wai to share his su serprith to ese nurs whore a ke li fa. mily
8:23 am
>> azaming! ep>> rr:orteis it ho witut a ub dothe tos mtre psciout gif of all. >> twoan slata c uss. >>t iis aif gt to . give t>> ike lood gragveessi. >> pe eoplliare whke, e o ar ethesls gir andha w dtoy the wa nt? >> why arehe tyni run ng? he>> tic p otureu f yo hold bymega themegay b nethe etck s thene to. >>rrtomo wow,e'reng doitl lite ma ro ancend tkial tngoou cespl hwhobeave ogen trethee morn tha 50 aryes. 'l weall tkit whm the toowmorr. >> p>>cterfe for levae'ntindas y. >> > .news
8:24 am
5 21 andn tow ercent. g?crai t >>his itinvesongati fesocusn o aom h ien the 10us thoand 200 k blocin are gdear nla,ne a te gad mmcoy.unit at:4 4is0 thni morng there is a rtrepof o aak bren i on gnarde en gle lanthand ieres a oo sh atingwond tpl peoree a reinju bo t ofhemak teno tthe ithospal.we are t toldishis anlt adu ma ndle a a teerenag,os pblsi ay gi .rl bo othfhe tmak ten ttho e ho itsp aalerfthe t ooshngti. isthom henv iioasn orom heak bre innv iveol aslet tas one speusct dan mbeay po celire aot nul rginh tatut o in a atstenemt, aer vyri b ef st emattenro ftrm mendo ay the ha veol tds uha tty the are inlooktog in tshind a lkioong fo trirhe speusct or es dticriponng bei rseeleadt a tthis aimehind ts is ec spalificnly ode garenn gl ne la . b araken i this rnmo ing,44:45
8:25 am
esre moor f ynou i a liveep rort ne ws 3t a noon. >> g,crai iw kno you are gngettiin atformionn isdrip andps dra om fr p theeolicht rigw. no en wh youl cal it are bak in, at thve lea ws me tithhe im sipreson that thepl peoe si inhede te hom didno ktnow t heop pehale tret weak bre iingnto e th meho. yocan nfu coirm atth?>> an i c'tfi con trm bhatut aicertwhnly ouen yk looth at e ve inatstiganion owd hhe tse ldunfo, weov cheer tm too often, ithats often the ca tse,hathe t lepeopid insehe tom heon d't kn heow tpl peoeut b weon d't ha nyve anf itiormaonro fmhe t po tlicehate hav thepe suscts an td chat boulde bseecau the li poonce d'tw kno m >>oreor infonmatith as e inmorncog uentins.
8:26 am
e thce sne 8:30 now on wednesday th10 of februa,ry 1620. we make our way out to the plaza this morning. ttli ble ttli bleit sp tiit ong uns ait letl we ay soo gd mniorng toll a t he niceol fks whoe havom ce out re he. , hi evoderyby. >> you know what we've t?go a k wee oful fabous st ars. ye>> ah. >> r itollsn o datoy. pe peneloru cz is here. de maig a bas splh athe t iepremfre ool "zor andeas2" lt t.nigh we'll talk to her about herol re t inhe e.movi l >>eittlet som fhingheor t la ,dies as.well ryanynre,olds srta of dp"dea"ool, h is tereok tal ou abhet t ,role fahotherod, and bo cowl cimmeral. >> aot l of him. >> hi notngro wng with atth. > >> plus, aou y mnganin domgatin e th cntoury micus ch.arts asthomtt rhe iser he tofo perrm hthehait ttau ldnche him to fa me. at weher. ha ts iur ttoned snow?
8:27 am
ugthro thoutrehe gates lak and the neaorthst today. gh lit snow. noig b .deal ghthouun aroe d thtgrea lakt, es l it'leabe hvy. sh s,owersh sun ainearnd worm f e tht wesas cot. mo to,rrow theak lfee-efnoct sw getsdi winer and iesnowr. we ld coue hav a fofoot w sno in sareaik l eupestat newyork. yheavn rain i ptheicacif no esrthwt. ut so thernierte staski loong ,goodug thohih c allyir is ngmaki its way ttho ere gat kela ts nothorn
8:28 am
>> ot g ath birdayet greing here. atwh y'srou mena? >>le baiy. >> m frohimemps. >> , yessir. >> py hap rtbi. hday ha>> tyonk u. >> 's letd heak bacns iide to tt ma. >>al,nk tha youy ver much. > >>m froed comy tora dmao t ac ,tionn rya rldeynos is onef o ho oollyw md's vosttiersale le gadinen m. 's hevi protng ie onc againn i nhisewov mie,de "oladpo." go o od tsee you. oo>> gd inmorng, matt. ni o ce terbe he. >> s it'r-an drate mo vie. >> rar-ted,me "x-n,"ve marl g.thin >> earnsry eve mo. ment t>> is doe and it sh.ould it 's aie move i'v tbeeng ryinto t ge maidde for11 s.year h itadbe to ad meth in eig rht y. wa t>> i sisurpred met i took so ng lo g toethe t moviede ma. i wedatch it eryestday, and i dlove. it tis ihe tt facha ttt' i as rhsupeeroie movt thaid ks can't see?
