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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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ea br nkingews. >> e comwiout outh yndr ha. s up >> w no,ree'ot n. >> 'r youine go hg totoave l kil us. >> an overnightstandoff between e thstlaou fprr esotrstet aatth onoregdl wilreife afugehend t i. fb the holdouts finally offinerg to rn tums thes elveusin jmet monts om fr. now as s theeeix wngk lo showdown ou ab et tond. > >>utsohern bra, wlthwhy e es prtiidenacal r ae isbout to t ge teveneroughth on e re icpublidan s we,lehihe t mo des cratseget dt toe ebat ai agnin toght. wwhathkill t sayy o trwiand n ba omck woten vwhers veo hat lef he for ber iern sanders? >>ba> ck on solid ground. >> it was the cruise from hell. he>> toy r calibaranbehi sthp at edsailou thr dgh aroangetous srm returns to portot he tie relf of th ndousa ps ofngasse ers.
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emyirntlie . fe a>>crs ouiseiafficdmls ait ntheytoeed be do . tter >> d > anemextrrees, hcordineat the we, stilwhine he tas ee t th re oturne f thlapovor rtex and lyrealal, rerely, callyold te atmper.ures to tday,dahurseby, fy ruar, 11th . 2016 a >>ncnnoufrer: bcom ns, new is th"t is ."oday th wit matr lauesaand ahvann th gurie. li rove fudm st-aio 1 in ro elckefpller aza. el>> w tcomeodo "tay." 's it0 7:0 oa.m.e n th cwestoast e >> w twantaro sttht wis thi kibreaewng ntes afdrr a icamat gh ni nt ofiaegots tionfothe ur pe sople otillyiccup fng aaleder o bee n the vergndof ething at si ege. nb stc's paeve onrt sli is ve wi heth tes latt. st weve,cahat u n yo utells? t >>41his o-dayatccupcoion uld co o me tndan eea as asrly an ho rour fw m no twithcche otsupan ngsayiy the tplanrno tu em thesselvpe in ulacefly.
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lodevetspmenth as i e fblecircd ar toundrohe ganup m ty of hose de pmvelo bentscaroadivst lthe wi te f ns osathoulinds insteng. >> come out with your hands up. >> w no, ne'reot. u' yooire go ng t thavello ki us. t >> mensetsomenth as i e fb mo inves th on ure foai rem ning cu ocs piern at aonoregdl wilife re .fuge througho tutvehe e lningive on phlle cad fee sthatmetread hofor caurs edptur the oc picus'eraw rmo eonti s. >> 'm ion dtae inlkg. m i'nedora pngyiha ts t'. it ls>> a to onhohe picne me hell fe rre soo y whjuhad anst linded portland andro dhrve t toughhe gh ni tt toefhe rhouge tpingo tinegoa ate efpeacxiul er t fo th cue ocs.pier e >> w tneedt o ge hcalmere ca bee us hwee av -to- b >>seecauod nobliy's insteng to us . i >>is'm lngteniyo to u. >> eventually e thougrrep aged urto temn thesselvth in is inmornstg juth as one phlle ca ended news surfaced that nevada ra r nchechcliendb bus y wa starret ed athe portland airport. tw aro yeo s agrehis l fusaayto p
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ar stmed ffandoh witlaw en emforcent. sohis amns endon an rya were erlead ts oflahis test oc ticupat on anathe altion wi feldligh roue. hug o tws weirthago nde buoty brhers otand ocher ticupaeaon l ders re wees arrduted aringle viont roconfiontata n, lifvoi no i kw co wuplehoas sd t anedkill by at stooe tr.pers vclieunen bacdy fhaes c rges re d latehato tant st adofflls we w asnseaporg chaes. os thcue ocs pierwewho re re ar rstedn emaiusin c. tody > >> talsomohis g rnin this at weisher . big a otaleo f twonnatis. >> re we'ng goist to t arthwihe t ldcoir ao tlktabo a.ut lk taut abo p thee hraspothe lar exvort. ay ok's, iter a pntmanet spoway i upe n thh nort apolet nd i s staye,ther s butimomethees wn eait w akenshend t s jetm trea op drwns dod colcaair men co on do ndwn at' thains go rg toseelea icarct i airthnto ste eahaern lf t ofnihe ustted .ates
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y wa wdownteith atmper iuresn si dngles igitteand inens the dw mianest e d thhenortast. orso fur satmoday g rnin into aysunde herhais w'rt wee ok lofoing r. ch ror este bwilldee 4 s gree w ne rkw yoy citou1, ce ld bw a ne co reecrd b tauseeche rwaord s 2 ck ba19 in bo16, 1stongr7 deees be avlow e,eragei ral3,gh 1 nc citiinnaeg 3 d arees, bove 'sthatde 20 s greew beloagavere. t onthhe oaner ht d ou jwestet amstrewa is ty upe o thh nort loand t ok ae thesertempesatur, ilwe w ll bengookith at h roug wethe d.eken at seyotle e u arg goineeto s a gh hida fri 5y of1 4, 5rdsatuay. s vegas tourhein t 7 midsa0s, n o diegy todawiyou eell sig a hh 7 ofgr8 de 7ees, f9 ony.rida pu , ebloracolotedo, atmper ures t in0she 6 t allayhe wk bac to xate ts,peemturas re tin mhe id to pp u 7er.0s ev yoen w, ming, guysg goineeto s mp teureratotes n40ice s. e thdoone idwn s te towhhis ile ey th b hadbueen ngildith up eir sn powk ac tin sherrie'sa it dbeeninroppoug ab it 8%e n th
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hisunsndne a h theaneat atd th's gonot ewod nr s fodrthe t.ough e >> w kwillaneep o eyeatn th. an therks vchy mu. > >>w no tto nhet exg bilebatts t inrehe pntsideraial s ce athe pu reanblicld fies get even alsmr led anrnbe siedean ars nd hk s geto et ttedebaig tonht. 'v wet e gollit aer covhied ts rn moing. uslet rt stas thiinmornthg wi c nbonnatioral conresp pdenteter al deexane r, hn is isemirtl be sach, couthinarolora, f us, rt beod, goni morng. ep>> rr:ortean sav gnah,ood mo g.rnin um drndp laheing n re ih sout licaroelna ctiebra vng aryicto p laorof sts. he ds lea t allolhe pn ls ithe e statnobut cew fares a al al che leng hfromhiis civef ral, dr esuz, alpecin ly iata ste e wheroutwo tt of hree blrepu picanryrimaer vots tiidens fy a aborn ogainr ev liangechcal iaristns. l>> ae ittlcobit n ld i. here ep>> rr:orteop who ing. ou>> sarth ca olinp drumis ey aeingernoth v bigryicto. >> we if in wer he after winning so i bigw n neshhampalire l of e thesacchar atersoire go ng t gi iveupt we, e 'ringo rg toun th ble tae. >> reporter: despite a fierce ba bttlengrewie herp trum
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hi pus reanblical rivths wi one ptexce ion. ot anbuher sh. ep>> rr:ortee nin bdayse efor th fie t rs tin she pouthryrima e thd fielhris snginkik , krand f kr ebothngxiti r thee,acs a p'trumals cherlengcks joorey f si po itionstn a siate nn onous with it slash and burn pitols ic d anhsmonter aftac a ry iall mo vatid teooshngti r andveevolrl mova heof tte staon's crafedelate fg tr drump riew csmticim froa ee twt. tr isump us focn ed oatdefeing tr inump a. iow he>> ty onltoway t beap drumis igto hhthlig s thee implyoare u h trutisof hor rec id itt s no erconsvevati. j >>isush ni lean ng or vote ltloyay. >> th souol carhaina ens bed goo not bush iesthn pae ast ind'm pi hondng ayi prat ng i bwille go gaod ain. >> nd stauping th to rte pay's bi nalliofrire ruont . nner w>>doe t n'edne p asirentdeho w th ksint' ivis a y ctoro to g nk ba arupthind tbonk aheut t
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ersuffau becf se o. that >> im jra cr me biskian onghin s rostewng nps ham shirenghowi to skick atartio natcanal gnmpai li dengverios a pe itivagmesse he be eslievl wilk.stic he>> tat negative s tackare co .ming dohow n youatavig?e it us>> jvet lo b thengeatid s an ra stenightou it elt, topl pele wh ouat y f areor. a>> id heaheof tt nextedeba sthisdaaturouy mo vb is hoenge n' woket ma s themiame e stak e twicowackninledgssg leons le d.arne i >>'t dont neatato siert nce gh fiutts bso if e meontsstar one t inuthe fweure l wil thaveo t poinouout ffr diceeren as in ar shwaper y. >> ht rig i nowe n the statyou ve ha t two, iersp drumteand d cr t uz atothe p. a wet re achkasint eveso at uth licaroigna rowht n. gh riw t nocrted s uz ingtryi to ma n ke ae issuofout mp trund's a ad ldinge et mlube b cnt ian hheatonk, dcaald n't. th hiis ts ng ig goino to g down to w theinire ta a shete wre
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p >> aeterndlexan er otrthe ail s in couthinarola. th .anks th moe des cratiebernde sanrs an lld hiclary n into cwillome ce fafa-to-ince sance s ders nd lae slidinwin h newhiampsre. kr n isteerwelkat is d thee ebat .site ep>> rr:orte s thes takedncoul't igbe hinher wa mil tukeehtonig, se arcretiny clhoton tpingo li dea ver d soliorperfe mancto jcalmryittepo sups,rterni bere sa s ndernghopibe to oning his mo umment p and hrove te isophe t encontder. it ig's fight nn ht iaumilw kee, arhilliny clanton bed iern nd sataers tkingtahe sn ge iwhat co beuld m thecoost tintenous de ybateet. coming on the heels of sdean rs co innvngciit winh nn in ew mphairsh e. ow>> ne we aringotog ev na,ad so h utrocanalind aey bond. >> ep rteor or:wen esdny daa unwod deincln toddhud lethwi viad psorsterivan ly iyonew rk. wh e ilndsas erokto v atoic lryap
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vi . ew ow>> hyo do epu kes thig?goin >> with a looft ff et orwii ll llteou y. ep>> rr:orte m andngeetih wit ac sttivid s anc msnboranch rerevel nd aptsharn on iemharl. >> is it y verrtimpothant e at h s sendgna sihaal t tt onhe mo inrnafg r tehia icstor victory he would come to harlem and have kfbreawiast m ep>> rr:ortede sanhors wil tras in clamton afong n-ricaicamerans oris w tkingoao brhiden s ap , pealiccrito al tinwinng ve distrse latesneike avadand ut soroh ca, linaintellc'g nbs si kante hu. >> f iu yooklot a rmyoreci d ha ove onethf ste ngrot esvicil gh riects r iordse n thedunit at stones cs.gres >> or rep bter:odut tliay c nton heis tdi can sdatengcoriaj a mor do enenrsemomt fr i theennflutial co ssngrel ionak blacuscauc but ofone h theutoldoous, sth licaro cnagronsmes canimlas cl uryb n. >> 'm iot nul rg int ou an doenemrst enfobe tre ehectlen io m i' rjustg ulinouone r t fothis we ek.
