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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thow hheydelpehe tm cgomin up. k >>laim: smar's firt arappe.anceda thsat iar lamtaki walng hibeannd k.estro atwh h wasgoinli pubki danm:e doing? we haa u forep h your wy.a an>> doa: godn mor aings lwehis friday. i think that is dnillo t of today owshn ito bosnt a fyenwa k.par th iatsa k s sipelot a eth k>>: imeth ayere furatgin piolymskierd anen so de borsb unlagchino intol jumps. you are seeing one right now. ta onf o fun. becausef oetheimif drefeenc thwith "toe y daowshta" ngki acpl we,ree'o ggino te bbl a te hashef t ai lmve i thwiu youdghhrou tout oabrt.dcas
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d >> wana:n'ouldenpr survis ouydy budom fren ros ip u th.ere k >>weim: ht mig d see iavidn ac.tion llwe'e tak you thereor fh tat if athenhapp s da>> hena: nte gotgn bii_ be.fore yotom inu joth us l fitrafd c anhayou onc chae to go t toso sec l to rfpencorma j ofeeubilas lt t.nigh t >> tom:he aphtmos wereas typreten intse. evneryose wa f up ior atitnd awastl lite sad fore sompl peoe oto. uyol couod srt ofll teha tt some oppe wleeerta nos.lgic innothng o theoa rs.dway isth isoo lgkinth nor along the 95. htligff traic ewvery aherehet t ntmome. the bowl ierntache ngveethrygin uis tpope sed for now. nola deys andve tral tsime inlookg g.ood inall theen gre forh teom mt.en t'leees s whats i hniappength is wendekely kel. >> ly kelhe: tth weaer isok loing atgre. too laeittl o bithen tl cooi sde
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teatmper auresnre ihe ts. 40' uyod nee ake jacts ayo ud hea out buthi tsft aonerno s thirt wer.athe 69 byoo nn. 4:00gr4-deees. what we et xpecfor the week send ncomig up. >> : kim we have binreakg news to arshe. iast hn bee ag londos ig n local police officers ilstm e the scen bof acaarride tusionati. an>> dcra: jaigsoin f us enscere hci thasry ve c`lyl mar rkpa nocy. l cwhatouan y ta ep>> rr:orteci spellfica a en10 1on1dum thiss i a amepartnt cexompl. onsomee hsear greunfi11toun ehe t rat thom seeonrs hea a nmaea scr fmingorp. hel ethy averri at thene sce and havent ideedifi thert apament w there bheyveeliet thaaloy ngcomim. fro
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dit's aarkndyo s sen't doar lot. ceoffirrrs aheive tre a sc aener dde iy ntifthe exmepart eythc kno tk onscoo d eytht ge toners i tide woopn't heen t d ewe're surnt poiid erthse iennerso tn oppenle itohi tars apt.tmen e h theiayer wy theebeliheve tsre iabla ae thr leo somsne'aueraf s eythed asker othpl peo rtapasmentrb neaoy t putet oer anhed tpee havrsit lleraleey bn rehe wngaiti this. out ithis wshatve we' ss pn iid stinsanceke lia o.hi ts thiley w tl do bheirtoest e mak t that cheyyafelke mad cot,ntace eyon c,tacte sehi ts pe,rsond fin out twhathe prmobles. i hwe naveo rneaso to bveelie and thatis sayurder defalentily rdco tingo m,etro no rneaso to evbeli tehat d abonyeeas bn hosutt bre the t wasbadoep r nfgu aireoetrroas e tveryon beelievt tha ptheonersid inse ethpa antrtmet, ast leae on
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eythe arit lalerlyti waing, neatgotiose t aserree hermfro etht swam teain doheg t tok talh witis tha raer pton wehe've noard ic indnatioe hewhet nr orheot te y arngmaki. tso chis lould wast iell mogrnin w andperon cetinuso tlr llfotow iaere. we h'llno athererat updte ase ptoohe hemosnd a lae h^.om fr trmeboo ahaut whet ty areay sing oabout hhw tisal clta sdrted an whoy there a cnuontiingo t lehandt. i d >> iana:t's f adluiit sonuati. ghe's toingo rnemai ensce. s a alongnos one hasen bet, sho trmeio well bnt coent tt waias osput. k >>thim: wey lould tikeavo he ace peafules riooluts. thi\ste w ae toulk y.ti ausn,ex tas whereol pice are doing shiometng dienffert. veli preictus rightow n. esgu hs toweyhre ara cgckinn dow eoon pxt tele whi dngrivi.