8:29 am
i mean, oklo'm, i not rngunni fo arr p oentef thye bar,ut i an mehe, w wn ias a kid,y m dad oktoe m toat r red mieov asll ttheeimnd a i'm nefi, i k.thin bu lot, ok, yes,n i order for dp"dea tool" do be tone rheight wa ty, i hadbe to this y.wa asit w afi difcultis dec fionor th e sotudi and i ustnderand the de oncisi. t buy' thehrre tdilleh wit. it as>> bned o ave marlic coms archteac r,debescri deoladpo. h >> ae'sfu nny, oddha cerract ands goent io an eimxperlenta raproghem wrey the treortu him up stid. he comes oisut durpicte edksfdiedigur. 's he a lot hiun. nged >>ea rlly ngunhinded aak bres th e fh ourt, walldresses saddresses the audience directlyn ithe film, ke mauns f ofn rya redsynol. s >>oin se'ce wre tngalkiut abo
8:30 am
tedebae s w ihaven ourdi stuo l al the time,s iouif yld cou ve ha a suerperho wepo wr, hat dwoul it be? va sannahts wan toe be abl to eat m asany ciealorsho wit gutngaini ig weht. >> ribong. >> e min is x-ray onvisi. at wh isuryos? >> iou w lldovebe to bl ae to, on madend, acreennyt a '80s mu sic video inlo sw onmoti. se theam dre s th aat'sll i t.go a >>thny oer '80sie mov ysou lo ve? >> y' thellre a omawes e,t?righ ejuic onnewt. t jusl cale mel angrn, moing an gel alactuly,t' tha isn our movie, inopeng crs,editau bect'se is
8:31 am
s noop >>re a you ail thrler y?gu sn i i'tt icironon, d't you gh rit? >>k,than d.go >> oneth of e suowperpers you ihavehes tbi a tlityano chge di s.aper oh>> ye, ah. i >> t'st,grea man. i had one ofse tho rareni morngs wh mereyau drghte was --us j t 'tdidnt wan me to leave. le asep. bu t ist wa keli y,ouon d w'tant to .go it kills u.yo e' shs a leittlve or ar yea now. >> ha wtld wour you wi fe,e,blak wh eeat nwods rk? >> iee n tdoto sp tliraveng ou arnd otpromingad "de."pool i'veee bnn i 15ou cesntri in re thewe eks. m i'it exced t.abou 'rthey weith me ien th city e thon strsug iit,ld wou say,
8:32 am
i' apm hopy to d thety dir work. oeso d sshe, but iov le gngetti i upen thid mdleth of e t.nigh i' inm fite whha tt. >> th on ale sc 1e of10 to , how co wolast io tbe in a super bo wlad? ev yberyodre d oamsf that. >> wa it sre ptty ,nuts it wase lik --t iwas ryeall ir wed. w we wereinatchg s the buperowl an dd myteaughawr s a itnd gnreco izedit. th weere 2re 1 of .me to her,t iwas 24le usess boobs, notimsepresd. >> dahyuni, ghrit? >>. yeah >> i seeou y mores a a go,dy dad y. gu >>e wt sho that in one day,id d ou ab2t 1 dreiffent mes. w itas olco. >>ad "de"poolom cing out ine tim r fo vainlente's y.da ecperfrst fitet daie mov. >>ecperft. u' yo nllerev etforg it. >> n rya ynre,olds t yhankerou vy . much >>ay alws a plreeasu. > >> o inurex n htalf ,hourom se ofis had "de" pooltaco-srs.
8:33 am
n ext up,en popelcre iuzins
8:34 am
rsfi tt,s hi is"tayod" onbn c. w be'reack at 398:h wit rosca wrinneel penope cruz. in zo "deolan sr 2"hela p ays iaspecgel antin tryg toin futd o wh yrs sta arepp dro lingike iefls. ranatu slly,heur tns toek der ol zorande atake oklo. d >>erek zodeolanr? >> yes. >> levaa,ntin rpinteol. >> as fonhi poceli w,ree' cln.ea ra haomss syebod else. >> bes,side i'mut of o iofashn. >> ee i nod t talk to you. asit ho t doit wh theea dth of stjuin ebbi. er h>> distheas iot n mypr m.oble >> i can usehe t dasatabfe o rpinteool tp hel youd fin your so n. y ifou help me. >>el penope ,cruzoo gd inmorng.
8:35 am
as>> wt tha asuc mhun fs at i ok lolis ke? a >>it ltle remo. it wascrinleedibo , tbeit wh oallf .them yo knu ow,we onnd a n,be they ha -ve a- h i aavehell t sscene wi thhe tm andy' theve known each rothe so nglo. 'vtheyade mike leve senov mies ge tother ander nev stop im isproving. i ad hbe to he t suserio one of e thgr oup. >> ird hea yerou we ae hug fan of the f mirst. ovie es>> ywa, i s. s itaw i m torehane fiv s.time i w knell a the diuealog. i rwaslleaypy hap tow knohe ty re weng goi too dhe t elsequ. b >>tien sllers saye hro wte is tht parh wit p onen ersoin mi nd. it hadbe to you. ye>> ah. >> i mean, tshat' goto tbe ex ngciti. s >>o exd.cite ha i onve dore meom cedy in my un co atrynd iny m own ualang ge, nbutot soh mucn i icamera. ly on theor wkh witoo wdyen all aand leittl remo. i t fele likwa he s ggivin me a eagr >> can you rena-e tcthe pneho llca w,nheen b called you and
8:36 am
i>>as wuy bgin drsiapen i a su arperm iketnou safth .rica gheave me the news. i swasoit exced thatwa he s go tingo d ao se.quel th en heol t md we heas wngriti th wi i men ndmi. l iovehe t chtearacr. shems seeik l teheor nmal e,on li heke t s omartf ne othe group. lelitt by lelittou, y scdiover at th's she a freake lik emth. >> sheas h toe hav a leittl fr eakn ier h bseecau shein f ds elhersavf hingee fsling for k.dere dwhatouo ynk thi sheee sns i k?dere ha>> t tt'she g,thinhe sas h is thne connctioh witek der ol zor.ande we ll,et l's not sayha wppt haens r,late buthe ty doav h ae nn coonecti. >>yes,y the do. th e perremiase wt las ghnit. i thaveow sho the video from . it it'somawese. yo uuy gs walkow dn the caktwal in archr.acte syoutee i there. er thoue ye. ar e'ther sderek. wa sha tt n?fu >>t iwas fun. it was hioularis. oti gff ohe tne plam fro europe dandtidn'w knoewher i was.
8:37 am
is th itoutf. th iere wash wit derek,at mugu an d nshael. 2andop0 t demols. i d sai yes bseecau i had the ot pronecti m ofyra chacternd a i s wah witthe ysbo. idit dn't mratte if il feln o ther,floo if in' didt do it gh ritt, iid dn't ma.tter adi ht tha prtiotecon. rwotheise, ild woun'tav haie sd s. ye i >>d reaet somhing funny you ,saidt thawa it s coolo t get to sdres up teo thes nin in ntvaleina. y inmoour ,viesr youra cha cter behas nen i cr,isisn dow on the . luck t>> iory tve leay mgo e atom he gandive the cctharahaer wrteve th ey .need th era cha wcter sill tpeako you andel tl you,he t wheay ty walk, rtheight oesh s,ytever.hing hiin ts ,case shead h to look al rely olco. >>t' thas n.fu co uple items i arhed. tell m iefhi ts is uetr. r i yeadoue liko t cut hairnd a yo u'rell reay goodt a . it >> ,yeahy mhe mot irs a ir hasedresr.