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fo w r neckattaoms frnt clion to t nigh wlatesdednee ay h ap edpearth on tee law shonghavi fe a ugw lahs. w>> ibeill ti sitowng dthn wi pr enesid ctialdaandiente s ator iebernde sanrs. h >>idow d g youimet h? 's hect eleinrifyg. r >>teeporutr: bo alsnddefeing s hi fcallevor rioolutn. >> t whagothe f al o this mp ca iaignous ab tt isoko lo at e thl civitsrighem mov lent,ook at w the'somenem mov lent,atook gathe vey mo, mentrsunde tand th heat wopn peomle cgee to ther we a canplccomenish usormo in thgs. r >>teeporidr: ay s saetsecrary cl n intolais pg nninrato dw p sharracontitst wnah setor sa s nder gover huns,h ealt care crand aliminti juserce p aformnd n' wosit he ttateuno ponce o . 3 f2
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rk maod, goni morng. >> t whaheis tds minmoet ang cl n'intorls woond amg hef staf an ndd cae.idat w >>vee ha s alltheen ine cltons d anr theiaicampangns erd the is an ld ool picit ealrexpiossgon od be btsteetanr bad ged wtsseor. th gsinre aad bor fer hg , biloss in h newhiampsre. e ther qis aiouestthn wihein t aicampbogn aheut w sther ghe'sot nf coceidenhe in amr teme, so op pen le oteher ream ari wored sh ne iserot pinformllg we ghenoua as idcandate. th fuose isndrafiing s gureare ho lerrib h fork. e sht can'e raisy mone like iebernde sanrs. sh goe's st to ttartngurni in throgs aanund ard stnnt wiing th wse nele cyc t andthhen o e tw ma reg ininescontn ts iuafebrry, rs fi nt ina evadhein tcu causes d anouin sarth ca olins she'got s to btartngeatini bernde saers g toheive f rselheand amr te nf coceiden. ro>> fe m th bveryniegint ng i wa ous thshght ule wo wd doell th wien womal of esl ag y yetou
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at thog demicraph10 by rc pegeentant poihes, tmo comn efbelish is lle wiwe do itll wh rimino, tiesshcan une co t on th owat n? el>> wool, l dk, i ton't hink cr sey etartoclinn n ca take an ngythi g foredrant, nowher ca gnmpaima is akingn ev inilitabarity ntgume. ouof c srse,ilhe w wl dowiell th no itn-whtee vobers, srniersande n againgmakiag an sigresusve ph. i he os onseffene , shs needto m dothore usan jfet deernd h su t ppor mwithitinortey vors. tt mau , yoyoput inur fonger it, fe .male s in couthinarola af n-ricaicamerotan vmaers , tter lefemaic afrmean-an ricarsvote tt ma ler andot ani bernde saers s hassa methage ilat wayl pl we n ll idanevare where the's ec iconomtr disess. 's he c gotenhall tges,rioo, ght w nos she'mogot re. >> r all.ight a >>mand, onrk, r theliepubcan si f de ogsthins it'reinteg stinca're weeie sehing ts dy c namie wherhayou ruve cd z an tr asump t theieop tndr caesidat an l d alrethe host w ieverfts le ba ngttliou it bt toe e th te alivrnat te to thosewo. arwhy eye thti cong nuin with
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d squatestragy? y wht don' gtheyd o an otaken frthe ruont s?nner >> s it'eaa grest qu.tion ju assh hn beengtakidr on ump d an hhe'sg opin mthathiake m d stanout. we do're o wn t.five p trumcrand iluz w tl beg akinon oeach itherutn soroh ca lina wh voich netes n xt othe pu reanblice, sidn johchkasi, bujeb ndsh aub moot wane to b onthe ae inee thrso-perghn fit. ntheytoeed t windihat onvisi, esthe istablt hmensidivion fo behere tn y ca fturnull ro th tttlekio tan ng op trumand cr uz. lo a pt ofe eoplsaare ying icpartlyularth in tais shite ts ma iy beutn soroh ca alinand ndbeyoru a tcrmp, atuz btle un ontil te of those ghreeuys sh thows aney cy plahain tg t bi ueleag. ilgodzndla ag kind coulk thin e artifighthng, hee otysr gu ed nesh to heow tn y ca aplayt th leose asvel l. wel >> o> in nthera ews ictrag or stary, md'ylanves go hrnoras de orflred toags a flyt lf haff-staho to twnor puo deties
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th apis hd penet abouil20 mes henortofast ti bal, moreofone e thtidepuhoes s tt ineahe hd in a decrowned parera bad re rastauthnt, spe suflect heed t en sc se, ad econtydepund fou him ar nendby an the dthaty eputwas al atso f sallyhot. th -ye 67olear-nmd guasan w ll kin ed ixcan ee hangunof gfire wi epth oput de.ties or>> mobe pr tlemsmohis g rnin r focithe f ty ousfergon, mi rissou. e thicjustpae dentrtmesu is ing cithe orty f m notg akin ogoodn op pr rosedmseforth in e af atterm th ofiche m bhael rown thtogeer. th j e doeeis s tkingrco foe e th ci o ty t tmake choseeshang it aghad treedopo adlut voilntary. ayll se s thderesiofnts fe onrgusno canitt wa l anyr.onge >> > that royal caribbean ship tt ba aered sfterinteertog in a da ngerousts m orriard veckban i w nersje leyt asghnit. sspageen hrs padntle sy toay t aboubrthe cutaltiondithons ey fa atced . sea ne jaamt sh tliand alkeomto se of th em. ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng.
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e th lshipniast deght biscring at why theedcallor a tust roe cr , uisee maybioemotnal. ngsayiin durpeg a oriodurf fo ur hoeys thug thoheht trey we in gowng do. mthisngorni o onee f thd'worls rglat esd anwene cste ruiss ship anthe otheme f thissea al finly ba n ck i.port shthe ndip aal royib car'sbean retapu btionisru aed bndteatd re te afilr sadiing lyrecto inta wepoulrftl atianstc m.or re thyse daor befeie thr sc lehedurid arpaval gessenrs dncoulai't w gt toffet o the than oemthf see wasn he it eddocke lat nlast. ight >> ic bas iallyld coud ben down an ssd ki g thed.roun >> ay kas cnue e rsscdeberiitd as er >> ro pblbathy cae iere dst oayf my nt ee irfeli. >> wa it e s thsecruiro fhem . ll >> or rep 3ter:ot0 fos seaand wi ofnds e mor 1thanil50 mn es a ur ho t andwehey igre rn ht ithe lemiddit of . i >>re fear d foifmy le. >> m the tovieicitann whethe o twd oloppe lleinaying ed b
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, time'sthatt whaelwe fket li. i >> o wase n thbeone md soy ot soher uln wo fdn'tofall f. ep>> rr:ortett sha gered alassnd ov tueredrn furniture. at h thet eighheof trm sto the ssmae ivssve leltiis angmus ch as 5 y >>onou dom't ccke bam fro50 de s.gree r >>teeporher: tai rem onderf e thsecrui c wasleanced d anon aymond s thetuhip arnedd.roun i >>n turod25 tay. we e werossuppo ed tn be a on a d loony.toda r itd uineacmy vn atiotta lile bi t. >> or rep tter:mohis g rninl roya bbcariisean in vow ig tovempro ithow it monstors sormsg ayin hwhatneappeisd thk weeedshow wthatede nedo to te betr. vethe wsseletas mth by ase cot ar gud d ant won'llbe a towedo ilsain agail unts it'eddeem fe sa. l royabbcariisean mi pro sing rfulldsefun c andt redirdtowas fu a cturee.ruis osomes f itenpass sgersheay ty n' wo ut be isingt. 0%>> 5no is out eno gh tmeget obackcrn a suisehip. >> or rep dter:teespi the
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re riordereng bnisciaks soc. l okayn.iste.. n caseyou omnd sere lawy s orthsomeing? oa (m)ning .. c?.ale > >>thand yat'slaour test heweatr. t >> yhankerou vchy mu. co umingoup trg blinfinew gsndin on a. zik se caw s no0 in 2esstat. this morning the n mewsueare
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th s is iy todabcon n. dado t the menuor f v theery first . time > >>e th d30 cayllhageenyo, u ca trn toy mp iverove ethryg in omfrou yher thalo turyoin md. th wire ventu, yo llu'un earn dlimiteuble does milon ry p eveasurchrye, eve yd whene reou'rtoady l, trave st juth book ighte fl w youant, a onliny airnd une aouse yler miovs to che cer tost. thnow orat's m ie liket.
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72 w% ofomen ey oy thften h makehy chois. t buo 90up t% fa rtll sho in g ngetti key nu nts trie... .. om f. fralood one. let's do more. ad a d one meday wo...n's om...cmuplete amltivitin. wi amth vitndin d acium cal h top elorsuppbot eane a one y.da in bu my sssinean i cnt cou on.tmy iy. gu inbail og meut thall mee ti... m i'thnot e i' e m thtodeskppp su ortchteer supr.viso myand to cus kmersngnowiht rigwh heen tacir ps kagevearri. in uctrodreing imal-t e vedeliotry natific.ions ar lere an moust myomps.c
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7:26 am
op traican and alervilnd a es do ln't book iaden thai r nbow ecurvt bu the wlbo, ,busy busy fitraf tc onheth soudboun 15, ,yeah down toiv fees milho an ur e.ther e thve orall ticraffta stus not hein t jdammeta stus butw slon o theth soudboun 15 t andhe bo in und,95 kndim a .dana im>> kha: tyonk u,om t. iv cle and y.bund t >>heke bunlervilan rchern i rt noteheasrnrk clant couiy wth pfilereictuse herly fing iont eg oroon tef dendse tho peeopl st illed hol upns iideha tt wi feldli re,fuge butn whe he got to the rpaiort, the fbi asgent re weai w ftingor him e.ther ey th aesrrdteim h and so far, we're notur s wethae h h basnee gechard thwi. 'r wee etixpecng to findt tha outsh yortl this mog,rninut bs it' lylikeri cmes redelat to01 24 st ffandoh withe t beauruf ola nd namamege ontrvera gngzi ghri.tshe ll stiow ts falederer govtnmen
7:27 am
: kim by theex nte time w ec chk in, w w amthe anericpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker main it e threal world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppe aleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
7:28 am
7:30 on a thursday inmorng, 11thay dfe of rybrua. 23 eg drees on the pl aza. ifse thopl peoe wdaiteun arod un stilyundaor mningha tmbt nuer ul co d be0. th e polaror vtex andl as say as r fa souths a fla.orid >>ak breingut ohe tka parsn i or fl ida. herea is l aookt datoy's he neadlis. th realoyar cbeib sanphioc rked a by powerful stormrr aedivk bac n inerew jseyat le lastht nig andas persengers wee morn tha yhapp toe bac bk onid sol gr . ound n >> itheie mov "titanic" with th lde o peeoplin laygn ied b sayingoo ged byor f l thetas time, that isha wwet el ft >>ro pblbay theca sstre thing in
7:29 am
>> the ceruis lineay ss it tiiden gfiedaps and will wtoork ngstre sthen tormavncoidae li pocy s po eslici. > >> s the aiegetre ogondl wilife fu resge ind eing this inmorng. fb i antges medovlo csero t the gr soup'nc eenampmt niover ght. > >>ni bernde sa aersnd hryilla in cl fton oaceff in theirth six tedebaig tonhtng beiel h idn lw mie.auke w weille tak a crlosek loot a ll hiclary n'intos tleroub ticourngen wom vo. ters > >>st fir ins thi halfr hou new fe arsr ove the rapidea sprd of kazi. ca bseseingor reptedn it aea lst 20 atstes. so far no mitosquosar cgryin the svirue hav been found here in th e.s u. cotom lostel b haseen onhe t ystor for s.week od go rnmo ing. >> a new study puheblisn d ithe w neanengl jdalourn ofed meicin isro pngvidie mor encvidee that
7:30 am
mostel likyle cald by thea zik ru vis. ngurgien wom toer cov ,upr wea uimosqto rleepel antnd only en igageafn s esex. su ermm olympics are very mhuc a top coernc n. on the soccer pitchn ial dsla a highta skes qfyuali mingatch for th ume smer olpiym,cs the.s u. ve usrsta cosri ca. bu t afterhe t g tamehek tal tu rnedo the tik za virus for lefemath aslete who may be ad heoed t riohi ts su. mmer >> if i hado tid dece t ioday ul wotd no go. fortatun tely,he oiclympres a si x months . away >> reporter: in the cbearibant a tila anrimecat is i a race ag tains time. wiping outa zik cinarryg uimosq ttoshate pos a real re thoat tre ptgnan mewon. th one ccernik zaea sprds un kechecd.
7:31 am
ifsignticanum nber ofas cesn i puerto rico and other u..s rrteoritsiehe where tre may be teinnsiv seeapr odf . zika r >>teeporr:ec infstiouis dease rtexpeels b iievets iie td to atdramic crinease inum n oberf babies bnorh wit ocmicrlyepha, ab alnorm sally hmall aeadsnd ai brns. ma fny o thoseab bsie die. ewhil a full vneacci rollout co dule b yearswa ay rtexpes evbelihee tny ca giben a cl alinicik zaac vcine l.tria w >>ee hav the construct that yo u edne,an cdaditeac vcine pl rmatfo. >> reporter: ccd ctionesnuo t vi adsegn preant womenr oom wen o wh could become panregnt to zi kaot h ns co rumertsepor reedleas its li fst ot mos etiffecve. on the list sawyer fishern'mes
7:32 am
co ernsumor repts sstugges av ngoidiro psductng usiur natal an plt lsoi. th .se uly. ompicom ceemitt is hi ring two feinusctioea disse ec spstialios t aedvismp olyians whoe havce conrnsut abo zika rebefoy the head to ilbraz. an sddait i is up tond iuaividl hl at weteserhethy thel fee orcomfe.tabl y >>anou cd fine mor on the list y.toda com. >> wel wil note havos mosquit thisenweekd. to oco. ld >> he t wylile bro fzen in ice. slet'w shoou y what is gngoi on tou erth e. isth isak le co,unty ohio. ye dasterhey toty g ddumpe with ow sn. er thse ie mor t onhe way. eaat lst 30ar cs involved, 15 ac tr tortrrsaile. i-90 wasse clodor f a while. this is justt easof claneveld. it n isow opre. ened wee hav moref o stheameth weaer da toyet strgchinm frothe up of ch mi iigannto wenster newyork.
7:33 am
we k loo forhi ts today to co uentin. av heany bds willro dp bivisi. lity eas w getnt ioig tonht and to owmorrre the is going toe b a ip clperin movg ssacro. that willnd ehe te lakcteffe ow snau becse thein wdil wl an chge redin.ctio
7:34 am
8 to 14n i >>ha tt'sr youes latt heweatr. >> whoit hs theoz snoe bnutto . here a bndraew ntu sdy ttha may tt sehale tt deebate oncand for all. a>>nd thebl proem with feemal rsvote. y wh s ishetr sgluggin to court a ou grp lea coading tnsumerng estiblpun icatiolyrecentted tes p the toy laundrrgendetets. withe ernner - pl si 12 in ,'tdidnnl oaty bee... tid it ev beat singery le endetergedt test.