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theydssuen e frela`s. ciontati eythpo steo pplero aundhe thom w are usinghe tonh aesa rodi ahdeao tes am teaot mcyorecl pscolo anghe t rd.oa tyheav h12e of tm.he vantage point. you can see down inhe t cr.a dan tyhet le12 go busecaey the didn't haveghnouop peole t tuacyalll pul vve or. an>> dhia: tss ier intinest esongr o if calaorniva idinse. e'>> hcrs sg.apin e>> hrniane opeid hcuum arg loalcrw sgapinn opl airsane by scngrapiim h dselfgurinis th inhearng on wheili wl. sodymeboxt ne toim h is wgavin her hand.
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cyou\l aav h en n aav*nm arottma adachedo hato tict who le pt.asandel orox ns.iou thees geturid dn'tin w\l dr oveic ybevercorrsp elleciahey tan womec tnextoel go tesim h. it's bdannelay bos mtir asline. 'sheee bn aon lge timup seportr ofap ving and\lar-cigs.ette >> : kim this lis aook atar lam omodt ou forthest fire. tim hee appared w kithehlo rdkaanashi t athiste lisning typar forye kant wes lastht nig in y neworkty ci. ethwd croer che aingst wes edwalkou thrridom ght be hhindim. if'r youote nil famath wi wt tpu i himthn enpi heama ou fncnd uioonscerus he in ne ivadacob octi shruo ed tcaa lospl ho hitalere inas vego befere hs walat tre
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oshl.pita tmzisor repgtin thatye kan lpheedm odo in his lov recu^ e brymo plg ayinh roug acuts a hiom ta atepehe tyr lics. lamare fltom cedpell topp aear tonk tha himo flr ali hs sutppor. >> a: dan l heooks good in that ovide. whe nasoot ding w.ell whenas ie thpi hos htal ab num >> : kim tevenh hougndhe a kahirdasrean ang goiou thr esproc gs ofngettiiv a d,orceays a sbeenquup sivportelf oma la omod. an>> dila: hlarynt clino and niberede sanrs getting fsteiy wihtac eh otherin durg thee liv debate. im>> k t: it'she e e eth finural cait h comg inwn jursst houn jubee. wand te a. c ela pce.
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racoveomge c. up >>yl meree strp tinalkgbo aut rsdive iitywoolly swhat hhead to say ht thaabas e som speeknhakig theirds hea. >> : kim salso ttillo c,ome ewe'r tngakibeeno f pwayark
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olcympie skirs inct aion a ylcenturisink pr hasm tv yo all orur favchanite ,nels ns tove of lirts, spo mo and re -- l alstin crylearal-c hd. wa entch wh whe andoure y wantwi dvanth afeced atures ke liir our ws seelesp t-to box,e whol dvrhome ,an ism d prheon t go. an oosed chm froeta variy gre ofacat pkages yto fithomeour . ca .ll.. g...andrtet staithed w pr the seism esl tvntiadl bune. ll gyou'vet t us pl 4 up to0 megsof c ryentuntlink iernet al r onl fo75ly $th a mon. d thissouneal reds g at,pe esly icialu f yopolove s rts. isget prsentm estvial tand up mego 40 is oftnterne r fo75only $th a mon . sc ore! or, if l yougreaove vit moes... ut[ so ahern]ccent he cy,mentlee,in o goand n tge pr m esisntsel tvia wi p th umeto 40 ings of ettern lyfor on m $75 a.onth
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no [ vrmal ]oicel. cal .. t getestar dth wism prien ess ttial v uplus 4p togs0 me i ofnentereet sp d. st ju a $75th mon a forr yea th wiop autay. ee spy d mabenot il avaable ouin year ar . on roly fntm ceinuryl
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k >>weim: melcok bac t tohe raprogm. sjutrs hougo a theem dtiocractran caatndidores fsi pre,dentsl b ersand h clong goi efac to face date. th aey gre toingeo b h tpr dnevaa veryn. soo >> a danll: hi haryveas e hntsere aton syurda andd sunay. ingotg a itr ove aum nber ofcl suis iesdnclu ting sutpporom fre ni bererands wtoprard enesid obama. >> the kind of ccriti tismhat 'weeave hrdm froat senorde sanrs t abouprour enesidext i e omfrb eep rcaubli dns, no iot