8:38 am
a r hai losa wn, whichase lik be aing spy in a ycpsrihiatst's of .fice nwomee wer snghari theirpe deest se s.cret l >> bike aeingar bertend or so inmethg. >> wa it hes tes bt agctinch sool fo r me. i >> heardou ye wer lyonelhe wn yo iru fsted mov to l.a.,ha tt u' yod getay str cats andng bri th emnt i yoour apenartm t,uetr? >> to other oppele's araptstmen. i ld wou get catsnd aog ds from er evreywhe t and ghenivet i to fr s.iend ievenf theyon d'tan wt emth. >> la,stly i don'tno kw how to el fe about this. hii tounk yai sd it, deespit wh ouat yoo lk ,like'v youe s aid hayou vey ugl .feet >> , no ,no no. i en hav't said .that i'm okayh wit my f eet. >>ayok, .good u yowere a ncdaer? >> yes. ywheneou'r aal blet ncdaer, you lo ouse yr tolsenai. u yoow thrm they awa andon d 't ifeelt ymanore. >>.okay >> 'm i okay. >> r youee ftre a pr,etty . okay typret. ey th're alnorm.
8:39 am
ne pe lope,cruzt wha a la"zoo 2nderpe" ons nnwatio ide fron . iday p une ,xthe tlt uatime va inlente'say d gift guide. et wh yherusou jtrt staed dating or you've beenri marored f
8:40 am
rs fihit, t s is"t"oday on c.nb > >>re we'k bac at 8:46. h we aaveci speal ntvalesine' y dadi etion offf stue w .love is th mog,rnint gifas ide for ev erylecoup. we e havhe tes liftyleto edi orf gu coilt.m. od goni morng to you. >> d goo mog.rnin >>ry evege stath of e la reshtion-ip - >> yes,et somhingor f erev.yone t,firs y ifeou'r l inike or ki tatng ith to e next level, we ve hae somtgrea lrjewey. c itean b kytric. i ift'soo t newor f the naceckle or ngri, try abr .oach we hear tnm i gs roupthtogeer. th cese iomen a setrt sta aing t $2 4. y ifeou'rin takg itth to eex nt
8:41 am
e ar the pcterfe .gift fr omtubluey,reenhi wsch i a st eorn i n ewyo.rk ic>> n te goet aie pce of lrjeweuty b notoo t ouseris. >> se the g arereatrm chaos t gi ouve yral vneenti themoon, st oarssur n. >> ta sgrtin at $50. 'swhat theex ntp steth of e la reshtionip? >> t forhe nglota-disnce tirelaiponsh. h we tavehe loisng-detanc love mu g. th 'reyfre omt, .etsy ey thpe'll alrson liezize s thetate an dy cit of your loisng-detanc lo ve. >> t' thaots n aon lg dicestan, le bt'se sthone. >>$22. v >> erytecu. >>t nex up, fheor t needwlyw, st in oead af box of chatocol es, ahow aboutox b of seros? >> wow. >>se there a jn'tust any s.rose 'rthey reyeallnn iivovatero fm xe lum.bloocom. th asey l60t ,dayso ner wat edneed. nokeupep.
8:42 am
lshote allr ovehe t unco try. he>> t y're?real >> he ty're real. ait'sat gre way,rt staing at $3 o2, te giv r wosesstith gayin we por. >>aubefuti l. f>>heor tew ndlywe or bacon lo wver,vee ha aan fictast gr ngoupire he. fi wrst,vee ha 5 theha0 s odesf nbaco bocookok. ou ensagh id. >> t get fhator ro ker. >> ,also wvee hair sra fncis nbaconu peat tlbrite. olchocate, bacon andnu peat br e.ittl ithisrus tloe ve. >> r ityeall . is hi>> t s islides.ciou anpeut $1 6. >>e cut one. >> t nex ,up t forheal g inou yr fe li. y >>our iebest. w >> nhyot ait ltleit bf o ensequce, vasa?nnah es the areue seqnceea hrtar mket s.tote imaden moo.rocc stheytart at 6$5 forhe tit letl e. on
8:43 am
i anme,ay d wear. >> ov i leit . ota l of times youan w tto hang woutithir genlfrids on le vae'ntindas y. >> y and wouant to arspe.kl ,next if'r youeti hit dngeoubl di ,gits t forhe -tlongerm re onlati,ships thiis the, we tfirs mete her jwigsa pu.zzle 'ltheyeel s the peuzzl oef th ex act lioocathen woure y me t. i>>ov le th. at h>>ow ceuts ith?at isths iy mim sply rs peizonalomed.c. 9. $3 s >>o cute. e thce pie is ssmiing, of secour. >>av sed the b festor stla. f >>or a newom m vainlente. >> m newom or d.da >> hi tiss shareece ander h lelitty. bo sworke her at the "t"oday show. >> a minatchgaj pama how can we get cuter? ey thrt sta at $19. it t's a am. azon ha>> wt aht sigor f sore eyes. ooso gdo tseeu. yo ho gldin h theead s upo rostng.