7:35 am
itch sw toil persea proclin 1n 2 . #1 rated. if h youalave y lergescongtion .. eft reli , hinganytfa is gam in uctrodining rh ocort al y lergspray from m theofakers c zyrte . powe rrfulfrelief om sa nalergl almpy sytoms, al y anl dal d alnight. y ne trinw rh ocortrg alleray.y sp dd mumole no re th tie cibl doushe caar cmed coins y very hand cwithbaash twck pice onasesurch.
7:36 am
atthas's cckh ba, nowan shd cak bacn agair.late 's itba cash ck d\j vu. cithe blti doush ce ca ard. onthe d ly car letthatu s yorn eaba cash wiceck tev on ery sepurcha wi whth 1% ben yound uy as 1% pa twiths wo wayn,to earit m aakesf lot ocaother rds oseemedne sid. ywhenliou're itving w h etdiabeaes, stexdy is ly onrn glucehas a carbsteady, cl icalin plytoroven p hel mizeminiod blo s sugarpikes. so ta you seadyy stad ahe. heto td usebucar yer s who'ieworroud abttt ge ingta foken rir a .de.. do won't rry. onlythe es ridl you'lget ken tat on acarmaxar
7:37 am
t bust ijucan se at thol absy utelpe100 trcen ecperfoit chce... .t ..uturns o.. to be. t lessrfhan pe..ect. we e givfiyou ayve d chas to ngeur yo mind. rry. so if you have moderate to severerh eumatoid arthritis like me, and yore tu'ngalki to amarheugisttolo ab t oubiola icog... th is is humira. this is humira helping to reeve li pmynai d anotecprmyt oint jfrs fuomhertdamar ge. ths is imihuelra hngpi meacrer h foremo. doors ctvehaeen bespribincrg hu ramior m fe oran tth yenrs.ea mihu worra fks manorady ts.ul it tgear andtsel h to psblock a specific source of in flamtionmat thant cos ributea syto rmsmpto. ra chumiowan lr er youyabilit f tonfight is,ection including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as bl have ivood, lnd er aou nervems systblem pros, se ous rilealic rrgcteans,io an w d ne worniorse nghe faart urile.
7:38 am
tell your doctor if you've been to areas e whern certai fungal ctinfereions an, commo and ouif yd 've hatb, pa hetitires b, a t proneo in nsfectio, horflave liu-ke mp symstoso or don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your docr antovid t is i thmis huwora at rk. >> > 7:4n os thirs thuday inmorng. ck bah wit omoreen th pr enesidtial ranace e d th ggstru flegacin hryilla inclton. >> q bigiouestnor f her mp ca,aign why is sheav hing tr eoublrt couing feemal vo?ters eaandrhl rice cedoverhe t in cltonam cn paig tfromhe start d anws knohi tsss iuey ver well goodinmorng. g >>moood g.rnin th wiua argbly thet mosam fous wo manun rningor f esprt,iden ny maxp edecte thereou weld b
7:39 am
would brkean i favor ofni bere ersands. r fola hilliry cntonhe t tiques won,hat w omenntwa. te afree flinghe tn bur from ll coagege-ed mewon. cl ninto conceding a loss to rn beanie s idersn new mphae.shir or>> fum han rsight as mewon's gh rits. >> andom wenht rigs areum han ghri. ts r>>teeporr: engchoi her fsamou wo rds afis t rsdylao t a won'mes nf coceeren. e sh adettenthd wil mallynnindelee br al.ight wthiseek aghlbri ctigampaning by her . side >> a lot of you young women th itink as hn bee nedo. 's it not nedo. er thae's ci spealce pla inl hel forom wenha tt't donel hpac eh ot r.he >> ep rteor ir:tro pdvokeng you nwome whoke broea hvilyor f iebernde sanrs. >> ee i fel hpe saks o tour generation. 'm>> i a notn imenfordot vnder a
7:40 am
s>>hems see ait l otleld shfaneiod. ep>> rr:orte so cdalle beerni dateouagtred fiseminnts o tetwitrft aerom se said that so me srtuppoedan s tderseto me ys bo. w >> aherere the ysbo? the boys are with iebern. g >>alorid sai it is aer bnie y,rall this is where thes boy e. ar s >>he later wteron oac fooebk sh e mikesspo a andpolledogizor f at wh isei bng inreterp ted. f>> iiteel s i oitppose of g bein ttoldoto vre fo a woman wi .th r >>teeporher: tan ctedidaho w nc cod ludeher00 28ry t forhe t e white.hous t >> yhankou to u,yo ist'ot g ou ab mt 18onillick cra is int. r >>teeporowr: n wedorri her pe apal m faybengalliou thrhegh t cr . acks
7:41 am
do i fen't elik leeb somody sh rouldun ant couryau becse ey th a arel gir or boy. r >>teeporlir: cntonow voed t -e reatvalueer hpa camign fo inllowrg he h newhiampsre atdefe idinclu mngore eaoutrch tong youer tevors,ar platicurly wo men. cl nintoin sayg even ifhe ty ar en'tup sinporterg how n she lstilpo suprts .them >>nt itieresngon catversion to .have slet'ng bri in msnbcol palitic an t.alys er thae's cinertany irore he. th e bit,ggeses surgnt si of reprogssth in e mewon'sov mtemen is yeroungom wonen d't ce neilssaroky lo t athe nd cae'idatsde genr as a rneaso toot veor f him or her. >> tshat' t.righ u yoch watri gloa and meiadelne al htbrig s and oomef theirk wor s han bee aplccomdishey b the fa ctt tha yeroungen wom no ng lo fer teelhahey veo t tip the escal for women w theay they did. t>> i is itinsulheng wn you hear lemadealine htbrigr heawhat she id sa. n' dookt lo atde crelsntia,
7:42 am
u yoaare om wanh, witot ve for a ma won. m itakes no e.sens i >>t is aas phre i haverd hea he ser uin sce '95n i ijbeing. evenn o ata sksrbucp. cu th roe pblemit wh the excontt, shes say it kijo,nglyut bhe s id sa it at a rallyit whng you wo man. i nk thit thaouwas ct ofxtonte. e sh was withus j otn b theill ma herw shoa and rasepate suise. yo ungom wen't don feel the nn coonecti. y ifreou ail h claryonlint and ocameeaut w, lthya le vaordict aian,e lifry stoy the areel t ilingn apa camignid veo at her ierallhes, tyon d't want tor heat whahe s said. sh ete wand to knowha wt shean c f door th.em she t aalks ibout not we be erni ersandyss sa ahend ty want to hknowow a youoire go ng t help wmeith slexua altssau issue, ge g ttina b,jo and's she not ifspecnic i atth.
7:43 am
iwhats goingn o with hryilla toclincan's gnmpai? rn beanie s sders teemsveo ha ye ke od inen thsa mesge that a t lo of youngot v fersind irinsp aingnd hryillant clion ha t s nod founthatsa mesge for r hempca. aign >> you put it in a verypl sime rm te. hashe fsn'tound the agmesse. th obe prlems ihe s'soo lking for one. rn beanie s dderst idn' fhuntor a agmesse. he is w hhoe .is arhillcly n'intospa camign is st liruggng. wo armen els ao pdullewa ayy b be srniersande butt i has th notoing w doithir the ndgeer. >> y thenoare ttr sinugglg to fi nd a ssme yage,reou a ru stnggglifi to nd a mgeessa in the t ohickf the pryrima onseas. w >>ooay te lat tod fin her vo asice she . says ha>> wunt yoomg wen areay sing m toe in iowand aew nps hamhire s isheks loooo th muce lik a tipoli.cian heoo lksik lean chge. 'sthat the pemrobl she has to ov meerco. >>e w htwave o picolitians who
7:44 am
k thansoyou .much co mingupg, biew nsut abo "t he e"voic whywe gn efstsani' me ti't isnve oftr aer all. a and rnieu 7on0ea yrs in e thak md ing ans goit itoing to youruch heart. right after this.brain. feli s's, hortlktach is p.ea bi'llrkine woilg whsle you eep. l stilthdon't ink gi'veraot a bin? thyou reink a 's esumeh?noug wh so'll wtep upn hethgs gin tetgh?ou do t n'u wayo tnthat of kindn?brai dea eegra is grdeee. reyou' w gonna soante m t bu if onlyhayou rave a bin. bwehtroug h youtoere day gtoouet yner hopist onionab thout ewis n. car eeto kinp thnbgs ud,iase emwe r aovedhell tos log. elfekes limw a b. ndremi as metl lite ofbit e likudan ai. , soisthar csu orpp ats cppleayarpl. risiop, mens.ap e sh mgetswoe. w. a ithalso ens tedr tiverolechnogy. it n eves muterathe undio tile th bseat aeltsucre b.kled
7:45 am
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7:46 am
mmmmpl, yoait. fo bearre e enoningcaugh ksh bac banfrom ak ofmerica p to helforpay ki her e ds' ic.time be arfore e 1% ning bcashack yw ever, evheretiery me. an acd 2% bk the atce grorery sto. even before she got b3%onack as g ,al th nl wiopo hos um to jrougp th
7:47 am
to y standwarm ay toastridung the heat of competition. 'sthathe tfo comrt r ofngewardinect con.ions y appl oonline
7:48 am
riboyfend? >> 't donck kno it. h weave aou tgchin renunioen sev dedecan s itheki mang. >> iue gss it is aet bter tiqueson do you bveelie in ,love st la ing?love e thry sto of ag lon lost love is rm wa ingpe'sopleea hrtst jus in me tior fal vneenti's da y. s.u.rm ay veteranwo norhood tmas wa snl oy 21 when he f iellnov le withoy jorce m drisgurinor wld wa . r ii en wh rwnooodov med tome arica ejoycov med to staulira a. eythar medri rsothe,se raid fa esmili ofir the n.ow th bogl sinega ainor nwoodne turd t tohe rnintendet a relekindd rtheie lov o sverkypenk thas to lp he ofne o ofis h nsso. wnoft aer 70ea yrs taparwo norod
7:49 am
way to atrusiaal to find joyce it waingh wita big a hug nd a e.smil rw noood said ofir the meg,etin ac bre yolfurse l,et me get the uetiss. s heaid ild wouhe rat drie tr inavelog tus aiatraln that a me hode wonring what if. my ds hanre a inshakg. th sis io s tibeau ful. no drwoold wouy sta inus aiatral sohe t two can craelebte va inlentdae's toy ergeth. b >>esten val'stiney. da i >> n'cat. >> sotibeau ful. >> tthas i leikhe tot ne bkoo bu urt tns out erbett. >> now i need the sstiue. >> teissu forve eeryon y.toda i' oom tof s ftorhe tse things. >> ha t its sw eet. ju hest aad [a ellarm bnginl rig]oh he no, t! car ldtoa ymesodybo ouldshe 'vitedwan ie cathr.
7:50 am
i'm t no otakingf thne oose. atthne! o ey gthe avthoraus itieipthe sl, a in. prius thnow me fourntost-waened m t inldhe wor arelistea hng ourearts. is that us? i think that's us! public support is at a fever pitch. wh taat sedrtan as ma a hteurstei ais nowl globaomenphenon. on doe havestoe onde w r,how ngloan chi tchs goase on? lo , okwe're trending! le met ee t st.ha 'r weuse famo! toyota. let's go places. ug eah! h!rtburn no o urne bmyns on ! watch alkatry tz-selrter heaburn efchreliews. theyk worstfaon and dte't taschal ky. ..ammmm.g.azin hai rtve heaburn. -salka heltzerrneartbureli ewefchs. y thenjolie reef.