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theme dtocrain nomnatio toel sud cceeidpreslma obai >> mec srretay. that is a low blow. so i h vavedoice cciritism. bemay h you'taven. ie. hav ibut tkhin to sstuggeha tt i vehace void nti cri,cismo guiehi tal n blyoush lku ta lbo an e thb blur tsaidexhe nt h tnie u stedstate reesagre iiverin bgngin lepeopto in p theicolitla ocpress. th wat's ihat atthic. s ihablha w lo ie veelie. president obamand a i are ndfries. an>> dhea: ke tal adboutak mgin tohisbory aut binecomg the first mfe palederesinnt i u thednite esstat horisty. hed sai held coue makto hisry binringg hisde ioas th teor flo inhi tsnt coury. k >> oim:hen tic top of prenesidtialol ps,itic we are ttgeingor wdat thhi tsm forer prenesideot g wrgeus. bllh wi be
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heo's g tingopp aeart ada de ai_n al rni inth souol caralina wiong th j notoe mak pinalfoush ppr sul stjuad aheth of xte nema priti thilat w fl beheor tub rep ouin sarth ca.olin cathe aermpp atlarenuny jior wu. bhash la p a_ rreatgatin is wi sthin couthinarol fa assar apot eythop a hrl r bining t gbigwiollo dinappointg rfpemaor fncesebor jn iow iand a wne hhiampsre. >> a: danpe ponc fraasis h taken foff rromome bnieginng a 7ay d ptrit tha isoi gng to takeim h to c tex mico. plthe ane dteepard. gheoes up tamhe rhp tis inmorng. llitte sletumb te.hercas peponc frailis wetl meoc a fora few ho wurs tithanussiho ort urchrun groakdbre sing mp iinrovg cliathoc odorthox
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im>> kea: br gkingdrounre the tbunzin endren rae. herd^e jue bileithad nas fil rfpenormauce joust h ars th cinalinurtain compo iths. hoseremi 1 198. withe t last of the big budget production shows ldhothing tre itadion that dat review. atth pre 15. erthwae le pyntf o hhige qliuai g bietbudger entmtain oenthen t pstrigoin erdiff wentutithoil jubee. i>>nk thi thet lasof thew sho rlgiws shol wil bese misd. these clooust y canretes i s.pari ithise s th olast a inhll te itunteta thi k inoppe wlel ilssmipe ir eythoc ass tiatehohe sthw wi s.vega.est i >>nk thi w shes ef rngerrido thone nem roo iover fnncrae. they are developing n aho s
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der^ano k ihat*culs io steho t.ugh >> a: dan w you tere lhere tnigh. awhst wa l itike? t>> ia ws a lleittta nosclgi and hi nadotn see o onef tehos sshow ine mor than tehre dedecas. iwhle i was sado t go, i rsunde ttoodgshin areha cg.ngin itt fel.ated asit wero un aroend whas i wid a k wand ihenunct*cas wna tee_to in m0'y 2s. 'sit ml p andleeopine wer tsad see ito gut b timesav he chd.ange >> : kimtwha w ianto tno kw and what eyoveranne wts ton kow is wh yenour dada ws part ofhe t ortrches faor that pctroduion anoud yen wt as aese ng youeser syoubi booes? >> : tom pthatcuartishlar ow ndba t wasrsloore und grdoun i solyotalo remved fromhe tho sw. an>> dwha: ouen yen wth witou yr d,da youe wer t fhreesloorow bel
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>>h, mnsiciat jus f sedres sd inttreeth cloes. k >>: ellyheweatser-wi d --id uyooy enj pnglayiol gf yedsteray? d >>: anaasit war wm. >> ll ke oy: iedpena. kll aelhe ndwi aowstnd i s was wtill syeayterd. 'rwena: oo lgkinertiondive aiag.oday mtesharl ttonapse omfrte yesyrdaws shos lot of nssu.hine we haveh hign thiud clods an the snsow iel m.ting gept ure the andla py inha tt, prlobabsy bee mto t. t thas thiues wed.eken tra mu hwe qiee morvdef orr e th70ese re-degstem ttuperaonres o ay w. .mt cesharlton it's 31. hein t vyalle q auitechon dit be u rmwaer. gryallet a 46.
