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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>>t' thas it >> > tot,nigh shock wa afves trter umpnd a ersandors sce sllandide vriicto iesn w neshhampire. wh ieat leas ahd in so h utroca.lina cl n intocrand uz plotting comebacks. plus,wo tig bes nam w boofout r theace. ftligh skri. the batteries inus jt ou abert evyam ging de .vice the danger to planes is grg.owin w noy' theilre wling to take dstraic tiacon. >> pe> exsarts 'ry wee he edador fom shiet ng just about no one th t oughd woul ever enhappin aga. 'l welll teou y erwhe. >> gh> fiting ntdemeia. saisurprdring nop i on e of thet mosmo comn rmfos. do s ctorthsay ase reon tohas as do uc moh t w doh ite tharheast it oe dshe t aibr n. "night nlys"ew begins right now.
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quheadrsarte inew n rk yois, ths i "nbc tlnighwsy neth" wi st leofer >> od> goni eveng. th erere a tewwo f er idcand iatesen the rac fo esr prt identot.nigh su caesalti of a st ngunniri amecan po csliti inch whi et onloime hong st be srniersande cedrush hi arllcly toinonn is h toway a oi22-pnt ct viinory the new ha irmpshmoe deiccrat im prary. an nad doruld tmp le g adinrethe f st o th ree blpuanicie f ld in the dust with a oi19-pinnt wve oris h esneart etcomp, itor insendw g neeyjers go orvernis chr ri ch astiearnd ci ly f inoh r oho t the is exts. th usey sedpendir the aicampgn. th ewe nps hamhire su orrvivves ha now endescdedn oth sou ro ca.lina sithe f te oofone the cnextcaritil ce fas.-off ourol paliticea tm has plrede toyedwo. >> or rep lter:r,este in thregs a a tbouto ge t reinteg.stin toi'm ldhe ty're ep pr dpingd onal p'trumres the rr mas iagestand ance mion e nentmadoin.
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e.ther hanew irmpshnte waed to t seehean ctedida si t on his h,couc h soutlicaros nianwant to h seeheow tkey ta a nc puh. na doruld tmp's 747 is ngflyiit a ltlehe higr ghtonit. soaring intoou sth ca naroli on umtrp's do -duble vigitryicto n inew shhamp ire. w >>ee arng goi nowo t h soutlicarona! we go're toing win in south carolina! loi ouve y all. k thanveyou ucry mh. >> or rep tter: rump outrinncthg fie d,el be g atinndsecoce-pla hn joic kas bhye mor 5than00,00 votes. >> y thet wan toee s us ke ta c theryount back. >> or rep ater: de vecisi ctviory, but s hipathor f iwardsn't .easy h soutlicaros na ia t loerdifffrent ewom n shhampire. in,2012xi et llpoing, of65% gop vsoter id fientis ed a geevanl,licabo or rn ag ain. a vgotinlo bckt tha d teuzcrs ipeexedct xcto e wel jith,asust idhe dio in wa. while trump owned te vohors wle cald th lvemsendes ideepennt in newshhampire,us jt
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licaros niansee th lvemsehaes ty.t wa a >> o lotopf pele here are shooting for th seveilr maled and gi ngvion dd alumtrp th lde goda mel. >> or rep lter:ikeew n mphashire, trump has drawn big and theniausicstro cs wd roac tsshis state. it's wheree h got ro g arinrschee for his immuslba sh. >> al tot andpl comete sh wnutdo m ofmsusli entering the utenid atst. es ep>> rr:ortea to e placrdrewaing or zagani, tionand cu g nninmaerneuving. >> s it'g goine to b tyspor. so cauth narolies tak r itlea rspe. onal >> ep rteor tr:rump has led every south carolina poll sie nc lyju. an nod w he can cimla th e osmbnuers can equal votes. ka tty, urc nbwsne, ne yow .rk > >>m i'tepele andxaer in ou s wh joere kahn 'ssich on his first stop after a nistunecng splond-ace fi inishw n ne shhampire. ha>> tnk u,yo !john r>>orepr:tehe thi oo rngoveor itinsisngis h si po mtivegeessa is so rengnati. t >>ighe lht erovadshs owe th nedarkf ss otinegave