7:51 am
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7:52 am
ll heovo my l e!flthe oame isut... ug todah...e y thisflame out, rr tomoy atow mdetitu... myour..other. tonian ao.oniont. qu e? ovthe ste. 's itor not w.king becampicll's mveabrowaoule sps. dema r forl,eali real fe. e fl thruu vis. it r's abieally .g deal d anevwith fer, hes, ac c andhills, knowmom ns it eeds soa big onluti: ntan n' doart kid witoundh fl the l u, cal docyourtor th wi fin the8irst 4 ho ofurs om sympts an abd ask out escr proniptilu tamif. ck tattaluhe f a virusitt urces soh witu,tamifl an ivir ant al elthat hpps sto ro it fadm spre ing t iny.he bod mi ta lflu in iquidform fd is ova appred atto tre flu thepe in woople twe of aeks ndge a older flwhose mptou sytams srted in with las theo t twdays. be tforetaaking miflull y tedoour ctor if e you'rnapreg nt,in nursg, ha iove ser us thhealti condions,
7:53 am
if ev you d anelop icallergio reactn, se a reveh, ras or ns o sigf ua unusvil behaor, stop in takflg tamiu caand rll youct dommedor ilyiate. il chnddren aad centoless in arti placur may be atn acreaind seskri of re seizu s, usconfion, a orlbnormabe or.havi the most cmoomden si ef s fectldare mi modtoaternause ea d anmivo.ting tian?-flu ntgo aiviral
7:54 am
. k >> gim:ood inmorng. sit i 7:56,im k d andwaana gner li ven os new3. slet' check in with te meogorolkeist cully wrran ith olotsnsf su ohineut ot>> lsf oeo pple readyo t enjoy f itor .sure 'r weooe l akingt traempesturen o the cool side,ec espyiall adroun im prm at0 4re deges. hllaugpin uo t 62re degndes a 74fo r theh hign ias las vegod tay d anom tworrond a 72n o va inlentdae's y. w >>ead h aor rept of an ci acdent andhi tngsin fen ithe ag spi hettbowlut b's ity bus andsl ows youow dn 1 to1 m ailes n ur hoth in oue sunthbo dnela. whats doeha ttk loo keli?we e hav a.s f.aca.t. orm f thosepu esrpos andt tha i wshatt i slook ,like no enbuo, a kimnd na da
7:55 am
tu sin,atio t hankyou, tom.>> a: dan aad neva man wngalki up ndbehis barin laportnd, or.egonth esere ae filtu picsre for ecliv bundym frobu vinkerlle, fl yingnt ioeg orono t t pheeeopl o wh atire sllol hedp u in that wi feldli rugefen i burns, oregon. ithiss fromcr aoss thete wesrn it untaed stest wentohe tan r ch in brvunkeilleo tup s hportim an d he l'stilhes ted f eral rngove mment torehan ali milon do sllar in gzirang fe,esay sgin heho sdnul h'teav toay p for ingrazisg hat ctlen o faleder ve gontrnmen whehe ty sdnhoul't a be tbleavo he l iandthn e we nsterte uniatd stes.a big fightet bweenhe t faleder ve gontrnme andun bdy and the timilia men, as .well im>> ke': wreup sd poseto get an
7:56 am
fo r ctionednu i >s t'008:n ood"t,"ayhe t new sorelution, 30 day challenges fr yoma og ftoneit tssclo nseaes they are all the n careyou callye hang lyourife nein oth mon? >> ha wist ir there sect? i >>e s shsidelu. onal us>> jt in time for valentine's hoday alda to ks tlecoups rr mamoied hare t yn 50 aearsbout love and longevity. >> i shecks ba. en gwfa steetni r iurnsnen a w role on "the voice". the news that will have fans singing a new song.
7:57 am
2016. oo>> grnd motoing wo co-errkins st auin, texas. i >>myt's h 18thdbirtay! [ cheers and applause ] it is 8:00 on "today." it is a chilly one out on our plaza, thursday, the 11th of fe uabr, ry1620. as e wkemaur oay wp u tto he fr tozena undrocof rllkefeer ce wntery e sa mgoodngorni ybever ody. >> we we o re sidafrabe to in th lde cot thaelwe d oayedur en totry p the. laza guhi, ys. l >>r onges.coat w >>e e arasin blyicalep sleing ba gs.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
tu furure c fisesasor pngses er arwho d rive ibackw n neeyjers dn wey esdat nighr afte swhatome scdeberiasd c aisrufre homl.el th anf em osethe efas ltut sarday rabut ton inow a pl erfum stor su ayndha trot edcknd aam dedag e thipshit w30h oo fwat ya roril can bbea fsaidpeour ople we njre i turedh houg none se slriouy. >> e > th ou.s.iclympmi com ttee h isg irinctinfe diousseisea ec spstiali as toe dvisicameran at eshletri worboed aheut ta zik s.viru is thni mor tng axpop eatert the na altionti ins otutealf heth sa n id areoutbn ak iu.the s s. i li un akelyuglthomeh sold cou ac ree h thh sout sthisr.umme >> wo we nould st beisurprf ed i ouwe weeld sal locbr out aeakss op d poseusto javt tr celesas. wh watare see ngeiig r nht aownd wwhatlle witi contonue a seere lepeop t whol raveheto tio regn
8:01 am
st hatesg avinengottec infted th ere. s >>agaid sigresosve mo quit nt coisrol k theo ey tinkeepg no mitbr ous reak sfromdipreang. rampage in western india pathe ednickph elesmant d ashe s.home in heto tll sman tow afrom kfthan iullyd t diatnot tack lepeop. an alimut arihoestiho sitt it wh a antrilquzeligur ann usd aed cr toane ov rem. e it ho ckw wiooed c tl ishis? oanmply sicedizki sam r p. in the middle of fwaenpay . rk th cee erntie p pcet ar tof he mpcoitetn ioatfeinurolg piymc sk iers and snowboarders and designedo ttratneact nsw fa to ntwi serrtpo s. af juter g mpinatthe eshletd lan sp tring ime. ilwe w tl bereheiv ltoe rrmo. ow
8:02 am
i kelit. tha >> hi a wonte m. ster em>> rr embeskthe opi sl te onhe az pla. e >> wldshoung brit tha. back >> a> we mre a aonth hnd aalf to in6 201e as whetouc id onn en tr edingerarlino by u w yo abprobbaly aedndonr younew ar yees's rioolutn. >> d you hon'ttoave e givn up o fi s tness goaltoall ergeth. >> t juso go tonbost t andry th amat rp. e therthare 30ese day lechal yngesayou me havd hear t.abou ey thm seee to b ajust bout ywever ahereannd cd finfoone r ajust ebout fveryssitnel. goa f it meelsmouch anre mblageae th lan aloife omng cenmitmt t bu thare enese toughkeo ma6 201 th are ye a youllctuanqy couer th esat rioolutcen on f andor al l? >> h eac tyear iherechs a ance tato srert f. sh
8:03 am
th wiy manicamerquans y ickl pidropheng tl balhoon tewse n ar yees's rioolutns. >> w two ieeksjanto y nuarotis n inlookodg go m forofost us. rtheyy eallundermine our co ennfidndce ank thi of ourselves as failures. >> reporter: there is still time h toheit tet resto butann thks to ro a g twing, rend30the day lechal nge. >> pl peoe e arinlookr g fo gemana wabletoays rt sta me sog thin new. ey tht wanayto moibe jgyn a m or try a new workout regime but do knn't owow hst to art. d 30seays liems omke sething ve mryaganblea e. >> or rep fter:yorom o ga t inrunntrg, sh engtnitraio ng t cl nsea, es d30 cayllhageenars e remocc asiese blanthve ewir th gamanezitos inut30g ay dofs sq auatsulnd fdyl bom slis.down oappsffer a chaenll fge or arne elyryveod brty paen, ev ur yod. min ms gy b andquoutitne fiess ntces erveadisrtsie lamir
8:04 am
in spp keecunew erstommis cong ba orck fe. mor >> f icai sen ree ltsuths ien wo d ulrrcaity on >> ep rteor ir:tat sken a av e erag6 of 6 tdaysrmo fo n aew ha t biindosog thmeg inerevy y da ca ven gi a youd r >>rceseaowh sh ys ifo ou d thsomefring ntequeikly lure fo ys daee a w mk ore oryou are more ke lio ly tblestaa ish t.habi ep>> rr:ortein give g th lureso ftion nor a yew aou fi ngghtinc chae. >> se the o aretupporesniti to t star aoverhell te. tim to rrmo iowans pp otuortynio t arstdot g inmesointhesg frh ai agn. 3 >>ys0 dals feerw oveinhelmg sh coe redsmmenee a wngk lo lechalannge vid addoses thing e ac tytivith at mee sae timy ever anday kid mat ng irta payo of ur ut ro ine. if p youitair h witthsomeing doyou h can elp. inworkt g ou awithen frid d an g goinicpublh wits goalhocan ld acyou tacoun ble. beand li rea. stic n'docht seoogg assree iv d30 ay lechalifnge a youotre n
8:05 am
i >>ea'm ro dy tnedo o. c no farbs0 or 3. days o >> nchfrenes friay tod. ne>> o a daytit a me. o >> nlechal fnges0 or 3. days ow>> n a youetre g cting, razy al. n >>coo alfohol dr 30 ays. >> us i jd t diofone se tho. > >>ngcomi m up,roake n om othe l.gril rg buiner k ag isg ddinheto t menu for the very first ti. me a >>hend te n thea56-yd r-ol mo l det go mtoe aksthiy orhein t pa s ge tof "heorsp ts lu iltestrawid" sitm suue iss.
8:06 am
rs fiest thsse me.agesr fohamore t yean 50rs. pimy opaoid edin mioicat n sisnglowiin my sside to ra a cwl. io millpens of areopleim est atedto s r uffefrom ioid opuc-indsted conn,ipatio oic, usca by ede thioidopths useey to manage chronic pain. oiis ac if drefe tnte ypof co panstionti. ioid opocs bl sk pain,ignals t buey cth aano bllsk octiviacty inhe towel b. i'm alre strlygluggin to d fin..relief. adreto py aaintre diffepint e?ctur yes! ta yolk to tour docout r aboic an crd pres tiptionmentreatop tions. i tcan dohat!
8:07 am
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8:08 am
ht. entht icobemes a sandwich as mighty as iist um eaersio tkemaha ta n stmie.ak sasplimase s anyunay d ,bujut s st aecperft. enwh m youa ake pb&j swithermucks,' atths 'dithe enfferce eebetwdin or enarydavery y d anisexquy itelcideli ousinn aerevayydor soft ay w .ca bewiuse nth aliame ke kesmucs,r'ha it bs togoe .od e' wre book. it 's 128::29. >> ha wt times ir youla arm set. >> 4:10. >> . 4:30 d>>oou yit h the snooz bu. tton ev>> ner erev. >> the .trap i >>et see thrla a crmslock and tr i eatm thes a aoz snond a i us e my onphe,av i he aernoth ph one. >> my husba wnd kouldill me i if
8:09 am
>> i onese likow de n th ahallnd ey the havetto gto up n tur it f. of ha>> tt's t.righ >>e hers iha wt we'rein fding w, no ifou y hit theoz sno onbuttt, ian c be rmhaful. 'sthatht rig t,ishis or acc ding toea resrsrche at fostanrd, ey th're smart, all t.righ a >>tl lite bit. he>> wnr you a olarmff it acts as sligna toou yrod byo t wake up s and ttarthe day. inhitteg thoz sno bu,tton even anfor xt eraiv fnue mites nf co yusesbrour ainau becse u' yoreor fcingr you bodyo t re tstar its remyc clech whi can be lo as sng a 1in20 mutes tshat' y whou yen tdo tet g thatli feeng for oggrssgine. m >>y body's other alarm haso t get . up >>y b 4 i:10,av heha ttla arm in gog off. >> d wion'tee ndhe trm ala in th hee otr room, t'shere so inmethseg elth in the oer . room >> nyti, ba,bies panda ,fish
8:10 am
in sttereloing okt a the pet na mese wcallur oig scanifint ot ahershend tyed tri a nrumbe oftu sdiest tha show ttha ck nisname b cane good for la reshtionip. it ws shotn par aersrent io it. 76 w% ofho rteeporeid bngy ver yhapp in theirel rnsatiohipd sai utheyetse p menas, butno aerth ystud found thee morit ltle s nameare ,usedhe ts lespe scial th eymebeco, do youee agr love um ch? >> io d not use y >>seou uou yr n.ow >> not for- - wshat' ,my dw s?arve no. >> h yea-- h>>ed sai love ch.unks >>ou y g'veot to own it. >> myus hband calls me e""wif. t >>shat' tecu. i >> like atth. >> whatbo a yutalou, ?
8:11 am
scall me. i>>s it rax- ted. i>>t's eeswt,tiess it'ot n a pet n ame. t >> ibuis, ndt ki of gec.neri >> ,ohha tt'sot n bad. >> il caljack biid d buddyoy and my hwifeates it. i >>t is 8:0in0 he tor mngni 's itre a gatim te toal tkut abo thoog d s. a>> rllhtig. >> at l tershion mth burger king wi ddll a gedrill hotog d tsots i me nu. 'rtheyeur tning to dogso t get wothe utrd o. u' yoavll hoe tw tiopons, a hot do ndg a bunit whch ketup mrdusta andni oons tsehat orll f1. a 99. erburgg kinisak minghe tov me as hotog dal sespp slied 4st% la
8:12 am
>> e her inew nyo rk, ifs it' sn d.appe i >>ov l -e- t >> aheseoire b led. es>> y. >> and grilled,et bter. >> .okay andom se d hotogha cins are nghavihi tckern ski andl boi it an ted bio intit. l>> i ike.that >> d i lon'tike atth. >>t' is stlighg lon vewa. a >>rill ght. oh, yes. de tefinihily ccago e.styl iki le that too. >>ve we'ea alrdy essxpreheed t ct fawa it ss aykinn dog, ghrit? >> ie likhe tki snny hot . dogs >> t.righ >> trehey' inskny. >> ow nt' thaans xc egitin co sanver ation ndgwen sti'efans w ne role. su ndrrouingpo silrts ralustted th isr yea idenclus ad cigampan pi hoong t edxpanhe t ditefinion of au bety. it es com f tromhe ancompy, the model getting a lot of
8:13 am
th ishe motfr o twoam ned ni.colen iethwi sm stui e.issu op pehele cgerin hernd ahe t aicamp pgninraisgm theor f ce atlebr wing oomenf allge as d ansi zes. on myonda we have the first in ietervitw weh ther covod mel. a nd to gstwen iefan ginivg ba hckeder r chair tois chr tina leaguiutra b she won't beon ge om fr theshow. st inead of cpeomngti whit bo enyfridla bkehe sltonhe s will se arves amte's seadvir. th ey arepi keengt i ingog. inn alu excsive interview blake aiexpl wnedhyn gweas w the rf pe ectcechoi. >> uatltimee lik atrtis to get toen mtorr you team?