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ntwaac a jket h ote bdoorlleyon w n't i ler on. 'rweeki loong ath higss preure st iillntr conol. slot ofsh sun ainendrou the area. pritecipnatioat st aiondroun atse btleutre we'ec expted to st dayryay tod. nsuny and 75. ghlitnd aar vleiab ws.ind il feeik lhae ttg sonod tay. 4or7 f thew. lo waseak te aoo ltk ahe t caforeest wre ara uoi g tngn sae s enc teatmpersurep droabou a cofple eedegriss thke weend. 73ig t hath syurda ndsu o74esn prt'ideny.s da wnext77eek we on dadnesd y an rez coseuld ste a syorm mstem iove tfordahursriy bgngincancnd ai ezbreon conditis. om>> tor: f f noweelske li erwint i osar cf ngsprie likaearebrue atrai r cnbow ourvens. u. 95 aftrfic hasn beeh ligtn ad witthou anycc atsiden. okloginre erevinythpg uo tpe sedom cing
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enth g youetnt io theow bld an ytever ihinghen t 6 low0's in rtefms o m hper oourrs eefr 'sthatt whaxpwe ethect imis ty orof m.ning tyourl raves timehewhetur yoe9 e aruninbo 9d onom5 fr w theacc or o 515 2rtonlo15, g okin nofor w. dnos elayhon tlee ffas here fsewayor >> a: dan's let goe livautohe tpior ooflfr osd naaq. wnees rhearc outw shosat th ne ivadaums nber onen ier tmsf o solarob jts, ast lea perap c.ita >>d gooor m.ning ino kuw yo are g daneva haduerd thige larst umn obere.s jobng amoll a theta stesn i5 201 and theos mt
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heto tol sarou fiondatn. 'iteas mnto tat cer to tehosho w nwatrg oanicod fo andon d'tt wan to spendhe thoir wleay pkchec in the pssroce. uyon ca getur yocc bro aolind uryo to.atto a>> dwhna: at a cnombin.atio acbnk i d theay i used too d it het old foashined way. yfed neoed tin fd ate da it was tinheze frond footi secon of my
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ha>> tt'ser whespee i n`go to r ancharces mee soorone eo some u yo uknowa ses ngdati. appl of41% ri ame kcanssonow emeong wheso usit digatal daiing l^ mesomeone eit thour spr se on rmtetn parhaer ty.t wa atwhin is sttereising the o th 5vero,ea yld o. an>> doua: ye hav t nolroube figndin a date. yoeu ar ewin n york city. ayoure a hnappe gingnallo. veyou' t gothat face. atwh iat thb. sno >>'s ite th iguyswn neor yk bcityut that is a crsonvenatio rfo aernoth day. an>> de'a: wavll hhae tt on theel letee phontisome ahaveat greke wee ti k >>i'im: yim saveng or neomeoe t'let s geinyou l the
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tbige coom cnedia inss enla pgyin .host i>>'m msaelisar mcc athynd i'm stho singnlh witmao unan k nuees w l >> a atse thel naian poelishs. w>>isolokh jte a>> iis polhed. k >>loim: ook hw gouorges she s.look herr hai isfierric. sshe ipuomoos hgtinroomor tnigh emake sur t^ficn io o th on is ervnehanaravou yil check oute n3ws at 11:00 p.m. > ha>> t btand ok go dinefyg avgr qityeuit laliter ilyn their latest vo.ide kchec it ether ieqloea rool. threey ain dogs thi in a p
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ethla pne saitrtghp und a trstaighn dows thi. isow hellos he tray tro asttsnau rebefoy the go to thec scepa atstoni. > th>> enre we'ea hgrinro fm rymetrl seep. atwh s isheaus accey. of thhe t tca osrin wner tpoinuted o toep rrsorteha tt a rmajo iitys fe.emal wsheased ask about her owkngeledlacafriiln fndms a ntommee' wllre aic afrans alrely. andh tnen agy eanptior repter asdkef i sheer unddsstan the mileddt easle se th noric afrpel^nd acu ssheel_ plau becse esh hot jusn see b tin tuckwo. atheyllre aht rig and sttree's icpubl istnot rndespo tingo
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an>> duya: gs goeleto ldal loc erburgg kinaurest arant chsnat aess purnde arht fig ckbady bomm slaace dud the gunrod. k>>: imowsh lingove. yoreu aoi gng toee sow h ngpe auinsre cebelrating valentine's day> ch> ra hael:appyal vneenti's da y.