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shhampire. it ea's rlly,ll rea y co ol. >> how doou y nigaveat the negative ats?tack >> i won't leteo somne d >> reporter: watching e thltresumes co in es tuniday ght,ic kash s wamore reflective. >> we plgeugd away and ug plged ayaw,he t li ttleng e tinehat can. >> reporter: in soh ut licarothna, is mi tedwesodrn me erat s faceeea sthip upll cl imb. in ate stait wh far more ctihrisan ns cotierva aves, ta rgetud aeienc for crted uz. >> m thenden aen wom s of couthinarola i be elievt wan a ns contiste erconsvevati. e ththone tat'she sa esme yayterdda, toy and tomorrow. >> or rep jter:eb bu dsh'snaays y be mb nu weredutitho a ro st sng couthinarola sh g.owin j >>ileb wepl ke our co y untrf sglaanwe c thdo is. my dg ple ye toisou , i rwillitun w harhet, a asnd cae.idat lli wi v notfreer om wh bat iveeliebe to ue tr. i willta snd on co vanser tive ciprin. ples ep>> rr:ortemu so ch fo utr sohern archm. ma rurco adbio rvise icpred ttingsthis ate is ng goibe to alo bod th ba.
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be definitive and de intermffe ti. i need your vote. >> reporter: still so cauth nirolimaans y oi aved th blestaenishml t al thtogeer. >> y' theoore l fkingor me so tbodys hat'g goin ayto s t thes hingthat th aney w ht toear. pethe iopleutn soh ro ca alinangre ary ri noght d w an they wantan a ctedidat tha ecreflts atth. r >>teeporhar: tt nd cae idat nwille ot b s christchrir ie o ycarl orfiina, asou y no boted fth om the ensusp tding heir aicamptogns day. as j forohn sikach, ca gnmpaiis advteers ll h meoais gerl he is to ev prjeent shb bum fro inturneg thth sou ro ca plinaryrimao int cohis ckmebary sto. st leer? >> er petan, thu.k yo heon toc demc ratiside of t all bhis,e erni nd sa cers'igampaidn sa aihe rsed over $5 iomillncn siee th po cllls losedast ni ght. no anw, s iderss lo g okintoad broisen h ap wpealith mitinory rsvotele whila hilry cl n intoshmay upake r heaicampftgn aerer h so rengundiss lo. 'v wete goot bh ca gnmpaisov cered tistaritng wh sikae . hunt ep>> rr:orted goo ineveng. os thlle mi tionshat ma p de ubethe st fu aind-r dsingveay er
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tidonaons, agiverang st ju $34 ceapie. bu nat setoran sders intellc g nbnews ghtonit, heno ke ws h l stila has oflot work to do. rn beanie s ldersngooki d.ahea ya daer aft he sent hillary clinton to nistunefng dineat new ha irmpshe. having brefaakstit wh reverend al sharpton at an iciconar hlem st rentaurast, ju ksblocm frore whe pr idest enincln to d moveofhis . fice e >> h tsentighe snal on m thengornier aft a sthiicor ctviy,ore h wo d ulmecoo tar hmle haand reve bstakfa wi m r >>teeporher: trere a s sign pof ablossie nd sas eralcoition. st laht nig w heon %83 of the youth vo,tend a % 73of deinndpetsen. t bullhiy arincln to ilsthal mos re minority sut.ppor an e d thesstak dahea ar gge bi aerndor me di e.vers iinowa and n ew shhamp oire,ver %90 of de atmocrotic vweers re itwhe. t buinnot ad nevtha wi a elargin lato population. i orutn soroh calina
