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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  February 10, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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a >>ncnnou ner: 3ews ar stts right en uw.nonao r >> eed:vehi edyrybo. e weac tr tkingehre bg akin iestorts a00 3: t,firs m toanarylhed wwore t if smel ut dephies en be`o t shol ll kicon enr untecom su t.spec apit hd pene sin apen o fned tt hi tingidpude.tiesa aras wdarso alt sho a llkied. >> ie maror: mree bgakins newin th ace rore f the esprt.iden w neeyjersov grernohr cis ch tirises end hd cpaamn igr fo pr idest enteafa r sadioippinnt g f isinedh t sthixn ihe ti t firshein tnatiogoridri ph wit tjusen sevce perf nt othe vote. he ol flowsep rcublianrl cay or fi winahoro d oppedutar elier da toy. r >> eed: we may now know what sp darkeblossiataz-mra en in encidtt aelor luxpr is thtehes t.or st3ews as enbeol fnglowind ale angrtiou y on ia socl a.medi 'r wes chal t akingdorceiear ac evonuati ts on fhrees.loor epra
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ne omwsroth, auieority s sa that rimatebeals exing edamin a was no ur inj wiesteepor t ac incord cg to clarky ount.firea aglo fofors the to30 slury hxor potelidyram had to e b euavac wtedehilli poce and fi ghrefister itinvesedgatos the ethreoo flrs. ec spalificly, the 227, 8nd a 29 th. >> d: ree o sorthes newda toy hageninw. no moren thanair a plines ilotd ho g ldins signheon tew sidinalk e f thanorles. m >>: ariey the f are hwsoutaiest erlinds anke picting fo r ntco.ract s new3'san sgodra eznzaloi jns ivus lroe fem th orie lnns o wh heat tseot pils have to say. >> ep rtor: erhi t iss t fhestir in rmfoioatlna picket outdesif o e thmehoub hn iasll th ceyeamer h aet 10 :0mp..o t le tthe pliubcno kwn ias leg vsa wh 'sat hpapinenasg tyhe try to acreh aon cactrt reagenem wthit utsoeshwt. eth unn,io sthoustwe rlaiein lopit's aiassoc stion iayst has be en ie n thtinegoonatih wit the co nympa f forourr yeads an so fa r no atccep ablecoctntra.
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tstarse the imanforaltion eythan wt c atrontacin fizaled iwithtsil p otsnow. i >>t rveevolos ar tund cheore s is ouesdos y,paanrereti,mentk bacslat pa ndy, aettyualitli of weand on've adly hal ful racontnct i l thear1 ye we n beeblmena this r fofourrs yea. r >>teepor tr: whey tanto st tresshat tishil wl be no way dann i noay w a druisipt tono th eve traling blpuic. racont actsrexp eedect toin beg nagaima on 22rch nd iello. d.cs e we'vhereact d ououto sstthwe d anowe dec exp ht to fear them.soona erru re inportlig an sdra algonzez, news3. ar>> m tie: yhanko ou s.much t' leos gac bk tohe t lu we e hav newpo sanfoinirmaton. th nze timale:in comng im fro annathne o'hoal win joss ue livvo t strip. >> or rep ter:e' wve nelearatd th eethrlo finors tsideuxhe lor
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d an we'veedearnes entxa e hctly this all went down. if you take aoo lo: or ves derehe th e ey'rintalkoug abe t th r.luxo tthe fhrees loor wthat feafedct- -c227, a89tnd 2h lo f worsalere l3 cu evas er aftque fu we t'reaold m rooerceervio te attndannt weid insnee o of ethosst gueo romsnd and fou some ve usry siopicus items. no hw toset iemsat creedh suc a nc co ternhaty ther aleted their risupen ithiluthe aq t inthurn leey a trtedhe a i-multcyageno ve inastig.tion me ltro,egas v,fire c co aunty'stro amorrea tm l alol invinved t.his wepo sitke weh mtro rlea.ier ey thl tel us this is the typef oah la e rge scalonresphase teyt tht ed neth in tyese ofpes a si_ke to mult aa e thatthreel levn. dowrken es alpecin ly igha hiff traic ar ea. >> o nroane g kl isngeepi r oumu comynitfe sa. et wh iherst io a h t on velas ip strn obhe w ithert is