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ysalwae bse desrtf i you okco. > ll> keety: lak's t le aook at the traempeestur as gyouet dyrea h toead out the door.
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deboulr c yityou are at 48. cnicealmds win as trael w e as w theadghhrouthout ye da tgogeo bin rislyuickr etht las by0 1:0weul shode binhe t 70re-degane range ed w're logokin atid m 70'sor fig hhs today. thaye dets gtingon l.ger nsueris at2 6:3 thisni morng. d >> tana: yhankou. ani wars thie vidrtesou y're ab toutg e seay mbe disturbing foome. trroopet juslk wao agng lode desia of 7elig h whway ahen a d cobames inrrelwag toimrd h p heoi's go ng o >> in o hisuds wor hhat stoboay aarare f aedom enspy earlntan eyeire ar uprropa s an>> d ce ef omlaep dsutien
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inxitotecaedndnd a i>> kuem: d in ct.our ethou fr hdol oaoler wee tht laso en ofla a grger troupthan szeei thifildleu refgerl neay six we aeksgop un ire o.gon wtheyerero pitesthang wtth ey vi aews theed feralve ocrreah. nowh tata mn is binehd bsar in
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haroundrris adesteaer youn an>> do a: nn'you dot. os b arurgeg kin. strentaura ase purna sertch t andthao wnma tnoav hngi it. ta hkingimn. dow we s'llhow yout whape hapned xnet. im>> kop: peleti getng awithsu pntsidedi canedats a you see himuni sig. y atwhs he'ar sweheing w not do again headedur yoay. 'vtheyee mad aki slo spe at ayfenwk partu fea oringilympc ieskndrs a swnoor bders unlangchio int.umps aweore ging to haveon cuetind live cerovgea"w on uakethp wi the w."nerspr
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uph witzanag w.ners >> : kimewe'vn see s.m theoi gng ndow ando int theut od.fiel >> an d: ai tinhk tthas intceer elfithd aeyre gngoi to land in. th iisso colo tch wat elai str down. iinmagdy budav didig mht bhee thire tsor mg.nin we'll keep ours eye open for atth. ki>> em: w'reck cheing inh wit mtoo whas hn beela pyingnu pore ortersn la vos teennmrtai mornng i adonditi tora t.ffic youe wer a jteeubilt lasig nht andat thho sw is noor me. om>> t: i wedatch the rtenteenainm dt gofoown elhe tud stlae timubof j ailee 3fter s.year
5:32 am
iito nor ms af o ahi t mog.rnin ele valooy l tnza an5d 1do ki looowng tsard ta ceerntf o.own,ht ligff tra aics yoouu w eldtxpec thisme ti of rnmod atrngettiw sloas*ficn oo95he esa sjundt uixer sestaes mil v h ttha n isinoth tma wu abot. ew areun r iningnhe tnoreen right now. tle'sck cheea werth withel kly. >> ly kel: its ingookiat grea. y.toda ewe'reamos oi gho sunenshie oncha ttun som cesp u y69 bo nonod tay. by 3:00 wee'r ggoin to hit a ghih iarebru whta e wet xpecs dhe tk weeel comingp. u k >>bim: eig nhws tis mngorni. onotnlyas h bundy been atrresed wandot hrandet dsail aes t. ywhs he' b beld tt anst idoffsal fin olyvers thi
5:33 am
up inre ogon. d >> mana:llichese in oh tis storyn ir f oontfhe tnoaedermollesll urcosethou. w norewe a c lsedhargh wit nifeloeres hn i lasas veg. ep>> rr:orte. yes handeas wrr adestep un iausadre o nobut cat be ouse w hainppenng ic en re o hegacinehargr el ue dot lid oll wi plybabre mreme tbergonea y arsego ho deas wbio qu pafrt osabai b sfndofat th ap hnpenig upin brvunkeille hand fe'sgacinrg cha oesn t.hat atthle whoit souati in upn egor aon,fterea n trlywoth mons, ita finllya come t aea plcefu dente yes ardayndhe tt las portestser we reemovd. eythve surncillaide veo sudrren teredo ariuthostie after a datramic phone c tall whatas live smetread on the inentert. fthe..b.i wngorkith wi aiegencs stooee hwh muc deamag was done
5:34 am
itll wi bese clodr foev seral we wekshile bomb ticechnians comb the area. atthit stiuaon cinomg to a peulacefen od t tehie relff o thomat ctmuniubth up ch ndbus y wan takes rus c btody fonot atr whpe hapinned ln.regore 'sherg chaited wx h sitscoun terelaod tyh t 2e401 sndtaf ofup in brvunke.ille ashe wu\s n kec^to cusndy ifi pondrtla. whenas o hays welmo s tport onoregmacc oerupieo dhi w u de woreuld ermembwa he lls te nthemo ot t ugiveenp evug tho was tegllinm the t gpe u efpeacy.ulllic no'sw hein facarg chges. arappeance yedaster jy aeudgomed saia. buisndy ot a palentiaqgh fliskt riu beand e caushaof t it heins go. e to binstay pg ine olicodcustcungeari onn tauesd a t on rysto of mgovints par.