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do t you ihinkt's po lessib y foro ou t thwin moe deiccrat mi noonnatiyo if u n' do ctnconvieor me k blacrsvoteba to ck you? >> s it'ol absyutel ntesseial. th efr a-aicancamerin te vo t andhe loatin vo bte,oth osthe, orenusmo ilyormpntta. we nt id en dtoo vyer we illbon thf oho tse uncomms.itie ep>> rr:orte the onvermnat serto making that pitch along with oo sh stinghoome ops to onday e "th."view t >>eahe rweson 'll do iwellurs ows vie on cr aliminti jus icen isth uncoy,tr and that is we heav a broken criminal justice sy emst. >> reporter: sanders re alhaady ros stng su t pporamongki worng cl whass ite vo.ters if c heanro baden his ap , pealhisam cnpaig li be hevesn e cakeep inwinng. t >> yhankou,ew n hampshire! >> reporter: sikae hu , ntc nbnews, new . york i' drm anea tc mi chellinovere g th toclinmpn ca. aign s>> i ltilleov new shhamp aire, nd i ysalwal. wil >> or repter:he tea tm nowsi conngderi big an chliges keus adjting th meeir e.ssag erin h cosinces on,
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sa s,nderin tryg to alappe to srsande su tepporrs. >> il i wigl fhto t inren ial wl st.reet an u d yoknowat wh i, hknowoow to d it. reyou' g notoingo t fi nynd abodye mor committed to gragsiesve cpaamnig fi ncnag inanth me. >> ep rteoropr: t in clton supporters te bcll ns newsay ey thal're darme byhe t re s asonabfor niandong in clton. pothe iatentlir fst fe pmalederesint nglosien wom by 11 in pots. d anunyowog n me 5by9 po tsin. peex tctheo marore inclntott akac lines ag t ainsersands' po eslicihe on alth acarend s.taxe >> w il ilisrayoe ur coins,meut b not ddmi clessla xeta s. >> reporter: meanwhile, the campaign is already dispatching bill clinton to south rocanalihi twes enekd. a atste that hasee b n isoftnhe t ba orack rbamaan ag t ainsarhilly in clinton 08 20. >>hi tsho while tng is th gge biest fairyal te i' veve er . seen ep>> rr:orte the toclinopns hvae neda an sod h utrocanali, mo dreeriv,se and
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a are refi.wall t a lollwi depend on the e'statops t crdemoats, cesongrsman ji m urclybn. >> j i'mgoust ingut o is thk. wee e >>thven soughhe lo igst bin, cl wtonill asget y manel desegat s asrsandem fro el d ectefiofs.cial d anrrtomoheow sl wil bend edorse by the ng coioressblnal ack ca , ucusg a bitboos r foh soutlicarondna a ndbeyo. a >>a ndrehemitcll, th yoank u. slet'ng brin i our mo toderar ofme "heet t s,presuc" chddk to. a dofny o the rules eandiexpernces of new ha irmpshple apoiy gng fo d.rwar n >>nlot o ty dohey y,applco it uld ac lytuala be rure inn rthisctespe, in the y wathat we ththoug w neshhampwaire s in go sg to terveayhe w w it wouldinve orhe t re icpubliean fld,el hp te dee rminwawho s in go bg toe e thfchie al cherleng t torump d an.cruz thnow atol reos gs to h soutlicaro na re icpublans. t ihinkan my re icpublaman cnspaig i ta tlkedo today say um truzp-cr o arene, tw owo, nac a rre fo ir thd. t onemhe dtiocradec si ouin s thlicarona, in d stealiof cnton be thing e deun,rdog
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an 'sd itde sanrs who's th dee un prdognglayi e th ogamef ex atpect.ions h soutlicarona,n a dl odouy energh rfun o w neshhamp ire. hu>> codck thad, tnk yo ryu veh. muc eawe l trned todayhe ju e sticrtdepa ment d filevia cighl rits la t wsuinsagai t rgfeonusmi, ouss.ri w noatth they cit is ba g,lkinin makg an chinges w theofake mithe lchaewn bro oo shting. ne tigoioat, nse thtyci dha aeegrd to pderovi tt beoler pice nitraianng, d cehang how itcos tsuro d sibussne. la nsthtighe tit cy udinclinghe higr li poalce ss,arield wou tcostoo .much thnow dse fe areng goi to rt couee sking an deorthr watldouor fce th tye cima to hoke tse an chges. in aom ctymuni ts ouide baorltime, two ifsherdef's esputi ve han bee ashot nd killed. it all began wh ita st dincurballe can whe suthe t specedopen re fi h anditne o pu de ityensid a aurest.rant guthe nman iifdentied as 67r--yeaoldav did ev flans ednd aho st ot an dheryeput beefor ashe wle kil bdy cepoli. > >>e therneare w rn wa aingsbouthe t