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anwe wo t t se ry eve body st at thhy's wra ou y t seebuhe acendanfte of .urreso ele mak es deur sere ev iyonevenvold t in fhe spl peohoe w htmig a bectffeoed t sp rersondept kefesa. >>rtrepoer: e wt jusea lrned fr omhe tux lor seitthlf, eir cioffiwial t stterinendgut o a at stntemea syingy theil wl meresuor nn ra opes tionooas s heas temy dery eveg thinafis se he re. th lsey aano wot toe makre sut tha th sere' t nothrealr b tootir thee tsgues a toef th oempl ayeesalnd hel t f irst onresp idersvenvold? th siis iotuatn. e' wrill boung yre mosullat upd po re'mrt i hanatnen o's new3. m >>: arielo a rt offelieo theatp.stri k than fyouguat. >> et> mtinvesrsgatofi conlos tw opo perele api hoszetalirr af anter ac attisk thni mort ng ausd jor befis 5: .00 anm. itdatei_ ig nehohboreaod nesr dndnn a hu aialap. de ivtectes vereco ared gun on e thn law at aar pkt jus idoutse th ees gat. er thaye m bet ast leawo t ecsuspts. bu tt as thi p ointe we'rtold
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aliceryre ttoing n ur figt e ouqu hewhete r thimvictews kn the los su tsspeclas >> ha we o ve ncaindi ttion a be e liev ithisras a andomu b weveeliet thahosomee w th na teegige arl,nre in it cr icaluitconde li poavce ht e no esaidlyxact howdentrurs. de ivtect hes aave nlsol re edleasipescr cof ocr ckattaers. >> d reeow: n at,3:00^tio n s las vegacepolind fou a ad le t init hnd-aru- tntha ki all-ywoolear-ved oher t ek we er th ae waelandl mightiaemorl st laht nigho to norly eve n e gren. sh ase w kleil sdyunda in c arash th atap hdpener nea elakad me and pe cos. ev welynlaas pgyin ouetsidh wit her berrothhe wen thve drifr o a van rvean oher t leittl .girl sthechears illsti onor f the driver. thisha wst'ol peicav h alreveed. th reey'ngooki a forniispaom ma hn in0sis 4den
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pthatn ersourto temn thesselv 'swhat n thereew bn ak ithe de ny ag thintabouqsu se cal calescrimertopp s at 38702-555-55. m >>: arie k pr siofessonal p to iitchgurin irther spamee ti newsolicyn k ndellyunle t st ory. >> or rep ter:ng amoaly daid lehust c andanonstatt chatter g na momirch sddlel chooe'ther fs a edocus onra ovimpr tingdatteny s.rate t>> a binyit la.te >> you haveon dee rlyal we.ll r>>orepr:te u ernd the tcyruan ve dinrsioe popleul thayid kr wdownprith siofess onalalto tasi wh hey they tey'r mgsinsolscho. i >>ar coue abrt ou udsts.ent ep>> rerorthr: cneisti as licensed toaty.rne e sh pslayhe t part of geentl e.judg t>> i whinkcae n guaradoute y tnex week. w hold wouha tt be? >>good. >> i it m feoritamrogr to
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rnatto. ei thadr grmpes i arovehend t tuattiimdes e provitand es mak me l feelyreald goo cthey thelp shosesttew tsuden and sc hoolridist e thpgroungookiv e tondxpa ou thskgh a ingtoats,rneyen mtal thheal pssrofelsiona, reretid teachers and law enforcement fiofrsceo ton cdesi jrinoginhe t snkth of e ntvolu.eers al sathe f ke oorde stu a at k risaiof f oling f >> ienstudists mn s te odaysf cl s.asse ep>> rr:orteil hylar r de sandetus nt mataron mchdlid olscho sashe ttys ancendatee raves ha00,00een ch enildre weredlist as10.uanty e >> w needntvolu,eers pe es cialde,dgesleeytorns, be ecausy' the tres onea.o wh re allyea rdyun rning tdp. >> or rep ter:hewhettr i a is nc pe nil,oootebrm alaocli
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ed ne d to iellnosolscho. >>spl agerranor f enstudots tt meehwiter oth enstudndts ak wal to olscho thtogeer. >> or rep ter: a but wlso thathey ma eey nod t get ether. i >>n01 24 tdphe t o wasfne o ur foim praroz crquetien q ti nao on tivrece0, $60 000 tgraned aimchaee kgpin l ooschndl a lf o the*oourtrm. if a youuaer intdestede mibeco vng ateoluneaer h od to itwebse. at th's ndkyeynunl ewss3. >> ie mare: wr sta oted ne stwscah witlo a ft oedquha cr. ta sking ihapehen t faceor the e white.hous ee>> r td: shat's lesn tha 24 s houre sinc ntheamew hrepshi pr yimarre alady. andte sanve hmadelsn w haseher e thre inmaingdi cansdate go fm he .re r>>orepr:te b nier sedeanrs we nto t hlearm for a photo op with activist al sharpton who toma wa afnts n-ricaicamereman dtsocrao s t atake re foosh ltk an rrs.nderpa
