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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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withthgae ortiniza on a>>nn ancou:er from cnb wsne, is th is ay"tod" whitat klehie e orgiffndd a hoda ,kotb livem fro iostud 1ir the a in rfeockeller az pla. >> youe mad it! its i ietrd, farebruy2 1th. dimerethie vria iser he for iekathe. le t >>hank you! >> llheo! >> s it'ay alws a eapl.sure i>>ik le thate w wentas cual da toy. >> you tolde m to go alcasu. >>he tldy to me youan wtoted go ca .sual
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weyou relu sgrrinou y rs.word yo ud sai o"g suca gal,o caalsu." you never remember. >> we have benll stier .here t >>shat' why iee agrod t did . it >> have youee sn oo"zerland 2"? >> .no bu tpl peoave hen seet. i h >>soe's fu nny. he d sai thest firov midie dn't en ev do .well it ne's o ofse tho weirdne os at thom becesik le a cult inthg. >> s it'o s nnfuy. ah ye, twahat oos gd one. do k you tnow hatjenna 'sbush th mo-er - en>> wutt o with me? i >>st wa o onefer hav feorit vi moes. an hed tkey asd ho er tbe in "z ndoolaer "2. w >>as shen i it? >> ,noec bauset iwase lik an
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d anll we'k tal rtiomanc enweekds. >> a howyore u? i >>'m good. i >>s ethvery inggood? >> oh, erevngythi's hypeac. you ryeall have tong briha tt ? up no 'm, i fine. ev hierytsng i alrely,ea rlly ok ay. rt so l ofike flat line. no, erevngythi's .good mysbhusand' bdairthy is ndsuay. >> ntvalesine' di? h>>e's aal vneenti .baby w iould like toeb celratend a he do tesn'e lik biayrthds. he tshink ntvalesine'ay da is ffripo, rerastaunts, so ex ivpense, they jack up the pr oicesflo fwersnd aic bas ally no g.thin ha>> t t'sit? >> s this i it. heit the cape win -- >> 'r youeot nnk driing ca be -use- >> au bec iseav ge itp u for le nt. an hed toun yed ask me on the .show >> i know, of allhe tng this to ve gi up. >> e havou yve eren giv up wine
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y >>ouno kwt' whas nnfu'my, i ac altuly not aug hee win dr r.inke ou>> yay alwsav he thell sme of om ch co al sholhao wet ar you dr nginki? no, seslriouy. >> ie lik quteila. kyounow why? usbecae iik le toet g e.ther n'i doikt loe tnd spe .time y >>ou't don wanto t be in the gh riant lfe o the wahighy, you twanteo b in the ftle. icant jusay s soinmethg? pi i ck upy ml"walee strt ur jo nal"y.toda icanel tl you wtha is on- - >> page 87. >> .hoda a whole alerticn o hoda "a tv host rctefles on fngindi her own "way. nei kwou you wtldn'ri bng it up. it 's aubefutil, autboou h osef re esprtaenveti ysrouar ptsen ca merehe. >> i jtusik le ttha one sh.ot
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rothe .ones >>eo pple whoha spedou y that ma oude y -- all kngiddi aside, grthe eatstarti. >>et l'sy pla a rtiomanc film .game at whou's yrav feoritan romtic e?movi >> oh, bohoy, , ahye. i like ov"le aclytual." t >>shat' nemi, too! d an iov le et"swe home abal"ama. >> i never sawha te.t on is this eagrt? >> t' isee rse wrsithe -poon- >> do youe lik "the edincrible jo y"urneh withe tee thrni a mals tandhey gett los ande com back d anir theil famy msisse them. it's.deep >> pay atiotentn. >>e' w greoing to lookt aone ot shm fro aom rcantiil fd l an