8:14 am
th is is peecrf t. an ad illctua kynow her. >> deined he . does >> rt staebs fyruar 29. i love her rioeactne likan w ted ac ex tly. ne>> o stop pishopng. >> pishopng? atwer.he >> ik le a leov cocost. hweeavol cdir ao tal tkut abo d an i itsin comgs a weho swou y what isng goi on. th i sinkodomebycc atlideny es pr tsedhe bnuttoor f us. avwe he lightw sno ascros the t greas.lake osomeft iea hviert a s.time atso syurdani mor wnge areng goi eto bki loongt aer vyhi clly co ionditns. it l wil feel like8 1 in sy seracu. di inolanapis 8. ra hleigls feeik le 13. aysundni morng were a lngooki at ercold heweatr. aywe m set rdsecorn i bo,ston ne rkw yoty ci, wngashi dton, .c.
8:15 am
re st oef thou cntry we have ns su. hine no ro psblem in los gean les. yo avu hele pntyf o sunenshi7, 8 gr des.ees. a >>ndha tt'sr youat lest at we her. ait ltlean romces i sponsored by kesmuc r's. om>> sngethici speeal w are
8:16 am
g toetou yth in ooe md for love. ihodas rehe. i >>'m soxc eited abouthi t s lelitt pctroje y. spent thet las w feks weeor w wkinghit lgoner tm up coles all medarrir ove 50 ar yes. i jdoine fsorce with chmilsae.on we wlil premiere our inorig al ovide motoowrr. fi trs ian wtou yo tee mtom se of th e arst s. >>o sd gla to seeou y. wh aat eaplresu. r>>orepr:te'm ind staingit wh lecoupsho wol civlect ely esrepr mentoren tha 350 years of su escculsf iamarrge, noet brte peexsrtor f f aewes lnsso on ve lo. s >>he wasss croing the st. reet gtheuy ias wit w ihd sai i'm go tingaro mry her. he saidha wt areou y ?nuts
8:17 am
>> m frot thaay d ont ime seed li ke ttnomaerre whe i wenthe tre he was. he was an pai ien th ckne t,o be sthone with u.yo >> s wheoreh higee h alsnd a ttigh dr ess. mys eyeen wt out of my adhe. >> i goac bk andy mra gnd mrothe id sat whaid d heha crge you. he d sai give it back. t >>hest wor miestak and gra ermoth made. b >>ack teo th onli's den. i d saio t her i wlil rneturou yr mo iney yf houavech lunh wit me. >> iai s cdome ,on i'llak t yeou fo r a deri. d an sheay ssl i'le tak you iny m r. ca >> now tellhe t wmthhat ear c was? >>n a old ouplymth. an d i s iays'm not lngettis thi one. go it 's a deri.
8:18 am
hand andai hras w aut beaiful unburgdy deep >> did youee flom shietng sp iaec rlhtig ayaw? >> no. n >>otn eve oscle. >> hegh boute m a solid bunny is th a bignde h oppr. osed o wh can sirest ?that o >>ne nighte hcomee homnd a isaidid deced iov le u.yo ha>> tast w roicmant. >> i sdai to m,hi i'mot ne sur i ke li you. i >> found my oselfn one knee. i em remrbe what are you doing? what are you sa?ying wi llou y csionrde mryargin me. >>ha wt did you y?sa >> id sai yes. ow>> ho dou yak me ari marage la 0 st 5plus aryes?
8:19 am
i >>'m not sinay wgeer nev had tsfigh. d itidn' get outf o bed and eleav the bed, but i would go on e thin livg room couch and nex t gthin k you hnowe is onhe t fl noorexto t me ande w says thi is curidi. lous i >> foundut o ifou y say yes ar de youre a right. i kn howe isng wro but tueven -ally- >> i ogapol ize. >> iti sllee sim h as the essexiost mtge gorousan mre the is. >> is she delusional or what? >> rceomanak tes dreiffent s.form >> i thi inkts get bretteh wit e. ag i >>f youal fl i willlw aays pick you up after ito sp hilaugng. >> g i'm iladt wkeord out. 61 ye ars. >> so tecu. >> et somhingll a the cesoupl had in cnommo was a greaten sse of mo hundr ah eacpl counee oer pson s wahe tie audncend a one pnerso
8:20 am
aoneslway let theer oth do the lk ta aingnd yanou cee s why it wo rked out. ether isor meto owmorr. teinviod t t seehezi amang up co alesnd 30s other inhi ts t outh of eld wor craelebtion ro thywn b thet kno allar p otf a newic mus v wideoe are em prngierior tomrown oto "" day. >> fun. >>ou y wrote that . line ad leorab. > >>rewe a kngeepi theom rance go inge her ien th oerangm roo withki fckof of our ucsmsker' le ceesbratda toy. we are hngelpieo p bplering in le mine stos ofll a ndkis. today ctihrisna and her hndusba ve haee bnri maredor f6 1et swe s.year is tha is or befnde aer aft of her parents. they have beenog tretheor f 24 ye ars. alooktht em.
8:21 am
ch ri and meargiav hene be inhangg inre the for5 6ea yrs ge tother this mo nth. andur o pzalaro pcedu irs nghaginsi outdeel ctiebraitng wh f a hewpyap cplouesho w dideced hato s trehisea bulutif day, rtheiiv annryersah wit uss thi inmornggi han ongut botsuque. ha ayernnivsaryo tll a of ethes cesoupl andou y canp kee sh garinr youov lelytu picres as to coday.lem/cee.brat > >> sblcramingbo autti getng se reiorvatorns fal vneenti's day. weav hehe tip rece to serve the passion.
8:22 am
atwer.he >> : kima is 26 ons thi sdthuray rnmoing. m kidaand na gnwa . ws 3styey erdahiat ts time erwe we lktaabing a out br ngeakis newt even awith ub dole oosh itinge nsidof a lo hocal n me ia mmcoy unit and no w nhaveew foiniormat gn toet inyou om a ment. d >> ana:t righnow wwetoant t geto e thheweatr cafores st a we e slid tintohe enweekr d ou te meogorolist acpr oticeu.r yo k >>: ellyll sti inlookeag grt inctfaar be ngrivi ryve ic quwekly adalre 5y at9 eedegre's, wre ctexpea ing high y toda4 at 7eedegrots, l s of hisunsndne an thefoidr fr ay.a co upledes greeertempe atur wi s se aeawe hd inheto t ek weend buest prtsideny ' dad an aymond is log okint,grea su nny an .d 74
8:23 am
an id itmms ja uedp sohbutndou onteinterstaan 15 d inheto t ag spi hett.bowl 8 an 1teminu drsoive ouuthb nd on th ae 15 ss we.peak> > kim: pdan uonate thekibreaewng ns om fr eryestmoday g.rnin we h arengearim fro the ho nemeowo r whwasis inhede wn lepeope camin, gu ns ainblazg. r heagteenuge da hter shot ipmultle s,time f heri iancsh ot mu leltip ti mes.lo cal po slicehaay tt wthey ere ta edrget.tbehey e liev that e thlepeop a whore imvicts tu ac allyknheow t udintr ers.we 're arhea ing muchffdit eren y stor tfromomhe hereown, st lin.en i he>> s begrabe d thguhandn from iamy fwhnci e en hapcollonsed e thoofld r anshe pi icked t up and arsttoted ot sho bue t sh alhad y readenbet. sho nd [irnisce] able>>. d >> ana: tomhe hereown evbelihaes te t on tof he su ecsptht atenretehed r meho s watuaclyal otshy br he ug da.hter they falso aound i gunn a ar nearby p k as bwell tut he people enwho thter mee ho gu ns a inblaze g arl stilheon t
8:24 am
ing.>> : kim d anasat lect chk thbo
8:25 am
ab st >> 8:39 on this thursday mo inrng,eb farru11y 20, . 16 you owknt thag son'r youse a acold sice. it is as cold as ice. >> itea rlly . is re for,igne the guyh withe t song areer he for salpeci rothkwbac th ayursd rfpencormae. >> rg uent eremy.genc ge t . it >> a leittl mlenta wotrkou co syurtef oin bra megas. >>lu pass fhionee w iknew nk yor wandree a gngetting this st darteh wit big tsrendt tha u' yoanll wto t scktoit whtu sff in ou yr oscl. et >> > an idealen val'stine day ci repe. ithedingreentsi pason fr uit.
8:26 am
>>ha tt is aoo gd nimeckna. >> l tels uow h coldt i is. >> l myeittl wiki. er>> vy ldco. si'llhowou y what we gotng goi on y mlelitt mqku uat. itmy lwetle elcom we eat wther onda frisy a we get in to thewed.eken ow snun arohed t g reatla kes. rdsatuheay t c aoldir is ev heerywn re i theeast. its ioi gng to be br. utal weav heor mte weth weaerth in e fipacicno esrthwt. aysund we areat wgchin a big mstorte sysmha tt is goingo t in brnog swo t uthepper pslain d ancy i mixo t midis mipsisspi ri ver llva. ey re mo wetea wthernd a swno and co aldirta sysn ieth ea. st th 'sat wt haisoi gngn o aunro d eth cotrun y.
8:27 am
uryoec nofk w the. oods a >>ndt tha is yourat lest at we her. > >>nk tha you very m uch. snbc'ef chiei forgn co porrestndenic rhardel engas h beenov cgerin the mdlideae st r fo lthe tastwo dedecas. hepe op ns ut abou his riexpesenceth in e newoo bk nd"a athenllel hl broke e.loos" is thyo is ur incallg, i k.thin th eeis s tmso bet whaweyou re pu tt on ehis tartho . do >> toe b aei forgn co porrest.nden >>el tl theto s friesromor feign
8:28 am
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8:29 am
a we areslway erthe. a we areslway mngeetipe ,ople di siscusng the orsties,ti meeng th eco tsntac. y >>ound uanerstd theon ctext of in thgs. >> w andree aiv l ingit. we areee flinghe ter expeienc on alitg weh thpe . ople >>er hes it wha youte wriut abo ricoveheng t wars in . iraq syou naidbc neverre pedssur me s to itay likedhe thd bagad aubure and wasli wilong tp kee mi cong backt juss acepoli and sfiresiren miresnderew n eryorkhes t wyere home t sheound of carbs bom reedmind me ias w in ghba dad. asi wik le a breatteifd weho w dncoulea't lheve t man inabusg. >>en i wt tohd bagad and dtidn' ow kn l howong i wasng goio t . stay i 't donnk thiny aonew knehe t wa our wrald d ogn asg lons a it di d. i w tenthereh witatc suiase and de enpd uyi stangiv fers yea s wa mbboed. i lost a lot of frs.iend
8:30 am
ite wand toee s it out even th ioughast w fupainl. i an wted to see how this very sftrantiormave t,evenow h it ul wolad py t.ou iyes, waser intdeste and it fel ilikeld cou n'te.leav it a was sort of adiodictn. >> ou yo alsri wte about 1220 and e th year you andr youea tme wer ki pednapd in sy ria. as ar hngrowi an eiexper ynceou ca osn pysibl heav howid d it ch angeyou? t>> ihinkn o aso pernalev lel m itade mere appeciatng bei iv ale remo. th i inkt iad mee mre appeciat wh sat ior imptantn i feli. as iai sdht rig atht eop t i stju got mad.rrie ie hava . baby atthas w setomnghiha tt i th toughot a lbo authe wn it los my eefrdom, when iho tught ias w go tingodi e. iug thoht l i movey ercare. l iove mb y joi'and ilm stl do ingit,ut b its ior imptant to
8:31 am
it is atlmosik lepl peohoe w get ari terblell iness and are lucky ghenou toec roverow hhe tny ca ve ha thatpi srit ofif lere whe food tsaste brettend a d therink st ta les aeittlle coor. >> ci fasngnatiri stoest thaou y atellound y coverri stoeso s we orll f us and wepp aatrecie . that t>>shank forav h minge on. always ale peasur to be here and to dohe tri sto fesheor t od "t ay". show t >>heoo b iks cdalle nd"an the hallellke bro e.loos" up t nexra bin sa ahvann i andl wil try not to
8:32 am
fi thrst s is iay"tod n" onbc. 8: n 38 iars thuday rnmo ing. >> jasonyl svas i host of ra"bin ga mes" whichic kks off aso sean
8:33 am
er evimy tee hro dpsy b -- e>> h erambarsses us. >> weon demtestra howlo sw tt wieed w are. s we htillmoave ore trn lea ou abet th br ain. he>> tt mos cocamplitedec objt t inhe erunivse. th eais yer who st in atternnaiolly. we went all over the rlwo d. e th epesisodre aow nn ar hou lo ng. it s ipe deernd a more meime.rsiv w>>here did you find the ar smtestpe ?ople >> t ihink right here on the od "t ay"show. w >> ahatre young goi to u puts ro thugh y?toda >> s thi --nk thi ofs thi as a os ght. yo avu he 20on secods te movne o kstic andha cngehe t dtiirecon th heat tt goa is fa. cing on etly g toov m oene s. tick reyou ady? le pt's tullhe unco ter. >> toha cnge the diiorectn. >> you only get toov me one st ick.