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p >>eeoplnt wae el realo!anget ee[ ch ]ring ep>> rr:orteharlan s wdersgeill para aoti ap soatbox iotentron femm dtocra s th sounirolians. >> on i dno't kfw iy' the vll r fo a himend hoatstarhi bend t bunderseo pwiple se iv gm e hienif ar heing. >> or rep ter:nhill ad le 3syicnt poi ss in outh licaro pnangolli w buttuas sc st lae nnheou yew n h hiampsemre dtsocra wen je re hctedorer fnd saers. >> no i kr*oad s tork icpartlyularh witou yun oppe.le r>>orepr:teon he tep rliubnca si e,d dalond trump's 20-point n wirspowe t himheo txt ne nt coest. >> it feels great. th epl peoee ar fasantticro fm ne w mphae.shir ih tink south carolina frankly is oi g ng bto veyer misilar. >> reporter: trump's got 16 po point g llind.lea hanew irmpshope g rr-unneupo ohi vegonor en johchkasihe rustado to utsocah liro.nao i >>st am ngartire to tally e we'ro on tthsome
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y toda tquitache rsig ch chris stri iieres seasinss b je, bushd teuzcrnd aar m costa ru mobio onved so to cauth narolim h whicd coul thelphe fr onn so cauth narolila th ricpubl um scrcie w ax om frtu sa.rday e-onneon-oem dtiocrac pr y imareea wftk acaba o p, that toclinrsn veanus s.dersoe m i'e stevelhand ,sman unabc ni,news ne mpw hae.shir ar>> m nie: korth s cked wthe world ihenchaunc st teretrock. r >>: eedi compng u s akoremapoesedndho whe ty sa isy gg assrenioro f tmeh no rth. >> ie marow: hal loc l fo enenrcemst i us eartto save lives on ourreetstre hl>> c toe: raempes tureidouts ne t aownre ie ellohe tsac0s d ny manehohborods. it o lortke lie ce're tlose
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li'l let you knowow h >> d: ree co welme back er evy.ybod no atw o 3lo'c ickthn e lt ates hein ts poff e bortsrgy fe tuson hreacnslaon cmegreeitnt wh t a depntrtmeju of estic toroimpla ol p aiceond c
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jtheceustiep denartmast hed fil a lciviht rigss law auitstgain e thty ci osoergue n onmi af thter tye cinc couoed voto tta re sevin areagenemmet ai d atr priminov hgolow p pou c rts attrer pooae pleop and minorieits i tnto sheout. l isbusu.rb fergus, onssmiriouas hn bee un rdeus jceti darepentmt ruscnytiin sce -year-old michaelro b wwnat flyalho s t bya dnreil wons 18 ms onthago. >> ie marhe: t southea kor pa merliant pdasse a resolution nodecunngio nhrt kosrea'is mesil chlaun. it udrgeth norea kor toea cse a l als planterela nd toarucle ilmissvee deenlopmd t anitfor d re tturne o thrnintenaatio co unmmy it aasqu, e,ot re lnilses. trehes ils a o idevceenur scifaayod pngvi pdessreniour dginre pagnyncnd a a erfthe tel deriv oyaf ab byay m be more common thanrs fit ghthout.
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m >>: ariere the c's a fallor phelor fec exp atingnd newmoms ru stngggli with mlenta ils.lnes ites com admiew n enevidce napreg ancyndtp posmartuma de sipress on i cmoren ommo thanou thght. l texid alke owith womanho s taysewhe n guidance isba erdespyatelpm scoedne.ed r>>orepr:te t bherna fsilam y ap h on tbuo merthmi e wlylil b fi stro td atmit i hnas't aslway nbeeh tis way. i >>t hadon g eunnodiagsed for all those yearsnd a i didn't understand. >> ep rteor r:or f tren havefi aryeans wdh itlalhr t s eg prienanches sf suf feredest po rtstpaesdepr.sion l>> af l oenudde a h pa atac atasnd w idon i sin st hyalericdiags.tear ep>> rr:ortetr sinugglitg wh in etens estionn_zeeali eyther w egwron. t buinertaotly n rare. >> mo comnon ethugh at it's in ou abt onedu o outerf evghy ei lepeop. r >>teeporthr: oce d stor ees
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w nemoaers hell tesee. timpe s she'adalreiny use g thoe co redemmenprd deonessi scav hby ba. s wencreem theln o oureffico ciespe fallywoor smen're can whe theye com f inor their st poumpartsi vit. t >>heom recatmend iions so ablylute f a irstepst. h itra o tenhapppa t len wome thavebihe a tlityo ta olkypenles hon atlytnd ir ha to end a ofn.te r>>orepr:te e lymis iw no a soreceuror f other because she believeshe t arere manyh motouers het treli feeng th aie pndn au gilt she often lt fe. >>rt mn iteigheat- thhe's t st mour acc wateile wy esan c .or t ikhinas h -her- the number isayhe higcar bef omewolin ke wmeiv l ied ybma they were aafry the ol tomd sdyeboir theld child woum* akbe tawen ay. >> ie marha: tlto as wde re inportg. il em witks weh thcoanregn