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es guhas wt the fill si-fn alillfilm .is oh ,h o n"moo sk.truc" d dijuyou st urdmsrscue? >>.no >> give mi eg xianana chce aan chce. >> , ohom "ran daholiy." we 're edti. s >>he got right. d >>on'tay s itht rig ayaw. e"lov alactuly." >> yes! yo ut justo sle ov"leua act lly" fromme? no bodyal stes "love aclytual" from .me at wh y was fouritavore ,parto d reyou ermemb? >> ie lov thece snere whe she go utes on ithe hay?llwa
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iik le the onehe wnt' whas s hi me na, colinir fsts i dngrivi and he says myor favitet parth of e y da is withou y and heay ss it ugport -uese- tshat'ou yrat nive co y.untr t'>> is not my neativ ngla.uage i't can evenay s the ualangge. i t don' wknowhyou y go erthe. >> he soe gs my fitavore part of dtheay -- i >>sn wheyou driveho me me? 'sthat t.grea i'mti getng y.tear >>'s let talkut aboov le ngsos. it y's ban v moonrris. yo u." >> t' thans i e"lov alactuly,"
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oh , "betridg jo"nes, thank you. s neomeo exyactlik leou y >> andhi tss i whenin col and cherome thtogeer,sn i't it? >>,ohs it'ro fm "btrige jo"nes, reyou' ghrit. he>> tmo comnom denorinat is co lin. >> thsere'et somhing autbo him. >> re?ally in' didict pk all trond uer a id brge. he a's veryex sy man. >> ian wt toea hr it. at whou's yavr feorite lov ngso? >>e mins ioi gong t seem weird. en wh rrdicha and i got mad,rrie adwe hoo a bmox b and we made a ca tessete tap and theoi pnter st si wers bereig and 'm"io s ci ex"ted. hwhic w ishy iov let tha s cene frome"lov tuac".ally
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da g ncinhito tns or youed wding da y? h >>en' wastci dan mnguch but i s. wa d >>ouid y pitick orid d ?he >> i did. wi outh y we bothik lent poiers si s.ster asit wt jusfu joynyl ma. d >>o youav he atu picre of your an d dimereth's wngeddi day? i >>t's not ready. i >>'vey onlee bnar m friedor 30 ye arsago. 's itot n adrey. th iss i- - >>t' thas m notydi wedng ct piure. at thks looik le wree'lo c tseo gtherave erthe. my god,y thead h s!hour i goter het a 7.m houhe ty ew knhi tss wa g toingo ha.ppen y >>ou smee leik awe florld chi en wh w youere g.youn >> as i wy vermuch pphiie, no a. br >> didu?yo d di youn bur it? >> no,,no no, no, ,no it jus ne vere wor one. >> why? >>ec b iauses t wa pthatd erioof
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>> iad h ahi tngn o my head. asit wpo sup tsedo be frslowe bu the tyd sai frsloweld wou die. y >>eeou sm pphiie. >>l bel ttbo oms. d>>ouid y e?smok >> cittgarees. >> i can preictu - you- t >>shat'li temtuac nallyott whayou t.mean >> l get'soo t our top songro fm ifspoty. is th is"pgrhoto"aph. i >>ov let. tha f>> i'r youe bored, gog goole is th -- >> ou yr eve canp kee mens iide the ptocke ofr youip r ped
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um>> n bertwo, "allf o ,"meoh jn le .gend e lovou yrve cursnd a allr you ed ages,ll y pourcterfe im ecperfstion 'sthatut bea ifulngso. ve>> edyrybo used forhe tir dd weing. it got atl litela pyed out. >> you k?thin >> now iov let i n.agai >> so theum nberne og son on sp y,otif loveon sg of imallte obutf the cnturregs son iss thi boneyus jtin erbieb, "love yo lfurse." . >> oh, byba y,ouho sgould nd a yloveeloursf >> on i dhi't thank tt's the nu omberne .song >>ha wto dyouhi thank tt .is i >>ouf y lthike e wayou yk loo seyourlf.