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to pl airanesed pos by th liioium nte bat ries d founinus jtut abo er evlly cene pho and oplaptd, an often sh d ippeiras aca rgo. 'vtheyree albeady en li tnkedo dyeadl as crhes. no e w tha,fa the ntsb naand 'stionn mai pi unlot arion ell a wa g rninnsagait ip sh lping arge tiquan otiesesf the tt bas.erie n asbc's tom cllosteo re s,porte somt wan th emne bandn o ss par engehtfligs dwworlide. ep>> rr:orte the erdangoss ped by lithiuiom n batteries ison d iplayns thi faa te st. a k bulpm shient of baerttbuies g rninso t, ho thee'planse fir su ssppresyion istems whoverd.elme erbatt cyargoes fir ha bven eeambl fed or thisas cathitrop fcire hion ts cargone pla in il phphadelia. th sse lotw of ogo car esplant thaedkill ei threr cwsn iub dai d ankooff rea. no tw aop lopit's un ision li calorng f a to lta b oanaln l ba y ttermeshipnts. >> we have noe fir tifighqung entipme bo onard.
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ch oancef ace suclssfu tc ouisome to get the rc ai oraften th gdroun as oo sasn sspoleib. >> ep rteor wr:lehi mo st pngse er rlaiesinan bul b k meshipofnts ba iettereas, nrly ev ceery holl pne, la , ptopettablnd a dvd pl erayar cedrin oa anplcoe smeit wh iulithttm bas eriethat ca n erov.heat al adre10y 0 cases of sm fiall res onarbod passengeplr esanso, me fo trcedkeo ma em ncergey inlandgs. y todantthe sb said e thrisked pos by li m thiuion briatte es rois g awingnd caand flledewor n tt bashery ngippi gu reonlatis. >> re we' lkioong for se rapation of lumithi n ioat besteri from fl blammatee mas,rial d aninlookg toed reuc th ehi lit umion tt bawiery thin a an ple. >> ep rteor pr:porongsi ck pag,aginte sta of ch larges,imit and la ngbeli. te iniornatavnal oniati orauths itiedcoul ci deoode sn ongh tou ne anw sts dardfor sh ngippite bat, ries thbut s ere'nok tal of ba g nninthe briatte es llwe ary caron dboar
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oplaptd s anour cell ph .ones cotom lostelc, nb , newsinwash. gton no o w, tthsomeing yo ghu mit t noevbelie le unouss y i sawt with yo ur oyewn es. t so iheret is. a iostatlln seingas g fo str ju 99 ctsen a ga .llon thsomea ing e whollot of ks folug thoheht ty ul woved nee r sen.agai il wh we it hon'tnappe ev heerywre, astnalys sa s y gar unde$1ou cld o bee n thway in a lot mo plre .aces etwe gor mome fr's nbc e blakcomcy. >> or rep lter:ois has dbeenngrivioo schl se bu s inelgin, liilisnofo, 26r ye >> good morning. >> ep rteor br: tuts hi aryeer hus b and the 353 others in the suburb chicago school stdictrire aua actyll sa vingnemoy. ch p eas gaanmes sptrantiortas on i ngcomiha in lf a iomilllln doars rbundet.udge y mone'sthatng bei di reedrecto tel hp fundalyl-da ki gander. rten e'>> wbsre aeloluty ri th tlledwehat can thpay onis maney, d t puacit btok in the srclaswhoom itere ngbelos. r >>teeporlmr: aost ev stery inate the trcoun ny isow av ineragsg gaow bel $2 aongall. a hulandf of states