8:44 am
r fo pthecterfe esprent,ea hd to da to sy'styleeb facook .page lwe'lp hel solve any vainlente's giftil d yemmaou veha. p u ne,xt aiv leer prmfocean
8:45 am
rsfi tt,s hi isod"t"ayn o n.bc >> he> t citi crtonceer siesn o
8:46 am
>> 2016s i off to an imsipresve tstar forho tmas rhett. w >> e'reprdietene'ng hsot n st ngandiht rigt nex to .us he'sin nomated foree thr acm dsawar and 21 -- t >>wo rtihea dsawar. hi s seingl ie"d a happy n,ma" hfiftse convecutibe num rone. 13th week atop the llbidboarot h co y untr csongs.hart oit'sn gl"taned up." 's heoi go ng t iplayrt fo us w. no ad rey? >> ,yeah byba,t lasht nigas w hands wn done oth of ees bt nsightha tt i' vead ho n dbtou
8:47 am
th lekoon i yrou esye andhe t ma inrvay g e he t wn deceand in the dark under septemberrs stan ithe po gurinn rai and ino k twhat ian c'tr eve ytellouug enoh t hatll a i ndee in tshiif l e ouis yrra c lzyove i if n geveretse to ehe t rt nohern lsight o fr i ier nevet go tsee the eleiffer towt a night oh,f ill a iot gs iou yran hd in my hand byba, i could die aap hpy n ma y babha t rted dress brings me toy mes kne ,oh butt thala b dckress makes
8:48 am
ou y a're insat,ou y're a go s,ddes the stcute, the tt hoest,he tte mascerpie it'soo td gooo tbe ,true no gthin brette tyohan un i my ld wiestre dams iw knot tha i can't everl tel yo nou e tugh ahatll id neen i th ifis lse ir youra czye lov if i never getse to e the no rnrthe tsligh,r of i ier nev ge to t tseehe eliffe tower at gh ni t , ohllif a iot g isou yrd han miny ndha, ba,by i cldouie d a ppha my an ou yno k iw ulcod,h yea
8:49 am
nc fayes dtitina on byba, yeou'ry mre gat eescap e wou cldy stat a home,te lisn heto tio rad d orance aunrod the fi acrepl e if iev ner geto t build my ns ma iionn gigeora, orve dri a or sparts cp uethoa cst of ca foliiarn ,ohf ill a i gots iou yran hd in my hdan ba,by i couldie d aap h py man byba, iou cld die apy hap man oh i,ou cield d apy hap man
8:50 am
i ld couield di ie, i co ws. o twpl peoe shotth in ele valyn i e thow tntn ceer eaar . >>es yhi tss wa in ard gua gated mm coy.unitcr aig, iw kno h youbeave en an st bdinginy shece tin beg ning hand avenew foiniormatn. >> or rep wter:e do. 45 4: tshior mngni trehes i a re rtpoha ttre the is are bakn i and twoeo pplee wert shoth in e te gad uncommity.we now knowt thare the has also en be a gun found aet th gnarde ,parks thiusis jtsi outde of th aiis gt tega cdmuomtyni a ind sawt iswa petaff o byet mro but weon d't veinigstioatn.
8:51 am
isthor mngnind a two ppleoere a ju in ared,n altdund aee a trnage bbotheing tedreatth at e ho alspit ande won d k'tnow their itcond rionight o nowwr ho ac ex ttlywehey re juinred, how y.badl we do knowro fm peolic dtietec veat thhe trey aki wornghi ts in igvestnatio wutithono kwing mu boch a tuthepe sus octsr ecsusp t. f inifact y the do know ,more ey thav hen'tre shad itub pylicl t buy thehaveai s tdhey are inlookgor f aast lenet oso pern t no rgulin out theos plisibity th t'at is mthore an one pnerso in this homeak bren i or home siinva sontylebe rob tryhis inmornng i a gatedmu com inity n e th mmsunderla av.enue e throntsemo coitmmuny,us j t ndbehise the g.ates gcraior repting ws ne 3. >>ef b yoreou go d,oou yw kno cthetiondi oonsf theti vicms he otanr thng bei ?shot ep>> rr:orte wen'dot. avwe h ie nomanfor ation bouthowba dly twehey renj iured or if wthey bere iothednjura as ltresu of theho sgotin or i f me sobodye els haedppen . >>y, oka aicrhg, tyoank u rtrepo
8:52 am
ethoswe ansrers ain comng in i
8:53 am
we l'lav he > >>hi ts morning this morning on "today's take," the hot stars of the hot movie mthisngorni ony'todas ,take ho t ctas all here. >> countryin srsgebe numr one on
8:54 am
and we're goingo tat cchp uit wh oscar winning actor forest whitaker. all that and more comginp u >> announcer: frombc n ne,ws th iss i y'todasak teit walh ro r,keat nieal moleras,am tnro ha ,lltu sodi in1. rfeockeller. >> el> w tcomeohe tir f dstayf o thete lenn onseas. ta na lie,,alna jen bush hager. nn jea'sni morng jam. >> iik le . it >> prmerfoingar mch 9th. 'm>> i going. oudo yt wango to . p >>rmerfo ingrehe. >> d into wago to hi>> thenk t ly'lle et min? t>> i shinko. w>> i louldouet y? >> by the y,was thi tshow oday oiis go ng tugbe he. >> h howuge? >> hu so ge.
8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
pa cs. o >> siebernde saninrs w bningy oi22 pnts. i k thint a loeoof p--ple we edtalkex to s pert even st yey erdaea-- ye'h, h 2s up0 in pon ts ipothe bulls ert the's no i way bt'llate th o wayn ec el ntion.ight asit w. it 2 wasin2 pots. ini thryk veli teltang, ,mrone h bwony 11 tspoin, adiccorngo t nbcxi et s,pollng amo n.wome rt path of eat rliona ofla hilry cl n'intos mpca,aignhe s 's a orhistemic fcaale atndide. sh loe bstwoy n mealover l by ledoubit digs. hi y llartoclinean sp lkingast gh nistt juor befrne beie sa s.nder i >>w knovei hak woro,to d pa ulrtic warlyyoith peung , ople i'but epll rageat whain at i shavethaid eeis w k -- pl[ ap ]ause ve-- e tn ifarhey t e no su tippore ng m inow,po suprt th em. be e causowi kn -- ap [ seplau ] kn i 'vow id e haesa bllised fe,
9:01 am