5:35 am
chasenan to se mnoblore heoods td inhis unan bsdy i gong t gacinaunha cet wha enhappciea ygo a. an>> dhaa: tounk y. and euaventhelly ll wi be raextdditem frotl porand taso l gveoas t face the sixo felny tscoun. hewhn tatpe hapned, we't don owkn but he'sng goin rie bgo inn towtlshory. im>> kste h hardodis brdygua inietervr r the aancheo isa hd hec^aad buaee f oling ft le tant rech h a hadpaa elfe hingtasn'unfinaom c bing to awn hnde wdante to goy.nywa a na a gtrrucur p henatciss betatg burar isthpe hapt las .onth weinette che troideow. maanes tri toab gran wom's purse. shes iot nav hing it. gshe trabshe guynd a bdyolams hiom td.roun al bertandps jump. hel
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5:37 am
k >>onim: e th t. mef o c levae'ntinay d. le ct'sheckn i withen kl.dal ayoure at aoc lloal f rist iand tbet aheyre in a7 24/ti getng areordy f all theel >> thisor minn wge are in central las vegas on west archstle.on isths ihe ta w,ayur fg gino tg o oidenalnetiga d, ayvehaou y oto g oig c h witod goeeso rea sthi m wningt sen out a rvsueynd a 54%f o wenom sdai eythou w actually break u thwiom sneeor ithf deyn'idget n a ftgin olevainntse'a dy. soak t teish as yrouin f mireernd. levainntse'ay ds ius jt twoay ds aw.ay atth is sunday february 14. yif aoureet gngtian yrouen setwee mesog,thin a howowe flo veyou'n bee fhere4or 3cesea yo
5:38 am
gave y>>, es hweave. ths is iimg te. t'leals t tbout ngarranteme'v weeee bor winkg .on owflser arehe tig b dale. theesre aenozon lstg em ves.rose tifrehes imesoe on hateom wanting to do something spec atwh do you suggest? >> this wouldee b bnn ama ainzt gi.ft cwedd aea b andho clacoet danal bsloon. we>> l wil be back h aeret the eflow srhop. i'm ggoiny mev sle lerold up. rtrepoinge livin tr cenasal l
5:39 am
>> : kim sit'sico nhee trey aelo en gigvin td goo l d t e "wakiup wheth tcrne wag"rs. d >> tana:heet b dtereals i nggivise tho rsose theay d r.afte >> : kimusbecaoe yhiu tounk y're go tingo get "deet b?rice whod dir? eve >> a: dando i know. we're going to tlelou yho w esdo wn'tant to seehi ts game pleayd ainga. k>>m:ie wa h ivenrooy b fedengndied freomwn domoer unds 'ita do ablra isths iqu meak ary stoi\nnd a vehahe tet dlsaiea hd deuryo y.wa d>>a:ane w take tj y fouwaeny paherk where tary ote nla pying baseball today. they are doing this.s w hot aboucka bap fliea udou yn an m ithisig airn evet urfeat oingiclympki sersnd a wsnoor bs.der
5:40 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
of5he 9to botm of the itexp ram as youe gto t chesarlton. uyoav he lsightla fgshinnd a a toruw tckrr ag.ivin isthan is id acconent e thexi 9 theud an scuou b inheto twl bo t aimes etpructy m h soutd bounheon tst 15 ngartiw d 46le mins ar hou el he t coe.mmut ayoutre s gillo t wgohit tra.imes mi'ngeadi_nro pblba ty to moinuntaves oher to w.kend xpi eo s see some ilushn atth snow. k >>:ellyt mel tinguphereson a ertempreatuavs heee b anbove zifree engsiaspeclly dgurin the afnoters.our flgoamin andld bouerig hyhwa 43. ysoount wa aat co hngeadi out thoe dutor bpe temreratures a go tingoro imp 56re-degoes fhr tide ks onhe t twayooo sch alndn o the waylo