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an drd erivtos yda in ti ny jee,tmor askans, ar doe gin a ub doakle-t99e, $ per ga . llon id>> d e youthver ink yo ulu wod bend staing he real tking toe m t abouen99 cts a ga llon s?ga >>he t glutf o oiln o e thetmarkn' hasent be good newsor f oiril-ch no h rttadakohe, wre e thomecony is sh inrinkg. or xates. 50 o,000il g andas jo erbs wste lot las .year re mo fflayos exedpect. fobut r drsrive all ssacrori ame- ca - t'>> isin giveg m more po opitrtuntoies av trel. r>>orepr:tehe til o bu ists ggivin am anerics a ak blcce moy, n nbcews, el igin,oillins. > >>ilstahl dea ase w continue here tonight, ngoodinews the lebattin agast de iament. e th hgoods abityou ca acn pr tticemahat y he lp pntrever o dayel a oncommm forof me lmoryoss. >> al> so, will cu erstomlis rehesh t
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wh per?op >> er> the isro pngmisi tnewshtonign i the t fighnsagai t me de.ntia e whil bit's een ctexpeo ed tocskyrket in the cgominea yrs as er amicaag es,re the is ena tr cd itould be st d,oppesp elleciay sethe condos mmmt coon nd ki of deiament. do s ctor tsayheso rean s haucas mh to doit wh th hee t ar iasdot es thwihe tra >> or rep fter:or nt cy dhia,tiemena i as
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fi ve years ago she was nodiagwised ilth md co ivgnite immepairnt, an ard newoly trs yea o ag herermoth, ai cl dre,ied from al mezheir's. >> l she moved,usic d anloshe thved e arts d aneshov ledo tea rd d ansheos lt tthall a little by lilett. >> reporter: following her own diagnosis, cy hinta made major li stfee ylanchs,ge cobengmior me ysphalic lytiac,ve and en giga hngraer byin b ki taolng c lege cl s.asse 'm>> iin try pg toush of fhi tsea disse to asrun t fasas ian c om fr it. >> or rep tter: he fibenef ts osuch al hestthy areps e ecreflinted ady stu bl pud ishehein t new en d glannajour l of dimeneci. it in f tdshe kinofd de iamentse caud by ulvascroar ps blem arappe bs towne do on the dee,clinn down o er av29age %er pad dece nc si77e 19. e thd trenis es alpecitrly sfoong r os th le at weastaith hi chgh sool pldioma. tt bereer tntatme of st arokeeand hrt di e seast migh be a onreas. w >>ithat s doesdo i ve gi us ferurth id ev tencehat co llntroyoing eaur hrt he ralthisk frsacto canuc red yeour
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ve denglopiem daenti as u yo age. ep>> rr:ortecu vaslar dement aiantccour s fo 10 % of all denemtia se cauts, ber exptsay s yoeveranne cef benit fr hiom tses re.arch me nu srousestudid fin u yocan reeducr you ri fsk oen dem btiay ex siercireng rlgulay. yt an thinghatai rsse uryoea h rttera, pu inmpmog breodloo t e thaibrn. it's worked for cy a.nthi meher hmoryotas n cl de.ined i >>t's aig fht fory m rymemo. 's it aig f fhtor my fa lymi. so i i'm tn itn o wi . it ep>> rr:orte k shenows th tte ba fleor her aibrisn ou ftghit wh rheir ente .body e jo r,frye nbc ne,ws anlos s.gele we're back in a memontit whhy wom se oppe mle nayote b aebl to ea lve aig nrehtma cr onuise t eveightn
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po rt.eo pe eopltcan'af tfordito wa i for tdeashatso gound n od or,pape w but illr neve imaket in the real world. the grandmotr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespe telyedneras a caise wan't it. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt wan' we m canreake palgrros esghri tnofow per leop f andieamils whneo t.ed i m i'llhiy artoclind n ani ovapprise thsa mesge. >> ys> daer aft a rfpowetoul surrm tned cra seuint iao tmnigh tare,heoy ral ricaeabbshn wiph it 6, 0 00oaabrd wlil plul to int porr late ghtoniint ew n rsje.ey