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h >>ed sai if youe lik the way u yok loo so chmu,ou y gveo lo yo lfurse. i >>ho tughtt int meaom sngethi ti enivre lffe dit.eren ti en relyerdiffent. >> s youpet use thena scerios d ann the youy plaik l teheet swe li gttleirl fromou yrat nive nd la e ofgypt andha wrteve and i ke ta the fall. n itotng goi to hnappe again. hit'sneapped one tanoo my ti mes. >> he t nrumbe oneon sg -- c >>an ius jtay s- -ow nou y ke ma l meook bad. oh,d goofor stjuin. reyou' the one whoik les it lepeopt jus sgayin the anmeing. ni'motay singe' hots n a good ersing. at wh.ever he tre'sumhe nberne o .song itmp stused u -- >>n i is nrumbe one teliy?rall >>um nberne o ofll a --ot nf o -all-t whas i it? >> gngetti .busy >> oh, whahat edppeno t the ernumb one songo noneve er
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>>s this i theum nber oneon sg en whpl peote gesy bu. u yow knot whae w mean. 's itle cald don't. i >>t'she wn theyov le th lvemsees. i' om s cseonfud by isth. on one sgds leao t anr.othe i t don'deunndrsta. at wh ishi ts ngso? t isahis t>>hiss i aoo gd tiqueson. >> widhy de w do it? >> we don't know. ve ha e youver seenwn oersk loo li heke tmair zug. >> -- dog? >> yes. yever dog we'veve er hadoo lks li ke chriard. >> did p youick itec bause -- >> no j, ittuust rned out. ha>> w dtogo dthyou ink you looklike? i >>'m sc.ared er th ae'sn app thatks loo at ur yoe facnd a tells youte whaver
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nyi a i'm pblrobaye lik a pugr o thsomeing. >> h, o'r youe so l.rega wh sat i that? >> anfg ahan unhod. ha>> tt'so stibeauful. th sat i so atuntitracve. an hed tts roo needo t be nedo. >> oh, you get theut ce one! oh , ian wted ake cocr anspiel. ve>> e dryayou yt wan aoc cker an spiel. ev ery se inglday i wantoc cker sp l.anie n'i doavt he ake cocr iespanl. >> we didhi kate e,le too. >> he tse ,cute too. >> she is at wes hindghlate whi te r.rrie on . dn diou't yl feeth at? >> no, !no
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. >> > it hasn bee 15 yearsin sce aswe lt laid ice onhe t great pe sur l.mode >> e nowric olzorande is backn i la"zoo 2nder"i . is re theli earer twehis ekat khy an edswerad h -- and i had a ch tanceo chatit w bhen to figure out ife h still hadha w t it ketas. >> sh fla me that incredible .look mgivee that crinleedib ummagn. >> hi t nk,fast ma.gnum gn maum >> oh, come on! g upot hadut b you got to cufos. >> oh! c >>ome on! >> hansell, !stop >> you got isth! m>> waybeeld cou try a wa otshclh. >> elhansl, no! ! no 's it not wkior!ng >> t andshat' the dtirama crtpa.
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i >>t's anel intualectl llfim. ha>> wst wae h ryeallow thring at u?yo h >>se wa tinhrowg obs.ject sweephot theil fmn ita ilynd a mthey tadesehe soft -- but they n'werehat tt ftso. hii tnkhe t ditefinionf oof st -in - >> a minsstraonlati. >>ahye. hianytng. so s it' all for i >>at's ll aor f the sakef o osmicr. ofty ->> - t of hevimoe. >> n whehe t firstne o came t,ou bo noendy wt toee s it. y >>ouev nerno kitw whhe tse th .ings he>> tean yrsta s trtedo go by d an i justta srted toee fl pe wople mouldonentie blute sel or y theld woual tk about the vi monde a itid dn'tm see too g ,awaych whiev ner has.ppen llusuahey wn aov m die'toesn
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wi ell b at cul t.hi th oisne itct ayuall enhapped. >> was itot ny mon s whoke bro th ewe ns is. >> i't donw kno if youem rr embe bthis wute're going to walk wn do myemore lantta liuile blt with b --itit wh u.yo ba t ck athean nettuckm fil ivfestal. >> do you wanto t aounnenc it? i >> canon c wfirme'reti wring la"zoo 2nder." so on. >> i was lgivin on the restet. ahad badru dgro pblem. >> y cod waso s ciexted. >>t thaliwas hake wt, 0520?
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e >> wewrot a st crip00in 25 we dn di'to dut bn the we wrote ot an ohernne i0 201 that we did do . >> matt uelar. st juin erbieb. >>al natie mos.rale s >>omef oonthe oues y't don pe excter wee th most funor f me. tt ma g's a reatr.acto he ld couea lveer hnde aom bece an r.acto en wh youee s mrsembeth of e i've iciconus ind strynghowip u and be aingutbsole i curidi. lous >> in p fthe tirst imear,oundob nody wknew whatree we indog. e tht facha tt we gotid dav bo wie. he n hado rn easoe to bhein t mo ch mo aviee nd h nwasiceo tdo it. >> jennaus bh was ,here w sheas li key m mom lovesha ttie mov!