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sa erust.ggle ee>> rmed: stros it're fo hor ctecolapoear hei bken .ones th at's theci speal mgeessa ndbehiro a clksswant evet tha ha edppenda toy. ain dargff oicerre ddsse ups ametr levainntl wil chess t e cortr s eet rotowo ts.lusioc lnsatiohi to ghghliac th hie orstofy ea dy dlciacntdes . he o wasde bldouhigywa an sdal vyleea nmoar an rothhugtouhe tda tyu venalneti llwi nglamito a conamer st we of llarvie. y ifreou ale pulved oorr f not pstop fing torheal vneenti get a reody t a payt lteas 5.$9 ar>> m aie: rill bigrab oppele'sen atttion ho llpefuy. nd a youaw s theal vneenti we garin sh.orts ihi tnk a long se leevt shir but emaybt tha j wasusto s he dnwoulet't gt tha omuchf a tan onis h\ley crm a ee>> rgod: hiod te ng h nis otel re callylahocoecte b iauset g ngettime war flut ore thea e chlodsbear oleyheeate de re .port hl>> c toe: 'shatg riht. i l fee yliked isse lad pa veslee mlessa
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thankseche.lo >> ie marhe: tth weas i nice en ghouor fxiis cruhe througpe levaly. if ayouore lgokin f r de i i 3newse livat x" sidee takdea rih witl derarqu c hr teray sseies scret of th iees dhtonige onne " ws 3 alivex.t si" r >>em dtocraocic sstiali be srniersandesiryicto a l ha irmpshs e hacrdemoinats w refutu. >>e:marihe a pahy w m 'taren fanern rd orsuppla hilry clninto. d >> ana:oo gftd aonerno. m i'na daa. th isuy g maye b dadf othe year
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lwe'l let you know deecid an>> d a: good afternoon. i'm dana ihere espha w bt'snguzziay toda velas gas. bl ock. heok to his two crehildesn ag ve sen a2nd 1 teo thpr steingsen t.nigh dtheyt idn' hgetoment u tilhe w eeou h orsfue tsday inmorng. so the dad let theid ksle sepn i d an sent an epice noto t slchoo hwit .them e>> wiv le by three s.rule ibe kt*ev.yone h toucanas meoy p aplespan ceen an hed woshe bins brlh nd bato to bewn, er the. d >> ana:astane onerso notseamulas th tasid keroth a isdanch teaer t ataoo sch ap parently she was not_cy.happ yo nu ca w seeht lig ok lois lnm fro e thst firro ast rnautseepregntin tgreari b taintoar cry outdati en sp waace ellk rd easengmazi me tips-laide vngomim fro te intirna sonal spaceontati of lightning striking the h.eart
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to better our smartne pho og photy h ow autbo isth? meso of theoo c slestta qidt br we'v ere ev this skier out of swirts dlandgo th itis w ih ane,phonhe tetd r ane f lo ndts as lotraof pe.ctic a nfaf_na s micopp anceara tohe "sday ihow"ge au listra nkevit hart a-c ice su serpriitd wonyths aar p t tofheuns thesegm i ubce-cenppar dtlytidn'e havsh ssan iitue wheh tke sna b kevin hartou wtldn'keloet ccubio ttoel t. iondi an ood poy babre on te ofhe menn i elieth, isr he otthe her? he erfath l th s ere'y.dadd lokay tet's oakeheff tors.asse i wamit a .nute 'thats my ddday. i wecld rzeogni himokrywhe mletveo oas. n him. gi eve mmijeme no t wai.nuted\dy. i t -no.
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by the way, her mom aslwayo s s ha a intw. at thha's wt isuz bzingod tay s laa propgaves. r >> eed:admy d a isicdentmpre tw ndin at thas waucro gg win st n whemi a ioom re yalle havo t oklo. m >>e:ariab bey rnded a now gr owned. >> d: ree is it a picons.racy w h you aaveen parhot w i i icdentwial toun ye hav t l tw memetis. m >>: arieef hop sullylhe'l g fi iureutt o. yo u did t?righ ee>> r d: lo imesos.timed\ ug[ la ]hter ar>> m tie: hen onnatisma priamew hrepshi ve gani bernde sa aersh muc ne ededay.ctor ee>> rmyd: ur figa]t i hef tgr chainal t king tabouni bernde sa aers o lotf crdemo natsotpy hap that he won bute h did. cawhy lpitol hil wants to burn m>>iear b: orefthe ht lig s go
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