8:34 am
>> countn dow begins w?no >> how nglo? >> 20 cose nds. c>> iannl oyou tch one icstk. >> us jte mov one. it sdhoule b thee samig fureut b fa acingfe difrent redin.ctio >> i hate . this t>>hat is al goa stpo. >> times i . up s >>oet l g'so backo t howt i wa s. ag yain,anou ce movne o to an chhege t ctdire ion. >> th is is ang thiha tt a 4 year d olld wouno kw aninsttly? >> abprobly. th oae gst iin facg that y.wa omostf usre a tinhinkeg h ou sheld bin fac tghat redin.ctio wh fat i wehi tnk odeutsihe t box d ane mak himha cnge a cetomplely ff diterenec dirtionin facg rdupwas. yo u moves thine o over rehe. >> >> . y >>ouou cavld heiv gen me0 2
8:35 am
e>> wd ten tot wan to stickt i t inhe mesa. wwhate areng goi too d nows i upullp aen setenc on the sc . reen guyou avys hne teon secdso t co huntowy man fe s arhein t nt se. ence >>nt cou the f s.bomb w>>e have ten cosends, go. a >>imnd tse i up. >> how many fs? >> th ree. >> vefi. >> tshat' pyrett good. athernswe is pmosteeoplue gss urfo. th eso rean why- - wel wil pull t uphe eransw. >>t' isn o thecr seen here. >>he t ofs. >> he t two ofs t arehema stlles rd wof s othe ntse. ence
8:36 am
rd won s iena setencau becese w e ar soui qck tooo l aket thl ful inmeang. >> iid dn'tnt cou any. >> tshat' whyt moslepeop get . four sit i six. >> r youin bra ison conditied to no igmare s llrdwos. y >>ooou lk aet thea mning as klquicsy a pblossinde a you de wcidehat it says. >>o t show you howdo we t tha thall mee tiil i wlul pla up ensentitce wcrh sedamblds wor d an w youille be ablo td rea wh tat i yssa. ad ret tha out loud. >> sarimilouly yr mind is ad re tinghis aatutomlyical th wiyoout inu th aking boutit. >> cetomplelycr sedambl lrsette t ye you can apextratol tehe me inan g. i>>ee fl ttbe. er >> ou ys guyre a doing gr eat. this ials rely fun. w, no k younow howhe ty saync o e yourn leao t ride aik beou y rneve fo. rget th is is aci spealik bere whe we peflipd the arges. en wh you veert lefitoe g s gh rit. wh enou yr veeht rig itoe gs
8:37 am
>> w why youlduiou b bld aike ke li atth? >> tow sho you how youe hav nt meapal mnds a cedreat a coneurtinnecfon o t howo ride a ke bi but a seimpl shwitcil wl be mcome muchore dcuiffiolt to d so . i >>ld wou think so. ou>> yan wgit totve i a otsh? >> ayok. >>hi i t tnkhisre is ally rtimpo ant. whatpe hapns if you't dono d yt anhing llinwi it go igstraht? w >> yhenouhi tnkou y areng goi st htraig you are stillng doi a nc bufh o otmicr jurnsust top kee i itn laba nce. so it is notng goi to be ta in. tive ke ep in mind youo gef ltr o gh rit. >> oneh incnd a it wthent at wa y. >> t tryo aimor f thaton mitor ande bca l.refu >>hi tss i poimlessib. e thon secdou yre corct it it goesth in epp oeosit redin.ctio >> yournt ionuiti is cetomplely ba rdckwas.
8:38 am
>> wee gav this toom syebod for o twee wksn i order to remap ei thr neuro cctonneion ander w e tableo arlen. if youut p a lot of picracte you ma heke t sw. itch i'mgood. k thanyou so . much at thas w. fun new season of in"bra megas" iepremresun s day.
8:39 am
th iis"ts ayodon" bc n. >> > y'todas s ityleous brghtoo f to uyoy b sivirkonwos. >> as> fhionk weeet gser und way ytodae her inew nk yor. city at wh t areheot htestre tnds hi gttin r theun y?wa re he to sharens iiderec srets e ar coos ht ofas fhionic pole on
8:40 am
>> e. a >>ndas fhionor conrespdent for ne ews. od mngorni to u.yo no ideahe wreha tt came from. yo uuy gs what do y touhinkre a e th big dstren? >> for mehe t b tigndre asre kyclun s.shoe e>> wav heee sn itn oot daka hn joson like aer vigy bhi tng gh rit now. lo fts o . that >> ie lov that. >>gg exaederat sietlhoute. >> you don'tt wano tr wea a te nt. >> a wereng goi toav hdee mols. or flals younk thiil wl be b oign rtheun way. >> weav he been see ag lot of ce lebsea wring fl. oral bo ld orfl als. hoi cses thier vy roicmant
8:41 am
so y couan see a neic demorn way to ea wr it. it is nice little rufefldd as a little bit. >> iik le ith witthe anjes. verytecu. >> nk tha you so chmu. >> ex nt youho csege lin rie in edspir esdr ses. >> et somhing toho sw a lotn i sthegprin runs wayll aut abo a ip sl dr ess. th is is all reayy eas way to we arit. >> ie lov the iade of a big ja ocketverhe t top. v aerysa vertile p. iece y >> pouut theke jactr ovet i yandonou d'tl feeoo t exd.pose k thanyouy ver chmu. >> let's talk aboutcc ariessoes ch t you say ferings i in. >>zy crabo aut infrge. he ere we havari fnge g,ba a ce ni way todd aex ttureyo to ur tf ouit.
8:42 am
st peri dtop. the bags iy b cas.ndie te kaso hudnes lovhe t fering ba g. it 's ae nic wayo t dooh biaem n tbure f ashnd l.mode >> ly emi t hashe bsraidgo ing. e>> w arein seegs thi on er evyybodht rig now. br aids a arere gatay w toee kp uhairpnd a looksh fre and n.clea t >> yhankouo s much. >> nd> a youre aki loong fheor t bo mberckjaet. >> hi ts isng goi to beee strt we ar irinsped look. ivol egreen, navy ey th are irinspedy bee strt we var, leryuruxy run yswa. rsupee cut way tor wea . it avwe heea jns rehe. >> i can't help but nicote the
8:43 am
br rightedng orae r.colo >> no eye upmake. >> nk tha youo s much. ha fveunhi ts ekwe. yo nu cach cat up onll ahi tngs sh faionry eve nightn o es new d an look for special fashion we ekedioitnex nt week.
8:44 am
di tshohi wpp u for a ll thisee wk onto "day" we ar e sngervip u aos de of lamore inon hor of vtialen dne'sitay wh od fo to get youth in e mood. br iaazilhen cfs i going top hel yo uwe setenhi tngs upth in e tc ki hen. tniceavo houe y rehe. a werein makgea s foodnd a ui frhyt, w do yikou le it? >> its i ay verzi bralian re . cipe iopassrun f iitas el dusicio in iegredont t add in seaoo fd esdish g andoes wrfondeitul wh onsalm. e >>thvery singsmellod go. le tt'sake ak loo at our gr inntedierd boa here. ha>> wint kd ofmo salno d you ke li touse? >> ie liko tse uny a kind of lm sahaon tt you erpref.
8:45 am
>> t wha doe w do? >>ir fst wweereng goi to -- we ri sp wnklesaith ltnd aep p per pandut ait ltle bit of oil. ha>> tt goes in th ere. ft>> a wer peutt sal and preppe d an the oiln i it. 275. ta>> srtso tom ce ap art. il whte is ioo cking weak mhee t uc sae. >>s it' pyrett syea. forse tho who't donw knosi pason ui frt. itoo lksik leha tt onhe t in . side we areng goi toe mak ponassi ui frt repue. co>> shaop tt out. >> e w scoopt i out here ande w
8:46 am
i >> h'll yelpou erthe. >> ll a of isth. >> h you aaveboutiv fe in e.ther soe wus jt --hr tee metis, four ti wmesould be odgo. ythen sountrai it. y >>ou't don want all those tt liitle bs in e.ther >>e w do n't. u yot just wan to gethe tvo flar ooutf this. er the you go. onceha t itsai strned we are go tingoo g overo t our on ion. >> il wil go this way. ys guav, he youri ted this t?ye l >>ove that. >> ti congnuinh wit this sa uce. >> were aoi gng tooo ckon oni awithix m ofte but arnd canola oi l. rtheneaso ise uan cola oil ep keuts bterm fro rnbu ing. >>ou y u cansehe t cnaombition
8:47 am
>> so you cook for fourut mines ti unral tns celunt. te afhar tt w geohe a aadnd you ar ine gog todd ae somk darro bwn su gar. an dhi tss it whae w just dema. ayoudd andhe t ynou cook for st ju a few mesinutnt u tilhat su gar me lts. ioncetta srtse wre a goingo t dad theic neve velty tastee lik eaa bulutif isconsy.tenc >>'s let prdetent i okcoed. slet'te plas thi . up ow>> h do youe likhe t co atmbin oion ffls?avor >> ie lov it. >>ld cou you acreple guyort?
8:48 am
or n izi bral we use --he wn i rs fited move her i had aar hd time fngindi it s tohats i when i sedtartak minghi t sre. cipe p >>ourhe t sauce . over th sis it wha itoo l lksiker ove he re. th yoank ou s mu. ch isthoo lks decililiouou k >> cim: sthemi inag a w ner he re >> a: dan'r wee heg arinrda ha ll te fr mom a?onth broke into herom he eryest day mo g rnin gin a uated -nity- e sh ys sa f heri iancin e th aleft nd do n't heon tht rige wer bshoty e thudintr e tsaidbrhey oke tinto he ho unme r for 40es yrdte ay
8:49 am
da nerk ssd anarstd te oton pe refi . cifian tureirrn ffoe bere he gi t t hiby olsymb e tsaidhihat s daerught ck pi uedp thgue d n and fire ba ck.ks henv s grd abbehathe n ndgu myfor nc fiaeni wh hela col psed heon t oofld r anshe ckpip ed u and std artehoto sot. bu e t shalhad y readenbet. sho and eytht wenmyout lcba ony an tod in e th iyardnk thi she s wa tableo shonoot te ofhem. d >> ana: that woman talking to vus tiaepelneho omfrhe t ithospal nlast, ight th auieoritsos al d founa nd han gu innea parbyanark d th e ey'rl stilyitro ng t rmdeteine if g theasun wd use in c the arimet nd alahest c ck th e fi aanciaund dr ghterewe in cr alitic ndcon itiohein t ho y ifou veha anyinatform ion ab out thplis, ceaseall imcre op st aperst c--strimersoppe at 70 382-555-.55 gh riw t nocepoli e arngsayi is th lyfami wastaedrgetth, is wa s not ra.ndom im>> k: u yo yknowanou c wa alouys cn nt ogoewod n
8:50 am
loone t ok akes lly'n seveday. fo rer moth on at hehere s is.>> ke lly:e we'rokloating nt fac asticoionditgans ain da toy. mp teureratises ring etpr ty qu ick icqu n op ie th a50s fter bo inttomt g ouin e th t30s his rn moaning uld boder ticip es u 0 to 6grdenoees w. i testare d thafooternghn hi, 74grde s at i wwhate e arctexpe
8:51 am
rrtomoooow t. amthe anericpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker main it e thalre world. the grandmotr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt c w' we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppendle ail famies newho t.ed i
8:52 am
this morning benti sller is he re andor meoo gd lookingha tn ievern "zndoolaer 2." and a throwback thursdayon ccert refoneig r. lalha tt and more cinomg up now. from nbc news this is od "tay'sak t we"ith al roker, ta namolie s,raleil wgelie ist d anro tamn hall. >> wmeelco to "y,toda"hu tyrsda rn moing,ru feb11ary 16, 20. y >>ou otforg our 'm>> i so dictstraeced bause fo nereigsr i here.
8:53 am
bl d"oode. ey th g areoing too d one of rthei ngsos. co 'tuldn m beore teexcid. >> i had node iaow h manyon sgs e arey kth to e heweatr. "h ot deblood", d"col as "ice. ou>> y spinire them. >>hi tsng brisac bk soan m hyigh sc dhoolance rimemoes. >> e lik atlmoshe t oraligin us hoed banor fmi mia cevi. b >>veelie it or nothe ty are ce atlebr40ing rs yeage to,ther ba ck out on the road and a new malbut. ou a live orperfemanc from igfore ner. rewe a so edpump. et l'sk tal about salpeci t.gues >>ha w itsng wroh witus?