to mb stundle al. fal w >> tell,s hat'meher e ssagto th une yomeg wot n oue.ther l we'lifsee re the is ad mejusttonts t. tha ys guck, bane to rkw yo i, its w ase illitepoint,d ou ifsignt icanloshe omst wy en b 11%. t no yjust woung.omen r weraeitehate tect, bause i in wowa,w e saloher anse hdily to ng youpl peoe. we t sawamhe sine thg. s it i swhatarome fee reg rrinto h asryillaan wombl proems. l we'lhosee r w heaicampgn ju adtosts t thangmovi on. >> s, guyd goooujob ert the. tby whe,ay ne eyxt ke datolin ps,iticth sou licaroepna rcaubliimn pranary d ne vada draemoc ticca,ucush bot ebon fy ruar.20th 'sthatin com ag uplls we. ha>> tmit remends th of y e ke wdatevee hain com tg uphis we d.eken va inlentdae's y. eb>> fy ruar. 14th w >>owe knt whalinata ge isoing to fr do arom e.lier n >>naah, ahh, n. b >>htrougt thaeaout r.rlie
9:02 am
i >>oi'm go ng to go teabed rly. >>'m ing goigo to see dp"dea"ool. is>> l tten,'sherere a piodictn ou ablet vae'ntiny s da"gand host bu s ster2." bi urll ms ray'accharister ta g lkin pto aicsych. ch iteck . out >> h younoad a dtherinate d. min a >>diccoro ng toumy s trce,he en td oforhe willd w ol ben br fe 1uaryin4th y the20ear 16. >> en val'stine. day bu ermm. w >>ow. h >>o ow detwe gpa prered? s.gues do . h >>boow aheut ts? kid >> ew. >> ha wllt wi d youo? w>> ihaill nve afaice mily erdinn. g, bi, bigfabig dmilyr.inne >> nk tha f youakor titing er the. wh yat'slaour east ml? >> e ribteye scrak, speam h,inac k steas,friele appbl cobnder a e icm creaopon t. ou>> y m had te atibhe r eye
9:03 am
>> b and.acon >> h i'my.ungr a >> o lotopf peavle hene be g goinurto oeb facpaook ge cabee us'vwegoe tot y'datas ke cefaokboag pe. it d's 1ayof1 5 2ysdaf o th riis pesze, alpeciitly we h th heweatrer fo wcast ge'veot co umings p, itaspecr.cula 's itou a fy,r-daee thrht-nig ip tr toam hmock h,beact' is la saermandf gol andpa s rtreso, palmascolot, f.rida fit'swoor tks folur, fos, day re thghe nits. t goceo fa.cbookodom/t tay'sake. uliked s anstregio er twin. we go're toing t hituthe bonton otthe siher f de oheweat sr toee ho maw onyyof liu ukes. di i d ntmen,ioe wvehaya rn yn re coldsg ominitup ws h hicast of ad "de."pool ey thfa're tintasc. ec chatk th, outngcomion up ay"todak's te." avwe howe snin maks g itway ro achess tat grees lakto, in the no asrthet. git's toing ao bell chie y on y.toda ciespe tallyghhrouthout eae grt
9:04 am
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9:05 am
th wat'ss hat'g goin aonunround >> t thaouis yres latt atweher. t >>t hais your latest weather. >> we're all excited about this. n up hext,one's he ofwoollyod's se t l we'lh catcitup wanh ry re olynds andhe t castf on soo to lo be berckbust oo"deadpl." t righthafter is. t itbuot's nit you, th's undre lay. pr t yooteclour crothes fstm hingretcdi, fad ng, anfuzz. ith ...wy down fabricitcondr...ione n itnly ot oensoft s andhefresns, hitroelps plotect c frothesthm gee damae of th.wash ouso yfar tevorithes cloy staur yoit favorothee cls. fadowny conbriconditiwaer. thsh in w.e wo fortifying the gravity-defying... friend-connecting... da sey-g.izin.. strong... u.yo ne spw ial ecnok ish.ur i-grmultflain akes quiwith anoa,pples, als mondspand ras.berrie w neial specurk noish. fortify.
9:06 am
new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. r out 1seacr,my pi engmwated crx ayon ul scs pttaand s met as ilocors, oiny ne easswipe. yb maliel nne'sew brow dramaom pead ma ikeppt haen elmaybneli y newkor mmmm mmmm mmm mm m mmmm mm yomm, plait at wh t abouty?his guthis 's guybe... ouen thr lotgh a. dorigs b tng outd he u di peeegrs bringe out th ingoodm. thefe
9:07 am
e hather bs toy.e a waca the rry imcenteter, by so14 ing meththsomemeing so..thing. ep[ beg,inrr whig in ] eagrcat sesaradal! and now the name your price tool s peshow popleopolicy tionsto h fielp r t thei.budget ha is tuet a trry? sto yeah! lepeopy realledo savan ra aveovge of 0er $50 wh heen tchy swit. i meanout abinyou g ventin it.i edinventto the s ry,d ant thisn' ateawhat rttlly ma ers?.. so . ewhatoulse abt me? > >>wa it s a bigke weend at the bo xfiof.ce "d dpeal"ooit hngtihe taters on friday.
9:08 am
rm foerci speal fs orceatoperive, ge urts tned into a rhsupeero. h weave the love interest in the film and ed, who plays axaj. th ela vil winhoe gavde "oladpo" e thul awfeo makver. >>oh , .yeah >>ad "de."pool t >>his b haseen a ponassi oj pr oectf yoursor f 11ye ars. >> 11, yes. >> s thiotis nou yryp t ical rhsupeero e.movi >>no,t' is thunorodox fthrom e op genindi creo ts te thryve tip p- tiaftop tterrehe cdits scene, asit ws a uaunussl a it gets. to e hav aha cerractt thaiv les d anks worth in e "n"x-me ivunseer b,ut also maet awe,ar th e er aisnlt u vranciolee cut ltby ura mecody,s it'uaunusl, ye ah. >> s it' rihilaous. 's itat r edr, pl,us plus. >> yu p.
9:09 am
ra .ting fnotorid ks. >> n no,noo, . oualth mgh,y 1--oyearldau drghte ve lohid ts . film >> re?ally >> sheed lik it. fivepe diars .up sh se wao int it. >>si raing her llwe. w >>eee nhad ttly earn i feli. >> mo,renaou y're no sgetranor t the pesuorher e,genrei bn ng i h"got ot "g"ham. wthatroas py babltta lile di enfferout thgh. >> wa it ces ni h to aaveon strg ma felele ad. w iticas noe tmb eody hernd a pl omay syebod c whoivan ge it tbackhao tt >> ralite lly. >> exy.actl nd>> a ,t.j. a yourear hilious as is hfr ,iend the elweas, ba dertenr. >> s youfon o a gun.