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>> itwe is ird. >> ha sfwpdwhhaat edppen? >> i h sawier, ea rched out for r he toin be theon secd e.on sh e polylite deedclin. >>why? ec>> b sauseashe w t.smar >> n thee wt wenor fia juln as ange bute h cn'ouldt get .free >> la"zoonder 2"s i inhe tsater st tiarng today. >> and we put togheret ausic m video. hop ie upoy enj youwishinr sk could bbounce ack qas auickly us itto?sed rogeneutydna hosro bor t wategel in tlystanen qukiches sn to epket su ileppan hyd ateddr da y afte y.r da fo edrmulathy with ingdrathy icaluronwh acid ich reins ta tup1000o me tiwes its ight atin w ter hisfresre whingelater g ps splum kins cellwith
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d anrt fliy oustfit forou yr va ntlee'indas y. ilgricled chdken anbu bsh'seaaked bns.>> totamom folly orgot tve givege us establ. . i knowweit's a.some >>bo h.o-ya owblup it . bu baksh'seaed bns. sl cooowd kecordacg in ourto secr fetily amcirepe th awiin hof st they're the vegetable kids love. ey'rthtae totilly eathng vegeeir establ. ow>>blup. it atwhaa? 's bbush bakedeans. ggthe ves ie y ou trwer nevost flar, ian asbbq.av blailaae for telimime od tinly. cu aring i yeastonnfecti tacan day ev relithe ing ..itch. ha can nsppen ily.tant vagi masil ngx streanth tch ti-iswipe re eve lichitnd o ar doinstantly as w sot hy waieel to forcomftable? us trsit vagil. nu the onembere wipchfor it. meet the matte withiv v iidacmpt. w nevivimad e ttquli lid iplocofrr momaybelline new york. w no glipsvio vithd wi... su saper ratud telocor senew usnsuol fee endr ychr oupslin ivivimad
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kemat ipphaen maelybneliew nor yk ne she needs a cow mffeeaker.d anw tva ne. e sh nehas ned a-iew onetis. i' hll get fer fo d r branlinames samske anung igd keur. r and fontlow mo hlyenpaymatts, st. ng ficoerhut. m. t starngshoppi. today k >>im: d gooinmornimg, k and da agna wner aherewst ne 3.we e havt a peurin o st ep be e causof th is.>> a: dan i knigow r ht?>> ki m: wwie plly laatwh to pe exorct f theenweekd. d >> ana:itks looea bifut.ul n olathe gas ves rist
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d. e thnafil rtcun aistla t,nigh m toy hollwa ts inhe enaudi ce la st t.nigh t a loof people were doing the same tnghiha tt whe dasngoi . sothfie l naowshha tt beingan 3 --5 s yearr late theye ar incall g its.quit bitngris ba mckorems ie ofthe rs fiowt she lik ythisliard ve sh ow s,girlth feaaners d this testar d in.1955 knyou ow cthate irqudu ilsole s hanedohe t setyofpes ws sho inlas gaves. k >> iim: t llwiex be ngciti to sewhe tatuthe fure inbrs gs a asfar rtenteenainm t onlathe s ga ves p.stri s let' talkt abouwethe r athe w. no cayou ven ha g a bie smil on yo ur faorce fs thione y.kell el>> k ly: y oh m, gosh asuch t greaenweek d toouget t, en gjoy,o hi, kingt planthe rk pa. yb makee ta yoweur sarethet ou e tsidthfor e di?nner 74 eedegrr s fothe exedpect-in hr pa 7ump, l5 inas gaves to
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thisekwe end,, welly,sunn 73 tu sa arday3 nd 7for vainlente's enesidts' dahiy, w lch af ot o lepeope havdathe ofy t f, i is su nny d an 74.>> a: dan is it ri ter fic, just t abourfpe e atweisher ll reay ceni in th ste we reand callyinold e th .east ayso mbe eythl willybe fing re hege to t t ouof e thldco. k >> iim: s bithaad tdot i t no ofeelitne b d?ba oui she ld belfesoing forry r em tht , bui do
10:30 am
up wi s,th u anam cdadapeoooo > >> ,oh re medithie visria inor f y.kath were ang goio t steamhi tngs up dp help wtherou y s'repend being e th nightn i a hot tubh witou yr ve loe r, w jhave tusthe wein for you. >> ande wav hewo t p our wine ex s,pertin "we for mewon" au .thor j>> iust w tantont poi one th ing out. e on of us is a eafrk. it's not ray, ist' not ielesl. pl seeaet g a osclupe-f o dimereth. me so,bodyea plse. i' egm b gingyou. ino canlpt he i'mend.dowe k >> wids,ree ath in ote h tub. t ishere a salpeci ?wine >> t iheres.