5:44 am
tges out andy. pla an>> deaa: wrsc sun.reen k >>yoim: ouu w'tldnnk this thi imtfe or yea butit w thhat ertempeaturdolae. sur >> 's> hele refngcti h on imisson. we t'rengalkine sith.ellydd atwhs he'kfthanorul f w andhat heelperis m m froetplante.arth th iatdeades ay w. an>> dara: hnrisod forke bro his leurg dingho sg otinfore th ret cenr"stas" warov mie. sodymebos iin suecg b oausef that.
5:46 am
when g you get oneerig int netomfrry centundlink asm t privd ane they'r delbothediveron er a supt fi-fasneber twork ctdireyoly to e,ur hom it's zi ama ng. i itins amaz g,t bu ydohiou tnk his delivery was a ttlit le flahat on tone? ju -st -ye ah. paum, thul, i ink ait'se littlrebit moe, lik s "it'g!amazin " , wooh w.mooh, tm, thawas lyreal good. th you.ank [ ]ghs likfeel eho a d llywooder.insi ..ok llay, i'on work it..w ..prisith m tvus plnt gig it sperneeed
5:47 am
im>> klc: we bomeack. afterpoin usomg s laltyaanguv.] relycenton, d tald: dro psmise ian cle h upctis adar scomenai sear swe wsord or the emayb youul shotdn' use them sword. an>> dea: het's ggtinti crimcis forn usigm theut bas ltig nht he sayso nor me. >> in' wot uose ful lagangue. ni'moot gh*s t threey a s allgayin i do. .it i'no, t.m nodi gtheyheet tobir jecs b tauseo vgiceam cnpaigtr coniibut tonsno lipoanticiecs, be ause ar tniceicolit.ians tthas itt beer,ig rht? aan wome hre i osny mid se. sheai sdon do't dt. i dodn't o. it cabe eusemun whejeit no a d,worit if at lititle bla, off eythpo m
5:48 am
wekee h cleal tdedru cz aad b rdwota sgrtinh wit thett leer p anotd g a lotf ot heao frh tat. im>> k m: aveassie firni burng tthart staedte yesyrda teafn.rnoo fifirersghtee havn bee enscce sin wscrece forng briin at wer trsuck andou prt iig rhtnt io thei ste. ono rep ortsf iinjures. ist ill sti sermolding. >> a: dan h we naveeweo vid owshaning ah oklhioma yghwa thporee-hiint at bylo rol clvehi e we'rgonot toing w shothyou pc tuacmpal i 'rweine go sg toittop ht rig ac wcide then chat riatght . him ashe wnopi hos.tal ter unddstans he' t onmehe nd d ansplan r tornetu to jthe
5:49 am
im>> kot: sccht slyoolitoing to b beackt nexth moner aften dispen yng a.pace ylv 'sitert parimxper oentn whoei bng ince spaff aects the dybo. ehha s a t dwin hown aereos yu knedarriextab gab gd.for ykella sid how the eiexpernce sha cedhangis h ookutlo on gsthinn eve like foreedm. >> a year now seemsge lonr thanla ixpisug thotht ita w b aosc detfinielyav he aancipprenatio for cinertahi tngsh tat fomreed aneid bng on earth pderovi. but cinertaeily bngfi con fnedor pthisderio of timeots n thsomehi teonk pple wo--uld s it'if dntfereh wouen y arne ipa s ceandoi domng sngethi tyouhinks imp intorta. ibut ditefin tely ihinkou wld inkd r ofhelis my fomreedor me
5:50 am
i did be.efor >> m: kiea resrsrchee ardy stuing tthewins to determine howg aing ta pkeselac dreiffeyntl in space. >> a: dan l thenondo b not falling down.ap erth ae istu pichire trns moin kecr t ceseas re cesatur uipeng a the zoo given their vofateri fish served i hnrtea shpeabld ckosf o i.ce inmorng. >> kim: the only thingh t wodulak mhae tutt cers i y ifou dhari p gncegeeor p anderincsspe chloare tterthe. >> w dan tantodo pensnguistld chiiol invm atthnd soukes liup a sower b ad. im>> kul: co d betaow h he yaro lss geman h agingarahe tio aonul regayar d an>> dhea: te y arg goin