9:10 am
>> re the a is scene, i un taders tnd,hat whenou yir f st seem,hi whene hes com ckba, te afher tle whote whaver enhapped to hisac fe hneappedo t his, faceyould cou kn'teep it to ergeth onset, i . hear >> i co'tuldn. w heas .fine he wasal totnly i archr.acte i >>ld woure bak outt awnmy o ke jos, detefinily. he 's are gatro imprvise soe w werebl aeo t goac bd k anhfort d anf rif thetienre time. th sis ie liv vitele,sionou y kn bow,t ut iwas a asblt. it ryeall was. >> youep bleed yolfurse. >> .yeah ithishas wt's .real asit w t.grea >> inamazg. >> stop .it reyou' mgakin user vy rvneous. >> s it'ha wt io d on . tv w>> nedee a binleepttg buon chattaed. >> ot a lac of storst'ay is fun gbein g theood guy but scho mu
9:11 am
i >> ft'sunn whes it'n a te ininrestarg chr.acte hewhetu'r yooore gd or d,ba if it 's three medinansioasl, h c,ar u yoveha a director who pushes tyououo yrit limnds ats wan to wwork yith aoundak mte i in sttere ting,hens it' t.grea ys wa. y >> aournctio sncequeesre a you. wh idat d h you taveo do to get to in accharter? >> wa he s inibcredle. edincr.ible pehe sonnt m athsonnd m athsnd mo nthsin tra aingnd tifighng. he p tlayshevi n.llai imean,e' hsm fro mikelwaue. h heas a bshriti atccenha tt's ju orst f the film. yo uan c'te hav ala vil-in -ha tt wa s, ik,thin aic dednatio i've ve neeer sn be.fore di deoncati. i >>ti'm soill ditng . >> ll stio intit. >> r youtfighne sceres we az am ing. d>> i lo aot of mywn oct aion uf stf. me soth of cte aions were .this
9:12 am
a >>ge bigr k,drinak t iet .away >> ,ohye ah, ahye. al l. ha i ve aea forrm suise. >> weal tked about .that nn teis boelw. >> m fro ngpig,-ponle tab istenn. >> i gethe t sensef ot wha it st mue havbeene likn oet s with u yo . guys y>> me fac rthu. >> it. be >> roker, youon sf og.a do i >>d neethis job! >>e' wll be backh wittheas ct ofde "oladpon" i a gamee' wre ca gllin"s estorim frothe" >>,oh a >>urnd o srsensol wilbedy rea af thter ese agmesses. >> be , epepbe. dri ive ttooohe hp. i a drive car.race i ahaver. drive himes narl is ca. thbut otat's nt wha awee ll havmoin comn. al we t oked todour s ctortrabout eneatmt th wielto xar . rexa ilto ens prov tot treaheand edlp ruce th oe riskt anf dvd odpe blo. clots re xa iltosos aln proveduto rehe rce tofisk ok stre eoin pe pl awithb,fino cat busedy a arhelvt vapre m.oble fo ler peoph af witib en currlltly we ma onnaged fari warn, e istherit lim ed atinformon hion ow xa relto andrf waomarin cnpare i
9:13 am
knyou kiow, tafang war rin,d i hal to deahawith tt d bloog testine.routin co i 'tuldne havtha healsalay end wh wever ianted. i anfound r waothey. ye trah, teatmenth wielto xar . shey,fiafety rst. like b allhilood ts,nner t don' takstopxaing relto wi outhtalkt g in youto r doorctas t, s hiyma ineacr youserir ofska clblood stot or .roke while taking, you may brui msesiore eandly a it ak may tngere lo foree blo ding t.stop re xa mlto reay incyourase sk oriblf dingeef iuyo ketata cer xa ltre oan cau cerse s iousan rd incaare ses, fa bltal ngeedi. t ge rhelp aightforway peunex bctedinleedg, us unbrual nguisi, t orininglg. if av you hd spe ha inalth aneshiesia wle on to xarelwatc , rh fo paiback an orveny ner mus orrecle latedgn si syms ors.ptom n doakot trelte xa io f veyou haar an citifial he valvart e orno ablermal bg.edin ll ter do you bctor eforel alned plancamedil taor denocedl pr.ures rebefoin startltg xare, o te r ll you adoctorbout y aneykidnve, lirr, obl ng peediemrobls. xa orelts ithe number one prescribed blood thinner i inssts cla. ll weca that for lls a ofround n kevinns.ealo make e minaran alnold pmer. hsameere. wi elth xar theto s re i no lareguoor bltod moniring d no anwn knory dietare ctiostrins.
9:14 am
as k yourdo actorarbout x.elto pslir appeage fto ar asteotthaninher sk no.ri wores. w,nohere t n's chaewckpstita todrl hyn.atio 10its ur0% nate al, agingdefyrmfoula liis cy nicall tprovenovido prheer,althie ymorel outhfug lookin.lips yoput lurs iprsfi t of one oo the crksl pe t ofachis ple is y anou cs eat acemuch as realwayou nt. 'itlis ikem 'ingog wtotoork et ge. som al tyrigh. j wekeust lieal. cer we e it makt , eait, t,love ie it liv . au(lghing) atll a, y bankncno bra heslsequaat grees rat . 'ita s .fact ki f nd o glikekirandds lsequae fre stechrtuppo .oh ok, loyo at u, reso go at tyosee u! ononeisf thks wor
9:15 am
atwhca it t n' do.ur yocu calholus rkmewo. iwhatn t ca do. kema p yout eanuerbuttpy hap. 'ita s e whol newndkijo of u y yo get wh yen boue ittoin a nejiw rf ba made with real jipef utanut br.te >> e > warek bach wit ryan re dsynol, j.t. mi,ller maoren cc ba aarinnd ed sk.rein 'l welal py ae gam cdalleri stoes fr heom tt. se ll i' a askue qnstio and ylou'l t pu up thero apptepria pie.ctur i >>ik le it. >> on set, whoas h theti direst
9:16 am
>>oh, wow. t ihthoug iad h theti direst ut moh. >> allt.righ t. yj., courast mates say you. >> re?ally s iayde "oladpohe," t e.movi >> yeou'rng goi for theho wle .cast fowho s rgetilto s tence heir celle?phon i >>'t donow kn. n'i doowt kn w ife did . that >> no.body es>> bt ad bblier? >> n rya and j.t.n o this one. >>s it'ar hod t ckpi. i >>'t donhi t inker unddstan w hos thi y >>ouoi pnt athe ter camndas a t ge o outef th way ofhi ts w >>hoad h thees mtsies aitrler? >> in' didot g inre thend a i gu tearanu.e yo >> h iavead "de"pool on every ne pal. >>e werou y ever in his aitrler? >> i 'twasn.
9:17 am
sedresr. th at. le t's.stop youar cry on. >> av i hete betr itfurn ure. ho>> w b isest at okkarae? >> oh, oh, !oh >> ryan, alactuly. >> no, , nono. >> ar cseleshi wssper g.thin i'm neveron gnace dan again ot g nohy r thm >> iy onl go ghhi. if o i g low,he t bcaroadst ne ktworts shu you down. t >>heyep ble thatt. ou >> i' hem tte whibe rry. y >>ount meahi wte? >> lomana -w orah- ye.