10:31 am
an y. >> t can'. >> ian wt youo tt geuryo dilev on , .girl is th ishe t desvil' cctolleion d ans it'm fro chile,s it'ig lht d anit fruynd a it'snd uer a wscre cap sohe wun yo get in a ho bt tu- - >> lyreal? >>s it'er und aew scr 'sthat ntfac.asti ve>> eorn me ndhay, theex nt one th eat w ghbrout,nf ieiniton mkey searoom, sgetrane, namte whi wine in a can. >> a in can? >> s it' beecomnc iblrediy pu polar. wh fole ioodssel s ilingt like y.craz >> ando n glass. >> nola gss aunrodhe t hot b,tu alrely reabcyclle. it er's vyig lhtly zzfi cy,hill it wndo. it'sor st of ideal forti sitng in a hot,te samy hot b.tu
10:32 am
>> pet!rfec h>>eld ro! >>e wee nde mor newi. wh>> sere' the clr?icke ld ho on. s let'enpretked lire we' tc wahing aoz cy movie. t ishis a bonoteok? >> it's a nooktebo. i >>e lovhi ts wine. th sis i the -- oh, pcpoorn? >>,oh prnopcos goe t.grea , ohhe t pcposorn' down w.belo ithissak sney sh.iraz it'sdeoulicis. 's it t afierrictl bot re ofed .wine >>o d yaiou prt i with anngythi? >>pon.pcor w itoulde bll reaooy gdh wit beefer jkyr o soinmethg. t >>shat' my sdecon oichce.
10:33 am
>> iho tught i washe t leittl .port >> no,'r youe myit ltle tart, indarlg. >> i love rtpo. t>>shis i the reserve. it nd's uer $or20 fs. thi t'so is aan fictastally fo aflerdab ntvalesine'gi ft. n ca syounit o the uccoh. >> tshat'e nic skp. t'>> is lides.ciou t'>> is sweet,he t port. >> pesurb. >> eagrt, great. w nore we'ng goi toe givou y a li ttleis ks ofin weh wit w aein fr om i>>f is if youre a going to pop e th tiqueson. k >> oissf th iiss and ponio. cyouan see toannio. 's heot ge som leittlhi tngs ha g ngintrighn dowether ftheinalng this if i yeou'r go tingo pophe t tiqueson, ch gnampae. >> !whoa >> all t,righ rschee, ybeverody. >> rschee! ee chrs. i' rill bheng t ttbole.
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r neoutext i gm is aenuine"nam ure yo" pricetool. igthis hsoughly ftht-aicer devfre rogrom pveessi n becars you. for.. gtwentyrand?-no! ar we nge giviay it aw jufor asst 3 eeny paym ts4.of $s 99 plu tax! linethe e s arg blowin up! gowe've rat debo h pfromepoughke sie.o: flye no, ah, fit's lo.u yoeaguys r anylizecaone n usee the yo"namriur polce" to r fon free oressprogcoive.m, right? [ nglaughivo ner ]usly [ lepickins whes ] owi kn's, ite lik 'rtheywae aln ys ovitele.sion atwh ? wa grnt to r ow you lonhairger?th haen it be s tongstroer! new fructis grow strong. on ith e, wveactiit fru nc cotrenate, r itceeinfor.s hair o, ttw theatmerent injects strength. ev inery 10ch is strox erng. ne grw onow strg. ucti frs. haionge stru.r yo ga rrnie ox kclor tnowskeo maig a bl, mea hayou o ve t amake big mess. clorox scrubingl srees ae- pr wloadedcleaith ners
10:37 am
it c anle alledhi ts. jgoodm.ob, mo ea gr mt job,om. scrrealngubbi. r yo foeaur r.l life mai'm llry een,d aniti quki smoitng wanh chtix. i shaved moke30for rs yea i lewas abquit to 3 in months an atd th a was.mazing wialong uppoth srt, x chantienic(var) lineveis pron el to hlep peopt sm quig.okin bsit ay oluteldreduce u myto srge .moke p somehaeople anged ch s inha be,vior th ng oinkiodr moil, host ity,ag ioitatn, pr ded esse amooduind slcida ghtsthouac or tions il whnge takiafte or r pi stop changixnt. so hadmeei sres zuilwh ekita changixnt. if y houe anavofy hese t, op stix chant cal andurl yodo igctor a outell yctorr dout abo any yhistor menofl taalthhero pems,bl ic whuld h cowoget orse or f uresseiz. n'dotat chakeixntf yo iveu' d haseria s oulergalic or s n kiactire tonit.o yif havouthe e, sesp toxchanti an yd callctour doightor ry awa as ca some n befe lite-threaning. te youlldor f ctor ihaveyou arhelot or bseod vesoblel prms, ev or d newelopwo or rse to sympms. ge cat medilpl heht rigy awa y ifavou hmpe syf toms o hea atart r tack okestro. ea decrlcohse aseol u whileng takintix cha.