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th eke weend,ci forng it o trntu arndou. cthe goastrduail wl sp initect o t make su tre is iaf se to sa gail ain. itur tns out some need he arlp cg ryin mbagsay ve hawa to itil unt rn mouning thtil aney c pa dert. >> su> a serpri in the st fad foowarsay tod as ge bur kring unannothced gge bites nu meng chae in de s,cadein addg il grholed gst do t o the li,neupal idongse th e rgbu erngki's pr enesididt sas it' abprobhely tt mos vi obprous t oducchlaun .ever me nusrt staing uafebr3rry 2d. 15 li milonpl peoe so o farnoc sialia med wa d tchethis hilarious vi viral deo of a baby ei seng ledoub. s hierfath, andis h fa 'sthertw .in ptheyass theit ltle y gu abacknd h,fort ay plingun aro wdith r theiasglses. m nor atteo'whs ld hoing him, henk this s hiisdad the oerth gu y. da y d, bwathe s y, i onthe te onefhe lt. wh een w come ba,ck the primary fight for at wh'spi tipheng t
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south calirona. as ween medtion ea r,rlie e all ayesre
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e thaicampgnre fnzy de nd se ts onhe atste. we d sen our kevin ti s bbleo to gether d anthask ems aar pt o oferur s wies,e e th lepeop. r>>orepr:teo san my il raes line onc converged on spartanburg, they called it the hub ci .ty w no witl ilbe idpresalentief hopuls cr roisscg and i 3ts007,eo0 pple lfhala b,ckal hf itwh ae, gred ood an adrefoy thr .em th tat'sathe bcrtle y of j terryhe -icallt guy at the beacon drive-in. r fo70 years,y' theve edpridhe tvemselns o vigi onginrdy aroppele value for money. a message cdaandites ou shheld ed,s say r owneestev du. ncan e'>> where t bonackbe of the coy.untr t' lelks taut abo how s tortuppos thi gm seofent our economy. >> reporter: 29 r--yeasmold all bu sssinemanil bly eswhitwaide ants ca atndide who will
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riminownty-oedms fir t inouhe sth. >> a i'mub repn.lica a >>oure yar a rity? >> i am ria raty? i d woulyesay s. thfor e memont. >> or repter: 65% of utsocah liro'sna blrepus icanprare oud ev liange.cals stchrisuian ,pply tidevol on aerpray begins each day. r foec bca ndfrieer, h cechoica of atndide ll wi b note an act o f h,fait a butul res otf it. t >>ftoo oen stchri hianskiave nd akof ten ak bac seat. wif iant toee s gechanha, i ave responsilibio ty tget ou dt an tevo. r>>orepr:teac batk the acbeon,em dtocra je harry iss th ss meage. >> ai we han't o rd t uswe jket libe to tetreaird fa. r >>teeporerr: p ahaps reminder to candidates that in the new utsoh, oldra ttidisonol hd fa .st th ste cu somerdhoul al cways omersfit. ke tivin s,bblebc n ne ws, spnbarta urg, h soutlicarona. >> at> thl wildo it fo r us heren os thi dn wey esdat.nigh
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an odd goht nig. > >>t righatnow 0 6:0he, t chsearon cestinu t forheho srote wh oonepe fdeirn o aoc lalan m dans hiee tednagau drghte inside eithwnr oom he. > >>lhotest guesol tod tl cear ou tt ofhe luxor whatas w found in oneo htel room tathau csed theca sre. >> d> anre we'l stil gngettir ou ki ocksn r 6oute6. tot,nigh w te'regakinou y to some pslacet thans tra uports ibackn tmei i,n "etsecrs of the rtdese." >> > an e-marlyngornie hom eabr ik-inumn sinmerlt lef a thfaer and dteaugh cr incaritil coiondititn wunh gtsho ws.ound dgoo engveni,ve ee.ryon k than fyouoior j unings. m i' sjimr.nyde >> j i'mcessiaor moe. >> tr> meoic pole sayme gunn
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