9:18 am
e >>asd h the stbe. >>'m ioi gngit wh t.j. vei ha t wo gosoith e.meon ed is a simu.cian w >> ihenn doubt, g woith j.t. dwhoidt mos ofhe tir own un stts? >> vioby,ousl me. >> tuac,ally no,t' is uetr. yo idu dve ery one ofr you own it's.true he>> tery wen't taspecr.cula >>re poud serevaldr . inks ro>> ker, you sonf o a !ah u' yoveon de it ag ain. ik>> le aad b '7it0s s com. ye>> ah. >> ,guysha tounk y so chmu. >> sory sorbo aut .this >>ad "de"poolit hshe tsater on id fray. >> om> c ing,uphe t inibcredle re fohist wr take wwhenmee co ck ba. mthisidom dhan't imve t e torrwoouy abt cra d ackeshwind.ield s sochhe sededulsa at wiand afth se'elitcls exeusivn "oaymy wt" tex sh ewe knct exahely wd n i'be e.ther sthi, wieve afth se.elit thksanor fou yter !xt rei acpl hed werdsinelhi..d. shand dne diis't msis a ngleotsh
9:19 am
how'd ya do? wwe!on ni!ce th' atotansaher tefeliad agvante. anthu k youcso mh! m (tea) sing lisafeepte r air,fesa rliteceepla. ke pi taseriloc c otcheani mor ngr fo fmyenrequhet urartbnbe uscau e yon'caatt beze earo hburtrn! t ahhhweethe ste tasct of viory! pr ec oilos. tce onllpi meachniorng. h24zeours. rtro hea.burn meet the matte with vidivmp neviw d vittmalie idquip lco r loomfray mllbee inw nerkyo. w no glipsvio vithd wi... su saper ratud telocor senew usnsuol fee endr ychr oupslin ivivimad elmayb'slineid vivma e ttquliid ma ikehat enpp
9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
tsnighn, iea bulutifm pal coast, or flida. we ha'll ve ildetasin comg up. at thou's yr ltates heweatr. >> k loo whoou y'reti sitexng nt to. is th issc o arroy.yalt forest whitaker, considered one of he tin ftes aorct osf our meti. be kstwnnoor fis hca ademy award nn wi pingrmerfoance in he"tas lt okingf lascotnd." >> t forhest fir meti, ftoress i ta hkingalis t tentse o th dwbroaayge sta in fo rest plays a alsmmel-ti ga r mbleheon t o evee f tht grea esdepr.sion fo , rest mgoodngorni. >> iss thi a role you aslway nt wao ed tta?ckle 'v>> ieee bn lngooki for so inmeth wg toork on, one.stag ha i ved nearr hedth of e pl ay, alactuly. i wasre awa ofen eug eilo'nel, bu t i n had severtheen lais py. ra i frelyoundbo anydy whoas h. so ist wa einxcitg to findhi t s we ll. a meat gre rtoppoy.unit hi>> tss iou yrad broway budet. an oud y b arealasicn ly o this
9:25 am
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9:26 am
yo tu go theeg rular stuffik le th e'sdavels dol. st liuff ke.that t bun the h youavetu sffik le y lous withjack,ch whi isik le ha ving lsot of nemoy. yo owu kn i mean? so s it'y ver insttereing. ou>> y're fsamou forll reay ingetttog in chtearacr, the th meodin actgty sle. ve ry iidntimgatin ccthara ers that'v you ped layeover the s.year dwhatu o yo tdoo larex? at whyo do uik l de tooo t have fun? >> no j,tusor nmal th.ings sandpende timit wh mifaly. ju o st gugthrohhe t stetres, no gthin spl.ecia ou>> ya 're s ael f lowtexan. ur yo daerughtu', yousre jtai sd e' shs a muansici. ea>> yh. t >>toalk ab us waout ngtchi her pe m.rfor >> she did her d aebuttth sou by hwsoutesthi ts wit oasheverwg lmin mforoe t e ser,heer pinform hgerwn o si muc. r hee voicis befuautil. d anherty sling is azaming. s i wa soouprd. >> c youanl telou ya're ud pro fa .ther >> .yeah
9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
th sis i legise. is th is a si,mpleim sple mixture bofd irfeed, tewar,or cn p,syru and lagetin. e' shins goog tss pret in dow lyreald harnt iohe t molds. when they dry,ou yet g these bird edfeers. kethe sy io tut p a heol in it ewhils it'ti sll t.we erovghni yt, gouetse their bd ed feers. yo n u ca tgive them yoour heteacyors, ur ndfries, beirdi f bfisths ieth bayack.rd o>> tee fd the pnsigeo inou yr ck ba.yard xa>> e.ctly r>> o sqeluirrs. >> forld o er,kids iov l eesthe. th caese n be peexe.nsiv we found ak pact aethol drla st e.or stjula pin rdcas. alldi we d t was trace ahem,nd wi mbth eerroidy nes,edlehi wch ar sse leha s srp,he is lgacin ba ndck a rtfoh. ne fi motor ss.kill d an ythen cou uomepit whse the tgreaac led cards. >>!cute s >>ore gat. >> o andchld sool. f>>noor a thercanon-ndy and
9:34 am
e art jusen pcil wsarro. th weese ree likorone $2 ap .iece adwe mrse ou 2 for0 cents. we got pes.ncil ithissnn siea. sshe't jus cngutti o out ur mp te, latee thp todan the tt boom. an end th c youane givhe tseo t fyourdsrien and they can alactusely uir theci pent ls a olscho. c >>ute. >> y ver aeasyunnd fit wh your ki ds. a>> irym veer intd estehain wt 's hein makg. ak>> je isak mingne o ofhe t mo unst f kidat treigs rht there. an ed w turnt io int ant gia ki ss. ju yst b pngutti it into a fu .nnel hego andad a putt tha in e,ther as h mucs a you can. yo anu wot tay sprha talt rely we itll whki coong y.spra an end thce, ons it'hein treor f 3like0 mesinut, add aag t, and yo ru're teadyo go. a >>hend tt besar pt isou y can eat !it ex>> y.actl nd>> a then youan cne sak a te bi. y >>anou ce hav a tebi. i on w 'tllte. t>>shis iea ryll n.fu
9:35 am
an d a lestapr. u' yooire go ng t tputwo sstrip of p taperheogetndr a'r youe go ing to put i at --ound y're g gointo setapl it. an end th'r youoie gng to dohe t tsame, hingreyou'ng goi k toeep g goinand going andoi gng and u yo t gethisre gat gad.rlan o >> smanyre gat ecprojts. th arere e so manyo t getre the. gr ideat ea. >> nk thars fo hngelpis. u >> mi> copng u next, we've got e thou cntryro conerit wh a lot eaof hhort w isti sit pngyrett opon t t ofhe archts. asthomtt rhego is toing be jo g ininigus rftht ahier ts. ,baby i could a h die appy n ma suew in smarper mat icthematarian, mhudnia cy,ovsk to p he helr. i ahavef lot oud stloanent eb dt. cai den ctdute my in?rest (beep) y can amct hdeduster loudent eran intest? er cin h yase,es. th ounte ams goeheright re. ouin y, r caseyes. amouthe oent gt s righhere. th .anks tu inboit tur tax.xe ta ss doneermart.