5:51 am
teinrm ss li c esprt.iden >> : tomrinteper he. k >>: ellyngstri a hasedrriv is whtat itoee fls like. lo fts o sinunshe. yedsteriay hhigh tlon cuds. aot lke ollff tra i ctexpere thebe to ot a l of trcaffi wmua iontdehe tl s rethye-da deee w fkenddaom s oppele. teatmper wure aiseos yetu g re tadyeao h oduts thini morng, thsis it whae' wreoo lking at. spgrin vyalle6 4. sa t we aakeoo lkt ah te highs wee ar etxpecscros snther neavad l,odayck che out th neserumbe erov herf osempe6. 7ra u linegas v.ay tod 75. tthat tiesheo recrd setin 1954. ovheer tee wkendoo lkingat gre. 73 and 74or fun sday and my.onda >> : tom a wereoo lkingre ptty dgoo t onhe rayoadws.
5:52 am
a ceoupl ofic veh hlesaved tie up t o. tsligh arela fgshin. 'sitck blothing ete ceneanf o ethret exi\srdan loy,o tcompn oru prias endtboumm lechar.ston tintoowhe b inrunn tg upeeo spa erth oe islane pdoyer n wn o elfiutd sounh bo td on5he 1 onverstho sr.uldeer stjuvy heaff tras ic atart to c getrloseo0. 6:0n >> a: danu yor heat. tha. t ihatheot r oorsfky s. 3 ithatos tmea hded upstairs. hell'i gves u air bdsye eie vw inb a10out esinut.
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5:54 am
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5:55 am
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5:56 am
closet iow d sninayghe ton dkeys areie bngbu aseder he. tbu thech soolay sst' is adtrnitiod anai rses meony for archanity hed tamel wil go. on t eo nexw mico. deesputi hado tke taar ce of dkifts aerey thn elul povled heer t bie kidad's ord fnngrivink drutbo q mo nnday.ight e ther was re the t -yfive-oearsld adrl. welr ofone uees lhe taicff osiceria eom cedfortlo domcs naldfofor od. thadey hehangat direey dpers inat th and the kids were later reasle ted toheou ythnd a lifami destmeparenthe > m>>eovr oveerrobwnt doey, jr. kmae room for iron b.oy th iis asis wh kid out of aulistraa. 'sheay alwsan w ttedoe b a shiis w whaso ta svehe ty cit fmro whe aaseblo t doo sd anrtrobe
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in m the tovieedweett dut o im>> kre: bgakinws nes iyi plang tou in our ownck ba.yard wee hav ata sfndofin gong o tath testarad ltete yes.rday 'wehere cgckin l invei with cr faig tromhe.ceneatla d >> aana:rinsweorng fir thesr tiacq ndbuhiy bearnd biss thni mor
6:00 am
well'iletae th tsounga ainst ahimaynywve lipo renrt ibu ntmome >> : kimp'trumous ycran fu nadoruld tuesho sis hup srtpo igby s ey awahaon t moit ltos guy. soal.kimal ttboufo om snethie issdmiwe sgarinr 'lwehl s tare aadhe. >> an d ga:doo mnorgin and lcweeom. in frenom f pwayarkre whe theyy pla babase tll, aheygoins thide this im>> kt': ihes tg biir ana.t a nwfenve skrie asndno swor brsde lacunnghint ipsum into the ouietfd.l d>>a:ant' is ondill othf "de toayh s iow"s es oliveen thne sceis ths se lor mning anud fanl no t watch her expression as tehes guys get mveassi air fofse thops jum.


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