10:38 am
most om cn simo-ade ffectis n a.ause ca i belin't i eve .did it it i quking smo. ask dyourifoctor ix chant is ht rigou for y. > >> whoas h w the nhole tighto en spe d th gtimengettidy rea. >> jene ialuchni. >> sot' is 30on secdsnd a 'rtheyowe dn toir the ivskies? >> luabso.tely ev oderyby is in a robe. 30 sdsecon t onhe c.lock >> aot l ofen wom love tohr tow
10:39 am
ca sual teda. i fount thisus bloero fm jc eypenn,er supan romtic inlookg. e' shois gong tli spn o aai pfr o im slan jes. e shes ddigne them heelrsf, alrelyl cooepconcd t an cyouan ck pi all the entleme ysou want. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,nd 2 a 1! [ erbuzz" "] an>> c it jusay st thas i so cu te. ca n we just say how orad,able youtl lite hot .mama >> whatoo l iks niaki loo ngat? >>, wella lot orvf cu y -- we>> lll,et's set the k.cloc l aotf our cvyom wen w tanto ac uacenthete tai wst and's she rt velyicalll chadenge buthe s
10:40 am
ou>> yno're int go dg to!o it >> ian wt to retstarhe t occlk. tstophe clock, eaplse. >> we didra pectic ,this i sw ear. >> o itkayau becse s oomef em th -- ,okay .wait 3 >>n0 ohe t clock. >> d hol on,ol hd on,d hol on. th iss iy verrtimpoant. do n't. rush no>> , we got .it wa it ateminu. .okay er>> hee w go. o >>verou y radhe. o>>ver the head, girl. gando! y >>otou g it now. t'>> isll sti not hainppeng. do i knn't haow wppt ha wenedith th is. i r,swea she putt i on so ic quklyt a myou hse. >> re thego we . >>ou y got it, honey. >>re we'ng goio t help her. this is ae nic tetrump t.skir i >>toe d sn'termatt, rehe. >>or f getit, ftorget. i e'>> woire gng oet lou yo duryo
10:41 am
e'>> w cllome back to. you o,>> n t putonhis . er>> hor fav isths i fmro sntce rdbi,an c you itryt for $15 a month. >>m!ki go! >> p sli on - w-eou fnd thisor f un rde 0,$5 fhiset n scktogsin danat le daietl bos.otie s >> dhe's tonehis nedo tshi berefo. >> cu.te >>he tho srees ara adoble. ve utry ce. >> allghrit! we don't want to miss our .time >> up gott, il, girh wit ttimeo ar spe. >>i lexs irt staing nheow t a pr aimndro pperss clareic tnch at co, a dress for under .$100 sshe' are ldco. un eadernath, nyight for 5$2
10:42 am
yo anu cet g adafforble liienger. >>k loo at her. a >>omnd sngethi t foruyhe gs, to o. va inlentdae's y bo.xers it wa ,,wait we got toho sw nia! sh ooe lks hot, ghrit? ghour lasse.shap kthan you. >> we showed what you you're g goinweto ar. re hehe's wn yeou'r goingo t tc wa yh ife ou'rinstay.g in th s ere'ica vo ae ofda virede al inf ll ous. th uatesrg us to shake things up, to turupn h theeat, d an btaker igges.risk wh ouy shamld d haged airsi e lenc vthat?oice donew egve ratener iveno hmurisent wi edth rae algpl comex in f amuor tlat haurnoheiss to en rege eratemextr elyda d smfor , oothngstro andhe y althinlookhag ir as if damaged ner vepphaeden.