8:54 am
it ishe t hit from e.drak >> whoon whe tig b ?ring nv deer cobrons. >> the pmv othf seerup ,bowl von llmier. b >>ig ring. e>> w h'tavente gotnt i yet. >>he ty haveo tak me . them ie havev n ceron a s uper. bowl in' didt owkn. hvonad six tackles and made cam ne onwt daun b. ethwo t sksac and the big fumble that we saw bothnd eedp uit wh br s'onco uctonshdow. ayoureh witus. th fanksorni joing us. owfell n.texa myir fstv t jobas w in cgeolle st n.atio w ho y dooul fee now being a pe suwlr bo p?cham >> i feelre p ttyodgo.
8:55 am
it ll reayn' hast setn i yet. i >>st i true you craeleb ted ywithourom m after the ctfa? j iustov le t hat. >> ipe snt aot lf o twiime mthy m moer aft the game. we put soh muctime into it. it n' wastus jt me. no ust jt my m bomut my dad and hebrotr. we put soh mucim te intot ias a p.grou it on is fily g.ttin w >>eee she t urpictes. >> ba in o-ck-t gback yamesou ok to out twof othere gtates qu rbarteacks in bafootll, tom ybrad and peyton manning. >> the energy is grt.ea aasea tme wut p a lotf oim te toinam g penland a sntpe aot l of time geto. ther etheynerg was eagrt. >>ve edyrybo has en. ergy t >>hat mbfule,ou cldou y feel e tham g ceehangt aha tt point?
8:56 am
itas w aup sower b slove ery ay pl was elatev. ed when i got thek sac ien wt to stheinidelite wh tateammndes a le ceedbrat andri ted toak te va adentagth of e mo. ment >>ou y are mofaus, also,or f uryoan dce movesnd aou yren sse of ylst e. go ing back to the dance we all love. i ug thoeht wer wen'tup sdpose to ow sht than o mngorni vitele.sion >>ha tt was anxe eercis move. w>>here do thees movom ce from? at wh spinires emth? w>>e haave ot l ofun f ien th lo cker. room >> rlcleay. a >>ll oef thce danes mov come om fr l ther ocke wroomith te teammas. >> can you name emth? i>>ot g that. ug[ la ]hter he>> tas fhion nssee. thisfa is tintasc.
8:57 am
liove the hat. th ator col is ntfac.asti y doouav he a ssttylir oth is is ju st u?yo >> it's just . me ie havp helit wh my itsus. myiv indliduaty s ilesll a me. esfullt. on nely o . me >> von te o thesfullt. >> k looth at e shoes y.toda >> do you hthave et bes stylen o e th ?team >> weav he a lot of greats guy hein tke locomr ro. on br acosre pblrobay most isstyl theamn i nthenaatiol ot fo ballueleag. w in'ouldt say i a mmost isstylh. >> weav he to vote. u yo are eyasilhe t most sth.ylis wh enou yld wou have wornam c wt neon's vceersa pants? >>n wheou yre a n camnewto you ca ean whar wrteveou y want to we ar.
8:58 am
>> youre a tokryp. nite >> i ask you theue qnstiot tha pe mytonnganni't won swaner. iwhatous yr gut fngeeli about et whherr o not pneytoes comk bac xt ne arye? >> ien hav't ththougut abo it. tii shill tnk heas h the ph alysicli abity to d. o it mandllentay he hasn beeon strg ro th hughhois wle recaer. if itom ces down tot tha il fee li kee h has timeo t aypl. >> tas,ttooou y arewn knoor f th em. yo ue hav an owl. e ar g you toingo get aer sup wl bo 50to tato in. w >>here do youut pha tt one? i >> have aot l ofpa sce for it. it . ha i ove tum jp on the wa gon. y >>avou heo tfind the acspe. an reywhe. i >>e hav ttta oos. w iillk picou y racspe. >> !whoa >> hello!
8:59 am
>> ve edyryboth in e udstio -- fo nereigler ft. ha>> tts iot n what i anmet. id sai asel fwloat ttoo and ntexa il wil helpou yd fin- - >> aee fling youet gm fro oppe. le t>>hats i nhaot wt i me ant. m ieant itn iahr canisti way. >>nk tha u.yo t>> i haso te b the lrdombai op trhy. su boper wl . ring i h'tavenut poo t muche timnt io it. we t jus f wonouray ds >> youav hoe tig desnhi ts th >> can you help us,e w heav a cefaokbo pa,ge our cefaokbopa . ge awere tinrytog et g to a mi nllio we ld wou beor honedf ie w had a r supe bowlmv hpit theut bton to te sll u howan mypl peoe wee hav so far datoy. >>e her we . go
9:00 am
wet wano t get to 26 b0eefor it 's . over we e hav too d heweatr. n caou y do ait l tledance? >> wee havnc broo tinaon. >> e com . on fa okcebo/'sodayke ta. an>> c youho s mwe ace danov me to geto the t weheatr? >> leov . it >> i like that. 'sthatgo od. we areng goio te com over ando d l aeittl atwe her. twantelo hp me. weav heev ner had a s buper owl p mv do the wer.athe es the t are chenturre ertempesatur o andurd winhi clls trigh now. el fe lseik 3 in comblu,us 23n i rt po. land n11 iew nk yorcity. youea hrdf othear pol rtvoex? it is aslwayhe ttre i isom cing fo sr uer he ien th stea. yo uyu gs in drenveil wl be nefi. tsdigi. u yot wan to read offom s weind
9:01 am
gr eenay b feelsik le nivegate 17 . ke mae sur youdl bune . up in apdian 8olis grdeees,ls fee nlikeivegate 8. ke mae surou yun b udlep ins thi . area nv deser i goode likl a said. >> andhe t peurpl is bad. >>pl pure is bad. c weould seeec rords low syunda mo grnin in stboneon, rkw yo, licarona. asfant tic.
9:02 am
>>ha tt'st wha is goingn o >> ha> tt is your ltates atweher. >>nk thas forng beiit wh . us co tungraonlatis. >> in comg up,he t n,mahe t thmy, th elo. ok awereac b wkh itn beilstr le . next hedoes tll o smefrf a eshlyun boesend prontatifi wll youoptiith ?mism oudo yyo love elur wir essoakeybrd re moce than n fartai milyer membs? yisccour sue ess du filto a ingst syy em onlundeyou ndrsta? es doin printom yg frtaour blet r to youlesswirent prier give ou y jol aoft onfi cncdee? if ou so, ye may whmeone ows o kn tthaththe rigof geaficer s help gyou dohireat tngs. of epfice dfficot o.emaxge foar up eat.r gr ge l nerallmiems is r ovingarti alficirs flavo
9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
ght? , wellvei'n beeinwork mg ony sunew erperhveo mo d all ay!we re' s non wtop,vee'ta gotve ha e our pxtrainrote. oi trkos ziplegrero noeek tn fagu yoasrt hgr 15 ofams te pro in. rozeed addar sug, ze rtro aiaificswl neeeted r an fzero at. d an hzerongoldiba me ck!oi trkos ziple ero.nsbe uabtopp nnm daon >> > what became of the greatest male supermodels of all time? >> maleod mftel or. yea t >>he gesreatt male melod ricove cngleountss magazis,ne sc inor hgteotstd a campaigns. >> zoanolrde number 2,un rngni
9:06 am
o whld cou forget that stuignare ?look e>> h islm aost t gooood inlookg. >> that would be my main conrnce in considering a retilashon. ip >> reporter: he learned there was more to life thanei bng curidilylous goodki loondng a nt wem fro rmsupeodelo t rhsupe ero. he>> ty won't beoo lkingor f not . us r>>orepr:te counngveri and il fo aingn iernttinaalon assassination pl. ot no ftw a5er 1ea yrs of being off th e grid derek is back. moreea bifutulha tn ever. and a tboutceo fa thege bigst iofashern emygenc h ofifis le ua sq oringff with oldmi enees and i >>'m rrsoy, ian c'ter unddstan ora whad t ytou are sa. ying
9:07 am
wh at it takes? >> now. >>li earers thik weee w satn dow thwien b sertill and cyrus ldarnoho wys pla his >> d goo mog,rnin . guys g >>oodo tav he youot bh . here >>t' i asle peasuro t be on the "t "odayow sh. h >>es i readyo t go. i see how hte go the . part y >>oue gav him a tie. >> t' thasou y re.ti ou>> yot gs thior f me in >> of co,urse i did. v>>eryas fabhionleie tt tha only derekld wou ovappre. >> ou y're lcwe ome. >> ben, for you toak bre out the sblueelteer weou y ruy?st i>> ttkoo a ltlite bit of ttgegin toin. lu yckiler dek is bicaslyal re dek. h >>e lives on for.reve >> for me t allimhe te. >> yo do inu fd seyourlf doing th faat ce? >> it'sd kin ofe likec espyiall toverhet lasew f years as we
9:08 am
and gngettik baco intt i i f ind if ian wt t toake a preictuo i d at thn evehe wnhe ty d'ton ask. th oey g why are you mgakinha tt fa ce? >> t.habi s >>ano mrey gatam ceosn i this fi . lm st jubiin ,eberti sng toam ne a w. fe >> al natorie m. ales w>> ias goioio t monenti my . self ou>> y areh suc aoo gd news re . ader ayouhere t o.go-t i>>ai p hdim for that men.ntio >>t matrlauee w hado t come ck ba a fewes timec bausee w had su ises. >> who wast mos draespeteo te b in the lmfi? >> . matt >> od nobyed ask me. >> ex nt meti. >> aiv ling ndlege, . al y >>our momua actlly d aid tape y ofound aub sedmitt ?it >>ahye. it was a great reonacti. ki nd of icprs.eles
9:09 am
pa rt. cy rus -sa- i s w hitiaudindon a w heoas soo gd a fndunnynd a so al rend aus j ftelt pcterfe for the role. hthene aiouditned iner p asonnd rweeadog trethe ande h was gr eat. sidkype withim h to tellim h he wa set gtinghe t . part e>> we hav atth. t' les take a oklo. >> ite wand to tellou y tihat edwant you toy pla tarhe p itf yo anu wto t do itn ithe e.movi >>itwa,ha wt do you think? ul wooud ye liko to dhe t ro?le >> yeah! th sis i azaming! i got the rtpa? >>t' thas ari psscele reonacti. >>t' thas gr eat. y>> m hair ise lik a big mop. t >>hatas wn't a wig? >>e we mad aig w foryr cus to ha isve hr hai lrongeth in e
9:10 am
keli k.dere h>>isek derr hai -- i have to ar we a . hair s hir hai is realau becsee h has kthic- - >> can we get a duom fro erfath /son?here t' leos d theer camaht righe re. hwhic way are we going to rntu? >> tdsowarh eac heotr. >> adrey? >> wow. >> pl[ ap ]ause >>le naid . it en>> b lestilr,yr cus aolrnd th yoank u so . much la"zoo nderit2" heas th ters rrtomoow. ac meross aperica, ople taare chakingofrge their 2typebete dias nonwithul-instoin vicza . fo ilr a whooe, i tpillk a tor loweodmy bloar. sug itbut n't didge o t me goa aso iy sked mordoctut aboct vi oza. saihectd vi woza orks erendiffthtly lsan pil. meand co ps in aen.
9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
scr towaub ak-y stucseon mesand s gevenntet itoo cough errns. cleitedanll t as.hi odgo, jobmom. ea grb,t jo. mom al rebi scrub rr yourlifeeal . u do yo t allsehis reonarch erfe a parct c,th mashen sin it reto a te. ur yoan insurompace cny yraisesteour ras... yb mau she yo'vould e done rmorerch eseaheon tm. ivfor drers th a wienccidivt forgeness, rt libealy mutu't r won aiseur yo rates to due fi your accirst .dent bert lituy muural insance. the's ermesoing th btosaide r exfoorplg thinwoe d rlarnd you.ou y whoushld snacking be any different? di ovsc ner allavine flof oors ur ccreamyeshee and tap intoou yrir cuy.osit the laughing cow. ventreinck snaing. > >>y there ate quipl simy onef o the bgeigstan bds of all time hwith litsike "feels likehe t
9:14 am
what love "is fgnoreierad h 16 to 0p 3 hits. t>> is io sl coond all stioi gng strong. th fieir lirst veus acoticlb aum ll wi beorperfming telar. anwe w ttoch cat u wpith difounemng m aberndea ld ersing. go od mog.rnin >> ll reay wasus jt rngeadiff o co acshmplisment it clinudes be ingn ion sg erwrit'sal hl of fa me. ho oew dhas ttl fee when youea hr that andno kw you areti sll kicranutng ohi ts? >> well,t thaas w alrely, it lyreal goto t me. wthatas ethveryingor f mend a be ingec rzeognid for my inwritg. wo i neuld --ver n whe ias w gr gowin up inng eland on oa br adwayeind bngor honedn i ea drm. >> we wereal t ikingnom ciamercl ea brbok autyi stangow per and en ncdurae.
9:15 am
ka eraoknt joind aot nr hea a igforeneron sg. >> t wha idoesant me y toou to ow kning ngsos. >> zy cra for usn whee wo g out d ank loo for ancudieend aee s an ea8 yldr o who knows the wo rds. atheyre there bseecauy thee lik the ngsos. andha we veon s igsn all these mo esvi now andng a bryirds movie d an fkungu a.pand sit izy cra thate wre ach rea ne agevw lel of ancudieet jus ep keois gorng f n theext ragene. tion sit int fac.asti n >> aot lotf o peeoplan c say at th and youre ait h ttinghe s.road u yoe hav a brigge tourin comg up. do you still get ttbuieerfls? >> hi i tnkf iid dn'tt i is time to k pac . up >> weon d't want atth. >> t' thas gyener.