9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
x: sfph cell vibrone .atesye ah? h)(sige you'r. okay.. okahe'shey, it made !jaso whn.. yoat do ?u mean erwe w be boy a alex iwhat'snen the ws? a:alexs here'wsthe nelec, "aldbaanwin sod jahwn scmaartzn rewen seeinmoonpag pai.razzldbathwin hirew oes sh at ogphoterraphfos beakre ming afor run it".my r ca pooreshme.. socks. a,alexyo will r u ordeheranotir paes of br.cianis or re bderingianirescks soc. lokay..isten. n candyou see la soms wyermeor sothing? ni(moang).. c?.ale ma thohes rtt is mgakin trcounusy mic orhisty. >> s his ongie"d aap hpy man" ok bre tr ayloswsift' rdecoror f x si weeksnu at mber onen ohe t un co atryir play arch t. >> we'll talk to thomas in a me mont. ga ben. r >>teeporour: c mntry iusic as family affair forho tmas rhett.
9:40 am
fl inesuenc h ofis singer/sonrigwter erfath. yo to n'u dot stop, i'mna gon >> or repter: fwiollonng i his da sd' otfoepst hs,eel rdease his bu delbt aum "it goes like isth " in 2012. hey, girl, i'm far a way r >>teeporhir: wedch lth to ree t-charintopphig ts. gi ,rl i goto t get meom sef o atth >> ep rorter: after his own su esccs,ma thos -wcorotein sgles rfo floelw cntoury greats. in udclg insojan aldean's 99"14" d anri flo gdaiaeorg line's nd"rou ."here la st ,yearis h second al bum, gl"tanp,ed u" cedlimb to nrumbe o tw and eneardim hhr tee adecamy of cntouryus mic ardwa nominations. flialng dnow >> ep rteor tr:maho rstthes i
9:41 am
ja son anldea on thee wwere here urto. ki taheng t cntouryy bto srmnd a pr govint thae h hisere to stay. >>ma thos rhett is w uiths this mo inrng. how good is i tt o beyosu, a i leratt off ernumbs. ie "d apy hap "man, 13 weeks a t ernumb o onn the bobill hardot co y untrlesingars chts. mi nodnate 3 for acm arawds. 2 iheart dsawar. i'm haexd.uste i >>t's azcry. i' lom bwn awayh witha wt ha.ened sseeme lik anrn ete bityutt i ha ens beew a fho srt years. ovwe le it, man. we e lovra tngvelind a pnglayi s,showin mak ngew fans and it wr gingood mu sic. ou>> y'reak mings lotf o nsfa. t >> hankyou. i pp aatrecie . it he>> tt neang thi ,iss it'ot n ju stuncotry, it ssounde lik e'therous sndl a r&blu infsence ine,ther as well. >> re thee, ar man. rei gwp uit wh a dad, ouobvisly, th atg sanou cntry music. asit w myir fst love. f myirston c wcert tasheol rling
9:42 am
t onhe way to olschot , iwas the lebeats,re atha anfr,klin all nd kifs o music. to sit downnd a writene o t hing pandysut m ielfn a boxik le th evat ner ryeall b haseeny m e.styl ikwe l me tofuake tun nes. pe>> sgakin of,love i wedatch u yo prmerfoh witou yr ,wife enlaurf, oea n frlyourea yrs th is rnmoing. sh se waal t aking yboutour s.shoe >> oh,shgo. >>ou yte wriot a l y ofour music fo r.r he i >> .do heif t die apy hap n"ma. t >>here sheis. hi>> , enlaur. yareadou m at me forng bri ing you oikut lise th? i >>ge'll vet or it. an thk u,yo ghthou. w >>arhat oue yng doi for ntvalesine' y?da 'm>> ial usuevly ner ,home so is th c isnuontiing thed,tren butll we'ak m heavene dinnr o th e be ach. ou>> yea alrrody werte h a .song it ll's a h you taveo do. >> acextly. ev oderyby tshinkt' is are fe ll hass pa,ut b it is >>nope. >> you set ah higar b forry eve ot mhernan i eramica. th aney c't come e.clos
9:43 am
so d gla ag sont thawas so rs pe aonal hbout lerife and iamarrge,tt preucy mh e lveryine is a detail ofur o feli. gi'm iladtad h theuc scess it di d. >> maro. ntic >>rt heasll a ascros eramica, n,agai kibreang. om thrhas ett,nk thaso s chmu. n' dot miss hisfo percermanh wit ka lthiendee aod hina he tex nt ho .ur
9:44 am
>> >hi tiss od"t"ayn obc n. hey, hithe t bu.tton ho nyw mapl peoe are -- w!wo a >>ll t.righ >>t wha a ernumb. t >>shat'nk thas ton rya yn re. olds >> g wuesssho i here? >> o?wh >> n frachdreser. an omd thheas rs tt ig gointo si ng a song. >> "c arashnd burn"n o y hourour ngcomi up. >> how opappre.riat t >>vehey' hadry eve .hour
9:45 am
>> us pl,e whave ae winot b tle and a asgls. 's ity ver primveessi. w >>e'll plexain. at th n isngothit' thas ha inppeng. >> an i wt ts.hi t >>ishis t whalinatante was r fontvales ine' day.
9:46 am
we r.athe nn>> aerouncro: f nmbc news, th is isto "day"h witat klehie e
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