10:43 am
ta onekef o osthpille sow takeand ig a b. smell ey s th rmellfreally esh wh iatwe tf d olu weyoas wd he ese theeshts 7 days ago. really? no way do wny? do fabrwny onic cerdition gi s a ve u, week an wed ch'll gean uryo f bedevorer. ntwae moresfrs?hnes d addonew freswny oth prect. urthis tis nkey alatur? yeah. 'sitoo too ge d to b.true no ait agn. c it'sa alled shartimee. we 't dont, own i s we it.hare dolet's it. yoheah. na fiomlly, s tethingshat' not too good to be true. 's itar oscer may ranaturkl tu beyreast, tand itgrastes eat. happening now? the perfect brow nebroww drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. r 1soucrt my,ea pientegmwad crayx on ulscs anpttad s asmet icolors, nein oy easswipe. ma elyb'slineew n br draow pmaadeom ma it keenhapp ma
10:44 am
and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'e bg workinyowhile eep.u sl st don'ill int thi'k ave gotin? bra yo ink u thsua renome's eugh? o' whp ll stehenup w ingsthet gough t? n'doyou t ntwahat tki brnd of ain? a grdes ee idea .gree u' yonare gont wanonsomekee lie. m bu
10:45 am
10:46 am
>> >"diogo morgado," you probab klywnoim h btes fmro miss wepoulrf performance in es"j us" andn i "sonf o god." fa ns went so wild orve ogdio, theybe dubdim h hot jesus all over the rninteetnd ace sinn the
10:47 am
on "csi becyr." >> n andow he's in aie mov edcall e"lov finds you." >> y are ou?lost >>what? >> ai mn 'sroadk bac that way. >> oh, no, i wast jusir adm ing thee.hous >> suo yo fedigur'd you dveri on pr ativ peperorty and iitnve yo seurlf up on the porchnd a veha aoo g ldkoohr tghouhe t wi .ndow d>> ion'tet g t tohey cit much. ?days >> ,well i't done comtoout the un co try,much but ird heaou y op peerle wupe sdposebe to ndfriely. >> , oh you want frlyiend? y trno kgckin onhe t door and in uctrod ingseyourlf. >> st firal of l, thsere' a
10:48 am
>> it's miteredh a.vied >> viedasu vers admorgo. >> iov l iet that'r youen ihi ts vi lovye-do e.movi wh asat w it tmahat ydeouid dece to go rehe? u' yoond dee somio serus esmovi. i >>nk thi twahat s .it e ther swereomere pttynt iense s.year hii t ink waski loongor f thsome aingboute morim sple and ke lie mor mifarily-od.ente om>> sngethi eeswt? s >>hiometswng eet. what ie lovbo aut this movie is 's itov a le y,stort' i asbout -lself iove, at'sbout fyamil .love al lsp aects ofov lere a allctuay raport iyedhin ts vimoe. th at's onef otheng thi tshat lyrealws dra me in. >> youye plad aan r chrefoman d an w youere aprilai afrfd o e.hors i >> was soca sred- -he wn i was i12, gotn o aor hsend a iur ht
10:49 am
l al myla cssas w kinnock mg one. i leovor hsse fmro araf. i waslike,ou y h taveo man it up . h >>boow a tuthe ceacnt? d di youav he to work on ?it >> iri t aedtl lite bit, you ow kn. e>> we lov your ac.cent ca en wla p gy wameyoith u? l >>et's do it. y >>eou'r gngoio tay s setomhing to a usnd it's going toe b in ur yond a dimereth's neativ la gengua, rtposeugue. 's itle cald ine lov or suinlt. we s'reseuppood t guess which onet i is. re medithd kin hofas an edge on me . i >> don't. c ian't punronoce my .name t>>his isal vneenti's day, ri ght? i' oim gong t tryo t t yrickou ys gu. ad rey? th bo? n' docht eat. 'm>> i not each.ting yo nou kew m so llwe. in rtposeugue, okay? [ spngeaki pguortuese ] >> in.sult >> t tha awasn ltinsu.