9:16 am
ar chleitabpe ascto t . it e >> wthdid is ugunplged crtonce orat fd inet d aroitnd the eeprocds went toen juvile ab di retesrceseah unfoondati. an rod fem thes sal ohif tslb aum ti aroyst ralty fees go to ,them w as ell. ourr tou gemana dr'steaughras h di esabet. l we tikeoo d ts hingivto ge ck ba. h weave theho cirer heh wit us to swiing th. us atheyrehe t oury ladf o mercy ch oir. and wwehat u dolysual in nc co iert wseav he a lot ofig hh ho school c sirsing tos und a we na doonte m aeyndse raiwa assrene tabouk lac ofun fding foroo schl mu sicprmsogra. g biea dl for . us ig>> bea d flor us toe hav you . here sclas b act sandtill onhe t ad ro. es guhas wt pemrforn iur ot nex ha lf . hour wean cnot . wait thiss i my dr eam.
9:17 am
mmmm mm mm , mmmmerlaught , mmmmmmm , mmmmmmm! mmmm, mmm mmmmmm, m , mmmmmmm mm mm mm plmm, yoait th s ere'tea lighluffr, fwaier r yfoneeveryoenjo to eey grgukyort. ait yoplk greeip100 whs! pl fyumpir youeslash nwithluew py mampifascar a ginormous lash ostsbohe las0s to 5s timevoluthe me an liftd las shes w nepiplum mfyascara
9:18 am
k >>im: d gooinmorn ig its a sdthurnday as lot sofinunshe d antemeogorolkeist lly ke rn wi avll hree mo anthom a m ent.bu t rsfiist th depivelo ng st ory. d >> ana:y bundngwaki up be hindrsba b andinars po ndrtlago oren. ashe wes arranted d iljan ed i laportnd llateniast ght teafr yi flo ng tegoriton we h th ntinteofion avtrg elinheto t oareae f th-- wilild rfeugefe. bundy charged with copinscyra toteine rfer awith fel dera ceoffir, s hionactiers the in ri ap14l 20n whe hele ad an rmy st and uph witrafedel enagn ts i daneva terela hd tois resafu l pto fays eegrfor g azinlecatt ubon plalic nd.he pis llowfethe l dera go mevernornt me th1 an $iomilln
9:19 am
s hisorens aol invved in ad lething e egorroon p wtestere ar edrest in arjanuy. ey th arestbeill hindba rs.>> : kim thefb ei istexpec d to ha nve aews nfcoceerenth on e de pmveloanent d wellwie hav othatn wsneiv 3 l.e in no low i t ok aour mo -ther- at wefoher streca. >>y:kell l isngooki gr eat wi th ertempesaturth on e ghri t. awe repeexinctr g fo high ertempe atur samee primloand ck in 77re deges, sqme 7uite4 gr deees d an ithatats wh we e ar inlook lg atas vetogas today o. ny mank thas , guysod74 tnday a mo to.rrow ouif y s clasusfor sa on ayturd d ana li cttler ooleon ndsu ay at 72 tibut 0 ll 7eedegrs te atmper uresthhorougheut t reentien sev daycafore st.>> a: dan wheas t bigflngashi d ret hearon ndsu ay?>> : kim a teyou myase rt hea, noyou ticentvales ine'y.da juand avst he ntvales ine'day th win whewayou ke uph witus rrtomojoow, hn iscurtl wil be li ve in s theo tudi withus
9:20 am
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9:21 am
u o.s.iclymp cttommiee hi dringseisea salpeciists to seadvith asleteho w are nc cod ernet abououthe aktbre of . zika shopeolod saif i she had to de tcideodayhe sld wouot n go. da to bylraziou annnced a pa rsrtne whip uithrsnive oityf te fxasoror wk on aik zaac vcine handhealtff olsicia sayy the thopeo have theac vcineea rdy r fo ccaliniles t itsn about a . year stheyggay aivresse mitosquo co lntrol wila be fakey ictorn inkeepg oeautbrksm fro re spg.adin >> > a newtu sdy sstuggeingk lin be ntweesi phy acalitctivndy a nbrai zesi. arresescherke lood at 1,500 lemiddd agees r aultsndnd fou w lore scosn o tmireadllne fitss te ster wein lked to sermall
9:22 am
sm rallein brae siz could lead to hi rgher oiskf mede. ntia sthe itudys blpud.ishe erburgg kin isin addotg hs dog to st cusomerl wil bee abl toic pk be ntwee thela cssic andli chi ee chse gedrillog ds. th ieres annt ilernain traing de vio hdostey bno sop doggnd a ll cahes tll grieds doghe t pewhopfr oot h gsdo. > >>'t wone beb basalls fglyin th hroug the air at stboon's fe pnwayark but sskier and bosnowrsarde. re thime thees tgh heitth of e me fa odelutfidl walhe tre is th at, ae hug skip ram built for th e bigir at a fyenwa co itmpet wion hichnsbegiay tod at fegurinmp oly icetathles. or zeganioprs hhee t enevtl wil tr at lactots ofew nan fs of erwintor spts. th latooks like a lotf o n.fu >> > let's get a checkf o the
9:23 am
w>>et wano t mirend folks go to bofaceomok.cay/tode.stak y daea12 buty andpa ska pacge hwort $200. no tt tha i need it butay mbeou y d.coul w hoy manpl peoeo s far? ov er 20031,0.
9:24 am
to sday' ecols toopa s > >>s it' beene morha tn 20rs yea nc sie the mrurderi tal of j.o. si n.mpso a >> new sseriein takg us b ack heto tay ds beefor andft aiser h itacquintal pl peoere vsus o.j. sosimpn. ma mlcol wrarneys plahe t fdrien ndbehi the wheel of the white fo rd bronco that carried simpson in the low speed chase. >> 911, whats i yrou eremncgey? >> ts hi isac. i have o.j. in the >> ho ws ithis? i have o.j. in the car. you tell the police to bkac off. he has aun go t his head. >> wrehe are you? >> yout jus clear the fry.eewa rewe ang goio t brtwend.oo g>>dooo t see you. >>d goo toee s u.yo w>> whatast ie likinfilmgha tt
9:25 am
ey thar cleuted ohe tew freay. yo e u arvirelihang tt ntmome. e>> wt shot thace sneor f two days. we shutt i dnow over a weekend. it was aidr. ning we er litally bthy e end of aysund s wepent two days doing at th e.scen no onet whaen wt onth in e car. >> ou y rbeememr theen momthe wre we e wern whee w wedatch the it whroe bnco ch ase. wyouere 24 years old aet th ti me. do youem rrembeha wt youe wer kithint ng a tthe oimef atth? i>> wasur cusio as toow ht i swaoi gng to tnur ou t. hwaseoi gng toho sot hielmsf? eror we thes cop going toho sot in tsideheru tckhi wch iho tught was siplauble, as . well s >>uch aner intngestiig f iuren e th y.stor j. o.ri's f iend hnscigh hool and pl tayedheogetrth in e . pros
9:26 am
to play the accharter? >> re theas w a not o lotf fo iniormatn on him. most aicrtslee hav to do with th eirndfrie. ship i k too itm frothe spotandint of a guy who t whereere co ximple ttieseo tham dynic of a ndfrie wshiphere ouyne gin is e th lspot aighthend ter oth guy is in his adshow. om fr myer ptispeceve h ryeall d ha j.o.'s backnd aee flst tha ifa.c. and o.erj. wile stl ie frafnds tterrihe thaal tt o. j.ou wld note bn iai jl now ca beuse a.c.ld wouot n let o.j. go toas vegnd a do whate h d.di >> hi ts neonli,ia socdil mea tireac pon,eeopl areic add ted andea rlly wtian tngoin bge tcwa h. co idnsinerg thetr consyover with the creurnt sstatund a the
9:27 am
>> iud aneitiodor f r theole of ri chs da. rten th sat iha wt iit auddione for. i had a great auonditi. pa aplyrenteb somelody se had a erbett diau. tion kiindf o otforgbo aut . it i got al calut of o bthelue fe of mringoe t pthlay lee ro of a. c. ium jpedt a that rtoppoy.unit y >>oud sai you knew itld wou be go od. >> n rya a hasre gatui qrkynt sla to te whaverto srye h s.tell i ne kthw wi himel tling the or stty i wtasn't jusng goi to be a run oef thil ml o.j. trial or sty. i w kne itld woue b iesnterting icintr ate. ride on>> dne iuc shn ant itieresng y wa tooo hk peeoplho wbe may n' doowt kn o allef thry sto hi behend tne sces. it es tak youhr t toughhe ev ceiden. i itson dea in e datin led kin of way. u yo get these sen t thathey
9:28 am
>>o sau becsehe tw shootis n de gnsi ted conghae yoanne's in opionsbo ahaut weyt thug thoht ou abe t thltriath or e icverdt, e thw shore is allyut abo the pl sayer ivenvolndd a gives you a lo t of behind the ssceneff stu at th we dtidn'ec nriessaly .know >> iad ho n idea. d >>on'tel t. l me he>> ty onlonreasno i k iws usbecae iaw s the mmcoalerci. >> i am so ateddicod t it. sit i asfant tic. >> nk tha you so much. ysalwaat gre to see you. "p eeopl vsuers j.o. mpsin"so ai rs tuesday on fx. eythla pdyewo teo pple who ifellovn le onhe ttr stseef o nghoon k ag nndot f farmro al re ivi dre lfa go ball. dri ive ttooohe hp. ive i drcea racar. ve i have a drir. na his came is rl. t bu's nthathaot wwet av all h come inmon. t wed toalke ourordoctt s aboutmtreaent xwith arelto. rexa ilto ens prov toeatrd t an rhelpeeduc
9:29 am
xa oreltal is veso pro ren to tducek he ris strofeok in ppleowithe fi a b,t nousedcay b hea t vaare lvobleprm. r fo wpeopleibith af cu tlrreny well na ma wged onn,arfari th lere ised imitin ioformatown on h re xa alto nd arinwarfpa comre in duci reheng tof risk e. strok yo ow, u knngtakiri warfai n, to dhad wieal tth tha bl testood roing utine. uli co hdn'ta ave yhealthd salaeverwhenan i wted. foi otund any.her wa ah yeeatm, tr ent xwith arelto. he afy, srsety fit. a likeloodll bnn thi ers,do stn't inop takreltg xao wi outhtalkt g in youto r doorctas t, s hiyma ineacr youserir ofska clblood stot or .roke e whil, takingmayyou mbruisesiore eandly a it ak may tngere lo foree blo ding t.stop re xa mlto reay incyourase ri blsk of ieedinguf yo ta cerkeintaedic mesin. xa ltre oan cau cerse s iousan rd incaare ses, fa bltal ngeedi. t ge rhelp aightfoway r ex unedpected bleing, uaunusuil br,sing inglor ting. if h youhaave ald spines aniathesle whi on el xar, to fowatch r ck baor pain er any nve mus orrecle latedgn si syms ors.ptom ot tdo nxaake relto if u ha yon ve afiarticial t hearorvalve ab al bnorminleedg. te oull yorr docte befor al anl pldined mecal den orprtal esocedur. fo bertre staxareing lto , outell yctorr dout abo y aneykidnver,, li oree blroding ps.blem
9:30 am
i inssts cla. ll weca that for lls a ofround n kevinns.ealo make e minaran alnold pmer. hsameere. wi elth xar theto s re i no lareguoor bltod moniring noand wn knota diery st reiorictns. tmtreathent wito xarelwa e s thmoright uve fors. ask your ctdo aor r ou inextistem en a guine"n yoame riceur pol" to. isthy highl-asought devfterice p fromsirogres veca oun be f . entytwnd gra? e -no! wgiviare t ng i awayr fo 3 ejustpaasy yments $ of plu4.99x!s ta e tharlines owine bl!g up 've wedegot borahom frghke poue.epsi fl o:, yeah'sno, it. flo yo ysu guze realie anyonusecan amthe "n pe your" torice olfo eer frog on pre.ressiv com,ghrit? ug[ laerhing nlyvous ] .test .testn ys ovitele.sion wh at? i s guesvei nealr reavly gche mu ghthou tt tocihe adity in f any.oods r neveghthouout abe t theecoff s i wakidrinavng hacing ids. it er nevne daw md onate th ouit curld hurt yoth tee. dmystenti t hasmeold yo naur eismel ri weawang ay, an atd thnd soued alrecaly so ry tme, an wad i kes lil wel yocan x u fiit,
9:31 am
heand la exp tinedithat n wasot mesog thin gthat browsack, kit'sofind ne a oe -timshot an u d yo thavereo ca i fort. themeold us to one pr. amel it on's gelna hotp prect th ame enn el i tyour.eeth llit ameows co to ntin .. .ue.
9:32 am
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9:34 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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