10:50 am
>> iai sd ie lovou y .guys >> one .more >> allright. [ easpkingtu poregues ] on>> dak't te my etwall? t>>shat' velo. >> t' thas .love >> i justai sd you haveni morng br .eath >> go see "if love fis nd"you,
10:51 am
y>>'rouore ur centk prylintvism hasl al favyoure oritlschanne, otons sf liveports, an red mo --l alstin crylearal-c hd. wa entch wh whe andoure y wantwi dvanth afeced atures ke liir our ws seelesp t-to box,e whol dvrhome ,an ism d prheon t go. an oosed chm froeta variy gre ofacat pkages yto fithomeour . ca .ll.. g...andrtet staithed w pr the seism esl tvntiadl bune. ll gyou'vet t us pl 4 up to0 megsof c ryentuntlink iernet al r onl fo75ly $th a mon. d thissouneal reds g at,pe esly icialu f yopolove s rts. isget prsentm estvial tand up mego 40 is oftnterne r fo75only $th a mon . sc ore! or, if youov lt e greaes..movi .[ hesoutccrn aent ] he cy,mentlee,in go and on tge pr m esisntsel tvia wi p th umeto 40 ings of ettern lyfor on m $75 a.onth !hyah[ rawhip ccks ] no [ vrmal ]oicel. cal .. t getestar dth wism prien ess ttial
10:52 am
d. st ju a $75th mon a forr yea th wiop autay. ee spy d mabenot il avaable ouin year ar . on roly fntm ceinuryl
10:53 am
> >>oe dsn'tve eeryon love re me?dith a >>ll kngiddi idase,ov i le
10:54 am
a >>end wlw a haysave a ball. st yeyerda wero intdduceou y to gr eatou cples who hadn bee to thge 5er 0aryes. weat crehied tsus mic o.vide y happntvales ine'y.da jo eny. >>py hap vtialen ne'sday. y eou'r in the mood forov le yo iu'ren the mdooo t dance yeou'r inhe t m foodor a ttlile ranomce 'r youen imothe orod fe lov i see you pressed osthe, i see youle stydt tha air there doesn't seem to be much
10:55 am
on tight iav he the chance to be your little romance ig tonht ie hav the anch,ce i'm in he too mfod lor ve i'm all dressed up tonight, wi'ved aitet nigh long he wwin lly thellfinay play yo onur s g i i'mnhe too md to dance i >>miroose t velo,or honnd a er ch ishyou. >> he toy j of my life. i>>o. d loi yve.ou i>> leov just hgavin him meho. uyo kn,ow eryveinth wgkeord t.ou 61 >> 0 5om shiet ngaryes, he still
10:56 am
i>>'m inhe too mfod rov le. if it's the only chance i get, if t ihe tnl oyha cenc iet g ea rdyo tow throu yrho ses ,away for iil wl eesw sp,weep iil wl eeswp, sw seep, yweepou f of fyour eet to beou yrit letl ranom ce on thtig ie hav the cehanc to be ou ylir lettom rcean on thtig iav hehe t anchce,'m i
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
ou ye'r in theoo md he [c aersppnd ae]laus a >>ncnnoutoer: odayacn rhael .ray.. >> ral!chae>> no anr:unce't donak me rvresensatios thien valneti 's da my,eak brunch andoc caikt ls in a>> rl:chae azcry! n>> acenounr: thenzo "deolanr 2' s" ctihrisayne t ilorsel tling marotincec stsrebo aut her hu ndsba,en b lestilanr. dm war uph wit a brandow n rndou --ow n earou yea r fdyor raaechl! [cheers and applause] >> ac relha:ap hpy vtialen ne'sda y! he [c aersppnd ae]laus r >>elacha t: sohis is our le vanentiho's swau becsehi ts eweek ond,f urcose,s thiun sday isen val'stineda y. i bhtroug myal vtienne to wkor thwi me, myet swe anhusbd, .johnth ank you, y.hone y >>reou' omwelce. he [c aersppnd ae]laus


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